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LegalZoom.com National Survey Finds Americans Still Lack Basic Protection; Three out of Four Parents Have Not Prepared a Last Will, Leaving Children Unprotected: One in Five Families Cites Guardianship Disagreements as a Deterrent to Preparing a Will

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) April 19, 2007

Dorrance Publishing Announces The Release Of Three New Coming-Of-Age Tales

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) April 29, 2009

Dorrance Publishing Announces The Release Of Three New Coming-Of-Age Tales

Dorrance Publishing recently released the following titles: Singer, Sailor, the Time of My Life XXX; Jars of Broken Hearts; and When I Was Growing Up. They are available for purchase at http://www.dorrancebookstore.com, brick and mortar bookstores, on-line bookstores or by calling (800) 788-7654. Media review copies are available by calling (800) 788-7654.

Singer, Sailor, the Time of My Life XXX

($ 10.00) ISBN: 978-1-4349-0004-3, paperback

This autobiography chronicles the experiences of a family bonded by music, travel, and their steadfast love for each other.

Annette Button’s childhood was anything but ordinary. Born from musical parents, Annette was destined for a musical career and enjoyed the opportunities their adventurous lifestyle afforded her. A musical family, Annette’s autobiography begins at the age of ten and chronicles her unique life up to present day.

Annette’s incredible journey included such experiences as innkeepers of the Burston Inn in England to proud owners of a yacht named Roaming Melody, which voyaged the vast seas of Europe and toted the Smith family from country to country as a successful musical act. They encountered change, challenge, adventure, danger, and trauma as well as excitement. Most importantly, they upheld a family whose bond was steadfast and never broken.

Through their love of music, travel, and one another, Annette and her family take you on an incredible expedition through the ever-changing ebbs and flows on the vast sea of life.

About the Author

Annette Button currently resides with her husband between Gibraltar and Spain. She is an accomplished musician and enjoys music, singing, sailing, flying, and traveling.

Jars of Broken Hearts: The 23-Year Road Trip of a Disenchanted Girl Searching for the Answer to ‘Which Came First, the Music or the Misery?

($ 8.00) ISBN: 978-1-4349-0057-9, paperback

A young woman tells her life story, a journey of enduring hope. She was born with Epidermalysis Bullosa, a congenital disease that leaves her with physical disabilities and visual impairment. She recounts her childhood, the changes in her family, and the changes in her body from the various surgeries and treatments she undergoes.

Her undefeatable spirit comes shining through, as she not only deals with her physical challenges, but also the demons of her dreams. The fears and uncertainties from her daily life melt into her nighttime slumber, and she needs to grow in strength and courage to triumph. Will she succeed? Will she find the peace of mind and force of character she desires?

About the Author

Derra Nicole Sabo is a debut writer who is bringing the narrative of her own coming-of-age story to light. In addition to writing, she utilizes her creative personality when designing fashion, dancing, drawing, and cooking. She is a lifelong native of California.

When I Was Growing Up

($ 14.00) ISBN: 978-1-4349-0029-6, paperback

This nostalgic book shares a lively and engaging account of how American life has changed over the years.

New England in the 1920s and ’30s was, like the rest of America, in the grips of the Great Depression. As a young child and a member of what would come to be known as “the greatest generation,” Harold Keith was, for the most part, blissfully unaware of this.

Protected by his parents and nurtured by the greater community of Easton, Massachusetts, the author recalls his childhood experiences as less complicated and more structured, simpler, and happier than those of later generations. Without many modern conveniences and luxuries now taken for granted, both children and adults worked harder and appreciated what that work achieved. By necessity, life moved at a slower pace and children found creative ways to provide their own entertainment.

When I Was Growing Up is a lively and engaging account of how American life has changed over the years, and the comparisons drawn give the reader cause to reflect on both what we have gained and what has been lost in the process.

About the Author

Harold Keith is a native of Massachusetts and a longtime resident of New York State. He served in the United States Navy during World War II and is now retired. Together with his wife, Mary, he raised two children, Karen and Michael.

For more information, please go to http://www.dorrancepressroom.com or contact Jessica Cunningham Stillwell, Promotion Manager, at 701 Smithfield Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, phone: (412) 288-4543 or fax: (412) 434-8430.

To place a book order, request a review copy, or to learn important information about shipping prices, tax, and our returns policy, please call our Merchandising Coordinator at (800) 788-7654.

Dorrance Publishing is the nation’s oldest authors services company. The Dorrance family of imprints provides authors with the level of personalized service they require to become a published author. All international standard book number (ISBN) eligible imprints have a bookstore returns allowed policy.

Dorrance Publishing http://www.dorrancepublishing.com/info.asp?program=prweb — books have carried the Dorrance imprint for over 85-years. This full-service subsidy publishing imprint offers authors traditional, complete publishing services including editing, proofreading, original page and cover design, publication in paperback, hardback and custom or unusual book production specifications, original illustration creation, ISBN and copyright. Dorrance titles are printed and warehoused in anticipation of orders that may follow as a result of a defined, limited promotional plan.

RoseDog Books http://www.rosedog.com — a full-service print on demand publishing imprint offering authors complete page design services, original cover design, editing services, original illustration creation, full-color and black and white books, a variety of book trim sizes, paperback or hardback binding, an ISBN and copyright. Authors can provide their manuscript on paper or in a digital file. RoseDog titles are printed when ordered and can be purchased on-line or through brick and mortar stores. Book promotion services are also available.

Red Lead Press http://www.redleadpress.com — a very affordable publishing imprint for authors who need some help with basic page and cover design, an ISBN and copyright. Red Lead titles are printed when ordered and can be purchased on-line or through brick and mortar stores.

I-Proclaim http://www.i-proclaim.com — Using a self-serve on-line template an author can become a published author in minutes. There are no set-up fees and no minimum book order.


Spectrum K12s EXCEED is Selected 2010 SIIA CODiE Award Finalist in Three Categories

Towson, Md. (PRWEB) February 25, 2010

Spectrum K12 School Solutions announced today that their EXCEED Student Achievement Manager software has been selected as a finalist for a 2010 CODiE Award in three separate categories; Best Classroom Management Solution, Best Education Solution, and Best K-12 Enterprise Solution. Spectrum K12 is one of only 5 companies named as a finalist in three or more categories out of a total of 124 companies that submitted nominations.

EXCEED is an enterprise Student Achievement Management solution that manages, administers and prescribes the personalized learning process and data required for all students including, general, compensatory, gifted, and special education. EXCEED provides teachers an easy to use, automated system that drives day-to-day activities including interventions and progress monitoring. The EXCEED system helps all students achieve success while also giving administrators the ability to surface achievement gaps quickly and examine whats working, and whats not working, at the individual student, class, grade, group, and district level.

To have our software judged and selected as a finalist in three separate categories by such a cross-section of the education industry is recognition of the scope, power and ease of use that our EXCEED Student Achievement Management solution provides, stated Jim Marshall, president and CEO of Spectrum K12 School Solutions.

Three Months after Haiti Quake, Life Still Perilous for Children

Port au Prince, Haiti (Vocus) April 9, 2010

Three months after a 7-magnitude earthquake caused massive destruction in Haiti’s capital and surrounding areas, children are receiving much-needed aid.

However, they still face a host of threats to their well-being, according to a new report by Save the Children called “Helping Haiti’s Children.”

The January 12 earthquake, which affected more than 3 million people and left more than one-third of them homeless, has exacted a heavy toll on Haiti’s children. Those who escaped death themselves have lost family members, friends, belongings and familiar surroundings.

In the midst of debris and displacement, they are more vulnerable to disease, injury, abuse and exploitation. Meanwhile, their future opportunities are in jeopardy, as Haitis education system lies in ruins.

“One cannot exaggerate the scale of this disaster and its aftermath. Children are still living in crowded camps and rubble-filled cities — and few of their families can provide them with the basics without assistance. They remain highly vulnerable,” said Charles MacCormack, Save the Children’s president and CEO.

He added, “While we are working around the clock to provide assistance and help mitigate risks to children and families, we still have much to do before better days and a better future are ensured for Haitis children.”

Over the last three months and in coordination with Haitian authorities, the international community, local and international organizations and communities, Save the Children has reached an estimated 553,000 people — at least 240,000 of them children — with lifesaving and life-sustaining assistance.

Working in Port-au-Prince, L

Engage Mutual and Yorkshire Bank Join Forces To Conquer Three Peaks, Three Countries in 24 Hours

(PRWEB) June 24, 2010

Representatives from two well known Yorkshire financial organisations have joined forces to raise money for their nominated charities and complete the rigorous national Three Peaks Challenge.

Staff teams from Yorkshire Bank and Engage Mutual will aim to climb Snowdon in Wales, Scafell Pike in Cumbria and Ben Nevis in Scotland, within a gruelling 24 hours from 8am on 23 June to 8am on 24 June.

Yorkshire Banks climbers will raise funds for its charity partner Help the Hospices, a national charity which supports over 200 hospices across the UK; and Engage Mutual has pledged its fundraising efforts to the Steve Prescott Foundation, which raises money for the Christie Cancer Hospital and Try Assist, the Rugby League Benevolent Fund.

Both teams have been training with a number of endurance walks, tackling some of the highest peaks in the Yorkshire Dales, in preparation for the challenge.

Yorkshire Banks Steve Fletcher, Head of Retail Banking England, stated:

Were raising money for three worthy charities, and that alone will give us the motivation needed to cover the 6,800m up and down the three peaks in 24 hours, as well as the best part of 500 miles by road.

The challenge is sure to test us all to the maximum but with some great teamwork Im sure that the Engage & Yorkshire Bank team will be able to complete the task.

Engage Mutuals Business Development Director, Steve Treasure, added:

The decision to take on the Three Peaks Challenge in partnership with Yorkshire Bank extends our successful working partnership, which has been running for more than three years now.

As a joint team, we are putting 100 per cent into the challenge and are hopeful that our efforts will raise much needed funds for our respective worthy charities.

Eighteen months ago, Yorkshire Bank launched the successful Vision tax exempt savings plan in partnership with Engage Mutual. This built on an existing distribution partnership for the Engage Guaranteed over 50 Life Insurance.

For further information please contact:

Kathryn McLaughlin

San Francisco Family Lawyers at Heath-Newton Say to Follow the Three Rules of Prenuptial Agreements

San Francisco, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 04, 2011

When entering a partnership, making a concrete financial plan allows for a couple to protect loved ones and their assets, while strengthening their vows and commitment to each other. More than ever couples are opting for cohabitation over marriage and many need a solid financial plan to secure their mutual assets. The prenuptial agreement helps relieve present and future potential property disputes, while bringing the focus to the partnership and not the payment.

Premarital agreements are vital for couples who want to strengthen their relationships before marriage, said Heath-Newton, LLP managing partner Erik Newton. In this environment, family finances are more important than ever before, and a vast number of marriages end over financial issues. Proactive couples are keen to address these issues in advance by understanding their obligations to one another, and by discussing premarital agreements.

San Francisco Bay Area family law firm Heath-Newton, LLP recommends that all engaged couples sign a prenuptial agreement, but warns that a poorly done agreement can cause difficulties if it cannot be enforced. With the experience of over 400 family law cases, Heath-Newtons team of San Francisco divorce attorneys tells those interested in a useful prenuptial agreement to follow three basic rules.

First, both parties must be represented by an attorney, even if one of the parties is an attorney themselves. The case law has been quite clear on this score: when one party doesnt know what theyre getting into, the prenuptial agreement can be overturned.

Second, couples must give the process time. They must wait seven days between delivering the final draft of the agreement to each other and the signing of that draft. Also, its best to begin negotiations before the wedding invitations go out.

Third, full disclosure of each spouses financial picture is vital. When in doubt, one should over-disclose. Each person needs to know what she/he is getting into if the couple wants the agreement to be fair and enforceable.

Some couples sign prenuptial agreements that include terms they know arent enforceable. They do this because they wish to memorialize agreements in writing, whether or not California courts will uphold those agreements. Other couples care mostly about protecting assets in case of a future breakup, and so enforcement is a top priority.

I retained Mr. Erik Newton’s services after being surprised by a prenuptial agreement presented by my husband several weeks before our wedding date, said Heath-Newton, LLP client Deborah J. I spoke to several other lawyers before choosing Erik, who presented a wonderful, distinctive balance of personal concern, consideration for my spouse, and sharp expertise in the field. He helped me navigate through the scary legal jargon, and connect with my husband on the issues that mattered to usI’d highly recommend Erik for others seeking an attorney in prenuptial law.

Heath-Newton attorneys focus on all areas of family law and estate planning. What sets Heath-Newton, LLP apart from other law firms is that clients are shown how every choice affects their bottom line and every person in their family. Their straightforward process allows Heath-Newton attorneys to assess the issues, goals, and risks of a clients situation and then create a legal plan with which to move forward.

For more information about prenuptial agreements or any of Heath-Newton, LLPs services, please contact Heath-Newton, LLP by calling (415) 992-5038, visit their website at http://www.heathnewton-sf.com, or drop by their office located at 240 Stockton Street, Suite 400 in San Francisco, California.

About Heath-Newton, LLP

Heath-Newton, LLP is a San Francisco family law practice focused on families. Their attorneys pride themselves on working with clients from all backgrounds and lifestyles. Heath-Newton, LLP specializes in premarital agreements (prenups), same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships, divorce, child support, spousal support, adoption, and child custody in San Francisco and the Bay Area.

# # #

Heath Newton Counselors at Law Share Three Essential Tips on How to Choose a California Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

Heath Newton Counselors at Law extends its accolades for being on the right path in San Francisco family law the path of information gathering. Many people enter marriage (which is a legal contract) without realizing that when the ceremony is over, they legally accept Californias Family Code as their own default prenup unless they opt out.

An attorney should let their client know what the law is, what theirr choices are, and the implication of both. Maybe the client wants to change how the Family Code applies to their marriage and maybe they dont. Its always wise to make informed decisions, and this process can only strengthen the marriage in the future.

Congratulations! If youre considering consulting with a California prenuptial agreement attorney, good things must be happening in your life and were very happy for you, said Felix Chen, marketing coordinator of Heath Newton LLP. We would like to get your marriage started on the right path and avoid as many conflicts down the line as possible.

Heath Newton Counselors at Law is sharing the top three qualities of a qualified prenuptial agreement attorney. When a premarital couples interviews potential lawyers, look for the lawyer who stands out by:

Legal Expert on Relationships opens Mediation Practice Author of three books on relationship issues now available as a private family law mediator

(PRWEB) April 7, 2004

Legal Expert on Relationships opens Mediation Practice Author of three books on relationship issues now available as a private family law mediator.

Out-of-control expenses. Lengthy delays. Emotional trauma. Cookie-cutter solutions to unique problems. All symptoms of traditional divorce litigation, a brutal system for solving the problems of the most intimate relationships of your life.

After increasing dissatisfaction with the ability of the system to serve her clients, Johnette Duff, Attorney at Law, first turned to educating the public by writing The Spousal Equivalent Handbook: a legal and financial guide to living together, The Marriage Handbook: a legal and financial guide to your spousal rights, and Love After 50: the complete legal and financial guide . Ms. Duff has been featured on Today, Good Morning America, in The Wall Street Journal, Self, New Woman, Smart Money and Modern Maturity and has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows.

Mediation took her crusade a step further. Mediation is faster, cheaper, and arguably more healing than a court battle. After successfully mediating family law disputes in conjunction with her law practice in Texas, Ms. Duff has re-located to Southern California and turned her energies to her website http://www.loveandthelaw.com and private mediations, abandoning the courtroom in her ongoing efforts to help couples find solutions.

A mediator is a neutral third party who can ask incisive questions, cut through the anger and the hurt, and facilitate a more rational decision-making process. Mediation can be particularly beneficial when children are involved. Since spouses can’t just walk away from each other, and must learn to re-relate to each other as co-parents, adversarial litigation only exacerbates this process.

Ms. Duff brings interpersonal and communication skills to the table, along with her extensive experience. The combination can help couples (and their attorneys, if appropriate) bring active input to an agreement, allowing control of decisions impacting their lives for years to come.

Ms. Duff also has unusual experience in what has been called “the capital punishment” of family law: parental termination. She was a founder under a Children’s Justice Act grant to the 306th District Court in Galveston to mediate Children’s Protective Services cases both upon initial pickup and again prior to termination, working closely with the court, CPS administrators and the District Attorney. During her eighteen-month involvement in this project, Ms. Duff successfully mediated all but one of the cases she received after initial removal of the child from the home – and in that case, the judge returned the child the next day after deeming the pickup inappropriate.

She may be reached at johnetteduff@aol.com.

Chicago Concierges Take Home Three National Awards

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 1, 2006

Concierge Preferred (CP) secured its third consecutive International Partner of the Year award, while Director of Concierge Relations and Services, Joyce Fong, won her first Concierge Outstanding Service award. The NCA further acclaimed Chicagos concierge community by granting the Chicago NCA Chapter its third Best Chapter award.

The NCA Chicago Chapter President Sheryl Novak, along with the Chicago Board of Directors, nominated CP and Fong for the awards, touting Fongs exceptional level of dedication to the industry and her clients.

Her commitment not only to the NCA, as well as the Chicago chapter, but also her commitment to the profession of concierge is second to none, Novak says. We are very proud to give her that award.

Novak continues to commend CPs extensive coverage of Chicago-area venues and corporations and its readiness to assist concierges.

From hosting one of the most popular concierge events of the year (the CP Convention & Trade Show), introductions to new venues and to tools to make our jobs easier right at our finger tips within their interactive Website, CP finds ways to be of service to concierge in every area that our membership has chosen to work incorporate, retail, hospital, residential, personal, hotel, as well as the small business owner, says Novak.

CPs widespread assistance to the concierge community helped place the Chicago Chapter among the nations best at the annual conference, says Sara-Ann Kasner, NCA president and founder.

The NCA awarded this honor, for the 3rd consecutive year, to Concierge Preferred Magazine due to its level of activity in the National Concierge Association, the superior quality of its product which a majority of our members are pleased to share with their clientele, and its generosity in providing revenue to the association and involvement in the hospitality community at large, Kasner says.

CP President & Publisher Tim OMalley and Joyce Fong represented CP at the New Orleans, LA convention.

Receipt of this award for the third consecutive year speaks not just to our commitment to excellence, but to our ability to consistently serve concierges and their clients, OMalley says.

In the know and on the go captures the essence of CPs mission. It is published six times annually by the OMalley-Magnusson Publishing Group, LLC. All of the businesses listed in Concierge Preferred are reviewed by the Concierge Advisory Council to ensure that the businesses are worthy of a concierges recommendation.

For additional information on the National Concierge Association, please contact Sheryl Novak at 312-893-1084. For further information about Concierge Preferred log on to http://www.conciergepreferred.com or call (312) 360-1770.

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