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New Web-based Vorex Online Survey 1.4 Software Bridges Gap in Communication Between School Systems, Students and Parents

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) August 12, 2008

Vorex, Inc., a leading provider of web-based software tools to increase productivity and efficiency, has released Vorex Online Survey V. 1.4 for both public and private K-12 school systems as well as higher education facilities such as Universities, vocational Universities, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, technical colleges and career colleges. The new web-based Vorex Online Survey software provides educators and administrators with the ability to easily create and distribute professional-grade, fully customized online surveys and forms in a cost-effective manner.

“We are extremely pleased to unveil Vorex Online Survey software to school educators and administrators to better close the gap in communication between the schools and their student body – as well as effectively reach parents,” said Mike Salem, President of Vorex, Inc. “Our new SaaS solution is the most cost-effective and highly efficient method of issuing surveys and obtaining instantaneous results and accurate information. We are providing a true solution for school systems seeking to interact with both parents and students in a paperless, eco-friendly format,” concluded Salem.

The robust functionality of the new Vorex Online Survey software is illustrated by the following features:

Absolutely no additional software, hardware, or computer programming knowledge is needed to use Vorex Online Survey — it runs as a software-as-a-service online.

Choose from 17 different question types ranging from check-boxes, yes/no answers, rating scales and comment fields.

The built-in Spell Check feature ensures a professional presentation.

Auto-skip questions based on respondents’ answers.

Automatically inserts respondent’s answer into subsequent questions.

The survey can expire on a specified date or after a pre-determined number of responses are received.

Allows information sharing with multiple co-workers or different school departments.

Effectively organizes results — create one or hundreds of customized folders to store results.

Easily exports a survey and accompanying results into different formats such as Excel, Word, HTML, or PDF document.

Control access to the survey with optional password requirements.

Post survey results on a secure, password protected web site.

For schools that do not have a web site, or have a limited access web site, Vorex provides a free portal web site that is fully maintained. School educators and administrators have full access to the provided portal web site. They may then direct students or parents to go directly to the portal where survey respondents will enter a unique code for each survey – thereby immediately directing the respondent to the related survey.

As high school teacher Reem Khodr states, “A solution that truly bridges the gap between the school and students — as well as parents — has been long overdue. Finally with Vorex Online Survey, school systems can engage parents regarding their child’s education, gather feedback from students, or collect votes for budget allocations or school elections. School systems will surely gain invaluable insight using the accurate and up-to-date information this web-based survey tool provides,” concluded Khodr.

Visit http://www.vorexsurvey.com/education_institutions/ for more information.

About Vorex, Inc.

Founded in August 2007, Vorex, Inc. is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is a leading developer of advanced user-friendly online solutions for businesses. The company strives to provide affordable solutions that will increases both organizations and corporations’ productivity and profitability.

Media Contact:

Mike Salem, President

Vorex, Inc.

Tel. 214.621.8324

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Irving TX has a New Self Defense Products Distributor Carrying Name Brand Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, TASER Electronic Devices and Surveillance Systems

Irving, TX (PRWEB) September 11, 2011

The online world of self defense products is immense. There are hundreds of companies selling self defense products and there are many different types of products to choose from such as; Personal Alarms, TASERS, MACE, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Animal Repellents, Safety Lights, Knives, Metal Detectors, Diversion Safes, Child Safety Products, Instructional Fighting DVDs and much more.

ACS Personal Security handles all of these products and hundreds more. Whether it is something to be used as protection while walking alone at night or to be purchased for a gift,stun guns, pepper spray or TASER products are very much in demand.

ACS will happily answer any questions about a specific product and will give detailed instructions on how to use any of the products they carry.

ACS Personal Security has several of their self defense products available in their office, however, the bulk of the product line is only available on the company website.

There are products like personal alarms, pepper spray, stun guns, and expandable batons for personal protection and can be purchased as separate items or in pre-packaged kits with several different products.

Additionally, ACS carries a full line of surveillance equipment such as hidden cameras, nanny cameras, stand alone DVR’s, dome cameras, bullet cameras, and complete surveillance systems.

Do you really need to bring a pepper spray or stun gun everywhere you go? Probably not, but then again, you can’t predict when you will actually need a self defense tool. ACS owner, Jay Kreps, states, “remember, it’s not IF, but WHEN, a stun gun or pepper spray will help you break free from an attacker”.

Keep in mind, rape, kidnappings, and assaults occur hundreds of times a day – every day, which is especially true if you are a young woman, an elderly person, or a child. There are child kidnappings, rapes and assaults on women of every age, and the perpetrators are just waiting to take advantage of you.

At ACS Personal Security there are many different and unique items, like an expandable stun baton, lipstick pepper spray, or different kinds of everyday items like a door stop alarm or flashlight stun gun. ACS has a 90 day return policy and a warranty for each product carried as well as among the lowest pricing in the industry.

Stun Master Stun Guns are featured at ACS Personal Security as are several TASER products. Females especially like the many different types of pepper spray that is carried such as the LIPSTICK look alike pepper spray, and the CELL PHONE look alike stun gun!

About Advanced Commercial Solutions:

ACS started as a background fingerprinting – notary and drug screening company. While they took appointments in their centrally located office in Irving, TX, they specialized in offering mobile service to people who just didn’t have the time to come in to the office for these services. ACS Fingerprinting developed a large corporate client base and continues to serve the general public in the Dallas – Ft Worth Metro area.

Company owner Jay Kreps, kept looking for another business that would complement the existing fingerprinting, notary, and drug screening services and decided self defense products would be a good match and would be able to co-exist in the same office in Irving.

He researched and found a company that would supply him with name brand self defense products and surveillance equipment, had his websites built, and started his new business selling self defense items. Because of his 25 plus years in law enforcement, he knew the need for safe, quality made self defense products and surveillance products were much needed and in demand by the general public.

Fan us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/ACS-Personal-Security/208827269176495?sk=wall


SafeFamilyOnline.com Delivers Personalized, In-home CyberSafety Consultations to Promote Safe Online Systems and Practices for Families Throughout San Diego County

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 15, 2011

Brian Scott Archibald, President of La Jolla-based CyberSafeSolutions, Inc., has begun a new business venture to help San Diego families protect themselves online from cyber threats of all kinds.

Local Garage Storage Systems Dealer Announces Agreement with Redline Garagegear Garage Cabinets

South Beloit, IL (PRWEB) February 16, 2012

Gorilla Garage has been doing business in Middle Tennessee since 2008 focusing primarily on installing garage flooring. As the business began to grow and expand, more and more customers were inquiring about installing garage storage systems in their garages.

At that point, co-owners George Frazier and Jon, knew that they had stumbled into a much broader and more sustainable business opportunity. The co-owners spent some time researching the product lines available for resell before deciding to become a part of the RedLine network of dealers. “This agreement is the culmination of months of research, education, and specialty training, says Gorilla Garage co-owner George Frazier. Were excited to be able to improve our selection and bring first-rate RedLine Garagegear products to our loyal customers”, added Jon.

Redline Garagegear is a child company of Greenberg Casework Company, Inc, a South Beloit, IL based manufacturer. Greenberg Casework has been manufacturing the highest quality casework for school science labs, garages, closets and point of purchase displays (store fixtures) since 1985. In an era of declining U.S. manufacturing, Greenberg Casework Company has weathered the many economic storms and is proud to use American raw materials to produce American made products. The long tenure of this company is a testament to its commitment to quality and service, notes one industry expert. “Anyone who has done their research knows that it would be very difficult to beat the superior products Redline Garagegear has to offer.”

Gorilla Garage is excited to incorporate RedLine Garagegear products into its growing business. Customers are also excited to have custom built garage storage system options available to them at a reasonable price. RedLine Garagegear is committed to providing custom, American made garage organizing solutions without the custom price, said Troy Greenberg, RedLine Garagegear President. We are thrilled to be able to offer our products to the folks in Middle Tennessee through an authorized RedLine agent.

Protected territories are carved out for RedLine Garagegear dealers operating across North America. Finding a dealer to work with is one of the major components to increasing our sales and improving value to our customers, added Bill Garrity, National Director of Sales and Research for RedLine Garagegear. We are always looking to add committed business owners to our growing dealer network. RedLine currently provides its garage cabinets to over 50 dealers in the U.S. and Canada.

RedLine Garagegear dealers set up and display garage organization systems in local showrooms. In the showroom, customers are able to get a true sense of the quality of the RedLine product lines. The dealer agreements offered by the manufacturer work out perfectly for all parties involved. Dealers do not have to pay any up front franchise fees. We are making the initial investment, added Troy. We create a search engine optimized dealer page on our website for every agent in order to drive internet traffic and to generate leads for our dealers.

There are many components to the process of designing high-quality garage storage solutions. Consumers often have to learn by experience that basic shelving from big box stores will not suffice in most situations. RedLine Garagegear has, over the past decade, perfected their process of powder coating wood parts. Powder coating is a tricky process but is the perfect finish for wood.

The new partnership between Gorilla Garage and RedLine Garagegear will certainly work out well for the retailer, the manufacturer, and consumers in the Middle Tennessee region. Anyone in need of quality, innovative, and long lasting garage cabinets Nashville should contact Gorilla Garage for assistance with their next organization project. “Our selection of services and products will continue to grow and expand”, added George. “Our partnership with Redline Garagegear is proof positive of that.


Building a Safe Home Becomes Affordable with Launch of Basic Home Security Systems Plan from Elite Security Services

(PRWEB) March 25, 2012

The home owners in the United States and Canada no longer need to spend a fortune to enjoy the benefits of efficient home security systems. The recent introduction of the affordable basic security plan from Elite Security Services has taken the home protection market by storm. This package provides all the benefits of an advanced wireless security system for a monthly rental of only $ 35.99. The package has received unprecedented success in the market within a few months of its launch and is presently one of the most sold packages from any security company. It may be recalled that the company offers two more popular security packages that are priced slightly higher than the basic package.

Home security systems are no longer a luxury for the houses because of the increased crime rate in most of the areas in Canada and America. However, sophisticated security packages are often beyond a common man’s means. Elite Security Services have done well to completely change the trend in the market with their basic security plan. It needs to be mentioned here that the Arizona based company is an ADT authorized dealer of home protection systems. The basic package from the company is capable of transmission of signals to ADT monitoring stations using the basic telephone line. This package comprises of tons of sophisticated security devices like sensors, burglar alarms, motion detectors, digital keypad, remote control, and much more.

This excellent home security systems package is the brain child of the renowned domestic protection expert, and the owner cum founder of the company Paul Shakuri. He thanked the house owners in Canada and America for their support saying, “We wanted to create a package that can be afforded by the mass. I thank all our customers for showing their trust on us, and promise better service for all of you in the coming days”.

Two Recent Infant Abductions Shed Light on Need for Infant Protection Systems in Hospitals

Franklin, WI (PRWEB) September 05, 2012

It is a new mothers worst nightmare; in the days after giving birth, her newborn baby is abducted from the hospital or birthing center as she rests. While this threat is rare, it is real, as recent incidents including one at Magee-Women’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA on August 23rd and another attempted infant abduction in Southern California make clear. As is common with infant abductors, Breona Moore, 19, of McKeesport had been telling her family that she was pregnant for months. Last Thursday, she entered the room of Rhonda King and her 3-day old baby Bryce at the Magee-Womens Hospital after telling a nurse she was Ms. Kings sister. According to Ms. Kings grandmother, Thelma Broughton, the suspect entered the room posing as a nurse. “She said she was taking the baby to get a checkup, that she would bring the baby right back. But she never came back.”

A press release from Magee-Womens Hospital states that a nurse removed the infants security tag at 12:34 p.m. just prior to the mother and baby being released. A security camera shows a woman later identified as Breona Moore leaving the hospital with the baby at 1 p.m. “At 1:15 p.m., the father alerted the staff that the family was ready to depart and then it was determined that the baby was missing. Hospital staff immediately searched the unit and followed other internal security procedures. Police were called at 1:44 p.m.” A tip from the suspects family led police to the suspect and the successful recovery of the infant unharmed. “The baby abducted today from Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC has been examined by our physicians and found to be in good health,” said the release. “Mother and baby have been reunited.” The statement goes on to say that, “While we will review our security procedures, it was obvious that our training and internal drills prepared us to respond quickly in cooperation with both the Pittsburgh Police and the FBI. Everyone did a great job and we are grateful for a positive outcome.

In a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about the abduction, the reporters interviewed several people who have given birth at Magee-Womens Hospital about security procedures. While all acknowledged the protocols in place, one father of triplets, who spent two months in Magee’s neonatal unit, commented on the frequent number of false alarms he heard during his time there. When a mother and baby reach the postpartum room, a tag with an RFID security chip in it is placed around the infants ankle. The security chip triggers an alarm if it ever gets loose or cut: lights flash, doors lock, and an announcement comes over the public address system that “a ‘hugs’ band has come loose.” Several other parents said that the security tags often fell off and created false alarms.

False alarms can be caused by security bands falling off of infants in the days after their birth due to improper application, postpartum weight loss, or by radio frequency interference caused by nearby machinery or other outside signals. Maintaining a safe environment can be a challenge when persistent false alarms reduce the urgency of addressing each new alert. False alarms on maternity floors are disruptive and upsetting to new parents and can harm the quiet environment fostered by nursing staff. They may also lead to alarm fatigue, which reduces the urgency required to respond. Infant protection systems must be sophisticated enough to overcome these challenges and remain a trusted and effective security tool. The Cuddles system from Accutech Security addresses these issues with several key features. The Cuddles infant protection system self-adjusting soft band bracelet compensates for postpartum weight loss and avoids the false alarms that come with slippage. The soft, cushioned band is also comfortable and wont irritate newborn skin, so it can be applied snuggly when the baby is born. Cuddles has the lowest interference rate of any infant protection system as it operates at a unique frequency thats just below the maximum mandated by the Department of Defense, making the system less prone to outside influences that cause false alarms. In addition, there is a mother and baby match option to protect against accidental baby switching.

While incidents of babies being switched or abducted from a hospital or birthing center do not happen often, when they do, it serves as a reminder for the importance of a vigilant, well-trained staff and protective technology that triggers an alarm if an infant is taken out of the unit or their wristband is cut. Mother and baby match technology also ensures that there is never a mistaken identity leading to parents taking home the wrong child. These critical technology components must work consistently, be operated easily and be trusted by nurses and staff in order to be effective in keeping maternity wards secure and new patients safe.

About Accutech

Accutech has engineered, manufactured, distributed and serviced radio frequency identification (RFID) and wireless products since 1985. They are an industry leader in the infant protection, resident wandering and pediatric elopement fields, with ongoing development, implementation and integration of healthcare related security systems. Their markets primarily consist of hospitals, birthing centers, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing homes, sub-acute facilities and even residential homes. All Accutech systems are manufactured in the U.S. and backed by the industrys most comprehensive customer support program.

State Systems Sponsors Tee Off! Against Child Abuse Golf Tournament

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

State Systems Inc., known for its Memphis, TN fire protection services, announced today it is the presenting sponsor for this years Tee Off! Against Child Abuse golf tournament, hosted by the Germantown Exchange Club, on Oct. 19 at Memphis National Golf Club, 10135 National Club Drive in Collierville, TN.

The event begins at 10:30 a.m. with registration, lunch and a putting contest. The tournament itself will have a shotgun start of noon. Lunch will be catered by Smoke Masters, the third place finalist in the Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. Proceeds from the tournament festivities benefit The Exchange Club Family Center.

We have been a longtime supporter of both this tournament and The Exchange Club Family Center, said Bob McBride, president and CEO of State Systems Inc. The work the family center does has a significant impact on not just the families they directly work with, but also on the rest of the Mid-South community, as well.

The cost of the four-person team event is $ 125 per player, including range balls, lunch, drinks, snacks and a chance to win additional prizes. To register or for more information, contact Ryan Parry at (901) 870-6247 or email at parry59(at)att(dot)net.

State Systems Inc. is a privately owned total protection company offering a wide range of products and services, which is housed in five separate company divisions. The companys longest-standing and best-known services such as fire protection services, prevention training and cleaning services have been enhanced by new technology services such as CCTV, access control and network services. For more information about State Systems, call 901-531-6550 or visit http://www.statesystemsinc.com.

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(PRWEB) December 3, 1999

FORT MYERS, FL — On Monday, November 22, 1999, Harvey Software, Inc., developers of the first free multi-carrier shipping software, the Computerized Parcel System (CPS), announced its alliance with Plantrol Systems, a leading business software supplier to the business forms industry. The rewards for Harvey Software, Plantrol and their customers are expected to be very high. This matchup will serve Plantrol’s customers well by integrating CPS, a proven, versatile small parcel shipping system, with Plantrol’s Omni-Ship product for a single, real time solution for all shipping needs. Harvey Software’s customers benefit with this additional choice of high quality business software with a real time link to CPS.

Both Plantrol and Harvey products expand as a company grows. Potential data errors are eliminated or minimized since there is never a need to re-enter data. Plantrol’s Pick & Pack gives shippers easy, graphical handling of mixed cartons with billing information captured at shipping time and shipped order status updated as they occur. With CPS, a complete selection of small parcel shipping options is always available.

“On-time delivery of the right products is a must for any customer of the business forms industry,” explains Bob Sansone, Harvey’s sales manager. “By using Harvey’s CPS, Plantrol controls the entire business forms process, including the crucial shipping process. This assures Plantrol’s users accuracy in orders, production and shipping.”

Founded in 1984, Harvey Software, Inc., is a leading innovator of automated shipping software. Harvey Software’s CPS is an UPS OnLine(R) Compatible and USPS certified parcel shipping solution. CPS also supports the services of other carriers, including RPS and FedEx. CPS may be used in standalone or multi-user configurations under Windows 95, 98 and NT operating systems.

For additional information, contact Steve Stevenson, Harvey Software, Inc., PO Box 60596, Fort Myers, FL 33906, 1-800-231-0296.