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Study Proves American Teens are at Serious Risk

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 21, 2009

The highly anticipated results of a country-wide yearlong study on teenagers and internet dangers were announced yesterday. The study, which was ordered by 49 state attorneys general, has been met with serious media buzz- as many found the findings both telling and alarming. While most U.S adults have known for years that teens face potentially dangerous situations every time they log on, the attorney general research project demonstrated that the risks presented to children online are, in fact, frighteningly similar to those they will face in the real world.

Emily Steel’s January Wall Street Journal article, “No Easy Answer for Protecting Kids Online” highlights this concerning trend among websites frequented by teenagers. Abuse, bullying, hatred and pornography crowd the internet; and no where are they more prevalent, or more dangerous, than on sites geared towards teens. According to the internet danger study, there is a serious debate over who should carry the brunt of the burden for keeping kids safe. It is a bitter tug of war between parental activist groups and web technology companies.

“Clearly, the main responsibility is on parents. (But) because technology companies are providing this gathering space and encouraging children to come, they have a duty to put in place technologies that can help protect kids.”

Attorney General Roy Cooper, North Carolina (WSJ)

So the majority of the responsibility for keeping children safe falls squarely where it always has: on a parent’s shoulders. But as today’s economic crisis forces more parents to put in extra time at work, while chat and networking websites continue to dominate the teenage social scene, there has to be a place for adults to turn for help.

As traditional internet safety and watch dog services continually fall short of their promises, concerned parents and activists have begun to seek out a more comprehensive program. Research, including the 2007-2008 attorney general study, has shown the most effective approach to be that of a fully managed internet filtering service. A parent guided, expert controlled, customizable safety net that gives adults more control, while taking some of the burden from them and keeping them informed.

Leading safety blogs like Block-Porn.Org agree with the study’s assessment, calling for new options in the battle for children’s online safety. With literally hundreds of new pornography, hatred, and gambling sites appearing every week, even the most diligent parent is likely to miss something. A recent Block- Porn blog post introduced parents to a new type of parental control: the artificial intelligence method.

No longer relegated to science fiction novels, AI is revolutionizing the way parents control what comes into their homes. These fully managed internet services, like the immensely popular My Internet Doorman (http://www.myinternetdoorman.com), let parents set the rules and boundaries, and then the experts take over the implementation process. In other words, they pick up where other services fall short. Instead of cookie cutter filters that block everything, all the time, or the easily bypassed password system, these managed services give parents the final say. Allowing certain things, blocking others- even shutting down the internet completely during certain hours provides more peace of mind for worried adults, while still allowing internet exploration for curious teens.

Internet dangers are not going anywhere. In fact, if this study is any indication, the situation is only going to get worse. The key, at least for now, is to keep the lines of communication open, while finding a service that can help you manage what your child is exposed to.


New Charity Drive Proves to be a Huge Success for Igniting Impulses and Brenton Hayden of Renters Warehouse

Minneapolis, MN (Vocus) January 8, 2011

The 2010 Mitten Drive was a concept that began with Chelsea Elliott and Riley Hoffman, founder of Igniting Impulses. When Brenton Hayden heard the concept, he knew he could help make it a success. One email (see below) resulted in 4435 mittens donated to Sharing and Caring Hands in Minneapolis, MN.

My company, Renters Warehouse, has teamed up with Igniting Impulses and Grain Studio to create the 2010 Mitten Drive. The goal is to provide the simplest of luxuries such as gloves and mittens to those who are less fortunate. There are coat drives, food drives, diaper drives, but no Mitten drive. We want to donate 2500 Mittens & Hats to Sharing and Caring Hands by Dec 22nd of this year. Sharing and Caring Hands is a local Minneapolis charity committed to helping those less fortunate. I have found a distributor online that can produce and sell us 1 pair of gloves/mittens for 70 cents. Can you spare 70 cents to give a young child the snowball fight we all remember, the ability to play in the Minnesota snow, and brave the fierce Minnesota winter? I challenge you all to see who can donate the most mittens to the Mitten Drive this year! I will personally match all donations up to 500 pair of mittens. And to start it off with a bang, I will donate 200 right now! How many will you donate?

Chelsea, Riley and Brenton were stunned by the response. Their goal of 2000 mittens donated to the local Minneapolis charity, Sharing and Caring Hands, was far exceeded. Just one simple email resulted in donations that more than doubled their expectations. 4435 mittens were dropped off at Sharing and Caring Hands proving that in an economy when people struggle to purchase gifts for their own families, the spirit of giving is strong in the Twin Cities.

All of the donations are greatly appreciated. The highest donation of 100 mittens was received by Tracy Call, owner of Media Bridge; a Minneapolis based marketing agency specializing in Media Buying. Greg Mansourian with the upscale car service Mannys Limos came in second, donating 844 mittens.

The Mitten Drive team plans to expand in future years with greater efforts to get the word out about this innovative charitable drive with marketing and corporate partnerships. So many kids and families are in need of the simple necessity of warm hands during cold winters locally and regionally. Expanding beyond a single email could lead to huge possibilities for those in need, and the Mitten Drive team is looking forward to growing their efforts after realizing how strong the spirit of giving really is.

About Sharing and Caring Hands

Sharing and Caring Hands is a compassionate response to the needs of the poor. We are set up to be a safety net organization to help with whatever needs are not being met. This includes but is not limited to providing meals, clothing, showers, shelter, transportation help, rent deposits, rent help, medical assistance, dental care, furniture, school expenses, funeral assistance, and other miscellaneous needs.

Sharing and Caring Hands provides these with dignity, while affirming God’s love for all his people regardless of their circumstances. We reaffirm the self-worth of each individual and want to assist in that person reaching his or her greatest potential.

Sharing and Caring Hands is an extension of the community to the desperate needs of the poor and exists as a vehicle for volunteers to commit their time and resources towards making a difference in the lives of others.

Sharing and Caring Hands stands as an emotional anchor and a beacon of hope to those who are alone, afraid, or in need.

About Brenton Hayden

Brenton Hayden, age 25, is the owner of Renters Warehouse, Pink Blue, and Sexy Limos. His passion, dedication, and tenacity defines an entrepreneurial spirit.

Renters Warehouse is a soon-to-be franchised property management company headquarted in MN with a branch in AZ. Renters Warehouse is unique in that Brenton has created a niche market in the industry. In one of the worst real estate markets since the 1960s, Renters Warehouse has provided home owners on the verge of foreclosure or short sale an alternative by renting their property out. Brenton calls this type of client an unintentional landlord. Until recently, there wasnt a company that worked with homeowners who only had one or two properties locally. Typically the term property manager was reserved for medium to large real estate investors. With this service, Brenton estimates he saves over 500 people a year from foreclosure or short sale. Since September of 2007, Renters Warehouse has been able to remove much of the risk associated with being a landlord with innovative programs such as the tenant warranty and eviction protection plan. Brenton forecasts posting revenues of over 2 million dollars this year.

Brenton recently launched a sister company to Renters Warehouse known as Pink Blue. Pink Blue is a real estate company that focuses on two niche markets. In one specialty market the agents concentrate on new or small real estate investors helping them create income through rental properties. The second specialty market for Pink Blues buying and selling agents is working with community servants including police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, teachers, active and retired military. Brenton gives much of the proceeds his company makes in commission representing these clients back to them at closing in thanks for their servitude.

To help educate the public about real estate in general and current trends, Brenton hosts and produces a morning real estate advice show on Fox Radio KTALK 100.3.

Brenton also owns Sexy Limos nightlife limousine services in Minneapolis. According to the popular limousine reservation site, limos.com, it is one of the most booked nightlife limo services in the city.


Enough is Enough; Domestic Violence Statistics Proves that Women are not Dying at the Hands of Strangers

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 10, 2011

Author Tiffany Johnson takes a stand against domestic violence. The former victim is set to release her first intimate memoir Enough Is Enough: This Is My Story. The book release and signing will commence on Saturday April 16th, 2011 at Roy Arias Studios, located at 300 West 43rd Street suite 401C @ 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10036 at 3pm. Over 100 advocates and supporters are scheduled to attend this event.

My 4 year old son was almost the witness of my attempted murder, says Tiffany Johnson. In her memoir she is quite candid; Tiffany talks about the violent beatings, her experience in Safe Horizon domestic abuse shelters, the visits to Rikers Island and the day that she was left for dead lying in a pool of blood. Unlike 70% of women in domestic violence situations, Tiffany survived and is now sharing her story to help women worldwide. I found Enough Is Enough to be quite moving. Going through Tiffanys book took me on a roller coaster ride. Several times, I caught myself wiping away my tears and biting my nails, says Carmen Garcia of New Mexico City.

Domestic violence is an epidemic. The daily news headlines in New York City continues to report recent crimes, including the case of former NYC police officer Eddy Coello, indicted for the murder of his wife Tina Adovasio. In 2010 the New York City Police Department responded to 249,440 domestic violence incidents; this averages to over 680 reported incidents per day. In addition, NYPDs Domestic Violence Unit conducted 67,761 home visits in 2010, a 77% increase since 2002. On average, more than three women and one man are murdered by their intimate partners in the US every day.

Enough Is Enough: This Is My Story, is certainly a solution to this epidemic that plagues our nation. This book is a must read for women, men and families whose lives have been affected by domestic violence.

10% of all event proceeds and book sales will be donated to Child Abuse Prevention Program; an independent non-profit child safety workshop that speaks directly to children about the prevention of physical and sexual abuse. And P.O.W.E.R.S. INC., a nonprofit organization providing restorative services to individuals who have been victimized by domestic violence.

About Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson is a mother, an author, entrepreneur and an advocate against domestic violence. She is also a full time student at Bramson Ort College, pursuing a degree in Health Care Administration. Tiffany currently reaches out to domestic abuse organizations within her community to help educate women and families who are victims of domestic abuse. She is also CEO and founder of Treasure Box Publishing, a book publishing company in Queens, New York City. With dedication Tiffany Johnson continues to be the voice for millions of women who are no longer with us.

For more information about Enough Is Enough: This is My Story, events, upcoming book signings and the author, please visit: http://www.tiffanyjohnson.org or send an email to info(at)tiffanyjohnson(dot)org

About Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP)

The Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP), an independent non-profit agency founded in 1986, is the only agency of its kind. The effective CAPP Child Safety Workshop speaks directly to children about the prevention of physical and sexual abuse. For children that are experiencing abuse, this program can be the first step to getting help. For thousands of others, it ensures understanding of their right to be safe, their right to speak up and their right to a childhood that is free from abuse. Over the past twenty-five years, CAPP has reached over 400,000 New York City school children and made them aware of their right to be safe from abuse. To help protect a child today, please visit cappnyc.org

About P.O.W.E.R.S. INC.

P.O.W.E.R.S. INC. is a non-profit program of packaged restorative services for victims of Domestic Violence. The mission of P.O.W.E.R.S INC., is to restore the lives of individuals who have been victimized by abusive predators. P.O.W.E.R.S INC. provides life educational and wellness services, counseling, job training and protection technique courses. The organization was founded in 2010 by Executive Director Steven Walerstein, who prides himself in the ability to reframe and redirect the best attitude and skills development, to counter balance and eradicate the ravages of Domestic Violence. His earnest beliefs and active hands-on approach, has led him to protect, model and mentor in the most kind and loving ways. To learn more about P.O.W.E.R.S. INC., please visit powersinc.org.