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Puppy Snacks on Earrings and Surgery Costs $7,700.00 – Pets Best Insurance Pays 80%, Total paid by family in premiums about $90.00, total received by family about $6,100.00 Value of Abby to Her Family, Nearly Priceless!

Boise, ID (PRWEB) August 30, 2007

Pet insurance can provide the immediate means to cover costly veterinary care once the policy is in force. Abby is a very good example – before being adopted, this happy and loving Labrador mixed breed puppy had already had a pretty tough life. Both her and her brother were originally dumped on the side of the road, starving, sick and infested with fleas, both were in need of veterinary care. They were sent to a local shelter and put on the list to be euthanized. Funds were not available for needed care and her brother didn’t make it, but Abby was rescued at the last minute. Charles and Virginia Meyer adopted her and paid the hospitalization costs related to her rescue that exceeded $ 1,000. In very short period of time, she had an injury to her rear leg and other issues that included surgery to remove ingested earrings. In her short life, veterinary care is quickly approaching $ 9,000.00.

According to Virginia Meyer, “Abby is such a wonderful addition to our family; she is like a child to my husband and me. Her care after she was rescued cost us around $ 1,000.00. We feel she is worth so much that we can not place a monetary price on her. Once we got Abby home, she had a serious injury to her rear leg. It required a specialist and he suggested that we protect Abby in the future with Pets Best Insurance. We went online and ordered coverage for Abby. A few weeks later while at home, Abby brought a small box to me, minus the earnings it normally contained. Within hours, she was very sick and we rushed her to an emergency clinic. After several surgeries and trips back and forth to the veterinarian, she is now back at home and recovering. For Charles and me, we would have done whatever it would take to care for our puppy. We are thankful that we have insurance coverage because we just cannot imagine having to choose between providing needed care, or having to put Abby down.”

AccuQuote Advises Consumers to Compare Value vs. Price When Shopping For a Term Life Insurance Quote

Wheeling, IL (PRWEB) July 22, 2009

AccuQuote, a leader in providing term life insurance quotes to people across the United States, advises those shopping for term life insurance quotes to compare value vs. price before making a buying decision.

“Unfortunately, many consumers buy life insurance policies based on price alone. However, you shouldn’t assume that you qualify for the lowest priced policy, especially if you don’t meet the health and lifestyle criteria,” says Byron Udell, founder and CEO of AccuQuote. “The reality is that there is much more to consider such as the company’s financial ratings and additional features that may be beneficial to you in the future,” says Byron Udell, founder and CEO of AccuQuote.

Udell suggests consumers shopping for life insurance consider the following tips to ease the decision-making process:

Look for a Company that’s Rated A- or Better – “If a life insurance company is not financially stable, they may not be around to pay the death benefit, leaving your family in the cold when you are no longer around,” says Udell. Check out AM Best and Company for financial ratings.

Understand the Policy Features – “Many term life insurance policies offer special features, such as renewability rights, full convertibility, child riders, etc. Be sure you understand what options are available to you because these features may be the key to protecting your loved ones financial futures,” says Udell.

Look for Guaranteed Rates- “Be sure that when you receive a term life insurance quote, it is a guaranteed rate. Be cautious of life insurance companies that only offer you a projected rate, because the policy could actually end up costing you more out of pocket than you can actually afford,” says Udell.

Avoid “Come On” Rates – “Make sure that you actually qualify for the term life insurance policy you are quoted, according to your individual health and lifestyle profile,” says Udell. “Often times, companies simply list the least expensive policy at the top to entice people to apply,” says Udell. “However, these rates are offered to only the healthiest people.”

“Shopping around is the best way to find inexpensive life insurance rates,” says Udell. “Take advantage of the internet and sites like AccuQuote, which can provide you with term life insurance quotes quickly and compare them with several other top-rated companies in the industry. And remember, if a cheap term life insurance rate looks to good to be true, then it probably is.”

About AccuQuote:

AccuQuote helps consumers find the best values in term life insurance by combining instant online life insurance quotes with the personal service of unbiased life insurance professionals that can help answer questions, identify important issues, and make meaningful recommendations. The company offers consumers an extensive selection of life insurance options, including term life, whole life, and universal life, as well as selected annuities. The website has many handy insurance tools, including a life insurance needs calculator to help you figure out how much to buy, a glossary that explains industry terminology, a collection of articles that cover the basics about life insurance, and a blog which answer many questions about life insurance. For additional information or to get quotes for discount term life insurance, please call 1-888-314-4455.


Advantage Rent a Car Offers Consumers Value Priced Car Rentals in Two New Locations in Southern Florida

Park Ridge, NJ (Vocus) August 17, 2009 –

Advantage Rent a Car has announced the openings of two new locations, in two new markets for the Company, in Florida: Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The locations complement the 13 facilities recently opened in major leisure destinations across the country, including: Albuquerque, Colorado Springs, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Orlando, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, Seattle, and Tucson.

“The Miami and Ft. Lauderdale openings validate Advantage’s commitment to offering low cost, quality car rentals at leisure destinations throughout the United States,” said Mark P. Frissora, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Hertz Corporation. “We look forward to Advantage being available in the southern Florida region, and providing consumers with economical car rentals in two of the top leisure markets in the country,” Frissora added.

Advantage provides travelers with clean and easy transportation for a fraction of the cost of traditional car rental companies. Locations are situated in key leisure destinations across the U.S., and offer customers quality cars at affordable prices. Reservations can be made at the Company’s website, http://www.advantage.com, via all major online travel agencies – including CheapTickets

New Book Teaches Children the Value of their Existence

Bloomington, IN (Vocus) August 6, 2010

Young readers will discover who they are in a unique way with author Eugenia Ann Paces new picture book. An Xlibris release, This Book is about Me: Shining Light Series guides children in becoming responsible adults.

In this lesson-filled book, Pace shares developmental knowledge with children all around the world. A healthy reading experience awaits in each page, as the author presents a simple story which explains much to children. The main goal of this book is to help parents and grandparents feel free to talk to their child about life, specifically of the birds and the bees story and how their love for their child came about.

As parents we need to be committed to being a loving educator to our children. From the time of their birth they are all very special, created by God. In early childhood, children need to learn to respect their body as a perfect image of God, says the author.

Complete with illustrations, This Book is about Me is a great tool for helping children understand how they came to be. It also leads them closer to God at an early age by instilling a loving and spiritually uplifting experience. For more information on this book, log on to http://www.Xlibris.com.

Complete with illustrations, This Book is about Me is a great tool for helping children understand how they came to be. It also leads them closer to God at an early age by instilling a loving and spiritually uplifting experience. This book will be featured in the Beijing International Book Fair in Beijing, China, on September 2-6, 2010 For more information, log on to Xlibris.com.

About the Author

During her 35 years as an educator, Eugenia Ann Pace helped children learn their value in our society. She also ministered to women and children in her community, especially in the area of socializing those who were immigrants into living in the United States.

Eugenia served on the Board of Directors for the AARP Bereavement Program as well as working as a facilitator and training others to facilitate in the bereavement program. She has always tried to empower everyone that she meets by using her training and listening skills.

Eugenia now serves on the Board of Directors for Woman’s Choice Services, a life-affirming organization. Her efforts at WCS helped her realize that the human embryo development is similar to that of a Butterfly. The Butterfly starts as an egg, evolves into a lovely living thing and then emerges from a cocoon. From the moment of our children’s conception, they start as an egg and grow for nine months protected in the Mother’s womb. After the baby is born and usually for the next 18 years, the home and their community, which is a small section of the world, acts as a protective cocoon.

This Book is about Me * by Eugenia Ann Pace

Shining Light Series

Publication Date: March 29, 2010

Picture Book; $ 15.99; 24 pages; 978-1-4500-3307-7

Picture Book Hardcover; $ 25.99; 24 pages; 978-1-4500-3308-4

Members of the media who wish to review this book may request a complimentary paperback copy by contacting the publisher at (888) 795-4274 x. 7879. To purchase copies of the book for resale, please fax Xlibris at (610) 915-0294 or call (888) 795-4274 x. 7879.

For more information on self-publishing or marketing with Xlibris, visit http://www.Xlibris.com. To receive a free publishing guide, please call (888) 795-4274.


ING Survey: Finds Many Americans Missing Opportunity to Maximize the Value of Workplace Retirement Plans

Atlanta, GA (Vocus) November 9, 2010

Preparing for retirement is like training for a marathon. It takes dedication, determination and a long-term commitment, along with the right support and resources to complete the race. The ING family of companies in the U.S. (ING), today released the results of a nationwide survey of retirement plan participants that underscores how Americans are at a disadvantage when it comes to their own financial marathon.

Research Reveals Most Workers Under-Estimate the Potential Long-Term Power of a Modest Retirement Raise as They Save for Retirement
Nearly 6 in 10 Say They Could Increase Their Annual Contribution Rate Today by Up to 3% of Salary
More than 1 in 5 Set Contribution Rate Based on Gut Feel
ING Rolls Out Easy-to-Use Contribution Rate Calculator to Encourage Greater Retirement Savings

The survey, commissioned by the ING Retirement Research Institute, confirmed that employer-sponsored retirement plans are incredibly important to the workers who participate in them, but most are not maximizing the savings power of these plans to their full potential. The research found that plan investors often fail to recognize the potential long-term benefits that even a small contribution rate increase can produce in helping them successfully reach their retirement goals.

Americans Admit They Can, Should Be Saving More

INGs survey clearly indicates that Americans know they are responsible for their retirement, and admit they could be saving more.

According to the findings, a majority of workers (87%) said they could be saving more in their employer-sponsored retirement plan, a savings vehicle they deem critically important to reaching a secure retirement and the foundation of most their retirement savings strategy. In fact, of the 1,000 workplace retirement plan participants surveyed, nearly two-thirds (64%) said their employer-sponsored retirement plan accounts for all or most of their retirement portfolio. However, many participants are not stretching to maximize their contributions when they can. Moreover, they tend to rely on guesswork when setting contribution levels, and dont fully understand the importance and long-term impact of small increases in contribution rates.

Americans today understand that they shoulder a greater responsibility for securing their own retirement, said Rob Leary, CEO, ING Insurance U.S. They also recognize that an employer-sponsored retirement plan is the cornerstone of their efforts to save for retirement. Still, the issue for many workers, made even more urgent in shaky economic times and an era of volatile equity markets, is scrubbing household budgets and, when possible, finding more dollars to save for retirement. Being cost-conscious is certainly important and prudent, but at the same time, people must also find ways to contribute more into their retirement accounts.

And its not like theyre confident in the future of Social Security. In fact, more respondents (51%) think its more likely that scientists will clone dinosaurs in their lifetime than it is that Congress will save Social Security, and 77% of those with kids at home say their child is more likely to catch a foul ball in the seats at a baseball game than cash a Social Security check.

INGs findings suggest that even though workers may acknowledge the retirement saving challenge, it has not necessarily resulted in better saving behaviors, at least not in their employer-sponsored retirement plans. Of those participants not contributing the maximum to their retirement plan, an overwhelming majority (87%) admitted they could afford to increase their annual contribution by 1% of their annual salary; almost six in ten (59%) said they could up their contribution by 3% of salary; and nearly one third (32%) said they could afford a 5% increase.

The irony is that Americans love raises, Leary said. In our survey, most respondents (76%) would prefer even just a slight raise over a shorter commute to work. We recognize that the current economic environment is challenging for most everyone and robust salary increases are currently not the norm; nevertheless, Americans cannot delay giving themselves a retirement raise. A modest increase in your workplace retirement plan contribution rate can go a long way toward ensuring a more financially secure retirement.

Most Workers Overlook Long-Term Impact of Modest Contribution Rate Increases

INGs survey also indicated that plan participants lacked a clear understanding of contribution rates and the lifetime value of even small increases.

In fact, for many workers, setting workplace retirement plan contribution rates appeared to be either a guess or a back-of-the-envelope calculation. Very few of those surveyed consulted outside resources in determining their contribution levels. Nearly two-thirds (65%) determined their contribution rate themselves, and one in five (21%) said they go by gut feeling.

When asked to estimate the lifetime value of a 2% increase in their contribution rate, only a small percentage could even come close. More often, people miscalculated. Forty percent of respondents underestimated by 50% or more and just about a third (32%) over-estimated by 50% or more.

After choosing to participate in the plan, the most important decision workers make is setting their contribution rate each year, said Catherine Smith, CEO, ING U.S. Retirement Services. However, for too many, participation and contribution rate elections are just another box to check. We need to be more deliberate and take the time to consider things like tax impact, compounding, and the effects of employer matches in making these elections.

Employer-Sponsored Plans the Cornerstone of Retirement Savings

For most Americans, understanding and maximizing the use of workplace retirement plans is critical since these plans are not only the cornerstone of their retirement portfolios, but the main vehicle through which they are exposed to and learn about investing.

Nearly half of the plan participants polled (44%) admitted that if they didnt have a retirement plan at work, they probably wouldnt be saving for retirement at all. In fact, most respondents (58%) said their employer-sponsored retirement account (401(k), 403(b), or 457) was their first investment and over half (52%) said their plan was the main place they learned about investing.

In addition to offering entry to the investing world, many respondents said that their workplace retirement plan continues to provide critical investment knowledge and insight. Better than two out of five (42%) said all or most of their investment knowledge comes from managing their employer-sponsored retirement account.

They also gave overwhelming credit to their employer for putting them on the right path. In fact, those polled cited their employers as having the most influence in getting them to start saving for retirement, followed by family and friends. Moreover, their employer match was cited by most participants as the most important reason they contribute to their workplace plan. Still, there is clearly room for progress. Over half (55%) agreed that if their employer provided them with more detailed education, they might contribute more to their plan. In fact, better than 7 in 10 (72%) wished their company customized information for their personal situation.

For many working Americans, an employer-sponsored retirement plan isnt simply a stepping stone into the investment world, its the foundation for their future investing education and financial decision-making, said Smith. The lessons learned in managing a workplace retirement plan are critical, and they can make the difference between a long and comfortable retirement and a retirement that falls well short of their dreams and goals.

ING Retirement Contribution Rate Calculator

10Rate Announces its Top 10 Booster Seats for 2012 | Clek and Recaro Win Best Quality and Best Value Awards

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

10Rate reviewers and staff selected 10 of the best booster seats for 2012, assigning each a numerical rating as well as awarding three models that stood out for quality, value, and budget. Testing and consideration for this Booster Seats Top 10 list was given based on this set of seven criteria:

1. Lightweight and easy to transfer from one car to another

2. A compact fit to make it easy to put as many as three boosters in the back seat

3. A snap to install, with clear instructions and diagrams that are easy to understand

4. A safe seat that passes government safety tests and automotive crash tests

5. Affordability, so working families wont break the bank to buy one

6. Good quality workmanship with enough safety features to provide extra protection in a crash

7. The ability to convert into a larger, or even backless, seat to accommodate growing kids

The annual Best Booster Seat 2012 awards list featured the Clek Oobr, winning the Best Quality spot and an 8 out of 10 rating. The review noted several strengths of the booster seat as follows: It has a magnesium back frame to protect from protruding objects, steel rods connecting the headrest to the back frame and a layer of energy-absorbing foam. It also has audible clicks for the latches, so you can hear when they are securely fastened. More peace of mind comes from its performance when tested it meets all U.S. and Canadian motor vehicle safety standards. This seat doesnt come cheap, but you get what you pay for.

10rate’s editors also gave the Best Value booster seat award to the Recaro ProBooster High Back in the second place spot. Also with a rating of 8 out of 10, the review boasted, The polystyrene foam padding throughout the seat is designed to absorb external impact in case of a crash. Unlike many child car seats made in China, the Recaro ProBooster is assembled in the U.S. and meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for child restraint systems (FMVSS 213) and Flammability of Interior Materials (FVMSS 203.) That carries a lot of weight in the industry, and we gave this seat a high rating for that.

Additionally, the Best Budget award from the Top 10 Best Booster Seats list went to the Cosco Highrise Backless, for which 10rate noted, Coscos Juvenile Highrise Belt-Positioning Backless Booster Car Seat is a mouthful, but basically this seat is designed for kids who have outgrown their infant car seat. It holds kids from 30 pounds up to 100 pounds, and has a convenient flip-down cup holder for drinks and snacks. Its easy to put in and take out of the back seat and there isnt the issue of whether or not its small enough to fit in a compact car. Parents dreadfully tired of lugging around a heavy car seat can rejoice the Cosco Highrise weighs only 4.2 pounds.

Each spot in 10rate’s Booster Seat Reviews was represented by a different model from a different brand. Notably, an Evenflo Booster Seat, the Big Kid No Back AMP, earned second place in overall ranking, with the review having this to say of its 9.5 out of 10 rating: When kids get big enough to fit into a backless booster, its the last step before sitting in the back seat. Theres no fiddling with a five-point safety harness, just buckle up the child using the vehicle safety belt. Use the booster seats belt clip to position the seat belt for comfort and safety. Unlike the molded plastic cup holders other boosters have, this one has elastic cup holders to accommodate an extra-large drink. The $ 24.99 price tag gives parents relief in the wallet from more expensive booster seats.

10rate.com conducts reviews in various product and services categories and publishes Expert Top 10 Lists for Everything in your life. The company’s web site strives to Make it Easy to select from the hundreds of choices there are in the product and service market place. All products and services are thoroughly researched by the company’s expert editors prior to receiving a rating on a 1-10 scale. In addition to product reviews the company’s editors write guidelines, buying guides and articles on various topics surrounding each product or service category covered to help educate the consumer.

Mitsubishis 2013 Triton Line-Up Offers Value and Performance

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

MMAL CEO, Mutsuhiro Oshikiri, is confident the updated Triton range delivers performance, power, comfort and outstanding value.

With a high powered turbo-diesel engine, a range of safety systems and numerous upgrades the Triton performs as both a rugged workhorse and a comfortable family vehicle. The streamlined MY13 line-up makes it even easier to choose the right Triton for the job, Oshikiri said.

The Triton Single Cab range features three models, the GL 4×2, the GLX 4×2 and the GLX 4×4. The entry-model Triton GL 4×2 is powered by a 2.4-litre, four cylinder petrol 16-valve engine coupled with five-speed manual transmission. The interior of the GL has been updated for 2013 with new fabric and silver accents on the instrument cluster to brighten the cabin. The GL is perfect for customers who need a hardworking vehicle without four-wheel drive capabilities.

The GLX 4×2 Single Cab is powered by the 2.5-litre, four cylinder intercooled-turbo diesel engine and has the choice of five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission with Sports Shift now as standard on auto models to enhance the daily drive. The interior has been updated with new seat fabric and silver trim on the instrument cluster with automatic models also receiving a floor console with storage box.

The GLX 4×4 Single Cab is available in five-speed manual and receives upgrades in the cabin including silver accents on the instrument cluster and new seat fabric.

All Single Cab Tritons (with manual transmission) are available with optional Bench Seat Pack which adds a front seat split bench with driver-side slide and recline functions and increases seating capacity to three.

The Triton GLX 4×4 Club Cab features a pick-up body style with one-touch tailgate handle, rear window guard and seating capacity for four. Powered by the 2.5-litre Hi-Power Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel engine, the GLX Club Cab can tow up to three tonnes and is available in five-speed manual transmission. The interior of this model has been updated for MY13 with new seat fabric and silver accents on gauges and meters. The Club Cab model is also available with the option of Cab Chassis body style.

For those wanting a versatile vehicle suitable for work and play, Triton Double Cab models boast an incredible amount of cabin space to easily carry five people combined with a smooth ride and loads of features. With a 4×2 and three 4×4 Double Cab models to choose from, its easy to pick the right Triton for any job.

All 13MY Double Cab Tritons have been upgraded to include side and curtain airbags as standard to boost occupant safety.

The entry-level GLX 4×2 Double Cabs engine has been upgraded to the powerful 2.5-litre, Hi Power four-cylinder intercooled turbo diesel engine coupled with either five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission (now with Sports Shift). Comfort has been increased with high-grade seats included featuring new fabric to enhance the Tritons interior. As well as side and curtain airbags now as standard, the GLX 4×2 gets silver accents throughout the cabin, 16×7-inch steel wheels, body colour fender flares and side-steps to boost the Tritons profile.

Moving into the 4×4 Double Cab range, the GLX model features Easy Select 4WD with two-speed transfer and Sports Shift on automatic transmission models. The cabin has been updated with high grade seats and new fabric, while silver accents brighten the instrument cluster. Side and curtain airbags are now standard and the addition of side-steps makes it easier to enter and exit the vehicle.

The Pick-Up body style comes with the option of 16-inch alloy wheels to increase the Tritons street presence. The GLX 4×4 Double Cab is also available with Cab Chassis body style.

The Triton GL-R 4×4 Double Cab builds on the GLX with the addition of 16-inch alloy wheels, sports bar, rear step and side steps. For 13MY, the GL-R has been updated with high grade seats, new fabric, silver meter and gauge highlights and Sports Shift in the automatic model.

The top of the range Triton GLX-R 4×4 Double Cab is packed with features including 17-inch alloy wheels, nudge bar, fog lamps and side steps. For 13MY the GLX-R receives automatic folding side mirrors, new seat fabric and differential lock as standard boosting the value of this model.

The GLX-R comes with an optional Luxury Pack which includes an eight speaker sound system, leather seat trim and powered drivers seat with slide, recline and height functions to make the cabin even more comfortable.

The Tritons 2.5-litre Hi Power engine generates 131 kW of power at 4,000 rpm and 400 Nm of torque at 2,000 rpm in manual models, delivering combined fuel economy figures of between 8.0 to 8.3L/100km, depending on the model. Automatic variants generate a similar amount of power, 350Nm of torque, and achieve a combined fuel economy figure of between 9.3 to 9.6L/100km, depending on model.

The two-wheel drive Triton GL retains the 2.4-litre petrol engine while the two-wheel drive GLX is available with the economical 2.5-litre diesel engine. The petrol engine generates 94kW of power @ 5250 rpm and 194 Nm of torque @ 4000 rpm, offers economical fuel consumption figures of 10.9 litres per 100 km and is coupled with a five-speed manual transmission. The diesel engine generates 100 kW @ 3800 rpm and 314 Nm @ 2,000 rpm, and returns economy figures of 8.2L/100km (manual) and 8.6L/100km (automatic).

Mitsubishis All Terrain Technology (MATT) is standard on all 4×4 models, with the GLX-R also featuring the acclaimed Super Select four-wheel drive system. All diesel Tritons come with Active Stability and Traction Control to maintain stability, prevent loss of control when cornering and maintain traction on slippery or rugged surfaces.

All 13MY Tritons feature driver and front passenger SRS airbags, front and rear door impact bars, ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, front seatbelt pre-tensioners and child restraint points. Diesel models

Mitsubishis Triton utility is a versatile vehicle with the ability to do everything. Powerful and tough enough to get through a hard days work and being comfortable enough to get around town, the Triton line-up is outstanding value, Oshikiri said.

All Triton 2WD and 4WD models are available in White, Black, Red and Cool Silver. Triton 4WD GL-R is also available in Charcoal and Dark Blue while GLX-R 4WD adds Ironbark as a colour choice.

Mitsubishi provides a five year / 130,000 km new vehicle warranty, five year Roadside Assist and Capped Price Servicing for the first four years or 60,000 km of ownership on all new vehicles.*

*: 1 year roadside assist (service condition apply). For purchases of new Mitsubishi vehicles after 1st October 2012, initial 12 month roadside assist will be extended for a period of 12 months from the date of the most recent eligible CPS for that vehicle performed at an authorised Mitsubishi dealer. Roadside assist, if extended in accordance with these items, is available for a maximum of up to 5 years.

Analysis of How Financial Models are Becoming Critical for Assessing the Value of Transgenic Manufacturing Companies

(PRWEB) November 3, 2004

The use of financial models is critical for assessing the value of a transgenic manufacturing company (TM). These models must be tailored to reflect the unique features and risks associated with both the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, which are clients of transgenic manufacturing companies.

A model should consider such things as the number of transgenic drug products a TM is developing, the stage of development of those products (including an assessment of any available information related to the likelihood of success of the products and an estimate of when the products will reach the market), the company`s burn rate (when developing transgenic product lines), the company`s cash on hand and/or access to capital (including partnerships or strategic alliances), the company`s ability to purify proteins and produce clinical grade material, its regulatory capability, its ability to market and distribute the transgenic versions of drug products, etc.

Additionally, since transgenic manufacturing companies derive their revenues mainly from sales generated during the commercial period, there must be an assessment of future events, including the potential market size (number of patients and price per treatment), the length of the product’s life cycle, the likelihood and timing of the introduction of competing products into the marketplace, and changing government regulations related both to product approval and to the protection of intellectual property.

Once a product is marketed, the revenues, costs and product potential can be estimated with comparative ease. But, given the long time period between idea inception, regulatory approval and product marketing, as well as the small number of ideas that ultimately result in a marketable product, it is rare that this valuation problem will arise. There is significant uncertainty over whether the company will ever market a transgenic version of a given product.

The valuation method selected should be appropriate for the transgenic manufacturing company. For biotech valuation, there are three main approaches that are generally appropriate: (1) discounted cash flow analyses, (2) Monte Carlo models, and (3) option pricing models. It is beneficial to perform more than one type of valuation, as the results can be compared against each other. If the results are divergent, the assumptions made in the models may require revaluation.

We have developed an analysis tool that can be used for project valuation. The model is based on a DCF analysis, including risk-adjusted cash-flow analysis. The DCF model is divided into two stages of company development. The first period is from the present to FDA approval of a current therapeutic protein under development (Clinical Period) and the second period is from commercialization until patent expiration (Commercial Period). After generic substitution, the company will generate steady free cash flow, which roughly equates to the period from the year after patent expiration to perpetuity. This report will give full description of our method as well as several new methods and approaches to use, when valuing transgenic manufacturing. To evaluate fixed assets like transgenic plants and/or animals we need to:

Understand the economic, agronomic, and bioprocessing characteristics of the transgenic plants and/or animals;

Understand the underlying markets;

Classify and enumerate all operating options;

Determine optimal decision making policy in the face of price movements and the physical state of assets;

Express these factors clearly before we can proceed with pricing; and

Produce efficient, stable and interactive computational tools to assist in the valuation process.

Another important issue to consider when valuing TM companies is the timing and amount of direct costs associated with manufacture and transgenic system development, that is, the level and rate of expenditure required for research and development (R&D) of the transgenic product line. Comparing a company`s costs (technology and product specific development) to its cash on hand and funds otherwise available is an important exercise when assessing the risk. A company needs to have access to sufficient capital resources in order to sustain the levels of investment required in transgenic product development before a product will reach the market. An NPV`s sensitivity to time and to the size of the initial investment is substantial in transgenic manufacturing, as in all drug development and manufacturing.

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Purification

1.2 Other uncertainties

2.0 Valuation approaches of multiphase investments by transgenic manufacturers

3.0 DCF and risk-adjusted free cash flow analysis

3.1 Assumptions

3.2 Key assumptions

4.0 Calculation of project discount rates

4.1 WACC

4.2 Key product assumptions

4.3 Other assumptions and calculation of sample antibody platform model

5.0. Real option valuation

5.1. Introduction

5.2. Scaling-up/line development as an expansion option/compound option

6.0 An example of valuation assumptions of the TM`s compound option/expansion option


Table I.Summary of objectives, timelines and cost of the drug development process

Table II. Revenue model (an example)

Table III. Example of WACC inputs and calculation

Table IV. Revenue lines in relation to compound success of the targeted drug

Table V. Cost assumptions

Table VI. The full commercialization of transgenic plant and/or animal technology

Figure I. Investment per phase of drug discovery development for one succesful drug (in $ million)

Figure II.The structure of the compound option

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c8407

Laura Wood

Senior Manager

Research and Markets


Fax: +353 1 4100 980


Maxsoar Initiates Coverage of Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Ltd. (NYSE Amex: LPH) (“Longwei” or the “Company”) with a Fair Value Assessment of $5.00 – $5.42

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

Maxsoar Financial and Investments LLC (Maxsoar) has initiated coverage of Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Ltd. (NYSE Amex: LPH) (“Longwei” or the “Company”) with a fair value assessment of $ 5.00 – $ 5.42.

Longwei is a large-scale wholesaler and distributor of gasoline, diesel, and other oil products in China with national wholesale and distribution licenses for petroleum products. The company owns 120,000 tons of storage capacity and in the process of acquiring a new facility to expand its storage capacity to 220,000 tons. The main customers of Longwei are coal mining companies, power supply plants, manufacturers, and retail diesel and gasoline stations in Shanxi Province.

Despite the uncertainties of global economies, China keeps powering its economic growth engine. In line with Chinas GDP growth, demand and consumption for gasoline and diesel at national level are expected to grow at a stable rate for the next twelve months. According to industry experts estimate, following international crude price level, the domestic retail/wholesale gasoline and diesel prices are expected to increase by approximately RMB 300 per ton ($ 47.6/mt) in early August.

Longwei would benefit not only from the national GDP growth and oil consumption increase, but also the Central Governments emphasis on the economic growth of central China regions and second tier provinces/cities. The Company has straight-forward business model and large amount of tangible assets. Historically the gross profit margin remained between 18% and 20% and is expected to be stable in the next twelve months. The management also achieved historical ROA and ROE higher than 20%.

Maxsoars investment analysis team reviewed the companys business operations, financial results, supply and demand of its products, major developments and transactions, industry, local economy, and national economy in great detail and concluded that for an established gasoline and diesel wholesaler and distributor in an oligopoly competitive status Longweis stock is currently significantly undervalued from either intrinsic valuation standpoint or relative valuation standpoint.

For intrinsic valuation using DCF model, our analysts made very conservative forecasts of future financial results for its existing two facilities and for the new facility it is acquiring. In addition, the analysts used conservative values including a high market risk premium for the input parameters of CAPM and DCF models and added three extra risk premiums to the required rate of return derived from standard process to raise the required rate of return to a very high level of almost 20%. The fair value we obtained through this rigorous DCF valuation model was $ 5.41.

For relative valuation section, our analysts compared Longwei to Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP and Enbridge Energy Partners LP, two of the most well-known oil and natural gas distributors of the world and took significant discount on these two comparable companies multiples to account for size and location differences. The analysts further compared Longwei to Fortune Oil plc and Chiwan Base, two small cap oil service companies in China, and Dialog Group Bhd, a small cap oil service company in Malaysia. The analysts chose to error on the conservative side and used the lowest valuation multiples among the three comparable companies to calculate Longweis fair value. The fair value range we obtained through our relative valuation model was $ 5 to $ 5.42 per share.

Our analysts acknowledge that the company does face numerous challenges and risks in its expansion plan and daily business operations. However, most of these challenges and risks are not proprietary or unique to Longwei but common for all companies operating in China or in oil-related industries. Our analysts do not see clear and strong reasons to apply excessive discount to Longweis fair valuation multiple derived from the average valuation multiple of Longweis domestic small cap peers. In fact, with the companys recently published photos and videos of its assets and operations and reconciliation of its U.S. SEC filings and its SAT / SAIC filings in China, our analysts feel that the company stands out from its Chinese small-cap and mid-cap peers in terms of verifiability of business operations and reliability of reported financial results.

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