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Nationwide Biweekly Administration Supports At-risk Youth

Xenia, OH (PRWEB) December 28, 2006

The New Year will be a little brighter for local area at-risk youth as Nationwide Biweekly Administration (NBA) of Xenia held an auction at its annual employee Christmas party to benefit the mentoring program, One-2-One Mentors Ohio. When the bidding was done NBA had raised $ 1,750 for the worthwhile nonprofit that provides adult mentors to children in single parent families.

“We believe in giving back to the community,” said Daniel Lipsky, president of Nationwide Biweekly Administration. “And One-2-One Mentoring Ohio is an organization that positively affects the lives of thousands of people. We’re honored to be in a position to help.”

Tim Spoleti, One-2-One Mentors Ohio executive director, said, “The most recent financial contribution from Nationwide Biweekly Administration will support three new matches this coming year. Because of this generous donation these children will be able to experience the love, acceptance and encouragement from a caring adult.”

Study after study shows that children in single parent families, where the father is absent from the family for one reason or another, experience numerous social problems including:

82% of pregnant teenagers come from fatherless homes

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes

78% of high school dropouts come from fatherless home

Over 80 % of young men in prison come from fatherless homes

75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes

One-2-One Mentors Ohio seeks to transform the lives of at-risk and hurting youth to break the growing cycle of single parent homes. One-2-One finds adults willing to give freely of their time to act as role models, and partners them with children who can benefit from interacting with a positive adult figure.

Tim Spoleti explains, “After a careful screening process, a background check and comprehensive training, our mentors are assigned a child between the ages of 11 and 18. The bond of friendship means so much to these children. The personal value and social impact are immeasurable. It is very rewarding for the child and the adult.”

In addition to the efforts of Nationwide Biweekly Administration, a number of local area companies generously donated products and services to make the event a success:

The Flower Man donated two dozen roses

Dayton Marriott donated a one night stay

Fotini’s Hair Design donated a basket of products and gift certificates

Monarch Limousine donated a two-hour limo ride

Olive Garden donated a $ 20 gift certificate

TGI Fridays donated a $ 25 gift certificate, plus 2 free appetizers and 2 free desserts

Mama DiSalvo’s donated a bottle of wine

Your Dream Day donated an amethyst stone

Homewood Suites donated two suites

Sue Davey donated a one-hour massage

“We gratefully acknowledge each and every one of our donors,” Daniel Lipsky said, “We also want to thank our managers who helped put the auction together, and our employees who bid on the items to make the event a success.”

About Nationwide Biweekly Administration

Nationwide Biweekly Administration Inc., a Xenia, Ohio based company, is one of the nation’s largest administrators for weekly and bi-weekly payment programs. Millions of transactions each year are processed through its Interest Minimizer program.

Mortgage payments are administered to more than 1,000 different mortgage companies, banks, and credit unions nationwide. The Interest Minimizer program provides customers with an established, automatic, worry-free mortgage payment program to help them save tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments and to pay off their mortgages years ahead of schedule. Additionally, the company provides mortgage protection insurance to help customers protect their most important asset, their homes.

For more information please contact David Rippe, Celestia International, at 513-253-4854, or visit Nationwide Biweekly Administration on the web at http://www.nbabiweekly.com.


David Rippe


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Astaro Supports Obama Plan for 21st Century Schools and Libraries

Wilmington, MA (Vocus) March 5, 2009

In response to President Obama’s promise to modernize schools and provide Internet to all children, Astaro (http://www.astaro.com), a leading vendor of Internet security appliances, announced the “Surf Safe” promotion: all K-12 schools and libraries will receive an unlimited Astaro Security Gateway software license for free with the purchase of either a 3- or 5-year web or mail security subscription and maintenance agreement. Additionally, all schools and libraries will receive free Astaro Command Center software, which allows for central and remote management of all Security Gateways school- and district-wide.

In a nation-wide address this past December, then President Elect Obama promised to modernize and upgrade schools, providing computers and Internet access for every student. Obama stated, “Here, in the country that invented the Internet, every child should have a chance to get online. And they’ll get that chance when I’m president because that’s how we’ll strengthen America’s competitiveness in the world.”

While President Obama wishes to see Internet access for every child, Astaro can make sure it is delivered safely and securely. The web gives students access to unlimited information, and content filtering and anti-spam are essential elements of a successful Internet experience. Additionally, many web-based applications, such as Instant Messaging and Peer-to-Peer programs, must be blocked or highly managed to ensure the best and most educationally productive access to Internet resources. Email is also a sensitive area for educational organizations, because privacy and confidentiality are critical, especially when student information is sent over the Internet.

Astaro Security Gateway’s Web Filtering provides integrated URL filtering, malware detection, IM and P2P application control, and bandwidth optimization to completely secure and control web access. Additionally, the software provides perimeter security services, such as a firewall and intrusion protection, and Astaro’s Email Filtering is also available to provide anti-virus, spam blocking, protection against phishing, and free email encryption.

Astaro Command Center enables the administration and real-time monitoring of multiple Astaro Security Gateway appliances deployed school- or district-wide, which means administrators can achieve the highest standards of vigilance and protection of their schools’ security at all times and from all locations. Additionally, teachers that wish to protect their home networks with Astaro can download the Astaro Security Gateway software for free (http://tinyurl.com/FreeAstaro). The school network administrator can then manage it along with the rest of the Security Gateways from the Astaro Command Center.

Through the “Surf Safe” promotion, all K-12 schools and libraries are eligible to receive free Astaro Security Gateway software and an unlimited base license with the purchase of a 3- or 5-year web security or mail security subscription, as well as a maintenance subscription. Additionally, each educational organization will receive free Astaro Command Center software.

“We are excited to be part of this monumental push to modernize the country’s schools and provide children with the technology they need for a proper education,” explains Jan Hichert, Astaro CEO. “President Obama’s plan is a tremendous opportunity for American students, and we want to make sure that schools have the right resources in place to ensure smooth integration of new technology in the classroom.”

This is offer is available to customers in North America through June 20, 2009. For more information or to take advantage of the “Surf Safe” promotion, visit http://tinyurl.com/SurfSafe.

About Astaro

Astaro offers the most complete and easy to use Internet security appliances available. Combining best of breed applications, the proven quality of Linux and enterprise level performance, Astaro’s award-winning products provide the latest protection with the best total cost of ownership. Software, hardware and virtual appliance offerings provide users the flexibility to meet a wide variety of deployment scenarios. Distributed by a growing worldwide network of more than 3,000 resellers, Astaro products protect over 100,000 networks for 47,000 customers across 60 countries. Astaro, headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA and Karlsruhe, Germany, offers free downloads of its products at http://www.astaro.com.

Press Contact

Nicole Eckert

Astaro Corporation

+1 (978) 974-2645

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StorSecure Self-Storage Supports Tots

Kapolei, HI (PRWEB) November 21, 2009

StorSecure Self-Storage in Kapolei, Hawaii (Island of Oahu) is a proud supporter of the US Marines Toys for Tots Campaign. Visit StorSecure Self-Storage @ Kapolei to drop off new toys.

Toys for Tots Program collects new, unwrapped toys and distributes those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.

Between now and December 18, bring a new, unwrapped toy to our office in Kapolei. StorSecure is open every day for your convenience. Our hours are Monday-Saturday 8:30am-5:30pm and Sundays 10am-4pm.

Looking for a storage facility? StorSecure has unbeatable prices, high quality and service. StorSecure has a powerful silent weapon called Moisture Guard which protects your belongings from mold, mildew, or pests, which propagate in high humidity and with air-conditioning. As the only storage company in Hawaii with Moisture Guard, we maintain environment hourly at RH (Relative Humidity) 50% temperature of 75-79 degrees with same technology approved by the DOD (Department of Defense). Customers always comment how our hallways and units smell fresh and crisp.

StorSecure Self-Storage in Kapolei looks forward in partnering with the community by making a difference in families lives this Christmas!

For more details and location, visit our website at http://www.StorSecure.com

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Sleep Experts Supports Dallas Childrens Advocacy Center with April Like Us Facebook Campaign

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 5, 2011

In recognition of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Sleep Experts will donate $ 1 to Dallas Childrens Advocacy Center (DCAC) for every Like to the companys new Share the Gift of Sleep Facebook page during April. Using the power of social media to get the North Texas community involved, the companys goal is to donate at least $ 5,000 and spread DCACs message of hope and healing.

According to Lynn Davis, president and chief executive officer of Dallas Childrens Advocacy Center, one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18, and only one in 10 will tell. At DCAC we help empower communities to protect children from abuse, and empowerment starts with spreading the word, said Davis. We believe the Share the Gift of Sleep Facebook campaign will be a great tool to accomplish just that.

Through its Share the Gift of Sleep community program, Sleep Experts helps families in need by recycling and donating customers old mattresses. The new Facebook page, located at http://www.facebook.com/gift.of.sleep, will enable the company to share information about more than 30 D-FW non-profit partner agencies that care for families in crisis, and to encourage the community to get involved.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month is the time to recognize that we can all do our part to keep our children safe from harm, said Christine Cook, Wife, Mom and President of Sleep Experts. We invite North Texans to join the Share the Gift of Sleep Facebook community today, and help us reach our goal of raising $ 5,000 to support the great work of Dallas Childrens Advocacy Center.

Sleep Experts will donate up to $ 10,000 to DCAC through this campaign. The value of the donation will be calculated based on the total number of Likes to the Share the Gift of Sleep Facebook at the end of the business day on April 30, 2011.

About DCAC

The Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center is where healing begins for abused children. Founded in 1991 to provide a more seamless approach to the investigation, treatment, and prosecution of the most severe cases of child abuse, the mission of DCAC is to improve the lives of abused children in Dallas County and provide national leadership on child abuse issues. DCAC provides a unique multi-disciplinary model that reduces re-victimization of the child, removes barriers to investigation and treatment, and enhances criminal prosecution. The only agency of its kind in Dallas County, DCAC partners with public and private agencies including Dallas law enforcement, Child Protective Services, the District Attorney’s Office, and Children’s Medical Center (REACH Clinic) to provide hope and healing to child abuse victims. DCAC also educates the community about recognizing and reporting child abuse and keeping children safe. In 2010, DCAC served over 1,800 victims of child abuse, conducted over 1,400 forensic interviews, provided over 9,000 therapy sessions to children and their families, and educated over 7,000 community members on child abuse issues. DCAC has provided assistance to more than 25,000 children in Dallas County in its 20 years of operation. For more information on the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, please visit http://www.dcac.org.

AFOP Supports Strengthening DOLs Hazardous Orders in Agriculture

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) September 02, 2011

In the midst of National Labor Rights Week, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is proposing revisions to child labor regulations that would strengthen the safety requirements for young workers employed in agriculture and related fields. The Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP) is glad to see the DOL take this important step towards protecting Americas youth.

This is the first update to the U.S. child labor laws in over 40 years, and we hope to see the changes implemented as quickly as possible, says Norma Flores L

The Onder Law Firm Supports Consumer Advocacy Groups in Their Condemnation of Window Blind Manufacturers’ Refusal to Produce Safe Corded Window Covering Products

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) September 06, 2011

In a maneuver of extreme protest, the Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, Independent Safety Consulting and Parents for Window Blind Safety representatives walked away from their participation in what they stated was a “flawed year-long process (that) has not eliminated strangulation risk”. For the first time, these organizations were allowed input in long-needed safety standards improvements for the corded window covering products industry, providing much needed information from those organizations acutely aware of the hazards posed by accessible window blind cords. The Onder Law Firm, which has represented families having suffered a window blind cord strangulation tragedy in 31 states, is supporting the valiant efforts of these organizations, many of which are motivated by personal tragedy.

On June 15, 2010, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission joined with safety commissions from the United States, Canada and the European Union made demand upon the window covering industry for a swift and comprehensive process that concurrently eliminates the risk factors causing deaths and injuries from all types of corded window covering products. In response, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) pledged to produce new window covering safety standards to eliminate cord hazards that it would announce in October 2011. The Window Covering Manufacturers Association presented a draft of its proposed new safety standards in Washington, D.C. at a meeting on September 1, 2011. The utter failure of this safety standards draft to so much as reduce, let alone eliminate, strangulations risks prompted the safety organizations protest of this process.

Recently, consumer advocates have become skeptical as industry has attempted to slip back to old product designs which have been documented to kill dozens and dozens of children. Linda Kaiser, Director of Parents for Window Blind Safety, says It has become increasingly clear that the Industry is merely paying lip service to the CPSC, and has no real intention of addressing the number one cause of child strangulation death in America. Appalled by the Industrys lack of action, on August 4, 2011, Inez Tenenbaum, head of the CPSC, reiterated to Industry, After hundreds of preventable deaths over the last two decades, the time is now to finally, once and for all, eliminate the strangulation hazard with exposed window blind cords. Notice how I did not say, reduce the hazard. I said, eliminate the hazard. I am standing before you feeling less than confident that this process is headed in the right direction.

Cordless products are commercially available, yet the Industry has not lived up to its 1994 promise to the CPSC to update product designs and eliminate hazards, said James Onder, a lawyer who has represented nearly 50 families whose children have been killed or catastrophically injured on blind cord hazards. Indeed, today the Industry, in a bold and brazen move, not only thumbed its nose at the United States CPSC, but Health Canada, and the entire European Union. The Industry simply does not care. Manufacturers would rather buy off lawsuits than spend the additional $ 1.00 per product necessary to eliminate cord hazards, says Onder.

The time has come for action. The Consumer Product Safety Commission must intervene, rejecting the ineffectual voluntary safety standards and imposing mandatory safety standards that will truly eliminate the risk of strangulation from corded window covering products. To show your support for blind cord safety and to urge the CPSC to invoke rulemaking to force standards and a mandatory recall, we ask that you please click through and sign our online window blind cord safety petition.

James G. Onder, is the managing partner of the law firm Onder, Shelton, OLeary & Peterson, LLC. His firm has represented nearly 50 families whose children who have been killed or catastrophically injured on blind cord hazards. He is considered the nations foremost legal authority on window covering litigation, in the last 10 years having represented more families in window covering lawsuits than all lawyers in the country combined. The Onder Law Firm offers information pertaining to window blind cord dangers at http://www.windowblindcorddangers.com.


Mobicip Supports Back To School Program: Bring Your Own Device

Thousand Oaks, CA (PRWEB) September 07, 2011

Mobicip.com, the leading Internet safety and parental control service for mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, is a key enabler for mobile learning projects in K-12 schools. While typical mobile learning projects are sponsored by the school, mobile learning is slowly and inexorably moving towards what is called BYOD. Bring Your Own Device is a movement that helps get technology in the classroom in a way that is very affordable for schools (meaning parents or PTAs pitch in) while still being on the cutting edge of educational practices. Mobicip, an organization dedicated to enabling students to learn on the mobile web, reminds parents of K-12 students during this back to school time that while movements like BYOD can help get technology in classrooms, it is always important to ensure that online safety controls and online content filtering be factored into the equation.

I have heard talk of all students in K-12 schools expected to have BYOD learning devices by 2015, says Suren Ramasubbu, Founder and CEO of Mobicip.com. In quite a few instances, the parents or PTA are pitching in and purchasing the technology to empower always-on access to learning. While this is a creative, fast and affordable way to get technology in the classroom, it is important for these parents and educators to have content filters set up on their kids devices to protect the K-12 students using any online or mobile device so that the focus stays on education.

According to Project Tomorrows Learning in the 21st Century: 2011 Trends Update, Three times as many high school students have access to online learning and twice as many middle school students are learning online, since Speak Up 2007. The report continues by stating; More than 40 percent of students now designate online classes as an essential component of their learning experience. Administrators and parents are increasingly supporting the students vision for learning online. EdReach, an online platform for passionate, outspoken educators did a recent post about BYOD saying that While BYOD is far too radical for many school districts at this time, it is inevitable that this is the future. The sooner districts embrace this future and begin to plan for it, the more effective this transition will be.

BYOD may not be the success formula to get devices in all classrooms, but the facts do support that online and mobile learning works, so there are stronger efforts to get devices in the classrooms in as many ways as possible. Project Tomorrows Learning in the 21st Century: Taking it Mobile! said in their report that “90 percent of the Mobile Learning Explorer administrators state that mobile computers increase students potential for success, as compared to 59 percent of the non-Mobile Learning Explorer administrators.” “62 percent of responding parents report that if their childs school allowed devices to be used for educational purposes, they would likely purchase a mobile device for their child.”

The future of education is growing more and more mobile. BYOD is something back-to-school minded parents and educators may have read about, considered starting or have been in meetings about this already. Leaders in online safety like Mobicip.com, who are dedicated to enabling online learning, remind deciding parties that mobile kids deserve to safely use and learn on the mobile web and that does involve making sure all devices have content filtering on them to ensure CIPA compliance, eRate eligibility, and to keep the focus on learning.

To learn more about Mobicip.com, visit http://www.Mobicip.com.

About Mobicips Web Filtering and Dynamic Parental Control Software

Mobicip is the most popular content filtering solution available on the App Store. The best-selling Mobicip Safe Browser app has been consistently rated among top paid apps, downloaded and used by tens of thousands of parents and several K-12 schools and school districts in the US, and was recently recognized by the 2010 Parents Choice Awards as a Top Mobile App. Mobicip’s dynamic content filtering includes a new YouTube filter, Windows 7 Content Filter, and Linux Content Filter for parents and educators to ensure their childrens Internet safety while they are on the web. In addition to enabling online learning by supporting iOS-based devices, Mobicip partners with schools like Comal ISD to create custom app solutions that further enable online learning. Learn more at Mobicip.com.


Bluegreen Corporation Supports Local Charities by Sponsoring The Battle of Florida Flies in Bobby Bowden

Boca Raton, Fl (PRWEB) January 21, 2012

Bluegreen Vacations today announced their sponsorship of The Battle of Florida Collegiate All-Star Football Game, to be held on January 21, 2012 at 8:00pm EST in Boca Raton, Florida. As part of their sponsorship, Bluegreen provided legendary college football coach, Bobby Bowden, with private-jet transportation to South Florida. Proceeds and donations from the event will benefit two local South Florida charities, Global Refuge and the Finesse Foundation.

Were excited to have The Battle of Florida Collegiate All-Star Football Game right here in Bluegreens backyard, says Tony Puleo, Chief Financial Officer of Bluegreen Corporation. The opportunity to show our support for two outstanding non-profit organizations like Global Refuge and the Finesse Foundation is an honor.

The Battle of Florida features NFL draft-eligible collegiate football players with ties to the state of Florida in an all-star game that pits North Florida against South Florida. Not only that, but it will also display a legendary coaching matchup between Bobby Bowden, coaching the North team, and Howard Schnellenberger, coaching the South.

Bobby Bowden has coached over the span of seven decades and is the second-winningest coach in college football history, having guided Florida State University to more than 300 victories and two National Championships. Howard Schnellenberger brings more than 50 years of coaching experience to the field at six universities and four NFL teams, totaling four Collegiate National Championships and two Super Bowl Championships.

Purchase tickets, or visit http://www.thebattleofflorida.com for more information.


Global Refuge (GRI) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization in South Florida, founded by long-time collegiate coach Brian McNeely. The organization brings the most in-depth medical care and disaster relief to areas like war-torn Burma and Northern Uganda. GRI works to ensure control of high-mortality diseases during emergencies by training local personnel in order to build strength in the local health systems to aid in rebuilding society and infrastructure. Programs are driven through the health sector but are designed to also provide Water/Sanitation, Food Security, Child Protection and Resettlement programs, all of which are built on sustainable approaches to building local healthcare access. For more information, visit http://www.globalrefuge.org.


F.I.N.E.S.S.E., Families Intent on Nurturing and Encouraging Scholastic and Sports Excellence, is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501c(3) organization based out of Boca Raton, FL. The organization focuses on youth football, track and field activities and the importance of academic excellence. They sponsor a full-contact youth football camp at Florida Atlantic University and offer cost-effective sleepover and day camp options for youth players. The foundation also works closely with student athlete families and uses its funding towards creating programs and services that fall in line with the fundamentals that make up its name.


Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Bluegreen Corporation (NYSE:BXG) is a leading timeshare sales, marketing and resort management company. Bluegreen Resorts manages, markets and sells the Bluegreen Vacation Club, a flexible, points-based, deeded vacation ownership plan with more than 160,000 owners, over 59 owned or managed resorts, and access to more than 4,000 resorts worldwide. Bluegreen also offers a portfolio of comprehensive, turnkey, fee-based service resort management, financial services, and sales and marketing on behalf of third parties. For more information, visit http://www.bluegreenonline.com. For more information, visit us online at http://www.bluegreencorp.com. See what Bluegreen owners are saying on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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SingleSource Background Screening Corporations CEO Dymer Supports Florida Bill HB 1355 As Important Step To Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Jacksonville Beach, Florida (PRWEB) March 20, 2012

SingleSource Chairman and President Don Dymer applauds Florida Governor Rick Scotts bill (HB 1355) which imposes huge fines on public or private colleges and universities for willfully and knowingly failing to report child abuse. The new bill is in direct response to the cover ups at both Penn State and Syracuse university of child sexual abuse and the failure on the part of those administrators and law enforcement agencies to act upon they received about such abuse.

Dymer focused Floridas attention on child sexual abuse by those entrusted to their care by sponsoring a day long educational conference in Jacksonville in February. Mayor Alvin Brown devoted the entire month of February to Protect the Children. I sincerely hope that the conference and the continuing spotlight on this insidious crime against children will result in more legislation like this. There is still more that can be done and is being done. In New Jersey bills are being discussed to change existing statues of limitations on certain child abuse cases, making justice available to millions of victims.

The Florida Bill addresses a key element addressed in the Protect the Children Conference last month and that is failure to communicate and react. Dymer explains,

According to the Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute, 60% of adult survivors said they told no one about their abuse. More alarming is that according to this same report, when victims do report their abuse just 6% of adults will report it to the police and attempt to act upon the crime.

The bill gets more to the heart of the problem in understanding how complex this issue really is. explains Dymer. It addresses the environment outside of the home in which the sexual abuse occurs. “We need to do more.” Dymer supports the recommendations of the organization, Darkness to Light in the continuing fight against child sexual abuse.

Protect the Children By:

Pay Attention – Too much one-on-one time? Does a child try to avoid certain staffers?

Create a Hiring Policy that includes the Diana Screen

Elite Email Has Learned That Newt Gingrich’s Defeated Presidential Campaign Violated Email Marketing Best Practices and Supports Spamming

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 16, 2012

Newt Gingrich, the defeated Republican presidential candidate, is selling his donor email marketing mailing list in an effort to dig the campaign out of a $ 4 million debt. This is a complete breach of trust with his supporters who are now going to receive spam from any illegitimate organization that decides to purchase the data. The unsolicited email will be of the worst kind because not only is the Gingrich campaign selling the actual email address, but it is coupled with other personal information as well, according to the investigation by Elite Email. This action completely violates email marketing best practices and ethics, which ultimately damages the reputation of Newt Gingrich and the Republican Party as a whole.

As a leader in permission-based email marketing, we at Elite Email are disappointed by the actions of the Gingrich campaign, said Robert Burko, CEO of Elite Email. We proudly teach all of our customers how to properly build an opt-in mailing list and safeguard their customers privacy. To see someone who was trying to become President completely dismiss the importance of privacy is a very sad thing that email marketers everywhere should shake their heads at.

The Newt 2012 privacy policy clearly states, We are committed to protecting your privacy online. The policy also goes on to say, “We may obtain information about you from outside sources and add it to or combine it with the information we collect.” This means that even if a donor did not supply their email address, the Gingrich campaign can use other personal information and perform an action known as email appending to obtain an email address and piece together a complete record about the donor that they can ultimately sell. This practice is heavily frowned upon by all email marketing service providers and no legitimate email marketers engage in such an action.

Organizations all around the world use email marketing software to send out email newsletters and announcements as the Newt 2012 campaign had claimed it would be doing. But, all of those organizations work hard to build a permission-based list of people who explicitly asked to receive their email marketing campaigns. They follow email marketing best practices and treat the private information of their customers with the care, security and sensitivity it deserves.

The Newt 2012 data is being sold through the data brokerage firm TMA Direct. The pricing is setup so that the price of the data is higher for those donors who gave larger amounts of money, with smaller donors having a lower price tag. With this email marketing data now readily available, donors to the Newt 2012 campaign should be on high alert for increased spam and be vary wary of any organizations claiming a linkage to the campaign when sending an email.

With increased spam as a result of the actions of the Gingrich campaign, marketers should use caution when using their email marketing software to send out campaigns by avoiding words that might appear in this Newt Spam so that their legitimate emails do not get incorrectly flagged as spam.

About Elite Email

Elite Email is a leading North American email marketing service provider (ESP) that has been helping customers achieve greater email marketing results for almost 10 years. The Elite Email cloud-based (software-as-a-service) platform allows organizations of all sizes to build and grow their mailing list, create eye-catching emails, and track results with detailed reports and analytics. All services are backed by Elite Email’s outstanding support and customer care.

Elite Email has been featured on TV, radio and print media and is a member of the Email Experience Council, eMarketing Association, Better Business Bureau, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Vaughan Chamber of Commerce and Toronto Board of Trade. Elite Email is the only Canadian company listed by the Utah and Michigan Child Protection Agency as a compliant sender. Elite Email recently won the Business of the Year award at the Toronto Board of Trade Business Excellence Awards.

For more information visit: http://www.eliteemail.com