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Custody Calculations Announces A Contest For The Brilliant Who Want to Strut Their Stuff

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 11, 2007

Background: Custody Calculations announces a unique job search and contest. We are seeking a brilliant marketing person who missed an opportunity to be on the ground floor of Microsoft, Apple, Amazon or Google. Someone who wants that “big break” so they can strut their stuff.

When Custody Calculations is a multi million dollar company, words like, could have, should have, but didn’t is not something than anyone is going to want to say to themselves. For someone this is that big break so we encourage participants to grab onto and strut their stuff!

CEO, Catherine MacWillie, stated we are a young start up company, with the next big, really big idea for the internet. So we decided to get creative ourselves and have a contest of our own. Past interviews and a resume we are looking someone with the ability to obtain results, using creativeness, contacts and any other sensational ideas that may be of value. The goal is to launch our company and to locate the most brilliant and creative PR person out there.

The winner receives a cash prize of $ 1,500.00. If the winner is as brilliant as we hope and we are as successful in our pre sales as anticipated there may also be a job in it for the winner, employment is not guaranteed. But Custody Calculations would be crazy to let an applicant go if they can advertise without a budget, call on friends and associates and get us huge media attention.

On the bright side the applicant might just come out of it with $ 1,500.00 in your their pockets and significant media attention for themselves – if they do it correctly that is the key. Whether or not the job is with Custody Calculations is to still to early to tell. That’s more than most job applicants get for their trouble.

So here is how it works. Whoever can provide Custody Calculations with the most media coverage, and business, notice both are required to win, over a sixty day period of time. Contest commences November 1, 2007. Contestants will be encouraged to try television shows like, 24 Hours, Oprah, or morning shows, like The View, radio shows like Rush Limbaugh, NPR, KFI, Tom and Ken, articles in magazines such as Time, W Magazine, Forbes, stories in newspapers, such as Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco wins. Points are assigned based on visibility of PR and additional points for sign ups, on our various web sites.

Now here is the part where we get serious. The services of our company will save lives. A retired law enforcement officer, CEO, Catherine MacWillie, spent ten years in research on the issue of family law identifying that perhaps as much as 25% of all crime is related to family law; homicides, suicides, kidnappings, abductions, domestic violence, child abuse, violation of court orders. Ultimately this contest is really more about saving lives. Lives like Samy and Lindsey who were only 7 and 8 years old when they were murdered by one of their parents. Angry and mad over their divorce and wanting to punish the other parent, a parent killed their own children. This contest and search is really more about making sure that we never have to bury more children like Samy and Lindsey because of the divorce process ever again! So whether people participate for the possibility of the contest money, job or just want to make a difference and save lives we welcome their participation.

Participants can download articles from our web sites to learn more about the company; brochures, video, press releases, contestants may also contact the CEO for interviews in the media etc. However articles must be original to the contestants. We do not want thirty applicants all contacting the same producers with the same story. Articles must reflect that they are part of contest submission and were not reviewed by the company prior to submission to the producer or media outlet.

We have three web sites, Custody Calculations, http://www.CustodyCalculations.com. This is our promotion web site. We are in beta testing now and expect to launch soon. Our two additional web sites, Teens Against Bad Divorces, http://www.TeensAgainstBadDivorces.com, and The Power Of The Ten Dollar Bill Campaign, http://www.TenDollarBillCampaign.com.

We are putting together a link that you will be able to obtain further contest rules and information, but in the meantime contestants can email/contact us at the company with any questions until the link is posted. Pre-registration is required.

Custody Calculations is seeking Heroes. Heroes is the name to describe volunteers at our company. Heroes are people who want to save lives, protect children, help families recover from the divorce process ad reform family law. To learn more about Custody Calculations, go to http://www.CustodyCalculations.com or contact them at 702-375-9389.

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Albuquerque, NM- Recent marital settlements have been overturned after the discovery of hidden assets. District Courts want all assets disclosed.

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) December 16, 2009

Women who are planning a divorce should find hidden assets prior to hiring an attorney and filing the petition. Several recent marital settlement agreements have been overturned by District Court Judges based on improper disclosure of assets by one party. Divorces are expensive but a bad divorce can torment the former spouses for a lifetime. New Mexico District Courts want a fair an equitable distribution of assets according to state law. Robb Hamic is a licensed Private Investigator and asset location specialist. He has listed some information to help women sort out the details so they can prevail in a marital settlement agreement.

The “Community Property” acquired by either or both spouses during the marriage, which is not separate property, is divisible upon the termination of the marriage. (New Mexico Statutes – Article 4 – Sections: 40-3-8, 40-4-7). Child support is covered under New Mexico Statutes – Article 4 – Sections: 27-2-27, 40-4-7, 40-4-11. “I am shocked at how many men try to hide assets from their wives. Many men have elaborate schemes set up to conceal money, investments, 401K assets, land or houses and income,” says Robb Hamic, President of http://summitsecurity.accountsupport.com/securityservices.htm#privateinvestigation Summit Security & Investigation. “Men often use confusion, threats and intimidation to force their spouses to sign off on a divorce that isn’t fair,” he says. Many of Mr. Hamic’s clients contact him prior to hiring an attorney so that they can document hidden assets, income, activity, abuse, children issues and to find answers to their questions. “Divorces can be confusing and I appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge with my clients so that they can clarify any misconceptions,” says Mr. Hamic.

New Mexico is considered a “Community Property” state. Community property is defined as all property and debt that was acquired from the date of marriage until legal separation (New Mexico Statutes – Article 4 – Sections: 40-4-7) or divorce. The community assets will be split equally by the District Court if the spouses are unable to reach an agreement. Many spouses are not fully aware of the financial affairs of the other party. Many people are concerned that money is missing, values are incorrect or that other assets were acquired during the marriage either in the name of the spouse,relative or a company.

http://www.robbhamic.com Robb Hamic is an investigation professional with ten years of private experience prior to being a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Detective, specializing in White-Collar crime. Robb has been hired by many high-profile attorneys in New Mexico and Nevada for pre-divorce asset searches and investigative documentation. Mr. Hamic works directly with clients to uncover the truth and acts as an advocate for their safety. Mr. Hamic combines a blend of investigative services, personal protection, anti-stalking, self-defense training and counter-surveillance methods to meet his client’s needs. “The personal protection aspect of my business has grown with every new case, it seems. I give http://www.femaleselfdefense.com women empowerment through self defense and awareness] through self-defense, awareness training, weapons sales and personal bodyguard services,” adds Hamic.

Robb Hamic typically works for medium to high net-worth individuals dealing in property settlements of at least $ 500,000. His fees are hourly based plus expenses and he works from a retainer agreement with his clients. Contact Mr. Hamic on his cellular phone for a confidential evaluation.


New Research From NeuroFocus Reveals What Mens Brains REALLY Want And Its Not What You Think

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) April 4, 2011

Todays modern male consumer has deep emotional needs that are going largely unmet by todays marketing, the worlds leading neuromarketing company revealed today in a special report. Through a series of research studies it conducted globally, NeuroFocus measured males subconscious responses to advertising and other messaging across the food and beverage, financial, health and beauty, consumer goods, and automotive categories. The reports findings are not only surprisingthey have significant implications for marketers in those and many other categories.

Five key findings emerged from the companys research: