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Operation Freedom Bell Campaign Joins Beth Moore, Ltcol Oliver North And Travis Cottrell To Provide Delivery Of Bibles To U.S. Military Troops

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) September 18, 2008

Indelible Creative Group recently announced two unprecedented projects for this holiday season, Operation Freedom Bell and new Travis Cottrell project, Ring The Bells.

A highlight of the Cottrell project release goes further than the music. Ring the Bells will be a launching point for Operation Freedom Bell, which brings hope, encouragement and Bibles to U.S. Soldiers who are serving overseas.

The purchase of each solid-brass Freedom Bell for only ten dollars provides an American solider with an “American Heroes” New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. When a Freedom Bell is purchased, both the consumer and the solider will also receive video downloads from LtCol Oliver North and Beth Moore, along with a MP3 single from Travis Cottrell. Bells may be purchased and Bibles sent online through http://www.operationfreedombell.org, as well as through select retail and additional ministry outlets. At the Operation Freedom Bell website, there are also forums to hear directly from the soldiers and leave your prayers and thoughts for them as well.

“Often in life we ask ourselves: ‘How can I make a difference?'” Jeff Sheets, president & CEO of Son Companies & E3, a partner in Operation Freedom Bell. “Operation Freedom Bell was founded with the desire to provide a tangible way to keep our American Heroes at the forefront of our hearts and prayers and to be a supply line of the most important gifts we can give, God’s Word. You can make a difference, most importantly in praying for our troops and you can make an eternal impact by giving them God’s Word. In a real sense, participation in Operation Freedom Bell is one of the more tangible ways each of us can make a difference in the lives of men and women serving and protecting around the world.”

Operation Freedom Bell is a movement encouraging prayer and the opportunity to physically place the Word of God into the hands of men and women who need hope in the battlefield and encouragement from those they are serving. Travis Cottrell, Beth Moore, and LtCol Oliver North will lead this initiative, but it will be up to the American people to keep it fueled and keep the bells ringing.

Both the Ring the Bells CD and the Freedom Bell will be available at retail, online, and at Cottrell’s live tour events nationwide on October 7, 2008, through Indelible Creative Group / Word Entertainment. Cottrell will be touring this fall at Beth Moore Living Proof Live, and will be performing in December on Compassion International’s Gloria tour with Cindy Morgan and Shaun Groves.

For more information on Operation Freedom Bell and Travis Cottrell’s new project, please visit:



Beth Moore

Beth Moore was born on an Army base in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the fourth child of a retired Army major and a homemaker. Beth founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994 with the purpose of teaching women how to love and live on God’s Word. Upon completion of a tour of New England this fall, Beth’s Living Proof Live conferences will have taken her to all fifty states since 1994. The events have been attended by more than 658,000 women.

LtCol Oliver North is a Vietnam veteran awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts during his twenty-two years of service as a United States Marine. Later, he was assigned to the National Security Council staff by former President Ronald Reagan, who called North “an American hero.” Today, he is a New York Times best-selling author, syndicated columnist, and host of the award-winning War Stories documentary series on the FOX News Channel. North has four children, eleven grandchildren, and lives with his wife in Virginia.

Indelible Creative Group, E3Resources, makers and distributers of the EvangeCube, Son Companies, and BuzzPlant are the partners.

For more information:

L.A.B Media

Lesley Burbridge-Bates or Lori Lenz

(615) 567.6201

lesley.bates @ labmediaonline.com

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Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc. Introduces New Camouflage Wristband to Raise Money for our Troops and their Families

Orem, Utah (PRWEB) October 06, 2011

Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc. today announced the new camouflage silicone wristband version 2.0. The new custom-designed camouflage wristbands are designed to bolster support for the men and women of the U.S. military and to raise money to help them and their families during their time of service and sacrifice. Marked with the words FREEDOM * LIBERTY along with a hologram with the American Flag and words “Support our Troops.” The wristbands were created to garner increased support for our troops fighting the war on terror and to serve as a reminder so that we don’t forget those who serve.

Steve Cloward director of marketing and sales said “Too often we forget those who serve and sacrifice so much for us each day. Many of our troops struggle from financial hardships, injuries, PTSD, from being away from loved ones, and many families loose a loved one in service. Bands for Freedom wristbands serve as a reminder of the daily sacrifice our troops and their families make to protect our country and freedom. We must not forget those who serve and sacrifice so much.” Cloward also says “you will feel good about yourself by wearing the new band for freedom wristband, and we guarantee it.”

Bands For Freedom Foundation continues to support the troops by contributing all after-cost revenue from their wristband sales to the Armed Forces Relief Trust (AFRT) and Stars for Stripes Foundation. The Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc. has been one of the AFRTs most ardent contributors, having raised more than $ 250,000 for the organization.

About Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc.

Created in 2004, Bands For Freedom follows the lead of its predecessor, Freedombands, Inc., and has become an enormously popular supplier of patriotic silicone wristbands. Designed to aid Americans in making a respectful and unified statement in honor of the men and women of the armed forces, Bands For Freedom donates all after-cost proceeds to the Armed Forces Relief Trust.

About The Armed Forces Relief Trust

The Armed Forces Relief Trust is a unique non-profit fund created to collect donations for U.S. troops and their families. The AFRT has a proud history of providing needed funds for men and women of the armed forces and their families and, unlike many other charitable organizations, distributes 100 percent of the money it raises among the five divisions of the military. The AFRT helps soldiers and their families cover basic living expenses such as rent, food, utilities and car repairs, and offers interest-free loans and grants to help with bills while soldiers are away serving their country. Soldiers who must travel back to the United States for a funeral, the birth of a child or other emergencies can turn to the AFRT to access the money they need to travel.

About Stars for Stripes Foundation

Stars For Stripes is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality celebrity entertainment to internationally deployed U.S. military forces. Bringing together professionals from aviation, entertainment and the military, Stars For Stripes is improving the overseas tour experience for performers, sponsors, donors, and most importantly, for the dedicated men and women protecting our national interests.

Media and Fundraising Contact:

Steve Cloward 888-658-6669

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As Troops Come Home, Life Insurance Remains A High Priority For Military Spouses–America’s Top Insurance Lawyer, Frank N. Darras Offers Tips

Ontario, CA (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

The military is known for the exceptional benefits it provides to soldiers and their families. If a soldier is killed in action, spouses are well taken care of as dependents. Before every deployment, most husbands or wives are used to checking over the aspouses will and ensuring everything is in order before deployment. But how often do family members staying at home, review their own wills, asks Frank N. Darras, America’s top insurance lawyer.

As a military spouse, you play an integral part in supporting your family, and your country. Often, military spouses dont see the need for life insurance, either because they arent the primary breadwinner or have chosen to stay home. But consider the high cost to the family, if something were to happen to you. Deployments, an unpredictable work schedule, and the high risk job of a spouse makes the job at home worth that much more when purchasing life insurance, says Darras.

As a military spouse, its expected that your other half can get called away at a moments notice. What if, as the the sole adult in the household, you were no longer there to stay at home with your 1-year-old during a deployment? Who would pay the bills and care for the child, asks Frank Darras, http://www.darrasnews.com/?p=2557 these are the costs that should be considered when shopping for a life insurance policy.

When choosing a policy, take time to think through all of the responsibilities and how those responsibilities would be distributed if the stay at home parent were no longer there . Dont only think of your responsibilities when your spouse is home, but treat it as if your spouse is on deployment. Price out any services needed to cover those duties, from child care to house cleaning or even taxes. From there, use this pricing to figure out an average salary and this will help determine how much life insurance coverage to buy, says Darras.

Deployment is a fact of life and military families always have to be prepared, especially if the unthinkable were to happen. Sometimes families have months to prepare for deployment and other times families have just hours, says Darras.

While the military is great about working with families in times such as these, consider months or years down the road. Make sure you take out a policy that would protect your family for any situation the military life sends your way for years to come, says Darras.

Always speak to a trusted advisor and make sure when purchasing life insurance, the fine print is explained in detail, says Darras.