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Minneapolis Windshield Repair Company Provides Back to School Car Care Tips

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) September 01, 2011

As a local Minneapolis Windshield Repair company, we talk to many parents this time of the year who are busy getting everything ready to send their student off to school. With so many things to do, sometimes the vehicle gets over looked. Many college students will be moving away from home for the first time, so it would be a good idea to get that damaged windshield repaired or replaced, windshield wiper blades installed and to make sure the car is in good working order.

“Driving with a cracked or broken windshield is another form of distracted driving, and is illegal in many states including Minnesota.” Says Rick Rosar, President of Rapid Glass who services customers in Minneapolis, St Paul and surrounding suburbs,”Depending on your insurance coverage, many windshield repairs or replacements are covered without any deductible or out of pocket expense to you In fact, even if you have a deductible, many insurers will waive it if you have the windshield repaired, rather than replaced.”

Replacing windshield wipers helps to ensure your child’s safety and it’s easy to do yourself. Many auto glass companies will also replace your windshield wipers at the same time they repair or replace your windshield. Don’t wait until it’s pouring rain or your student is caught in a Minnesota snow storm. With so many distractions out there, trying to see through their windshield shouldn’t be one of them.

Tuning up the engine should be done on a regular basis anyways, so doing it now is as good a time as any. Changing the oil, as well as replacing the fuel and air filters are essential in keeping a car running smoothly and are also some of the least expensive things you can do to prolong the life of a car. It’s much easier to control the cost now instead of having your student break down on the road somewhere and be at the mercy of a mechanic that may charge you more than their tuition or books for the semester.

A visual inspection is one of the cheapest and easiest things to do. Tires can become worn; belts and hoses can crack and should be replaced before it’s too late. Checking the brakes can be as easy as removing a tire, and if youre not comfortable with doing it yourself, many repair shops will do some of these inspections at no charge. Make sure you check and replace any burned out taillights, brake lights or headlamps. Not having all your running lights working could also cost them an expensive traffic ticket.

It’s always a good idea to keep an Emergency kit in the trunk. Chances are your student has always been a short distance away if they had car problems, if they are going off to college, this may not be the case. The first thing you want to check is that they have a good spare tire and working jack. A small tool kit for making some basic repairs including a flashlight, tow strap and jumper cables could make the difference of being stranded and being able to make it home in time to get rested up for that big test the next day.A first aid kit is a good thing to include for those minor cuts and scrapes that may occur while traveling.

Many college students will be far away from home and may be traveling in uncharted territory. One of the best devices that have come along since the compass was invented is a GPS (Global Positioning System)The price has come way down on these in recent years. Most kids have mobile phones these days (which is another great safety device) and many new smart phones have a GPS service included for no additional charge. At the very least make sure they have a good map or map book to navigate through their new surroundings.

Going off to college or just beginning a new school year can be very costly and stressful for both you and your student. In todays economy with fuel prices on the rise, an ounce of prevention now can save you a pound of trouble down the road. Protecting your most prized possession should be first and foremost, and keeping their car running smoothly is a great start.

For 25 years, Rapid Glass has been one of Minnesota’s premier windshield repair and windshield replacement companies providing Quality Same Day Mobile Service. Our Customer Service Representatives are well-trained windshield claims specialists. Rapid Glass will handle all of the paperwork and assist the customer with reporting their loss to ensure they are getting the full benefits their insurance policy provides.


Question About Installing Your Child’s Safety Seat? Get Help from Addison Auto Repair & Body Shop

Denver, CO (PRWEB) September 11, 2010

Addison Auto Repair & Body Shop joined the National Child Passenger Safety Program by adding two Certified Technicians to their staff. This endeavor is a community service done by appointment.

Its a fact; in Colorado more than 80% of the child safety seats inspected by CPS Team Colorado were improperly installed. Used properly, child safety seats and seat belts prevent injuries and save lives. Common questions asked by parents, grandparents and guardians are:

US Best Repair Service Honored at 19th Annual 9-1-1 for Kids Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament Hosted by Tim Brown and Kathy Ireland at Monarch Beach Golf Links, Dana Point, CA

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) May 25, 2013

The 19th Annual 9-1-1 for Kids Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament continued their penchant for success in raising money for 9-1-1 training and education. International Chairmen Tim Brown and Worldwide Ambassador Kathy Ireland inspired, promoted and recognized 9-1-1 excellence. Community leader and general contractor US Best Repairs was honored for their Exemplary Service and Corporate Citizenship as champions of emergency preparedness and 9-1-1 public education.

US Best Repairs CEO Mark Zaverl and 3 of his employeesTung Nguyen, David Lopez and Michael Gleasonwere awarded for their commitment to reducing 9-1-1 misuse through 9-1-1 public education which teaches students how to avoid dangerous, inappropriate, or unlawful behavior when calling 9-1-1.

Almost 50% of the over 250 million yearly calls to 9-1-1 centers in the U.S. are not emergencies, which has financial consequences and can cost lives. If emergency professionals are busy responding to a prank 9-1-1 call, it could leave someone in need of real emergency care vulnerable.

9-1-1 for Kids has reached over 5 million children through awareness and education programs. American industry has a responsibility to secure the future for our children, Zaverl said while speaking after he and his team received their 9-1-1 Hero Awards.

Zaverl uses his companys national presence to spread awareness about 9-1-1 education because he understands the real effects of 9-1-1 misuse. As stated by 9-1-1 awards certificates, Many people with real emergencies have sadly been met with a busy signal because someone called 9-1-1 with non-emergency questions or issues (asking for information or directions, road conditions, animal issues, etc.).

US Best Repairs helps rebuild American neighborhoods, communities, and commercial properties by providing rehabilitation, repairs, maintenance and landscaping services nationwide. As a care-taker of American communities, I feel a responsibility to do more for those that live there, and 9-1-1 for Kids is truly an exceptional charity, Zaverl said.

It is easy to see the appeal of 9-1-1 for Kids, since it is commonly said that 9-1-1 for Kids is a charity that offends nobody and helps everybody. The logic being that even if you are not partial to children, one day a child could save your life if he or she is educated in the proper usage of 9-1-1.

# # #

About U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc.

U.S. Best Repair Service, Inc. is a privately owned and operated field services and construction company specializing in inspecting, protecting, repairing, rehabbing and maintaining properties for the default mortgage servicing industry. Based in Irvine, California, US Best Repairs services pre-REO and REO properties nationwide. Its mission is to provide extraordinary service at every opportunity, by exceeding expectations of timeliness and quality, at the best pricing in the industry.

Mortgage Field Services Provider U.S. Best Repair Service Teams Up with 9-1-1 for Kids Charity and NFL Legend Tim Brown at Five Star Conference in Dallas

(PRWEB) September 07, 2013

Over 250 million calls are made to 9-1-1 annually and nearly half of those calls are caused by misuse and abuseprank calls, people asking for information, duplicate calls, people asking for driving directions, and even calls for help finding a lost pet or hurt animal.

In addition to being a waste of costly resources, 9-1-1 misuse and abuse is a major safety issue as emergency lines are limited, which means crime prevention and life-saving solutions are delayed when 9-1-1 operators and first responders are busy dealing with non-emergencies. Thats why the charity 9-1-1 for Kids was created.

9-1-1 for Kids helps educate children about proper 9-1-1 usage. Former Los Angeles/Oakland Raider and future NFL Hall of Fame inductee Tim Brown is the charitys international chairman. Supermodel turned business mogul Kathy Ireland is the Worldwide Ambassador. They have been helping raise awareness through special charity events and fundraising that goes toward educational materials. For example, the charity created a video program for schools that teaches children how calling from a landline is preferred because the location of the call is automatically transmitted to 9-1-1 call centers. Accurate address information is central to coordinating emergency services quickly.

Mobile phones do not transmit location as reliably or efficiently as landlines. In the 1970s, a system was developed–known as Automatic Location Identification (ALI)–to connect landlines to a database program that would transmit addresses to 9-1-1 call centers. Mobile phones often times transmit inaccurate location or no location at all. That is why it is important to use a landline if possible.

This type of education is valuable for children and adults to know. 9-1-1 for Kids executive director Elise Kim says teaching children is the most effective way to inform families about proper 9-1-1 usage because children talk about what they learn to their parents, and they influence adults to behave safely. This protects neighborhoods, argues Kim, because proper 9-1-1 usage allows emergency resources to be directed to real emergencies, making communities safer.

Enter U.S. Best Repair Service, a leading provider of default mortgage field services and general contractor. In the mortgage industry, they specialize in repairing and protecting abandoned bank-owned homes, which attract crime and neighborhood blight if left unkempt. Their services include painting over graffiti, boarding broken windows, maintaining overgrown lawns, and securing hazards like empty pools which are unsafe for curious neighborhood children.

As an advocate for neighborhood safety and a specialist in removing community blight, CEO Mark Zaverl felt 9-1-1 for Kids was a charity that fit well with U.S. Best. Its a cause that affects literally everybody, says Zaverl, or as 9-1-1 for Kids co-founder Elise Kim likes to say, Everybody should care about 9-1-1 education because even if you dont like kids, one day a child could save your life by dialing 9-1-1 for you.

The three seemingly unconnected pioneers–Elise Kim, co-founder and director of 9-1-1 for Kids; Tim Brown, Raider football legend and future NFL Hall of Fame inductee; and Mark Zaverl, founder and CEO of a small handyman service turned national general contractorwill be attending Five Star Conference in Dallas, TX on September 8-10 at the Hilton Anatole for the mortgage servicing industrys largest gathering of its kind to raise awareness for 9-1-1 for Kids and abandoned bank-owned home protection.

Tim Brown will be available on Monday, September 9th, from 12pm to 2pm at booth #112. Media coverage is welcome. Advanced credentialing is necessary for this event. Please contact Mike Gleason for media inquiries:

Mike Gleason


714-599-7831 office

949-236-7421 mobile


iPad Repair Services Shares Clever Tips to Secure Your iPad Against In-App Purchases

lasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester (PRWEB UK) 16 September 2013

London, Birmingham, Leeds, G Many iPad apps allow you to buy additional features, functionality, and content, or in games, expansions, in-game resources, or character upgrades. Buying these sorts of upgrades from within apps is called in-app purchasing. Many parents have been caught out by charges for purchases within iPad games. Horror stories of children making in-app purchases totaling thousands of pounds are prevalent. In these cases the iPads used by the children have not been properly locked down by the parents.

At iPad Repair Services Fellipe states some of our customers are learning the hard way that in app purchases are enabled by default. No right-minded parent knowingly gives a five-year-old a credit card in a toy shop. Apple does a fantastic job of making complex technology simple to use, but it remains complex technology often with lots of different options.

Fellipe urges if you have an iPad that you are using with your child be sure to configure the parental controls. These settings can help protect younger family members from content they shouldnt see online and protects your wallet from the risk of them buying hundreds of in-app purchases on your account.

To restrict the content that can be viewed on the iPad, go to Settings, tap General and then tap Restrictions. Tap Enable Restrictions at the top of the screen, and youll be prompted to enter a four digit passcode twice. Felippe states that if you don’t want your child accessing the camera, Safari, iTunes and other apps, you can turn them off here. When they are off, they no longer appear on your home screen.

He goes on to explain that directly underneath the allowed apps is the Allowed Content section. This section lets you set the ratings for Podcasts, Music, Movies and other media on the iPad. You can restrict access to explicit content by adjusting these settings to an age-appropriate level. Also in this section is the In-App Purchases slider which should be set to off, if you want to block all in-app purchases. If you want to allow in-app purchases, you can leave them on and control purchases by changing the Require Password setting to Immediately and not the default 15 minutes. This will force your child to enter a password every time they try to make a purchase.

Felippe explains that critical to protecting your iPad is not giving your child the password to your iTunes account. It will give them complete access to the device and the ability to undo all your security settings. To change or disable Restrictions, you need your Parental Controls passcode, so dont forget it. If you do forget your PIN, you have to restore your iPad to its factory settings.

All work at iPad Repair Services is carried out by skilled technicians with many years of experience in the Apple repair sector and theyre able to provide expert advice on how to protect your iPad. They specialize in fixing iPads and this is backed by an unbeatable one year warranty. This goes a long way in giving you peace of mind when it comes to the repair of your iPad.

To find out more about the services offered by iPad Repair Services visit http://www.ipadrepairservices.co.uk/ or call Freephone 0800 033 7508. iPad Repair Services is part of the Hello Techy family of tech repair businesses.