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RESCUE INK – Hot on the Trail of Alleged Canadian Porn Star Murderer

Long Beach, NY (PRWEB) June 05, 2012

RESCUE INK, an animal rescue and protection organization whos tag line is We are the army for animals, today announced that it has been in hot pursuit of alleged murderer Luka Magnotta from as early as October, 2010. In 2010, a video surfaced on YouTube, of Magnotta torturing and killing two kittens. He was dubbed the KITTEN KILLER among animal rights and activist groups. Photos of Magnotta holding various terrified animals as well as a list of his aliases made the rounds of social media sites, as advocates from RESCUE INK, including Joe Panz, Big Ant, Jonny O and Big Mike, who is a law enforcement professional, searched for leads to his identity and location.

RESCUE INK warned authorities in late 2010 that Magnottas activities would escalate and he would take his abuse addiction to another level. Joe Panz of RESCUE INK stated “It is very important to the public to find this person as soon as possible. 100% of all the serial killers, rapists and pedophiles all started off abusing animals at one time or another. They practice on the animals until they can’t get the excitement anymore or they feel confident and move on to something else they deem to be helpless like a small child, a women or an elderly person. Anyone caught abusing an animal in this way should be made to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and be put on a list for the authorities”.

During its two year investigation, RESCUE INK offered various cash rewards for information leading to Magnottas identity and through various undercover, internet based initiatives, were able to positively identify, connect and even communicate directly with bisexual porn star and model Luka Magnotta. As the investigation of the KITTEN KILLER progressed the RESCUE INK investigation revealed that Magnotta had committed more heinous crimes against animals. Working with other animal activist groups, RESCUE INK and animal activists, the Barbi Twins, developed a plan to lure Magnotta into the U.S. with the hopes to capture Magnotta and take him to the authorities. Magnotta backed out of the deal. RESCUE INK continued to pursue extradition inquiries with both the FBI and Interpol but were told that instances of animal abuse did not warrant such measures and that they would have to wait until Magnotta committed a crime against a human.

RESCUE INK has supported the current investigation and provided Canadian Authorities with the information they gathered leading to Magnottas identification and capture by the German authorities. RESCUE INK works to rally support and encourage government officials to require psychological evaluations for any animal abuser before releasing them into the public.

RESCUE INK actively seeks to put an end to the cycle of violence and abuse and continues its efforts to prevent animal abuse by investigation, education and intervention. The group has been credited with countless rescues nationwide, has won numerous awards for its service to the communities in which it operates, and wants you to know..if you are an animal abuser and hear the roar of Harley Davidsons in the distance.you better run.


Rescue Ink formed its animal-rescue group based in New York to help fight against animal abuse and neglect. The group focuses on confronting and educating the abusers to stop the cycle of violence. Their efforts have caught the attention of media across the county and the group has been featured on their own reality television show. They are tough-talking, tattooed bikers that have a soft spot for animals but a rough side for the ones causing the abuse. They utilize their nationwide network to identify the most heinous cases and then they take upon the task of rescuing and rehabilitating the animals and dealing with the abusers head on.

For more information on Rescue Ink, visit the organizations website at http://www.rescueink.org

Source: Rescue Ink