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Wandering Autistic Teen Safely Reunited with Family by MedicAlert Foundations Emergency Support Network

St. Petersburg, Florida (PRWEB) January 26, 2012

Half of all autistic children wander and more than one-third of those children are unable to communicate their name, address or phone number. To combat the fear and anxiety families experience should their loved one with Autism wander, MedicAlert Foundation offers medical IDs supported by a live 24/7 emergency support network. MedicAlert Foundation praised three firefighters from the Lealman Fire District for their coordination and honored in safely returning a MedicAlert member with autism who had wandered away from home.

Acting Lieutenant Ronald J. Neuberger, who was recognized at the ceremony, described the firefighters actions after receiving a call to evaluate a lost child. She was autistic and could not tell us anything at all. She was wandering around a fairly busy road. She had on a MedicAlert ID band and we were able to call MedicAlert and locate her home. If it were not for the MedicAlert ID, we might not have been able to locate her home as quickly and this could have put more stress on the child. When we returned the child home, I explained to the parents that we were able to get her home due to the band she was wearing. We were relieved when we were told that she never leaves home without it.

During last weeks ceremony at the Lealman Fire District, MedicAlert President and CEO, Andrew Wigglesworth, presented the Foundations Extraordinary Meritorious Service Award to Acting Lieutenant Neuberger, Paramedic Brian Barnes and Firefighter/EMT Randy Groves. Wigglesworth applauded the three firefighters for recognizing the MedicAlert ID and immediately contacting MedicAlerts emergency response team for the members medical history, emergency contacts, and identification. Our member had wandered away from home and thanks to these firefighters quick response, the MedicAlert emergency response team was able to work with these firefighters to communicate with the members family and safely reunite the member with loved ones said Wigglesworth.

Wandering is Major Stressor for Autistic Families

According to a recent survey from the Interactive Autism Network (IAN), wandering was ranked among the most stressful behaviors by fifty-eight percent of parents. Sixty-two percent of families of children who wander were prevented from attending/enjoying activities outside the home due to fear of wandering, and forty percent of parents had suffered sleep disruption due to fear of wandering. Families dealing with autism have a real need for peace-of-mind and security; Christine Goulbourne, representative for the Autism Societys Florida chapter, emphasized this point at the award ceremony. Parents and family members of individuals with Autism share a common fear, and that is we are never truly at peace in the absence of our child or loved one with Autism, said Goulbourne. We worry about whether or not theyre being cared for, protected, or treated fairly. If they go missing, that worry is amplified by an agonizing terror. A child with Autism that is unable to communicate effectively will wander for hours or days if unfound; they will not recognize signs of danger.

The IAN survey states that two in three parents report their missing children had a close call with a traffic injury. As the mother of a child affected by Autism, Goulbourne highlighted the seriousness of this specific wandering event in which a traffic injury was thwarted. This story could have ended tragically, but it didnt, she said. The heroic and collaborative efforts of the MedicAlert team and these three courageous respondents, their strict attention to detail and awareness of this extremely special circumstance, safely reunited a lost child with Autism with her family.

To learn more about MedicAlert membership, MedicAlert medical IDs or the MedicAlert Foundation Extraordinary Meritorious Service Award, visit http://www.medicalert.org or email marketing(at)medicalert(dot)org.

About MedicAlert Foundation

Established in 1956, the nonprofit MedicAlert Foundation pioneered the use of medical IDs and delivers the most dependable, the most responsive, the most intelligent and the most trusted Emergency Identification and Medical Information Network. MedicAlert provides the functionality of an e-health information exchange through an innovative combination of a unique patient identifier linked to a PHR and a live 24/7 emergency response service. MedicAlert Foundation medical IDs alert emergency personnel to a members primary health conditions, medications or implanted medical devices. In addition to its 24-hour emergency response service, MedicAlert Foundation International also provides family and caregiver notification so that members can be reunited with their loved ones. Visit http://www.medicalert.org for more information.


Laser Gum Surgery in Cumming, GA Can Now Safely Treat Pregnant Gum Disease Patients to Help Reduce the Risk of Low Birth Weight With Dr. Page Barden

Cumming, GA (PRWEB) September 21, 2013

Dr. Page Barden offers the FDA-cleared laser gum surgery, the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), to help mothers-to-be improve their own health as well as that of their babies. There have been links showing a possible connection between low birth weight and premature delivery when gum disease is present in the mother.

Studies indicate that as many as one in ten babies born in the United States is a low birth weight baby, and almost a quarter of these cases occur in the absence of other known risk factors. There is not conclusive proof that gum disease directly causes low birth weight, but studies indicate a connection between the two. For women who are pregnant or planning to have a child soon, it may be safest to seek treatment for periodontal disease and simply remove the risk.

Dr. Barden performs the procedure using an FDA-cleared laser that only is harmful to periodontal disease. Healthy gum tissue is not cut or affected at all; this leaves teeth well protected, and reduces pain and recovery time for patients. LANAP may also reduce the risk of infection or other complications post-procedure, since trauma is minimal and since the laser can be used to create a blood clot that protects the gum pocket.

For women who are pregnant, eliminating periodontal disease with laser gum surgery is especially beneficial, as it may also help prevent the baby from developing health problems. LANAP is safe during pregnancy. Women who would like to learn more about LANAP can call Dr. Barden’s office or visit his website.

About the Doctor

Page Barden, DDS is a dentist offering personalized dental care for Cumming, GA gum disease patients. Dr. Barden received his Bachelor of Arts from University of Denver. He continued his education at the University Of Detroit School Of Dentistry. After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Dr. Barden further extended his education at Indiana University where he earned a degree in Periodontics from the School of Dentistry. He is part of one percent of dental professionals providing the most recent FDA cleared laser procedure for gum disease treatment. To learn more about Page Barden, DDS and his dental services, visit his website at http://www.georgiagumsurgery.com and call (678) 648-1998.

iDeaUSA Launches iDeaPLAY Kids Tablet, Designed to Educate and Safely Entertain

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 21, 2013

iDeaUSA, the consumer electronics manufacturer, has launched the iDeaPLAY a tablet especially built for kids to enjoy and designed to give parents peace of mind. The fully-featured Android device is compliant with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), ensuring children (ages 4 and up) a fun and educational experience with flexible parental controls. The tablet comes pre-loaded with great apps and premium content, but is priced at just $ 129 (USD), keeping family budgets in mind.

The iDeaPlay is the most affordable and versatile, yet safe, kids tablet available. It gives parents everything they need while their children get everything they want, said Danish Ahmed, vice president of operations, iDeaUSA. Parents will also appreciate that the iDeaPLAY is evenly balanced to both entertain and educate their kids and is more than just a digital baby sitter.

Safety First

The iDeaPlay tablet is designed to give parents complete control of the device at all times, even when they arent around. The Manage Mode for parents controls let them decide which content their kids can view and which features can be accessed in Kids Mode. The iDeaPlay also includes a customized version of Famigo software which regulates the tablet content by automatically removing unwanted content such as social media access, advertisements, pop up ads, ecommerce requests, chat and browser features. Of course, the COPPA compliant settings ensure that children are kept safe from content and that their privacy is never compromised either.

The safe restart also ensures that all parental settings remain enabled even if the tablet is turned off and on again. If kids want more content, they can create a wish list and parents can then decide what to download or purchase. Parents are able to monitor their childs activity by receiving a weekly recap email which provides an update on the childs use of applications

Educate and Entertain

Parents can easily manage access to apps to retain a balance between educational and entertaining content. The iDeaPlay can be updated with free and premium apps, movies, e-books and music from the iDeaApp Marketplace or by visiting Amazons app store.

As a parent, my number one priority is always my childrens safety, so it is especially reassuring that when I give my kids the iDeaPLAY, I know that it is COPPA compliant, so I dont have to worry about what they are doing, said Pattie Cordova, mother and lifestyle expert. I also like that I can set the tablet up so that my kids are getting as much educational time with the iDeaPLAY as they are being entertained.

Great Value

The iDeaPLAY lets parents relax and not worry about having to give their kids more expensive family gadgets. At $ 129 USD, the iDeaPLAY is hundreds of dollars less than comparable products, affording parents peace of mind when making purchasing decisions about devices for their kids.

Through the Famigo interface the iDeaPlay includes high quality premium content from Jim Henson, DreamWorks, Dr. Seuss, The Wiggles and apps including Doodle Jump, Shrek Forever After, Ice Rage, Yumsters, Toddle Fun Counting, Kids ABC Alphabets, Color & Draw, Riptide GP Toddle Tapping Zoo, Math Bugaboo.

Parents can also enjoy the iDeaPLAY by switching to a Regular Mode to use it themselves, enabling the full power of the tablet to access the internet and services including Netflix and Skype, like a regular Android device.


The iDeaPLAY is available now online by visiting Amazon.com or it can be purchased at one of many retail locations, including Frys Electronics and HEB stores across the country.

The tablet also comes with complete, US based customer support service and also extended warranty options are available as well. For more information, please visit: http://www.iDeaPLAYkids.com


About iDeaUSA

iDeaUSA is a leading US consumer electronics company focused on products that are competitively priced yet high quality. iDeaUSA designs better products, in the USA, that are expertly optimized to include the most important features and functions, offer open standards connectivity and compatibility and are manufactured to high standards. To see a complete list of iDeaUSA products, please visit: http://www.ideausa.us/