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California Family Law Firm Discusses the Myths, the Truth and Some Tips About Paying Child Support in California

Whittier, CA (PRWEB) August 24, 2008

California family law firm Schuster Family Law discusses the myths, the truths and the tips about paying child support in California.

The Myths — “When it comes to paying child support, there is seldom agreement,” said Dennis Schuster, founder of Schuster Family Law. “Mothers and fathers will either claim they cannot pay the support ordered by the court or that they cannot live on the support ordered by the court. Paying child support is never an easy aspect of divorce proceedings.”

According to Schuster, this is because people hear so many different stories regarding child support. On one hand, there are the stories how one person paid little or nothing toward child support; on the other hand, there are also stories how another person got a large amount of money for child support.

The Truth — The truth of the matter, says Schuster, is that child support is regulated by a complex formula established by the State of California.

“Support is usually based upon all gross income (including overtime and bonuses) for the past 12 months of both parties, number of children, percentage of time each child is with parent,” said Schuster.

He explained that the court will allow certain hardship deductions, such as an unusual medical expenses; however, the court ordinarily doesn’t take into account a person’s monthly living expenses.

Schuster notes that when it comes to paying child support, there is often not a lot of room for negotiation, so the parties must accept whatever the judge orders.

Some Tips

–Most important, the person who pays must pay.

—If the payer doesn’t pay, the amount owed will accrue 10% interest per year.

—Child support cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

–With the exception of money owed to a County Department of Child Support Services for AFDC, there is no statute of limitations on child support.

–To protect yourself, insist on a wage assignment order attaching your wages. It’s proof you paid.

–When obtaining a child support order, it’s important the amount for each child be clearly indicated, so this amount will be automatically reduced once the child becomes an adult.

About Schuster Family Law

Schuster Family Law is a California family law firm that handles divorce and adoption cases. Schuster is also developing a unique niche in representing parents whose children need special education. For more information, visit: http://www.schusterfamilylaw.com


DE-Taxes Announces The Truth About Military Income Exclusions

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) November 20, 2012

If you receive tax-free combat pay, you can include it as earned income:

When determining the Earned Income Credit (EIC)
When determining the additional child tax credit
For purposes of making an IRA contribution
Other Excludable Income

Even if you received the income as a reimbursement or an allowance, you dont include this income in your gross income:

Living Allowances

Basic Allowance for Housing However, you can deduct mortgage interest and real-estate taxes on your home even if you pay these expenses with your basic allowance for housing.

Basic allowance for subsistence

Housing and cost-of-living allowances abroad, whether paid by the U.S. government or by a foreign government

Overseas Housing Allowance

Family Allowances

Certain educational expenses for dependents
Evacuation to a place of safety

Death Allowances

Burial services
Death gratuity payments to eligible survivors
Travel of dependents to burial site
Moving Allowances


Move-in housing
Moving household and personal items
Moving trailers or mobile homes
Temporary lodging and temporary lodging expenses
Military base realignment and closure benefit

For the military base realignment and closure benefit, the excludable amount can

CP Releases ‘The Ugly Truth’ Mixtape Presented by Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Promotions

Miami, FL (PRWEB) August 02, 2011

Hip hop artist CP recently released his mixtape The Ugly Truth. Presented in association with Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Promotions and Orena Records, the project is available at http://www.coast2coastmixtapes.com for free download. The Ugly Truth features CP on tracks with Little Vic, Joe Budden, St. RAW, Eddie Brock, Zeal, Ronnie B, Critical, and more. Track production is provided by Little Vic, Buckwild, Velotz, Joey P, Fred Nukes, Big KO, and TZariZM.

CP is not the ordinary hip hop artist you commonly hear on the radio today–he is 100% Italian and has a lot more to offer than a lot of these industry artists. CP works with Orena Records, Flood Industries, Double Shot Productions, and Cousin Pat Productions. He was born and raised in Queens, went to private school his whole life, and pumped drugs until he got a job. He works with artists such as N. G. P. and Little Vic.

Little Vic, owner of Orena Records, tracked, recorded, engineered, and mixed each song on The Ugly Truth. Strictly adhering to the classic boom-bap blueprint of early-90s New York hip-hop, Long Island MC Little Vic made heads turn in underground rap with his DJ Premier-produced 12 debut, The Exorcist, in 2005. Born Victor John Orena III in New York, Little Vic kept the momentum going into 2006 with the accompanying mixtape, For a Few Dollars More, mixed by his cousin DJ John John. Based on his mike skills and, of course, the DJ Premier co-sign, many mixtape slingers, like DJ Whookid, DJ Domination, and DJ Eclipse, sought out the Italian-American rapper for guest appearances. In 2007, Vic released his second 12 single, Caked Up b/w The Evil That Men Do, which featured Kool G Rap on the A-side and production from D.I.T.C. beatsmith Buckwild on the B-side. His carefully handpicked collaborations paid off well, considering that his 12s constantly enjoyed regular rotation on local college and underground radio as well as on the Internet. Containing all of his singles, the MCs 11-song EP, Each Dawn I Die, appeared in 2008 via his own Orena Records.

The Ugly Truth is available for free streaming and download at http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/mixtapes/mixtapedetail.aspx/cp-the-ugly-truth


C.C. Rayne Reveals Truth About Religious Cult and Abuse in New Book

Granville, OH (PRWEB) August 30, 2013

Encouraged by a friend to share her own story and inspired by Stacey Patton, author of That Mean Old Yesterday, C.C. Rayne publishes her own memoir, Letting Go: A Memoir (published by AuthorHouse). Rayne hopes that by sharing her own experience of abuse, cultish religion and unhealthy relationships, she may be able to help other people who are struggling from similar traumatic experiences.

The subject of the book is a true description of a womans journey of abuse and transitions, and follows Rayne, a religious cult, Raynes mother, Claudia, and her brother, William. It is about a childs journey of abuse then years later leaving a cultish religion. She changed her outward appearance but the condemning mannerisms of the cult were still present. Only after a family tragedy did she find the help she needed to address her demons and find the forgiveness and peace she had been searching for.

While many survivors of sexual abuse have revealed their stories, only a few people have spoken openly about the truth in religious cults. Raynes story is meant to give voice to victims of controlling cultish religions, empowering readers to boldly address their own issues and find hope and courage to seek help. Rayne believes that secrets can cripple, letting go and finding ones own voice is freeing.

Real, evocative and empowering, Letting Go is a book about emancipating the self from traumatic pasts. Readers will discover in Raynes journey that they themselves are not crazy, nor alone in their suffering. There are those who are willing to walk with them and guide them toward healing, freedom and a more fruitful and meaningful existence.

Letting Go

By C.C. Rayne

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 182 pages | ISBN 9781491805114

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 182 pages | ISBN 9781491805121

E-Book | 182 pages | ISBN 9781491805138

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author

C.C. Rayne is from Ohio. After 13 years working for child protective services she resigned to pursue a writing career. Rayne and her husband have three daughters and one grandson. They enjoy hiking, walking the Ohio Metro Parks and traveling together; but they mostly enjoy spending time with family. While this is her first book, she is working on a family visitation reference book for the child welfare system and other service providers in this field. Rayne is also working on two childrens books with the assistance of her brother-in-law for the illustrations.

AuthorHouse, an Author Solutions, LLC. Inc. self-publishing imprint, is a leading provider of book publishing, marketing, and bookselling services for authors around the globe and offers the industrys only suite of Hollywood book-to-film services. Committed to providing the highest level of customer service, AuthorHouse assigns each author personal publishing and marketing consultants who provide guidance throughout the process. Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, AuthorHouse celebrated 15 years of service to authors in Sept. 2011. For more information or to publish a book, visit authorhouse.com or call 1-888-519-5121. For the latest, follow @authorhouse on Twitter.

Spiritual Messages Promote Search for the Truth; Jack Bentley Releases New Book


(PRWEB) February 26, 2013 — Inspiration for souls seeking the truth continues to be the goal of author Jack Bentley, who takes readers further onto the path of spiritual enlightenment and ascension with his new book. Sometimes, reading a profoundly inspiration message stirs something deep within and causes a complete change of direction for the seeking soul, he writes in the books preface, encouraging others to expand their consciousness and allow God the Father to build on foundational truths. In effect, knowing ones deeper self leads to deeper truth from the source of all that is.

Teachings from Beyond the Veil Volume III: From Am I? to I Am! reads like a spiritual diary, as Bentley presents messages hes received directly from the Father or others of his spirit helpers. Bentley became an ordained minister in 1960 when he heard the voice of God speaking directly to him, experiencing life-saving miracles and hearing other spirit-world voices, since 1955. Although he has turned from the practice of traditional denominational religion, Bentley includes Bible scripture that relates to the messages hes trying to relay. He implores readers to listen, write down and review deeper thoughts (messages) they are receiving daily, and try to live by them, whether the subject is proper thankfulness toward Mother Gaia, giving up animal products or sharing light-energy: All provide a form of enlightenment on the path of personal spiritual growth.

This is the third book for author Jack Bentley, who also wrote The Last Enemy: Teachings from Beyond the Veil and Awakening Gods Teachings from Beyond the Veil Volume II. Bentley grew up on a dairy farm in New Jersey, and began reading the Bible when he was 7. His deeper spiritual awareness began a few years later while visiting a little country church in Tennessee. Bentley took evening college courses at the University of Tennessee and later graduated from college in Hawaii while serving in the Air Force.

Hes been president of CPS Distributors in Denver, Colorado for 26 years. He and his wife, Jonnie Ann, have been married since 1963.

Drew Mannie, of dropshadow802(at)aol(dot)com, in Denver, created most of the illustrations and the book-cover art in all Bentleys books.

The new book:From Am I? to I Am! – Teachings From Beyond the Veil; is now available.

You can preview and order it and or either of his first two books The Last Enemy and Awakening Gods from his personal web page: jackbentleybooks.com. You can also still order any of his books directly from his e-mail address carljbentley(at)msn(dot)com.


For additional information, please visit http://www.beyondtheveil-spiritual.com.

Teachings from Beyond the Veil Volume III: From Am I? to I Am!

Jack Bentley

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-14346-3