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Prince George County School District Expands Parent Notification Program for 2007-2008 School Year

Prince George, VA and Santa Cruz, CA (PRWEB) September 5, 2007

The Prince George County School District today announced that it has expanded its parent notification program for the 2007-2008 school year. The district, which serves nine schools and more than 6,100 students, has two goals for the program: to reach families quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency, and to improve the overall quality and frequency of communications between its schools and the community.

In July the school board approved a contract with SchoolMessenger, a leading U.S. parental notification company, to provide ongoing communications services. As a result, the district or any individual school can communicate regularly with parents day or night, in any language, using voice messages, email or text messaging. The solution even includes a survey feature that allows officials to query families regarding key issues, and then use that insight to improve programs and services.

If an emergency occurs on any campus in the district, SchoolMessenger’s massive calling capabilities will enable thousands of messages to be placed in a matter of minutes. For more routine attendance alerts and community outreach, school or district officials simply access the Web-based service, or call a toll-free number, to send families any number of personalized messages or reminders throughout the school year.

“We want the community to know that we are taking proactive measures to improve communications between our schools and home,” said Dr. R. Francis Moore, Superintendent of Prince George County School District. “Whether we are informing parents of an open house, or alerting them to an emergency situation, we want them to rest assured that the district can reach each and every family in a timely, organized manner. In today’s connected world, with 24/7 access to news and information, I believe parents expect nothing less from their local schools.”

As students bring Emergency Contact forms home this Fall, parents are encouraged to review them carefully to be sure all telephone and email information is up to date and accurate. Two emergency contacts from each family are entered into the notification database, which is automatically, regularly updated throughout the year so that it is always emergency-ready. If at any time contact information changes, parents are advised to notify the school immediately so that records can be updated.

“We want to applaud the district’s success in creating an organized, strategic program that places a clear priority on parent communications,” said Jim Duggan, Northern Regional Director for SchoolMessenger, a division of Reliance Communications. “By leveraging our notification service, which is designed exclusively for K-12 schools, district and school administrators can save countless hours of staff time and deliver a clear, personalized message to let parents know what’s happening on their child’s campus.”

The district’s 2007-2008 emergency plan includes the following schools, located in Prince George County: David A. Harrison Elementary, North Elementary, South Elementary, L.L. Beazley Elementary, W.A. Walton Elementary, J.E. J. Moore Middle School, N.B. Clements Jr. High, Prince George High and Prince George Education Center. All personal information shared between families and the district will remain private, and is protected by multiple layers of data encryption, firewalls and other security measures.

About SchoolMessenger:

SchoolMessenger, a division of Reliance Communications, Inc., is a leading provider of parent notification solutions for education. Its family of products, which include desktop, server and hosted solutions, are in use in more than 6,000 districts and schools, connecting educators with millions of parents everyday. Founded in 1999, the privately-funded company is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. For information, visit http://www.schoolmessenger.com.


2008 Was a Year of Giving Back

Denver, CO (PRWEB) March 3, 2009

Family law attorney and managing partner Rich Harris of The Harris Law Firm encourages his 12 family law attorneys and the firms’ staff members to maintain a strong commitment to the community by volunteering. The firms’ dedication was reflected in the many ways everyone at the firm donated their time in 2008.

Below is a list of the organizations that provided The Harris Law Firm with an opportunity to “give back”:


Spectrum K12 Awarded “Best K-12 Enterprise Solution” Award Wins SIIA Award Second Consecutive Year

Towson, MD (PRWEB) May 12, 2009

Spectrum K12 School Solutions, the leading provider of student achievement management, Response to Intervention (RTI) and special education IEP software has been awarded the “Best K-12 Enterprise Solution” by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA). Winners at the 24th Annual CODiE Awards Gala in San Francisco on May 5 were chosen from more than 850 products submitted by 600 companies.

Spectrum K12 earned the award for its EXCEED product, an integrated student achievement management platform allowing teachers to drive day-to-day activities, research based interventions and outcomes to help all students achieve success while giving administrators the ability to see what’s working and what’s not by student, by teacher or by intervention. EXCEED monitors academic and behavioral progress, displays efficacy and fidelity, and surfaces achievement gaps at the student, class, grade, group or district level.

The award for “Best K-12 Enterprise Solution” acknowledges the software platform that best supports district and state-wide implementations in supporting their core mission of raising student achievement.

“We are extremely honored to win such a prestigious award two consecutive years against such strong competition,” said Jim Marshall, president and CEO of Spectrum K12 School Solutions. “This award recognizes our commitment to districts and states in providing the most innovative and effective personalized learning process management tools to drive student achievement and move every child forward.”

“Now in its 24th year, the CODiE Awards continue to recognize those companies providing the best new technology products and services across a broad array of industries,” noted SIIA President Ken Wasch. “In addition, its winners are a prolific testament to the power of technology to deliver innovative solutions to businesses and consumers. SIIA warmly congratulates all of the winners and nominees of the CODiE Awards, whose innovation is essential for continuing America’s leadership in the global knowledge economy,” Wasch continued.

For a list of winners, visit http://siia.net/codies/2009/winners.asp.

About Spectrum K12 School Solutions

Spectrum K12 School Solutions Inc. is the leading provider of student achievement management, Response to Intervention (RTI) and special education IEP software serving 11% of the U.S. K-12 student population including 20 of the top 100 school districts in the United States. Our EXCEED student achievement management software gives teachers an easy way to drive day-to-day activities, research based interventions and outcomes to help all students achieve success. EXCEED monitors academic and behavioral progress, displays efficacy and fidelity, and surfaces achievement gaps at the student, class, grade, group or district level. Our patented software has enabled personalized learning for over 5 million children in 29 states in support of our mission to close the achievement gap and Move Every Child Forward. For more information visit http://www.spectrumK12.com.

About SIIA

The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is the principal trade association for the software and digital content industry. SIIA provides global services in government relations, business development, corporate education and intellectual property protection to 500 leading software and information companies. For further information, visit http://www.siia.net. For CODiE Awards specific information, visit http://www.siia.net/codies/2009/.


2009 Was a Year of Giving Back, The Harris Law Firm Gets Involved in the Denver Community

Denver, CO (PRWEB) March 17, 2010

The Harris Law Firm’s strong commitment to the community is reflected in the many ways our attorneys and staff donated their time

Colorado Legal Services: CLS provides legal services for low income Coloradans. (coloradolegalservices.org)

The Adoption Exchange: AE connects children in foster homes with permanent and loving families. (adoptex.org)

The Max Fund: This non-profit no-kill animal shelter provides medical care for injured pets with no known owners, and then finds them new homes when they have recovered. (maxfund.org)

Law Line 9: The Denver Bar Association runs this free legal program in conjunction with Channel 9 News. (9news.com)

Mi Casa: The Colorado Lawyers Committee and the Denver Bar Association sponsor Mi Casa’s “Legal Night,” a free opportunity for people to meet with a Colorado family law attorney. (micasadenver.org)

The Horse Protection League: Because HPL’s primary purpose is the prevention of equine abuse, this wonderful organization provides tender loving care for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses. (cohpl.org)

Food Bank of the Rockies: Founded in 1978, FBR supplies food to more than 900 hunger-relief programs. (foodbankrockies.org)

The Denver Rescue Mission: DRM provides shelter, food, clothing, and education to Denver’s homeless. (denverrescuemission.org)

Arapahoe House: The Arapahoe House is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing a continuum of accessible, affordable, and effective services for individuals and families with alcohol, drug or other behavioral health problems. (arapahoehouse.org)

Underwearness: Underwearness is an annual event organized by downtown professions seeking to help disadvantaged children obtain underclothing, one pair at a time! (underwearness.org)

Ronald McDonald House: This organization is a home-away-from-home for families with children undergoing life saving treatments at nearby Children’s Hospitals. (rmhc.com)

About the Harris Law Firm

Established in 1993, The Harris Law Firm is one of Denver’s largest family law firms and employs a team of 12 skilled attorneys. In addition to Colorado divorce and child custody and support issues in Colorado, The Harris Law Firm also handles marital agreements, and issues regarding maintenance, paternity, grandparents’ rights, and step-parent adoptions.

For more information on The Harris Law Firm, including articles written by our family law attorneys, please visit our Web site: Harris Family Law

Heidi Culbertson

Director of Business Development

The Harris Law Firm

(303) 299-9484




Keep Your Children Safe Online in the 2010-11 School Year

Las Vegas, NV (Vocus) August 17, 2010

August means back to school for families across the country. This year, the makers of PC Pandora 6.0 monitoring software are reminding parents to stay vigilant during the school year, as their kids now have an excuse to be online even more.

Kids definitely spend more time online during the lazy summer months, says Manuel Coats, Co-Founder of Pandora Corp. But very often, parents will try to curtail that time. Now with school back in the picture, kids have the excuse they need to legally be online and surfing the Internet.

In 2010, parents have no choice but to allow their kids to be on the computer. Schools are encouraging children to use computers and the Internet as a tool in learning; many teachers now post homework online, involve online research and require properly typed homework But unsupervised time can quickly turn to mischief.

Instead of doing research for a report, they may be messaging friends on Facebook or watching videos on YouTube, says Coats.

Pandora Corp. is reminding parents to stay in control of the Internet in their house and to implement rules of usage computer. Computer monitoring software combined with proper communication is the recipe for success.

Make sure you set up a schedule for computer time and rules for proper usage, explains Coats. If they are supposed to be doing schoolwork, make sure they are doing schoolwork, and explain to them why its important to focus on the task at hand.

Conversely, Coats also wants to make sure that parents dont forget to allow their kids free time to surf, chat and play games.

Its just like eating, he says. A healthy, balanced diet is the key to a healthy child in this case, its mental health and safety just make sure to monitor Internet activity.

PC Pandora 6.0 monitoring software helps parents keep their kids safe on the computer and on the Internet. The programs first-rate monitoring capabilities record all user activity through sequential screen snapshots, which allows parents to visually see everything their kids are doing online.

If your kids are spending 5 minutes doing homework and 55 minutes chatting online, instead of the reverse, you will know, states Coats.

PC Pandora 6.0 also records user activity through text-based files that capture all emails sent and received, instant messenger conversations, websites visited, programs accessed, peer-to-peer files shared, keystrokes logged, Internet search queries, printer logs, and more.

For parents that have to work and cant be home right after school, PC Pandora comes equipped with the IRIS feature, which sends the recorded text-based files to a parents email at specified intervals. But its the new PC Pandora LIVE! that makes monitoring Internet activity easy, effective, and immediate.

PC Pandora LIVE! allows you to review the data and adjust settings on the monitored computer from a remote Internet connection, explains Coats. Not only can you can check web history and view instant messenger and email conversations, but you can also view the screenshots, update Internet filters, and fine-tune the parental control parameters, all while at work, on the road, or simply unable to be at home in front of the monitored computer.

For parents monitoring multiple computers, PC Pandora LIVE! also collects the data from all machines with PC Pandora 6.0 installed and provides that data in a single place for easy review. This makes it easier to review an entire familys activity no more emails to comb through and no more having to manually view the data on multiple computers.

Stop Internet Predators

Going back to school also means forging new school friendships and participating in new activities.

There is no doubt that kids keep in constant touch over the Internet throughout the summer, says Coats. But being back at school with a new set of classes can easily lead to new friendships. Add to that the joining of clubs or sports teams, and there is a definite chance of new names popping up on your childs social network pages and IM buddy lists.

PC Pandora 6.0 will help parents keep informed of those new names so they can verify they belong to their childs peers and not random strangers online.

End Cyberbullying

PC Pandora 6.0 can play a huge role in ending the cyberbullying epidemic. Because the program lets parents know exactly what their young surfers are doing online, parents will see first-hand how they are interacting with others. If a child is being bullied, the parents will have records and information they can use to help put an end the situation before it gets worse. But it can also work on the flip-side, when a parent may have a bully in their house.

According to Coats: In some situations, PC Pandora might reveal that a child is the aggressor or a participant in bullying others. If that is the case, parents will have the information needed to sit down and talk to their child. They can put an end to the behavior before schools or law enforcement get involved, or before the situation spirals out of control, like the recent Jessi Slaughter incident.

Filtering Vs. Monitoring

While the parental controls in PC Pandora 6.0 allow parents to prevent programs from being accessed, such as Instant Messenger, and also help filter out inappropriate web content and block specific websites, like MySpace or Facebook, typical filters and standard blocks are easy for savvy young users to circumnavigate. Coats says if you have computer monitoring software, youll know what your children are doing and be able to act appropriately.

You can block Facebook and YouTube, but theyll just go to MySpace and use Google Video, says Coats. A strong monitoring program like our PC Pandora 6.0 is essential in keeping kids safe online, because it eliminates the guesswork and false assumptions of safety it shows you exactly what they are doing and tells you whether or not they are playing it safe.

Back to School, Safely

Classes back in session will give kids the excuse to be on the computer and the Internet all the time. But with easy and effective parental control and monitoring software tools like PC Pandora 6.0, parents can make sure their kids are staying safe on the Internet and not abusing privileges or making poor choices while online.

The bottom line is that parents absolutely need to know what their kids are doing online, says Coats. Our PC Pandora 6.0 monitoring software coupled with the LIVE! service is the best all-around defense parents can get to help keep their children on task and safe on the Internet. If someone is approaching a child with ill intentions, or if a child is involved in some way with cyberbullying, or if they are simply straying from work they should be doing, the parent will know and can act immediately.

For more information, visit http://www.pcpandora.com. Parents can use the code SUMMER2010 at checkout to get $ 10 off PC Pandora 6.0!

About PC Pandora: Pandora Corporation was formed with one goal to help our customers monitor, control and protect their families and themselves online. First released in mid 2005, PC Pandora has been constantly upgraded to industry-leading specifications and has received accolades from users, reviewers and even school districts and law enforcement agencies, who use the program to help in the day-to-day supervision of the children and citizens they are charged with protecting. The company website devotes space to helping parents by providing them with 18 Tips to Safe Surfing and Pandoras Blog, where current news in the world of online safety is discussed regularly. In addition, the Pandora Corp. has made the PD Pandora Internet Safety Symposium available to schools and law enforcement as a free resource for spreading internet safety awareness t

HCL Candidates Shortlisted as Social Workers of the Year

(PRWeb UK) October 15, 2010

HCL plcs Social Care division, which includes Bluecare and RS Social Care, is proud to announce that four of its long-term candidates have been nominated for the prestigious Social Worker of the Year Award 2010.

The Social Worker of the Year Award recognises social work professionals for dedication and constant excellence in their discipline over a number of years. The overall winner will be decided by a judging panel and announced at an awards ceremony on Saturday 30 October in Bedford.

The HCL nominees are:

Martin Culley, a Senior Practitioner. He has experience of working on highly complex cases and mentoring newly qualified staff. Martin is a hugely valued member of staff and very supportive to his team colleagues.

Suzanne Cronley is a Children and Families social worker, working in Leeds. Over the course of her career she has shown absolute dedication to her work and has gone beyond the bounds of duty in seeking to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and families.

Sue Hollings has significant experience of working in childrens social care both in education and social services. She is known for her clear advocacy on behalf of children and young people, her excellent interaction with children and families (often in very difficult situations) and her exceptional relationships with her colleagues and peers, who often seek her professional advice.

Marlene Jean-Louis is a highly experienced specialist in child protection. She is a Senior Practitioner in a court team with highly complex child protection cases, and has represented local authorities at final hearings, legal planning meetings, professionals meetings, child protection conferences and adoption and permanency panels.

In addition to attending the awards ceremony, HCL Social Care has also donated a brand new state of the art digital camera as one of the prizes.

Miles Davies, Managing Director of HCL Social Care, says:

Social workers are all too often the unsung heroes of our society, working tirelessly to help improve peoples lives with little public recognition. The Social Worker of the Year Awards is a wonderful opportunity to show our admiration and appreciation of everything that social workers do.

The fact that we have four nominees this year shows the huge wealth of talent we have in our candidate base. All four nominees are long term HCL candidates and were fortunate to enjoy a close working relationship with them. Were incredibly proud of Marlene, Sue, Martin and Suzanne, and think they all deserve to walk away with the award on the night!

Marlene Jean-Louis, one of the nominees, added:

I am delighted to have been nominated and selected as one of the finalists for the Social Worker of the Year Award. It is both a privilege and an honour. I would also like to thank my Bluecare consultant, Terina Tucker for her hard work, commitment and support.


Helen Tarbet


020 7451 1451

About HCL Social Care

HCL Social Care is a UK market leader in social care recruitment, comprising Bluecare and RS Social Care, and supplying qualified social workers and care professionals to local authorities, private organisations and charity throughout the UK. HCL Social Care is part of HCL plc, one of the UKs leading recruitment companies.

# # #

AFOP Announces Year of the Farmworker Child

Washington, D.C. (Vocus/PRWEB) January 13, 2011

Today the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP) announced they have designated 2011 the Year of the Farmworker Child. Starting in January, AFOP will devote twelve months to raising awareness about the hardships faced by migrant farmworker youth. In addition, AFOP and other supporters of the Year of the Farmworker Child will seek to increase public knowledge concerning the discriminatory agricultural exemption in the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, which regulates child labor in the U.S.

Children in agriculture labor longer and under more hazardous conditions than they are permitted to do in almost any other American industry, said AFOP Executive Director David Strauss. In 2011, we will work with our members, other organizations, and communities to help promote a greater understanding of the impact this kind of life has on childrens safety, health and education, as part of our ongoing effort to help todays farmworker youth create better futures for themselves.

According to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, agriculture is currently the third-most dangerous industry in the United States, in terms of injuries and fatalities recorded on the job. For children, it is the most dangerous. Boys and girls as young as 12 years old are legally allowed to labor in agriculture for an unlimited amount of hours outside of school, using dangerous farm equipment and working in an environment that continually exposes them to pesticidesconditions deemed illegal in every other industry and that can lead to serious injury or even death. Farmworker youth are also excluded from the hazardous work protections imposed in all other industries, allowing children as young as 16 to operate heavy machinery and perform other dangerous functions that are strictly reserved for adults in every employment field except in agriculture.

Migrant farmworker youth working long days in the fields frequently see their educational opportunities curtailed as a result. The migratory nature of farm work means that parts of the school curriculum often have to be repeated or skipped. We have evidence that more than half of these children will not finish high school and fewer still will go on to college, forcing them to continue the cycle of poverty.

AFOP will begin the Year of the Farmworker Child by seeking assistance from supporters to help illuminate the issues raised by the campaign. Among the activities slated to increase awareness is AFOPs Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Children’s Essay & Art Contest, which will begin accepting entries next month. AFOPs Children in the Fields Campaign will conduct a variety of regional activities in support of the initiative, starting in February at the From Harvest to Harvard migrant student conference in Texas. AFOPs Health and Safety Programs will also be releasing their annual publication focused on the effects of pesticides on children. For additional information on how you can become a supporter of the Year of the Farmworker Child, please contact Ayrianne Parks at parks[at]afop.org.

The Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs is a non-profit, national federation of 52 non-profit and public agencies that provide training and employment services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all farmworkers and their families through advocacy, education, and training. For additional comment or an interview, please contact Ayrianne Parks at 202.828-6006 ext. 140 or Parks(at)AFOP(dot)org

Contact: Ayrianne Parks

Tel. 202.828.6006 ext. 140


# # #

Travel Insured Includes School Year Extension Coverage to Protect Prepaid Vacations When Snow Makeup Days Conflict With Travel Dates

East Hartford, CT (Vocus/PRWEB) February 02, 2011

School closings due to winter snow and ice storms will make children cheer, but too many days of sleigh riding and hot cocoa can lead to vacation hangovers since school-mandated makeup days may soon conflict with prepaid vacation dates. When school vacation days are rescheduled as makeup days on the academic calendar the cheering for students has ended and a problem for parents may be created.

Travel Insured International

International Year of Sustainable Energy For All Gets Boost from Advocates and Energy Service Providers

New York, NY (Vocus/PRWEB) April 07, 2011

The United Nations Foundation and the inter-agency coordinating group UN-Energy, together with several leading service providers and advocates, today championed a UN effort to raise awareness about the critical importance of extending modern energy services to the billions who still lack them.

Worldwide some 2.7 billion people rely on traditional biomass for cooking and heating, and 1.4 billion have no access to electricity, with one billion more having access only to unreliable electricity networks.

More than a hundred business and investment leaders gathered today at a Bloomberg New Energy Finance roundtable on energy access and climate finance to discuss new ways to expand energys reach among the worlds poorest. The event is a critical forum to connect policy advocates and investors to outline the manner in which modern energy services can be provided, and the means needed to pay for them.

The years designation was established in a December 2010 UN General Assembly resolution and was endorsed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a speech to the World Energy Forum in Dubai earlier this year. During the year, a number of events will be held around the world to demonstrate both the need for and benefits from increasing access to energy. Throughout 2012, member states, with assistance from UN agencies, will create National Coordinating Committees to raise awareness about the issue and available solutions, and chart a course for reaching universal access by 2030 a goal set last year by the Secretary-Generals Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change. Without electricity and fuel to power machinery and lighting there is little hope of achieving the health, education and environmental improvements set forth in the Millennium Development Goals.

The obstacles to energy access are not technical. We know how to build power systems, design modern cooking stoves and meet energy demand efficiently. What is missing is a global commitment to move energy access up the political and development agendas, declared Kandeh Yumkella, Director-General, UN Industrial Development Organization. The Year affords an unparalleled opportunity to focus attention and secure commitments from governments, private businesses, academia, civil society, international organizations and NGOs.

Energy is the oxygen of commerce and wealth creation; it is essential to economic development. Modern energy powered the industrial revolution and raised the productivity, living standards and wealth of countless millions. Developing countries need that same opportunity to improve their peoples lives, said United Nations Foundation President Timothy E. Wirth. The visibility of the Years activities will make a strategic contribution that programs and partnerships will depend on for eventual success.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance is pleased to be working with the United Nations Foundation and UN-Energy to push forward the Year of Sustainable Energy for All, which has been announced by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Heads of State and Government, said Michael Liebreich, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Providing energy to those who need it the most is a vital step to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and improving the living conditions of billions of people around the world. We are committed to supporting This Year and the goal of universal access to cheap, clean, safe energy.

The development stimulated by increased energy access will not only benefit those in developing countries, said Harry Verhaar, Senior Director, Energy and Climate Change, Phillips Lighting. This growing prosperity will also increase demand for modern products and services creating new markets for which we can all compete.”

Broader access to electricity and modern fuels is a means for women’s empowerment, access to education, health care, and prosperity and, through sustainable technologies, such as solar panels and clean and efficient cookstoves, lives are saved and our environment protected, said Leena Srivastava, Executive Director of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). The Year will summon much-needed attention to the issue and set in motion the programs and commitments necessary to achieve universal access to modern energy services by 2030.

Energy access for the poor using sustainable energy solves two pressing problems – poverty and climate, explained Harish Hande, Managing Director of SELCO-India. 2012 being the Year of Sustainable Energy for All provides a perfect platform for corporates, government institutions, NGOs and individuals to make sure that the present 4 billion underserved poor in the world join the mainstream – resulting in a socially and environmentally sustainable world.

Many international humanitarian and development goals have yet to be reached, due in large part to a lack of access to electricity and modern fuels. In the developed world, energy’s essential role in life and commerce is made clear every time a storm knocks out power: no ability to heat, cool or light homes or businesses, cook or refrigerate. Once power is restored these worries are ancient history. But such conditions are the daily norm for billions in the developing world, where fuel to power agricultural machinery, irrigation systems and medical equipment is scarce and costly; goods and crops cannot reach beyond local markets; production and learning come to a halt when the sun sets; and life-saving vaccines cannot be adequately stored.

The International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, and the goal of reaching universal access to energy by 2030, are the result of consistent leadership from the Secretary General, and are based upon recommendations from a 2010 report of his Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change.

For more information please visit: http://www.unfoundation.org/SEFA2012 or contact John Anthony at 202.277.2103 or via email at janthony(at)unfoundation(dot)org.

About the United Nations Foundation

The United Nations Foundation, a public charity, was created in 1998 with entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turners historic $ 1 billion gift to support UN causes and activities. We build and implement public/private partnerships to address the worlds most pressing problems, and work to broaden support for the UN through advocacy and public outreach. Through our campaigns and partnerships, we connect people, ideas, and resources to help the UN solve global problems. These campaigns focus on reducing child mortality, empowering women and girls, creating a new energy future, securing peace and human rights, and promoting technology innovation to improve health outcomes. These solutions are helping the UN advance the eight global targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). For more information, visit http://www.unfoundation.org.


John Anthony




Honoring National Missing Childrens Day 28th Year, Wave Technology Group and Child Watch of North America launch free iPhone Photo ID Card App

Chicago, IL/Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 25, 2011

Wave Technology Group and Child Watch of North America are proud to launch a free iPhone mobile application today, on National Missing Childrens Day. Mayday is a must have family safety application for the iPhone to assist you in the unfortunate event your loved one goes missing. The application provides functionality to enhance family preparedness in the event a family member is displaced.

The Mayday application is distributed free of charge and has an electronic identification card which is displayed on your iPhone along with information about your child or other family member which may be important to emergency management services in the event they are engaged. An additional feature of the Mayday application is that you may email the electronic id with a simple touch of a button and an email address.

Sam Cinquegrani, CEO and founder, Wave Technology Group states: “I am very excited about the opportunity of creating an application that makes children safe and promotes family safety preparedness. Every day more than 2300 people including children go missing. Our goal is to leverage mobile technology to make a difference in this chronic problem and safeguard families susceptible to this unfortunate situation. We are already working on the Android and other smartphone releases of Mayday.”

The Wave Technology Group and Child Watch alliance is a natural fit. Statistics show that once a child has gone missing, it is the first three hours that are the most critical for successful rescue. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has stated that a current photo is the single most important tool in the rescue of a missing child.

The combination of Wave Technology Groups experience building mobile technology applications and Child Watch of North Americas experience in the area of assisting parents with safety preparedness, it is our joint mission to provide technology tools to help families better engage in creating family safety protocols to ensure the safety of their loved ones. With mobile technology making everyone in the family more independent but also connected, it is our belief families creating a Mayday Family Safety Mobile Plan will enhance both guardians and law enforcements ability to deal with missing children or persons in an expedited fashion.

Don Wood, Founder, Child Watch of North America: “For over 19 years we have been assisting parents to protect their children through the distribution of our KIDGUARD Safety Program and provided millions of free print Photo ID cards all across the United States and to over 40 countries around the world. Today we are very proud, through the Mayday Alliance with Wave Technology Group, to offer the smartphone generation photo ID. The staff and management at Wave Technology Group have really understood the importance behind updating photo identification creation and provided the technology and expertise to make this a reality, we cant thank them enough. Now parents can have an electronic photo ID on their iPhone which provides more options in times of emergencies by being able to update identification cards with current photos instantly or email to law enforcement or caregivers as well as to a computer nearby to print for posters during a search. Time is the most crucial resource when a child or person goes missing. Parents are always looking for ways to protect their children. The free Mayday app will be an essential tool in the search and rescue process.”

Mayday is for all family members as mishaps or criminal foul play does not discriminate. Mayday digital Photo IDs can assist families with repeat runaway juveniles, relatives who suffer memory loss from dementia or from other mental disorders/illnesses.

About The Mayday Alliance Founders:

Wave Technology Group: “Setting the motion in mobile life”

Wave Technology Group is a mobile solutions firm focused on transforming life through technology innovations. Wave Technology Group designs, develops and deploys custom software solutions and products for the mobile user community. Wave Technology inherits its capabilities from many years of experience building large complex systems for the enterprise. Wave Technology Group has developed a focus in creating applications that change our lives using the mobile platform as an instrument for change. Wave Technology Group is currently designing and developing systems within the mobile health arena and will be delivering monitoring capabilities to the public, using mass technology and bringing down costly barriers to achieve quality healthcare for all. http://www.wavetechnologygroup.net

Child Watch of North America: Keeping our children safe since 1993

Child Watch of North America is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the prevention and recovery of missing, abused, and exploited children. Since 1993, Child Watch Investigators have assisted in the recovery of over 215 missing children. We work with local and national law enforcement agencies and have been recognized as a critical resource in the recovery effort. Child Watch has always believed that education is an essential element in keeping our children safe. Providing awareness and safety education to children, teens, pre-teens, and parents is the foundation for our goal to prevent abductions and victimization. http://www.childwatch.org

Press Contact for Mayday Alliance Founders:

Wave Technology Group / Child Watch of North America

Jennifer Massing, Massing PR, LLC, +917-293-2405, jenm(at)massingpr(dot)com,