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Kashless.org Debuts Free Private Label ‘ReCommerce’ Service for Businesses, Community Groups and Charitable Organizations

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) October 2, 2009

According to the latest government data1, it can cost more than $ 25,000 to raise a child in just the first two years of life. A new partnership between Kashless.org, the world’s largest free online marketplace and community, and BabySpot.com, a social network and informational site for parents of newborns and their families, helps parents keep their cash and protect the planet while sharing baby’s first years with family and friends in a safe, secure Web community.

“Our new Kashless private label service is available for free to any business or organization interested in bringing people together in a private community online to share free goods and services on a safe, easy-to-use site,” said Martin Tobias, CEO/Founder of Kashless.org, and a veteran entrepreneur and venture capitalist. “We’re thrilled to partner with BabySpot.com to provide parents with newborns such a valuable resource and support system.”

Kashless.org is the world’s largest online marketplace and community where people can find things they need and get rid of things they don’t. The company calls is ReCommerce, and the best part is – everything on Kashless.org is FREE. Whether you’re looking for furniture, bedding, clothing, office supplies, construction materials, or even electronics, Kashless.org is the only place you need to go to find or dispose of just about anything online. You can also share your posts across Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, Freecycle, and e-mail. Kashless.org is now available in more than 100 metro areas across the U.S.

”When it comes to welcoming a new baby home, every dollar counts, and it’s hard to find a better deal than free,” said James Rivera, CEO of BabySpot, Inc. ”We’re excited to partner with Kashless to offer our members a unique new way to lower their costs and help preserve the planet for their baby and future generations.”

BabySpot.com is a free, safe, and secure social network that specifically addresses the needs and wants of parents with newborns, and allows them to share life’s special moments and firsts with family, friends and other parents in their social circle. Parents can post news, pictures and videos of their children and family moments, as well as connecting with other parents to share advice, information and experiences. The safety and security of each member of the BabySpot family, and your family, is BabySpot’s top priority, and both of the site’s founders are also parents who participate in the BabySpot community. All information posted to BabySpot can remain private or be shared with select friends at the parent’s sole discretion.

About Kashless, Inc.

Kashless.org is the free, online way to recycling products and services between people. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Kashless.org was founded by Martin Tobias in 2008, with funding from RRE Ventures, NYC.

About BabySpot, Inc.

Founded in 2008 by James Rivera and Zameer Upadhya, BabySpot, Inc. provides social networking and

informational sites for parents and their families in a free, safe and secure environment where they can connect and interact virtually to share baby’s precious moments as they grow.

For more information or to schedule press/partner meetings, please contact:

Nate Murphy, Kitsap Public Relations, (206) 618-2790, nate(at)kitsap-pr(dot)com

1U.S. Department of Agriculture, Expenditures on Children by Families, 2008

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Maltzman & Kroll Investigations Bucks the Trend in Private Investigation Services

Eatontown, NJ (PRWEB) January 30, 2010

A typically unheard of career for a woman, Bari Kroll is the Managing Member of the area’s newest private investigation firm, Maltzman & Kroll Investigations. Like a scene straight from a Hollywood film, Kroll spends her mornings, afternoons and evenings tracking her “marks” and taking on cases consisting of everything from domestic disputes, including alimony or child support disputes, to professional liability investigations, corporate investigations and attorney surveying services.

Kroll recently opened the private investigation firm with Partner, Brandon Maltzman, an 18-year veteran private investigator. Their goal is to bring what many see as an underground industry into the mainstream. “I really want to put a name and a face on the private investigation industry,” said Kroll. “Unlike what you see on television P.I. series or movies, we are not the ‘trench-coat wearing characters’ that come to mind when people think of our business. Our clients hire Maltzman & Kroll Investigations to garner a better sense of awareness regarding the company they keep and their individual surroundings.”

Maltzman & Kroll Investigations believe every person should know a private investigator. “For business owners, a private investigator can conduct background checks of new employees, business partners may want more information about each other’s backgrounds or a business owner may be interested in learning more about a new, potential client,” explained Maltzman.

“From our experience, the general consensus is that people believe that other people are, at the core, good. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, and people need to protect their finances, their families and themselves,” added Kroll. “That is where Maltzman & Kroll Investigations step in!”

Before opening Maltzman & Kroll Investigations this past November, Kroll worked as an investigator at a local firm for five years. “For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with this industry, and since I have begun my private investigations career, it has been a dream come true,” Kroll explained. “Especially as a woman, being a private investigator is ideal! We are considered less threatening and tend to be ‘made’ less often. But the best part of my job, of course, is helping people.”

A member of the National Council of Investigations and Security Services (NCISS) and the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association (NJLPIA), Maltzman brings an extraordinary level of passion and professionalism to the firm. “Maltzman has eagerly hopped on planes to the Caribbean and other various destinations throughout the United States to conduct mobile surveillance,” Kroll added. “He has proven, through his thousands of closed cases, that he is the definition of dedication to his craft!”

Maltzman & Kroll Investigations has the experience, tools, enthusiasm and knowledge to provide their clients with incomparable service. Because the firm employs both male and female investigators, Maltzman & Kroll Investigations possesses a unique ability to tailor their services to the specific case and each client’s needs.

For more information about Maltzman & Kroll Investigations, please visit MKInvestigations.com.

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New Law Mandates Criminal Background Checks for all Employees of Public, Private and Vocational Schools.

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) December 19, 2011

A new law in Pennsylvania that went into effect in September 2011 “mandates background checks for all employees of public, private and vocational schools.” The potential impact of current employees is significant, to the point that some may be fired for failure to disclosure past criminal convictions. In addition this law requires “school employees … inform administrators within 72 hours of fresh arrests or convictions. A school administrator who suspects an employee was arrested or convicted and failed to report it can require the employee to get a background check.”

While portions of this law certainly will be challenged, specifically the retroactive aspect, it does highlight the urgent need to conduct criminal background checks on all individuals that interact with children, as well as other at-risk populations. Every day the public places loved-ones in the trust of others with the demand that they will be protected. Criminal background checks can provide protection to our at-risk population.

The Pennsylvania law is broad ranged and covers a wide area of potential malfeasance. It continues:

The law bans anyone convicted of certain crimes from school district employment for anywhere from three years to life. A conviction for stalking, kidnapping, aggravated assault or other child-related crime convictions would result in a lifetime ban.

It is difficult to comprehend that a school might employ an individual convicted of a crime such as those highlighted above but consider that few schools, both public and private, continuously background check their employees. Once an individual is employed by a school district, or many other private entities, it is reasonable to assume that they will never be background checked again. A criminal act that occurs after hire has the potential to go unnoticed or unknown to the employer. More distressing is the level to which school districts or any employer conducts a background check. While industry statistics suggest that 85% or more commercial enterprises conduct background screening it is unknown the percent of private or volunteer entities conduct screening and to what level.

At-risk populations demand protection and an important step in providing that protection is a background check. All employees exposed to at-risk populations, in any function, regardless of its level of interaction, should be screened. Also, post-hire screening is becoming increasingly popular and just as important as pre-employment screening.

As the Pennsylvania law illustrates there is deep concern regarding the protection of our children, as well as others. Criminal background checks conducted on a more regular and continuous basis may provide greater protection. As headlines continue to fill with reported criminal activity within the halls of academia both at the elementary level on up through University, greater steps should be taken to protect at-risk populations.

CriminalBackgroundRecords.com provides the information required to assist in pre-employment and post-hire screening. Utilizing CriminalBackgroundRecords.com provides a safe, fast and low cost solution to criminal history records searches as well as a wide variety of other public records searches required for the full vetting of existing and potential employees. Protect the organization, protect at-risk populations; utilize CriminalBackgroundRecords.com for all employment screening requirements.

Start using these services as a school, organization or employer today by sending an email to bd(at)infoeinc(dot)com

About CriminalBackgroundRecords.com

National Babysitting Expert and Private Investigator Offers Babysitting & Social Media Safety Tips for Parents & Sitters

Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) April 30, 2012

With summer around the corner, many parents will be searching for safe reliable child care. SeekingSitters, a full service babysitting referral company, is helping families by providing expert advice on how to find and screen sitters as well as tips for successful babysitting. SeekingSitters is offering a Sitter Guide available with advice for families, including a special, in-depth section on social media safety.

The annual guide is called S.T.Y.L.E. – A Complete Guide for Babysitting Success that is designed to educate parents and babysitters to help them protect children at home and online, specifically on social media websites such as Facebook.

Private Detective Chelmsford Announce the Use of Private Investigators to Combat Bullying

(PRWEB UK) 3 October 2012

Bullying is a constant issue for schools throughout the country and the statistics are worrying. Anti-bullying charity Kidscape claims that 10-14 of youth suicides each year are directly attributed to bullying and that 1 in 12 children are so badly bullied that it affects their education, personal and social development, relationships, future education and job.

Kidscape receive 16,000 calls a year from distressed parents of bullied children, and if their childs school has inadequate anti-bullying policies, many parents feel they must take matters into their own hands

Private Detective Chelmsford has revealed that their private investigators are increasingly being called upon by parents to investigate bullying, be it emotional, physical or virtual. Services offered by private detectives can often provide the much needed conclusive proof against the bully to ensure they are caught out and stopped.

The services can offer parents a much needed peace of mind about the safety of their child as well as their wellbeing and happiness.

A spokesperson from Private Detective Chelmsford said:

We see many unhappy children bullied either physically at school or emotionally on Facebook and other social network sites. Parents call us to investigate the bullying as it can often be hard to prove bullying is actually taking place, and its often their word against yours. By hiring a private investigator they can gain conclusive proof, which can aid the case and protect their child against any more harm.

Private Detective Chelmsford along with their sister company Private Detective Southend On Sea are a team of highly trained professional and discreet private investigators and detectives with over 35 years experience in the industry. Their understanding and approachable team of male and female detectives are available 24/7 to conduct matrimonial, corporate and private investigations.

The Private Detective Announce Importance of Nanny Monitoring

(PRWEB UK) 8 October 2012

With recent statistics showing that over 50% of households in the UK have all adults working, nannies are becoming a regular staple in many British homes. For parents that wish to work full time, a nanny is a popular form of childcare because they allow flexibility and familiarity.

However, leaving children in the care of hired help can generate many worries for parents and understandably they want to ensure the safety of their child. Nanny surveillance is becoming increasingly popular and has exposed child abuse and negligence at the hands of nannies.

The Private Detective offer nanny monitoring as one of their private detective services, and believe it is important to keep tabs on a childs welfare. Through state-of-the-art technology and surveillance techniques they offer various packages for families to monitor childcare. With a childs early years among the most important, it is vital to ensure their protection and avoid long-term psychological damage.

A spokesperson from the private investigators UK base said:

One of the most stressful things for working parents is vetting the person that will look after their children. It is important for them to be able to relax and ensure their instructions are being carried out and their children are not coming to any harm. Were experienced in this area and tailor packages to suit families so they can keep tabs on what their nanny is doing and saying while caring for their children.

The Private Detective has a pool of skilled and highly trained private detectives and private investigators in the UK and abroad. This nationwide company includes their long associated business partners Investigators in London who can supply investigators in London and the surrounding area.

London Private Investigator Responds to Recent Article Published by BBC Education and Family News: Separated fathers to gain legal right to see children

(PRWEB UK) 12 November 2012

A letter to MPs from the Childrens Minister, Edward Timpson announced the proposed changes to child access laws in 2013. The letter states that both parents should have the chance to play a positive role in their childrens lives when it is safe and in their best interests. This is good news for fathers rights groups but seen as unnecessary by legal experts.

The main concern is for the welfare of the children involved and many believe that the current legislation adequately provides the right protection but others believe the legislation is preventing families from enjoying a meaningful relationship with both parents after divorce or separation.

London Private Investigators is often called upon to conduct matrimonial and family investigations. Family investigations can often contain surveillance sessions to watch children who are part of a separated family that are visiting a parent they do not live with. We are asked to ensure that the child or children are safe and that they are well cared for.

A spokesperson from London Private Investigators said:

We have carried out surveillance on many family visits where the parent and child clearly have a valuable, meaningful and loving relationship. These are the people I feel will benefit from the new changes in the law

London Private Investigators along with their sister company UK Private Investigators is a team of highly trained professional and discreet private investigators and detectives with over 35 years experience in the industry. Their understanding and approachable team of male and female detectives are available 24/7 to conduct matrimonial, corporate and private investigations.

Legal Expert on Relationships opens Mediation Practice Author of three books on relationship issues now available as a private family law mediator

(PRWEB) April 7, 2004

Legal Expert on Relationships opens Mediation Practice Author of three books on relationship issues now available as a private family law mediator.

Out-of-control expenses. Lengthy delays. Emotional trauma. Cookie-cutter solutions to unique problems. All symptoms of traditional divorce litigation, a brutal system for solving the problems of the most intimate relationships of your life.

After increasing dissatisfaction with the ability of the system to serve her clients, Johnette Duff, Attorney at Law, first turned to educating the public by writing The Spousal Equivalent Handbook: a legal and financial guide to living together, The Marriage Handbook: a legal and financial guide to your spousal rights, and Love After 50: the complete legal and financial guide . Ms. Duff has been featured on Today, Good Morning America, in The Wall Street Journal, Self, New Woman, Smart Money and Modern Maturity and has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows.

Mediation took her crusade a step further. Mediation is faster, cheaper, and arguably more healing than a court battle. After successfully mediating family law disputes in conjunction with her law practice in Texas, Ms. Duff has re-located to Southern California and turned her energies to her website http://www.loveandthelaw.com and private mediations, abandoning the courtroom in her ongoing efforts to help couples find solutions.

A mediator is a neutral third party who can ask incisive questions, cut through the anger and the hurt, and facilitate a more rational decision-making process. Mediation can be particularly beneficial when children are involved. Since spouses can’t just walk away from each other, and must learn to re-relate to each other as co-parents, adversarial litigation only exacerbates this process.

Ms. Duff brings interpersonal and communication skills to the table, along with her extensive experience. The combination can help couples (and their attorneys, if appropriate) bring active input to an agreement, allowing control of decisions impacting their lives for years to come.

Ms. Duff also has unusual experience in what has been called “the capital punishment” of family law: parental termination. She was a founder under a Children’s Justice Act grant to the 306th District Court in Galveston to mediate Children’s Protective Services cases both upon initial pickup and again prior to termination, working closely with the court, CPS administrators and the District Attorney. During her eighteen-month involvement in this project, Ms. Duff successfully mediated all but one of the cases she received after initial removal of the child from the home – and in that case, the judge returned the child the next day after deeming the pickup inappropriate.

She may be reached at johnetteduff@aol.com.

Private Investigation Firm Retained in Child Protective Services Abduction Case

Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) February 5, 2005

Red Team Investigations has been retained by a confidential party to conduct a private investigation in an attempt to locate Nataly Reyna and Angel Jacobo.

On Thursday, December 30, 2004, Nataly and Angel were abducted from the Tucson, Arizona Child Protective Services office by their mother, 28-year-old Gabriella Pesqueira, and Nataly’s 26-year-old father, Ignacio Reyna, who had lost custody because of chronic drug abuse.

“We have been brought in to search for the children independent from law enforcement. Our primary goal is to ensure they are safe.” – Vince Handler, private investigator, Red Team Investigations.

Nataly is one year old and Angel is six years old. Gabriella has a tattoo of a rose on her right forearm and may also be several months pregnant. Neither parent is believed to be a U.S. citizen. They may continue to reside in the Tucson area or may have fled to Nogales, (Sonora) Mexico.

Anyone with information concerning the location of the children or their parents are encouraged to call 911, 88-CRIME, or Red Team Investigations at (520) 390-8764.

Red Team Investigations, LLC is Private Investigation firm based in Arizona and licensed through the Arizona Department of Public Safety (License #0407007). Red Team Investigations conducts a wide assortment of investigations for legal, corporate, and consumer clients.


Private Detective in London Announce Child Computer Monitoring Services in Light of BBC News Article Dated 4th February 2013: Alarming New Trend in Online Sex Abuse

(PRWEB UK) 4 February 2013

According to the BBC news report dated 4th Feb 2013 and research carried out by a child protection watchdog suggests children are increasingly being groomed over the internet for the purpose of online sex abuse. The organisation said that parents need to talk to their children about safety online. Figures show that 1,145 reports to Ceop in 2012 relate to incidents of online grooming.

The report goes on to say that victims are tricked by the abusers by pretending to be someone the child already knows and then con them into giving their password before threatening them into engaging in sexual activates with them. More needs to be done to protect children on line before they become a victim of abuse.

Private Detective in London offer parental monitoring that can be downloaded onto a child computer which will report all the activity that has happened on their childs computer such as: incoming and outgoing email and social network messages, times the child has logged on and off of the computer, websites visited and key strokes typed, among other services. This software can be monitored by the parent with daily reports.

A spokesperson from Private Detective in London said:

Parental computer monitoring software will keep the parent informed about the childs online activity including the times they are logged in. This can help prevent anything untoward happening on line and it will show if your child is on the computer when they should be asleep.

Private Detective in London has a pool of skilled and highly trained private detectives and private investigators in the UK and abroad. This nationwide company includes their long associated business partners Private Detective in Manchester who can supply investigation services in and around the London area.