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Life Lynx, the Leader in Child Identification Products, Announces the Release of Life Lynx 360: Software Designed for Your Family

Dayton, OH (PRWEB) April 19, 2007

Life Lynx, the leader in child identification products, announces the release of Life Lynx 360. Life Lynx 360 is portable software that resides on a USB drive. Life Lynx 360 helps families be prepared by entering their critical information into the 360 software. Then, because it’s designed as a key chain, this information is always available to the owner using any standard Windows computer. Although it started out as a means to protect children, this latest version goes well beyond just a Child ID. This new version now expands the software to encompass everyday family needs. “There are no real organizational tools out there for parents,” says Eric Wilms, founder of Life Lynx. “Parents now have a real family tool.”

Because of the success of the first release called Life Lynx, which is an Electronic Child ID, Life Lynx took that huge customer base of parents and asked those parents what their daily needs are and how software could help them with those tasks. “Life Lynx 360 is software by parents, for parents,” said Wilms.

Life Lynx 360 will store detailed medical information and complete vaccination records. It has a “Friends” list to keep your child’s friends names and parent’s phone numbers. 360 will allow you to print out a baby sitters information sheet (with instructions for the night plus, names and numbers to call in an emergency). The software has a place to store electronic DNA, scanned encrypted photos for passports and other important documents, and even lets you store details of credit card and bank information in case you lose your credit cards or in the event of a disaster at home, you will have a record of those numbers. All encrypted so that only the user can gain access to the data.

And what if you if you lost your Life Lynx 360 key? Life Lynx provides a way to get that back as well. “We even help you recover your lost keys by providing a StuffBak tag,” said Wilms, “The single most asked question we had was what if I lose my key?” StuffBak is a loss protection and recovery service designed to protect today’s important mobile devices and data. Each label is uniquely serialized to provide a convenient and confidential identification method, and includes a recovery service that makes it easy and rewarding for finders who will help get your keys back. Each Life Lynx 360 Safety Key includes a StuffBak label attached to the USB drive.

Life Lynx 360 is rewarding its current customers with a pre-public release reduced price. Life Lynx 360 will be released to the general public May 1st for a suggested retail price of $ 39.95. It includes the USB drive, 360 software and a StuffBak tag.

Software developer Eric Wilms designed the original Safety Key after what he describes as the longest two minutes of his life, which occurred during a family trip to the zoo. When Wilms and his wife turned their backs for a split second, they couldn’t locate their twin daughters. After the relief of finding them playing near a drinking fountain, Wilms realized parents need an action plan for such a situation, and the Life Lynx Safety Key was born.

About Life Lynx

Life Lynx is a software and hardware development company based out of Springboro, Ohio. The company was formed in 2004 and its first product was the Life Lynx Child Safety Key. To schedule an interview or for more information about the Life Lynx company, founder Eric Wilms or about the Safety Key, contact Eric at 877-596-9539 (877-LYNXKEY) or visit http://www.safetykey.com.

About StuffBak

StuffBak is a loss protection and recovery service designed to protect to protect every important mobile device and its data. Contact at 800-800-8257 or visit http://www.stuffbak.com.


Hot Summer Products that Keep Baby Cool from Baby Dagny; Introducing the Seat Chiller Child Car Seat Cooler and UV Protected Baby Wrap

Palm Desert, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2007

Baby Dagny, your destination for just cool baby stuff, introduces two revolutionary mom-invented products to the U.S. market. Both the Seat Chiller, a car seat cooler for kids and UV Summer Wrap, are designed to protect a baby’s delicate skin from scorching summer temperatures and harmful UV rays.

The Seat Chiller is designed to dramatically cool off child car seats and forever eliminate a child’s risk of burned skin from car seat buckles and the uncomfortable conditions of a hot seat. According to a study conducted by the Stanford School of Medicine, a car’s interior can heat up surprisingly fast, regardless of the outside temperature. On a typical July day in Chicago, a parked car can reach 124

nServices.com Announces Security Products and Surveillance Cameras Line Expansions

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 9, 2009

Nordale Services, a leading e-commerce distributor, is offering a 10% off coupon code (73056) online, for a limited time, to promote their recent security products and surveillance cameras line expansions. To offset the rising cost of shipping, Nordale Services now provides free ground shipping on orders over $ 100.

A complete selection of home and personal alarms, phone recorders, tap detectors, police batons, hand cuffs, pepper sprays, stun guns, security scanner wands, self-defense DVD’s, diversion safes, covert GPS vehicle trackers, bug and camera detectors, night vision scopes, dummy cameras, wireless cameras, hidden cameras, motion activated video recording, remote monitoring, mini DVR’s, and complete surveillance systems.

Nordale Services security products category now has a larger selection of low cost wireless and portable motion alarms, and door/window security products. Diversion safes, telephone recorders, personal alarms, and self defense products are also expanded and in high demand.

Stun guns, like other electronics, continue to become more advanced at reduced costs. Stun guns are legal in most states but are illegal in some. Pepper spray is legal in all states but some state restrictions apply. It’s a good idea to ask first, before ordering stun guns or pepper spray online, to be sure there are no restrictions in your city or state.

Nordale Services surveillance products category now has a greater selection of low cost vehicle trackers (both post and real-time live), dummy cameras, wireless cameras, covert hidden cameras, micro DVR’s, counter-surveillance bug detectors, and camera detectors. Nordale Services introduces three new lines of all inclusive self contained motion activated covert hidden camera DVR video recording systems.

Most people (and businesses) are under-protected. Emergencies can occur anywhere, and preparedness matters. Is there a day that crime isn’t in the news? Child abductions, robberies, assaults, car-jackings, break-ins and home invasions. These products can help fend off attackers in dark parking lots, help parents catch babysitters or nannies doing dangerous or inappropriate things with their children, help business owners catch an employee stealing, track teenage drivers, monitor a cheating spouse, etc.

Nordale Services was founded by Walter Norris with a goal to provide customers with the most extensive product offering available in their respective categories. Nordale Services currently distributes within the continental USA, Alaska, and Hawaii. For more information regarding security or surveillance products, or to request a catalog, please visit their web site at nServices.com


Walter Norris

Nordale Services



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Family Comes First with Newest Parent Tested Parent Approved Products

Toronto, Ontario (Vocus/PRWEB) March 15, 2011

Parent testers and their families are saying so many great things about these products that approving them just isnt enough. RuffleButt Bloomers are the cutest, Where the Heart Listens is incredibly helpful, Mederma for Kids works mini miracles, KidSleep Classic gives parents more sleep, Lands End makes swimsuits with Sunscreen built in and the T-Fal Actifry makes amazing French fries with only a teaspoon oil! These are just some of the amazing products that PTPA has recently awarded their Seal of Approval.

PTPA Media has North Americas largest parent tester community they are a leader in their field with over 40,000 families signed up as testers.

The PTPA Winner’s Seal on a product package or website helps parents identify products that have been tested and recommended by other parents. It’s like shopping with your best friend, says PTPA Founder and CEO, Sharon Vinderine.

Since 2008, PTPA has evaluated thousands of products and services from both leading manufacturers and emerging brands. Because independent parents evaluate these products in their own homes, PTPA winners are chosen based on merit and consumer experience not on commercial considerations.

PTPA Media has become a recognized source by the media for credible and reliable recommendations for the audience. PTPA Founder Sharon Vinderine has presented PTPA winners on over 40 morning shows including the Rachael Ray Show, Fox and Friends and Canada AM.

Here are just a few of the innovative new products to receive the PTPA Winners Seal of Approval for Spring 2011:

RuffleButt Woven Baby Bloomers The word cute just isnt enough! These diaper covers will have everyone asking, Where did you get those?

Where the Heart Listens: A handbook for parents and their allies in a global society. Every parent can use support regardless of their childs age. This program models honest, respectful and caring communication,what more could you ask for?

Mederma for Kids Is your child self-conscious of their scar? Weve tested it, and it works! Reduce the appearance of scarring.

KidSleep Classic No more 4am early risers! The pictures on this nightlight tells younger children if its sleep time or wake time. More sleep ins for parents!

Hevea Teether Made from 100% natural rubber latex, this soft and soothing teether was a huge hit with our testers!

Lands End Swimwear With a tugless fit, rash guard protection for boys and built in SPF 50, Lands End builds more in to the swimsuit so you can get more out of it.

T-Fal ACTIFRY Get the flavor of deep fried French fries with only 1 tsp. of oil! Tested and proved to be true, this amazingly healthy kitchen appliance will allow you to make all kinds of different foods. Our testers cant say enough about how much their families love it!

For a complete list of award winners, visit the newly updated website

About PTPA Media Inc.

PTPA Media provides an objective framework for appraising and promoting new products designed to enrich family living. The company’s mission is to marry innovative companies with discerning consumers, to improve consumer access to quality products and services for their families and homes.


The Onder Law Firm Supports Consumer Advocacy Groups in Their Condemnation of Window Blind Manufacturers’ Refusal to Produce Safe Corded Window Covering Products

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) September 06, 2011

In a maneuver of extreme protest, the Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, Independent Safety Consulting and Parents for Window Blind Safety representatives walked away from their participation in what they stated was a “flawed year-long process (that) has not eliminated strangulation risk”. For the first time, these organizations were allowed input in long-needed safety standards improvements for the corded window covering products industry, providing much needed information from those organizations acutely aware of the hazards posed by accessible window blind cords. The Onder Law Firm, which has represented families having suffered a window blind cord strangulation tragedy in 31 states, is supporting the valiant efforts of these organizations, many of which are motivated by personal tragedy.

On June 15, 2010, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission joined with safety commissions from the United States, Canada and the European Union made demand upon the window covering industry for a swift and comprehensive process that concurrently eliminates the risk factors causing deaths and injuries from all types of corded window covering products. In response, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) pledged to produce new window covering safety standards to eliminate cord hazards that it would announce in October 2011. The Window Covering Manufacturers Association presented a draft of its proposed new safety standards in Washington, D.C. at a meeting on September 1, 2011. The utter failure of this safety standards draft to so much as reduce, let alone eliminate, strangulations risks prompted the safety organizations protest of this process.

Recently, consumer advocates have become skeptical as industry has attempted to slip back to old product designs which have been documented to kill dozens and dozens of children. Linda Kaiser, Director of Parents for Window Blind Safety, says It has become increasingly clear that the Industry is merely paying lip service to the CPSC, and has no real intention of addressing the number one cause of child strangulation death in America. Appalled by the Industrys lack of action, on August 4, 2011, Inez Tenenbaum, head of the CPSC, reiterated to Industry, After hundreds of preventable deaths over the last two decades, the time is now to finally, once and for all, eliminate the strangulation hazard with exposed window blind cords. Notice how I did not say, reduce the hazard. I said, eliminate the hazard. I am standing before you feeling less than confident that this process is headed in the right direction.

Cordless products are commercially available, yet the Industry has not lived up to its 1994 promise to the CPSC to update product designs and eliminate hazards, said James Onder, a lawyer who has represented nearly 50 families whose children have been killed or catastrophically injured on blind cord hazards. Indeed, today the Industry, in a bold and brazen move, not only thumbed its nose at the United States CPSC, but Health Canada, and the entire European Union. The Industry simply does not care. Manufacturers would rather buy off lawsuits than spend the additional $ 1.00 per product necessary to eliminate cord hazards, says Onder.

The time has come for action. The Consumer Product Safety Commission must intervene, rejecting the ineffectual voluntary safety standards and imposing mandatory safety standards that will truly eliminate the risk of strangulation from corded window covering products. To show your support for blind cord safety and to urge the CPSC to invoke rulemaking to force standards and a mandatory recall, we ask that you please click through and sign our online window blind cord safety petition.

James G. Onder, is the managing partner of the law firm Onder, Shelton, OLeary & Peterson, LLC. His firm has represented nearly 50 families whose children who have been killed or catastrophically injured on blind cord hazards. He is considered the nations foremost legal authority on window covering litigation, in the last 10 years having represented more families in window covering lawsuits than all lawyers in the country combined. The Onder Law Firm offers information pertaining to window blind cord dangers at http://www.windowblindcorddangers.com.


Irving TX has a New Self Defense Products Distributor Carrying Name Brand Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, TASER Electronic Devices and Surveillance Systems

Irving, TX (PRWEB) September 11, 2011

The online world of self defense products is immense. There are hundreds of companies selling self defense products and there are many different types of products to choose from such as; Personal Alarms, TASERS, MACE, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Animal Repellents, Safety Lights, Knives, Metal Detectors, Diversion Safes, Child Safety Products, Instructional Fighting DVDs and much more.

ACS Personal Security handles all of these products and hundreds more. Whether it is something to be used as protection while walking alone at night or to be purchased for a gift,stun guns, pepper spray or TASER products are very much in demand.

ACS will happily answer any questions about a specific product and will give detailed instructions on how to use any of the products they carry.

ACS Personal Security has several of their self defense products available in their office, however, the bulk of the product line is only available on the company website.

There are products like personal alarms, pepper spray, stun guns, and expandable batons for personal protection and can be purchased as separate items or in pre-packaged kits with several different products.

Additionally, ACS carries a full line of surveillance equipment such as hidden cameras, nanny cameras, stand alone DVR’s, dome cameras, bullet cameras, and complete surveillance systems.

Do you really need to bring a pepper spray or stun gun everywhere you go? Probably not, but then again, you can’t predict when you will actually need a self defense tool. ACS owner, Jay Kreps, states, “remember, it’s not IF, but WHEN, a stun gun or pepper spray will help you break free from an attacker”.

Keep in mind, rape, kidnappings, and assaults occur hundreds of times a day – every day, which is especially true if you are a young woman, an elderly person, or a child. There are child kidnappings, rapes and assaults on women of every age, and the perpetrators are just waiting to take advantage of you.

At ACS Personal Security there are many different and unique items, like an expandable stun baton, lipstick pepper spray, or different kinds of everyday items like a door stop alarm or flashlight stun gun. ACS has a 90 day return policy and a warranty for each product carried as well as among the lowest pricing in the industry.

Stun Master Stun Guns are featured at ACS Personal Security as are several TASER products. Females especially like the many different types of pepper spray that is carried such as the LIPSTICK look alike pepper spray, and the CELL PHONE look alike stun gun!

About Advanced Commercial Solutions:

ACS started as a background fingerprinting – notary and drug screening company. While they took appointments in their centrally located office in Irving, TX, they specialized in offering mobile service to people who just didn’t have the time to come in to the office for these services. ACS Fingerprinting developed a large corporate client base and continues to serve the general public in the Dallas – Ft Worth Metro area.

Company owner Jay Kreps, kept looking for another business that would complement the existing fingerprinting, notary, and drug screening services and decided self defense products would be a good match and would be able to co-exist in the same office in Irving.

He researched and found a company that would supply him with name brand self defense products and surveillance equipment, had his websites built, and started his new business selling self defense items. Because of his 25 plus years in law enforcement, he knew the need for safe, quality made self defense products and surveillance products were much needed and in demand by the general public.

Fan us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/ACS-Personal-Security/208827269176495?sk=wall


National Defective Medical Device Law Firm Files Mirena Lawsuits on Behalf of Two Women Allegedly Injured by Bayer Mirena IUD Products

New York, New York (PRWEB) May 31, 2012

Parker Waichman LLP, a national law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of victims injured by defective medical devices, has filed two lawsuits against Bayer Corporation, et al. on behalf of women allegedly injured by the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD). The first suit was filed on April 12th on behalf of an Ohio woman (Case No. MRS-L 924-12) and the second was filed on May 21st on behalf of an Oklahoma woman (Case No. MRS-L 1263-12). Both complaints were filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Morris County.

According to the complaints, both women underwent hysteroscopy to remove the Mirena IUD after the device was not found in its expected location. Both complaints allege severe and permanent physical injuries and substantial pain and suffering. The suits also allege that the Plaintiffs have acquired significant medical expenses, which will continue to accumulate in the future. Furthermore, the device has allegedly resulted in lost wages and impaired the ability to earn future wages.

About Mirena

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Mirena in 2000 as an intrauterine contraceptive. The T-shaped device releases a synthetic progestogen known as levonorgestrel into the uterus in order to prevent pregnancy, although Bayer admits that the exact mechanism remains unknown. In 2009, it was also approved to treat heavy menstrual bleeding in women who use IUDs. Mirena is recommended for women who have had at least one child, and is indicated for up to 5 years of use. The device is used in over 2 million women in the United States and more than 15 million women worldwide. [http://www.fda.gov/newsevents/newsroom/pressannouncements/2009/ucm184747.htm

According to the FDA, Mirena has been associated with serious complications such as ectopic pregnancy, intrauterine pregnancy, group A streptococcal sepsis, pelvic inflammatory disease, device embedment in the unterine wall, uterine wall and cervix perforation. Side effects also include bleeding and spotting at irregular intervals, headaches, ovarian cysts, vaginitis, pain during menstruation, pelvic pain and breast tenderness.

According to Parker Waichman, Bayer has history regarding the misrepresentation of Mirena. Up until 2009, Bayer marketed Mirena towards busy moms in the form of live presentations. The so-called Simple Style program, which was conducted through the social networking site Mom Central, claimed that Mirena would increase intimacy and help users look and feel great. In 2009, the Department of Health and Human Services Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communications (DDMAC) found that these claims were unsubstantiated, noting that the program failed to mention side effects such as weight gain, acne and breast or tenderness. [fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/GuidanceComplianceRegulatoryInformation/EnforcementActivitiesbyFDA/WarningLettersandNoticeofViolationLetterstoPharmaceuticalCompanies/UCM197229.pdf]

Parker Waichman LLP continues to offer free lawsuit consultations to victims of Mirena IUD birth control. If you or a loved one experienced complications following the use of this device, please visit the firm’s Mirena IUD Side Effects page at http://www.yourlawyer.com. Free case evaluations are also available by calling 1 800 LAW INFO (1-800-529-4636).

For more information regarding Mirena IUD lawsuits and Parker Waichman LLP, please visit: http://www.yourlawyer.com or call 1-800-LAW-INFO (1-800-529-4636).