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Children in Danger: The Terrifying X Factor in Family Law as Identified by Custody Calculations, a New Internet Web Site Company

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) June 2, 2006

A law enforcement officer for twenty-three years, Catherine MacWillie, Chief Executive Officer, of Custody Calculations, dealt daily with the issues pertaining to divorce and the family law court system. One of the more frightening results of the family law courts she came to witness was the ability of violent felons and convicted registered sexual offenders to receive unmonitored visitation, even obtain full custody of their children. Catherine identified the source of this loophole along with other revisions that should be made to the divorce process during the development of her company, Custody Calculations.

Catherine stated that it is her hope that the courts will implement the patented technology used in her new automated internet web site service to help the court recognize and rectify dangerous custody decisions that allow sexual predators to obtain custody of their children or have unmonitored visitation and other issues. She believes many of the changes that are needed in family law are simple and could occur now, today, without any change in the law. In some cases the reorganization of the court orders would be all that is needed. These small changes would have the added benefit of allowing families to recover faster from the divorce process than is now possible under the present system.

Ultimately these changes would also reduce the trauma, drama and devastation of divorce, minimize the number of valid court orders even provide for the use of such words as privacy and dignity in the divorce process. More immediate and pressing, these changes would act to protect and secure the safety of children.

Other changes would allow divorcing parties to control, for the first time who has what information and when during and after divorce just by reorganizing the court orders. By using the services developed by Custody Calculations, these changes and even more are now possible!

After spending many years on the front lines dealing with families, Catherine saw that the needs of families going through the divorce process were not being met. She sought answers. Research and development took ten years and included interviews both inside and outside the divorce process, business executives, judicial officers, and finance companies. She also reviewed issues related to workman’s compensation and interviewed hospital emergency room staff, evaluators, mediators, school administrators, families and children, police officers, detectives, including specialized and non specialized police units. During development, data and research was further pursued using books, tapes, video recordings and other periodicals and documents from the fields of psychology, parenting, social services, and even included statistics on bankruptcy and other related issues.

In the process of research, Custody Calculations, obtained a broader view of the true impact of family law on our entire social system. The company identified issues like the fact that twenty five percent of all crime in this country may be related to family law, including, homicides, suicides, abduction, kidnap, child abuse, domestic abuse, violation of court orders. Most of this has gone unnoticed by the general public and those within the family law court system.

So what is the loophole and how does it work? The current process of filing for divorce requires no submission of a criminal history. Why is this an issue? Many women have no knowledge of the background and/or criminal history of the men they marry or have children with something that became clear during interviews with specialized police units who deal with registered sexual offenders, rapists and pedophiles.

According to the detectives and officers interviewed these predators seek out – women with young children whom they can abuse, or they have children with women with the specific intent to rape and abuse these infants and children- even their own biological children! The woman with whom they live or those they marry do not have this information, therefore they are unable to provide it to the court during the divorce and custody process. Family law court needs this information as part of making an informed decision for the safety and welfare of the children.

While a majority of the time it is women who are victims of sexual predators, men would benefit from the submission of criminal history by the other party. Men marry women who have criminal backgrounds of which they are unaware of as well. While women are more often guilty of prostitution, drug, and alcohol arrests there are a very small number of women who are sexual predators or women who have been arrested for severe neglect or abuse of their children. Again without this information, the court cannot make an informed decision for the protection, safety and welfare of children.

While on the surface, this change would appear to be overwhelming and would require new legislation, it could be done with a minimum of effort and would ensure the safety of children protecting them from abusers which can hardly be argued against.

Criminal records, testimony or lack thereof, would be submitted by the parties at the onset of the divorce process without further costs or burden to the courts and would be notarized. Verification of the name, date of birth etc could be confirmed against the document. The information would become a part of the court record, to be filed and referred to with the rest of the necessary disclosures when determining custody.

To obtain additional information on this issue as well as all of the services of the Custody Calculations web site for attorneys, individuals, evaluators, mediators and others visit their promotion web site at http://www.custodycalculations.com or call them at 702-375-9389. Watch for their highly anticipated launch date of July 31, 2006.


Florida Attorney General Adds WatchLink to Public Safety Site

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) July 17, 2006

Spatial NetWorks new WatchLink technology is now available free for all residents of Florida. WatchLink provides automatic web based reporting of the FDLE sex offender database for the entire state. Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist provides a link to this valuable service for use by all Florida residents on his consumer web pages under CHILD SAFETY at http://myfloridalegal.com/.

The data is drawn from the FDLE online data site but instead of requiring research to find out offender locations and details the service automatically sends the information to the consumer, requiring a one time selection and registration. Residents can access a pre existing list of public and private schools, daycare and aftercare centers to get custom reports of offenders in the areas where their children attend school and play. Any other home, school, work or play address can be entered as well and a custom report generated. Updates are sent as specified by the user for immediate notification or weekly reporting.

While other web-based services give information about the locations of registered sex offenders, WatchLink shows residents these locations in relation to their home, school, daycare, office or any other place of interest. Pictures, names, aliases, convictions and complete physical descriptions are available in the full report. The report is linked to an easy-to-use interactive map that provides the user entered location and specified surrounding area.

Attorney General Charlie Crist says “Protecting our most vulnerable citizens is the highest priority of our State. By providing parents with another tool to fulfill the responsibility of looking out for children, our neighborhoods are that much safer.

For additional information about WatchLink technology and how it tracks and maps registered sex offenders and sexual predators, please visit http://login.watchlink.us/how-it-works.html. To sign up and start getting your free report now, go to http://login.watchlink.us and enter in your information.


The Hunger Site and GreaterGood Network Establish New Gifts That Give More to Directly Aid People of Eastern Burma with Medical Services and Supplies

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 29, 2007

The Hunger Site (http://www.thehungersite.com), one in a family of click-to-give Web sites known as the GreaterGood Network, recently established a partnership with 2007 Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award winner, Dr. Cynthia Maung. Six new Gifts That Give More were created to benefit Dr. Maung’s clinic in Mae Sot, Thailand, and village medical clinics in Burma. One hundred percent of the contributions given through these gifts will go directly to fund medical training and supplies to benefit the needy in areas of Eastern Burma.

The unique Gifts That Gives More program allows 100% tax-deductible contributions to pass through directly to nonprofit causes. Inclusion in the program raises awareness and provides the supporters in this growing community that cares with an opportunity to fund specific services for people, animals and causes in need. With their full-color downloadable certificate of acknowledgement, Gifts That Give More make a meaningful holiday gift.

Dr. Cynthia Maung is the winner of the 2007 Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award. The purpose of the award is to support democratic development and promote human rights throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Dr. Maung was selected for her tenacious and long-term commitment to the thousands of Burmese refugees and migrant workers who seek refuge from oppression and violence by the Burmese military junta that governs the country, and for her dedication to training and educating those refugees in order to build a community based on respect for life and human rights.

At her clinic, Dr. Maung provides not only medical care for her patients, but also job training, social services, health education, child protection services, and community-building activities. The Burmese Gifts that Give More provide six ways to fund these initiatives: Train Midwives ($ 50), Train a Backpack Medic ($ 100), Provide Essential Medical Supplies for a Village for a Day ($ 20), Treat Four Malaria Patients ($ 23), Provide Bednets ($ 30), and Provide a Clean Childbirth Kit ($ 24.50).

One hundred percent of funds collected from the Burmese Gifts That Give More is paid by GreaterGood.org to Planet Care/Global Health Access Program, a California based nonprofit organization working to improve the well-being of communities in crisis through the provision of health and public health services, capacity building, and resource enhancement. Since 1998, GHAP has supported Mae Tao Clinic and ethnic minority health organizations in Burma by providing health worker training, technical support for medical and public health programs, health information systems support, and medical supplies.

Tim Kunin, co-owner of CharityUSA comments, “The recent escalation of violence against Buddhist monks and Burmese citizens by the junta in Burma inspired us to look for ways to help reduce mortality in one of the most impoverished regions of the world. I visited Dr. Cynthia’s Clinic in 2003, and saw her amazing work firsthand. Then last month, we sent a staff member to Mae Sot. The results are these six new ways our visitors can help reduce infant and maternal mortality and give truly meaningful gifts this holiday season.”

The Hunger Site is a member of the U.S. Campaign for Burma, and has been selling products made by the Burmese refugee community in Mae Sot, Thailand since 2003, as a way to benefit families by providing income to refugee women.

About The Hunger Site (http://www.TheHungerSite.com) & GreaterGood Network

The Hunger Site is the original, flagship Web site in a growing family of cause-related sites operating as the GreaterGood Network. Other sites include The Breast Cancer Site, The Child Health Site, The Animal Rescue Site, The Rainforest Site, and The Literacy Site. Each site is focused on a specific need and allows supporters to benefit leading charities with simple, everyday online actions such as clicking to give and shopping to give more. In addition to 100% of sponsor advertising, a portion of every sale in the suite of GreaterGood Network stores goes to charity. At The Hunger Site, those funds help provide food for impoverished people in the U.S. and overseas through its charity partners, America’s Second Harvest and Mercy Corps. Since The Hunger Site launched in June 1999, hundreds of millions of people from around the world have clicked and shopped to make a difference. On average, over 220,000 individuals visit The Hunger Site each day.


Stun Gun and Personal Safety Site Makes a ‘Stunning’ Online Debut

Racine, WI (PRWEB) February 25, 2009

In these times of uncertainty, violent crime can, unfortunately, become something of the norm. While Americans compartmentalize the necessities of their daily lives, personal safety is one that shouldn’t be ignored or brushed away.

“It’s just better to be on the safe side,” said Jodi Lawrence. “You don’t know who you can encounter whether you’re out jogging or walking across a grocery store parking lot.”

Lawrence, along with her mother Beverly, launched a brand new self-defense website called http://www.JustToFeelSafe.com in February 2009. The website specializes in affordable safety products such as stun guns, personal alarms, and Tasers. They also carry an array of home safety and child protection items like diversion safes and child guard alarms.

Aside from having a large selection, Just To Feel Safe also posts stun gun laws from around the country.

“One of the nice things is that we’re able to post the different stun gun laws, which can differ from state to state and county to county,” said Beverly.

Though the site is still fresh, Beverly and Jodi have already begun making plans for what they are going to be carrying next (“I would like to see nanny cams and surveillance equipment on the site,” said Jodi.).

In the meantime, they’ve added a new blog to their site. The blog, http://www.BeingSafeBlog.com, gives tips on how people can protect themselves when they feel like they may be in danger. There are also other helpful hints in how to properly use some of the equipment that people may find on JustToFeelSafe.com.

As the new year continues on, people are finding ways to have piece of mind and with the matters of personal safety, the family owned JustToFeelSafe.com is a good place to start, if only for Jodi and Beverly’s congenial service.

“We understand people in the retail aspect,” said Jodi. “My mom and I have worked together in another business for 21 years and we were able to come to care about people and our customers, which is important when you have an independent business.”

“We pride ourselves on being able to understand and take care of our customers,” added Beverly.

About the Company:

JustToFeelSafe.com is a part of BJ Lawrence Enterprises, LLC. which is owned and operated by Beverly Lawrence.

Contact Information:

Beverly Lawrence


(262) 989-8834

iePlexus, Inc.



Real Kids Photography Launches New Site with Free Report

Dewitt, MI (PRWEB) June 22, 2009

Real Kids Photography announced today that they are launching a new website and offering a free report via an E-book titled, The 6 Essential Tips Everyone Should Know When Photographing Children. The E-book is written by Real Kids, LLC owner and life-long child photographer, Betty A. Muscott.

“We recognize that many parents are not satisfied with the traditional posed studio portraits,” said Ms. Muscott. “Instead, more and more parents want to learn about photographing their own children. With today’s digital cameras parents can take hundreds of photos of their children and simply choose to keep and print the ones they want.”

The free E-book can be obtained by visiting Real Kids Photography and clicking on the appropriate box.

John White, spokesman for Real Kids Photography, notes that “Within minutes parents will have all the information they need to educate themselves on how to improve their photography skills and get the natural expressions they want for quality photos of their children.” Totally free, the only thing necessary to receive the E-book is to complete a simple form and press the “Send it Now!” button. Once the request has been confirmed download of the book is immediately available.

“This free E-book provides valuable lessons learned over the years” said Ms. Muscott, who has been taking children’s photographs for many years. The oldest of five children growing up on a dairy farm in Michigan, Ms. Muscott earned money babysitting in order to purchase the first thing she ever really wanted in life – a camera. At that very moment, a young aspiring photographer was born. Ms. Muscott has taken thousands of children’s photographs since then and has learned something new with each one. Her free E-book will assist parents in doing the same.

Twenty first century technology and digital photography have given Ms. Muscott new avenues to create, educate and share the art of photographing children. Both the free E-book and child photography blog available on the new website are just a couple of those new avenues. Also available is a bi-weekly email feature that will provide photography tips to help increase parent’s ability to make better pictures of their children.

“This free E-book will assist people in making quality photographs of their children now, so they can enjoy them in the future,” said Ms. Muscott. “Learning how to photograph children is an excellent way to preserve generations of fond memories and family history, and this makes for a great deal of joy.”

The new website offers, in addition to the free E-book, information on ways for parents to share, protect and display photos of their kids. Also included is information about free photo contests, ways to use these precious photographs to create personalized gifts, and tips on finding the right digital camera equipment for parents to use in photographing their children.

Ms. Muscott also recommends an excellent digital photography course which can be previewed with a free demonstration of the digital interactive photography course. Mr. White notes that this new website “is a one-stop shopping venue on how to photograph children.”

In business since 2005, Real Kids Photography is located in “The Cozy Forest” at 4234 Driftwood Drive, DeWitt, Michigan. To receive the free E-book and learn more about the services Real Kids Photography offers call toll-free 1-866-440-2461or visit their website at Real Kids Photography.


Nevada State Bank Combats Fraud with Launch of Web Site

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 7, 2009

Nevada State Bank recently teamed up with Frank Abagnale, one of the world’s most respected authorities on embezzlement and identity theft, to help Nevada combat fraud. The bank’s new fraud awareness campaign is designed to protect small-business owners and consumers from the constant threat of fraud and identity theft.

The country’s current economic troubles have created epidemic levels of fraud and identity theft. The numbers are quite staggering:

New SECSnitch.com SEC Whistleblower Site and Theatre Ads Launched by Law Firm

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 21, 2010

The nationally recognized investor and securities employment law firm of Stuart D. Meissner LLC, located Manhattan, New York, announced today the launching of http://www.SECSnitch.com ], targeting whistleblowers under the new whistleblower provisions within the July 21, 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The Act deputized employees in Wall Street brokerage firms and public companies to be the eyes and ears of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The law awards a whistleblower who provides original information leading to the successful prosecution of the violation of securities laws to recover 10% to 30% of any monetary sanctions exceeding $ 1,000,000 recovered by the SEC or CFTC. In addition, the Act provides legal recourse for employees who are retaliated or discriminated against as a result of whistleblowing under the statute. In addition, if represented by counsel, the law provides for anonymity if the whistleblower so chooses, up until the whistleblower is paid their bounty.

The site is being launched along with the release of Oliver Stones Wall Street Money Never Sleeps starring Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf. Along with the site, a new advertisement will be aired in theatres, targeting securities industry employees. LaBeouf plays the role of Jacob (Jake) Moore and lives in an apartment in Manhattans Chelsea district. The advertisement will be first shown on the films release date, Friday September 24, 2010 in Chelsea, the fictional home of Jake, appearing in Chelsea Cinemas, along with the renowned Ziegfeld Theatre in the Broadway district in Manhattan. The ad will be set to music similar to the theme song from Law and Order. The showing of the http://www.SECSnitch.com advertisement will roll out to other theatres in other areas of New York commencing on October 8, 2010 including the Brooklyn Pavilion Theatre in Park Slope and Great Neck Squire Cinemas.

Stuart Meissner Esq., is a former Assistant Attorney General in NY State Investor Protection and Financial Crimes Section both under Eliot Spitzer and his predecessor. Mr. Meissner was also a prosecutor in the Trial Division of the Manhattan DAs Office under former DA Robert Morgenthau. For the past nine years Mr. Meissner has successfully represented numerous defrauded investors against Wall Street investment banks, Wall Street whistleblowers and individual securities employees, never having lost any in-person FINRA arbitration* to date. In 2006 Meissner represented a senior employee whistleblower from UBS in a FINRA employment claim, resulting in an investigation by former NYS Attorney General Spitzer, reported December 13, 2006 in the Wall Street Journal.

The Meissner firm has already filed five SEC complaints based on the new statute involving Wells Fargo Investments, Banc of America Investment Services, hedge fund Plainfield Asset Management and others. In addition, several other whistleblower claims involving past major investment bank and hedge fund activity are expected to be filed in the coming weeks. The claims focus on activity not only in the United States, but around the world. Most of the claims involve issues arising from 2008 credit crises. One complaint filed by the Meissner firm has already resulted in an investigation by the FBI and United States Attorneys Office as reported by Fortune Magazines September 10, 2010 issue and another complaint has resulted in the launching of a FINRA Enforcement investigation, which often refers their results to the SEC.

Meissner authored a July 27, 2010 Forbes.com article , titled Law Lets Whistle-blowers Get Rich For Doing the Right Thing detailing the implications of new law. Meissner also submitted an August 17th 2010 comment letter to the SEC to assist the SEC in its rule making required in implementing the new statute. Mr. Meissner is also scheduled to meet with Stephen L. Cohen, the Senior Advisor to the SEC Chairman, on September 23, 2010 in Washington DC to provide input on how the regulator may create rules to encourage whistleblowing and the protection of whistleblowers. We want to encourage the future Jakes of Wall Street to come forward and show that the famous movie phrase Greed is Good can be a positive force for Wall Street and not just a negative force, said Meissner, the brain child of the campaign to help the SEC clean up Wall Street.

*Past results do not guarantee future outcomes

See the Advertisement at http://www.SECSnitch.com and For More Information Contact:

Law Offices of Stuart D. Meissner LLC

450 Seventh Ave. Suite 2205

New York, N.Y. 10123


Attorney Advertising

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Social Networking Site for Birthmothers and Prospective Parents Gets 130,000 Hits in First Month

Hicksville, NY (PRWEB) October 19, 2010

DirectAdoptions.com, a new social networking website designed to offer an alternative to costly and complex agency adoptions, had more than 130,000 hits during its first month of activity, according to Urchin, a website stat counter. DirectAdoptions.com was founded in response to concerns about the high cost and complexity of agency adoptions.

Social media and other online platforms already play an active role in the adoption world. Using social media in the pre-adoption search is widely accepted among prospective parents, who are using networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as personalized websites, to search for and connect with willing, appropriate birthmothers.

Thousands of websites created by adoption agencies and professionals, bloggers and others, offer services, support, information, opinions and provide online discussion opportunities. Searches using the keyword adoption on Google and other search engines numbers in the millions.

For many prospective adoptive couples, who may have spent years seeking a successful match for adoption, services offered by adoption agencies and other professional facilitators may be inadequate and cost-prohibitive. Many couples have responded by establishing their own viral internet marketing campaigns, all in the effort to engage with birthmothers and find a match for adoption.

DirectAdoptions.com has differentiated itself by offering an online community to which both prospective parents and birthmothers belong. They can meet, interact on their own terms and timeline, and decide if they would like to take steps toward adoption. The site also includes forums, chats, groups, profiles, friends, photo galleries and calendars as a way to establish a unified community, provide peer support, and offer information and resources.

http://www.DirectAdoptions.com was founded by adoptive parents to address the fact that for many adoptive couples, the adoption process can be frustrating, costly, and fraught with obstacles. It is committed to providing a process that offers the advantages of simplicity and affordability. Supported by member fees from prospective parents, DirectAdoptions.com is not an adoption agency or facilitator, and does not make matches or arrange adoptions, provide counseling, screen members or offer a wider array of pre-adoption services.

DirectAdoptions.com is endorsed by The National Adoption Foundation http://www.nafadopt.org, which was also founded by adoptive parents in 1994 who saw the need to address the fact that many prospective adoptive families and individuals with limited resources require financial support and assistance to meet the costs associated with agency adoptions.

DirectAdoptions.com urges users of social media to be especially careful to take steps to protect themselves, make full use of all available professional resources and follow applicable state child adoption laws.

The release of the movie The Social Network is further evidence of just how deeply Facebook and other social media have permeated our culture, influenced our social behavior and affected our families.


CommonPlaces e-Solutions Launches Kids-Only Social Networking Site, WhatsWhat.me (Beta)

Hampstead, NH (PRWEB) March 28, 2011

CommonPlaces e-Solutions, a New Hampshire-based web development firm has launched a new website for Whats What, LLC. The site, WhatsWhat.me (Beta), is a unique, kids-only, no bullying allowed social network for kids aged seven to thirteen that was built on the Drupal platform.

As mainstream social networks are targeted at adults, the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires that members of these social networks be at least thirteen years of age. With this in mind, WhatsWhat.me (Beta) was created to be safe, secure, and age-appropriate with highly sophisticated privacy and security measures in place, and in strict adherence to COPPA regulations. The sites mission is to teach and protect children as they learn and practice positive online behavior. Also, to help parents get smart about kids and social networks, WhatsWhat.me (Beta) has a Parent Resource Center with Ask The Expert, a tech glossary, news, and information on keeping kids safe online.

Users of WhatsWhat.me (Beta) can enjoy a wide range of age-appropriate social networking activities such as interacting with friends online through messages, earning points, winning prizes, sharing photos, playing online games, posting comments and creating and joining groups. These activities all take place in a protected environment, ensuring that children are entertained and educated without compromising security.

To make these activities and security features a reality, CommonPlaces deployed a number of solutions. First, facial detection and recognition software was utilized as a security measure.

In keeping with COPPA guidelines, we implemented this unique technology to provide a safe environment for children aged seven to thirteen, mentioned Ben Bassi, President and CEO of CommonPlaces. As part of the registration process, the childs webcam is used to capture a few photos. These images are then encrypted, stored on secure, state-of-the-art servers and verified at every login.

Also put into effect were solutions that ensured the privacy of videos submitted to the community. This technology allows for videos to be secured within WhatsWhat.me (Beta) which means they wont be viewable elsewhere, or picked up on search engines. This helps guarantee that all content is kids-only.

Using the Drupal user points module, CommonPlaces set up the communitys MePoints system, where users can earn points for certain activities such as logging in, posting comments etc. Upon accumulating a certain amount of points, prizes can be redeemed.

Partnering with CommonPlaces was a wise choice for us, stated Vincent F. Cannistraro, CEO and Founder of WhatsWhat.me (Beta). We received a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of WhatsWhat.me (Beta) and how those weaknesses could be resolved. The CommonPlaces team optimized our site to a whole new level and ensured our success. Building WhatsWhat.me (Beta) required unmatched technical expertise and strong project management, which is what CommonPlaces brought to the table. Open lines of communication meant that I could contact CommonPlaces at any time and receive a response right away. The teams insight on strategies for building an internet business was invaluable and critical to the success of WhatsWhat.me (Beta).

The published site can be viewed by visiting http://www.whatswhat.me

For further information please contact:

Emily Murphy, Marketing Coordinator

CommonPlaces e-Solutions, LLC




About CommonPlaces

CommonPlaces e-Solutions (http://www.commonplaces.com) is a full-service open source development and online marketing firm focused on the integration of Web Content Management (such as Drupal), custom e-Commerce, and advanced online Communities and Social Networks to build profitable online business applications for Fortune 500 clients, national organizations, and educational institutions.

About WhatsWhat.me (Beta)

WhatsWhat.me (Beta) is a kids-only Website that provides safe, secure social networking for kids ages 7 to 13 (tweens) and utilizes patent-pending facial recognition technologies, moderation and kid-friendly features. WhatsWhat.me (Beta) is compliant with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and fosters an age-appropriate, no-bullying allowed community while teaching positive online behavior, Internet safety and related life skills. For parents, WhatsWhat.me (Beta) offers its Parent Resource Center http://www.whatswhat.me/parents providing expert advice, news and information on cybersafety for children. WhatsWhat.me (Beta) Customer Service: 1-888-520-3211. For more information, please go to http://www.whatswhat.me Media Contact: Jeanie Ryan at jeanie(at)whatswhat(dot)me or (603-235-5266).

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