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Harmony Selects Logi 8 Business Intelligence Platform from LogiXML to Enhance Human Services Software Solutions

Reston and McLean, VA (PRWEB) May 29, 2007

Harmony Information Systems, Inc. (Harmony) has reached an OEM agreement with LogiXML, Inc. to integrate the Logi 8 Business Intelligence platform into the innovative Harmony Web-based solution, which offers information management for human service agencies.

The Logi 8 Platform includes a range of BI features to deliver Harmony application data to users for reporting and analysis. Dashboards, ad hoc reports, customizable charts, graphs and report personalization are just a few of the key features that will be incorporated to enhance the value of Harmony products.

Harmony is a Web-based information management solution designed for human services organizations that provide or manage a wide array of programs and services. Harmony is unlike any other application on the market today. Employing a unique enterprise framework approach, Harmony offers exceptional capabilities, combining the strength of a comprehensive, Web-based framework with the flexibility of a user-defined, integrated application.

“We are very pleased Harmony has chosen the Logi 8 business intelligence platform,” said Arman Eshraghi, founder and CEO, LogiXML, Inc. “We are committed to making embedded, Web-based reporting and analysis as easy as possible for innovative application software vendors like Harmony.”

“We see an opportunity to instantly enhance the value of our product by integrating BI capabilities developed by LogiXML into our product line,” said Harmony President and CEO Tonya Harmon. “The Web-based Logi 8 technology is visually appealing and functionally rich. Integrating this technology into our product will provide our users with the additional BI capability they want and will help us reach our product objectives more quickly — a great combination.”

Harmony meets the combined needs of organizations involved in behavioral health care, child welfare and childcare, housing and homeless programs, juvenile justice, mental retardation and developmental disabilities, substance abuse, adult protective services, foster care and adoption, public guardianship and trustee services and other areas.

Harmony customers include public and private agencies such as government social services departments, lead agencies, managed care organizations and providers of behavioral and social services.

About LogiXML, Inc. (http://www.logixml.com)

LogiXML, the leader in interactive, Web-based Business Intelligence, empowers enterprises to turn data into business-critical information with pure Web-based reporting and analysis products. The Company offers a comprehensive platform that addresses all key areas of BI — managed reporting, ad hoc reporting, analysis and data services. Used by thousands of organizations worldwide, LogiXML products are built on standards-based technologies for easy integration, implementation and upgrade. LogiXML’s per server pricing model makes its powerful technology the most affordable BI solution on the market. Founded in 2000, LogiXML is privately held and based in McLean, Virginia.

About Harmony (http://www.harmonyis.com)

Harmony is a Web-based software application for information management in human service agencies that provide or manage a variety of complex programs and services. Harmony is clearly different from competing solutions, combining the flexibility of an application built “from the ground up” with the convenience, cost efficiency and ease of implementation of a commercial off-the-shelf (or COTS) product offering immediate, “out of the box” functionality.


Spacesaver Dealer McMurray Stern Awarded the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services Storage Solutions Contract

Los Angeles CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2007

Riverside County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) has awarded their storage solution contract to McMurray Stern, the exclusive Spacesaver area contractor for the greater Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County and Central Coast areas.

The Riverside County DPSS records center was nearing maximum capacity. McMurray Stern in partnership with G/M Business Interiors, provided a storage solution which would replace the existing stationary shelving on the first floor of the facility with eighteen (18) modules of high-density mobile shelving. This new Spacesaver Eclipse(TM) powered solution allowed more than 500,000 linear filing inches of records from multiple floors to be consolidated to the first floor, streamlining the file retrieval process.

The Eclipse(TM) powered system uses menu-based configurability which makes it easier for users to build the system they need by selecting features and options on an ‘a la carte’ basis, Additional safety and programmable features can be added to the powered system in the future, allowing it to evolve with business needs.

“This is an immense project. The Department Of Public Social Services required an experienced company who had implemented projects similar in size and scope.” said Matt Denburg, President of McMurray Stern. “By installing compact shelving, additional capacity was provided for DPSS, thus extending the life of their facility.”

The Department of Public Social Services contributes to the safety and security of thousands of abused and neglected children and adults by serving as the county’s child and adult protective services agency. Foster care, kinship care, In-Home Supportive Services, and adoption services are just a few of the programs available that provide protection for young and old alike. The county’s award winning Curtailing Abuse Related to the Elderly (CARE) program provides education and outreach for the community to assist in the prevention of financial abuse and consumer fraud. More information about The Department of Public Social Services can be found on their website at: http://www.dpss.co.riverside.ca.us

About McMurray Stern

As a 27 year strong company founded in 1980, McMurray Stern is the leading source of design and build solutions for filing and storage systems in Southern California. They have been the exclusive Southern California Area Contractor for Spacesaver Corporation since inception, and have continued their relationship with Spacesaver with no interruptions. This significant milestone places McMurray Stern in an elite group of providers who have successfully improved the way business offices, libraries, healthcare facilities, schools, museums, justice facilities, and industrial facilities manage filing and storage operations. Some of their service offerings include; structural evaluations and calculations, cost analysis, budgetary evaluations, consulting design services, relocation planning and coordination, and document conversions, file tracking and imaging application implementation. More information can be found on their website: http://www.mcmurraystern.com, or by contacting them directly at 562.623.3000.


Votenet Solutions Achieves Independent Security Certification from Interfor, Inc.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) December 19, 2007

Continually enhancing its industry-leading security capabilities, Votenet Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of secure online voting and nomination solutions for associations, corporations, law firms, non-profits, universities and organizations, announced today that the company has achieved an independent 3rd party Physical Security Certification from Interfor, Inc., an international investigation and security consulting firm offering comprehensive domestic and foreign intelligence services to the legal, corporate, and financial communities. Due to the importance Votenet Solutions places on securing sensitive corporate and client information contained within their office locations, offsite data facility, and IT systems, the company proactively completed Interfor’s highly rigorous Physical Security Vulnerability Assessment in order to achieve certification. The assessment included thorough review of:

the convergence of Votenet Solutions’ physical security capabilities and IT network
security, including application of the highest levels of Internet security protocols and email data encryption
application of electronic control systems
protection measures for paper-based and electronically stored corporate, client, and partner proprietary information
corporate-wide disaster recovery and crisis management procedures
access control, intrusion detection, and video protection systems
employee, vendor, and visitor identification procedures

“Votenet Solutions has achieved a robust, comprehensive security program comparable to our Fortune 500 corporation clients, in which all of their protocols, procedures, and systems converge to ensure protection of all physical and electronic properties. Preventing a security intrusion is extremely advantageous in itself, but the complete confidence this Physical Security Certification provides to Votenet Solutions and their clients and partners is invaluable,” stated Don Aviv, Chief Operating Officer, CPP, PSP, PCI, Interfor, Inc.

Protecting proprietary corporate and client information was a particularly high priority throughout the security assessment. Among the security measures in place, strong email, server, and network encryption ensures that Votenet Solutions’ online voting solutions and information such as credit card payment transactions and client election materials including ballots, membership rosters, and voting results are safe from intrusion.

“Although we have built a solid reputation for software and corporate security over the past eight years, this independent security certification from Interfor ensures that our security protocols meet the highest standards today and in the future, as Interfor will regularly re-evaluate our security program. The trust and confidence of our clients and partners in our ability to secure our Web-based voting solutions and services is of utmost importance to us, and we will continue to actively pursue opportunities to enhance our capabilities,” said Michael Tuteur, CEO, Votenet Solutions, Inc.

For more information on Votenet Solutions’ best-in-class security processes, please visit http://eballot30.votenet.com/dynamiccontent/subsection.cfm?navid=105&type=child

About Votenet Solutions, Inc.

Votenet Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of secure on-demand voting and nominations software and election consulting for private organizations including membership associations, trade associations, award shows, realtor organizations, universities, K-12 schools, law firms, homeowner associations, corporations, financial institutions, unions, pension boards, credit unions and other types of organizations.

Since 2001, Votenet’s software has delivered more than 8,000 online ballots and served over 6,000,000 voters worldwide. With its market-leading online voting solution, eBallot , its suite of online governance solutions, and 650+ clients in the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe, Votenet Solutions Inc. is the emerging global leader in e-governance technology.

Votenet Solutions, Inc. is based in Washington, D.C. with offices throughout North America. For more information please visit http://www.votenet.com. To inquire about one of our solutions, please call 800-868-3638 or send an email to salesconsultant@votenet.com.

About Interfor, Inc.

Founded in 1979, Interfor, Inc. is an international investigation and security consulting firm headquartered in NYC and operating in 36 countries around the world. Interfor offers comprehensive domestic and foreign intelligence services to the legal, corporate and financial communities.

Interfor is staffed by highly skilled investigators, fraud examiners and security consultants, many of whom have been associated with government, defense, and intelligence agencies worldwide, including the British Secret Service, Israeli intelligence, various European agencies, and the United States CID, CIA, DEA and FBI agencies. Our investigators are also supported by a sophisticated research division using state of the art technology.

Interfor is fully licensed and operates in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and Asia. While the nature of Interfor services precludes disclosing the identity of specific clients, they include Fortune 500 companies, major law firms, an international airline and a number of Western governments.

# # #

Votenet Solutions Achieves Independent Security Certification from Interfor, Inc.

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) December 20, 2007

Continually enhancing its industry-leading security capabilities, Votenet Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of secure online voting and nomination solutions for associations, corporations, law firms, non-profits, universities and organizations, announced today that the company has achieved an independent 3rd party Physical Security Certification from Interfor, Inc., an international investigation and security consulting firm offering comprehensive domestic and foreign intelligence services to the legal, corporate, and financial communities. Due to the importance Votenet Solutions places on securing sensitive corporate and client information contained within their office locations, offsite data facility, and IT systems, the company proactively completed Interfor’s highly rigorous Physical Security Vulnerability Assessment in order to achieve certification. The assessment included thorough review of:

Confidant Solutions and Our Military Kids Partner to Promote Family Protection While Supporting Military Families

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) November 3, 2009

Confidant Solutions Inc. and Our Military Kids today announced a joint promotion beginning on Veterans Day, November 11, 2009, and continuing through January 10, 2010. The campaign is aimed at raising funds for grants that will be awarded during the month of April, 2010, in celebration of the Month of the Military Child.

Our Military Kids is a rapidly growing, innovative non-profit that addresses important gaps in support for the children of National Guard, Reserve, and severely injured military personnel. When a military parent is deployed overseas or recovering from severe injury at home, extracurricular activities become all the more important for keeping kids involved and on track. More than 85,000 children are affected by the deployment of a National Guard or Reserve parent and over 60% of these families live further than 25 miles from a military installation. Consequently, the numerous programs and support services provided on bases are not an option for many Guard and Reserve families. Our Military Kids enables Guard and Reserve children to participate in any extracurricular program that they choose, giving children the freedom to pursue their own interests in athletics, academics, or the arts in the community in which they live. Our Military Kids has awarded over 13,000 grants totaling $ 4.8 million and is growing as awareness of its mission spreads.

Confidant Solutions Inc. provides an innovative, secure online technology that protects families by addressing an important gap in family information: that family members frequently do not know the information that would be needed in case of emergency, and have no easy, secure way to share such information. Confidant makes available readily online information such as the location of vital documents, contact details for key people, the institutions where accounts and policies are held, and location of important objects, using an intuitive icon-driven interface with bank-standard security. Confidant is easier than an electronic vault because it does not require uploading or managing electronic documents; users simply enter relevant details such as document location and key contacts, and then share this critical information with designated “confidants” by granting them customized permissions to view selected details. Confidants can be added or deleted, or their access permissions changed, at any time.

Confidant and Our Military Kids have collaborated because of the philosophical alignment of their missions: protecting families by providing innovative solutions to address important gaps. The American public recognizes the need to protect their own families, as well as the special needs of military families who are making sacrifices on behalf of all of us says Confidant founder Samuel Sandy Haviland. We are very pleased to partner with Our Military Kids in promoting a way that families can serve both needs, by donating a portion of their Confidant subscriptions to help fund grants for military children. Mary Carolyn Voght, Director of Special Projects for Our Military Kids, says Its a great way to give back to those who are sacrificing to make our nation a better place for us all.

The larger the number of Confidant subscriptions, the larger the number of grants that will be funded in April to support the children of deployed Guard and Reserve personnel and the children of severely injured service members. Confidant can be found online at http://www.beconfidant.com and users can ensure support of the Our Military Kids grant program by entering the promotional code OMK at the time of their subscriptions.

About Confidant Solutions Inc.

Confidant Solutions Inc. provides secure technology for tracking and sharing vital personal information to protect families with a system that helps ensure access to information by those who would need it. Confidant subscriptions are available online, or can be obtained through various channel partners. Please visit http://www.beconfidant.com for further information about the company and ConfidantTM.

About Our Military Kids

Our Military Kids provides tangible support to children of deployed National Guard and Reserve personnel as well as to children of severely injured service members through grants for enrichment activities and tutoring. Such activities help these children cope with the stress of having a parent in a war zone or recovering from injury at home. Please visit http://www.ourmilitarykids.org for further information.


Mary Carolyn Voght

Our Military Kids

(703) 615-6520

Lisa Head

Confidant Solutions Inc.



eMazzanti Technologies Customer Andover Regional Schools Counts on Smart Security Solutions in New Video Case Study

Hoboken, N.J. (Vocus) December 31, 2009

A new video describing how eMazzanti Technologies helped Andover Regional Schools solve network security, reliability and budget issues is now viewable at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buB8a0eyoLQ. The video chronicles the lessons Andover learned about solving some of its most persistent computer problems.

In todays schools, technology is the students pen and paper, said Bernard T. Baggs, superintendent, Andover Regional School District. Safe, reliable network and Internet access is critical to the skills that were trying to develop.

Protecting Kids and Running a Business

eMazzanti developed a security solution utilizing WatchGuard firewall hardware along with its own proprietary eCare support package that delivers 24×7 support and maintenance for a fixed fee. Were not only responsible for the safety of the children; we also have a business to run. Both need protection. eMazzanti development a solution to meet all of our needs, continued Baggs.

Andovers Network Systems Administrator, Bill McNeir enthusiastically echoed support for the eMazzanti solution. The combination of WatchGuard hardware and eMazzantis services was a win-win for the school district. It solved bandwidth and safety issues as well as addressed budgetary constraints and the need for on-going support.

eMazzanti made sure Andover got its moneys-worth with the deployed security solution. We fixed the problems and made the solution affordable, noted Carl Mazzanti, chief operating officer, eMazzanti Technologies. Whether Andover needed to protect and maintain 300 or 1000 computers, the cost remained the same.

The Andover video case study will be featured on three main websites: eMazzanti Technologies (http://www.emazzanti.net), Andover Regional School District (http://www.andoverregional.gov) and WatchGuard (http://www.watchguard.com).

About WatchGuard

Since 1996, WatchGuard

Texas Partnership for Children in Nature Calls For Happier, Healthier, Smarter Kids; Statewide Conference Dec. 3-4 to Probe Problems, Solutions

Austin, TX (PRWEB) November 23, 2010

Go outside and play. How many times did todays parents hear that familiar phrase while growing up? Studies say kids today dont hear it enough, and that its time for a change.

Mobile devices and video games have all but replaced the days of playing Kick the Can on neighborhood streets with friends, or just hanging out at a park all day. In fact, kids today spend just four to seven minutes outside each day in unstructured outdoor play (like climbing trees), yet more than seven hours each day in front of an electronic screen.

If we dont address this issue today, then what were facing in the next generation is that children will have a much shorter life span than their parents,” said Dr. Kimberly Avila Edwards, a pediatrician at the Texas Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Childhood Obesity at Dell Childrens Medical Center of Central Texas and chair of the Texas Pediatric Society obesity committee.

Avilas talking about the link between childhood obesity and sedentary indoor lifestyles. Shes part of a growing chorus of expert voices from diverse disciplines, all urging steps to reconnect kids and families with nature and the outdoors.

The Texas Partnership for Children in Nature will host a conference to address the problem Dec. 3-4 in Austin. The purpose is to present the partnerships strategic plan to educators, conservationists, health practitioners, policymakers and others who care about the issue and can work to implement the plan in their communities.

The Austin conference is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Winkler Family Foundation. Friday, the public is welcome to join from 8 am to 3 pm, to see the plan presented, for the cost of lunch, $ 11. See the conference website for the complete agenda and list of speakers and topics. Please see details, agenda, and access registration at http://www.texaschildreninnature.org.

Conference speakers include Carter Smith, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department executive director; Joe Frost, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin professor emeritus; Kevin Coyle, National Wildlife Federation vice president of education; Elizabeth Goodenough, Ph.D., creator of the PBS documentary Where Do the Children Play?; and Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas vice president and chief medical officer and former Texas Department of State Health Services executive director.

As the trend away from outdoor play and learning deepens, we are witnessing sobering consequences for childrens health and well-being, said TPWDs Smith. Additionally, this youngest generation is missing out on critical experiences that lay the foundation for future stewardship of our natural resources.

The good news: experts say the problem is solvable. Unlike complex environmental or economic problems, getting families and children back to nature is relatively straightforward and inexpensive. We can reverse this trend, Smith said. We can restore our childrens well-being and their relationship with Texass rich natural and cultural heritage.

The partnerships roots trace to fall 2009, when a bi-partisan group of Texas legislators asked TPWD, the Texas Education Agency, Texas Department of State Health Services and Texas Department of Agriculture to form a public-private partnership and develop a strategic plan. Over 80 professionals answered the call, including representatives from state and federal agencies, non-profits, businesses, and health, education, natural resource and community organizations.

Their discoveries include some sobering statistics:

VirtualPiggy To Provide Parent-Controlled And Approved Online Access For Youth Through In-Game Payment Solutions Specialist, Xsolla

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 03, 2011

Virtual Piggy, Inc. (OTCBB: VPIG) today announced that they have entered into an agreement to provide the VirtualPiggy service to the gaming community through Xsolla, which provides in-game payment solutions worldwide. This will provide the ability for any online or PC-download game companies partnered with Xsolla to transact with the global youth market in a secure COPPA-compliant manner.

VirtualPiggy gives parents the technology to allow their children to safely make online purchases – without revealing their name or age. Parents can monitor or approve purchases so they remain in control while helping their child to learn about money the service is free for parents, they simply create a VirtualPiggy account.

Albert Donahue, Vice President and Co-Founder of Xsolla stated:

The gaming industry continues to target youth for their love of interactive entertainment- working with VirtualPiggy will help parents looking to teach their children financial responsibility and will help our gaming partners to have the opportunity to help parents retain control and ensure that their kids enjoy their games safely.

We understand that parents decide how money will be spent with regard to games; by having parents’ trust, it will increase payment conversion rates and reduce chargebacks. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved in the process.

VirtualPiggy will be integrated into the Xsolla in-game monetization framework and will be available to all of Xsolla’s partners serving the global youth market.

Xsolla works with over 300 game publishers- many of these publishers provide high quality online games for the U18 (under 18) audience, and we are delighted that Xsolla has chosen VirtualPiggy to provide a parent-controlled e commerce solution for their youth market, stated Dr. Jo Webber, Chairman of VirtualPiggy.

About Xsolla:

Xsolla specializes in online games, providing localized in-game payment solutions for global reach. Xsolla has been providing payment solutions with easy integration and high payment conversion rates for over 6 years. Xsolla’s headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, with offices in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Xsolla partners with over 200 payment service providers offering credit and prepaid cards, mobile payments, e-wallets, cash and e-cash, payment kiosks and offers- all within one platform- with no installation, currency exchange or chargeback fees. Xsolla partners with more than 300 game publishers worldwide, including many of the leading casual and social game companies such as Valve Corporation (Steam), Aeria Games, S2 Games, Gameforge, Bigpoint, Wargaming, InnoGames, Travian Games and more. For more information or a free proposal, please visit Xsolla online at http://www.xsolla.com.

Social Media:

Follow Xsolla On Twitter: @xsolla http://www.twitter.com/xsolla

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Xsolla/145288672229356?sk=wall

Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/company/2pay-inc

Newsroom & Blog: http://www.newsroom.xsolla.com

About Virtual Piggy:

Virtual Piggy, Inc. delivers a technology platform designed for the management of the Under 18 age group in the global online market. The Virtual Piggy technology enables online businesses to function in a manner consistent with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and similar international childrens privacy laws. Virtual Piggy technology enables the Under 18 audience to play, transact and socialize in a secure online environment guided by parental permission, oversight and control. For more information about Virtual Piggy, please visit the Companys website at: http://www.virtualpiggy.com.

Safe Harbor Statement

All statements in this news release other than statements of historical facts are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements are based upon our current expectations and speak only as of the date hereof. Although we believe that the expectations reflected in our forward-looking statements are reasonable, we can give no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. Such statements are not guarantees of future performance or events and are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause our actual results, events or financial position to differ materially and adversely from those expressed in such forward-looking statements. Such factors include, but are not limited to, our ability to raise additional capital, the absence of any operating history or revenue, our ability to attract and retain qualified personnel, our dependence on third party developers who we can not control, our ability to develop and introduce a new service to the market, market acceptance of our services, legislative, regulatory and competitive developments addressing licensing and enforcement of patents and/or intellectual property, general economic conditions, and other factors disclosed in our annual report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2010 and other filings with the SEC. We undertake no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statements for any reason.