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U.S. Consumers Lose More Than $7 Billion to Online Threats, Consumer Reports Survey Finds

Yonkers, NY (PRWEB) August 6, 2007

The online threats associated with using the Internet remain high according to Consumer Reports’s latest “State of the Net” survey. Consumer Reports projects that U.S. consumers lost more than $ 7 billion over the last two years to viruses, spyware, and phishing schemes.

Additionally, the “State of the Net” survey shows that consumers face a 1 in 4 chance of succumbing to an online threat and becoming a cybervictim, a number that has slightly decreased since last year.

The number of consumers responding to e-mail phishing scams has remained constant at eight percent. Consumer Reports projects that one million U.S. consumers lost billions of dollars over the past two years to such scams.

Many underage youngsters are at risk on social networks such as MySpace and Facebook, the survey found. In households surveyed with minors online, 13 percent of the children registered on MySpace were younger than 14, the minimum age the site officially allows, and three percent were under 10. And those were just the ones the parents knew about.

Based on the survey, Consumer Reports projects that problems caused by viruses and spyware resulted in damages of at least $ 5 billion replacement over the past two years.

The 2007 “State of the Net” survey was conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center among a nationally representative sample of more than 2,000 households with Internet access.

Consumers can visit http://www.ConsumerReports.org/security to access the full “State of the Net” report including free tips related to online protection, avoiding viruses, and reporting cybercrimes.

Among CR’s key 2007 “State of the Net” findings:

Based on survey projections, computer virus infections prompted an estimated 1.8 million households to replace their computers in the past two years and 850,000 households to replace computers due to spyware infections in the past six months. Additionally, 33 percent of survey respondents did not use software to block or remove spyware. And CR projects that 3.7 million US households with broadband remain unprotected by a firewall.

Spam: Consumer Reports’ survey respondents have reported a lower proportion of spam reaching their Inbox than in the past, which CR believes is a result of better spam-blocking. Survey results indicate that about 650,000 consumers ordered a product or service advertised through spam in the month before the survey. Additionally, in 5 percent of the households surveyed that had children under 18, a child had inadvertently seen pornographic material as a result of spam.

Viruses: Computer virus infections held steady since last year according to CR’s survey. CR notes that this is actually a mark of progress for consumers and software makers, because the threats have become more challenging. In the latest survey, 38 percent of respondents reported a computer virus-infection in the last two years. Seventeen percent of respondents didn’t have antivirus software installed.

Spyware: In the past six months, 34 percent of respondents’ computers were exposed to a spyware infection. CR’s survey also reveals that although spyware infections have dropped, the chances of getting one are still 1 in 3, and of suffering serious damage, 1 in 11.

Phishing: Eight percent of respondents submitted personal information in response to conventional phishing e-mails in the past two years, a number that has remained unchanged over the past two years. The median cost of a phishing incident is $ 200. Yet scammers’ tactics are improving – e-mail looks like it comes from a reputable business such as a bank and features better grammar, more believable stories, and more authentic-looking Web addresses.

Consumer Reports rates internet security suites

Consumer Reports tested nine internet security suites, four of which are Quick Picks that protect against viruses, spyware, and spam as effectively as the best stand-alone products.

Operation Freedom Bell Campaign Joins Beth Moore, Ltcol Oliver North And Travis Cottrell To Provide Delivery Of Bibles To U.S. Military Troops

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) September 18, 2008

Indelible Creative Group recently announced two unprecedented projects for this holiday season, Operation Freedom Bell and new Travis Cottrell project, Ring The Bells.

A highlight of the Cottrell project release goes further than the music. Ring the Bells will be a launching point for Operation Freedom Bell, which brings hope, encouragement and Bibles to U.S. Soldiers who are serving overseas.

The purchase of each solid-brass Freedom Bell for only ten dollars provides an American solider with an “American Heroes” New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. When a Freedom Bell is purchased, both the consumer and the solider will also receive video downloads from LtCol Oliver North and Beth Moore, along with a MP3 single from Travis Cottrell. Bells may be purchased and Bibles sent online through http://www.operationfreedombell.org, as well as through select retail and additional ministry outlets. At the Operation Freedom Bell website, there are also forums to hear directly from the soldiers and leave your prayers and thoughts for them as well.

“Often in life we ask ourselves: ‘How can I make a difference?'” Jeff Sheets, president & CEO of Son Companies & E3, a partner in Operation Freedom Bell. “Operation Freedom Bell was founded with the desire to provide a tangible way to keep our American Heroes at the forefront of our hearts and prayers and to be a supply line of the most important gifts we can give, God’s Word. You can make a difference, most importantly in praying for our troops and you can make an eternal impact by giving them God’s Word. In a real sense, participation in Operation Freedom Bell is one of the more tangible ways each of us can make a difference in the lives of men and women serving and protecting around the world.”

Operation Freedom Bell is a movement encouraging prayer and the opportunity to physically place the Word of God into the hands of men and women who need hope in the battlefield and encouragement from those they are serving. Travis Cottrell, Beth Moore, and LtCol Oliver North will lead this initiative, but it will be up to the American people to keep it fueled and keep the bells ringing.

Both the Ring the Bells CD and the Freedom Bell will be available at retail, online, and at Cottrell’s live tour events nationwide on October 7, 2008, through Indelible Creative Group / Word Entertainment. Cottrell will be touring this fall at Beth Moore Living Proof Live, and will be performing in December on Compassion International’s Gloria tour with Cindy Morgan and Shaun Groves.

For more information on Operation Freedom Bell and Travis Cottrell’s new project, please visit:



Beth Moore

Beth Moore was born on an Army base in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the fourth child of a retired Army major and a homemaker. Beth founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994 with the purpose of teaching women how to love and live on God’s Word. Upon completion of a tour of New England this fall, Beth’s Living Proof Live conferences will have taken her to all fifty states since 1994. The events have been attended by more than 658,000 women.

LtCol Oliver North is a Vietnam veteran awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts during his twenty-two years of service as a United States Marine. Later, he was assigned to the National Security Council staff by former President Ronald Reagan, who called North “an American hero.” Today, he is a New York Times best-selling author, syndicated columnist, and host of the award-winning War Stories documentary series on the FOX News Channel. North has four children, eleven grandchildren, and lives with his wife in Virginia.

Indelible Creative Group, E3Resources, makers and distributers of the EvangeCube, Son Companies, and BuzzPlant are the partners.

For more information:

L.A.B Media

Lesley Burbridge-Bates or Lori Lenz

(615) 567.6201

lesley.bates @ labmediaonline.com

lori.lenz @ labmediaonline.com


ShoreGroup Announces Sixth U.S. Patent for Identifying, Diagnosing, and Documenting Problems in Computer Networks

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 2, 2009

ShoreGroup, Inc., a premier converged network and systems management solutions and IT professional services firm, is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office granted the company its sixth in a series of allowed patents for systems management technology. US Patent No. 7,600,160 was issued on October 6, 2009 and is entitled “Method and Apparatus for Identifying Problems in Computer Networks.”

This patent, representing over ten years of research and development, extends upon the first five patents (issued between April 2006 and April 2009) to the heart of the underlying architecture of ShoreGroup’s CaseSentry systems and application availability management solution. This patent addresses how CaseSentry automates the process of identifying, diagnosing, and documenting the current state of the network based on known network or system objects and then detecting deviations from the known state of the network and reporting such discovered deviations as faults requiring a level of human action. The CaseSentry Systems Management solution is available as part of a comprehensive, cost effective management service solution that includes system management consultation, implementation, maintenance and change management.

CaseSentry’s architecture provides a powerful foundation from which a variety of systems and application management capabilities are performed, including end-to-end monitoring, diagnosing and documenting problems that impact systems and processes within a complex network environment. This newest patent joins together the intellectual property claims of all previous patents extended to CaseSentry to provide unparalleled real-time end-to-end visibility into the health of networked systems and applications.

From a single platform, CaseSentry utilizes periodic polling and collection of object-generated trap data, without agents or other intrusive means that can impact system and network performance, to monitor the status of objects in a networked environment, and specifically to the technique of verifying the abnormal state of an object before opening a case in its case management system and generating notification alerts. CaseSentry’s patented architecture substantially reduces the number of non-root cause error reports within a network hierarchy by verifying abnormal status reports from networked objects and separately identifying the highest object in any parent/child dependency relationship that has an abnormal status. These advanced processes automate the root cause problem determination, thereby streamlining the support process, reducing down time, and increasing the level of service that IT delivers to the business.

ShoreGroup’s CaseSentry systems management patent portfolio extends to include management of large-scale enterprise environments that span multiple network technologies and network events (faults, performance, security, etc.) through use of virtual state machines, which run from persistent storage to increase their availability and performance while providing real-time information collection and assessment of network performance and service indicators. CaseSentry’s state machines contain agent-less system and application-specific management instruction logic that provide both the speed and flexibility to adapt to changing network conditions and to supplement the discovery and validation process for managed objects to quickly detect and validate events that are impacting critical business processes.

Commenting on the patent, Robert Bojanek said, “With our sixth U.S. patent for the advanced methodology that our CaseSentry management solution employs, ShoreGroup and CaseSentry are again recognized for pioneering technology that streamlines system and application monitoring into one process, and reduces the time and cost of network operations management. Our patented technology and innovation are derived from meeting our customers’ demand for accuracy, speed and reliability in system and application monitoring, protection and optimization.”

“CaseSentry’s layer model representation for different applications and network devices enables accurate correlation of complex events across disparate platforms and devices, providing secure and robust monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities,” said Jason Kaplan, ShoreGroup’s Director of Development. “The CaseSentry solution is easily deployed, non-intrusive, highly scalable, and has continually proven to be the glue that manages and monitors resources that are transparent to users, while providing the quickest possible time-to-remediation through identification of the root cause of problems that frequently arise across large, complex, multi-vendor integrated networks.”

About ShoreGroup, Inc.:

ShoreGroup delivers a complete portfolio of industry-leading management applications, maintenance solutions, professional services and products for unified communications networks. ShoreGroup develops innovative management applications on its dynamic CaseSentry

Criminal Justice; Immigration; Politics in U.S. Attorney Offices; Equal Pay; Needs of Veterans, Service Members, Among ABA Policy Issues

Chicago (Vocus) January 7, 2010

The American Bar Association will address legal policy issues ranging from child welfare to worker compensation benefits, from structural reforms in courts hearing immigration cases to criminal justice reforms, from equal pay for equal work to responses to violence against women, and much more when its House of Delegates convenes Feb. 8-9 during the ABA Midyear Meeting in Orlando, Fla.

Nearly 40 proposals are listed for the House meeting. A sampling of the proposals is below, and the full list is posted here.

Proposals would:

Support a series of measures to reform legal proceedings to remove immigrants, including creating a new Article I court; improving the professionalism, independence and accountability of immigration judges; restoring review of immigration decisions to the federal judiciary; improving legal representation and information provided immigrants facing removal; and policy and procedural improvements to enhance due process and fairness in decisions to initiate, try and review immigration enforcement actions (114A, B, C, D, E, F).
Address criminal law issues involving juveniles — to limit the collateral consequences of juvenile arrests, adjudications and convictions (102A) and urge simplifying Miranda warning language for use with juvenile arrestees (102B).
Support criminal justice reforms in nonjuvenile cases — urge review and amendment of misdemeanor provisions to allow civil fines or nonmonetary civil remedies instead of such criminal penalties as fines and incarceration (102C), require pretrial conferences to work out disclosure issues in criminal cases (102D) and urge initiatives to facilitate contact and communication between parents in correctional custody and their children in the free community in appropriate cases (102E).
Support legislation to allow Legal Service Corporation grantees to assist criminal defendants and prisoners with family law and constitutional rights issues (102F).
Call on the president and the attorney general of the United States to ensure politics is not a factor in employment and prosecution decisions in the Department of Justice (102G).
Urge Congress to expand funding to cover actual national need under the John R. Justice Prosecutors and Defenders Incentive Act of 2008, a student loan repayment program for prosecutors and public defenders (102J).
Support amendments to federal student loan debt forgiveness legislation to include, with respect to married couples, income and debt for both spouses in calculating payment caps; to include military counsel among public service positions eligible for loan forgiveness, and to exclude from gross income discharges of student loans under forgiveness programs, among other proposals (113).
Adopt, and urge states and territories to adopt, a Model Act Governing Standards for the Care and Disposition of Disaster Animals, a response to the plight of pets whose owners were forced to abandon them during the Hurricane Katrina disaster (103A).
Support U.S. efforts to ensure that foreign nationals arrested in the United States are advised of their right to consult representatives of their consulate, in keeping with the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (104).
Support development of systematic approaches to meet the special needs of veterans involved in civil or criminal court proceedings through diversionary programs to connect them with housing, treatment and other services (105A).
Urge Congress to legislate more effective remedies, procedures and protections for victims of pay discrimination, including discrimination based on gender (107).
Urge Congress to reauthorize and fully fund the Violence Against Women Act (115).
Support reforms to child welfare financing laws to eliminate financial incentives to place children in foster care (110).
Urge the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to undertake measures to ensure the least possible disclosure of patients personally identifiable information contained in electronic health records, except as required by law (116).
These proposals will not constitute ABA policy unless adopted by the House. They are advocated by state and local bar associations, specialty legal groups within the ABA or affiliated with the association, and individual members, and reflect the broad range of issues confronting society. Other measures may be filed for House consideration as late as Feb. 7, while some on the agenda could be withdrawn or revised leading up to or during the House sessions.

Online registration for news reporters wishing to cover the House of Delegates or any other function at the Midyear Meeting is easier than ever. Credential guidelines are at http://www.abanews.org/credentials.html .

Accredited reporters are welcome to attend and cover all sessions for free. A press room for working journalists will be at the Walt Disney World Dolphin hotel, Atlantic Hall C, 1st level, starting at 8 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 4, and will remain open for on-site media registration daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The press room will close one hour after the adjournment of the House. For more information, call 312/988-6171. From Feb. 4 8 call the Midyear Meeting press room at 407/939-2914.

With nearly 400,000 members, the American Bar Association is the largest voluntary professional membership organization in the world. As the national voice of the legal profession, the ABA works to improve the administration of justice, promotes programs that assist lawyers and judges in their work, accredits law schools, provides continuing legal education, and works to build public understanding around the world of the importance of the rule of law.

This distribution list is a service to the news media from the American Bar Association Division for Media Relations and Communication Services. Your e-mail address will only be used within the ABA and its entities. We do not sell or rent e-mail addresses to anyone outside the ABA. To change your e-mail listing or be removed from our distribution lists, please contact the Media Relations Department at 312/988-6171 or abanews(at)abanet(dot)org.

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Healing Music Compilation Introduces The Sounds of Sirius Collection to U.S. Marketplace

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 16, 2010

The rich, velvety sound of Lia Scallons relaxing voice is the constant element throughout her new compilation album, which offers complete works from each of her seven CDs. The Sounds of Sirius Compilation: Songs to Soothe the Soul, was created as an ideal introduction to Scallons vast range of healing meditations with music. The compilation releases globally on March 16, 2010, in both CD and downloadable formats.

The complete collection of albums is newly available in the U.S., following eight years of distribution in her current homeland of Australia. Only New Age Musics Suzanne Doucet consults on the lines U.S. market debut. Scallon will visit the U.S. to support the launch with a crystal skull energy activation ceremony at 7 p.m. on Thursday April 8th at the Rose Temple in Venice, 305 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA. Tickets are $ 25 at the door.

The Sounds of Sirius take the form of channeled, sung vocals in the sacred language of Sirius, interwoven with softly, spoken word meditations, which flow in and out of simple melodies. Asked how she receives the songs, Scallon replies that she often awakes with the feeling that a song and message is coming through and then works quickly to set up a recording session to channel the message in its purist form.

Scallon, a former actress who has shared the stage and screen with actors like Liam Neeson, Glenn Close and Cate Blanchett, was called to open her private healing practice in 2000, after a life-long history of personal spiritual experiences. All seven Sounds of Sirius CD recordings have evolved directly from the Irish-born Scallons Light work known as Healing with the Sounds of Sirius. Each recording is a healing modality in its own right, available for people to use in the sanctuary of their own homes.

Upon review of one of her Diamond Light Meditations, Living Now Magazine wrote This is no ordinary relaxation CD. A powerful series of songs and words channeled from Sirius, soothe and comfort your mind and your body. It is a blissful experience.

According to Scallon, the core purpose and gift of The Sounds of Sirius is to reawaken the soul to its true purpose – to stir it into remembrance of its Divinity.

These sacred harmonics are a Song of Love for humanity at this crucial time in our evolution, Divine assistance to help us flow with the major change in consciousness that is occurring on our planet at this time, she says. Each CD is a journey of about one hour; a healing that has been channeled through from Spirit in the recording studio in one take. Ideally, one dedicates time to receive the full healing, at least for the first listening. An excellent alternative is to fall asleep to them each night. As the conscious mind is released, relaxation and rejuvenation can take place at a very deep level.

On each of the seven albums represented on the new compilation, Scallons melodic voice delivers songs, chants and meditations, while the recordings are lightly accented with music and nature sounds. The crystal bowl music of Susie Nelson-Smith of The Crystal Sound Institute forms the backing track on the Starsong and Song of the Earth recordings. Starsong includes additional sound effects of the song of the humped-backed whale, birdsong and water, whilst Song of the Earth features delicate, quartz crystal wind chimes and water effects. These two CDs, Scallon says, can provide profound Inner Child therapy when used together. Song of the Earth heals memories and blockages from conception to 2 years, and Starsong continues healing for the rest of the inner child spectrum.

Equally soothing is Scallons Breath of Life album, which she says was a gift to dissolve our fear of death, either our own or others. This understanding may be expanded to assist with the death of outmoded belief systems that no longer serve us. In particular, its purpose is to aid in dealing with all forms of grief and loss. Nova Magazine has praised Breath of Life, stating, There is a mood of dignity, majesty and awe evoked by this music that has the ability to dispel fear and anxiety possibly the most profound of Lias recordings.

Diamond Light Meditation for Men and Diamond Light Meditation for Women are gender-specific albums offering a very renewing combination of guided meditation and channeling of The Sounds of Sirius. Lias voice takes listeners on a magical journey into the heart of the Diamond, and whilst in a deeply-relaxed state, the beautiful, healing Sounds of Sirius washes over them for approximately 40 minutes. Exquisite sound effects — the Carillion crystal bowl, Tibetan and Japanese singing bowls, bells, chimes and cymbals played by the exceptional percussionist David Jones — form the backdrop for this transformative, meditative, journey.

Scallon notes, The Diamond Light meditations are truly gifted from Spirit to balance the male/female polarities within. The healings were channeled through separately for the mens and womens albums, and are designed to activate a new Diamond Light energy within us, bringing healing at a cellular level.

The Sounds of Sirius compilation CD also includes healing works for both children and animals, presented in the albums titled The First Little Angels on Earth and Song of Love for the Animals.

Adults and children alike will be swept up in the magical cosmic fable that is The First Little Angels on Earth, with its subtle, yet profound universal messages. They will be entranced, too, by Scallons stunning, channeled vocals leading their imaginations on an exquisite musical journey that evolves from the storytelling. Insight Magazine called it Part music, part meditation, part fable and lullaby…like health food for the soul.

In the creation of Song of Love for the Animals, Scallon has produced a profound mystical and musical journey for animal lovers and their pets. Inspired by the many stories of animals responding to her CDs, this album offers soothing music, nature sounds and gently-vocalized ancient songs. Animal lovers everywhere are encouraged to send this song out from their hearts, to embrace, protect and heal every creature in the animal kingdom.

Scallon has engaged a full marketing and distribution team to assist with the U.S. launch of The Sounds of Sirius collection and the new compilation CD. In addition to Only New Age Musics efforts, The B Company handles public relations, while National Music Marketing Services works retail promotion. KDM Promotions, servicing radio, has already garnered both terrestrial and digital airplay across the U.S., Canada and various parts of Europe.

The Sounds of Sirius line is distributed to specialty stores by New Leaf Distributing, and to mainstream retail by CPI Distribution. It is also available directly to consumers in downloadable, on demand, or import CD format at Amazon.com.

For further information regarding Lia Scallon or the Sounds of Sirius, please contact Beth Ann Hilton, The B Company, bethhilton (at) theBcompany.com.


Website: http://www.soundsofsirius.com

Amazon: http://bit.ly/aGcGGR

Sonicbids EPK: http://www.sonicbids.com/LiaScallon

Reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/LiaScallon

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/soundsofsirius


National Call-In Day to End Child Labor in the U.S.

Washington, D.C. (Vocus) April 1, 2010

Today the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP) asked Americans to call their members of Congress and ask that they support the Childrens Act for Responsible Employment (CARE Bill: H.R. 3564). The Bill aims to equalize the child labor laws to ensure that all children are protected, and would require safer working environments for those adolescents employed.

As we celebrate the National Farmworker Awareness Week and Cesar E. Chavez Day, please take a moment to think of how the food got to your table, asked Norma Flores, Program Director for AFOPs Children in the Fields Campaign. There are an estimated 400,000 children harvesting the foods that you eat, and, despite popular belief, most are American children. All children, regardless of how they look or how they speak, are precious and deserve to be protected.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA), which was established to stop the use of child labor in the U.S. mandates workers be a minimum of 16 years of age in all non-agricultural industries, yet it allows children to legally perform farm work at age 12 for an unlimited number of hours outside of school. Children performing agricultural work deemed by law as hazardous can be as young as 16, while hazardous work in other every other industry is strictly reserved for adults.

The CARE Bill also has provisions to increase enforcement of child labor laws. While FLSA regulations require children to be at least 12 years old, AFOP has seen children as young as six years old harvesting blueberries, a nine-year-old picking peaches, and groups of children playing in the fields among heavy machinery, covered in pesticides due to a lack of labor enforcement resources.

We need to continue the struggle workers rights advocate Cesar Chavez began in defending Americas farmworkers, said David Strauss, Executive Director of AFOP. Join the national call-in day and urge your congressman to support legislation that will protect these children.

Currently, 77 members of the House of Representatives have sponsored the CARE Bill, but additional sponsors are needed to pass this important piece of legislation.

About the Children in the Fields Campaign:

The Children in the Fields Campaign is a project of the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP). The campaign strives to improve the quality of life of migrant and seasonal farmworker children by advocating for enhanced educational opportunities and the elimination of discriminatory federal child labor laws in agriculture. AFOP is the national federation of non-profit and public agencies that provide job training and services for Americas farmworkers.


Ayrianne Parks

Sexual Abuse By Clergy Must Be Addressed By U.S. Churches & Religious Organizations, Says Texas Lawyer

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) April 18, 2010

Churches of all denominations must confront the problem of sexual abuse by clergy and other religious leaders and work harder to protect victims of abuse rather than the abusers, Texas attorney Brad T. Wyly says.

Religious leaders occupy positions of substantial power and authority. Children are taught to trust and obey them, said Wyly, founder of the Wyly Law Firm, P.C. which represents victims of personal injury, including clergy abuse. Churches and other religious organizations need to ensure the relationship between clergy and children is not abused. Sexual abuse of a minor is a particularly horrendous crime that can affect youths psychologically and physically for the rest of their lives.

Wyly said documents that show Catholic Church leaders allowed a predatory priest to molest deaf boys for decades despite numerous complaints serves as a glaring reminder of the devastating consequences of a religious organizations failure to address this problem.

According to church records published as part of a March 24, 2010 New York Times article, the Rev. Lawrence C. Murphy admitted to a counselor that he had sexually abused dozens of boys perhaps upwards of 200while ministering at a school for the deaf near Milwaukee, Wisconsin from the 1950s to 1970s. Despite numerous complaints about Murphys conduct to three archbishops and law enforcement officials, he was never defrocked and instead quietly transferred to another community where he continued to work in parishes and schools until his death in 1998.

Children who are victims of sexual abuse can experience difficulty in developing positive relationships and often experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder involving terrifying flashbacks and nightmares in which they relive the ordeal. Victims of sexual abuse often experience social withdrawal, have problems sleeping, have trust issues and may develop chemical dependency issues.

Lawsuits against those responsible for clergy abuse can bring about change. They can help ensure that the person responsible for the abuse is removed from his position of power so that he can never hurt another child, Wyly said.

Victims of clergy abuse may also be able to pursue compensation from those responsible while preserving their privacy. This can be done either through pursuing settlement negotiations with the church or religious organization responsible for the abuse out-of-court or by guarding the privacy of the victim through a motion to seal court records from the general public. Privacy concerns should not prevent someone from holding those responsible for sexual abuse accountable, Wyly said.

About the Wyly Law Firm, P.C.:

The Wyly Law Firm, P.C., is dedicated to helping people who have suffered a personal injury including sexual abuse. The firm investigates allegations of sexual abuse and pursues civil actions against abusers and any third party that failed to protect innocent victims. The service we provide is confidential and focuses on doing what is best for you the client. The firm, based in Houston, represents clients throughout Texas.

Brad T. Wyly, the founder of the law firm, is a skilled negotiator and lawyer. He was named as a Rising Star in Law & Politics magazine in 2005 and 2006. Mr. Wyly may be contacted at 713.574.7034 for a private and confidential consultation.

# # #

Top Security Expert Says U.S. Security Measures Might Not Be Enough

Ft. Lauderdale FL (PRWEB) May 3, 2010

Security Expert Kevin Dougherty of Pro-24 Security commented today on the latest failed attack in Times Square. We are fortunate that the device did not detonate, had it done so, we would be talking about a whole different scenario today. The failed car bomb attack in Times Square has caused new security concerns for the United States. It has also caused Governmental officials in New York City to demand that the Department of Homeland Security beef up both its funding and security measures.

But Dougherty thinks that isnt enough. Its imperative that we respond to potential threats before they occur and not react after the fact. I believe this is best achieved through the use of behavior detection methodology, said Dougherty.

The behavior detection methodology of which he speaks is based on the Israeli model for National Security. Israeli military and law enforcement are considered to be the most well prepared and highly trained specialists in the world. Dougherty who is Operations Director for Pro-24 and spent some time touring the U.S. teaching the Israeli strategies says the model is based on a three tiered approach that law enforcement and citizens alike can utilize and apply.

The first step is Familiarization, Dougherty says. People have to become more aware of their environments and what may be out of place. Its about the usual verses the unusual. In the Times Square incident, reports indicated that there were cylinders connected to wiring, timers and additional gasoline in the back of the Nissan Pathfinder. Items like these should raise a red flag, Dougherty added.

The second step is Evaluation, said Dougherty. Its imperative that people assume the role of participant and not bystander. Its important that you trust your instincts enough to take the next step and notify law enforcement, Dougherty said.

The final step is Communication. Once a potential problem is identified, its critical that the necessary authorities are notified immediately, said Dougherty. In the Times Square incident, a Tee Shirt Salesmans suspicions were triggered by several items. He subsequently noticed smoke and contacted the police. According to Dougherty, that was the right move, but it would have been too late had the device detonated. Likely, there were other witnesses who saw something suspect but didnt want to get involved. Thats the wrong mindset, Dougherty said.

Kevin Dougherty isnt new to crisis situations such as the Times Square incident. He is a former Sergeant with Miami Dade SWAT and spent over thirty-two years on the Miami Dade Police Department. Pro 24 Security, the company for which he is Operations Director, provides specialized training in Israeli based behavior detection strategies, dignitary protection and event security.

About Pro 24 Security and Investigative Services:

Pro 24 Security and Investigative Services is the brain child of Rudi Yzer and Rick Mundy, security veterans with over sixty years experience within the industry. Pro 24 Security and its sister company Pro Tech International Security Systems are the Total Security Solution Specialists. Together they provide a wide range of security services including: Alarm Systems, CCTV, Access Control and Human Assets. For more information call (954) 874-1064 or visit the website at http://www.pro24security.com.


U.S. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa Discusses the CARE Act

Edinburg, TX (Vocus) June 4, 2010

Last night the Children in the Fields Coalition was honored by a visit from their United States Representative, Congressman Ruben Hinojosa. The coalition members, led by Noemi Ochoa, the Children in the Fields Campaigns Texas Regional Coordinator for the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP), include educators, businessmen and women, farmworkers, farmworkers children, and agencies providing support services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers. The Coalition meets once a month to receive updates on legislation as it relates to the Childrens Act for Responsible Employment (CARE Act: H.R. 3564) and to review the progress of the campaign, as well as support the needs of farmworkers in their community.

Congressman Hinojosa began his address to the audience by thanking the coalition members for doing a great job in addition their commitment to migrant children in the region, noting, You do a tremendous job, and I greatly appreciate your dedication to our migrant children and students.

The Congressman went on to brief the audience on a variety of initiatives including his priorities for education programs, and his deep support for the CARE Act as one of the first Co-Sponsors of the bill. I believe that migrant children should have access to a quality education instead of having to work alongside their parents in the fields to help make ends meet.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA), which was established to stop the use of child labor in the U.S. mandates workers be a minimum of 16 years of age in all non-agricultural industries, yet it allows children to legally perform farm work at age 12 for an unlimited number of hours outside of school. Children performing agricultural work deemed by law as hazardous can be as young as 16, while hazardous work in other every other industry is strictly reserved for adults.

Currently, 91 members of the House of Representatives have sponsored the CARE Act, but additional sponsors are needed to pass this important piece of legislation. A hearing on this issue has yet to be requested by the Subcommittee on Workforce Protection, which must happen in order for it to be heard by the Education and Labor Committee.

The coalition members have been instrumental in educating the public on this inequity in the Fair Labor Standards Act that allows children to work in agriculture, one of the most dangerous industries, at a much younger age and for longer hours than any other trade, said Ochoa. All children deserve to be protected equally under our countrys labor laws.

About the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP) and the Children in the Fields Campaign:

AFOP is the national federation of non-profit and public agencies that provide job training and services for Americas farmworkers. The Children in the Fields Campaign is a project of AFOP that strives to improve the quality of life of migrant and seasonal farmworker children by advocating for enhanced educational opportunities and the elimination of discriminatory federal child labor laws in agriculture.

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