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Growing up Is Never Easy: The Pains of Recession Should Lead to More Mature Financial Practices

St. Cloud, MN (PRWEB) March 31, 2009

Urging the country to put away childish things, President Obama could have been talking about poor spending habits. Like children, this nation demanded instant gratification. The retail concept of lay-away, so popular just 30 years ago went the way of the drive-in movie. No longer satisfied with buying only what is affordable, Americans embraced run away equity lines and defined themselves by what could be bought on credit. But those days are no more – and maybe it’s for the better.

According to Patricia Hinds, founder of Granite Financial in St. Cloud, “Faced with plummeting investment accounts, declining home values, and the real prospect of job loss, Americans suddenly are doing what they’ve needed to do all along – spend less and save more.”

In fact, in the last three months of 2008, the government reported Americans’ savings rate, as a percentage of after-tax incomes, rose to 2.9 percent. That’s up sharply from 1.2 percent in the third quarter and less than 1 percent just a year ago. Today, a shopping spree no longer appears to be the initial response to a wave of bad news. In February, the Commerce Department reported consumer spending fell for a record sixth straight month in December, dropping 1 percent amid worries about surging layoffs. The hunkering down trend likely will continue. The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index plummeted further in February reaching yet another all-time low. The Index now stands at 25.0 (1985=100), down from 37.4 in January. According to The Federal Reserve, although consumer borrowing rose slightly in January, economists still expect borrowing will remain weak this year with news of the unemployment rate surging to a 25-year high.

“With pessimism about the state of the economy increasing daily, suddenly it’s chic to be cheap,” says Hinds. “Frugality is back in style and splurges on widescreen TVs, top-of-the-line kitchens, and designer clothes are out.” Across America, people have not only stopped borrowing, but they are actually paying back debt by paying down those car loans, mortgages and credit card bills. Consumers are actually talking about how to save money – with their neighbors and, more importantly, with their bankers, credit card companies, and household service providers.

The fallout from collective belt-tightening has been referred to as the “paradox of thrift.” That is, what’s good for the people — spending less, and saving more — does nothing to lift the economy out of recession. While many economists suggest that it’s bad news for our recession-battered economy when consumers pay off credit cards, increase their cash reserves, and skip a few pizza deliveries, Hinds begs to differ.

“I believe child-like spending played a role in this economic mess but our increasingly mature attitudes toward money management could make us healthier in the long run,” says Hinds. “Just as growing up can be painful, enduring the difficult repercussions of this recession may pay off by putting an end to bad financial habits.” This recession may be what it takes to help American consumers break free from a lifestyle of greed supported by excessive borrowing, leveraging and spending.

About Patricia Hinds and Granite Financial Inc.

Patricia Hinds, a branch manager for Securities America, Inc. and founder of Granite Financial Inc., has been a part of the financial services industry for over 19 years. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioner and holds the Board Certified in Estate Planning (BCE) designation from the Institute of Business & Finance.

Hinds specializes in providing personal wealth management services to financially established women entering or near retirement. She uses a consultative approach to help develop and effectively implement a financial plan. Her process includes investment consulting, relationship management and advanced planning in four areas; wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection and charitable gifting.

Hinds is a member of the Financial Planning Association, the Better Business Bureau, the National Association of Professional Women and the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce. She conducts regular financial planning seminars and has contributed to articles in several leading trade publications including Wealth Manager, Financial Advisor, Investment News, Research and On Wall Street as well as consumer outlets such as Kiplinger’s Personal Finance and Minnesota Business Magazine. Visit http://www.granitefinancial.net for more information about Ms. Hinds and Granite Financial Inc.

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New York Bankruptcy Lawyer Triumphs Over Shoddy Mortgage Lender Practices

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 4, 2010

New York homeowners filing for bankruptcy are breathing a sigh of relief, knowing that the courts are on their side. In a scathing opinion issued recently by US. Bankruptcy Court Judge Martin Glenn, JPMorgan Chase Bank was effectively denied payment of their entire alleged mortgage claim because they refused to prove their ownership of the loan. The case is In re Minbatiwalla, Chapter 13 Case No. 09-15693 (MG) (Bankr.S.D.N.Y. 2009).

Kerman J. Minbatiwalla, a Manhattan homeowner, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to repay his debts over time and save his East Side condominium. Though he was current on his mortgage at the time his case was filed, Minbatiwalla is the poster child for a system gone horrible wrong at the hands of shoddy recordkeeping at his mortgage company.

Minbatiwalla had two mortgages with various JPMorgan Chase entities. On filing of his bankruptcy, Chase Home Finance, LLC filed papers with the court on behalf of U.S. Bank as well as an unknown mortgage trust asking for payment of pre-bankruptcy arrears; a second claim was filed by JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. also demanding payment of arrears.

Minbatiwallas attorney, Manhattan bankruptcy lawyer David B. Shaev, looked on both documents with suspicion. My client wants to pay his mortgage, but now he doesn’t know who is the rightful recipient of the money. There was nothing but a summary attached, with nothing to indicate which party was which, or to whom the monies should be paid, Shaev said. A string of mortgage trusts and servicers only confused the situation, and we needed to be sure that the property parties would be paid.

Though Shaev demanding more information on the transfer of the loans and the relationships of the parties, he was met with no response. Undeterred, he demanded that the claims for payment be denied in full.

Bankruptcy Court Judge Martin Glenn, in a 26-page written opinion, found that Chases failure to attach documentation and respond to the Shaevs information requests is fatal to their claims for payment. Here it is not clear whether the claim was assigned to Chase, or whether Chase was the original party on the mortgage and the note, Glenn wrote. [T]he Debtor requested additional information from the claimant in October and has received no documents.

A copy of the full opinion is available from the Court’s website here.

This is not the first time Shaev has seen mortgage servicer abuses in the bankruptcy courts. He has recently fought and won in cases against a variety of lenders who have refused to treat bankruptcy debtors with the fairness the law demands.

The homeowner won the battle today, Shaev said on hearing of the decision. But with so much mortgage servicer abuse in bankruptcy, the war wages on.

David B. Shaev is a New York bankruptcy lawyer and partner at Shaev & Fleischman, LLP where he concentrates his practice in the field of protecting consumers in bankruptcy. To find out more, please visit Shaev & Fleischman, LLP. Members of the press may also see past coverage of David here.


Michigan Birth Injury Lawyer Applauds Hospitals That Are Revising Delivery Room Practices

Bloomfield Hills, MI (Vocus/PRWEB) April 12, 2011

Michigan medical malpractice lawyer Thomas L. Stroble said today that he was encouraged to see a group of 16 Midwest hospitals revising their practices in order to better protect the safety of infants during childbirth.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, the hospitals belonging to Ascension Health, Fairview Health Services and the University of Minnesota Public Health systems have seen a major reduction in birth injuries and deaths since they began using a series of safety protocols, or care bundles, in the summer of 2008.

I believe attorneys representing families who have experienced the tragedy of a birth injury have forced hospitals to take a hard look at whats wrong with their practices, and to their credit, these hospitals have acted to fix those problems, said Stroble, a Bloomfield Hills personal injury attorney and founder of the Oakland County-based Stroble Law Firm, P.C.

These new practices, in particular, improve communication and teamwork so that doctors and nurses can react quickly when difficulties arise, Stroble said. Based on our law firms experience, its that failure to react to problems such as shoulder dystocia that often leads to serious birth injuries that can impact the child and parents for the rest of their lives.

The care bundles were developed as part of an obstetrics safety program by North Carolina-based Premier Inc. in 2008, according to the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper said the practices have been aimed at addressing five of the most common delivery-room errors:

SafeFamilyOnline.com Delivers Personalized, In-home CyberSafety Consultations to Promote Safe Online Systems and Practices for Families Throughout San Diego County

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 15, 2011

Brian Scott Archibald, President of La Jolla-based CyberSafeSolutions, Inc., has begun a new business venture to help San Diego families protect themselves online from cyber threats of all kinds.

Elite Email Has Learned That Newt Gingrich’s Defeated Presidential Campaign Violated Email Marketing Best Practices and Supports Spamming

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 16, 2012

Newt Gingrich, the defeated Republican presidential candidate, is selling his donor email marketing mailing list in an effort to dig the campaign out of a $ 4 million debt. This is a complete breach of trust with his supporters who are now going to receive spam from any illegitimate organization that decides to purchase the data. The unsolicited email will be of the worst kind because not only is the Gingrich campaign selling the actual email address, but it is coupled with other personal information as well, according to the investigation by Elite Email. This action completely violates email marketing best practices and ethics, which ultimately damages the reputation of Newt Gingrich and the Republican Party as a whole.

As a leader in permission-based email marketing, we at Elite Email are disappointed by the actions of the Gingrich campaign, said Robert Burko, CEO of Elite Email. We proudly teach all of our customers how to properly build an opt-in mailing list and safeguard their customers privacy. To see someone who was trying to become President completely dismiss the importance of privacy is a very sad thing that email marketers everywhere should shake their heads at.

The Newt 2012 privacy policy clearly states, We are committed to protecting your privacy online. The policy also goes on to say, “We may obtain information about you from outside sources and add it to or combine it with the information we collect.” This means that even if a donor did not supply their email address, the Gingrich campaign can use other personal information and perform an action known as email appending to obtain an email address and piece together a complete record about the donor that they can ultimately sell. This practice is heavily frowned upon by all email marketing service providers and no legitimate email marketers engage in such an action.

Organizations all around the world use email marketing software to send out email newsletters and announcements as the Newt 2012 campaign had claimed it would be doing. But, all of those organizations work hard to build a permission-based list of people who explicitly asked to receive their email marketing campaigns. They follow email marketing best practices and treat the private information of their customers with the care, security and sensitivity it deserves.

The Newt 2012 data is being sold through the data brokerage firm TMA Direct. The pricing is setup so that the price of the data is higher for those donors who gave larger amounts of money, with smaller donors having a lower price tag. With this email marketing data now readily available, donors to the Newt 2012 campaign should be on high alert for increased spam and be vary wary of any organizations claiming a linkage to the campaign when sending an email.

With increased spam as a result of the actions of the Gingrich campaign, marketers should use caution when using their email marketing software to send out campaigns by avoiding words that might appear in this Newt Spam so that their legitimate emails do not get incorrectly flagged as spam.

About Elite Email

Elite Email is a leading North American email marketing service provider (ESP) that has been helping customers achieve greater email marketing results for almost 10 years. The Elite Email cloud-based (software-as-a-service) platform allows organizations of all sizes to build and grow their mailing list, create eye-catching emails, and track results with detailed reports and analytics. All services are backed by Elite Email’s outstanding support and customer care.

Elite Email has been featured on TV, radio and print media and is a member of the Email Experience Council, eMarketing Association, Better Business Bureau, Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Vaughan Chamber of Commerce and Toronto Board of Trade. Elite Email is the only Canadian company listed by the Utah and Michigan Child Protection Agency as a compliant sender. Elite Email recently won the Business of the Year award at the Toronto Board of Trade Business Excellence Awards.

For more information visit: http://www.eliteemail.com

New Alliance Announced at NACCHO Preparedness Summit Unites E-learning, Best Practices and Medical Preparedness Initiatives from USA Prepare and Previstar

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 22, 2007

Previstar and USA Prepare have announced a partnership to provide leading-edge disaster preparedness software, best practices and skills development to public health departments, healthcare providers and allied health fields. USA Prepare brings to the alliance world-class expertise in public health and medical response in order to develop workforce preparedness through templates and e-learning. Previstar delivers a fully integrated information and resource management software platform to optimize planning, response and recovery for any health-related incident or event.

Cook Profitability Services Expands Marketing, Web Strategy & Management Consulting Services, Specializing in Dental Practices and Professional Offices

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) July 22, 2011

Cook Profitability Services, a San Antonio-based full-service internet marketing, web development and management consulting firm, has completed a major expansion in services and sales territory, company president Debbie Baumgarten announced this week.

Cook Profitability Services – which began as a web development company specializing in dental practices and other professional offices now features a comprehensive suite of services designed to boost profits at these companies, Baumgarten said. And CPS has expanded from its South Texas roots to a national market, with active clients not only in Texas, but also in California, New York, Florida and the Midwest.

These expansions now allow CPS to be a one-stop national shop that can handle all aspects of a practices marketing, publicity and workflow and fiscal efficiency all aimed at gaining and retaining customers and improving profits.

Services now include:

CPS Magazine Announces a CDT Code for Resin Infiltration that Gives Dental Practices Additional Treatment and Billing Options for New Dental Material Icon by DMG America

Virginia Beach, VA (PRWEB) December 27, 2012

The American Dental Association (ADA) has announced that resin infiltration of incipient smooth surface lesions is now covered by a 2013 CDT Code classification. The newly defined Dental Material classification allows practices to accurately code and bill for Icon

Dr. Fuad Malik Talks About Safe Dental Practices and Sterilization Techniques for Patient Protection On Channel 11

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 28, 2013

Dr. Fuad delivered a great talk on all the actions that should be taken by patients and other people at home to take care of their teeth. He explained the importance of teeth and even more importantly he highlighted the many actions and activities that can keep teeth strong and healthy for lifetime. The best thing about Dr. Fuad Malik is that he talks with his patients about their dental problems and their solutions with the modern techniques.

Dr. Fuad Malik knows the ins and outs of dentistry, especially cosmetic dentistry, which is the dentistry of modern times. He can explain things in such great details that even a child would understand the importance of dental care because hes been giving lectures and teaching senior students in various institutes. Hes a graduate and licensed cosmetic dentist who has a vast knowledge of dental procedures from mere teeth whitening to complex and difficult root canal procedures.

Another thing that makes Dr. Fuad Malik from other dentists is his constant struggle and striving in gaining more knowledge about dentistry. Hes never satisfied with his post graduate degree so to stay up-to-date with the latest technology in use in dentistry and the high-tech methods, Dr. Fuad Malik is always found taking classes and lectures of different dentistry related courses. This is what makes him the most knowledgeable of many other dentists in NYC. He is formally trained in Cosmetic Dentistry at NYU and UCLA.

With the changing lifestyles and people realizing the importance of presentation and looks with time, it has become inevitable to get dental procedures done. It was first thought the cosmetic dentistry was all about looks and esthetics but later on it evolved into more detailed and important extension of conventional dentistry. Today, cosmetic dentistry is capable of achieving good results even in the worst and impossible scenarios.

Cosmetic dentistry is a perfect combination of esthetics and internal strength and health of teeth today. While teeth whitening and porcelain veneers are only meant to enhance the beauty of teeth or hide the defects in them, dental implants and root canal procedures are designed to give them the strength they need. Another great part of modern dentistry is sedation dentistry so if you have been avoiding dental procedures due to some fear, you dont have to stay back and let the situation worsen anymore.

Dr. Fuad Malik has is the recipient of several diplomas and commendations. Here is someone writing a testimonial about his dedicated professionalism every day. People from New York City are encouraged to meet him at his office and take advantage of his most skillful and high-tech services. Therefore, whether its an esthetic need or health related issue with teeth, Dr. Fuad Malik can take care of it.

Contact Information

Website: http://www.madisonavesmiles.com

595 Madison Ave Suite 703

New York, NY 10022

Phone: 1 212 421 1500

Email: dr(dot)malikandstaff(at)gmail(dot)com