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Harmony Selects Logi 8 Business Intelligence Platform from LogiXML to Enhance Human Services Software Solutions

Reston and McLean, VA (PRWEB) May 29, 2007

Harmony Information Systems, Inc. (Harmony) has reached an OEM agreement with LogiXML, Inc. to integrate the Logi 8 Business Intelligence platform into the innovative Harmony Web-based solution, which offers information management for human service agencies.

The Logi 8 Platform includes a range of BI features to deliver Harmony application data to users for reporting and analysis. Dashboards, ad hoc reports, customizable charts, graphs and report personalization are just a few of the key features that will be incorporated to enhance the value of Harmony products.

Harmony is a Web-based information management solution designed for human services organizations that provide or manage a wide array of programs and services. Harmony is unlike any other application on the market today. Employing a unique enterprise framework approach, Harmony offers exceptional capabilities, combining the strength of a comprehensive, Web-based framework with the flexibility of a user-defined, integrated application.

“We are very pleased Harmony has chosen the Logi 8 business intelligence platform,” said Arman Eshraghi, founder and CEO, LogiXML, Inc. “We are committed to making embedded, Web-based reporting and analysis as easy as possible for innovative application software vendors like Harmony.”

“We see an opportunity to instantly enhance the value of our product by integrating BI capabilities developed by LogiXML into our product line,” said Harmony President and CEO Tonya Harmon. “The Web-based Logi 8 technology is visually appealing and functionally rich. Integrating this technology into our product will provide our users with the additional BI capability they want and will help us reach our product objectives more quickly — a great combination.”

Harmony meets the combined needs of organizations involved in behavioral health care, child welfare and childcare, housing and homeless programs, juvenile justice, mental retardation and developmental disabilities, substance abuse, adult protective services, foster care and adoption, public guardianship and trustee services and other areas.

Harmony customers include public and private agencies such as government social services departments, lead agencies, managed care organizations and providers of behavioral and social services.

About LogiXML, Inc. (http://www.logixml.com)

LogiXML, the leader in interactive, Web-based Business Intelligence, empowers enterprises to turn data into business-critical information with pure Web-based reporting and analysis products. The Company offers a comprehensive platform that addresses all key areas of BI — managed reporting, ad hoc reporting, analysis and data services. Used by thousands of organizations worldwide, LogiXML products are built on standards-based technologies for easy integration, implementation and upgrade. LogiXML’s per server pricing model makes its powerful technology the most affordable BI solution on the market. Founded in 2000, LogiXML is privately held and based in McLean, Virginia.

About Harmony (http://www.harmonyis.com)

Harmony is a Web-based software application for information management in human service agencies that provide or manage a variety of complex programs and services. Harmony is clearly different from competing solutions, combining the flexibility of an application built “from the ground up” with the convenience, cost efficiency and ease of implementation of a commercial off-the-shelf (or COTS) product offering immediate, “out of the box” functionality.


San Diego Attorney Awarded Top Honors for Groundbreaking Work in Civil Rights Case Against Orange County Social Services Agency

San Diego (PRWEB) November 7, 2007

On November 2, 2007, the Orange County Trial Lawyers Association awarded a San Diego attorney top honors in electing him as the “Top Gun – Trial Attorney of The Year” in the area of civil rights. The award was based on the 4.9 million dollar jury verdict obtained by Deanna Fogarty-Hardwick, against Orange County, its Social Services Agency, and two of its social workers Marcia Vreeken and Helen Dwojak earlier this year in a lawsuit alleging violations of her Constitutional right to familial association.

This case (Fogarty-Hardwick v. County of Orange, et al.; Superior Court of California, County of Orange; Case No. 01CC02379; Trial before Hon. Ronald L. Bauer, Dept. CX103) was brought by Deanna Fogarty against the County of Orange, Marcia Vreeken, Elaine Wilkins, and their supervisor Helen Dwojak to recover damages arising from Defendants alleged falsification of evidence, perjury, and suppression of exculpatory evidence during a juvenile dependency action back in February of 2000. On March 23, 2007 after over six years of litigation and a seven week trial, an Orange County Jury found against Orange County, social worker Marcia Vreeken, and social worker supervisor Helen Dwojak and awarded monetary damages of $ 4.9 million. A third social worker, Elaine Wilkins was found not liable.

In addition to seeking damages, Ms. Fogarty also sought to enjoin the Orange County Social Services Agency from continuing its allegedly unlawful practice of making allegations of wrong doing against parents in dependency proceedings without supporting evidence. On May 14, 2007 Orange County Superior Court Judge, Ronald Bauer (Dept. CX-103) issued an injunction against the Orange County Social Services Agency requiring the agency to obtain “reasonable and articulable evidence” prior to initiating dependency proceedings alleging abuse, neglect, or abandonment of a child.

In accepting the “Top Gun” award Shawn A. McMillan said: “Ms. Fogarty should not have had to step outside her community to find an attorney to represent her. Trial attorneys are a pretty elite group, and as officers of the court we have taken an oath, and it is our duty, to protect and defend the Constitution, and the rights arising therefrom. These cases are important cases and should be brought and tried. We’ve proven that they can be won, now its your job to carry the ball the rest of the way, to accept these types of cases, and force a change in the system.”

For additional information, contact:

Shawn A. McMillan, Esq.


4955 Via Lapiz

San Diego, California 92122

Telephone: (858) 646-0069

Facsimile: (206) 600-4582

Website: http://www.mcmillan-law.com


The Hunger Site and GreaterGood Network Establish New Gifts That Give More to Directly Aid People of Eastern Burma with Medical Services and Supplies

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 29, 2007

The Hunger Site (http://www.thehungersite.com), one in a family of click-to-give Web sites known as the GreaterGood Network, recently established a partnership with 2007 Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award winner, Dr. Cynthia Maung. Six new Gifts That Give More were created to benefit Dr. Maung’s clinic in Mae Sot, Thailand, and village medical clinics in Burma. One hundred percent of the contributions given through these gifts will go directly to fund medical training and supplies to benefit the needy in areas of Eastern Burma.

The unique Gifts That Gives More program allows 100% tax-deductible contributions to pass through directly to nonprofit causes. Inclusion in the program raises awareness and provides the supporters in this growing community that cares with an opportunity to fund specific services for people, animals and causes in need. With their full-color downloadable certificate of acknowledgement, Gifts That Give More make a meaningful holiday gift.

Dr. Cynthia Maung is the winner of the 2007 Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award. The purpose of the award is to support democratic development and promote human rights throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Dr. Maung was selected for her tenacious and long-term commitment to the thousands of Burmese refugees and migrant workers who seek refuge from oppression and violence by the Burmese military junta that governs the country, and for her dedication to training and educating those refugees in order to build a community based on respect for life and human rights.

At her clinic, Dr. Maung provides not only medical care for her patients, but also job training, social services, health education, child protection services, and community-building activities. The Burmese Gifts that Give More provide six ways to fund these initiatives: Train Midwives ($ 50), Train a Backpack Medic ($ 100), Provide Essential Medical Supplies for a Village for a Day ($ 20), Treat Four Malaria Patients ($ 23), Provide Bednets ($ 30), and Provide a Clean Childbirth Kit ($ 24.50).

One hundred percent of funds collected from the Burmese Gifts That Give More is paid by GreaterGood.org to Planet Care/Global Health Access Program, a California based nonprofit organization working to improve the well-being of communities in crisis through the provision of health and public health services, capacity building, and resource enhancement. Since 1998, GHAP has supported Mae Tao Clinic and ethnic minority health organizations in Burma by providing health worker training, technical support for medical and public health programs, health information systems support, and medical supplies.

Tim Kunin, co-owner of CharityUSA comments, “The recent escalation of violence against Buddhist monks and Burmese citizens by the junta in Burma inspired us to look for ways to help reduce mortality in one of the most impoverished regions of the world. I visited Dr. Cynthia’s Clinic in 2003, and saw her amazing work firsthand. Then last month, we sent a staff member to Mae Sot. The results are these six new ways our visitors can help reduce infant and maternal mortality and give truly meaningful gifts this holiday season.”

The Hunger Site is a member of the U.S. Campaign for Burma, and has been selling products made by the Burmese refugee community in Mae Sot, Thailand since 2003, as a way to benefit families by providing income to refugee women.

About The Hunger Site (http://www.TheHungerSite.com) & GreaterGood Network

The Hunger Site is the original, flagship Web site in a growing family of cause-related sites operating as the GreaterGood Network. Other sites include The Breast Cancer Site, The Child Health Site, The Animal Rescue Site, The Rainforest Site, and The Literacy Site. Each site is focused on a specific need and allows supporters to benefit leading charities with simple, everyday online actions such as clicking to give and shopping to give more. In addition to 100% of sponsor advertising, a portion of every sale in the suite of GreaterGood Network stores goes to charity. At The Hunger Site, those funds help provide food for impoverished people in the U.S. and overseas through its charity partners, America’s Second Harvest and Mercy Corps. Since The Hunger Site launched in June 1999, hundreds of millions of people from around the world have clicked and shopped to make a difference. On average, over 220,000 individuals visit The Hunger Site each day.


Spacesaver Dealer McMurray Stern Awarded the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services Storage Solutions Contract

Los Angeles CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2007

Riverside County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) has awarded their storage solution contract to McMurray Stern, the exclusive Spacesaver area contractor for the greater Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County and Central Coast areas.

The Riverside County DPSS records center was nearing maximum capacity. McMurray Stern in partnership with G/M Business Interiors, provided a storage solution which would replace the existing stationary shelving on the first floor of the facility with eighteen (18) modules of high-density mobile shelving. This new Spacesaver Eclipse(TM) powered solution allowed more than 500,000 linear filing inches of records from multiple floors to be consolidated to the first floor, streamlining the file retrieval process.

The Eclipse(TM) powered system uses menu-based configurability which makes it easier for users to build the system they need by selecting features and options on an ‘a la carte’ basis, Additional safety and programmable features can be added to the powered system in the future, allowing it to evolve with business needs.

“This is an immense project. The Department Of Public Social Services required an experienced company who had implemented projects similar in size and scope.” said Matt Denburg, President of McMurray Stern. “By installing compact shelving, additional capacity was provided for DPSS, thus extending the life of their facility.”

The Department of Public Social Services contributes to the safety and security of thousands of abused and neglected children and adults by serving as the county’s child and adult protective services agency. Foster care, kinship care, In-Home Supportive Services, and adoption services are just a few of the programs available that provide protection for young and old alike. The county’s award winning Curtailing Abuse Related to the Elderly (CARE) program provides education and outreach for the community to assist in the prevention of financial abuse and consumer fraud. More information about The Department of Public Social Services can be found on their website at: http://www.dpss.co.riverside.ca.us

About McMurray Stern

As a 27 year strong company founded in 1980, McMurray Stern is the leading source of design and build solutions for filing and storage systems in Southern California. They have been the exclusive Southern California Area Contractor for Spacesaver Corporation since inception, and have continued their relationship with Spacesaver with no interruptions. This significant milestone places McMurray Stern in an elite group of providers who have successfully improved the way business offices, libraries, healthcare facilities, schools, museums, justice facilities, and industrial facilities manage filing and storage operations. Some of their service offerings include; structural evaluations and calculations, cost analysis, budgetary evaluations, consulting design services, relocation planning and coordination, and document conversions, file tracking and imaging application implementation. More information can be found on their website: http://www.mcmurraystern.com, or by contacting them directly at 562.623.3000.


Housekeeper and Domestic Staff Recruitment Agency Marshall Harber Taps Internet to Enhance Client Services

(PRWEB) October 30, 2008 –

Domestic staff recruitment agency Marshall Harber recently launched http://www.householdstaffonline.com, connecting housekeepers, cooks, maids, and other registered and qualified household staff directly with clients. Their innovative online interface virtually eliminates costly agency fees.

A well-established UK domestic staff agency Marshall Harber created their new website as an alternative to sourcing household staff and to combat the financial hardship that many are feeling as the credit crunch takes its economic toll on society. By giving their clients direct access to household staff candidates, Marshall Harber hopes to improve the methods and channels by which clients can locate and select trained household staff, and do so at an affordable price.

Clients now have complete access to a database of housekeepers, chauffeurs, chefs, cooks, personal assistants, security, maids, nannies, butlers, estate managers, gardeners, and much more at their fingertips.

Different than traditional job boards and websites where users can enter their own details and unverified credentials, all Marshall Harber candidates are sourced through their traditional parent recruitment agency. Clients are able to locate qualified staff candidates who posses relevant skills and experience.

The user-friendly website allows clients to view all CVs before being required to pay; however, a relatively small payment is required before making direct contact with an unlimited number of database staff members. Text messages sent directly to candidatesÂ’ phones helps ensure anonymity for all parties and also protects candidates from having to post sensitive information on the website. Text messages are managed and sent through the website and contain only details of how candidates may contact the client to discuss the position.

By adding this online component to their top-rate staffing services, Marshall Harber is able to place the tools available to its trained recruitment consultants direct into the hands of clients who prefer a more hands-on approach to selecting domestic help. This means that the same high calibre staff can now be sourced for a fraction of the normal staff recruitment agency fee.

To ensure that every candidate found on the website database has relevant skills and experience, all CVs are reviewed by a Marshall Harber consultant. Users can then easily search through the categories to locate candidates who match their specific domestic household needs.

The remarkably easy to use website makes searching for housekeepers and other domestic staff members a breeze. From the novice to the experienced internet user, http://www.householdstaffonline.com has been designed with the user in mind. The candidate database is updated daily with new staff profiles after being vetted by the experienced Marshall Harber staff through their London office in Kensington.

For help in identifying housekeepers, chefs, nannies, personal assistants, and any other domestic household staff, please contact professional staff recruitment agency Marshall Harber at http://www.marshallharber.com . For more information on their newly launched web interface, please visit http://www.householdstaffonline.com

Media contact:

Alex Facta

alex @ marshallharber.com

+44 207 938 2200


MyContact411 Offers Innovative Connection and Safety Services

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) February 17, 2009

Cell phones and unlisted home phone numbers have become increasingly popular because of the privacy they provide. Protecting your privacy makes finding your phone number and being reachable extremely difficult. So how does your neighbor, a good Samaritan or an emergency official contact you for important situations? The answer is MyContact411. MyContact411 is a new connection and security service that allows you to display a contact number virtually anywhere while protecting your identity. This new service safeguards your personal information while providing an anonymous connection.

“Today’s society uses cell phones as an integral part of our daily lives, but we also have to be extremely vigilant about protecting our personal information,” said Bob Bira, Co-Founder and CEO of MyContact411. “You wouldn’t post your cell phone number on your front door, or because of child predators, you should not put your child’s name and address on their book bag and belongings. MyContact411 lets individuals tie their loved ones and possessions directly to their cell phone without the worries of disclosing identities.”

MyContact411 works by giving each member a unique member ID number and ID cards, tags and decals. The number can be posted on your residence, property, keys, children’s belongings, electronics, pets and more. Then if something gets lost, or a neighbor or emergency official needs to contact you, they can dial the MyContact411 800 number and MyContact411 will direct the call to you. Depending on your preference, their call is either forwarded live to your cell phone or their message is sent via text message, without the caller ever knowing your identity or personal information.

There are many different uses for the MyContact411 service:

-Residence/Property Protection: Should your home, condo, apartment, vacation property or boat be subject to burglary, vandalism, damage or other duress, having your MyContact411 tag prominently displayed will allow others to alert you immediately.

-Emergency: Police, EMS, Firemen or hospital personnel can use your MyContact411 ID to access high-level medical information, emergency contact info and any other important information that you choose to disclose.

-Child Safeguard/Assistance: A MyContact411 card on your child’s bag or person helps protect their identity and allows you to be contacted immediately if they get lost, lose their bag or property or need your help.

-Field Trip Safeguard Program: A school, daycare, club, or organization has each child wear the provided custom locator cards and lanyards containing the organization’s Membership number. The information in the MyContact411 database is updated with the on-site trip supervisor’s cell phone so a separated child can be reunited immediately.

-Personal Protection: Your identity can be protected for first meetings, dating or online advertisements. Elderly parents’ residences can be identified with your member ID so you’re informed of important situations.

-Lost and Found Property, Pets, Livestock: When your laptop, phone, keys, mp3 players, game players, golf clubs, luggage or animals are lost, a MyContact411 tag can help finders identify you. Plus, thieves generally avoid items that are marked, so MyContact411 tags can work as a theft deterrent.

MyContact411 packages start at as little as $ 3.95 a month, cheaper than most caller ID services. Memberships include:

-24/7 access to MyContact411 communication center

-Direct calls or text messages delivered to your phone

-Optional registry of high-level medical and alternate contact Info

-Email confirmation of calls or summary of messages

-Weatherproof door or window decals, wallet cards, keychain tags, and other posting items

-Personalized membership ID stickers

About MyContact411:

MyContact411 is a leader in connection and safety services. MyContact411 allows a good Samaritan or emergency official to contact you on your mobile phone through an 800 service using your unique member ID. You display your member number on a window sticker, key ring tag, wallet card ID, luggage tags, child’s backpack, a placard on your fence post or boat dock, or directly on any personal properties you want protected. Optional high level medical alerts, alternate contact persons, and any other data you choose can be made available at the option and discretion of the member. Your security is never compromised and the MyContact411 system is protected by industry-leading security technology. For more information, visit http://www.mycontact411.com or call 888-411-7400.


Protecting Your Identity and Peace of Mind: Identity Services and Fraud Expense Coverage Secures Identity, Resolves in Case of Fraud

West Des Moines, Iowa (PRWEB) June 16, 2009

The Federal Trade Commission recently reported that identity theft affected more than 10 million Americans in 2008, making it the fastest-growing crime in the nation. Quick discovery and a rapid response are the crucial first steps.

That’s why Farm Bureau Financial Services has introduced its Identity Services & Fraud Expense Coverage, offering consumers tips and services to help them reduce their risk of identity fraud.

“Farm Bureau Financial Services has addressed this growing risk by offering comprehensive Identity Services and Fraud Expense Coverage, which includes credit monitoring and fraud alerts to help customers be proactive in preventing fraud. It also provides expert identity restoration assistance, and coverage for associated expenses such as attorney fees, loss of wages and child-care costs,” says Susan Halterman, product and data management vice president.

This service and coverage includes credit monitoring and fraud alerts to help customers be proactive in preventing fraud. It also provides expert identity restoration assistance, and coverage for associated expenses such as attorney fees, loss of wages and child-care costs.

“We can help consumers protect more than their home, vehicles and personal belongings – we can help them protect their identity in a convenient and affordable way,” Halterman says.

Farm Bureau’s Member’s Choice policyholders can now receive up to $ 25,000 in reimbursement with this Identity Services and Fraud Expense coverage1. For $ 25 a year, this program provides credit monitoring for two people per household as well as identity theft resolution, and identity document recovery.”

“We are committed to making insurance simple for our customers,” Halterman says. “And this is a product that can provide real peace of mind when it comes to protecting what matters most.”

To learn more about Identity Services and Fraud Expense coverage, or to find an agent near you, visit http://www.fbfs.com. Current Farm Bureau Member’s Choice policyholders can purchase this coverage online or they may contact their agent to add the coverage to their policy.

About Farm Bureau Financial Services

Through an exclusive, multi-state agent force, the companies affiliated with the Farm Bureau Financial Services brand underwrite, market and distribute a broad range of financial services products, including life insurance, investments, annuities, property-casualty insurance products and services and more, to individuals and small businesses within a marketing territory that includes 15 states. For more information about products and services, log on to http://www.fbfs.com or call or visit your local Farm Bureau agent.

1 Identity Services, including Identity Credit Monitoring Services(SM), Identity Theft Resolution(SM) and Identity Document Recovery(SM) are provided by Identity Theft 911, LLC. This coverage can be added to the property or liability section of your Farm Bureau Member’s Choice policy at any time for an additional cost.

# # #

$7,500,000 in Free Background Check Services for Non-Profits and Youth Organizations Planned for IntegraScan.com 2010 Budget

Loxahatchee, FL (PRWEB) September 1, 2009

IntegraScan, one of the largest online background check companies has announced today that they will be giving away $ 7,500,000 in free background checks for non-profits and youth organizations in 2010.

Since the downturn of the economy numerous organizations have simply been unable to afford in-depth background checks. To counter this IntegraScan stepped up to the plate in July 2009 and kicked off the Kids Safe Program which offered $ 500,000 a month in free background checks to youth organizations within the United States. The success of this program went beyond what the company could have ever hoped for. Within two months IntegraScan has given away background checks to almost 1000 organizations. These background checks have been responsible for catching several sex offenders and child abusers, along with numerous drug, alcohol and violence related charges.

This background check program is available to any non-profit or youth organization within the US. There are no additional requirements or stipulations. Organizations are heavily urged to apply for the background check grants as soon as possible as dollars are limited. The background check sign up form is located at the company’s website http://www.integrascan.com/safe-kids.php or you may contact them at 561-715-1705.

Parents and volunteers are urged to speak with their organizations director to let them know about this innovative program.

About IntegraScan: IntegraScan is a leading provider of public records and background checks within the United States. IntegraScan is committed to protecting our nation’s youth and shares the concerns of parents about the safety of their children.


Terry Sweet

IntegraScan Inc


sales2 (at) integrascan (dot) com