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McGruff Helps Families, Schools, and Law Enforcement Take A Bite Out of Internet Crimes Against Kids

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 22, 2008

In an effort to take a bite out of Internet crimes against kids, the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and Children’s Educational Network (CEN) announce the launch of McGruff Kid Safe Browser(http://www.McGruffBrowser.com). Using CEN’s The Ultimate Kids Internet (http://www.TUKI.com) technology, this new “keep kids safe online” software will come complete with easy-to-use parental controls that allow children to surf the Internet in a safer and more educational environment that is the perfect tool for schools, law enforcement and families.

Approximately 53 million American youth, ages 4 to 16, access the Internet from their homes each day. Few use computers enabled with systems (parental controls) that protect them from accessing websites with pornographic materials or talking with the numerous predators that surf the Internet looking for opportunities to interact with children.

Greg Writer, founder and CEO of CEN, watched as the number of online-related crimes against children began to rise in the late 1990s. But he didn’t sit on the sidelines and complain. As a father of five with a background in investment banking, he created CEN and its parental controlled software for private labeling. “I am excited to work with NCPC. This makes an incredible statement as to where we are as a company and where we are going as a Nation in the fight against Internet crimes against children,” he explains. “With McGruff we can reach youth audiences and the crime fighting community, offering a McGruff branded browser and educational tools that address this very important issue,” Greg states.

With one glance at the most recent Internet safety statistics, most will agree this is a problem that needs a lot of attention and advanced tools offered by CEN & NCPC to keep our kids safe.

Rain Bird Crowns Winners of the 2008 Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition : Glass Half Full and Water Thicker Than Oil Take Home the Environmentally Focused Competition’s Top Awards for their Insightful And Clever Take On The Need for Water Conservation

Azusa, Calif. (PRWEB) October 12, 2008

“All of the finalists in the competition have taken on the world’s water issues through a personal lens that will undoubtedly encourage discussion on the efficient, effective and responsible use of Earth’s most precious resource,” said Dave Johnson, Rain Bird’s Corporate Marketing Director. “In sponsoring the 2008 Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition we aim to provide filmmakers like these six finalists with a forum to exercise their influence, and actively raise awareness of this important issue in a manner that will inspire others to take action in their own way.”

As the winner of the Jury Prize, David Sutera was awarded $ 6,000 for his film entry, Glass Half Full, a mockery of the film noir genre that drives home an important message of water conservation in an entertaining and comedic manner.

Michael McGuire, the Audience Choice Prize winner, was awarded $ 3,000 for his film entry titled Water Thicker Than Oil, a simplified approach to water conservation as seen through a child’s eyes.

This year’s Jury Award was chosen by a panel of judges consisting of Gary McVey, executive director of the American Cinema Foundation, documentarian Jim Thebaut and Timothy Brick, chairman of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Shalini Kantayya, director of the 2007 Audience Choice Award Winner “A Drop of Life,” served as the master of ceremonies for the evening’s event.

Prior to the screening of the finalists’ films, the evening’s guests were treated to a special showing of The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?, critically acclaimed writer, director, producer and competition judge Jim Thebaut’s definitive look at how the water crisis is affecting the American Southwest and its escalating economic toll.

In addition to this evening’s awarding of the film competition winners, Rain Bird presented Christopher S. Gray Sr. with a check for $ 10,000 in recognition of his being selected as the winner of Rain Bird’s 2008 Intelligent Use of Water Award for his role in the development and implementation of an innovative wastewater recapture program as Superintendent at Marvel Golf Club in Benton, Kentucky.

The Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition is part of a range of programs and initiatives to boost awareness of the need for water conservation. Rain Bird devotes significant resources to its Intelligent Use of Water public initiatives, which include The Intelligent Use of Water Award; biannual Intelligent Use of Water Summits; a series of white papers; public service announcements; membership on the Alliance for Water Efficiency and the steering committee advising the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its WaterSense product labeling program; partnerships with nonprofit organizations; development and support of elementary and middle school curriculums; and participation in the Tournament of Roses Parade

Ecollective Easy E-Waste Recycling Helps Consumers Take It Back For Good

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) October 5, 2010

Consumers and businesses need an easy and convenient way to recycle their obsolete and unwanted electronics. Starting today, Californians have a convenient, safe and free way to recycle this e-waste, by turning to ecollective, a statewide network of drop-off locations that accept old TVs, monitors, computers, cell phones and other electronics for free.

Our consumer research showed us that the biggest barrier to recycling for most was time and proximity. So we set ourselves a goal: to establish an ecollective drop-off location within 10 miles of most households in America, said Jim Taggart, president of ECS Refining, the company that is behind the ecollective initiative. Ecollective locations are being added every day, and each location has to meet a strict set of criteria to become part of the program. By choosing to recycle your e-waste at any ecollective location you can be sure that any personal data on your computer or cell phone will be destroyed, and that all of your e-waste will be recycled properly.

How to find an ecollective drop-off location, and what to expect when you get there

Its easy: visit myecollective.com, enter your zip code, find your closest ecollective location, and then take it back for good. Once you get to your local ecollective, someone will help you get the e-waste out of your car if you need assistance. You may be asked to give some of your identification information (like your name, address and phone number) for state reporting and regulatory purposes only.

What to recycle, and why ecollective is good for the environment

The ecollective program is designed to take back most kinds of unwanted and obsolete electronics. If it plugs into the wall and you use it to communicate, gather information, store data, or enjoy media and entertainment, its probably part of our program. For a complete list: see this list of what we recycle. All ecollective drop-off locations send their e-waste to state-approved plants operated by ECS Refining, which uses advanced and environmentally friendly e-waste recycling procedures.

E-waste is a growing global problem that requires dependable, local solutions

It is estimated that the world generates almost 12 pounds for every man, woman and child on the planet. The Environmental Protection Agency has just added the disposal of e-waste to a list of the agencys top four environmental priorities, alongside issues such as climate change, air quality and access to clean water. And, each year, more states adopt legislation to help support recycling of this kind of material. ECS Refining, the company behind ecollective, sees this as an opportunity to work together to solve this international challenge by leveraging existing industry resources, fostering best practices, and employing public outreach and education.

How to connect with ecollective

For the nearest e-waste drop-off location, visit http://www.myecollective.com. Tell your family, neighbors, friends and workmates about ecollective through our Facebook and Twitter pages.

About ECS Refining

ECS Refining is a recycling and end-of-life services company specializing in electronics, industrial equipment and hazardous wastes. Utilizing a variety of approaches, including recovery and refining, asset management, and refurbishment and resale, we are dedicated to optimizing our services for a sustainable outcome. Because we work with such a wide variety of materials from hundreds of different sources, and have strong connections with partners both upstream and downstream, were adept at applying our skills and knowledge to formulate smart and planet-friendly solutions for our customers. Recycle responsibly. Recycle with ECS Refining. For more information about our operations and the latest news from ECS Refining, visit our website, blog, Facebook page, and Twitter page (@ecsrefining).


Wheelchair Van crashed to save lives; Handicap Vans from Lone Star Handicap Vans in Tyler Texas take safety and quality to new heights.

Tyler, TX (PRWEB) May 19, 2011

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHSTA’s 2011 crash test standards are more stringent and harder to pass than ever before. Lone Star Handicap Vans in Tyler Texas proved their conversion vans are the top of its class by completing the test with just one van. This is a very rare event for one van to complete all 3 crash test with flying colors. Lone Star Handicap Vans has set a new standard in their industry with this great accomplishment. Making safety and quality the highest priority in their vans. Visit the site for the video and more info on the safest handicap vans in the industry.

Since passing the 2011 NHTSA’s 2011 Crash Test Lone Star Handicap Vans, LLC is constantly getting approved as a provider of new grants and loans for our customers and are continually looking for more programs.

Lone Star Handicap Vans manufactures the handicap accessible conversions on vans and minivans for wheelchair access, scooter access, and electrical chair access. With Lone Star Handicap Vans you get direct manufacturing pricing, nationwide delivery, and the highest quality wheelchair van, along with a company that genuinely cares about helping those in need gain the mobility they deserve at an affordable price.

Their mission is to give individuals greater access to the world. Through wheelchair accessible transportation, helping individuals who require this assistance to be able to get where they want to go and do so with safety and dignity. Lone Star Handicap Vans is helping individuals and families gain more freedom through mobility van product at the highest value and safety.

This is a true goal at Lone Star handicap Vans LLC. They are really in this to help physically challenged individuals with disabilities to be as mobile as possible. Helping individuals who can benefit from Wheelchair conversion vans and increase their mobility and their access to appropriate transportation. Lone Star Handicap Vans is about helping individuals who can utilize wheelchair vans to gain a greater feeling of freedom and a greater actual mobility in their world.

Are you ready to get on the road as soon as possible in your new wheelchair accessible van?

There are many types funding resources that can help those in need to purchase a handicap van and/or the van conversion. There are Medicaid, veteran, child, private organizations, state and national grants that are available to help pay for a handicap van.

Lone Star Handicap Vans has finance programs, Veterans Affair (VA) grants, Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS), Medically Dependent Children Program (MDCP), Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), and bank and credit union loans are just a few of the ways to fund your handicap van.

They can arrange for nationwide and worldwide deliveries.

Lone Star Handicap Vans, LLC in Tyler Texas

Owned and operated by Bill and Norma Niederhofer

For more information, contact one of our customer service representatives at toll free at 1-866-588-VANS (8267)


2012 Clean WORLD Movement, People of the World Take Action All Together to Cope With Climate Change

Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 28, 2012

Climate change is a topic of conversation in the international society. In order to cope with unusual weather phenomenon that threaten human welfare, the people of the world throw themselves into the matter with enthusiasm, centering on the Rep. of Korea. Recently, there have been severe damages from environmental disasters such as flood and heavy snow due to climate change. To prevent environmental pollution and fulfill human welfare, people of the world are going to carry out the environmental clean-up movement in the hills, rivers, streets, parks and seas of their countries.

It is the 2012 Clean WORLD Movement to be held throughout the world on the following Sunday (Apr 29), hosted by a global welfare organization, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation (Chairwoman Zahng Gil-Jah). This day will be a Clean Day when the whole world becomes clean.

It is very rare for an NGO, not a world or governmental organization, to perform such wide environmental clean-up activity to cope with climate change. The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation said, Many people of each country gathered their mind to take the initiative and set an example of helping people in crisis due to climate disasters and making known the seriousness of climate change and environmental pollution,and added, In the clean environment, clean life can be formed and true human welfare can be completed. If more people of the world agree with and participate in this, it can be fulfilled.

The Clean WORLD Movement is an environmental welfare activity with a new concept, which the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation expands worldwide, starting from the Rep. Of Korea. The WORLD is the combination of the initials of Water, Oxygen, Region, Life and Descendant, and contains the meaning that we should preserve clean water, oxygen, region and life that consist of global environment and leave them to our descendants. According to this meaning, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation is actively proceeding with the environmental clean-up and welfare activities, considering that the environment and welfare are closely related with each other, not separate.

This time, the Clean WORLD Movement is going to be carried out throughout Korea Gangwon, Chungcheong, Jeolla, Gyeongsang, Jeju, and so on including Seoul and capital area and each continent of the world in North America including USA and Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. The clean-up activities are carried out freely in the hills, rivers, seas, parks, historical sites and streets according to each local circumstance. Not only the WeLoveU members but also their families, friends and neighbors will participate in it and public offices like city hall, town office, and borough office of each region are also going to take part in it. This will be a great help to inform the importance of environmental protection to citizens.

In Washington DC’s very own Shepard’s Park the movement will be held. Approximately 200 WeLoveU members from DC, Richmond, Virginia Beach and North Carolina will come to aid residents and locals who have constantly battled illegal dumping in and around their homes. Shepard’s Park is known for it’s leading value in the enhancement of diversity since the years following World War II and through this movement, the International WeLove U Foundation, would like to shine the light in DC starting in Shepard’s Park to the whole WORLD in hopes that each and every resident will care to MOVE and make our communities a better place.

The Clean WORLD Movement that the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation performs is carried out around the world every year. For example, the foundation developed the clean-up activities in the hills, rivers, parks, and streets in USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Nepal, Mongolia, etc. in 2010. In Korea, too, clean-up activities were carried out in about 300 regions Jungrang Strem in Seoul, Daebu Islan in Gyeonggi, Anyang Stream, Incheon Port, Sokcho beach, Mt. Palgong in Daegu, Traditional Korean House Village in Jeongju, Geumnamro park ini Gwangju, etc. Many people including workers, university students, housewives, middle and high school students participated in the Clean WORLD Movement, holding garbage bags, burlap bags and tongs on holiday. Seeing this, even nearby residents helped carry garbage and do clean-up activity. Children and teenagers who came with their families had the opportunity to experience volunteer activities, and adults like workers, university students and housewives who usually find it difficult to do volunteer service due to their daily busy work said that they felt great to participate in the environmental protection.

Their active volunteer service was reported on the news media in Mongolia, Cambodia, Nepal, etc. The Cambodian TV broadcasted the Clean WORLD Movement, delivering positive reviews, The clean-up enabled tourists and residents to pleasantly use the Mekong River which had been full of trash and debris and provided a good opportunity to inform the Phnom Penh citizens of the importance of the environmental protection

The WeLoveU Foundation said, Some changes through the Clean WORLD Movement appear little in every country. Not only in less developed countries and developing countries, but also in advanced countries like USA and Germany of which social security system is comparatively organized well, civic awareness changed citizens take action to protect environment. In Europe, the clean-up started in Germany and Netherlands, and gradually expanded to more regions and nearby countries like England, France and Italy.

Zahng Gil-Jah, Chairwoman of the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation, said, Though everyone has busy daily work, if many people put their short time and little effort in this at the same time, the whole world can be clean. We will not stop the step of love, wishing the people of the world to participate in the Clean WORLD Movement all together and make the world better and beautiful.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation Develops Global Welfare Activity Through Mother’s Love

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation develops various welfare activities such as child welfare, youth welfare, senior citizen welfare, social welfare, emergency relief and so on for the people of the world who are suffering from wars, famine, earthquakes, etc. with the purpose of the fulfillment of human welfare with Mother’s Love.

The WeLoveU Foundation carries out welfare activities in various fields: the New Life Family Walkathon that started to help children with heart disease and incurable diseases and extended in size by helping other countries with water shortage, the New Life Concert that supports neighbors in need in and outside the country and multicultural families, etc. and the Blood Drive that helps patients in danger of their lives due to blood supply shortage. Being moved by their constant and heartfelt volunteer activities for our global neighbors, participants increases every year and experts in every field including officials of local government and ambassadors of other countries like Ghana, Cambodia, Gabon, etc. have been participating in it.

On March 26th, when the Gabonese president visited Rep. Of Korea to attend the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, the WeLoveU Foundation signed an agreement with the Gabonese Republic in the Middle West of Africa to cope with global climate change and to take action for environmental welfare activities together. It is very rare for a head of a country, who made a state visit to Korea, to make an agreement with a head of NGO in person. That day, Gabon’s President Ali-Ben Bongo Ondimba said to the WeLoveU, You are the protagonists who take responsibility of the future of Korea. Let us maintain a better relationship from now on.

The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation is going to hold the 14th New Life Family Walkathon to Help Climate Refugees Around the Worldwith about 12,000 participants in the Olympic Park, Se

Take Legal Steps To Avoid Costly Summer Moves, New Orleans Attorney Informs Divorced Parents

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

As a divorced parent considering relocating, it can be difficult when a child custody agreement is keeping a parent tied to their spouse after a divorce. Due to busy schedules during the school year, divorced parents are sometimes stuck with summer moves, when the cost to do so is the highest. Local New Orleans divorce attorney, Will Beaumont, advises divorced parents to research rules applying to moving out of the state of Louisiana with children so they can save on relocation expenses.

The summer months are rapidly approaching. According to the American Moving & Storage Association, June, July, and August are the most costly months to move, due to high demand. With the advice of an experienced attorney, a divorced parent can plan ahead and secure lower rates, without breaking any legal agreements.

First, to relocate, a parent may be legally obligated to comply with the relocation statute. There are two steps to this process. As primary custodian of the child, a parent must give their former spouse formal notice of the proposed relocation. (It is possible that relocation will then be discussed in a court hearing to present the petition for legal authorization to move.) This notice must be sent by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested at least 60 days before the proposed relocation.

Although this seems like a reasonable legal process, many parents who are not the primary custodian or have joint custody will oppose the process in court, says Beaumont. This may change the current custody agreement indefinitely. It is helpful to understand the laws that guide this process, which a New Orleans divorce lawyer will likely be able to provide.

If a court grants relocation, the court may also order that further information will have to be provided. This may include the moving partys intended residence, and, if known, the specific address of residence, and then also the date of relocation. A New Orleans divorce lawyer will likely also be able to draft a statement explaining the reasons for relocation along with a newly proposed visitation schedule.

Legal processes are more efficient and effective with a New Orleans divorce attorney, says Beaumont. With help, you can ensure that youre complying with all the laws that protect parental rights.

The above is informational only, not legal advice.

Attorney William H. Beaumont is a family attorney in New Orleans, La. He provides clients with extensive knowledge of Louisianas family and divorce law. He works to educate his clients on their rights and work as a legal advocate on their behalf through proceedings.

To learn more about Will Beaumonts legal services as a New Orleans divorce lawyer, parents can visit http://www.beaumontdivorce.com or contact the offices at Beaumont Divorce: 3801 Canal St #207, New Orleans, LA 70119. For an appointment call (504) 483-8008.

SingleSource Background Screening Company Calls On Adults To Take Proactive Approach To Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Jacksonville Beach, Florida (PRWEB) June 22, 2012

Don Dymer, president and CEO of SingleSource Services Corporation, background screening company and Stacy Pendarvis, MSW, MA, a long time consultant who works with Darkness to Light and the Monique Burr Foundation For Children hope to take their message global:, “Educated, proactive adults have the ability to stop child sexual abuse from happening. Each year in the U.S. 500,000 babies will be born who will be sexually abused by the time they turn 18 and adults are the only people who can protect children from that sexual abuse.

McGruff Take A Bite Out of Crime

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) September 04, 2012

As teens and tweens spend more and more time online on Facebook and other social networks, parents have lost their ability to stay on top of their childrens online activities. Parents need to be aware of their teens online life to keep them safe from cyberbullying, Internet predators and other online dangers. Today, McGruff SafeGuard announced a new release of McGruff SafeGuard for PCs that enables parents to monitor what their tweens and teens do on dozens of popular social networks.

McGruff SafeGuard intelligently monitors and records what teens post, chat or message about on Facebook, Twitter and many other top social networks. Once installed on a teens PC, McGruff SafeGuard sends a text or email to the parent if it detects potentially dangerous activity.

McGruff SafeGuard is designed to show a parent not just where a teen goes on social networks, but what they do there and with whom they interact. It records all of the teens online activities such as chats on Facebook, Google Talk, Skype and other social networks, as well as their email interactions on Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Live and others. Parents can visit the secure, parents-only, password-protected McGruff SafeGuard website to see what their child has been doing and restrict what they can do, if they so desire.

Monitoring for behaviors such as cyberbullying, loneliness, violence, sexuality, alcohol/drug usage or references, dangerous acronyms or being befriended by unknown individuals, McGruff SafeGuard analyzes a teens online behavior and warns parents of suspect activity. It can even translate teen chat-speak lingo, such as acronyms like LMIRL (lets meet in real life).

Parents can also view the websites their teen has visited, and control the types of websites they can visit. Block or allow content by topic, age or by creating a customized list of sites to block. Over 100 topics can be blocked including pornography, dating, violence, sex education, alcohol, drugs, gambling and many others.

McGruff SafeGuard provides these parental control features:



McGruff Take A Bite Out of Crime SafeGuard Launches InternetSafetyTip.com Website for Parents

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) September 12, 2012

While there are dozens of websites offering Internet Safety Tips, nothing speaks better to a parent than advice from another parent who has previously dealt with a situation confronting them. InternetSafetyTip.com, from McGruff SafeGuard, lets parents learn from and help one another in a collective effort to keep their kids safe online.

InternetSafetyTip.com allows parents to contribute their stories and advice on Internet safety for other parents to read and ask questions. Those tips the McGruff SafeGuard staff deem are the most helpful are sent to all parents who participate and opt-in to receive them via email. They are also posted to the Internet Safety Tip Facebook page located at facebook.com/InternetSafetyTip

Parents send us tips, advice and stories on Internet Safety every day that could benefit other parents, said Marty Schultz, director of McGruff SafeGuard. We realized that the best way we can help parents is to share these stories with the parents of children and teens everywhere, so we launched InternetSafetyTips.com.

A recent McAfee study underscored that parents are losing the battle with their children for online control. It found that:

70% of teens hide their online behavior from their parents
43% of teens have accessed simulated violence online
36% have accessed sexual topics online
32% have accessed nude content or pornography online
21% use an internet-enabled mobile device to hide their surfing behavior
23% of parents surveyed dont monitor their children’s online behaviors because they are overwhelmed by technology

With smartphones, the situation is even more dire. A recent McGruff SafeGuard survey found that:

74% of kids spend at least one hour, and 48% spend over three hours, per day online on their smartphone
The top two fears parents expressed about this online activity is their child seeing something inappropriate for their age – with blocking porn the number one concern followed by chat, violent sites or connecting with a predator
While 93% of parents have discussed Internet safety with their kids, 75% still fret that friends or peers will convince their child to view content they have forbidden.

All parents want to keep their children safe. While there are many products that parents can use to ensure their childs well-being, weve found the biggest obstacle is awareness, continued Schultz. We believe that if parents can read stories from other parents they are more likely to apply those lessons to better protect their own children.

To post a story or provide Internet Safety advice to other parents, please visit http://www.InternetSafetyTip.com.

About McGruff SafeGuard

McGruff SafeGuard provides parental control software for Windows PC, and a Free Child Safe Browser for the iPhone, iPad and iPod/Touch. McGruff SafeGuard is a licensee of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). Our offices are located at 2941 West Cypress Creek Road, 2nd Floor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309. To reach us please call (954) 607-7559, send email to info(at)gomcgruff(dot)com or visit us online at http://gomcgruff.com.

About NCPC and McGruff the Crime Dog

McGruff Take a Bite Out of Crime SafeGuard Donates Child Safe Browser to K-12 Schools Nationwide

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

As more and more primary and secondary schools deploy iPads to their students, administrators are faced with a new problem how to prevent children from viewing inappropriate websites.

Most schools protect children at school with campus-wide network filtering tools for PCs and mobile devices. But when a student takes the iPad home the device, and the child, are vulnerable. Apples Safari browser on the iPad doesnt provide parental controls, so theres no filter for inappropriate porn, gambling or violent websites.

To help schools, McGruff SafeGuard announced today that it is donating the fully upgraded McGruff SafeGuard Browser for iPads to public school districts nationwide. The upgraded version provides extensive parental control features, such as letting parents see which websites their child visits, and what their child was searching for.

Parents are justifiably concerned that the iPads their children bring home from school are completely unprotected, said Marty Schultz, director of McGruff SafeGuard. Its our mission to keep children safe online. Our donation to public schools enables schools and parents work together to keep their children safe.

The McGruff SafeGuard Browser is a fully-featured, Safari-like browser app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that blocks inappropriate websites and content. Over 100 topics can be blocked including pornography, dating, violence, sex education, alcohol, drugs, gambling and many others. Parents receive a report summarizing their child or teens online browsing activity, and which device was used for access.

To participate in this program, all school administrators have to do is contact McGruff SafeGuard at k12 (at) gomcgruff (dot) com.

About McGruff SafeGuard

McGruff SafeGuard provides parental control software for Windows PC, and a Free Child Safe Browser for the iPhone, iPad and iPod/Touch.

The iphone browser app is a child safe browser that is used by parents to block porn on phones and iPads . Child safe browser McGruff SafeGuard is a licensee of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). Our offices are located at 2941 West Cypress Creek Road, 2nd Floor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309. To reach us please call (954) 607-7559, send email to info (at) gomcgruff (dot) com or visit us online at http://gomcgruff.com.

About NCPC and McGruff the Crime Dog