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The Arizona Foundation for Women Kicks Off 6th Annual Walk to End Domestic Violence

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) March 13, 2008

The Arizona Foundation for Women (http://www.azfoundationforwomen.org) announced that the 2008 Walk to End Domestic Violence will be held on April 26, 2008 at Wesley Bolin Plaza in Phoenix. The Walk will begin at 7:30 a.m. with a 5K Run, followed by the 5K Walk and then a Kids Dash. The festivities will include a live performance from the Chris Parker Project, a Kids Zone with games and activities, sponsor booths with giveaways and a designated area where participants can learn about domestic violence shelters and programs in Maricopa County. The Home Team Sponsors (Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Suns, Phoenix Mercury and Arizona Coyotes) will be participating in interactive areas hosted by players and mascots.

The 2008 Walk to End Domestic Violence will raise much-needed funds to support domestic violence shelters and programs in Maricopa County that provide full-service support to women and children as they flee violent situations. The Walk is also designed to increase awareness of this devastating problem as domestic violence incidences are increasing and public supported fundraising is more critical than ever. Funds are raised through registration fees and pledges collected by participants. All event costs are underwritten by corporate sponsors, therefore 100 percent of the pledges and registration fees directly benefit the shelters looking to end domestic violence.

“We are honored to host the Walk and to continue the good work that The Arizona Republic and 12 News started,” states Nancy Dean, CEO of the Arizona Foundation for Women. “The funds raised from the Walk have helped thousands of lives and the event draws attention to one of Arizona’s most critical social issues. We challenge our community to join with us in taking a stand against domestic violence. This abuse is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it — we must have a unified voice.”

All community members are welcome to join the 5K Walk or Run. Participants include the Honorary Chair, Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, city officials, teams from local corporations, domestic violence shelters, victims of abuse and community members who want to show their support for the issue.

The Walk to End Domestic Violence aims to raise $ 400,000 and gain participation from a minimum of 4,000 walkers and runners with a minimum of 146 teams.

To participate in the Walk to End Domestic Violence or to learn more about the event, visit http://www.azfoundationforwomen.org/dv-walk/.

Domestic Violence Statistics

One in every four women in the U.S. is abused by a husband or boyfriend at some point in her life
Each year, nearly 100 women are killed in domestic violence situations in Arizona
Sixty percent of all Child Protective Services cases involve a domestic violence component
Domestic violence is the leading cause of death of women in the workplace
Over 4.5 million assaults are committed against U.S. women by intimate partners each year
More than 50 percent of domestic violence victims live with children under the age of 12
More than 50 percent of all Arizona women and their children seeking shelter from domestic violence are turned away due to lack of space (approximately 17,000 per year in Maricopa County)
Domestic violence costs U.S. businesses nearly $ 1 billion in lost productivity

About The Arizona Foundation for Women:

The Arizona Foundation for Women (AZF) is a nonprofit, philanthropic organization dedicated to investing in and promoting innovative solutions that address the unmet needs of women and children throughout the state of Arizona.

Using ongoing research, the Foundation identifies and focuses on priority issues such as domestic violence, child abuse and the health and self-esteem of women, teens and children.

The Arizona Foundation for Women’s Men’s Anti-Violence Network (MAN) enlists the help of prominent community leaders to focus on prevention and abuser accountability. Employers Against Domestic Violence (EADV) is a program that focuses on domestic violence awareness in the workplace. To date, AFW programs have benefited more than a million individuals in the state of Arizona. For more information about the Arizona Foundation for Women, please call (602) 532-2800.


SAFE & Sound: DC Musicians Raise Awareness and Support for Local Domestic Violence Agency

Washington, DC (PRWEB) October 1, 2008

On Thursday, October 9, 2008, Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment (SAFE), Inc., invites you to join our staff, volunteers, and friends at The Rock and Roll Hotel for SAFE & Sound, a benefit concert featuring the music of Laura Burhenn (formerly of Georgie James), Olivia & The Housemates, Lode Runner, and The Spiritual Machine (formerly KOKO). These incredibly talented local musicians are generously donating their time to perform at this event, so that all proceeds go to support SAFE’s critical work of supporting domestic violence victims in the Washington, DC community. Tickets for SAFE & Sound are $ 10, and can be purchased at the door or in advance through The Rock and Roll Hotel website.

SAFE is a nonprofit organization that provides services to domestic violence survivors in the DC metro area who are dealing with the courts or the police to obtain protection from abuse. SAFE provided court-based services through 5,737 client contacts in 2007 through their work out of DC Superior Court’s two Domestic Violence Intake Centers, and also provided after-hours crisis support to 647 survivors who contacted the Metropolitan Police Department for assistance.

Domestic violence rates in Washington, DC are shockingly high for such a small jurisdiction. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) received 31,304 domestic-related crime calls in 2007–one every 17 minutes–an increase of 7.3% from 29,179 calls in 2007. In the same year, 4,811 clients visited DC’s two Domestic Violence Intake Centers (DVICs)–an average of 19 clients each day. This number shows an increase of 2.4% from 4,696 clients in 2006. And perhaps most shocking of all, domestic/family violence homicides, not including child abuse, accounted for 6% of all murders in the District of Columbia (14% of all female murders and 3% of all male murders) from 2002 to 2004, in cases where homicide motives can be established.

These figures make it clear that there is so much more work to be done to ensure that everyone in our community has the support and resources they need to live a life free of fear and violence. Your support can help make this happen.

And it all starts with one concert.

About Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment (SAFE), Inc.

Founded in 1997 as a program of the DC Coalition Against Domestic Violence, SAFE separated from the Coalition and incorporated as an independent organization in October 2006. SAFE serves over 6,000 survivors of domestic violence each year and provides a 24-hour continuum of court- and police-based services through its two direct service programs. More information about SAFE is available at http://www.dcsafe.org.

About the bands

Laura Burhenn is formerly one half of the band Georgie James, begun in 2005 with John Davis, drummer from the defunct DC trio Q And Not U. In January of 2007, Laura released their first single (“Need Your Needs”) on her pet label, Laboratory Records. The duo released their debut LP, “Places,” on Saddle Creek Records in September of 2007. The pair recently separated to focus on their solo careers. Laura has achieved great renown within the local and national musical scene for her lyrical, lilting, yet commanding singing voice and her enchanting piano accompaniment. For more information, visit http://lauraburhenn.com.

Olivia & The Housemates came together in the spring of 2005 when a group of friends–Edward Donohue (guitar), Kristin Forbes (bass, vocals), Randy Scope (drums), and Dan Swenson (trumpet, organ, vocals)–agreed to help Olivia (vocals, guitar) put together some songs she had been working on. Naming the group was easy: most of the musicians already were housemates. Since then, this group has been making a splash with their infectious, upbeat, folk-pop-rock sound, incorporating trumpets, hand clapping, and Olivia’s own earnest, sweetly soulful voice. For more information, visit http://www.oliviamancini.com.

Lode Runner is not superhuman, and does not have abilities that are far beyond those of any normal group of individuals. Wielding analogue synthesizers, striking guitar chords and syncopated electronic rhythms, they inebriate a mode of consciousness waiting to wake up from that long rest of elevator sound ringing from the city. Four individuals burn down that city and then construct monuments architected in a basement. Their live show is one to enjoy! For more information, visit http://www.myspace.com/loderunnerband.

The Spiritual Machine (formerly KOKO) has been described as “2/3 straight, 100% awesome.” A guitar/synth/drums trio, the Machine whips up frenzied, sharp dance-rock peppered with elements of funk and post-punk. Their one and only goal: get the crowd moving. More information about the Spiritual Machine is available at http://www.myspace.com/thespiritualmachine.

About the venue

The Rock and Roll Hotel–not actually a hotel–is a concert hall and bar in Northeast DC’s hip H Street Corridor that hosts an impressive variety of local and not-so-local artists from all ends of the music spectrum. Housed in a renovated former morgue, the Hotel features fashionably distressed mismatched furniture in its upstairs lounge area, winged guitars dangling from the ceiling, and deliciously Victorian oversized gilt mirrors lining both floors. The Hotel opened in August 2006 and quickly established itself as a favored venue of local music lovers, whether enjoying a show in the first floor stage area or lingering over cocktails in the comfortable second floor bar. For more information, visit The Rock and Roll Hotel website at http://www.rockandrollhoteldc.com.


Enough is Enough; Domestic Violence Statistics Proves that Women are not Dying at the Hands of Strangers

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 10, 2011

Author Tiffany Johnson takes a stand against domestic violence. The former victim is set to release her first intimate memoir Enough Is Enough: This Is My Story. The book release and signing will commence on Saturday April 16th, 2011 at Roy Arias Studios, located at 300 West 43rd Street suite 401C @ 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10036 at 3pm. Over 100 advocates and supporters are scheduled to attend this event.

My 4 year old son was almost the witness of my attempted murder, says Tiffany Johnson. In her memoir she is quite candid; Tiffany talks about the violent beatings, her experience in Safe Horizon domestic abuse shelters, the visits to Rikers Island and the day that she was left for dead lying in a pool of blood. Unlike 70% of women in domestic violence situations, Tiffany survived and is now sharing her story to help women worldwide. I found Enough Is Enough to be quite moving. Going through Tiffanys book took me on a roller coaster ride. Several times, I caught myself wiping away my tears and biting my nails, says Carmen Garcia of New Mexico City.

Domestic violence is an epidemic. The daily news headlines in New York City continues to report recent crimes, including the case of former NYC police officer Eddy Coello, indicted for the murder of his wife Tina Adovasio. In 2010 the New York City Police Department responded to 249,440 domestic violence incidents; this averages to over 680 reported incidents per day. In addition, NYPDs Domestic Violence Unit conducted 67,761 home visits in 2010, a 77% increase since 2002. On average, more than three women and one man are murdered by their intimate partners in the US every day.

Enough Is Enough: This Is My Story, is certainly a solution to this epidemic that plagues our nation. This book is a must read for women, men and families whose lives have been affected by domestic violence.

10% of all event proceeds and book sales will be donated to Child Abuse Prevention Program; an independent non-profit child safety workshop that speaks directly to children about the prevention of physical and sexual abuse. And P.O.W.E.R.S. INC., a nonprofit organization providing restorative services to individuals who have been victimized by domestic violence.

About Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson is a mother, an author, entrepreneur and an advocate against domestic violence. She is also a full time student at Bramson Ort College, pursuing a degree in Health Care Administration. Tiffany currently reaches out to domestic abuse organizations within her community to help educate women and families who are victims of domestic abuse. She is also CEO and founder of Treasure Box Publishing, a book publishing company in Queens, New York City. With dedication Tiffany Johnson continues to be the voice for millions of women who are no longer with us.

For more information about Enough Is Enough: This is My Story, events, upcoming book signings and the author, please visit: http://www.tiffanyjohnson.org or send an email to info(at)tiffanyjohnson(dot)org

About Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP)

The Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP), an independent non-profit agency founded in 1986, is the only agency of its kind. The effective CAPP Child Safety Workshop speaks directly to children about the prevention of physical and sexual abuse. For children that are experiencing abuse, this program can be the first step to getting help. For thousands of others, it ensures understanding of their right to be safe, their right to speak up and their right to a childhood that is free from abuse. Over the past twenty-five years, CAPP has reached over 400,000 New York City school children and made them aware of their right to be safe from abuse. To help protect a child today, please visit cappnyc.org

About P.O.W.E.R.S. INC.

P.O.W.E.R.S. INC. is a non-profit program of packaged restorative services for victims of Domestic Violence. The mission of P.O.W.E.R.S INC., is to restore the lives of individuals who have been victimized by abusive predators. P.O.W.E.R.S INC. provides life educational and wellness services, counseling, job training and protection technique courses. The organization was founded in 2010 by Executive Director Steven Walerstein, who prides himself in the ability to reframe and redirect the best attitude and skills development, to counter balance and eradicate the ravages of Domestic Violence. His earnest beliefs and active hands-on approach, has led him to protect, model and mentor in the most kind and loving ways. To learn more about P.O.W.E.R.S. INC., please visit powersinc.org.


New Comic Book Helps Teens and Adults with Disabilities Stop Abuse, Bullying and Violence

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 26, 2012

The Fullpower Safety Comics book helps people with disabilities learn to protect themselves from abuse, bullying and violence. The book is the latest in the Safety Comics series from Kidpower.org, a nonprofit leader in personal safety and confidence building education and services. The newest Safety Comics book makes learning personal safety skills accessible and fun for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities or limited literacy skills.

We have found that comics engage people of all ages and abilities, by being both entertaining and giving important information, says author Irene van der Zande, executive director and founder of Kidpower. The Fullpower Safety Comics helps teens and adults, including those with limited reading or spoken language abilities, learn and practice physical and social skills to help keep them safe from bullying, abuse and other violence.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s most recent studies on Crimes Against People with Disabilities show that teens and adults with a disability experienced violence and abuse at close to twice the rate of those without a disability in 2010. The study also notes that people with a cognitive disability had the highest rate of violent victimization.

Educators and therapists use the Fullpower Safety Comics to teach students and patients how to build personal safety awareness and skills. “Many of my clients are teens and adults with developmental disabilities who have already experienced bullying, abuse, or other violence, says John Luna Sparks, a licensed clinical social worker in Oakland, CA. I use the Fullpower Safety Comics even with those who can only read just a little. The entertaining illustrations,

Video Shows Kidpower Story of Empowering Kids To Stop Bullying, Abuse and Violence

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) December 05, 2012

The One Million Safer Kids Video from acclaimed personal safety education nonprofit, Kidpower, was released today to broadcast its mission to create a safer world, one child at a time. The new video shows how Kidpower makes it fun for kids to learn how to be safe from bullying, abuse and violence.

The goal for the One Million Safer Kids initiative is simple: to make one million children safer from bullying, abuse and violence by finding innovative new ways to share Kidpowers personal safety and awareness skills training.

Weve wanted to make a One Million Safer Kids video from the start of the initiative, says Kidpower founder and executive director, Irene van der Zande. Our experience is that kids learn best when they can practice skills in a safe and fun setting and this video is a powerful way to share how we make that happen.

Kidpower launched its One Million Safer Kids initiative last year with the goal to reach one million more kids in five years or less. One year later, more than 200,000 young people have already been helped and van der Zande hopes to use the video to reach worldwide to help parents, teachers and children get access to Kidpowers often life-saving personal safety skills.

This new video offers an inspiring view into what really makes Kidpower so engaging and effective for kids and adults alike, says Eileen DiFranco, a Kidpower Board Member and Advisor. It is also the centerpiece of our end-of-year Season of Safety campaign. During the month of December we will be asking Kidpower supporters to share personal stories about how Kidpower skills have made their lives safer and more fun.

I hope the story of how Kidpower got started, and seeing kids have fun practicing the safety skills in our new video will inspire people to help us reach even further and faster to share Kidpower with all of the kids in their lives, in their communities, and around the world, says van der Zande.

“We had a blast working with Kidpower! says Cara Jones, the video producer and founder of Storytellers For Good. We’re so inspired by how Irene and her team are transforming young lives and empowering kids everywhere to stay safe.”

Kidpower was founded in 1989 by van der Zande after she protected a group of children, including her own, from a man threatening to kidnap one of them. Since then, Kidpower has helped more than two million young people learn to protect themselves from bullying and abuse, and build healthy relationships. Van der Zande aims to boost that number rapidly through the One Million Safer Kids initiative.

A world with One Million Safer Kids is a better world for all of us. says van der Zande. It is a world with more joyful playgrounds, classrooms, and neighborhoods. It is a world with more relationships strengthened by strong boundary setting skills. Its a world with less trauma and injury. It is a world where children (and parents) feel safer because they are empowered. The potential ripple effect of One Million Safer Kids is both staggering and achievable.

About Kidpower

Kidpower’s expertise in child safety has been featured by USA Today, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal and its programs are widely recommended worldwide for taking a positive, skills-based approach to preventing abuse, kidnapping, bullying and other violence. Kidpower workshops, K-12 safety curriculum, books, videos, the Kidpower.org free online library and other services have helped to protect more than 2 million young people from abuse, bullying and other violence since 1989. Irene van der Zande, Kidpower’s founder and executive director is the author of the

Dr. Kathy Seifert, Youth Violence Expert, Unravels Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Salisbury, MD (PRWEB) December 18, 2012

The expertise of Dr. Kathy Seifert on coping with trauma and preventing future acts of young adult violence will be appearing in multiple local and national media over the next week, including La Opinion, Huffington Post, Psychology Today online, Fox News DC, and WBOC-TV. Dr. Seifert, is a renowned youth violence and trauma expert and psychologist with 30 years of experience. She will attempt to unravel the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy from the perspective of why people resort to violence and the need for a national dialogue about gun availability to those not capable of handling that responsibility. She will also discuss the need for changes in mental health regulations for those that are mentally ill and also dangerous. Dr. Seifert will be giving the public guidance on supporting each other in these tragic times as a way of coping with grief.

My heart and prayers go out to the victims and their families, says Dr. Seifert. We must use this tragedy to start a national dialogue about our policies regarding individuals who are classified as both mentally ill and dangerous. We also need to take a hard look at gun regulations in the United States. Its simply not enough grieving and cleaning up after a disaster like this; its not fair to the victims or the families of victims. The Connecticut tragedy reveals that it is time for violence prevention to take the national spotlight.

Dr. Seifert is the creator of the CARE-2, an assessment tool for youth and adolescents that are at risk for violence. As the author of the book “How Children Become Violent” (Acanthus Publishing, 2006) and a contributor to Psychology Today on youth violence and family trauma, she can offer the public a look into what is known about the minds of past mass murderers in hopes of shedding light on why Adam Lanza may have committed this horrible act and how to prevent such awful acts in the future. Dr. Seifert will be advocating for a discussion on national policy and violence prevention, and providing parents the tools they need to help their children cope with this tragedy.

There are 2 major groups of mass murderers: 1) those that are psychopathic and likely have been so since childhood following a severe, unresolved childhood trauma and a life of increasingly violent acts. 2) Those with mental illness that also have other risk factors for violence including not being in treatment, substance abuse, poor social engagement or support, fascination with firearms or the “dark side,” unresolved severe childhood trauma, and a recent major life stressor with which they were unequipped to cope.

Experts agree that a propensity towards violence can begin during the earliest stages of child development with traumatic events for which a child did not receive support or therapy. This is where prevention needs to start in protecting children from abuse and neglect and if they do suffer extreme trauma to make sure that they get the services they need. Additionally, as a nation, we need to discuss: if a person is mentally ill and dangerous (not all mentally ill people are dangerous), should services be rendered involuntarily if necessary?

Frequently called upon by national media, Dr. Seifert was a commentator on CNNs Anderson Cooper 360 on the shooting suspect Jared Loughner as well as a guest on HLN regarding the murder case of 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera. In the wake of the terrible Sandy Hook school shooting and loss of innocent life, the public is left, yet again, with only questions of why this happened and what can be done to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

The No More Project – Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence in North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina (PRWEB) March 22, 2013

On March 18, 2013, USA Today reported that The No More Project, an international campaign to raise awareness of the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault, has been garnering national attention after introducing their symbol at a recent Capitol Hill briefing. The symbol is a bold circle set into the phrase No More, representing the goal of completely eradicating domestic assault and abuse. Since its introduction, the symbol has been worn by Vice President Joe Biden, and has appeared on NASCAR driver Amber Copes car and on Law & Order: SVU. The campaign has also gained high profile sponsors and spokespeople, including Tim Gunn of Bravos reality show Project Runway.

According to USA Today, The No More Project highlights the importance of bringing awareness to domestic violence and ensuring that the public is conscious of their rights when it comes to domestic violence and abuse. Family law attorneys are especially mindful of the need to continue educating others on their rights regarding domestic violence. According to the attorneys at Miller Bowles Law, the first step in educating others about their rights in this area is to ensure others know exactly what constitutes domestic violence. In North Carolina, acts constituting domestic violence must be committed by a person with whom the aggrieved party has or has had a personal relationship. A personal relationship refers to the following relationships: current or former spouses; persons of the opposite sex who live together, have lived together, or have been in a dating relationship; parents and children; persons with a child in common; or, current or former members of the same household.

Once abuse is classified as domestic violence, there are many options available to the victim of this abuse. Per North Carolina law, victims of domestic violence have the right to ask the Court to enter an order that forbids their abuser from having contact with them for up to one year. The Court can also award the victim of domestic violence possession of the residence, temporary child custody, financial support, possession of a vehicle, and attorneys fees. Once a North Carolina court issues a domestic violence order of protection, the victim may ask the Court to renew it for up to two years upon the expiration of the original order. If the abuser violates the terms of the domestic violence order of protection, he or she can immediately be arrested for violating the order. Violating the order includes directly or indirectly contacting the victim or committing another act of abuse of threat of abuse. The domestic violence order of protection in North Carolina can be enforced by filing a motion for contempt, and by criminally prosecuting the act of domestic violence if it violates any criminal statute.

Campaigns such as The No More Project are crucial in not only furthering the fight war against domestic violence and abuse, but also ensuring that victims of domestic violence and abuse are heard and are able to seek aide. In addition to seeking the help of charitable groups and organizations focused on domestic violence, victims of domestic violence should also speak with a family law attorney about their legal rights and recourses. A family law attorney can help the victim take a legal stand against their abuser and move forward with their life in a positive manner.

Miller Bowles Law is a full-service Charlotte Family Law firm located in the historic district of Dilworth in Charlotte, North Carolina. The attorneys at Miller Bowles Law have over 15 years of combined experience in representing clients in Charlotte family law cases and family law cases in surrounding counties including Union, Gaston, Iredell, and beyond. Our mission, simply stated, is to provide the highest-quality legal representation to our clients so that each feels supported and well-prepared to face the family law court system.

Los Angeles County Bar Association to Present Public Service Award to Pasadena Immigration Attorney Heather Poole for Volunteer Work with Domestic Violence Survivors

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 24, 2013

Immigration Attorney Heather Poole has been a volunteer attorney with LACBAs Domestic Violence Project (Project) for the past 12 years. The Project consists of volunteer attorneys who donate their time in Los Angeles County Superior Courts Central and Pasadena courthouses to help domestic violence survivors obtain Temporary Restraining Orders in family court.

Volunteer attorneys prepare the legal forms, explain the process, what to expect in court and how to plan for permanent restraining order hearings. The Project has helped thousands of women and men regain their safety and gain access to the justice system, which otherwise can seem especially intimidating and scary to those who cannot afford an attorney.

Working with the Project is extremely rewarding work. Attorneys see the justice system work quickly and effectively and help protect those most vulnerable from future harm. There is instant gratification in knowing your actions could help protect a child and change a persons circumstances to give these survivors a fighting chance at a better life.

Attorney Heather Poole

A large part of Immigration Attorney Heather Pooles private practice also focuses on helping immigrant women and men in abusive and controlling marriages obtain or save their permanent residency status under the Violence Against Women Acts immigration provisions.

For more information about LACBA and the awards ceremony, visit: http://www.lacba.org


CONTACT INFO: For Attorney Heather L Poole

HEATHER L POOLE PC, Professional Law Corp

225 S Lake Avenue, Ste 300

Pasadena, CA 91101

(877) 486-2678

e: info(at)humanrightsattorney(dot)com

Attorney Heather Poole is a private immigration attorney in Pasadena, CA, focuses on complex family and marriage-based immigration cases. She is the vice chair of the American Immigration Lawyers Association Southern California Chapter, a frequent attorney trainer and published author on complex immigration issues and teaches Immigration Law at Fullerton College.

Women Called Moses in the Trenches of Domestic Violence

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) July 15, 2013

Debra Nixon-Bowles founder of the nonprofit organization Women Called Moses fights a never ending battle to protect domestic violence victims and their children. “Domestic violence is a growing epidemic with tragic consequences,” says Bowles. As the calls and e-mails pour in from victims who are trying to leave their abusers, the organization has taken measures to rally a team together to help bring more awareness about this increasing problem. “There’s only so much my agency can handle and by the grace of God, some of our city’s notables have partnered up with my agency to get the word out.”

Ms. Bowles has built strong alliances with Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, Dallas Mavericks President Donnie Nelson, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr through his foundation The Carr Cares Foundation, Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl champion Chris Johnson and Attorney Justin Martin of Godsey Martin, P.C. Since the partnerships, WCM have saturated the Dallas market by participating in rallies, like the Dallas Men Against Abuse, joint fundraising events with local designers, NFL players youth speaker series and camps and celebrity sports events to drive awareness in throughout the community. In the upcoming weeks, Women Called Moses will participate in panel discussions with Mayor Rawlings, local churches and visiting cities in other markets that have requested our participation.

Awareness is only half of our battle, the other component to our service is helping the victims. Without contributions to aid in transitional services, we are only able to do so much. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please visit our website and click the donate button.

About Women Called Moses:

Women Called Moses Coalition and Outreach, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization primarily created to provide a secure shelter for battered women and their children. Our organization is committed to increase awareness about the growing problem of domestic violence in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex. Our energy is directed toward fostering support services for these innocent victims of spousal and child abuse. Women Called Moses, Inc. will provide shelter, educational and job skill training at no cost to the families, for we believe that having stability and access to lifes basic necessities will improve their self-esteem and help move them along the road to independence.

UNICEF Urges Louder Voices to End Violence Against Children

New York, New York (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Violence against children is all too often unseen, unheard and underreported, said UNICEF today, announcing an initiative that urges citizens, lawmakers and governments to speak out more forcefully to protect children.

The initiative builds on growing outrage following horrific attacks against children, such as the October 2012 shooting of then 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan, the fatal shooting of 26 pupils and teachers in Newtown, Connecticut, in December 2012 and gang rapes of girls in India and in South Africa in 2013.

In every country, in every culture, there is violence against children, said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake. Whenever and wherever children are harmed, our outrage and anger must be seen and heard. We must make the invisible visible.

This is the underlying message as UNICEF launches the End Violence Against Children initiative. The initiative urges people around the world to recognize violence against children and join global, national or local movements to focus collective action on ending it. We have the power to fight violence now, says UNICEF, as the organization brings its global voice to add to the many efforts already underway.

The initiative was unveiled with a powerful public service announcement narrated in English by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Liam Neeson, and in Spanish by Univision News anchors Jorge Ramos and Mar