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National Survey Reveals Tail-End Boomers Avoid Participating in Parents’ Estate Planning: Survey by LegalZoom.com Finds that Younger Boomers Avoid their Parents’ Estate Planning, while Older Boomers are More Likely to Discuss and Participate in the Process


Mesa / Phoenix Law Firm Emphasizes the Importance of Timely Estate Planning

Mesa/Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 22, 2009

Most people procrastinate estate planning until they near retirement age; however, life always involves the unexpected and failure to create and regularly update an estate plan may result in a loss of a significant portion of an estate to taxes, probate costs and litigation expenses. It can also result in loved ones not getting what they were intended to receive.

“Every adult 18 years of age and older who has a bank account, a home, a retirement account or other assets should review the need for an estate plan with a qualified attorney,” says Michael L. Ferrin, founding partner of the law firm of Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC.

“Estate planning is the accumulation, preservation, and distribution of your assets,” says Ferrin. “A good estate plan should reduce tax liability, protect assets from creditors, promote financial well being and security and leave a legacy for those you love.”

Ferrin, whose expertise includes various types of trusts, wills, powers of attorney and family limited partnerships, explains that the type and complexity of the estate plan may vary greatly depending on factors such as the value of the estate, types of assets held, marital and family issues, age and other factors, but almost every adult needs some level of planning.

“Estate planning can be a complicated and sometimes confusing process,” he adds. “That is why it is so important to have trusted professionals assisting you with this important process.”

Ferrin points out that beneficiaries of a well-prepared estate plan will gain tax savings, convenience and asset protection, but the greatest benefit to a person may be the peace of mind in knowing that her or she has provided for family members and loved ones.

“Don’t put if off,” Ferrin cautions.

“A friend of our law firm who provided technical support services to us over the years would often stick his head in my office and say, ‘I need to come in and see you so you can help me with a trust.’ I would tell him, ‘I would be happy to help you any time you are ready,'” Ferrin relates. “About a year ago he said to me, ‘I am leaving on vacation with my wife, but when I return we are going to come see you for a trust.’ ‘I will look forward to it,’ I replied. Unfortunately, the couple was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver while returning from that vacation. The family was completely unprepared for this event, and the family went through a great deal of expense, stress and turmoil as a result.”

“We, unfortunately, do not usually know when it is our time to go,” he says. “We just know that eventually the time will come, and it is critical that we be prepared when it does. The time to start working on an estate plan is now.”

Ferrin notes that once a person has an estate plan in place it is important to regularly review and update it to make sure it is still applicable.

“If you experience any major life changes – marriage, divorce, and birth of a child or death of a spouse or child – update your estate plan immediately,” he says. “Generally, any change in your personal, family, financial or health situation or a change in the tax laws, could prompt a change in your estate plan. It’s a good idea to review your estate plan every year. Set aside a specific time every year (birthday, anniversary, family gathering) to review it.”

To help with the important task of estate planning, Gibson Ferrin & Riggs offers a free, 30-minute consultation to determine what type of plan is best for individual needs.

In the consultation, attorneys will explain the advantages and disadvantages of different estate planning techniques, what fees are involved in setting up the various types of estate plans and help work out a convenient payment plan if needed.

Call attorney Michael L. Ferrin at 480-633-8100 to schedule a confidential and comprehensive consultation.

The attorneys at Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC concentrate their practice on serving individuals, families and small business owners with business-related issues, family law and estate planning. They can help identify and assess the interests that matter most to their clients and work to preserve, promote and protect them. Visit their website at http://www.gfrlegal.com, visit their blog at http://www.biziboom.com, and download the e-book “Ten Fatal Mistakes that Business Owners Make (And How to Avoid Them)” by founding partner Scott F. Gibson, at http://www.gfrlaw.net/firmpublications.aspx. The firm’s expertise in commercial litigation and business, family and estate law is recognized throughout the Phoenix / Mesa area.

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Give the Gift of Long-Term Care Planning this Valentine’s Day

Richfield, Minn. (PRWEB) February 02, 2012

Whether its with a partner, child or friend, Valentines Day celebrates the love people share with others. This year, Newman Long Term Care suggests that people show their devotion to loved ones with a solid long-term care plan.

Since the majority of Americans turn to their spouse or children when a long-term care event arises, this is an issue that impacts entire families and communities, said Deb Newman, founder of Newman Long Term Care in Richfield, Minn. Individuals who invest in long-term care insurance are not just protecting themselves, they are also protecting the people who would have to make the physical, emotional and financial sacrifices to provide them with care.

According to a joint study by the AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving, almost one-third of Americans provide some type of informal caregiving to a parent or loved one. This means that roughly 65.7 million adults play a caregiving role, with the average caregiver age being 49. Given the prevalent role families play in providing long-term care, people often discount long-term care insurance because they dont understand its real purpose, according to Newman.

The true value of this type of insurance is about protecting your familys wellbeing, Newman said. The toll on people caring for loved ones in poor health can be horrendous. Caregivers tend to have higher levels of depression and perceived stress as well as lower levels of self-efficacy than non-caregivers. A lot of caregivers also have to adjust their careers by working less hours or giving up their jobs completely, which can obviously greatly impact a familys finances.

Many people dont think about how their own health and wellbeing will be affected when they volunteer to care for an ailing spouse or parent. While long-term care insurance cant replace what families do, it can build on existing support by offering caregivers financial compensation, caregiving training and other helpful services that make providing care easier.

Investing in a long-term care policy also allows consumers to protect their loved ones from economic woes such as negative inheritance, which occurs when adult children dig into their own pockets to pay for health and long-term care expenses for aging relatives who cannot afford it on their own.

Negative inheritance can be extremely difficult for adult children because they are essentially using their own retirement funds to pay for mom or dads care, Newman said. Even if children need to help cover premium costs, the expense will likely be much smaller than paying the full price of a nursing home room or a home health aide, which costs an average of $ 75,000 a year.

Although long-term care insurance is not for everyone, more people are starting to use this tool to protect the finances and well-being of their families. More than 500,000 Americans applied for long-term care insurance in 2011.

A long-term care event can be a challenge for any family in any situation, Newman said. But long-term care insurance can lessen the impact by helping you protect the people that you love most on Valentines Day and all year long.

About Newman Long Term Care

Founded in 1990, Newman Long Term Care has focused exclusively on long-term care insurance for more than two decades. The Minnesota-based firm is a national leader in the industry and currently sells long-term care insurance in all 50 states. For more information about Newman Long Term Care, visit http://www.NewmanLTC.com.


Craig Roers, Marketing Manager

Phone: (612) 454-4406

E-mail: CraigR(at)NewmanLTC(dot)com

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McKinley Irvin Expands Practice to Include Estate Planning

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 26, 2012

McKinley Irvin, the Seattle-based law firm which exclusively practices divorce and family law, is announcing an expansion of its law services to now include estate planning. With this addition, clients of McKinley Irvin can now receive guidance on the difficult process of drafting a will.

While estate planning may not be on the forefront of everyones minds, these arrangements should be made by all families at some point, says David Starks, managing partner of McKinley Irvin. Our lawyers tailor each estate plan to fit the needs and wishes of each individual, so the process is pain free and our clients can rest assured knowing their estate planning needs have been taken care of.

With McKinley Irvins years of experience in divorce and family law, estate planning is a natural expansion of their services. It is well established that reviewing wills and estate plans should be a top priority for those going through a divorce, to prevent an ex-spouse from inheriting property or otherwise having control over assets in the event of incapacitation.

Digging up all the proper estate documentation required in divorce proceedings can be a real headache, says Starks. Our new service spares our clients from having to go through that process a second time when planning their estate or drafting a will, because most of the documents crossover.

Estate planning is not just important for asset distribution after death. It is also essential for child custody issues, burial instructions, and power of attorney or health care wishes should a person become incapacitated.

McKinley Irvins estate planning services are available immediately, and interested parties can contact their offices at contact(at)mckinleyirvin(dot)com.

About McKinley Irvin

Headquartered in Seattle and with offices throughout the Pacific Northwest, McKinley Irvin is a premier divorce and family law firm, and the largest family law firm in the state of Washington. McKinley Irvin has protected the rights of families since 1991handling complex family law cases involving divorce, custody and international matters.

Organizations such as U.S. News & World Report, Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers, Martindale Hubbell, Best Lawyers, and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) have recognized the firm and its attorneys for leadership in the practice of family law. For more information about McKinley Irvin, visit http://www.mckinleyirvin.com.

Pozzuolo Rodden, P.C. Announces the Release of Estate Planning For New Parents: “The Birth Of A Child Is The Perfect Time To Review Or Implement An Estate Plan”

(PRWEB) September 28, 2012

The Law Firm of Pozzuolo Rodden P.C., announces the release of the article Estate Planning:”The Birth of a Child is the Perfect Time to Review or Implement an Estate Plan “. Below is a sample of the first couple of paragraphs. If you would like to read more, please read the full article and other corporate law, or estate planning topics at http://www.pozzuolo.com/Pubs_Newsletters.shtml

The Birth of a Child is the Perfect Time to Review or Implement an Estate Plan

When a couple has their first child, they may be so overwhelmed with the new responsibilities of parenting that they may not even consider the importance of implementing an estate plan for their family. However, the birth of a child is the perfect time for a couple to provide for the welfare and security of their family by either: (a) beginning their estate plan, if they have not done so already; or, (b) revisiting their existing estate planning documents to ensure that their documents properly protect their new family.

For new parents, there are several reasons to prepare an estate plan upon the birth of their first child: To plan for the care of the child if both parents are deceased; To ensure that the childs inheritance is properly managed and to determine who will handle the childs property during his/her minor years or in todays world, until the child graduates from college or graduate/professional school; and To plan for the cost of the childs future educational needs.

Even though estate planning is essential for young families, many young couples postpone estate planning discussions due to the mistaken belief that they do not need an estate plan because they are young and healthy or these discussions conjure up negative feelings about death. Yet, many couples fail to realize that being proactive and preparing an estate plan can actually alleviate some of the fear associated with death and dying.

Guardian of Minor Children

The most critical aspect of an estate plan for new parents is deciding who will take care of minor children upon the untimely death of both parents. In a properly drafted Will, new parents can designate who will be the guardian of minor children if their spouse does not survive him/her. Some parents delay writing a Will because they cannot decide on a guardian and thus, risk leaving a court with no guidance as to who should be the proper guardian for minor children. Rather than postponing the drafting of a Will altogether, a couple should name a first and second choice of guardian and then change those choices later, if necessary. Remember, a Will can be amended. It is not a stagnant, unchanging document. ……

If you would like to read more, please read the full article “The Birth of a Child is the Perfect Time to Review or Implement an Estate Plan” and other corporate law or estate planning topics at http://www.pozzuolo.com/Pubs_Newsletters.shtml

Pozzuolo Rodden, P.C. provides specialized cost-effective legal services to privately held business owners and high-net-worth clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in excess of 35 years.

Practice Areas:

Business planning and transaction, complex business litigation, commercial real estate and development, construction law and litigation, advanced estate planning and administration, tax and pension law, high profile and intricate family litigation, and employment law and litigation.

Pozzuolo Rodden, P.C.

Counselors at Law

2033 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103



Pozzuolo Rodden PC, Philadelphia Estate Planning Attorneys, Announce the Release of the Article “How To Use A Trust To Protect Your Children’s Inheritance From Divorce”

(PRWEB) February 22, 2013

The Law Firm of Pozzuolo Rodden P.C., announces the release of the article “How To Use A Trust To Protect Your Children’s Inheritance From Divorce”. Below is a sample of the first couple of paragraphs. If you would like to read more, please read the full article and other corporate law, or estate planning topics at http://www.pozzuolo.com/Pubs_Articles.shtml

How To Use A Trust To Protect Your Children’s Inheritance From Divorce

“Parents never want to envision their children going through a divorce, yet divorce is a common statistic and every parent should be aware of how to protect their childrens inheritance in the event of divorce. Placing your childs inheritance in a trust is an important estate planning tool that every parent should consider.

Control Concepts Planning Busy Week at InfoComm ’09

Fair Lawn, NJ (PRWEB) June 10, 2009

Independent programming firm Control Concepts Inc. (http://www.controlconcepts.net) heads to InfoComm ’09 June 14-19 with a very busy agenda. The Control Concepts team will be sharing their independent programming expertise in a special area focused on graphical user interfaces, staffing a networking booth, and chairing the annual meeting of the InfoComm Independent Programmers Council.

“Control Concepts has been involved with the InfoComm trade show since our inception in 1997,” said Steve Greenblatt, President of Control Concepts “It is a highlight on our calendar each year providing us with the opportunity to interface with the prominent industry manufacturers, renew client relationships, network with peers, work on team building, and learn. It is an intense experience during which months of ‘doing business’ can be accomplished in a few highly compressed days. Our entire team looks forward to the opportunity each year.”

GUI Design Gallery

In the world of A/V system programming and design, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) are becoming an increasingly important piece of the integrated audiovisual system puzzle. To help illustrate this trend, Control Concepts will be participating in a Crestron-sponsored event, the “System Programming and GUI Design Gallery.” In its fourth year at InfoComm, this innovative touch-panel demonstration provides a unique opportunity to look into the complex world of system programming and design. The participants, all Crestron Authorized Independent Programmers (CAIPs) and many who are also members of InfoComm International’s Independent Programmers Council, showcase work that has been designed for the full range of AV integrated systems with an emphasis on ease of use for the end user.

“The System Programming and GUI Design Gallery is one of the excellent opportunities for independent programmers to be an ‘official’ part of the InfoComm trade show,” said Mr. Greenblatt. “It is an exciting and rewarding experience to have thousands of attendees see your work, know your name, and appreciate the value that independent programmers bring to a project. Interface design is a small but highly visible aspect of a the importance of control systems and programmers.”

For more information about the Design Gallery, please visit the InfoComm ’09 website http://www.infocommshow.org/infocomm2009/public/Content.aspx?Id=685&sortMenu=103017

InfoComm Council Lounge

IncoComm ’09 is a huge show. More than 30,000 commercial AV professionals, technology managers, chief information officers and procurement personnel are expected to attend from more than 80 countries and to visit more than 850 exhibitors. For InfoComm members, the show is also their main opportunity to network. To help facilitate this networking, InfoComm for the first time will host a Council Lounge, where InfoComm members and non-members can learn more about value and contributions of the various industry councils, participate in “ask-the-expert” sessions, or just simply network or relax.

“The InfoComm Council Lounge is a privilege granted by InfoComm, which provides show floor presence for member councils to market themselves to potential members and clients by sharing their devotion and contribution to the audiovisual industry,” explained Mr. Greenblattt. “The Independent Programmers Council along with several other InfoComm councils plan to network and discuss current and future initiatives while providing information to interested parties. Control Concepts is a proud to be a contributor and be associated with this elite team of professionals.”

For more information about the council lounge, please visit the InfoComm ’09 website http://www.infocomm.org/cps/rde/xchg/infocomm/hs.xsl/10045.htm

Independent Programmers Council

The Independent Programmers Council is an important and growing stakeholder group within InfoComm, with a mission of serving the needs and interests of programmers of control systems, audio, lighting and other systems who are not employed by hardware vendors or integrators. The council seeks to raise the stature of independent programmers in the industry, provide collective feedback to vendors, define standards of practice and share professional resources.

The InfoComm show is also the venue for the council’s annual meeting. As chairman of the council, Control Concepts’ President Steve Greenblatt will be directing this annual meeting.

“Being involved in the Independent Programmers Council has been a gratifying and rewarding experience for me personally as well as, I presume, for the other leaders within the council,” said Mr. Greenblatt. “From opportunities to learn from your colleagues to contributing to initiatives that benefit both your specialty and the industry as a whole, involvement in the Independent Programmers Council has been a worthy privilege. Initiatives such as the Independent Programmers Code of Excellence, Business Best Practices Guidelines, various outreach documents for inter-council growth, a future membership directory, and the potential of a future certification have been the major strides marking the council’s progress during the past year and will be discussed in depth during the meeting.”

The meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 17 1:30pm – 3:30pm in the Orange County Convention Center Room W110A.

For more information about the Independent Programmers Council, please visit the InfoComm ’09 website http://www.infocomm.org/cps/rde/xchg/infocomm/hs.xsl/10045.htm.

About Control Concepts, Inc.

Control Concepts, Inc. is a leader in audiovisual control system programming and interface design. With a team of experienced professionals that posses diverse quantifiable knowledge, Control Concepts combines elements of automation, data communications, and audiovisual science to make technology easy to use in boardrooms, classrooms, and entertainment venues. Established in 1997 based on the principles of quality and customer relations, CCI is dedicated to servicing consultants, integrators, technology managers and presenters throughout the Northeast US and the world.

Company President Steve Greenblatt is currently the Chairman of InfoComm’s Independent Programmers Council.

Media Contact

For Control Concepts, Inc:

Steve Greenblatt

Control Concepts, Inc.

(201) 797-7900


Kiss Trust Introduces New Product as an Innovative Solution to Divorce Planning

Bel Air, MD (PRWEB) May 14, 2013

Kiss Trust, a division of Eastern Point Trust Company, offers a solution to divorcing families with children. Kiss Trust provides an affordable savings trust product that prevents unauthorized access to college savings by either parent – while insuring the funds are available when needed.

It is a common story, the assets set aside for a child into a custodial account as part of a divorce agreement are misused by one of the parents, or one parent does not trust the other to use the money properly said Ned Armand, President of Kiss Trust. Historically utilizing a trust along with an institutional trustee, while the ideal solution, was too costly for most families. Now, Kiss Trust prevents unauthorized access by either parent. In addition, because Kiss Trust is an irrevocable savings trust it provides other added benefits such as improved student financial aid results, and can be created online by anyone in as little as 20 minutes.

Armand observed, Each trust includes ongoing professional trustee services which ensure that one parent cannot access funds set aside for a child. The annual trustee service fee is waived for qualifying clients, removing cost as a barrier. We are changing the way everyone views trusts, by making affordable services easily available to everyone.

A Kiss Trust can be created for as little as a $ 99 one time setup fee and there is no minimum initial gift amount. Users also have access to over 5,000 name brand mutual funds including load-waived funds, no-load funds and tax-free funds.

For more information on using a Kiss Trust, the fees and Kiss Trust reviews, visit http://www.kisstrust.com.

About Kiss Trust

Kiss Trust is a division of Eastern Point Trust Company and is the nations exclusive provider of online savings trust document services and trust administration services. The company was founded and is staffed by top talents in law, trusts and technology to make the benefits and protections of trusts accessible and affordable to everyone. Eastern Point Trust Company is not a law firm. Eastern Point Trust Company is a non-depository trust company with multiple regional offices. Eastern Point Trust Company provides fiduciary and trust administration services for trusts sitused in all 50 states.

Summer Travel with the Elderly Requires Additional Planning, Says The CareGiver Partnership

Neenah, Wis. (PRWEB) June 19, 2013

Traveling with a senior family member can be relaxing and enjoyable with a little planning and the right health care tools, according to Lynn Wilson, Co-Founder of The CareGiver Partnership, a national retailer of incontinence products and other home health care supplies.

Family travel can be highly rewarding, but it has the potential to be stressful as well, says Wilson. If youre traveling with an elderly loved one, the key to success is in planning, and that may include stocking up on products that make travel safer and easier.

Wilson says the following items can make summer travel easier and more rewarding: