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Maritime International Ltd. Launches The Legacy Trust, “My Legacy, My Way”; Combining Personal Values with Wealth Distribution

Mahe, Seychelles (PRWEB) October 17, 2007

Maritime International Ltd. (Milonline.com) has designed a new Trust product for those who wish to pass on their values and not just their assets. This trust structure allows clients to specify the distribution of trust assets to children and others, on the basis of meeting specified criteria.

Particularly as the lifespan of the global population continues to increase and many parents are having children much later in life, this new Legacy Trust is designed for clients who wish to provide parental guidance to their children, even after death. Parents can now have the final word, “My Legacy, My Way”.

According to Laura Mouck, Maritime International Ltd’s Director of Wealth Management “Sometimes the free and unfettered acquisition of wealth by children upon the demise of their parents, can have disastrous results. The newspapers are full of such examples.”

Specific incentives, however, can be included in the wealth distribution process, to increase the likelihood of children achieving goals and showing initiative, teaching them that hard work and personal achievement are the standards you want them to have.

The new “My Legacy, My Way” trust structure does not, for example simply provide funds for the children’s education. Instead, on the client’s instructions, it provides distributions depending upon the level of the children’s achievement in higher education, plus other criteria, in order to give them the incentive to excel.

In other cases, a client may wish to encourage hard work and entrepreneurial skills. They could then include an annual distribution from the trust equal to or double that of his or her earned income for the previous year.

If encouraging philanthropy and generosity to others is important to a client, each child could receive an annual distribution equal to or double the charitable contributions reported on their tax returns for the previous year.

Other like provisions can be added to the client’s Letter Of Wishes. It is only limited by the imagination of the individual and how he or she wants their legacy to live on.

Clients might also wish to restrict payments for what might be considered frivolous items; for example expensive sports cars, planes, parties or a ski chalet in the Alps. Laura Mouck, Maritime International Ltd’s Director of Wealth Management advises, “We have found that many clients do not wish their hard earned money frittered away, unnecessarily, in only one generation.”

Malcolm Nickerson, Managing Director of Maritime International Ltd says “It sounds complicated, but it is not. Maritime International Ltd works very closely with clients to advise them on how to structure their Trusts and ensure they understand that they can leave behind a Living Legacy”.

Mr. Nickerson continued, “It is just as crucial for people to determine what to do with their wealth, as it was deciding to save, accumulate and invest it. They can leave a real, lasting and useful legacy to their heirs. The choice is theirs. Even if parents are no longer physically there, they can still help shape the future of their children and instill the values that will ultimately guide them to becoming self sufficient independent individuals who can find their own successful path in life.”

Let your legacy live on. Let your conscience be their guide with a Legacy Trust – “My Legacy, My Way”.

Maritime International Ltd. (http://www.Milonline.com) is a corporate services and financial consulting firm with over 17 years of experience in the business, offering a variety of International Trust products and wealth management solutions.

For further information on the Legacy Trust and other Asset Protection structures offered by Maritime International Ltd., visit:

Legacy Trusts: http://www.milonline.com/trusts/legacy-trust.html

For a guide to setting up Asset Protection and Trust Structures, visit: http://www.milonline.com/trusts/asset-protection-trusts.html


Laura Mouck – Director of Wealth Management

Tel: +65-6-491-5329

Maritime International Ltd.



Announcing a Veritable Armory of Personal Self Defense Supplies

Centereach, NY (PRWEB) February 2, 2008

The escalating statistics on crime today are alarming. Recent years have seen a half million cases of robberies and nearly a million cases of aggravated assault in the U.S. alone. There are 40,000 car-jackings a year, where the victims are faced with a weapon 75 percent of the time. Very few expect to be faced with such crime, but everyone should be prepared to defend against such cases. At http://www.mypersonaldefense.com, buyers will find a vast assortment of self-defense items to better prepare them for such an incident. The site also offers home security, child safety and information on how to avoid dangerous situations.

Perhaps the best non-lethal defense against an aggressive attacker is MACE pepper spray. Fired from a small canister, it causes immediate closing of the eyes, violent coughing and painful burning of the skin. Most models have an effective range of 8-15 feet, and come in a variety of styles such as key chains, belt loop attachments and containers disguised as lipstick or pagers. There are even versions that are designed for dog and bear attacks. The site also offers personal alarms that omit up to 130 decibels of sound. They stock an impressive selection of self-defense instructional DVDs that reveal fighting secrets, like how to “crush an attacker’s feet with a single stomp,” or “break a man’s jaw like a piece of peanut brittle.”

It is not only important to be prepared for attacks in unfamiliar areas, but also in the home. Shoppers will find a variety of alarms and motion detectors to alert of an intrusion. Video surveillance cameras can snap pictures of a perpetrator. According to the site, “a burglar spends an average of 8 minutes in the victim’s home,” so disguised safes such as peanut butter jars and flower pots can decrease the odds of a thief finding your valuables.

Child safety products are also supplied to keep the young ones protected. The popular KinderGard Home Safety Kit includes 12 items such as outlet plugs, cabinet locks and corner cushions to help avoid injuries. Also available is an electronic child leash that alerts a receiver if the transmitter strays beyond a certain distance.

Shoppers will find the site easy to navigate and the product descriptions useful and informative. There is extensive information available describing how to avoid many risky situations, such as home safety tips, travel safety and situations on a college campus. MyPersonalDefense takes pride in their customer service, and offer a 30-day return policy on most products. When it comes to protecting oneself, the home and loved ones, all precautions should be taken to ensure the highest level of personal safety.

Contact: Patricia Dreyer


(631) 285-1517



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ARAG Study Reports Seven Out of 10 Employees Suffer Personal Legal Woes

Des Moines, Iowa (PRWEB) April 1, 2008

An alarming number of U.S. employees spend valuable time during their work days dealing with more than just regular job duties. For many workers, their family, financial, home or automobile legal woes compete for time and attention – resulting in lower job performance, productivity and morale.

“Workplace effectiveness often drops when employees are preoccupied with legal and financial concerns,” says Cameron Sutton, President and Chief Executive Officer, ARAG (http://ARAGgroup.com)]. “The impact, the frequency and the complexity of legal woes can adversely affect employees and the organizations for which they work.”

A recent ARAG-commissioned study measured the impact of employee legal woes, the use of legal services and employee attitude toward legal services. The study, entitled “Measuring the Effects of Employee Financial & Legal Woes,” was conducted by Russell Research, which interviewed more than 1,000 full-time employees, representing a nationwide, demographically-dispersed base.

Among the key results of the ARAG Legal Woes study:

Seven out of 10 surveyed employees experienced one or more legal woes during a 12-month period.

They spent, on average, 57 hours while at work, dealing with legal woes.

Four of 10 employees said legal woes had a negative impact on work performance (focus, stress, efficiency or effectiveness on the job).

The most common legal woes involved issues of family care, credit trouble, child custody, consumer fraud, home or automobile purchase or repair and estate planning.

According to Sutton, “People have traditionally invested in life, health, automobile and home insurance to achieve security and peace of mind. They are becoming increasingly aware of the risks that legal woes represent in their personal and work lives.”

The Legal Woes Study indicated that one out of eight employees worked for an employer that offers legal plans at work while seven out of 10 said they believe legal plans would be useful in resolving personal legal needs.

Because legal woes take a heavy toll on workplace productivity and can affect business profitability, Sutton stated that concerned employers are looking for effective ways to address this issue and many are considering the addition of legal plans to their benefit packages.

For further information about the ARAG study on “Measuring the Effects of Employee Financial & Legal Woes,” contact Media(at)ARAGgroup.com. ARAG is a global leader of legal insurance. The company has an international premium base of more than $ 1.75 billion and protects 15 million individuals and their families – worldwide. ARAG offers comprehensive legal plans that provide a clear path for resolving legal issues. This enables people to protect their families, finances and futures.

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: http://www.HRmarketer.com) on behalf of the company

listed above.

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Stun Gun and Personal Safety Site Makes a ‘Stunning’ Online Debut

Racine, WI (PRWEB) February 25, 2009

In these times of uncertainty, violent crime can, unfortunately, become something of the norm. While Americans compartmentalize the necessities of their daily lives, personal safety is one that shouldn’t be ignored or brushed away.

“It’s just better to be on the safe side,” said Jodi Lawrence. “You don’t know who you can encounter whether you’re out jogging or walking across a grocery store parking lot.”

Lawrence, along with her mother Beverly, launched a brand new self-defense website called http://www.JustToFeelSafe.com in February 2009. The website specializes in affordable safety products such as stun guns, personal alarms, and Tasers. They also carry an array of home safety and child protection items like diversion safes and child guard alarms.

Aside from having a large selection, Just To Feel Safe also posts stun gun laws from around the country.

“One of the nice things is that we’re able to post the different stun gun laws, which can differ from state to state and county to county,” said Beverly.

Though the site is still fresh, Beverly and Jodi have already begun making plans for what they are going to be carrying next (“I would like to see nanny cams and surveillance equipment on the site,” said Jodi.).

In the meantime, they’ve added a new blog to their site. The blog, http://www.BeingSafeBlog.com, gives tips on how people can protect themselves when they feel like they may be in danger. There are also other helpful hints in how to properly use some of the equipment that people may find on JustToFeelSafe.com.

As the new year continues on, people are finding ways to have piece of mind and with the matters of personal safety, the family owned JustToFeelSafe.com is a good place to start, if only for Jodi and Beverly’s congenial service.

“We understand people in the retail aspect,” said Jodi. “My mom and I have worked together in another business for 21 years and we were able to come to care about people and our customers, which is important when you have an independent business.”

“We pride ourselves on being able to understand and take care of our customers,” added Beverly.

About the Company:

JustToFeelSafe.com is a part of BJ Lawrence Enterprises, LLC. which is owned and operated by Beverly Lawrence.

Contact Information:

Beverly Lawrence


(262) 989-8834

iePlexus, Inc.



Personal Safety Website Launches New Blog

Eagle Mountain, UT (PRWEB) March 12, 2009

According to a 2007 survey released by the FBI, there is a regional increase in violent crime and property crime. With this in mind, people are taking measures in arming themselves with personal protection products. Of course, there is a myriad of options, though there is a difference of opinions with firearms. This is where entrepreneur Carl Allred comes in.

Allred is the proprietor of http://www.AlreadySafe.com, a personal safety website that specializes in self defense weapons.

“What I carry on my site will help people defend themselves legally and in a practical way,” said Allred.

The web store carries a wide selection of products such as stun guns, tasers, safety lights, and knives. Already Safe also has a home protection items such as diversion safes, alarms, surveillance cameras and child safety kits for people who want to extend their safety past their persons.

“This is helpful for the people who don’t want to carry guns,” said Allred. “It allows to have controllable weapons that can disarm an attacker, but without any bloodshed or personal trauma.”

Though the website debuted at the end of 2008, Allred is already making changes towards expansion, which includes the recent launch of a new blog, http://www.911SafetyStoreInfo.com.

The blog has information on staying safe in public areas, such as campuses and parks, as well as reviews of which personal safety devices would service a person’s needs best.

As evidenced by national statistics and the current economic downturn, violent crimes may be on the rise, but it doesn’t mean that individuals or families have to be victimized. Thanks to a valuable resource like AlreadySafe.com, people can have access to weapons that will help them defend themselves and become more than just another number.

About the Company:

AlreadySafe.com is a part of Tycoa Enterprises LLC which is owned and operated by Carl Allred.

Contact Information:

Carl Allred


(801) 420-9999

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Debtmerica Helps Foster Teens Learn Real World Personal Finance Strategies

Santa Ana, CA (Vocus) June 17, 2010

On Saturday, April 24, Debtmerica, LLC teamed up with the Orangewood Childrens Foundation to help foster children learn to manage their personal finances with an all-day event set in a fictional Independent City.

Volunteers helped construct and operate Independent City, which simulated some of the day-to-day challenges faced by adults in modern American society. Orangewoods foster teens were able to learn valuable lessons about paying for housing, child care, groceries, and utilities at various stations in the exhibit, which was held in Irvine, Californias Pretend City Childrens Museum.

In a letter thanking Debtmerica volunteers after the event, Orangewood volunteer services program manager Kristi Piatkowski – who had previously lauded the assistance of Debtmerica volunteers for their assistance at another event last year – said that the youth learned about money management through their workshops, and added that the volunteers were wonderful in making sure that the day was educational and fun!

Piatkowski also noted that without Debtmericas support, both financial and in-kind, the event would not have happened.

Harry Langenberg, one of the Managing Partners of Debtmerica, spoke on behalf of his team, we are very proud to be part of Orangewoods mission. Debtmerica is a big proponent of giving back to the Community where it can, and Orangewoods programs enable our entire staff to get involved and contribute to a wonderful cause.

The Orangewood Childrens Foundations goal is to help eliminate the neglect and abuse of children in Orange County, California. The foundation works to accomplish this on four main fronts: Strengthening families to prevent abuse from occurring in the first place, protecting children from abusive homes from physical and emotional violence, emancipating teens from abusive families, and promoting enhanced public awareness of the challenges faced by children raised in such damaging environments. This last goal has been the area in which important partners like Debtmerica have been able to do the most good for the foundations kids.

Debtmerica is a financial services company that provides assistance to families who are experiencing financial difficulties and hardship. Headquartered in Orange County, CA, Debtmerica focuses on negotiated debt settlement, a powerful debt relief option which helps clients get debt free and remain so. By actually reducing debt balances over the course of the program and providing an affordable monthly payment, consumers can experience lasting benefit to their financial well-being. Debtmerica was recently named one of the Best Places to Work in Orange County, CA, where it also was awarded for being the third Fastest Growing Company in 2009.


Don Singleton a prominent Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney has chosen Click Ready Marketing an Atlanta SEO Agency to provide web marketing services.

Alpharetta, GA (Vocus) August 11, 2010

Don Singleton handles and serves clients throughout Georgia. Mr. Singleton has earned a reputation for being a thorough and creative lawyer that fights hard for his clients. Personal injury is an umbrella term that can cover many different kinds of injuries. This is why the internet is the best place for him to advertise. Click Ready Marketing has experience in assisting law firms by increasing their web presence and focusing their on-line message. This Georgia SEO company understands the value of Mr. Singletons offering and how he can positively affect (as much as possible) the outcomes of injury victims lives.

Don Singleton, as an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer has had many interesting cases involving horrific personal injuries, dog bite injuries, and even unusual cases such as man bites child. Mr. Singleton says; when the stakes are high, his firm is who to call. Here are just a few of the cases his legal team can handle if the need arises:

Attorney Craig H. Blinderman Joins Hollywood Florida Personal Injury Law Firm of Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A.

Hollywood, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) December 22, 2010

As a testament to its deep commitment to helping victims of personal injury throughout Florida, the Hollywood law firm of Rosenberg & Rosenberg welcomes the addition of experienced personal injury litigator Craig H. Blinderman as an Associate Attorney.

Were excited to have Craig join our firm, says Attorney Paul Rosenberg. His experience with personal injury protection in particular will be an asset to our clients and the firm as a whole.

Mr. Blinderman brings 19 years of experience as a trial attorney, including more than 15 years of experience in personal injury protection (PIP) litigation representing both plaintiffs and insurance carriers during his career. He has also been plaintiffs co-counsel on several high-profile class action lawsuits against large corporations such as Wal-Mart, Netflix, Shell Oil and Celebrity Cruises.

Graduating in 1991, Craig T. Blinderman holds a Juris Doctorate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. That same year Mr. Blinderman was admitted to the Florida Bar and gained valuable litigation and trial experience during the next three years while employed at the Broward County State Attorneys Office as an Assistant State Attorney and a lead prosecutor of a felony trial division.

Subsequently, he served as legal counsel to the Broward Sheriffs Office where he proudly assisted with the development of the Florida Law Enforcements LEECH (Law Enforcement to End Child Harm) Program, which is designed to teach school teachers and administrators how to protect students from sexual predators.

From 1996 until his recent move to Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A., Mr. Blinderman handled high-level cases involving both the prosecution and insurance defense of bodily injury claims, personal injury protection (PIP) claims, personal injury pre-litigation, and workers compensation litigation. Mr. Blinderman is also a renowned expert on attorneys fees relating to PIP litigation and regularly testifies before the courts in South Florida on these matters.

Florida is one of several states with mandatory Personal Injury Protection (PIP), or no fault coverage, an extension of car insurance that covers any medical or funeral expenses accrued as a result of the car accident or injury. PIP can sometimes cover lost wages, as well.

About the firm:

Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A. is a well-established, full-service, personal injury and workers compensation law firm in Hollywood, Florida, serving the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami area. Our skilled lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to get the best outcome for Florida injury and accident victims. Contact us toll-free at 1 (888) 748-1715 for a free consultation.


Cory T. Knight (954) 963-0444


Personal and Passtouch Receive Innovator Spotlight Award at Privacy Identity Innovation Conference (pii2011)

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) May 26, 2011

Personal and Passtouch were each presented with an Audience Choice Award for their participation in the 2nd annual Privacy Identity Innovation conference (pii2011), which was held May 19-20 at the Santa Clara Marriott hotel in Silicon Valley. The two companies were among 12 tech start-ups selected to demo their technologies on stage as part of the pii2011 Innovator Spotlight program.

Personal and Passtouch were chosen by an audience of over 250 leading executives, technologists, policy experts and academic researchers that gathered at pii2011 last week to look at where innovation is heading and what it means for the future of digital privacy, identity and trust.

Personal, based in Washington, D.C., has developed a platform to enable individuals to own, control and benefit from their data instead of companies. Co-founder and CEO Shane Green demonstrated their first product, a Web and mobile data vault for organizing, finding and giving permission-based access to personal data, and introduced the companys Owner Data Agreement, which provides a new legal framework to protect individuals. To learn more about Personal, visit http://www.personal.com.

We are excited to receive the pii2011 Innovator Spotlight Audience Choice Award not only because it was the first time we introduced Personal to the industry, but also because it was decided by our peers many of whom have been working on these issues for years, said Green.

The other audience favorite was Passtouch, a stealth start-up located in Surf City, North Carolina that is in the process of developing a quick and secure password alternative for touch screen devices. In his five-minute on stage demo at pii2011, the companys founder and CEO Jason Boger demonstrated how his technologys interface was so user-friendly that even a four-year-old child could use it. Boger expects Passtouchs first product, an iPad application, to be available in the Apple iTunes Store later this summer. More information about Passtouch is available at http://www.passtouch.com.

The pi2011 Innovator Spotlight program, which was sponsored by Innovators Network, also featured presentations from the founders of 10 other start-ups:

Bluelight Bluelight is an iPhone app that notifies your friends and family when you don’t arrive at your destination as planned, maintaining both privacy and safety.

BUMP.com BUMP.com is a provider of cloud-based transaction, membership and communication technologies, including a social network utilizing license plate messaging and location couponing.

Connect.me Connect.me is the first social discovery network that works across all popular social networks, starting with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, enabling people to build their own personal trust networks by vouching for the people they respect most in the contexts they care about most.

Disconnect Disconnect helps people understand the data they share online and makes simple tools for them to control this data.

Everloop Everloop is the next generation in online social community platforms designed specifically for users under the age of 13.

FaceCash FaceCash is a payment system that turns your phone into a digital wallet. Instead of using your written signature to verify purchases, merchants use FaceCash to verify that your real face matches a digital image linked to your account.

idAngels idAngels maps the natural ability of people to recognize one another across the population. Through carefully choreographed social collaboration around photos, webcams and mobile phones, idAngels protect the people that they care about from identity fraud.

NeighborGoods NeighborGoods.net connects neighbors to save money, live more sustainably and strengthen their local community by sharing goods and skills in a safe and fun community.

SecretSocial SecretSocial is a real-time service for people to have authentic conversations on the social Web.

WanderID WanderID helps identify young children and people with cognitive difficulties like Alzheimer’s, autism, brain injury or Down syndrome who are often not able to identify themselves in an emergency.

All of the companies that participated in the Innovator Spotlight program did an incredible job of showcasing their technologies, and they deserve congratulations, said pii2011 co-founder and executive producer Natalie Fonseca. We look forward to watching their progress in the weeks and months ahead.

Independently produced by SageScape, the creators of the annual Tech Policy Summit conference, pii2011 offers an open forum for spirited and participatory dialogue about the future of digital privacy and identity in an increasingly interconnected world. Last weeks conference featured speakers from over 70 companies and organizations, including Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Intuit, HP, TRUSTe, Pattern Builders, BlueCava, Face.com, Loopt, the Federal Trade Commission, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and SelectOut.

The next conference is currently being planned for the Fall of 2011. More information on pii2011 and the Innovator Spotlight program can be found online at http://pii2011.com.

Sponsors of the pii2011 conference include Google, TRUSTe, Innovators Network, TechAmerica, PrivacyCamp, Privacy by Design, Center for Democracy and Technology, Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies, Techdirt and Women 2.0.

About SageScape

Privacy Identity Innovation (pii2011) and pii Labs are independently produced by SageScape, a privately-held company founded in 2003 that specializes in producing and promoting executive-level conferences and online communities for the high technology industry. In addition to the annual Tech Policy Summit (TPS) and Privacy Identity Innovation conferences, SageScape works on leading industry events for a variety of clients — ranging from early-stage start-ups to top global brands. To learn more, visit our sites at http://pii2011.com and http://TechPolicyCentral.com You can also follow us on Twitter at @TechPolicy.

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When It Comes To Gift Giving, New Blog JddigiBlog.com Makes It Personal

Chula Vista, California (PRWEB) October 05, 2011

Graphic designer, Jennifer Davis, is pleased to debut her brand new blog, JddigiBlog.com. The blog includes information regarding unique, personalized gift items that can be purchased through http://www.Jddigi.com.

The personalized gift items I offer provide a way for customers to make keepsakes out of their favorite photos or even childrens drawings, said Davis. I know so many of us struggle to find unique gifts for the people in our lives. I want to help people create gifts that are meaningful and specific to the intended receiver.

Capture precious moments and encapsulate them in silver plated jewelry. Moms are sure to love bangle bracelets, charm bracelets, or pendants emblazoned with their childrens smiling faces or school art projects. Instead of another tie for fathers day, consider personalized two sided dog tags or rings. A charming pewter wreath, round porcelain, or acrylic ornament customized with a family portrait makes a great addition to any Christmas tree. Other popular holiday photo gifts include key rings and statuettes. Names, dates, and sayings can be engraved, as well.

Planning a wedding reception, reunion, or other formal occasion? Customized wallet tin boxes, business card holders, or square bag tags make excellent party favors, as do backpack notepads. New homeowners will enjoy using personalized tumbled stone coaster sets given as a housewarming gift. Davis also specializes in designing team sports banners, posters, and wall clings. A child will get a kick out of having a life-sized image of them making the winning goal.

It was important to me not to have cheap jewelry with a persons photo slapped on it, said Davis. The image quality is stellar even on the tumbled stone items! The photo is literally part of the stone. You can get the jewelry wet without compromising the image. Everything is well protected.

Customer service is of the utmost importance at Jddigi.com. Each product has been screened for quality, aesthetics, and affordability. Davis, who has a background in graphic design, digitally transforms photographs and uses a professional color lab to ensure the integrity of the designs. Orders are shipped within five to seven business days. Feedback is always welcome; in fact, Davis strives to personally respond to all customer queries in a timely manner.

I work with each customer to make sure that their item is exactly the way they want it, said Davis. Customers always approve the design before it is created to make sure it is exactly to their specifications.

To learn more about the customization process, visit the sites brand new blog, http://www.JddigiBlog.com. Davis frequently updates the interactive platform with unique and meaningful gift ideas, in addition to product reviews.

Jddigi.com Lets make it personal!

About the Company:

Jddigi.com a division of JD Biz Boutique is owned and operated by web entrepreneur and graphic artist Jennifer Davis.

Jennifer Davis


(619) 623-4663

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