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Health Insurance, Health Care Issues Now Top Rated Topics for Radio Listeners According to Arbitron

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) August 16, 2007

Cary Hall announced today that the Health Insurance Advocate Show, featured on Talk Radio 710 KCMO in Kansas City, Missouri, 9 a.m. Saturdays, has recently experienced a significant Arbitron ratings increase of 119 percent, more than doubling its listenership since this time last year. The program also airs on News Radio 1330 KNSS Talk Radio in Wichita, Kansas, noon on Saturdays, and has experienced an Arbitron ratings increase of 576 percent in the past year – an increase Hall says is a direct result of teaching listeners to feel confident in their understanding of healthcare coverage. Listen to program podcast or live.

“With so much change in the industry and the relentless cost increases that can often drive consumers away from even having healthcare coverage, we believe we know why the show has had such incredible gains in popularity,” Hall said. “Simply put, it’s desperately needed.”

Hall is host of the Saturday morning program as well as president of Benefits By Design, a health insurance and consumer advocate company. The radio program is now the number one rated Saturday talk show in the region according to Arbitron Winter Book Ratings for 2007.

“We’re ending the myth that health insurance is not affordable with a cutting edge program designed to educate and raise awareness in the group and individual policy markets,” said Hall. “We’re helping everyone from sole proprietors who are trying to raise their families to HR executives at large corporations who are trying to make sense out of poorly performing group policies. The show teaches them to understand the market and how best to protect their employees and loved ones with incredible savings and coverage efficiency.”

“People don’t gain clarity on Medicare changes or child-only coverage or caring for elderly parents and so many other very personal issues by reading a boring conventional brochure,” Hall says. “We teach our listeners by conversing with knowledgeable experts, healthcare professionals and community service organizations every week in order to put a human face on what we all face together — the need to protect ourselves and our families and the need to conserve and protect our dollars.”

Hall cites the fact that the health insurance industry can be complex and often leads to confusion, frustration and even heartache in the market place. Breaking down industry terminology and government regulations, demonstrating cost efficiency and giving consumers confidence in the purchase of healthcare coverage is what the Health Insurance Advocate Show strives to deliver.

The new Arbitron ratings come at a crucial time as the Health Insurance Advocate Show reaches its fourth anniversary on the air in Kansas City, touching most of western Missouri and eastern Kansas. The program is in its second year in the Wichita market.

The Health Insurance Advocate Show, heard in Kansas City on Talk Radio 710 KCMO Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and in Wichita on News Radio 1330 KNSS Talk Radio Saturdays from Noon to 1 p.m., is Kansas City’s and Wichita’s only source for the latest information on the health insurance industry.

Listen to program podcast or live.


Vicky Bisby


The Health Insurance Advocate – 10540 Marty, Suite 200 – Overland Park, KS 66212


National Talk Radio Host Kim Komando Recommends ProtectMyID.com From Experian to Listeners Wanting ‘The Best’ Identity Theft Protection

Irvine, Calif. (PRWEB) September 16, 2009

ProtectMyID.com, the multilayered identity theft detection, protection and fraud resolution product, proudly announces that it has been selected as the recommended identity monitoring product by national radio host Kim Komando. ProtectMyID.com is partnering with Komando to educate her audience of more than 16 million listeners and online subscribers about the importance of identity monitoring and protection. The partnership’s mission is to educate consumers about ways to reduce their risk of identity theft and provide them with the tools to help protect themselves.

“With more than 10 million identity thefts occurring in 2008 alone , this topic remains top-of-mind for my audience. In fact, I receive more questions about identity theft than on any other topic,” said Kim Komando, national radio host of the syndicated Kim Komando Show. “After careful review of the many identity protection products currently available, I feel very confident recommending ProtectMyID.com to my listeners. Not only is it a part of Experian — one of the most trusted brands in identity protection — it provides multiple layers of identity monitoring defense, including active Internet scans, change of address notifications, daily credit report monitoring at all three bureaus and notification alerts of key changes. I truly believe that ProtectMyID.com is the best identity monitoring and protection product available.”

The ProtectMyID.com and Kim Komando partnership involves both on-air and online components. At the core of the online program is an ID Theft Security Center Web page located at http://www.komando.com/protectmyid/ where visitors can learn how to better protect themselves from identity theft, as well as enroll in ProtecMyID.com. Other elements of the partnership include on-air and online advertisements in Komando’s radio program, email newsletters and Web site.

“Kim Komando’s audience trusts her expertise, and she knows that when it comes to identity theft protection, consumers need to take an active role in protecting themselves against the damaging and often long-term effects of identity theft,” said Jennifer Leuer, general manager, ProtectMyID.com. “Identity theft remains a very real threat, and Kim is doing a great service by educating her listeners about ways they can proactively protect themselves by using ProtecMyID.com.”

Identity protection in the ProtectMyID.com program is $ 9.95 per month and includes active Internet scans that search for key indicators of potential fraudulent use of debit, credit and Social Security numbers; notification alerts that inform members when a change of address action is initiated; daily monitoring of members’ credit reports at all three credit reporting companies; and access to experienced U.S. Fraud Resolution Agents. Additionally, members can get the most comprehensive children’s identity protection through ChildSecure for an additional fee. The ProtecMyID.com Guarantee will reimburse members for up to $ 1 million in related losses and expenses in the event the product fails and the member becomes a victim of identity theft, subject to limitations in the product agreement.

About ProtectMyID.com

ProtectMyID.com is a leading, full-service provider of proactive identity theft detection, protection and fraud resolution. ProtectMyID.com offers comprehensive identity theft protection products supported by experienced Fraud Resolution Agents who deliver personal attention that customers can rely on. ProtectMyID.com is a Web site owned by ConsumerInfo.com Inc., an Experian company. For more information about how ProtectMyID.com helps consumers protect themselves against identity theft, please visit http://www.ProtectMyID.com.

About Experian

Experian is the leading global information services company, providing data and analytical tools to clients in more than 65 countries. The company helps businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud, target marketing offers and automate decision making. Experian also helps individuals to manage their credit relationships and protect against identity theft.

Experian plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN) and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 index. Total revenue for the year ended 31 March 2009 was $ 3.9 billion. Experian employs approximately 15,000 people in 40 countries and has its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with operational headquarters in Nottingham, UK; Costa Mesa, California; and S

The BAM Radio Opens Network Partner Channels to Sponsors

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 29, 2009

Today BAM Radio Network (http://www.bamradionetwork.com), the education station online, announced the opening of its partner network to sponsors seeking to reach buyers of education-related products and services. Marketers are being offered a menu of opportunities to underwrite highly targeted programs on the network which currently reaches 450,000 teachers, educators, principals, administrators, childcare providers, school nurses and school business officials. Program sponsorship options now exist for seven association channels including NASN Radio, ASBO Radio, NHSA Radio, NAESP Radio, NAFCC Radio, NASSP Radio and IRA Radio.

The network offers a total of 20 channels of “on-demand” education programming, which are streamed online, podcasted and distributed via email to subscribers. The opening of the new channels offers marketers a highly targeted way of engaging educators, administrators and school officials with meaningful content while providing a platform to maintain brand visibility, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

“We are delighted to work with our network partners to offer these new opportunities to companies serving the education community. Opening these increasingly popular channels allows associations to expand their value to education marketers and keep pace with their growing demand for engaging new media and social media solutions,” said Holly Hagler, VP of business development, BAM Radio Network. “On the other side of the equation, the channels provide marketers with new touch points to reach customers, sustain current customer loyalty and protect market share.”

About BAM Radio Network

The BAM Radio Network is an online, education-focused, radio network for parents, teachers, administrators, advocates, journalists, legislators and all people interested in education-related topics. Created by leading early childhood experts, and originally launched as a channel for parents, the programming quickly became a popular resource among teachers and educators and was expanded to include an Educators’ Channel. A third channel for directors and administrators was soon developed, which became the catalyst for the Education 360 Channel, and expanded the team of program hosts to include diverse voices and insights from the leading advocates in the fields of child development and education. The network is a joint venture between privately held New Hampshire-based Moving & Learning and Los Angeles-based Jackstreet Media Ventures LLC. The programming is produced by Emmy-winning broadcaster Errol St. Clair Smith and distributed through the Affiliate Nanocasting Network.

The Best Educational Reporting Team

BAM Radio Network (http://www.bamradionetwork.com) has assembled the heads of the education community’s leading associations to bring you the most insightful, accurate, relevant and up-to-date information on the education issues people really care about. The on-air hosts include:

Mark Ginsberg, executive director of the National Association for the Education of Young Children
William B. Harvey Ph.D., executive Director of the International Reading Association
Dr. Gerald N. Tirozzi, executive Director of the National Association of Secondary School Principals
Gail Connelly, executive director of the National Association of Elementary School Principals
Dan Domenech, executive director of the American Association of School Administrators
Michael McGrady, deputy director of the National Head Start Association
Judy Nee, president and CEO of the National Afterschool Association
John Musso, executive director of the Association of School Business Officials
Janice Esau, executive director/CEO of the National Association of Child Care Professionals
Amy Garcia, executive director of the National Association of School Nurses
Jodi Grant, executive director of the Afterschool Alliance
Linda Geigle, executive director of the National Association for Family Child Care
Dr. Eric Karolak, executive director of Early Childhood Education Consortium
Barbara S. Belmont, executive director for the School Nutrition Association
Sherry Waugh, president of the National Coalition for Campus Children’s Centers

These education advocates are at the center of their respective communities and have their fingers on the pulse of what is going on moment by moment. Their programs are an invaluable resource for reporters, advocates, activists, legislators, analysts, parents, educators, administrators and anyone interested in transforming education.


Respected Cadre of Education Pundits Bring Insightful Commentary to BAM Radio Network

Los Angeles CA (PRWEB) May 28, 2010

BAM Radio Network, the education station online, today announced the launch of “Education Pundits On-Air,” a cadre of education experts who will bring insightful and informed commentary to a broad range of radio programs on the network. The aim is to enrich the programming by bringing a wider perspective to every show. The diverse, eclectic and respected team of experts includes:

Jay Mathews

Mathews is education columnist for the Washington Post. He has been with the Post for 39 years. He attended Occidental and Harvard Colleges, wrote a book on the famous Los Angeles math teacher, Jaime Escalante, and the lack of challenge in American high schools. His most successful book is his most recent, Work Hard. Be Nice — How Two Inspired Teachers Created the Most Promising Schools in America. This story of how the KIPP schools raised the achievement of impoverished students to unprecedented levels was a New York Times bestseller.

His rating system for U.S. high schools, the Challenge Index, appears every year in Newsweek and the Post. It has been cited in hundreds of newspapers and magazines since 1998 and gets about 7 million hits a year on the Newsweek.com web site.

Talk Radio Day, Live From the United Nations

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 09, 2011

The United Nations Foundation and Talkers Magazine today host the sixth annual Talk Radio Day at the UN. More than 20 talk radio hosts from across the United States will be airing their shows from the United Nations in New York. The hosts will be interviewing UN Ambassadors and officials from the UN and its agencies to offer listeners first-hand accounts about the work of the United Nations.

Whether it is leading the global fight against AIDS, or protecting civilians from Cote dIvoire to Libya, the UN is at the forefront of the major challenges facing the world today, said Timothy E. Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation. We are pleased to celebrate the sixth anniversary of this event and to be able to provide the American public the opportunity to learn more about the UNs work by hearing directly from its staff and officials.

Talk radio and its dedicated community of listeners represents millions of Americans across the U.S., said Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers Magazine. This is a terrific opportunity for our hosts to bring the work of the men and women of the UN to Americas kitchens, drive times and mobile devices.

The talk radio hosts will be on the air live from the United Nations today from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., offering millions of Americans the opportunity to learn more about the day-to-day operations of the international organization. They will discuss topics ranging from the massive humanitarian relief effort following the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti to the UNs multi-faceted approach to peacekeeping missions around the globe. Several UN guests will focus on the UNs role in combating poverty and improving the health and living standards for millions around the world through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

This years participating talk radio hosts include:


Sunday Morning Radio Show Gives Tips to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

Jacksonville, Florida (PRWEB) January 30, 2012

“Criminal background checks aren’t enough to keep child molesters away from children,” explained Don Dymer of SingleSource during his Sunday morning interview on “Inside Jacksonville.” The radio show is hosted by Jim Byard and aired on four stations, Lite, 96.1; Country Legends, 100.7; Sunny, 94.1 and Gator Country 99.9.

“What has been frustrating to me over sixteen years in the background screening industry and a full career before that in law enforcement at Scotland Yard, is that our criminal record system doesn’t provide enough insight about those who would victimize children and youth,” Dymer continued. “That frustration lead me on a journey over a year ago to find out if there was anything out there that could supplement finger-printing and background checks and fill that critical void.”

Now Dymer is ready to share his findings with everyone at an all day education conference planned on February 3. He organized the Protect the Children Conference being held at the University of North Florida’s University Center. He has brought together professionals from mental health fields, juvenile justice systems and organizations dedicated to helping prevent child abuse, and, provide support for victims together for one day to let the world know about a powerful adjunct to traditional background screening practices.

“I have discovered an amazing assessment tool, that, combined with thorough background screening, finger printing and reference checks can identify with an incredibly high degree of accuracy if a person lacks an understanding of what boundaries should exist between adults and children.”

Byard asked Dymer, “How could there still be so much threat out there? We warn our kids so all the time about the danger of strangers?” To which Dymer explained that according to research by many organizations, including Abel Screening, 90% of the victims are abused by people they know, love or trust.

Child abusers groom not just their victims, but the victims’ families as well. Parents have been lulled into a false sense of security and often tell themselves that they have done their part by warning their children to stay away from strangers. Dymer urges not just parents, but those actively involved as volunteers or workers in schools, youth organizations and day care centers to understand the warning signs. “Be aware of the coach or volunteer devoting too much time and attention to one particular student or athlete. Not just the star of the team, but look out for a little too much attention to one student over another. Invitations to watch sports events at their homes without parental supervision or often, without other classmates, overnight trips, one-on-one situations where the child or youth is isolated from parents and friends to spend alone time with an adult outside of the family unit should be noticed and not ignored.” 81% of child sexual abuse incidents for all ages occur in one-perpetrator/one-child circumstances (Snyder, 2000).

The Protect the Children Conference is a must for parents, guidance counselors, daycare and preschools, churches, children’s homes, foster agencies, advocacy agencies, hospitals and rehabilitation centers as well as those in the justice system.

Child sexual abuse persists in places where our children should be safe, explained Don Dymer. The Protect the Children Conference offers seven continuing education credits for The National Board of Certified Counselors, the American Psychological Association and five credits from the Society of Human Resource Managers. There is still time to sign up by going to http://www.singlesourceservices.com/protectthechildren.


Accutech Security Introduces New Compact Two-Way Radio

Franklin, WI (PRWEB) March 05, 2012

Today Accutech Security formally announces the introduction of the Accutech Two-Way Radio – a light weight, two-way radio that gives health care facilities an effective, low cost communication tool that also integrates into existing security systems to function as a customizable alarm notification device. Hospitals and long term care facilities are required to have wander management and child abduction prevention systems that trigger alerts when either a resident, newborn baby or toddler gets too close to an exit or restricted area. While these systems ensure the safety of patients who require them, they put an added demand on the staff entrusted with their care and often compound the commotion of an already hectic environment. By easing the ability of a facilitys staff to communicate with each other and giving everybody specific information about the location and nature of an alarm, the radio increases the safety and efficiency of health care facilities.

The compact radio is a four and a half inch tall radio that weighs three ounces. This two-way radio decreases the time it takes for the staff of a health care facility to respond to an alarm by sending customizable audio messages to all the radios on the network. By integrating into an existing security system, it also increases safety through redundant alert awareness. When an alarm is triggered, the facilitys staff is notified via the radio – wherever they are – exactly what and where the alarm is and can communicate an immediate response – ensuring that someone is responding to the alarm and eliminating multiple people being interrupted to address the same situation.

The radios ability to enunciate door alarm locations allows our staff to respond more quickly to an incident. It also saves time by sending an alert when the alarm is cleared, so that we don’t have multiple nurses responding after it has been cleared, said Margaret K, Director of Nursing

Alerts recorded to .wav files using a built-in microphone on top of the transmitter unit are sent to the Accutech Radio when an alarm is triggered or cleared. These can be programmed to repeat at customizable intervals until the alarm has been cleared. When the status of the switch/sensor changes, a recorded message is automatically sent to all staff equipped with an Accutech two-way radio. Each transmitter unit connects up to four switches or sensors, and there is no limit as to the number of units that can be integrated into an Accutech security system. Repeaters are also available for the Accutech two-way radios – this means that an integrated Accutech security system can easily cover a health care facility of any size.

As an industry leader in the infant protection, wander management and pediatric elopement fields, Accutech is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through ongoing development, implementation and integration of healthcare security systems, said Josh Williams, President and CEO of Accutech Security. The Accutech two-way radio easily integrates into existing Accutech RFID security systems, which include ResidentGuard for wander management, Cuddles for infant abduction prevention, and Kidz for pediatric protection.

Radio Features:

6-Unit Charger

Each radio comes with an individual charger. In addition, Accutech offers a 6-unit charger that can charge 6 radios and 6 spare lithium-ion batteries simultaneously. The 6-unit charger reduces the need for power outlets and provides a central point for staff to retrieve/return their radio and complete any sign-in/sign-out paperwork, etc. The 6-unit charger also enables a facility to clone a programmed radio onto an unprogrammed radio – allowing for quick and easy additional or replacement radios.

Lithium-ion Battery life

The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that come with the radio are able to operate for 12 hours on one charge. This means that a single two-way radio can be used across multiple shifts to cover a 24 hour period with one spare battery.

8 talk channels

Multiple channels enable a facilitys staff to be setup into different talk-groups, i.e. one for the west wing, one for the east wing, and one channel for managers.

FCC Bandwidth

Accutech two-way radios operate within UHF 450-470 Mhz – the licensed FCC bandwidth. These frequencies are more secure and reduce the risk of cross-talk interference.

FCC Licensing

Accutech two-way radios operate on secure radio frequencies that are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations for patient privacy. In order to transmit on these frequencies, a facility is required to have a license issued by the FCC. Accutech can assist with FCC licensing, including national licensing for health care companies with multiple facilities.

About Accutech

Accutech has engineered, manufactured, distributed and serviced radio frequency identification (RFID) and wireless products since 1985. They are an industry leader in the infant protection, resident wandering and pediatric elopement fields, with ongoing development, implementation and integration of healthcare related security systems. Their markets primarily consist of hospitals, birthing centers, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing homes, sub-acute facilities and even residential homes. All Accutech systems are manufactured in the U.S., and backed by the industrys most comprehensive customer support program.

Inside Jacksonville Radio Show Examines The Obstacles That Hinder Child Sexual Abuse Detection and Prevention

Jacksonville Beach, FL (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

Inside Jacksonville, a weekly radio show on station 96.1, produced by Renda Broacasting with host Jim Byard recently sat down with Stacy Pendarvis, of EmpowerToProtect and Donald J. Dymer, CEO and president of SingleSource background screening services to examine the obstacles that still exist to effectively prevent child sexual abuse.

In response to Byards question, what are your thoughts about this whole Penn State situation? Don Dymer answered, the situation at Penn State reflected all of the typical characteristics of child sexual abuse that goes on all around us, from grooming the child to most importantly the people around the abuse, who saw or suspected the abuse and never said a word about it. At Penn State they apparently placed money derived from promotions, scholarships, etc. in front of child safety, and this type of strange justification goes on all around us. The irony is that ultimately the organization will be found out and their reputation will be destroyed anyway, but sadly and more importantly, the victims of child sexual abuse never recover while people remain in denial.

Pendarvis concurred, The CDC reports that the victims of child sexual abuse suffer long term and severe mental and physical health issues, and experience earlier death even if they receive extensive counseling. Jim Byard stated that it was still difficult to understand why so many people remained silent. Pendarvis, who holds a masters degree in academic psychology in addition to her 17 years in child safety and abuse prevention explained the role of the bystander effect. Certainly there are many reasons why people dont report abuse. Fear of damaging someones reputation, fear of retaliation, and the fear of being wrong. Frequently people who witness a crime or bad act feel certain that someone else around them also has noticed and will report the crime so there is no need for them to also report the incident. We see this in traffic accidents or in situations where multiple people watch people suffer and ask themselves Should I do something, should I walk away?’ This type of thinking enables child sexual abusers.

Don Dymer added, There is also another reason for not reporting the abuse and that is there are people out there who simply dont recognize the boundaries that should exist between adult and child. They may not be pedophiles, and they aren’t suffering from the bystander effect, but they clearly lack the ability to determine what is appropriate behavior and these individuals put children at risk to the same degree as the child molesters. This is why as a background screening professional and founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners I am alerting all organizations to test candidates for hire or volunteer who wish to work with children by demanding they take the Diana Screen

Fresno California DUI Attorney Terry Wapner Featured on KYNO Radio Show

Fresno, California (PRWEB) September 21, 2012

Fresno California DUI Lawyer Terry Wapner was a featured guest expert on E. Curtis Johnsons 940 KYNO radio show. Wapner talked about how trial by media may taint the jury pool in high-profile cases.

Wapners radio interview coincided with the high-profile Fresno case in which a basketball coach was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and vehicular manslaughter. The crash had fatally injured a 7-year-old child and seriously injured his father and 18-month-old sister.

Trial by media is very real, especially with DUIs, said Terry Wapner, a Fresno DUI lawyer for over 20 years. It takes a long time to qualify a jury, to pick a juror, especially with DUI. A lot of people can become indoctrinated against the case before the trial even starts, and whether they know the actual facts or not.

As Fresno DUI lawyer Wapner understands, the media generally projects a strong pro-prosecution bias. Also a problem is that most people cannot relate to a criminal defendant.

Some cases are very emotional and appear on the surface to be bad, but there are a lot of issues in these cases. Even in cases where everything is apparently cut and dry, its not, said Wapner.

The media gives the public the opportunity to play armchair jury and judge.

The alleged crime is being tried in the media. The public then tends to remember details from those initial few weeks whether they are true or not. For many defendants, when a case is judged in the media, permanent damage is done, said Wapner.

About Terry Wapner and the Law Offices of Terry A. Wapner:

Fresno DUI Lawyer Terry Wapner provides a combination of skilled legal defense, knowledge of California DUI laws, special training in the administration of field sobriety and breath tests and a technical understanding of the biology, chemistry and physiology associated with alcohol consumption. The majority of Attorney Wapner’s law practice is dedicated to drunk driving defense and protection of his client’s rights. That experience could mean the difference between being found guilty of drunk driving in California, and having a case dismissed.

The law office of Fresno CA DUI Attorney Terry Wapner offers a free initial consultation and competitive fees, coupled with a proven record of success. Clients are afforded both professional legal counsel and personal service. DUI defense lawyer Terry Wapner listens to his clients’ needs and develop the most appropriate legal defense for each case.

The penalties for being convicted for drunk driving in California can include loss of driver’s license, fines and court fees, jail, higher auto insurance premiums, community service and mandatory enrollment in an alcohol awareness program. The consequences of being found guilty of CA DUI and having a criminal arrest record make it very important to seek legal guidance from a skilled and experienced DUI defense lawyer.

To learn more about California DUI Attorney Terry Wapner, visit http://www.duifresno.com

US Police Officers Aid Police in Sudan & Darfur with Child Safety & Medical Help – Officer McDowell Discusses Obstacles on Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show – Dec 6

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Currently programs organized through Safe Harbor International are addressing complex survival needs on individuals in East Africa. Food, medical attention, law and order, safety of children– these are basic human needs in East Africa assisted by Police Officer Dave McDowell and many police officers he has organized through Safe Harbor International, Safe Harbor Police Outreach, and “Operation Safe Child.” Dave McDowell reveals hardships faced by inhabitants of South Sudan, Darfur, and Uganda. How can police officers from the United States help communities and peace-officers in these conflicted areas? “Police officers in these African Countries need and want assistance,” explains Officer Dave McDowell on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dr-carol-francis/2012/10/22/us-police-officers-aid-police-officer-in-sudan-darfur) today.

Dr. Carol Francis interviews Dave McDowell, a police officer from Oregon and California who helps police officers in East Africa to effectively address issues of justice, fairness, and safety. Dave McDowell, in conjunction with many other police officers and professionals who volunteer with Safe Harbor International help families, children, medical professionals, and parents receive needed assistance and protection in these troubled countries of East Africa such as South Sudan, Uganda, Darfur. Dave McDowell’s journeys and stories will inspire many to help and others to compassionately understand the complications of East African citizens of all ages.

Dave McDowell is from Bend, Oregon and the Director of International Police Training & Outreach at Safe Harbor International Relief. For more information – McDowell works in conjunction with Safe Harbor International. McDowell’s organization can be contacted at http://www.policeoutreach.com/contact_us.aspx

Dr. Carol Francis, Psychologist and Marriage Family & Child Therapist dedicates this and all programs to encourage each of us to Make Life Happen NOW! Helping when we can and never falling short of being all we can be in the short time we have here. Dr. Carol Francis services South Bay Area of the Los Angeles County in Torrance, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, El Segundo, San Pedro, Long Beach- California. Call 310-543-1824 for one-to-one session on line or in person only. drcarolfrancis.com.