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Child Foster Care Reform: National Call to Action on Children in Foster Care State Plans To Improve Nation’s Foster Care Programs and Child Protection System Unveiled

Williamsburg, VA (PRWEB) May 2, 2006

Representatives from the nations state courts and child welfare agencies have developed specific recommendations to improve child foster care systems and foster care programs throughout the country as part of a National Call to Action on children in foster care released by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). State Supreme Court justices partnered with other state leaders to develop the National Call to Action to help reduce the length of time children spend in foster care. Their recommendations provide states with a clear road map of action plans and needed resources to improve outcomes for our nation’s children living in foster care.

Today more than 500,000 children live in foster care. Half of the children will spend at least two years in the Nations foster care system and one in five children will be in the system for five years or more. Although child foster care is often an essential step in helping abused and neglected children, state and local court delays can often extend the time between when children enter the foster care system and when they are placed in safe, permanent homes. While in this ‘limbo,’ many children and families do not receive the assistance they need to allow children to return home safely or prepare them to join another family.

“Implementation of these plans will go a long way to make substantial progress toward reducing the amount of time children spend in the foster care system,” said Chief Justice of Indiana Randall T. Shepard, President of the Conference of Chief Justices. “It will bring these children one step closer to the safe and permanent families they need and deserve.”

The National Call to Action is the result of the landmark National Judicial Leadership Summit for the Protection of Children: Changing Lives by Changing Systems (the Summit), which was held in Minnesota in September 2005. Leaders of 49 state court systems (Louisiana was unable to participate due to Hurricane Katrina), the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories participated in the Summit. As part of the Summit, each state developed an action plan to improve its child protection system procedures and programs. The NCSC, which coordinated the Summit, compiled the team plans into the National Call to Action.

“When a court case sits on the docket, a child sits in foster care,” said former Chief Justice of Minnesota Kathleen Blatz, who co-chaired the Summit.

“While foster care is supposed to be their lifeboat, for many children it’s become the Titanic. The delay in finding a permanent caring home can have a profound affect on a child,” said NCSC President Mary Campbell McQueen.

While all state action plans for child foster care system reform address specific local needs and challenges, there was considerable consensus across major areas needing improvement and the steps required to achieve these changes. Drawing on recommendations from the Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care, state teams identified the following strategies underpinning their action plans:

Travel Insured International Introduces New Travel Insurance Plans with Stronger Benefits, More Insurance Options

East Hartford, CT (PRWEB) April 29, 2008

Travel Insured International a leading provider of travel protection plans for travelers, has unveiled a new trio of travel insurance plans under the company’s popular Worldwide Trip Protector brand.

Worldwide Trip Protector, the signature brand of Travel Insured International now includes two plans redesigned with stronger benefits and more optional coverage choices than ever before. These include the company’s two popular comprehensive insurance plans, Worldwide Trip Protector and Worldwide Trip Protector Gold. A third plan, being launched for the first time, is Worldwide Trip Protector Lite and Lite Expanded, which is designed as basic yet flexible protection for families and budget conscious travelers.

New Upgrades and Options

Each of the three Worldwide Trip Protector plans offers a menu of included and optional features to help travelers select the right coverage to fit their travel insurance needs. Available benefits, depending on the plan selected, include Kids Are Free coverage, Cancel for Any Reason and Cancel for Work Reasons options (neither of these options is available in Texas, Washington State or Oregon), a new Sports Coverage option, ID Theft Recovery Assistance, Pet Care coverage, Missed Port of Call and School Year Extension protection.

Travelers can ask their travel agent to describe the plan that works best for their booking, or they can visit Travel Insured’s web site at http://www.travelinsured.com and ask questions using Live Chat. They can also speak to a friendly, knowledgeable Travel Insured customer care professional who can answer their questions at 1-800-243-3174.

All three Worldwide Trip Protector plans offer options to Cancel for Any Reason or Cancel for Work Reasons (neither option is available in Texas, Washington State or Oregon), as well as options for increased Emergency Medical Expense benefits including Medevac coverage, and Flight Accident Protection. Travelers on any of the plans may also opt for a Sports Coverage upgrade to protect prepaid sports activities, such as golf green fees and ski passes, and rented or owned sports equipment while on vacation.

Kids are Free and ID Theft Recovery

Worldwide Trip Protector, Travel Insured’s most popular comprehensive plan, is widely used by travelers booking land or cruise vacations in both the popular-priced and luxury markets. The updated Worldwide Trip Protector includes Kids Are Free coverage for children under 18 traveling with a related adult enrolled and traveling on the same policy.

Worldwide Trip Protector Gold offers the highest level of comprehensive travel insurance benefits for clients who seek enhanced coverage that protects the quality of their travel preferences. The Gold plan has higher Medical and Trip Delay limits and inclusive Car Rental Collision Damage Waiver. Both Worldwide Trip Protector and Trip Protector Gold feature an ID Theft Protection Service that works to resolve any compromised financial cards or documents for the insured client who is victimized by an ID theft event while traveling.

Worldwide Travel Concierge Services are an added benefit with Worldwide Trip Protector and Worldwide Trip Protector Gold. Along with several other destination support features, Concierge Services provide travelers with access to entertainment and sports event tickets, help with local directions, restaurant and hotel reservations, or locating translation services or guides.

New Lite and Lite Expanded Travel Insurance Plan

Worldwide Trip Protector Lite and Lite Expanded are two coverage levels available within one newly-created Travel Insured plan for budget-minded travelers. Customers start with broad Worldwide Trip Protector Lite basic coverage at our most affordable plan rates. They may upgrade to stronger inclusive benefits with Lite Expanded protection and select specific coverage options that match their trip type or individual travel protection needs. Kids are Free coverage is included for one child under 18 per related adult enrolled and traveling on the same Worldwide Trip Protector Lite or Lite Expanded policy

All Worldwide Trip Protector plans come with Travel Insured’s superior level of customer service and Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance, which is available 24/7 by a free phone call from anywhere insured customers are traveling and in need of help.

About Travel Insured International

Travel Insured delivers comprehensive travel protection benefits ranging from trip cancellation and trip interruption to emergency assistance and Medevac insurance, travel accident and sickness medical expense, accidental death and dismemberment, missed connection and baggage delay or loss.

The company’s travel insurance plans include its comprehensive Worldwide Trip Protector, the most popular travel protection plan and Worldwide Trip Protector Gold, an enhanced travel insurance plan designed to protect luxury vacations and business trips. Travel Insured also offers two travel insurance plans designed to provide basic yet flexible protection for families and budget conscious travelers, its Worldwide Trip Protector Lite insurance plan and Worldwide Trip Protector Lite Expanded insurance plan. Finally they offer a Medical Protector insurance plan, an Airline Ticket Protector plan as well as a complete offering of Group Travel Insurance plans including Student Group insurance plans.

Visit Travel Insured’s web site at http://www.travelinsured.com or speak to a friendly, knowledgeable Travel Insured customer care professional at 1-800-243-3174.

Travel Insured International, based in East Hartford, Connecticut, was founded in 1993 by the foresight of insurance industry executive Peter Gehris when he acquired the travel protection division of the Travelers Insurance Company. Coverage is underwritten by Arch Insurance Company (a Missouri corporation, NAIC #11150) with executive offices located in New York, NY. Not all insurance products or coverage is available in all jurisdictions. Coverage is subject to actual policy language.


TextGuard Offers 3 Plans For Mobile Smartphone Users To Monitor, Archive And Block Text Messages, Emails, and Telephone Calls

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 4, 2009

TextGuard is a Mobile Device application which provides control and security for the data and the device. TextGuard is the only Security Mobile Communication Device Application on the market today, agnostic to any specific carrier, which provides Text archiving capabilities, SMS monitoring, SMS spam filtering, and remote control of the devices functionality. TextGuard is a third party mobile phone utility designed to meet the needs of mobile users to track and monitor text messages, telephone calls, emails and web browsing. It can be downloaded from the website at TextGuard.com and installed directly onto a Blackberry or Smartphone, supporting Windows Mobile operating systems, (Android and Symbian to be released Spring on 2009).

TextGuard now offers 3 different plans for your convenience; the Enterprise Edition, Business Edition and Family Edition.

Enterprise Edition -Suitable for corporate users who have several different mobile devices at the same time. The Enterprise Edition starts at $ 259.95 per month, supports 50 or more Mobile Devices and provides 250Mb of storage space. It is suitable for companies who need to protect their company information. For enterprises with more than 50 devices, TextGuard provides a volume discount. All archived messages can be retrieved from the company’s secure servers or from the client’s proprietary server.

Business Edition – The business edition is suitable for professionals and businessmen who are looking for a solution to backup all their mobile phone activities on a secure server to protect proprietary information should the mobile device be lost or stolen. This plan is priced at just $ 29.95 per month and provides 25Mb of storage space online to archive the SMS text messages.

Family Edition – The family edition of TextGuard is ideal for parents who want to monitor the text messages being sent to and from their child’s phone. This single user edition can also be used solely as a backup and archiving solution for an individual. This plan is available for $ 5.95 per month and supports 10Mb of storage space online. The family edition allows you to secure you and your family remotely by monitoring their text messages, no matter where they are located.

Todd Michael Cohan, CEO explains that with every edition, users have the option to upgrade to a larger storage capacity if they require more space on the TextGuard Secure Server. Users pay a nominal monthly fee to continue using the mobile phone utility.

For more information about TextGuard and its text message security and monitoring features, visit the website and register online at http://www.textguard.com/userregistration.php for a 30 day free trial of the service.

About TextGuard, Inc.

TextGuard, LLC is the sole provider of Text / SMS blocking, Text / SMS filtering, Text / SMS monitoring, and archiving services that keep mobile phones and devices free of unwanted messages, spam and spyware.


ING Survey: Finds Many Americans Missing Opportunity to Maximize the Value of Workplace Retirement Plans

Atlanta, GA (Vocus) November 9, 2010

Preparing for retirement is like training for a marathon. It takes dedication, determination and a long-term commitment, along with the right support and resources to complete the race. The ING family of companies in the U.S. (ING), today released the results of a nationwide survey of retirement plan participants that underscores how Americans are at a disadvantage when it comes to their own financial marathon.

Research Reveals Most Workers Under-Estimate the Potential Long-Term Power of a Modest Retirement Raise as They Save for Retirement
Nearly 6 in 10 Say They Could Increase Their Annual Contribution Rate Today by Up to 3% of Salary
More than 1 in 5 Set Contribution Rate Based on Gut Feel
ING Rolls Out Easy-to-Use Contribution Rate Calculator to Encourage Greater Retirement Savings

The survey, commissioned by the ING Retirement Research Institute, confirmed that employer-sponsored retirement plans are incredibly important to the workers who participate in them, but most are not maximizing the savings power of these plans to their full potential. The research found that plan investors often fail to recognize the potential long-term benefits that even a small contribution rate increase can produce in helping them successfully reach their retirement goals.

Americans Admit They Can, Should Be Saving More

INGs survey clearly indicates that Americans know they are responsible for their retirement, and admit they could be saving more.

According to the findings, a majority of workers (87%) said they could be saving more in their employer-sponsored retirement plan, a savings vehicle they deem critically important to reaching a secure retirement and the foundation of most their retirement savings strategy. In fact, of the 1,000 workplace retirement plan participants surveyed, nearly two-thirds (64%) said their employer-sponsored retirement plan accounts for all or most of their retirement portfolio. However, many participants are not stretching to maximize their contributions when they can. Moreover, they tend to rely on guesswork when setting contribution levels, and dont fully understand the importance and long-term impact of small increases in contribution rates.

Americans today understand that they shoulder a greater responsibility for securing their own retirement, said Rob Leary, CEO, ING Insurance U.S. They also recognize that an employer-sponsored retirement plan is the cornerstone of their efforts to save for retirement. Still, the issue for many workers, made even more urgent in shaky economic times and an era of volatile equity markets, is scrubbing household budgets and, when possible, finding more dollars to save for retirement. Being cost-conscious is certainly important and prudent, but at the same time, people must also find ways to contribute more into their retirement accounts.

And its not like theyre confident in the future of Social Security. In fact, more respondents (51%) think its more likely that scientists will clone dinosaurs in their lifetime than it is that Congress will save Social Security, and 77% of those with kids at home say their child is more likely to catch a foul ball in the seats at a baseball game than cash a Social Security check.

INGs findings suggest that even though workers may acknowledge the retirement saving challenge, it has not necessarily resulted in better saving behaviors, at least not in their employer-sponsored retirement plans. Of those participants not contributing the maximum to their retirement plan, an overwhelming majority (87%) admitted they could afford to increase their annual contribution by 1% of their annual salary; almost six in ten (59%) said they could up their contribution by 3% of salary; and nearly one third (32%) said they could afford a 5% increase.

The irony is that Americans love raises, Leary said. In our survey, most respondents (76%) would prefer even just a slight raise over a shorter commute to work. We recognize that the current economic environment is challenging for most everyone and robust salary increases are currently not the norm; nevertheless, Americans cannot delay giving themselves a retirement raise. A modest increase in your workplace retirement plan contribution rate can go a long way toward ensuring a more financially secure retirement.

Most Workers Overlook Long-Term Impact of Modest Contribution Rate Increases

INGs survey also indicated that plan participants lacked a clear understanding of contribution rates and the lifetime value of even small increases.

In fact, for many workers, setting workplace retirement plan contribution rates appeared to be either a guess or a back-of-the-envelope calculation. Very few of those surveyed consulted outside resources in determining their contribution levels. Nearly two-thirds (65%) determined their contribution rate themselves, and one in five (21%) said they go by gut feeling.

When asked to estimate the lifetime value of a 2% increase in their contribution rate, only a small percentage could even come close. More often, people miscalculated. Forty percent of respondents underestimated by 50% or more and just about a third (32%) over-estimated by 50% or more.

After choosing to participate in the plan, the most important decision workers make is setting their contribution rate each year, said Catherine Smith, CEO, ING U.S. Retirement Services. However, for too many, participation and contribution rate elections are just another box to check. We need to be more deliberate and take the time to consider things like tax impact, compounding, and the effects of employer matches in making these elections.

Employer-Sponsored Plans the Cornerstone of Retirement Savings

For most Americans, understanding and maximizing the use of workplace retirement plans is critical since these plans are not only the cornerstone of their retirement portfolios, but the main vehicle through which they are exposed to and learn about investing.

Nearly half of the plan participants polled (44%) admitted that if they didnt have a retirement plan at work, they probably wouldnt be saving for retirement at all. In fact, most respondents (58%) said their employer-sponsored retirement account (401(k), 403(b), or 457) was their first investment and over half (52%) said their plan was the main place they learned about investing.

In addition to offering entry to the investing world, many respondents said that their workplace retirement plan continues to provide critical investment knowledge and insight. Better than two out of five (42%) said all or most of their investment knowledge comes from managing their employer-sponsored retirement account.

They also gave overwhelming credit to their employer for putting them on the right path. In fact, those polled cited their employers as having the most influence in getting them to start saving for retirement, followed by family and friends. Moreover, their employer match was cited by most participants as the most important reason they contribute to their workplace plan. Still, there is clearly room for progress. Over half (55%) agreed that if their employer provided them with more detailed education, they might contribute more to their plan. In fact, better than 7 in 10 (72%) wished their company customized information for their personal situation.

For many working Americans, an employer-sponsored retirement plan isnt simply a stepping stone into the investment world, its the foundation for their future investing education and financial decision-making, said Smith. The lessons learned in managing a workplace retirement plan are critical, and they can make the difference between a long and comfortable retirement and a retirement that falls well short of their dreams and goals.

ING Retirement Contribution Rate Calculator

ProtectCell Announces Avanquest Software Will Provide New Mobile Security Benefit for ProtectCell Membership Plans

International CES, Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) January 10, 2012

ProtectCell, a company that safeguards consumers wireless lifestyles, announced today that Avanquest Software (EPA:AVQ), a leading developer of consumer and OEM software for mobile devices, will provide ProtectCell members a valuable new benefit.

Avanquests cloud-based services will immediately extend ProtectCells current offering by giving members whose devices are lost or stolen the ability to lock and locate the device and to wipe all the data off it if they choose. Additionally, consumers can back up the contacts on their device to the cloud so they can restore it or move it to another device. Digital Leash is valued at $ 29 a year and is included with the purchase of a ProtectCell Membership Plan. The other benefits included in the plans are: ID Rescue, an identity theft consultation and restoration service, Fast Device Delivery, Device Buyback and an online Rewards Mall.

ProtectCell members can upgrade to Digital Leash Plus which also lets ProtectCell back up members texts and photos. In addition, it allows them the ability to post to as many social networking sites as they want at one time in addition to importing contacts from these sites.

More than 2,800 mobile devices are covered, including iPhones and Android-powered devices, BlackBerrys, Windows phones as well as Symbian and J2ME devices. Digital Leash and Digital Leash Plus will be offered at ProtectCells more than 3,000 independent wireless dealers in the U.S.

Capabilities expected to be added in the months ahead include advanced tools for data migration, security against virus and malware attacks, safeguards against distracted driving and multiple levels of child safety, including geo-location, geo-fencing, call blocking and real-time parental controls.

Avanquest has developed a comprehensive approach to mobile security that really fits our needs, says Scott McLaren, President and Chief Marketing Officer at ProtectCell. We see this as an opportunity to offer another valuable, differentiated service to our independent wireless dealers, and it gives their customers another reason to do business with them. We look forward to working with Avanquest in developing additional innovative services for the mobile security market.

We are excited that ProtectCell has selected Avanquests new cloud-based mobile security suites to enable them to deliver an all-in-one solution to their large national dealer network,” said Brian Yarosh, head of Avanquests North American OEM division.

About ProtectCell

ProtectCell safeguards consumers wireless lifestyles by offering valuable benefits and protection compared to limited warranties and standard insurance. Known for its strong alliances with industry-leading partners, ProtectCell continues to evolve in order to meet the growing demands of both consumers and independent wireless dealers. For more information, please visit http://www.protectcell.com.

About Avanquest Software

Avanquest Software (ISIN FR0004026714) is a world leader in developing innovative, high-quality software that creates added value for customers products and services. Offering a large range of feature-rich and customized solutions, Avanquests OEM division enables operators to generate more revenues from their networks and brings added value to connected and mobile devices, such as laptops, Smartphone and tablets. Avanquest Software has been listed on Euronext since 1996. For any additional information, visit http://www.avanquest.com/USA/corporate/oem or http://about.avanquest.com.


Family Law Firm Accepting TLPP and ARAG Legal Plans

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 30, 2012

At Menduni Martindill, PLLC they are always striving to work in the best interests of their clients and provide the highest level of service they can. They offer personalized service for those going through the difficult situation of a divorce or other family law matter. One recent change that the firm has made to better serve their clients is their acceptance of individuals with the Texas Legal Protection Plan (TLPP) and the ARAG legal plan.

These two are two programs that seek to ensure all individuals have their legal rights protected regardless of their financial standing. TLPP is a nonprofit plan that can be sought out by any residents of Texas. It is directed by the State Bar of Texas and claims its spot as the oldest, biggest and most inclusive legal benefit program in Texas. Through TLPP, those that may not have had the financial means to have qualified legal advice can gain access without paying the extensive bill that will usually follow. Most peoples cases are covered under this program and those that turn to the benefits program will have the ability to choose the lawyer that they want to work with. Their motto is to prepare, protect and plan. ARAG began in Germany over 75 years ago and since then has crossed borders, offering valuable aid to others around the world. Their goal is to offer legal solutions on a global level.

Family law is an extensive branch of the legal world that covers issues of divorce, domestic violence, protective orders and more. Their firm comes highly rated for the exceptional level of representation and guidance they provide. An attorney from their team has been listed as a Super Lawyer

ProtectCell Membership Plans Ensure Safety of Holiday Phone Purchases

Novi, MI (PRWEB) November 21, 2012

As shoppers prepare for the Black Friday frenzy that is as much a Thanksgiving tradition as turkey and cranberry sauce, ProtectCell reminds consumers that purchases of mobile devices should be accompanied by replacement protection covering both the device and everything the recipient will do with it.

Chances are there is a mobile device of one kind or another on your shopping list, said ProtectCell President and Chief Marketing Officer Scott McLaren. There was a time when that meant the gift was a phone. But today, with almost any device, it means the lucky recipient is also getting a camera, a calendar, a way to send instant messages and the ability to play Words with Friends all day long. A smart gift-giver will also include a ProtectCell replacement plan with that gift to ensure that the device as well as all of its content is protected.

ProtectCell was founded in 2006 out of a desire to offer reliable alternatives to traditional coverage products, while better servicing customers needs within the wireless marketplace. But the company provides much more than that. With the focus on developing customer-centered solutions, ProtectCell became an industry leader, offering a suite of integrated products and services designed to enhance, optimize and protect the customers wireless lifestyle. The company not only protects the customers mobile device, by providing a device when needed, but also safeguards everything that is in the device, such as personal data, contacts and pictures.

It doesnt matter if the mobile device is a gift for an accident prone cousin, a child who sometimes treats a phone like a baseball, or your very reliable mother, said McLaren. The truth is, things happen. And when they do, ProtectCell will ensure the user gets connected again quickly. Having a ProtectCell membership plan is about reclaiming peace of mind in the event that anything happens to the mobile device. And we all know, no one wants to miss out on Words with Friends.

About ProtectCell

ProtectCell safeguards consumers wireless lifestyles by offering valuable services and protection compared to limited warranties and standard insurance. Known for its strong alliances with industry-leading partners, ProtectCell continues to evolve in order to meet the growing demands of both consumers and independent wireless dealers. For more information, please visit http://www.protectcell.com.


(PRWEB) September 15, 2002

CPS today welcomed its 25th customer project to its world-leading location technology integration centre and announced plans to double its size to meet soaring demand for its services.

Since its opening in February 2002, the Cambridge UK-based facility has provided integration of E-OTD software for major global wireless handset and chipset manufacturers seeking to launch product into the US market. This enables vendors to meet the US Government’s FCC requirements for high accuracy location for E-911 emergency calls.

Currently, CPS is negotiating over 45 integration projects as vendors plan the launch of multiple E-OTD-enabled handset models into the market.

E-OTD (Enhanced Observed Time Difference) technology offers a key benefit to handset developers in so far as it requires only a small software change as opposed to a more costly chipset addition needed by other high accuracy location solutions. By the end of this year, all new GSM handsets must be E-OTD enabled to meet the FCC mandate.

It was revealed recently that handset vendors Samsung and Quanta had completed integration, with more companies expected to announce in the coming weeks.

CPS CEO Chris Wade said: “Demand has increased sharply in the last quarter as major vendors bring multiple products in for integration and testing. It’s a significant vote of confidence in E-OTD technology and a very positive signal that customers in the US can expect a wide choice of location-enabled handsets in the very near future.”

Three months ago, CPS said it would increase the number of staff at the testing facility – and the company now expects to recruit additional engineers. Throughput has increased by over 100 per cent and the company plans to relocate its integration centre to its main headquarters in the city in a new 4,000 sq ft facility.

The CPS facility is unique in its ability to provide a standard laboratory test environment for mobile terminals incorporating E-OTD technology. CPS has also produced a series of demanding tests to demonstrate correct performance of E-OTD within the mobile terminals. Until now, it has been impossible for terminal manufacturers to provide laboratory test results to the mobile network operators that are launching location-based services utilizing E-OTD.

The facility performs a vital role in validating the multiple software integration projects that CPS is performing with handset development partners worldwide. It enables all GSM terminal manufacturers to test the performance of CPS’ positioning software within their products before being released to manufacturing for commercial rollout.



Cambridge Positioning Systems

Cambridge Positioning Systems Limited (CPS) develops and licenses its Cursor

E-OTD (Enhanced Observed Time Difference) system to handset manufacturers and network equipment vendors. The company is working with, or has licensed its technology to Ericsson, Nortel Networks, Siemens and Lucent Technologies.

Cursor delivers high accuracy mobile location technology for GSM networks, with even greater accuracy predicted on 3G networks. CPS has conducted successful trials of the Cursor system in the UK, North America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

From October 2001 in the US, the Federal Communications Commission has mandated that all calls from mobile phones to emergency services be accompanied by highly accurate information about the location of a caller. This ruling known as E-911 provides significant opportunities for CPS’ highly accurate location technology as E-OTD emerges as the preferred choice to fulfil the FCC’s regulation.

For further information, contact

Colin Ashcroft

Chip Nexus Reveals Product Plans With Launch of New Website

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) July 14, 2008

Chip Nexus is pleased to announce the launch of their new company website at http://www.chipnexus.com. In addition to a more contemporary look and functional layout, the new site reveals new information about CNtest, the company’s flagship suite of semiconductor test capacity management web services.

The CNtest solution makes transparent the complexities of test capacity enabling more accurate, efficient, and flexible test capacity specification, planning, matching and trading. These four actions that comprise the test capacity management process correspond to the four planned CNtest on-demand web services: the Capacity Specification Service (CSS), the Capacity Planning Service (CPS), the Capacity Matching Service (CMS), and the Capacity Trading Service (CTS).

The innovative and proprietary CNtest solution is delivered using the Software-as-a-service (Saas) model. True to the Saas model, CNtest users will need only a browser and login credentials to have full access to the services to which they have subscribed. This model also ideally aligns to the needs of the semiconductor test community, enabling both low-risk adoption and efficient scalability.

“As we continue the initial development of CNtest, we want to begin to reveal more about our plans and the value the web services will deliver to the semiconductor test community,” said Dan Hamling, Chip Nexus CEO and founder. “The new website describes the features, benefits, and key use cases of the CNtest services. We anticipate this new information will generate early adoption interest as managers recognize that test capacity management continues to increase in both importance and difficulty.”

You can learn more about Chip Nexus and the CNtest web services, as well as request product release alerts at http://www.chipnexus.com.

About Chip Nexus:

Chip Nexus is a software development company serving the semiconductor industry. They specialize in web services that optimize the specification, planning, matching, and trading of semiconductor test capacity. The users of the services are from all firm types in the semiconductor test community: test specifiers, test providers, and test equipment suppliers. Chip Nexus web services will benefit the fabless specifier and their SATS providers, as well as the integrated device manufacturer (IDM) – who is both the specifier and provider. The company is headquartered in San Diego, CA. More information is available at http://www.chipnexus.com.


ConnectYourCare Took a Stand on Capitol Hill to Protect Businesses’ Access to Affordable, Tax-Advantaged Benefit Plans

Hunt Valley, MD (PRWEB) March 28, 2013

ConnectYourCare joined fellow member organizations of the nonprofit Employers Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC) as they fanned out across Capitol Hill on March 7, to engage influential Congressional leaders on the importance of preserving and advancing employer-provided tax-advantaged benefits programs as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is implemented. In this unclear and unchartered road ahead, our goal is to work closely with key legislators to help set the new course for healthcare reform, explains Dennis L. Triplett, ECFC Board Chair. Together with our members, we want to demonstrate how our industry is a vital, influential, and beneficial part of the healthcare system.

As leaders in Washington shape the future of employee benefits plans, we wanted to give voice to businesses on the Hill, explains Jamie Spriggs, President and CEO, ConnectYourCare. We wanted to make sure they understood the importance of giving the nations workforce access to affordable, tax-advantaged healthcare financing tools through employer-provided plans.

The Capitol Hill meetings were part of the three-day, hands-on ECFC annual industry conference, Transforming Uncertainty into Opportunity, held in Washington, D.C., March 6-8, 2013. Individual and group members in attendance, including Spriggs from ConnectYourCare, gained insider insight into the tax reform and political climate in Washington from POLITICO Senior Tax Reporter Steven Sloan and House Ways and Means Committee member Representative Ron Kind (D-3rd WI). A regulators panel featuring Donna M. Crisalli, Esq., Internal Revenue Service, and Kevin Knopf, Esq., U.S. Department of the Treasury, addressed the latest on ACA compliance and regulations as well as tax-advantaged accounts, cafeteria plans, flexible spending arrangements (FSAs), health savings accounts (HSAs), and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs).

A legislative update, Its a Game Changer: Pay or Play or Pay to Play?, led by John Hickman, Esq., CFCI, Chair, ECFCs Legislative and Lobbying Committee Chair, took a close look at the many requirements for employer-sponsored health plans on the horizon for 2014, including the employer responsibility (pay or play) requirements, new fees and taxes, HRAs and individual policy exchange arrangements, wellness program rules, and the 2014 mandates. Mr. Hickman also monitored a Technical Advisory Committee panel that fielded pressing ECFC member questions to help them gain traction on the estimated 127 million man hours per year needed to ensure compliance with all of ACAs rules and regulations.

Speaking Up on the Hill

Spriggs participation in the ECFC annual conference gave ConnectYourCare a unique opportunity to initiate meaningful, collaborative exchanges with key Congressional leaders and their staffers on how to best preserve and expand employer-sponsored flexible compensation programs. First and foremost, we demonstrated how account-based plans enable middle class Americans to better afford healthcare, increase their net spendable income, and gain access to the healthcare, dependent/child care, and work-related transportation compensation they need and value most, explains Spriggs, ConnectYourCare.

Key priorities for meetings with Congressional leaders and their staffs included the need to: