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Hot Summer Products that Keep Baby Cool from Baby Dagny; Introducing the Seat Chiller Child Car Seat Cooler and UV Protected Baby Wrap

Palm Desert, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2007

Baby Dagny, your destination for just cool baby stuff, introduces two revolutionary mom-invented products to the U.S. market. Both the Seat Chiller, a car seat cooler for kids and UV Summer Wrap, are designed to protect a baby’s delicate skin from scorching summer temperatures and harmful UV rays.

The Seat Chiller is designed to dramatically cool off child car seats and forever eliminate a child’s risk of burned skin from car seat buckles and the uncomfortable conditions of a hot seat. According to a study conducted by the Stanford School of Medicine, a car’s interior can heat up surprisingly fast, regardless of the outside temperature. On a typical July day in Chicago, a parked car can reach 124

Remote Lands Introduces Summer Family Travel Experiences in Asia

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 6, 2008

Remote Lands, the world’s foremost luxury travel designer focused exclusively on Asia, is offering extraordinary summer travel opportunities for the most discerning families. The company’s tailor-made excursions for families include water sports, cultural experiences, kite-making and golf in Bali; playing with giant panda cubs, rock climbing and hot air ballooning in China; and camping, rafting and hiking in Bhutan. Remote Lands’ bespoke family journeys begin at around $ 1,000 per person per day, depending on the destination plus international airfare. Services such as private jet charters, helicopters, VIP audiences, and personal staff including chefs, trainers, concierges and other professionals are additional.

Bali: Beaches, Surfing, Kite-making, Golf

Bali is the perfect getaway for families with children of any age with its wealth of cultural highlights, sport facilities and art activities. As kite-making is a proud Balinese tradition, Remote Lands can arrange for clients to make kites with one of the Princes of Bali and his family, culminating in the maiden flight of the massive new kite from the beach at sunset. The kites are made in the shapes of animals and are approximately 10-feet wide and 30-feet long. Guests can visit the Franciscan Orphanage, where children are paired with their Indonesian counterparts for a first-hand learning experience inside the orphanage walls. Bali’s unique geography also presents unparalleled sporting opportunities from golf to surfing. A private surf instructor can be engaged to teach family members how to surf gentle breaks before moving on to bigger waves. Remote Lands arranges for families to stay in some of the island’s most spectacular yet child-friendly private villas with sublime views of the beach and a fulltime staff of personal chefs, butlers, maids, drivers and even a masseuse.

China: Panda Sanctuary, Private Cruises, Village Visits

Families visiting China for the 2008 Beijing Olympics are encouraged to extend their stay to experience some of Remote Lands’ signature, unique experiences. The central Chinese province of Sichuan offers the exciting experience of playing with panda cubs. At the Wolong Panda Reserve, families can meet with a resident biologist who will teach them about this species’ fragile breeding habits and the reserve’s conservation work. Visitors don protective blue suits to enter the cubs’ playground and hold one of these adorable creatures.

In southern China, the mythical landscape of Guangxi Province offers a multitude of cultural and outdoor activities. The picturesque Li River has long inspired poets and painters. Remote Lands recreates this experience for clients by taking them on a private two-hour river cruise accompanied by an expert in the history of Chinese painting, who will expound on the links between this remarkable topography and traditional Chinese art. Adults and children will have individual easels, paper and brushes to paint their versions of this area. Rock climbing is also a popular activity in the area and Guangxi’s majestic limestone formations lend themselves to climbing routes of all grades. Other exhilarating offerings available to clients in southern China include hot-air-ballooning up to high peaks or biking around charming, neighboring villages.

Bhutan: Camping, Hiking, Cycling, Rafting

Families can begin their Bhutanese adventure by white-water rafting in the Punakha Valley where they will select from a variety of routes to ensure the safety and comfort of children of all ages. Guests can spend the night in a private, luxury camp with a personal chef who will prepare authentic regional cuisine to suit any palate. Private archery lessons with top instructors can be arranged for families looking to learn about Bhutan’s national sport. Farmhouse visits are another possibility. Guests are encouraged to learn about and assist farming families with crop cultivation, tending to their livestock and cooking. Remote Lands can arrange for hiking or mountain biking experiences through the valleys to visit with local families in the remote villages of Gogona and Khotokha.

For inquiries or to make reservations, call (646) 415-8092 or visit http://www.remotelands.com.


Hilton Family of Hotels Offer Summer Getaway Packages for Close-to-Home Travel or Venturing Beyond Borders

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (PRWEB) June 27, 2008

“We know that even in challenging economic times, individual travelers, friends and families want to connect, decompress, and stay true to their summer getaway plans. It’s our pleasure to make it easy to escape through compelling packages at our Hilton Family of Hotels that cater to guests’ wishes, whether that be to stay close to or travel farther away from home,” said Jeffrey Diskin, senior vice president, Hilton Hotels Corporation.

Hotel and Hilton HHonors packages and promotions within the Hilton Family of Hotels include:

Hilton HHonors

Hilton HHonors, one of the world’s premier hotel loyalty programs, has announced a new promotion with Live Nation, the world’s largest live music company.* The promotion allows HHonors members to earn a complimentary, general admission lawn ticket to a Live Nation amphitheatre concert, when they stay at a Hilton Family hotel between June 16 and August 31, 2008. All members have to do is register via the dedicated enrollment page HiltonHHonors.com/RockandRollSummer.

Registered HHonors members who stay at a Hilton Family hotel between June 16 and August 31 will automatically receive an e-mail with a redemption code good for a complimentary general admission ticket to any concert at a participating Live Nation amphitheatre (subject to availability). To get a complimentary ticket, HHonors members simply enter their code at LiveNation.com/Hilton and choose a concert. Members will also be able to purchase additional general admission lawn tickets at the time of redemption. There are no limits on the amount of complimentary tickets that can be earned or number of shows members can see.

Live Nation offers performances by some of the world’s greatest artists at amphitheatres throughout the continental United States. With many of its participating amphitheatres close to major cities like Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Seattle, they are also just a short distance to Hilton Family hotels, allowing members to stay near the venue while earning their next complimentary ticket.


Offer is valid for stays completed from June 16 through August 31, 2008. Offer valid for U.S. residents only. Offer is subject to program availability and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers. This offer cannot be booked by calling the hotel directly. Registration at HiltonHHonors.com/rockandrollsummer is required. Complimentary Rock N’ Roll SummerTM promo codes will be fulfilled starting approximately July 1, 2008 for stays completed before July 1, 2008. Promo codes will be delivered within 48 hours for stays completed after July 1, 2008. One (1) ticket is issued per stay regardless of number of nights or rooms booked. The Live Nation Rock N’ Roll SummerTM Promo Code is issued by Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. and is redeemable only on the Live Nation website located at http://www.livenation.com/hilton. The promo code may be used to obtain one (1) general admission lawn ticket for a concert held at Live Nation

Parental Summer Session Tips That Equips Parents With The Tools To Confront The Alarming Statistics Regarding Children Being Confronted Daily With Decisions About Negative Behavior And Drug Use Whlie On Summer Break

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) July 4, 2008

The term “an elephant in the room” refers to a situation where an issue or truth is being ignored or unaddressed. Fortunately, Donovan Davis is equipping families with the tools to address the elephant in the room. Donovan believes that it starts with respecting our children.

The truth is when kids have idle time and make the leap from elementary school to junior high, their exposure to negative behavior and drugs increases dramatically. Recent studies reveal that 1 in 13 sixth graders have smoked marijuana. The figure jumps to an even more alarming 1 in 5 by the seventh grade. This is an increase of nearly 300 percent.elf esteem is crucial to there social development.

While many parents have had “the talk” with their teenagers, others have yet to discuss the dangers of drugs with their teens. As a parent, you do make a difference in your child’s decision about the right choices throughout the teenage years and their self esteem is crucial to there social development. For the summer parents, your children may be confronted daily with decisions about negative behavior or drug use.

Let’s look at the definition of self esteem: it is the ability to feel good about ourselves whether or not we are always. Successful it is a feeling of satisfaction we experience after our needs are met. We as parents can help build our children’s self-esteem by telling them positive things about themselves. Additionally, we must praise them for good decisions, small deeds and great initiatives.

Since most teenagers have a strong desire to conform to their peer groups, parents are encouraged to help build their self esteem and to control the friends that surround them. If the adolescent is hanging out with a group of teens that are involved in sports, and then meets someone who is into drugs, his opinion of that teen will most likely be “he is stupid.” Why?

Partly because he will embrace the opinion of the teens closest to him. The problem is that the reverse is also true. What then does this mean for parents of idle teens?

I provide Life Coaching services, and I work with families daily to address their adolescent decision making process. During my time as a teacher and administrator I have learned different strategies on how to build self esteem in individuals. I also have listed the different strategies for parents on how to build self esteem in their children in my book “The Blueprint of Parenting”. As a teacher I enjoyed teaching our future, but I quickly realized that most teachers have no idea the warning signs of possible illicit drug exposure. I made sure I listed different drug diagnosis in my book “The Blueprint of a Successful Classroom”, for teachers to be able to recognize the symptoms of drug use and other mental health disorders within the classroom.

Every parent has great expectations for there children and it is the goal of all parents to raise wonderful children. In my book “The Blueprint to and through College”, I give positive advise for high school seniors and college freshmen on vital decisions that they must make for a successful future. In the world we live in, we must protect our children from negative influences that could alter their future and affect their possibility of success. Illicit drugs affect all of us and in my book “The Blueprint of Recovery”, I site the stories of addicts and there journey through addiction.

Lastly, parents must acknowledge their child’s potential. If a parent does not speak of the child’s unlimited possibilities, their child may become susceptible to negative peer feedback. Henceforth, sending them into an unsuspecting path of poor decisions and negative consequences. As parents, it is our responsibility to assist our children in feeling good about themselves.

Donovan Davis is the founder of askdonovandavis.com, a Social Service Agency, dedicated to raise humanity’s awareness, acceptance and understanding of our changing world through his books series entitled “Blueprint”. Donovan Davis can be reached at 888.264.6168 or via email donovan@askdonovandavis.com.


Parents: Know What Your Kids Do on the Internet This Summer

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2009

The summer months are here and that means kids will be spending more time on the family computers. It also means that the chances of something happening to your kids increases. But with parents busier than ever doing whatever then can to make ends meet, they aren’t always there to make sure their kids are using the internet safely.

“Kids on summer break are going to spend much more time unsupervised at home, inside, and much more time on the internet,” says James Leasure, co-founder of Pandora Corp. makers of PC Pandora computer monitoring software. “That translates to more chances of falling victim to a predator or cyberbully, taking risks they shouldn’t take, or even making careless mistakes on the home computer.”

Restricting computer and internet access while parents are away is next to impossible with a determined ‘tween or teen at home. But parents do have a way to make sure their kids are staying safe while alone and online

“That’s the main reason we implemented the IRIS feature in our PC Pandora monitoring software,” says Leasure. “We know parents can’t be over the shoulder all the time; but at the same time, it’s crucial that they know what their child is doing, so they can breathe a sigh of relief or take action when necessary.”

PC Pandora’s IRIS feature emails updates of computer and internet activity to parents while they are at work or otherwise not at home. Parents can review online chats, web histories, emails and more, almost as they happen. This not only makes parenting easier, but affords the ability to be a stronger parent outside the home.

“We want parents to have the security of knowing their kids are staying safe online all summer, no matter where the parent is or has to be. Monitoring software, like our PC Pandora, and features like the IRIS are valuable tools that provide that security through full knowledge of activity,” says Leasure.

PC Pandora is computer monitoring software that records all user activity. By taking sequential snapshots of all activity on screen, PC Pandora is just like a DVR for your PC. The snapshots will allow you to see everything that happened on your computer, telling you who did what and when. Further details of user activity, such as websites visited, emails sent and received, instant messenger chats, keystrokes logged, peer-2-peer files traded, programs accessed and more, can be seen in text-based files. Those text files can then be sent to the parents via the IRIS feature.

From internet predators to cyberbullies, from illegal downloading to accidental deletions and unintended mistakes, anything can happen when kids are online. Leasure says it is essential parenting of the 21st century to make sure you know what your kids are doing when they are on the computer and on the Internet.

“The biggest threat to a child when they are online can be their own innocence and naivet

Olympian Summer Sanders, Upstart Band ‘The Maine’ Encourage Students to Enter America’s Greenest School Contest

Warrenville, IL (PRWEB) February 27, 2010

Last year, nearly 2,000 students from hundreds of schools nationwide competed for the coveted title of Americas Greenest SchoolSM in the first annual contest sponsored by leading school bus manufacturer IC Bus.

In 2010, the program is expanding to include even more opportunities for students to enter. U.S. Olympic gold medalist Summer Saunders and increasingly popular teen band The Maine kicked off this years contest with a bang. The Maine headlined an Americas Greenest School 2010 pep rally at Irvington High School last years contest winner in Freemont, Calif.

As parents, students and teachers are looking at ways to lead a greener life, school is a great place to show environmental leadership, said John McKinney, president of IC Bus. The Americas Greenest School Contest is one way to help educate and influence eco-friendly behavior like riding the bus to school instead of using a passenger car.

Students nationwide are encouraged to submit an entry, such as a photo collection, music, a video, an essay, or photos of a diorama, collage or piece of artwork, which illustrate the vision for how theyd make their school a greener place. Since every school bus has the capacity to take 36 cars off the road, school bus transportation is inherently eco-friendly. As part of their contest entry, we would like students to demonstrate how their school is committed to green transportation, McKinney added. Contest details and entry guidelines are available at AmericasGreenestSchool.com or http://www.facebook.com/AmericasGreenestSchool. Students have until March 8, 2010 to enter.

IC Bus will select ten finalists and America will choose the winner through online voting. The winner will be announced the week of Earth Day 2010 and the school of the winning entrant will win a hybrid school bus from IC Bus (a $ 150,000 value), a green audit of their school from a LEED Accredited Professional and approximately $ 20,000 for their school to use toward a green makeover.

Last year, Americas votes chose Irvington High School in Fremont, California as the prestigious winner. The school received a hybrid school bus from IC Bus, based on the award-winning essay from 16-year-old Alexander Chen. The hybrid school bus awarded to his school is up to 65 percent more fuel efficient than standard school buses and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 39 percent. It has also been specially engineered with a larger wheelbase to accommodate a wheelchair lift, making it fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Chen also received a $ 5,000 scholarship and his teacher, who is also the schools green coordinator, Clint Johns, received $ 3,000 for green school supplies.

Chens essay outlined the areas where his school has become more energy efficient, including reducing the schools energy use by one third. Irvington High School was the second school in the state of California to be recognized as an Energy StarSM school because of its efforts to reduce energy consumption by connecting computers to power strips, installing timers on exterior lighting and reprogramming classroom thermostats.

Student responsibility was also a key area in Chens essay. He wrote that students are encouraged to recycle and described the schools food scrap recycling program that diverts waste from landfills.

Riding a school bus is one great way to help the environment. Here are a few green facts from the American School Bus Council:

One school bus has the capacity to take 36 cars off the road, for a total of 17.3 million cars a year.

More than 26 million children ride the school bus daily, saving 2.3 billion gallons of fuel each year.

If an additional 10 percent of children rode school buses, it could save another 300 million gallons of fuel annually.

School bus models made in 2007 or later incorporate newer engine technology and are 60 times cleaner than those built before 1990

The daily fuel cost to transport a child to school is $ 3.68 for a private vehicle, but only 73 cents if that child rides a school bus.

About IC Bus

IC Bus, LLC, of Warrenville, IL, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navistar, Inc. (NYSE: NAV). The nations largest integrated manufacturer of school buses, IC Bus is a global leader in passenger protection, chassis design, engines and ergonomics. The company is also a producer of commercial buses. All IC Bus brand buses are sold, serviced and supported through a renowned dealer network that offers an integrated customer program encompassing parts, training and service. Additional information is available at icbus.com.

Media Contact: Dane Roth, (312) 228-6843, Dane.Roth(at)Ketchum(dot)com

Could you be Liable for Your Childs Summer Start Up?

MADISON, Wis. (PRWEB) May 4, 2010

As the end of the school season approaches, young adults across the U.S. are starting to look for summer jobs. With the summer job market again looking bleak for students, many young entrepreneurs are being inspired to go after their dreams and considering starting-up their own businesses. These motivated individuals arent alone; a Harris Interactive

PC Pandora is the Solution for Summer Internet Safety

Las Vegas, NV (Vocus) May 27, 2010

The calendars say summer doesnt start until June 21st, but everyone knows the two events that really signify the start of summer are Memorial Day and school dismissal. With Memorial Day weekend just ahead and school bells starting to ring, summer vacation is just around the corner for millions of kids across the country.

The mid-year break used to mean playing outside all day with friends and hanging out with the neighborhood gang until the sun went down. A parents main concern was where their kids physically were and who they were hanging out with.

In the 21st century, the playgrounds are digital, explains Jamie Leasure, co-founder of Pandora Corp., makers of PC Pandora 6.0 monitoring software. The physical concerns of yesterday need to be expressed for the Internet today: who is your child hanging out with and what websites are they visiting?

No school means children will be spending more time online, as they sit at home during the summer days; but it also means an increase in two prevalent online threats: sexual predators and cyberbullies.

Parents need a solution that will effectively keep their kids safe on the Internet while the parent is outside the home, says Leasure. Ideally, its going to be something that removes any doubt and shows the parent exactly what their child is doing, while also being something they can check from work. That is exactly what our PC Pandora 6.0 monitoring software was created for.

PC Pandora is computer monitoring software that records all activity on the PC. Screen snapshots that can be viewed with a DVD-like playback function give PC owners the ability to see exactly what happened on their computer. The program also creates text-based logs of all emails sent and received, instant messenger conversations, websites visited, programs used, peer-to-peer activity and keystrokes. Data is presented in easy-to-read charts to provide parents with a quick and easy way to see exactly what their kids are doing and where they are spending their time online.

The key to real internet safety is knowledge, says Leasure. You have to know what your kids are doing in order to keep them safe. Filters are easy to get around and provide a false sense of security, but monitoring Internet activity with PC Pandora allows you to see absolutely everything that happens. If your child is talking to strangers and forming relationships online, you will see it; if your child is involved in cyberbullying, as victim or bully, you will see it.

For parents that have to leave the kids at home this summer and go to work, PC Pandora comes equipped with the IRIS feature, which sends email updates to parents at specified intervals.

Our IRIS email report feature is an indispensable tool for every working parent, says Leasure. IRIS allows them to monitor their child’s online behavior while at work or otherwise away from the home. You can see what websites your kids are on and who they are talking to while you are away.

But the newest feature of PC Pandora 6.0 is the one parents will find priceless. PC Pandora LIVE! allows parents to access the data recorded by PC Pandora from anywhere in the world through a safe and secure SSL encrypted website. All thats needed is an Internet connection and a web browser; users can even log in from their iPhones and other handheld devices.

With the LIVE! service, you can review the data and adjust settings on the monitored computer, explains Leasure. Not only can you can check web history and view instant messenger and email conversations, but you can view the screenshots, update Internet filters, and fine-tune the parental control parameters, all while at work, on the road, or simply unable to be at home in front of the monitored computer.

For users monitoring multiple computers, PC Pandora LIVE! collects the data from all of the computers that you are monitoring and provides that data in a single place for easy review. While the IRIS function built into PC Pandora is still a great tool, LIVE! makes it easier to view your childs activity no more emails to comb through and no more having to manually view the data on multiple computers.

The bottom line is you have to know what your kids are doing online, says Leasure. Where they are going and who they are talking to is key, especially while they are home alone all day. We feel strongly that our PC Pandora 6.0 monitoring software coupled with the LIVE! service is the best all-around defense parents can get to help keep their children safe online. If someone is approaching a child with ill intentions, or if a child is engaging in risky behavior, the parent will know and can act immediately.

A 2-hour trial of PC Pandora is available at http://www.pcpandora.com. A summer promotion is currently running; use the code SUMMER2010 at checkout to save $ 10!

About PC Pandora: Pandora Corporation was formed with one goal to help our customers monitor, control and protect their families and themselves online. First released in mid 2005, PC Pandora has been constantly upgraded to industry-leading specifications and has received accolades from users, reviewers and even school districts and law enforcement agencies, who use the program to help in the day-to-day supervision of the children and citizens they are charged with protecting. The company website devotes space to helping parents by providing them with 18 Tips to Safe Surfing and Pandoras Blog, where current news in the world of online safety is discussed regularly. In addition, the Pandora Corp. has made the PD Pandora Internet Safety Symposium available to schools and law enforcement as a free resource for spreading internet safety awareness to parents. Over the past few years, PC Pandora has vaulted into a leadership position for parental control software by boasting a combination of features that are unparalleled in the monitoring industry. In 2010, Version 6.0 was released, again widening the spectrum of coverage and protection offered by the program. Concurrently released with 6.0, the web-based PC Pandora LIVE! service affords parents the ability to keep their kids safe from anywhere at anytime. PC Pandora is also now available through the Pandora Corp. store at Amazon.com.

Reporters and Producers: Looking to cover this topic? We are your technology solution component. Software is available to journalists for review and testing. Staff members are available for interviews. Let us help you show your audience how easy it can be to keep their kids safe on the Internet.

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Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online This Summer

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) July 2, 2010

Summer is full of fun: camp, sleepovers, pool parties, concerts, baseball games, campfires, holiday travel and more. However, we no longer live in an age where kids spend most of their free time outdoors digging for fossils in the backyard or even riding bikes. Tweeting, friending, Gchats and Facebooking are just as hot as meeting at the Dairy Queen parking lot to hang out was in 1993.

Social networking is here to stay and whether you approve of sites like Facebook or not, chances are your child is already on them or one day will be. Your instinct may be to ban your child from such sites, but as we all know, that just makes them more enticing. With more freedom to spend time online this summer, here are ten quick tips on childrens online safety that will alleviate your worry and help your children enjoy and capitalize on a fun-filled, social summer.


Michigan Family Law Attorney Says Divorced Parents Often Face Stress With Summer Vacations

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan (PRWEB) July 30, 2010

As the end of summer nears, many people plan to take one last vacation trip with their children before school starts.

Without planning and clear communication, however, that relaxing late-summer getaway could easily turn into a dispute, says Bloomfield Hills, Michigan family lawyer Thomas L. Stroble.

Stroble, who practices at the Oakland County family law firm, The Stroble Law Firm, P.C., says arguments can erupt between divorced parents when vacation plans are not cleared. The parents could end up planning vacations for the same dates, or else they may object to the others planned vacation site or activity.

If parents communicate clearly with each other and make their plans well in advance, these problems typically can be avoided, Stroble says. What should be a joyful time for parents and their children should not become a source of conflict and anger.

Stroble suggests that parents insert vacation and holiday schedules in their divorce or child custody agreement. Often, divorced parents choose alternating years to take their children on vacation or evenly divide holidays. For example, the children may spend the Fourth of July with their mother, while the father spends time with them on Labor Day weekend.

If the vacation and holiday schedule is not spelled out in a formal agreement, parents can still set dates and plans several months in advance and exchange those plans in writing, Stroble says.

As with many issues in a divorce, getting an agreement in writing is very important because it avoids confusion and helps to protect your rights and interests as a parent, Stroble says.

Sometimes, work or other events may force a parent to change vacation plans. When that happens, Stroble suggests that divorced parents do their best to accommodate each other.

“Both parents are usually entitled to vacation time with their children, so trying to deny that time together can be harmful to all parties, especially the children, he says. If parents can be reasonably flexible, then it works out best for everyone.

If there can be no agreement reached on vacation plans, Stroble says a divorced parent should consult a family law attorney. He advises parents not to surrender vacation time with their children simply because the other parent is being too difficult.

Vacations should remain fun times and important bonding opportunities in the parent-child relationship,” Stroble says.

About The Stroble Law Firm, P.C.:

The Stroble Law Firm, P.C. is a full-service law firm based in Bloomfield Hills, MI, which represents family law clients throughout the state of Michigan, including Troy, Farmington Hills, Waterford, Rochester Hills, Southfield, West Bloomfield and Birmingham. The firms family law attorneys represent clients in claims involving child custody, divorce, spousal support, child support, parenting time (visitation) and property division. The firms practice areas also include personal injury litigation, business and commercial litigation, employment law and criminal defense.

To learn more about The Stroble Law Firm, P.C. call (248) 454-0800 or (888) 454-0801 or use the firms online contact form.