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Wheelchair Van crashed to save lives; Handicap Vans from Lone Star Handicap Vans in Tyler Texas take safety and quality to new heights.

Tyler, TX (PRWEB) May 19, 2011

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHSTA’s 2011 crash test standards are more stringent and harder to pass than ever before. Lone Star Handicap Vans in Tyler Texas proved their conversion vans are the top of its class by completing the test with just one van. This is a very rare event for one van to complete all 3 crash test with flying colors. Lone Star Handicap Vans has set a new standard in their industry with this great accomplishment. Making safety and quality the highest priority in their vans. Visit the site for the video and more info on the safest handicap vans in the industry.

Since passing the 2011 NHTSA’s 2011 Crash Test Lone Star Handicap Vans, LLC is constantly getting approved as a provider of new grants and loans for our customers and are continually looking for more programs.

Lone Star Handicap Vans manufactures the handicap accessible conversions on vans and minivans for wheelchair access, scooter access, and electrical chair access. With Lone Star Handicap Vans you get direct manufacturing pricing, nationwide delivery, and the highest quality wheelchair van, along with a company that genuinely cares about helping those in need gain the mobility they deserve at an affordable price.

Their mission is to give individuals greater access to the world. Through wheelchair accessible transportation, helping individuals who require this assistance to be able to get where they want to go and do so with safety and dignity. Lone Star Handicap Vans is helping individuals and families gain more freedom through mobility van product at the highest value and safety.

This is a true goal at Lone Star handicap Vans LLC. They are really in this to help physically challenged individuals with disabilities to be as mobile as possible. Helping individuals who can benefit from Wheelchair conversion vans and increase their mobility and their access to appropriate transportation. Lone Star Handicap Vans is about helping individuals who can utilize wheelchair vans to gain a greater feeling of freedom and a greater actual mobility in their world.

Are you ready to get on the road as soon as possible in your new wheelchair accessible van?

There are many types funding resources that can help those in need to purchase a handicap van and/or the van conversion. There are Medicaid, veteran, child, private organizations, state and national grants that are available to help pay for a handicap van.

Lone Star Handicap Vans has finance programs, Veterans Affair (VA) grants, Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS), Medically Dependent Children Program (MDCP), Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), and bank and credit union loans are just a few of the ways to fund your handicap van.

They can arrange for nationwide and worldwide deliveries.

Lone Star Handicap Vans, LLC in Tyler Texas

Owned and operated by Bill and Norma Niederhofer

For more information, contact one of our customer service representatives at toll free at 1-866-588-VANS (8267)


10Rate Announces its Top 10 Booster Seats for 2012 | Clek and Recaro Win Best Quality and Best Value Awards

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

10Rate reviewers and staff selected 10 of the best booster seats for 2012, assigning each a numerical rating as well as awarding three models that stood out for quality, value, and budget. Testing and consideration for this Booster Seats Top 10 list was given based on this set of seven criteria:

1. Lightweight and easy to transfer from one car to another

2. A compact fit to make it easy to put as many as three boosters in the back seat

3. A snap to install, with clear instructions and diagrams that are easy to understand

4. A safe seat that passes government safety tests and automotive crash tests

5. Affordability, so working families wont break the bank to buy one

6. Good quality workmanship with enough safety features to provide extra protection in a crash

7. The ability to convert into a larger, or even backless, seat to accommodate growing kids

The annual Best Booster Seat 2012 awards list featured the Clek Oobr, winning the Best Quality spot and an 8 out of 10 rating. The review noted several strengths of the booster seat as follows: It has a magnesium back frame to protect from protruding objects, steel rods connecting the headrest to the back frame and a layer of energy-absorbing foam. It also has audible clicks for the latches, so you can hear when they are securely fastened. More peace of mind comes from its performance when tested it meets all U.S. and Canadian motor vehicle safety standards. This seat doesnt come cheap, but you get what you pay for.

10rate’s editors also gave the Best Value booster seat award to the Recaro ProBooster High Back in the second place spot. Also with a rating of 8 out of 10, the review boasted, The polystyrene foam padding throughout the seat is designed to absorb external impact in case of a crash. Unlike many child car seats made in China, the Recaro ProBooster is assembled in the U.S. and meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for child restraint systems (FMVSS 213) and Flammability of Interior Materials (FVMSS 203.) That carries a lot of weight in the industry, and we gave this seat a high rating for that.

Additionally, the Best Budget award from the Top 10 Best Booster Seats list went to the Cosco Highrise Backless, for which 10rate noted, Coscos Juvenile Highrise Belt-Positioning Backless Booster Car Seat is a mouthful, but basically this seat is designed for kids who have outgrown their infant car seat. It holds kids from 30 pounds up to 100 pounds, and has a convenient flip-down cup holder for drinks and snacks. Its easy to put in and take out of the back seat and there isnt the issue of whether or not its small enough to fit in a compact car. Parents dreadfully tired of lugging around a heavy car seat can rejoice the Cosco Highrise weighs only 4.2 pounds.

Each spot in 10rate’s Booster Seat Reviews was represented by a different model from a different brand. Notably, an Evenflo Booster Seat, the Big Kid No Back AMP, earned second place in overall ranking, with the review having this to say of its 9.5 out of 10 rating: When kids get big enough to fit into a backless booster, its the last step before sitting in the back seat. Theres no fiddling with a five-point safety harness, just buckle up the child using the vehicle safety belt. Use the booster seats belt clip to position the seat belt for comfort and safety. Unlike the molded plastic cup holders other boosters have, this one has elastic cup holders to accommodate an extra-large drink. The $ 24.99 price tag gives parents relief in the wallet from more expensive booster seats.

10rate.com conducts reviews in various product and services categories and publishes Expert Top 10 Lists for Everything in your life. The company’s web site strives to Make it Easy to select from the hundreds of choices there are in the product and service market place. All products and services are thoroughly researched by the company’s expert editors prior to receiving a rating on a 1-10 scale. In addition to product reviews the company’s editors write guidelines, buying guides and articles on various topics surrounding each product or service category covered to help educate the consumer.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Announces 2007 Winners of the Texas Environmental Excellence Award

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) May 2, 2007

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) today announced the 2007 winners of the 15th annual Texas Environmental Excellence Awards. The awards are given to 12 innovative projects across the state that demonstrate positive effects on air, water, and land resources.

Among this year’s award recipients are a wetlands educational program that has acted as a classroom for more than 28,000 Texans; a community tool shed program that has removed more than 10 tons of trash and illegally dumped debris from El Paso; and a major company whose more than 140 pollution prevention projects have removed 398 tons of air pollution, 5,823 tons of solid/hazardous waste, and substantially reduced the plant’s energy consumption.

This year marks the first presentation of the Gregg A. Cooke Memorial Award for Exceptional Environmental Excellence, created to honor individuals who display passion, innovation, and persistence for protecting the environment. Gregg Cooke, a former regional administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency in Dallas, was known for his tireless and innovative efforts to make Texas a healthier place to live.

Cooke passed away in September 2006 at the age of 51.

Recommended by a Blue Ribbon Committee of environmental experts from public and private industry, the awards honor individuals, businesses, and organizations that have created successful programs that conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and prevent pollution. Created by the Texas Legislature in 1993, the awards program reflects the goals of the TCEQ itself: to protect Texas’ human and natural resources and ensure clean air, clean water, and the safe management of waste.

“Today we recognize the initiative of these dozen recipients who have answered the call of duty to protect and preserve our natural resources,” said Kathleen Harnett White, TCEQ Chairman. “They stand as exemplary stewards of our state’s natural resources, habitats, and environmental quality.”

“We applaud the Texans and our Texas companies and civic groups,” said TCEQ Commissioner Larry R. Soward. “Their innovative approaches to environmental stewardship serve as an inspiration beyond our borders.”

“These projects reflect a tremendous respect for both Texas and for our environment,” said TCEQ Commissioner H.S. Buddy Garcia. “We are proud to honor these world class standard bearers.”

The commissioners of the TCEQ will present the awards at the annual awards banquet on Wednesday May 2, 2007, at the Austin Convention Center as part of the TCEQ Environmental Trade Fair and Conference.

Following are brief profiles of the 2007 Texas Environmental Excellence Award winners. For more information about this year’s winners and finalists, as well as to submit an application for next year’s awards, visit http://www.teea.org.

2007 Texas Environmental Excellence Award Winners


3M Company (Category: Large Business/Technical)

Since 2001, the 3M Brownwood plant employees have established almost 140 new projects, more than any other facility in the entire 3M Company. These projects have eliminated 398 tons of air pollution and 5,823 tons of solid/hazardous waste. The company has also reduced energy consumption by 150,000 MM BTUs with an associated savings of $ 16.3 million despite production growing steadily by almost 10 percent a year. These important achievements reflect the long tradition of environmental stewardship at the 3M Brownwood plant. The plant has been ISO 14001 EMS certified since 2000, is a charter member of the TCEQ CLEAN TEXAS Program, and is in the EPA’s National Performance Track Program.


The Gulf of Mexico Foundation (Category: Youth)

In 2000, the Gulf of Mexico Foundation launched the Science & Spanish Club Network to help students obtain science-based information about the Gulf of Mexico and regional ecology. This bilingual project has expanded to students in coastal zone communities from El Campo to Brownsville in Texas, to Matamoros and Tampico in Tamaulipas, Mexico. Clubs average 15-25 members who meet weekly and after school to participate in beach cleanups, explore their watershed and estuaries on field trips, and have near-shore experiences on their rivers, bays, and Gulf waters. Children are not charged to join a club, a factor that contributes to attracting a broad range of youth.


Dan Fette Builders Inc. (Category: Small Business)

Dan Fette’s homes in the new Nevada Court subdivision are priced at almost 40 percent less than the city’s average for single-family new home construction, and they all exceed the federal Energy Star criteria. Codeveloped in partnership with the Denton Affordable Housing Corporation (DAHC), a nonprofit dedicated to sustainable housing, the average energy bill for heating and cooling a 1,340 square foot house may be reduced to about $ 50 per month at current prices. This low energy bill is due to the use of a broad range of energy conservation attributes, ranging from light-colored shingles and radiant barrier sheathing to hydronic home heating systems to hot water on-demand systems, low flow toilets and showerheads, and xeriscaping. Finally, each home is positioned at an angle that decreases sunlight exposure during the summer and increases sunlight during the winter. As a result, DAHC believes residents will consume less than half the electricity, natural gas, and water typically used by households in similar-sized, conventionally built homes.


Leak Surveys Inc. (Category: Innovative Technology)

David Furry developed a groundbreaking new procedure to detect leaking gas pipes that has led to a change in the way the world monitors emissions. Prior to the invention of Furry’s Hawk Leak Detection System, the most effective way to find leaks was to walk over an entire system’s pipes. Furry’s new monitoring device, the Hawk Leak Detection System, uses a cryogenically cooled infrared camera that shows leaking gas in real time. By flying over pipelines with the system, workers can quickly discover leaks. The system is also used to detect volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks.