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Rally Being Held To Show Support To Families

Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) January 4, 2007

A peaceful rally will be held on Friday, January 5, 2007 at 9:00 am in front of the Clark County Superior Court in Vancouver, WA. The purpose of the rally is to provide a voice for the children.

Regina and Kary Tiel would like to be a voice for children and help other parents understand that Child Protective Services is very limited in what they can do to help families. The Tiels are holding a peaceful rally in front of the Clark County Superior Court, 1200 Franklin Street Vancouver, Washington on Friday, January 5th. For more information, or to offer your support, please visit http://www.saveourbrittany.com.


From the Runway to the Racetrack…..Allen Iverson, Terrell Owens, Vince Young, and Other Notable Athletes and Entertainers Lend Their Time and Talents to Charity Fashion Show During Kentucky Derby Weekend

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) April 24, 2010

Fashion Lives! A Derby Vogue Affair provides a platform for fashion designers, artists, jewelers, hat milners, and shoemakers to showcase their latest collections while bringing about change for the betterment of the lives of children in foster care waiting to be adopted into loving families.

Fashion Lives! A Derby Vogue Affair is much more than your average fashion show; apart from a spectacular head-turning runway filled with the latest fashions and amazing custom hats, the event will also highlight the rich and illustrious history of the derby, its unique vogue style, and its’ illuminating jockey precedence. The event’s special moment will shine the spotlight on pioneers in fashion, sports and entertainment.

The shows mission is to annually motivate and inspire innovative fashion and the art industries’ leading and emerging designers to unveil their lines, talents and vision to influential and elite power players on the eve of the time-honored, Kentucky Derby. Fashion Lives! A Derby Vogue Affair will feature designers and patrons who have an earnest interest in raising awareness and enriching the lives of abused, abandoned and neglected children.

Part of the proceeds from the inaugural fashion show benefits two very worthy non-profit organizations that work tirelessly to enhance the day-to-day lives of these extraordinary children in crisis; Juli’s Kids Motivated to Succeed, and Louisville’s’ own, Home of Innocents. Home of the Innocents, a private, non-profit agency that has been in operation for 130 years, last year served almost 2,000 children and families. The organization is the region’s open arms to kids in crisis – caring for children of abuse, abandonment and neglect, those who are medically fragile, and children with autism.

Juli’s Kids Motivated to Succeed, a non-profit organization, founded in 1998, and recently renamed, was formed to nurture the need of millions of children in our nation’s foster care and social service systems. The mission of Juli’s Kids is to enrich the quality of life of today’s abused, abandoned and neglected children throughout the United States whose futures have been directly impacted by circumstances which have placed them within the foster care system. Juli’s Kids focuses on youths in group homes, child protective services and child abuse shelters.

World renowned designer lines as well as new, up and coming designers will grace the catwalk. Title sponsor Jam Sports & Entertainment is joined by Red Bull, American Airlines, Horseshoe Casino & Hotel, and Carol’s Daughter. Each of these partners will provide a unique combination of hospitality, services and attractions to support the fundraising efforts of this grand gala.

Fashion Lives! A Derby Vogue Affair will be held on Friday, April 30, 2010 at 8:30 PM at the Showroom of Horseshoe Casino & Hotel followed by a party with the stars until 2 AM. Tickets range in price: $ 50, $ 100, $ 250; the $ 2,500 and the $ 4,000 levels both include VIP access, autographed memorabilia, table seating and derby ticket to private Fashion Lives Celebrity Jockey Suite at Churchill Downs). Tickets are on sale now at http://www.jamsports247.com/fashionlives or charge by phone at 301.868.8856.

For press information including complimentary hi-resolution celebrity photographs, please contact:

Eddie Rhodman, Jr.




Hip Hop artist FACE THA MUSIC was a guest on the Hot 97 show Street Soldiershosted by Lisa Evers

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) July 6, 2010

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 6, 2010 — Hip Hop artist FACE THA MUSIC was a guest on the Hot 97 show Street Soldiershosted by Lisa Evers on June 20, 2010, at 9am. Airing on Fathers Day, the shows topic was about how fathers need to take responsibility for raising their child, the importance of their role as a father as it relates to the impact it has on their childs life and New York City programs available to single fathers and mothers that protect the best interest of their child.

Other guests on the show included Frances Pardus-AbbadessaDeputy Commissioner of the New York City Human Resources Administration, Israel Rosario, Jr.Executive Director of Parent Resources of the New York City Human Resources Administration and Dr. Jeff Gardere of VH1s Dad Camp TV show.

FACE THA MUSIC brought up the perspective of a single father who takes the responsibility to help raise his daughter with her mother. In fact, he put aside his career in the music industry for 6 years because he believed it was important to focus on that bond with her and did not want the demands of his music career interfering with his role as a father.

I never regretted leaving the music industry to help raise my daughter, says FACE THA MUSIC. I have the best of both worlds now because she loves music and will very often come to my recording sessions. I am including her in what I love to do; we even did a song together called Dear Amya.

The full episode can be listened to by visiting http://www.hot97.com/streetsoldiers/ and clicking on the June 20, 2010 podcast. Lisa Evers of Street Soldiers opens the mics every Sunday from 9am to 10am for a roundtable dialogue about the most critical and hottest issues affecting the hip hop community. Using street contacts and sources, she gets guests and listeners to tackle a wide variety of topics ranging from police brutality, drug abuse and safe sex to gang violence and racial profiling. The show tackles the most important issues facing the community as it happens.

Street Soldiers producer, Tone Capone, chose FACE THA MUSIC for this particular episode because he has demonstrated good values, giving up what he loves so that he can help raise his daughter. Thats what its all about.

The New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) have two initiatives underway: NYC DADSan ongoing program that hosts an informational website with opportunities for fathers to engage with their children at little or no cost, and the Man Up to Child Support radio campaign which reaches out to parents to educate them on child support and other services to assist families.

The HRA believes that fulfilling the emotional and financial responsibility to their children is one of the most effective ways children stay out of poverty. Dads who pay child support tend to also be more involved with their children, and involvement leads to children less likely to use drugs, engage in criminal activity and be suspended from or drop out of school.

Dr. Jeff Garderes Dad Camp airing on VH1 works with fathers who do not take responsibility for raising their kids, aka deadbeat dads, attempting to change their behavior by making them understand the importance a father has in a childs life.

Face Tha Musics new singleMy Favorite Songis now being circulated to the music industry with rave reviews and will soon be released to the public. One well known DJ said the song will rock the club and another said this could be my favorite song. A music video of My Favorite Song will be released August, 2010.

You can learn more about FACE THA MUSIC, and hear 14 tracks by going to his website, http://www.facethamusic.com and visiting him on http://www.myspace.com/facethamusic and http://www.twitter.com/facethamusic.


Clean Cookstoves Featured on The Martha Stewart Show

New York, NY (Vocus) December 23, 2010

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves – a partnership of governments, non-profit organizations, United Nations agencies, and the private sector working together to create a thriving global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions – appeared on The Martha Stewart Show (12/22) to inform Stewarts vast audience about the dangers posed by exposure to smoke from traditional cookstoves and to invite viewers to get engaged in the clean cookstoves movement.

Leslie Cordes, Acting Executive Director of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, said, A major component of the mission of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is to educate the public about the unique role clean cookstoves play in saving lives, improving livelihoods, empowering women, and combating climate change. Martha Stewart, with her millions of loyal viewers and followers, gave the Alliance an invaluable opportunity to raise awareness about this important issue.

Lisa Jackson, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), appeared on the show to explain how clean cookstoves can deliver significant environmental and health benefits in the developing world. Jackson said, This is a womens issue, a childrens issue, and an economic issue.

The Alliance was represented by Aaron Sherinian of the United Nations Foundation, which leads the work of the Alliance. Sherinian underscored the basic truth that Cooking shouldnt kill, but for many women and families around the world it does. Everyone can get involved and tell the world that this issue matters and should be at the top of the global agenda.

The segment will be available for online viewing at http://www.marthastewart.com/show/the-martha-stewart-show/the-giving-show.

Readers can join the movement by visiting http://cleancookstoves.org/get-involved.

Tweet this: Cooking Shouldn’t Kill. Join me in supporting clean #cookstoves http://ht.ly/3t6GT

Follow the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves on Facebook.


Cookstove smoke contributes to a range of chronic illnesses and acute health impacts such as early childhood pneumonia, emphysema, lung cancer, bronchitis, cardiovascular disease and low birth weight.

The smoke from inefficient stoves continues to contribute to global climate change by producing harmful greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide and methane, and aerosols such as black carbon. Reliance on biomass for cooking and heating also increases pressure on local natural resources and forces women and children to spend many hours each week collecting firewood — an especially dangerous task for women and girls in refugee camps and conflict zones.

The use of efficient cookstoves can dramatically reduce fuel consumption and exposure to harmful smoke. Recent scientific evidence confirms that the greater the emissions reductions, the greater the health benefits. More efficient stoves also reduce the time people (usually women and girls) have to spend collecting fuel, and since stoves last for several years, the accumulated savings in time and cost can be invested back into families, communities and economies.

The reductions in emissions achieved by clean cookstoves have the potential to create revenues from carbon credits. Stove companies can use this revenue to reduce stove prices or expand into new markets. More broadly, the entire clean cookstove supply-chain should be a source of economic opportunity and job creation at the local level.

To achieve its ‘100 by 20’ goal, the Alliance will establish industry standards; spur innovative financing mechanisms; champion the cause across the donor and development communities; develop indoor air quality guidelines; address global tax and tariff barriers; field test clean stoves and fuels; and develop research roadmaps across key sectors such as health, climate, technology and fuels.

A thriving global industry for clean cooking solutions will provide a range of long-term benefits for the entire world — from improving global health to combating climate change.

Alliance Founding Partners

United Nations Foundation, Shell Foundation, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of State, World Health Organization (WHO), German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Deutsche Gesellschaft f

Sunday Morning Radio Show Gives Tips to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Jacksonville, Florida (PRWEB) January 30, 2012

“Criminal background checks aren’t enough to keep child molesters away from children,” explained Don Dymer of SingleSource during his Sunday morning interview on “Inside Jacksonville.” The radio show is hosted by Jim Byard and aired on four stations, Lite, 96.1; Country Legends, 100.7; Sunny, 94.1 and Gator Country 99.9.

“What has been frustrating to me over sixteen years in the background screening industry and a full career before that in law enforcement at Scotland Yard, is that our criminal record system doesn’t provide enough insight about those who would victimize children and youth,” Dymer continued. “That frustration lead me on a journey over a year ago to find out if there was anything out there that could supplement finger-printing and background checks and fill that critical void.”

Now Dymer is ready to share his findings with everyone at an all day education conference planned on February 3. He organized the Protect the Children Conference being held at the University of North Florida’s University Center. He has brought together professionals from mental health fields, juvenile justice systems and organizations dedicated to helping prevent child abuse, and, provide support for victims together for one day to let the world know about a powerful adjunct to traditional background screening practices.

“I have discovered an amazing assessment tool, that, combined with thorough background screening, finger printing and reference checks can identify with an incredibly high degree of accuracy if a person lacks an understanding of what boundaries should exist between adults and children.”

Byard asked Dymer, “How could there still be so much threat out there? We warn our kids so all the time about the danger of strangers?” To which Dymer explained that according to research by many organizations, including Abel Screening, 90% of the victims are abused by people they know, love or trust.

Child abusers groom not just their victims, but the victims’ families as well. Parents have been lulled into a false sense of security and often tell themselves that they have done their part by warning their children to stay away from strangers. Dymer urges not just parents, but those actively involved as volunteers or workers in schools, youth organizations and day care centers to understand the warning signs. “Be aware of the coach or volunteer devoting too much time and attention to one particular student or athlete. Not just the star of the team, but look out for a little too much attention to one student over another. Invitations to watch sports events at their homes without parental supervision or often, without other classmates, overnight trips, one-on-one situations where the child or youth is isolated from parents and friends to spend alone time with an adult outside of the family unit should be noticed and not ignored.” 81% of child sexual abuse incidents for all ages occur in one-perpetrator/one-child circumstances (Snyder, 2000).

The Protect the Children Conference is a must for parents, guidance counselors, daycare and preschools, churches, children’s homes, foster agencies, advocacy agencies, hospitals and rehabilitation centers as well as those in the justice system.

Child sexual abuse persists in places where our children should be safe, explained Don Dymer. The Protect the Children Conference offers seven continuing education credits for The National Board of Certified Counselors, the American Psychological Association and five credits from the Society of Human Resource Managers. There is still time to sign up by going to http://www.singlesourceservices.com/protectthechildren.


Inside Jacksonville Radio Show Examines The Obstacles That Hinder Child Sexual Abuse Detection and Prevention

Jacksonville Beach, FL (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

Inside Jacksonville, a weekly radio show on station 96.1, produced by Renda Broacasting with host Jim Byard recently sat down with Stacy Pendarvis, of EmpowerToProtect and Donald J. Dymer, CEO and president of SingleSource background screening services to examine the obstacles that still exist to effectively prevent child sexual abuse.

In response to Byards question, what are your thoughts about this whole Penn State situation? Don Dymer answered, the situation at Penn State reflected all of the typical characteristics of child sexual abuse that goes on all around us, from grooming the child to most importantly the people around the abuse, who saw or suspected the abuse and never said a word about it. At Penn State they apparently placed money derived from promotions, scholarships, etc. in front of child safety, and this type of strange justification goes on all around us. The irony is that ultimately the organization will be found out and their reputation will be destroyed anyway, but sadly and more importantly, the victims of child sexual abuse never recover while people remain in denial.

Pendarvis concurred, The CDC reports that the victims of child sexual abuse suffer long term and severe mental and physical health issues, and experience earlier death even if they receive extensive counseling. Jim Byard stated that it was still difficult to understand why so many people remained silent. Pendarvis, who holds a masters degree in academic psychology in addition to her 17 years in child safety and abuse prevention explained the role of the bystander effect. Certainly there are many reasons why people dont report abuse. Fear of damaging someones reputation, fear of retaliation, and the fear of being wrong. Frequently people who witness a crime or bad act feel certain that someone else around them also has noticed and will report the crime so there is no need for them to also report the incident. We see this in traffic accidents or in situations where multiple people watch people suffer and ask themselves Should I do something, should I walk away?’ This type of thinking enables child sexual abusers.

Don Dymer added, There is also another reason for not reporting the abuse and that is there are people out there who simply dont recognize the boundaries that should exist between adult and child. They may not be pedophiles, and they aren’t suffering from the bystander effect, but they clearly lack the ability to determine what is appropriate behavior and these individuals put children at risk to the same degree as the child molesters. This is why as a background screening professional and founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners I am alerting all organizations to test candidates for hire or volunteer who wish to work with children by demanding they take the Diana Screen

Fresno California DUI Attorney Terry Wapner Featured on KYNO Radio Show

Fresno, California (PRWEB) September 21, 2012

Fresno California DUI Lawyer Terry Wapner was a featured guest expert on E. Curtis Johnsons 940 KYNO radio show. Wapner talked about how trial by media may taint the jury pool in high-profile cases.

Wapners radio interview coincided with the high-profile Fresno case in which a basketball coach was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and vehicular manslaughter. The crash had fatally injured a 7-year-old child and seriously injured his father and 18-month-old sister.

Trial by media is very real, especially with DUIs, said Terry Wapner, a Fresno DUI lawyer for over 20 years. It takes a long time to qualify a jury, to pick a juror, especially with DUI. A lot of people can become indoctrinated against the case before the trial even starts, and whether they know the actual facts or not.

As Fresno DUI lawyer Wapner understands, the media generally projects a strong pro-prosecution bias. Also a problem is that most people cannot relate to a criminal defendant.

Some cases are very emotional and appear on the surface to be bad, but there are a lot of issues in these cases. Even in cases where everything is apparently cut and dry, its not, said Wapner.

The media gives the public the opportunity to play armchair jury and judge.

The alleged crime is being tried in the media. The public then tends to remember details from those initial few weeks whether they are true or not. For many defendants, when a case is judged in the media, permanent damage is done, said Wapner.

About Terry Wapner and the Law Offices of Terry A. Wapner:

Fresno DUI Lawyer Terry Wapner provides a combination of skilled legal defense, knowledge of California DUI laws, special training in the administration of field sobriety and breath tests and a technical understanding of the biology, chemistry and physiology associated with alcohol consumption. The majority of Attorney Wapner’s law practice is dedicated to drunk driving defense and protection of his client’s rights. That experience could mean the difference between being found guilty of drunk driving in California, and having a case dismissed.

The law office of Fresno CA DUI Attorney Terry Wapner offers a free initial consultation and competitive fees, coupled with a proven record of success. Clients are afforded both professional legal counsel and personal service. DUI defense lawyer Terry Wapner listens to his clients’ needs and develop the most appropriate legal defense for each case.

The penalties for being convicted for drunk driving in California can include loss of driver’s license, fines and court fees, jail, higher auto insurance premiums, community service and mandatory enrollment in an alcohol awareness program. The consequences of being found guilty of CA DUI and having a criminal arrest record make it very important to seek legal guidance from a skilled and experienced DUI defense lawyer.

To learn more about California DUI Attorney Terry Wapner, visit http://www.duifresno.com

US Police Officers Aid Police in Sudan & Darfur with Child Safety & Medical Help – Officer McDowell Discusses Obstacles on Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show – Dec 6

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Currently programs organized through Safe Harbor International are addressing complex survival needs on individuals in East Africa. Food, medical attention, law and order, safety of children– these are basic human needs in East Africa assisted by Police Officer Dave McDowell and many police officers he has organized through Safe Harbor International, Safe Harbor Police Outreach, and “Operation Safe Child.” Dave McDowell reveals hardships faced by inhabitants of South Sudan, Darfur, and Uganda. How can police officers from the United States help communities and peace-officers in these conflicted areas? “Police officers in these African Countries need and want assistance,” explains Officer Dave McDowell on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dr-carol-francis/2012/10/22/us-police-officers-aid-police-officer-in-sudan-darfur) today.

Dr. Carol Francis interviews Dave McDowell, a police officer from Oregon and California who helps police officers in East Africa to effectively address issues of justice, fairness, and safety. Dave McDowell, in conjunction with many other police officers and professionals who volunteer with Safe Harbor International help families, children, medical professionals, and parents receive needed assistance and protection in these troubled countries of East Africa such as South Sudan, Uganda, Darfur. Dave McDowell’s journeys and stories will inspire many to help and others to compassionately understand the complications of East African citizens of all ages.

Dave McDowell is from Bend, Oregon and the Director of International Police Training & Outreach at Safe Harbor International Relief. For more information – McDowell works in conjunction with Safe Harbor International. McDowell’s organization can be contacted at http://www.policeoutreach.com/contact_us.aspx

Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist and Marriage Family & Child Therapist dedicates this and all programs to encourage each of us to Make Life Happen NOW! Helping when we can and never falling short of being all we can be in the short time we have here. Dr. Carol Francis services South Bay Area of the Los Angeles County in Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, El Segundo, San Pedro, Long Beach- California. Call 310-543-1824 for one-to-one session on line or in person only. drcarolfrancis.com.

Custom Pool Safety Offers the SonarGuard Pool Security System from RJE Technologies at the Morristown New Jersey Armory Home Show Jan. 14th –17th

(PRWEB) January 7, 2005

By applying U.S. Special Forces sonar to swimming pool safety, the “intelligent” pool safety system SonarGuard, is the first and only water safety product integrated into the pool itself.

“Our goal in developing SonarGuard is to allow families and their children to enjoy their backyard swimming pools with complete confidence,” Robert Jechart, president of RJE Technologies, said. “The stakes are too high in regard to a child’s safety to not make every effort to create the best solution possible for the homeowners. Home security has evolved into a sophisticated application of detection technology; pool safety should be treated the same way.”

SonarGuard Safeguards Pools with an Invisible Lifeguard

Jechart and his engineers set out to establish a new standard for swimming pool safety systems. He recognized the value of fencing and pool covers as safety barriers, however he steadfastly believed sonar technology applied below the surface could provide another layer of protection. Since the lives of young children are at stake, he reasoned, why not unleash the capability of today’s technology to assure an enjoyable and safe backyard pool experience.

SonarGuard now offers homeowners, parents, grandparents and guardians an “intelligent” safety system that is integrated with the pool. SonarGuard is the first pool safety technology that creates an invisible, reliable safety net below the surface. If a child breaks the unit’s sonar sound wave pattern, everyone in and around the home is immediately alerted. It is the invisible lifeguard.

Custom Pool Safety Provides Year Round Safety Solutions

Custom Pool Safety has provided pool safety solutions for over 25 years to customers in the Northeast. “We were looking for the last layer of protection to add to our line of Meyco Safety Pool Covers and All-Safe Pool Safety Barriers,” Bill Woods, Chief Operating Officer of C.P.S. said. “SonarGuard is the only alarm that will provide the immediate detection and response needed in an actual emergency, in addition to allowing customers to control access to their pool around the clock.”

Custom Pool Safety is committed to offering the finest safety products designed to ensure a pool environment all year long that complies with the recommendations of the National SAFE KIDS Campaign.

For more information about the SAFE KIDS Campaign Water Safety Program, visit the web at http://www.safekids.org/NSKW.cfm

RJE Technologies was created in 1999, growing from the sister company, RJE International, founded in 1991. RJE International has been successful in supplying advanced sonar technology and equipment to military, commercial aviation and diving industries. Both companies are based in Irvine, California. For more information, visit the web at http://www.sonarguard.com.

Adco Services Inc., d.b.a. Custom Pool Safety, has been serving pool owners since 1978. Custom Pool Safety has offices in Parsippany and Bernardsville, New Jersey. For more information, visit the web at http://www.custompoolsafety.net or call (973) 599-9282.