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Boca Law Firm Joins Walk in My Shoes A Six-Day Trek to Stamp Out Sexual Abuse

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) March 16, 2012

March 8, 2012 As a former kindergarten teacher and a survivor of child abuse herself, Lauren Book recently took her battle against abuse to the streets of Florida for the third annual Walk in My Shoes: a six-day, 1,500-mile trek from Key West to the front of the Capitol in Tallahassee. Boca Raton law firm Ellis, Ged, & Bodden joined the walk to help raise awareness and promote the prevention of sexual abuse.

Walk in My Shoes kicked off with a swing through Boca Raton on January 30th. The drives participants stopped at City Hall, where Mayor Susan Whelchel offered a ringing endorsement of the drives mission, presenting Book with a $ 5,000 check donated by Ellis, Ged, & Bodden. The group then trekked to the law firms offices, where the firm provided lunch and the founding partners Ronda Ellis and Glen Ged affirmed their commitment to advocating Books cause.

Even if you are not directly affected by child abuse, everyone knows someone who has been impacted by it, said Ellis, as she watched her two young children participate in the days events. This is such a global thing. We thank God we have not been affected. Lauren Books father, Ron Book, is the firms lobbyist, and works closely with Ged to educate both children and the public about child abuse and the serious need for solutions.

Lauren Book has also worked with her father to pass legislation aimed at helping abuse victims, such as a 2010 measure that allows service dogs to accompany abused children into a court room if they have to testify against their abusers. Currently, Book is supporting another proposal that would penalize universities for covering up incidents of abuse, such as the recent scandals at Syracuse and Penn State University.

Her efforts deserve our attention, Books father said. Too many children in America are suffering in silence. Lets join Lauren and walk tall to raise awareness and education of this silent epidemic.

About Ellis, Ged, & Bodden, P.A.

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ProWorld and TOMS Partner to Distribute New Shoes in Rural Peru

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 23, 2012

ProWorld, a social enterprise that offers volunteer, internship, and study abroad opportunities for individuals and custom groups in developing countries, is proud to announce that is has begun distributing thousands of pairs of new shoes to rural children in the high Andean provinces near Cusco, Peru, as a Giving Partner with TOMS Shoes.

ProWorld has been committed to improving the lives of people in rural communities in Peru for the last twelve years, and partnering with TOMS to provide new shoes for children in need is another positive step in that direction, said Richard A. Webb, founder of ProWorld. ProWorld, like TOMS, is a business with a strong mission that includes giving back to communities in need not through charity, but through enterprise.

ProWorld has spent the last 12 years connecting volunteers with Peruvian locals to implement community development projects in the Cusco and Urubamba regions of Peru. ProWorld projects in Peru such as installing cleaner burning stoves or providing clean water through locally-made water filters are shown to directly improve the health and well-being of local families, especially children. ProWorld reached out to TOMS to become a Giving Partner after seeing the number of children in areas where they were working who did not have shoes, and were walking barefoot even in the winter months.

In the high Andean provinces, we see many children walking around barefoot with red, swollen feet, increasing their chances of respiratory illnesses such as pneumonia, simply because their families cant afford to buy them shoes, said Milagro M. Paz, country director, ProWorld Peru. TOMS Shoes can be a lifesaver for these children, and ProWorld is proud to help by distributing the shoes and educating the local communities on factors that influence respiratory illnesses in their children.

ProWorld staff from the Cusco and Urubamba offices, along with ProWorld volunteers, are currently distributing the shoes in conjunction with local community members in the municipalities of Acopia, Canas, Acomayo, Pitumarca, Lares, Huayllabamba, and Colquepata. The first distribution took place on May 18, 2012 in the municipality of Acopia. Distributions will continue throughout May and June 2012. Communities were selected based primarily on need and location, as these communities are among the poorest and coldest in Peru. The remote nature of many of these communities means there is a lack of viable options for shoe purchases, even if families could afford them. In addition, ProWorld and its volunteers have worked directly with many of the communities on specific community projects, such as installing cleaner burning stoves.

Im happy about the new shoes and the people, said Cinthia, a 10-year-old girl from Acopia who recently received a pair of TOMS Shoes.

TOMS Shoes One for One model gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes sold. TOMS Shoes are distributed by a network of Giving Partners that work to integrate shoes into their health, education and community development programs. TOMS works to create long-term partnerships with its Giving Partners, so that children will have access to new shoes as they grow.

“I didnt know a lot about TOMS Shoes One for One model before this event,” said Jade Dunbar, a 23-year-old student ProWorld volunteer from the University of South Carolina. I think it

NorthStar Alarm Goes One Day Without Shoes to Help Children

Orem, UT (PRWEB) April 16, 2013

NorthStar Alarm goes one day without shoes for the second time to raise awareness for the millions of children that go without shoes daily. The campaign “One Day Without Shoes” is an annual event sponsored by TOMS Shoes. TOMS’ asks people to go without shoes for one day to experience what children all over the world experience every day.

This year the campaign is focused on education. Rally signs can be found posted all over, with sayings like, “when children are provided school uniforms and shoes, attendance can increase up to 62%.” Also, “children affected with hookworm earn up to 40% less in adulthood.”

TOMS’ business model is to give one pair of shoes to an impoverished child, for each pair of TOMS’ shoes that is purchased. Thus the phrase “One for One” is well known. They have given shoes to children in more than 40 countries. Since 2011, TOMS’ also saves some of that profit to help save or restore eyesight to people in those countries.

NorthStar Alarm wanted to support the cause for a second time. They participated last year, 2012, in the event as well. Employees were encouraged to go without wearing shoes for the entire day of April 16. NorthStar customers were also encouraged to go without their shoes, and both employees and customers were given the chance to win a TOMS gift card by posting a photo of their bare feet on NorthStar’s Facebook page.

We are excited to be participating in the One Day Without Shoes project,” Director of Sales for NorthStar, Adam Bailey, said. “One of our core values at NorthStar is service, and it is something we take seriously. We pride ourselves on service to customers, to fellow employees, and also to those who stand in need. Our employees have diverse experience with humanitarian work across the world, and we all recognize the importance of giving back and raising awareness with initiatives like this one.

About NorthStar Alarm

NorthStar Alarm Services, LLC, an authorized dealer of Honeywell Security Products, provides elite home security systems that are the most advanced and user-friendly on the market. Having the equipment, relationships, and reputation that families have been able to count on since NorthStar was founded in 2000, NorthStar continues to grow and protect residents in more than 20 states across the U.S. With a 24-7 support staff, rapid response monitoring, well-trained technicians, and professional consultants, NorthStar Alarm exists to provide security and peace of mind through quality products and superior service.

About TOMS’ Shoes

In 2006 TOMS’ was founded by Blake Mycoskie. TOMS’ business model is to give one pair of shoes to a needy child for every pair of shoes that is sold. In 2011, TOMS’ introduced TOMS’ Eyewear. For each pair of sunglasses that is sold, some of that profit is put into a reserve to help restore and aid the eyesight of people in developing countries. While Mycoskie was in Argentina, he saw thousands of children running around without shoes. He learned about the lack of shoes for those children and soon discovered that it was an issue in other developing countries as well. The impact of being barefoot for those children was larger than Mycoskie expected, ranging from not being able to attend school to diseases. He returned home to the United States and began working on his idea to create a company that would help children in need.