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YMCA Calls Police to Arrest Anti-Obesity Advocate MeMe Roth — NAAO President MeMe Roth Attempts to Dump Junk Food at Local Philadelphia Spring Valley YMCA

New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) May 23, 2007

With 30% of America’s children at risk for obesity and diet-related diabetes; with two-thirds of their parents already overweight; and with the YMCA of the USA asserting its “unique position in the fight against child obesity”; MeMe Roth (http://www.actionagainstobesity.com) endeavored to rid the YMCA of junk food. Ms. Roth attempted to discard the sprinkles, artificially-flavored caramel and chocolate syrups, and other high-fructose corn syrup-laden and artificially-colored substances, along with the artery-clogging full-fat ice cream set up near the entranceway as a free celebratory offering to YMCA members. In response, Roth alleges the YMCA blocked its junk food table and held back the 5-foot-6-inch, 120-pound, Ms. Roth with a 6-foot-3-inch football player volunteer named “Eric” and called the police.

“I’ve been working with the YMCA for months, both locally and nationally, from the local Director and President up to the YMCA of the USA CEO, including emails, phone calls, and in-person presentations imploring the organization to fulfill its mission statement to provide an environment of health and wellness for its 20 million members, 10 million of whom are children,” said Roth. “Given the current child health crisis, the last thing we need is the YMCA encouraging our children or their parents to consume even greater amounts of obesity- and diabetes- accelerating foods. This is especially damning given the YMCA’s own mission statement and all the wonderful counsel provided by the YMCA’s own nutritionists. Members trust the YMCA to help protect their health, not encourage consumption of some of the most harmful substances in the food supply.”

Roth cites an overrepresentation of obesity among employees and volunteers, including the Philadelphia Area Spring Valley YMCA in Limerick, PA where she had come to exercise Tuesday. She assumes the membership falls closely in line to the U.S.’s national obesity figures: two-thirds of adults overweight — one-third of children overweight. The YMCA recently completed its own version of “The Biggest Loser.”

“There’s a great deal of lip service given to the fight to end child obesity, and the YMCA not only profits from some of the most indulgent junk food vending machines including Reese’s cheesecake pies, full-fat Otis Spunkmeyer muffins, S’Mores Pop-Tarts, among a plethora of other chemical-laden obesity and diabetes accelerators, but also, the YMCA uses $ 11 million dollars from Pepsi to fund its national ‘Healthy Kids Day’ and ‘Activate America’ programs. (Soda is widely reported as a top contributor to child and teen obesity.) It’s like having Philip Morris fund your cardio-vascular health day.”

National Action Against Obesity implores America’s schools, houses of worship and civic organization’s such as the YMCA to provide children and families a haven from the constant bombardment of junk food.

“Those of us fighting to keep our children and ourselves healthy deserve to have somewhere safe to go without being pressured to eat junk food,” continued Roth. “NAAO urges parents across the country to ‘Dump the Junk!’ If your child’s school pushes junk food onto your children, dump it. If your minister or rabbi uses junk food as a children’s sermon device, dump it. If your YMCA uses junk food as a means to pander to unhealthy members, dump it.”

The YMCA has threatened to press charges and terminate Ms. Roth’s family membership to the YMCA.

MeMe Roth and family are temporarily residing in the Philadelphia area, awaiting relocation to New York City.

About NAAO

**Look for upcoming “NAAO Obesity Action Plan” to Cut Obesity by 50%–An Absolutely Achievable, Uncomplicated, Step-By-Step, How-To Guide for ALL of Us** Through education, legislation, and most importantly–parental action–National Action Against Obesity works independently and as a consultancy to reverse the obesity epidemic by eliminating ‘fake foods’ from the food supply, barring junk food from schools and eradicating Secondhand Obesity, while encouraging exercise across all ages. MeMe Roth, president and founder of NAAO, is host and organizer of the Wedding Gown Challenge, where women enter into marriage at a healthy weight and maintain it for a lifetime. Ms. Roth has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, FOXNews’ The O’Reilly Factor, Your World with Neil Cavuto, CBS’s The Early Show, The New York Times, The LA Times, BusinessWeek, The New York Post, Playboy Magazine, 106.7 LiteFM, School Administrator, American School Board Journal, BigFatBlog, Nippon TV, The Associated Press and Health Magazine among others. Ms. Roth’s agenda: “Let’s finally recognize obesity as abuse–abuse of our children, abuse of ourselves–and together take action against it.” http://www.actionagainstobesity.com


Hop Up to Waterville Valley Resort this April 3-4, 2010, for a Fun-Filled Easter Weekend

Waterville Valley Resort, NH (PRWEB) March 18, 2010

There is a full basket of activities being offered this Easter weekend. Whether its a sunrise mountainside service or an Easter egg hunt, the focus at Waterville Valley Resort this Easter will be on reconnecting with the family.

It all starts on Saturday, April 3 with the annual Extreme Pond Skimming event at 10:30 a.m., where skiers and riders test their luck on a made-for-the-day pond at the base of the slopes. Registration is from 8-10 a.m. at the Ski Resort Event Yurt and is open to the first 70 people to sign in. The weekend will close on Sunday with church services and a brunch in the resorts Coyote Grille.

Lodging Package, April 2-4, 2010: Includes lodging, Sunday brunch with the Easter bunny at the Coyote Grill, Curious George Story Time, ice skating, and 4 admission tickets for your choice of off-slope activity. Prices from $ 41 per person per night (based on two adults and two youth).

This Easter Weekend at Waterville Valley Resort, theres a lot more going on than just riding the slopes. Heres a listing of the weekends events:

Easter Basket Decorating: From 10 a.m. to noon, get your basket ready for the Easter Bunny at the Recreation Department. Cost is $ 5 per person and families can bring their own baskets or purchase one from us to decorate. Theyll supply everything you need, including ribbon, decorative grass, pompoms, feathers, silk flowers and more. All ages are welcome. Call 603-236-4695 for more information.

Curious George Story Time and Craft: At 11 am and again at 3 pm at the Margret and H.A. Rey Center. $ 5 per child suggested donation. Pull up a bean-bag chair to hear your favorite Rey stories read out loud. Selections will include stories from the Curious series as well as other Rey favorites such as Pretzel, Elizabite, Cicely G and more. Following story time kids make seasonal crafts they can take home. 603-236-3308.

Egg Coloring & Decorating: From 13 p.m. at the town Recreation Department, each participant will get six eggs and all of the supplies needed to create their Easter egg masterpieces. Cost is $ 5 per child and all ages are welcome. Call 603-236-4695 for more information.

Egg Drop Challenge: Show off your engineering skills at the Egg Drop Challenge at 4 p.m. in the Town Square. Participants must create a structure no larger then a standard shoebox that will protect an egg from a drop off of the squares Clock Tower. After the eggs are dropped, judges below open the protective device to reveal whether the egg survived. This event is free and open to all.

NH Wildlife Signs of Spring: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Join a naturalist and live native New Hampshire wildlife from the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center to learn about how wild animals respond to the seasonal changes of spring. Takes place at the Margret and H.A. Rey Center. All ages welcome. No charge to attend, donations welcome.

Generously sponsored by Waterville Valley Realty. 603-236-3308

Kids Night Out: 7:00 9:00 pm Youth ages 7-13 enjoy dodgeball, capture the flag, and more. Pre-registration recommended as there is a minimum of 10 participants required. With the Waterville Valley Recreation Department. $ 8/person. 603-236.-695

Non-denominational Sunrise Church Service: Join the Waterville Valley Resort community at the summit of Mount Tecumseh for an Easter Sunrise Service on Sunday April 4 from 66:30 a.m. Skiers and those on foot can take the White Peaks Quad to the top starting at 5:30 a.m.

Ski for Free: From 6:308 a.m., skiers can enjoy a free ride on the White Peaks Quad.

Easter Egg Hunts: From 9:3010 a.m., children can join the annual Easter Egg Hunt Frenzy at the Waterville Valley Recreation Department. Cost is $ 5 per child and prizes will be given to kids who find a Golden Ticket in their eggs. Families can also expect a visit from the Easter Bunny. All participants should dress warmly to hunt. Please register at 603-236-4695. There is also an egg hunt at the ski area. Children 12 and under can join Smoky the Bear at the bottom of the J-Bar at 8 a.m. for the slope-side Easter Egg Hunt.

All-denominational Church Services: Held in the Town Square Meeting Place at 10 a.m. Sunday.

Easter Brunch: Whether its late breakfast or early lunch, brunch will be served at the Coyote Grill starting at 10:00 am, with the Easter Bunny hopping in from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

New Death Valley National Park Concessioners Head Back to the Future to Honor their Family Legacy

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 5, 2011

(PRWEB) January 5, 2011 — Ortega Family Enterprises, a small, fast growing independent company specializing in green-friendly revamping of legendary National Park Concessions, rings in the coming year by gently overhauling the beautiful historic concession of Stovepipe Wells Village in Death Valley, CA as Death Valley Lodging Company. The original Death Valley hotel, Stovepipe Wells Village, located in the heart of Death Valley, will open under the new concessioners on January 13th,2011.

Stovepipe Wells Village was originally built by Bob Eichbaum in 1927, and decades later was purchased and operated by Amelia Earharts widower. The campus encompasses the first and original Death Valley hotel, a Restaurant and Western Saloon, two stores, and gas station. A thematic new menu, a historic refurbishment for the motel, and a select range of new goods and services will all come with the changeover. This location means a lot to us says Company Executive Shane Ortega, its one weve always been very excited about because its part of our family history.

1936. As a child in the Great Depression, the Ortegas grandfather, Walter Kay Tinnin, was caught up in the exodus to California to explore the scrubby played-out mines of California for gold, silver or whatever could be got for a few cents to help his family survive. Originally from Colorado, his miner parents dragged he and his sister, Babe, all over the Southwest on all these desperate journeys from mine to mine.

Finally, they found themselves stranded in the blistering summer heat of Death Valley. At the legendary Keane Wonder mine, Kays parents found work at last. They lived around Death Valley for many years, struggling to survive these very lean years. His parents would take Kay and his baby sister down the old mine exploring gold veins that they hoped might lead to riches. They often camped in the darkness with only canned sardines and day-old baked potatoes for eats. (Later these would be the staple and favorite of the grown Kay Tinnin when he was running cattle through the New Mexico and Arizona deserts or trading with Native Americans throughout the tribal reservations of the Southwest.)

Only 6 years old and grateful for an opportunity to make a shiny penny or two, and with no child labor laws to stop him, he went from tent to tent (where the miners lived) and asking for any laundry that needed to be washed, a rough and almost impossible job in the land of Borax and no water. He used the small amount of lye and tarrow soap he would borrow from his mothers daily wash.

After a year, he had graduated to not only the wash but to bringing the miners provisions throughout the day while they were underground. Navigating the narrow passages of Keanes Wonder mine, he was the gopher and trusted child page for not just his father but all the miners. He spent years running up and down the gold shafts of the mine, helping the miners with anything they needed.

Building on several generations of western traditions, Ortega Family Enterprises brings a stellar performance record of historic protection, environmental awards and recognition, knowledge and expertise in the traditions of Native American art, but most of all, a true respect for the history and preservation of our National Parks. Says Company Executive Tanya Ortega: We have a genuine appreciation of the incredible beauty that is on display here in Death Valley National Park. We think that Death Valley National Park is one of the great places on the planet!


Tanya Ortega

Stovepipe Wells Village

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley, CA, 92328

505 -715-6492





Pop-A-Lock Opens in the Chippewa Valley

Eau Claire, WI (PRWEB) December 30, 2012

The most trusted name in locksmithing and car door unlocking recently opened a location in the Chippewa Valley. Pop-A-Lock, the country’s largest locksmith and car door unlocking service, brings its 24 hour residential, automotive and commercial locksmith capabilities to protect Chippewa Valley families and businesses.

Established in 1991 by law enforcement professionals, Pop-A-Lock locations go beyond traditional car door unlocking and roadside service. The new location offers security and peace of mind to customers by providing emergency door unlocking services as well as re-keying, new installation and related services for commercial and residential customers. The location also provides key generation, duplication and programming for automotive applications.

“Pop-A-Lock has traditionally been known for providing top-of-the-line customer service by professionally trained employees, and we’re very pleased to bring the Pop-A-Lock name and the same great guaranteed service to the entire Chippewa Valley area,” said Chris Colbert, owner of the local Pop-A-Lock location.

Pop-A-Lock has partnered with law enforcement agencies nationwide to provide free emergency door unlocking services as a community service when a child may be locked in a car and has performed over 350,000 lock outs free of charge across the nation since the program began.

Pop-A-Lock has earned a nationwide reputation for providing safe and reliable service. Extensive training and employee screening ensures customers of quality, professional locksmith and door unlocking services.

“Our trained technicians and locksmiths are able to provide exceptional service because we have access to the latest technologies and techniques from the nation’s largest network of security professionals,” Colbert explained.

Founded in Lafayette, LA, Pop-A-Lock began franchising their concept in 1994 and has grown to over 170 locations serving over 5,000 cities and communities to date.

To contact Pop-A-Lock, call the national toll-free dispatch number, 1-800-POP-A-LOCK, or the local dispatch number at 715-552-1515.

CPS Insurance Services Participates in JMG Golf Tournament to Benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington Valley

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) May 03, 2011

CPS Insurance Services (CPS) will be participating in JMG Security Systems Annual Golf Tournament as a platinum sponsor to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington Valley on May 11th at Mile Square Golf Course in Fountain Valley, California.

This will be the second year CPS participates as a platinum sponsor in effort to raise funds for the numerous programs offered by the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington Valley. Last year $ 35,000 was raised to help disadvantaged children participate in afterschool programs including homework help and tutoring, computer and technology classes, team sports and confidence building activities.

The programs offered by the Boys and Girls Club give children the opportunity to branch out, develop skills and build their confidence to help them excel in the future, said Andy Holden, President and COO of CPS Insurance Services. We are honored to participate as a sponsor and look forward to future events to help our local youth community.”

The 2011 JMG Golf Tournament includes a round of golf, a long hole competition, eight hole- in- one giveaways and an awards dinner. This year JMG hopes to raise $ 50,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington Valley.

About JMG Securities

To learn more about JMG Securities please visit http://www.jmgsecurity.com.

About The Boys and Girls Club Of Huntington Valley

To learn more about the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington Valley please visit http://www.bgchv.com.

About CPS Insurance Services:

CPS Insurance Services (http://www.CPSInsurance.com) has built a solid network and established a substantial presence across the USA as the leading provider of products, service and support in the insurance industry. Celebrating 37 years of continued success, CPS is dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of affiliate agencies and individual producers providing a balanced mix of the latest information and technologies, along with years of industry knowledge and service expertise.

The CPS marketing team is equipped with CLU, ChFC, and LOMA designations, offering strategic and advanced consulting, case design and management, point of sale support, immediate turnaround proposal service, field underwriting expertise and application, licensing, and contract processing with status reports. By partnering with CPS, affiliates and producers have access to the best options available in the insurance and financial services industry. CPS understands the market and its ever-changing targets and delivers the level of service and support that each client expects and deserves.

CPS Insurance Services, established in 1974 – providing brokers with the top Companies, the most competitive Products, and the best Service in the industry. For all your insurance needs!

Find CPS on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/cpsinsurance , follow CPS on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/cpsinsurance and visit CPS on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/CPSInsurance.


Kara Bautch

Marketing / PR Associate

CPS Insurance Services

949.225.7123 Direct


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NorthStar Alarm Named as One of the “Top Companies to Work for in Utah Valley”

Orem, Utah (PRWEB) September 25, 2013

Last week, NorthStar Alarm Services was announced as one of the prestigious companies to earn the title of “Best Companies to Work For” in the fall edition of the Utah Valley Business Q publication. NorthStar was selected in particular for providing a quality work atmosphere and arming itself with regular service opportunities for employees.

“Part of our mission is to provide our employees the best opportunity, tools and support to reach their personal goals, including goals to become service-oriented individuals,” said Jason Christensen, President of NorthStar Alarm Services. “The time we set aside for our company to give back to the community has unified our office and provided personal satisfaction.”

NorthStar has teamed up with a number of service organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Kids on the Move, United Way, Provo Community Action Services and Food Bank, Miracle Flights, and a variety of others. NorthStar’s most recent project was a food drive themed “Hunger is Not a Game,” that brought in 3,867 food items and averaged around 85 donated items per employee for the week. The next large project the company is participating in is a family event called “Books, Balls, and Blocks,” an educational event for families to learn about child development resources, held in conjunction with United Way and Help Me Grow organizations.

About NorthStar Alarm Services

NorthStar Alarm Services, LLC, a top home security provider and authorized dealer of Honeywell Security Products, provides the most technologically-advanced and user-friendly home security systems on the market. Having the equipment, relationships, and reputation that families have been able to count on since NorthStar was founded in 2000, NorthStar continues to grow and protect residents in more than 20 states across the U.S. With a 24-7 support staff, Rapid Response monitoring, well-trained technicians, and professional consultants NorthStar Alarm exists to provide security and peace of mind through quality products and superior service. For more information, please visit http://www.northstaralarm.com.