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California Family Law Firm Discusses the Myths, the Truth and Some Tips About Paying Child Support in California

Whittier, CA (PRWEB) August 24, 2008

California family law firm Schuster Family Law discusses the myths, the truths and the tips about paying child support in California.

The Myths — “When it comes to paying child support, there is seldom agreement,” said Dennis Schuster, founder of Schuster Family Law. “Mothers and fathers will either claim they cannot pay the support ordered by the court or that they cannot live on the support ordered by the court. Paying child support is never an easy aspect of divorce proceedings.”

According to Schuster, this is because people hear so many different stories regarding child support. On one hand, there are the stories how one person paid little or nothing toward child support; on the other hand, there are also stories how another person got a large amount of money for child support.

The Truth — The truth of the matter, says Schuster, is that child support is regulated by a complex formula established by the State of California.

“Support is usually based upon all gross income (including overtime and bonuses) for the past 12 months of both parties, number of children, percentage of time each child is with parent,” said Schuster.

He explained that the court will allow certain hardship deductions, such as an unusual medical expenses; however, the court ordinarily doesn’t take into account a person’s monthly living expenses.

Schuster notes that when it comes to paying child support, there is often not a lot of room for negotiation, so the parties must accept whatever the judge orders.

Some Tips

–Most important, the person who pays must pay.

—If the payer doesn’t pay, the amount owed will accrue 10% interest per year.

—Child support cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

–With the exception of money owed to a County Department of Child Support Services for AFDC, there is no statute of limitations on child support.

–To protect yourself, insist on a wage assignment order attaching your wages. It’s proof you paid.

–When obtaining a child support order, it’s important the amount for each child be clearly indicated, so this amount will be automatically reduced once the child becomes an adult.

About Schuster Family Law

Schuster Family Law is a California family law firm that handles divorce and adoption cases. Schuster is also developing a unique niche in representing parents whose children need special education. For more information, visit: http://www.schusterfamilylaw.com


Holidaymakers Could be Paying 500% Over the Odds for Their Travel Insurance, Warns Confused.com

Cardiff, UK (PRWEB) May 16, 2009

Buying insurance from a travel agent, rather than shopping around, could see holidaymakers paying nearly 500% more for their holiday insurance than necessary, says Confused.com.*

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and Datamonitor, more than one third (40%) of all travel insurance policies were sold by travel agents last year. However, in the same way that customers can shop around to make significant savings on their car and home insurance policies, they can also save money on travel insurance policies.

Steve Williams, head of travel insurance comparison at Confused.com, says: “Even if consumers choose to purchase their holiday through a travel agent, they should not feel obligated to take their travel insurance out with them too.”

“While holiday insurance is a must-have, it makes little sense to pay through the nose for it, especially when shopping around for a better deal is likely to save consumers money. Price comparison sites enable consumers to trawl the market for the most suitable travel insurance policies on offer.”

“Not only is the service quick, easy and comprehensive, but it also enables consumers to directly compare levels of cover. For example, a family of frequent globe-trotters heading off on a three-week safari in South Africa would require a very different policy to a family which goes caravanning in France once a year. Price comparison sites are designed to empower the user and enable them to make educated decisions about the best policies for them, in turn saving them money.”

“Spending just a little bit of extra time finding the best holiday insurance deal will allow you to properly relax and enjoy your trip.”

For further information please contact:

Press office, Confused.com: 02920 434 398

Joanna Harte/Gug Kyriacou, Polhill Communications: 020 7655 0550

Notes to editors

Research below compiled by Confused.com

Confused.com – quotes accurate as at 02/05/09

Single Trip

1 Adult between 18-54 travelling to Europe for 1 week

Staysure – Medical expenses

New Report Shows Investment in Malaria Prevention Paying Off: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Children’s Lives Saved

Washington DC (PRWEB) September 14, 2010

A new report confirms that the current global investment in malaria control is saving lives and that further increases in funding will contribute significantly to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for health.

Saving Lives with Malaria Control: Counting Down to the Millennium Development Goals – authored by Tulane University, Johns Hopkins University, WHO, and PATH and published today by the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM) – reveals that the lives of almost three quarters of a million children in 34 African countries are estimated to have been saved in the past 10 years, through the use of insecticide treated mosquito nets, indoor residual spraying, and preventive treatment of malaria during pregnancy.

The report estimates that an additional 3 million lives could be saved by 2015 if the world continues to increase investment in tackling the disease.

Malaria causes over 850,000 deaths per year worldwide, the majority of deaths in Africa where the disease accounts for almost 20% of all child deaths. Malaria also threatens the health of pregnant women. In sub-Saharan Africa, as many as 10,000 pregnant women die each year of malaria-related causes, mainly anemia.

Massive increases in the availability of insecticide treated nets have been recorded in the last few years. However, directly measuring the impact of insecticide nets, treatments, and other malaria control efforts is difficult as health information systems remain weak and the majority of malaria deaths are not properly recorded.

The Lives Saved Tool (LiST) – developed to be used across major childhood diseases – is being applied to malaria prevention across Africa. The report provides the first assessment of lives saved based on the level of coverage achieved with currently available malaria prevention tools. Although this does not include data on lives saved from diagnosis and treatment, and is likely to be an underestimate, the results show just how much progress has been made.

“The findings from this report clearly show the efficacy of our efforts to save lives, especially among children in Africa,” says Professor Awa Coll Seck, RBM Partnership Executive Director. “This is a vital tool which can help strengthen country planning and guide us all as we focus on 2015.”

Findings from the report also show that the number of rural households protected by either insecticide-treated nets or indoor residual spraying has increased significantly, especially in the latter half of this decade. The report estimates that malaria funding in 2010 could result in 500 more children alive every day.

“This report demonstrates the critical importance of malaria control efforts to reaching the health-related Millennium Development Goals by 2015” states Dr. Robert Newman, director of the Global Malaria Program at WHO. “Without continued investment in malaria, reaching the MDG for child survival is unlikely to be reached in Africa.”

“While we’ve made great progress, much work remains,” said Rear Admiral (Ret.) Tim Ziemer, U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator. “To reach the Millennium Development Goals, we must accelerate our efforts to expand not only malaria prevention and treatment, but also a broad range of community-based health services. The Administration’s Global Health Initiative is helping partner countries achieve major advances through innovation, integration, and improved health service delivery in countries.”

Progress made in controlling malaria is still very fragile. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the largest funder of malaria control programs worldwide, will hold its third replenishment meeting in November 2010, where governments will make financial pledges which may well determine if the malaria-related MDGs can be achieved.

About Roll Back Malaria

Saving Lives with Malaria Control: Counting Down to the Millennium Development Goals is the third in the Progress & Impact Series of reports published by the RBM Partnership. The Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Partnership is the global framework for coordinated action against malaria. It provides a neutral platform for consensus-building and developing solutions to challenges in the implementation of malaria control interventions and strategies. RBM is a public-private partnership that also facilitates the incubation of new ideas and lends support to innovative approaches.

The Partnership promotes high-level political commitment and keeps malaria high on the global agenda by enabling, harmonizing and amplifying partner-driven advocacy initiatives. Founded by UNICEF, WHO, the World Bank, and UNDP and strengthened by the expertise, resources, and commitment of more than 500 partner organizations, the Partnership secures policy guidance and financial and technical support for control efforts in countries and monitors progress towards universal goals.

# # #

Liberty University Commencement 2012: Paying Tribute to Libertys Heritage, Gods Blessings

Lynchburg, Va. (PRWEB) May 12, 2012

Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., may have retold the Miracle Story of how Liberty University has become the worlds largest Christian university during its 39th Commencement on Saturday morning, but the packed Williams Stadium crowd only needed to look around them to see the miracle for themselves.

They saw Libertys largest graduating class honored 14,012. The number of graduates has nearly quadrupled in the five years since Falwell, Jr., became chancellor after the sudden death of his father, Libertys founder, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Sr. Liberty now enrolls over 90,000 students and will surpass 100,000 in the next 12 months.

They saw thousands more parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, children and close friends arrive to campus several hours early just so they could support their loved ones and celebrate their achievement on this important day.

They saw more than 2,000 military personnel honored for earning their degrees while serving and protecting our country.

And they saw a prominent Virginia businessman honored on the same stage with the founder of Chick-Fil-A and a presumptive Republican presidential nominee (see honorary doctorates below).

No doubt the largest crowd ever for a Liberty Commencement, Saturdays event was historic in many other ways.

Falwell took the opportunity to formally announce Libertys intention to move its football program to the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) level, after recently completing various feasibility studies. The move will be finalized when Liberty is invited to join an FBS conference, he said.

Falwell also announced this year that Liberty will top $ 1 billion in net assets, making it the youngest university in American history to reach this tier.

My father announced publicly, shortly before his death in 2007, that he was praying for a five-year, $ 1 billion miracle for Liberty, he said. This was at a time when Libertys net assets were less than one-tenth that amount. I have to admit many of us thought it would take a generation or more to reach that goal. Over the last five years, though, God has taught us all that there is no limit to what He can do.

And theres no limit to what God can do in the lives of people committed to Him, a theme that rang true from the invocation given by Dr. Elmer Towns, co-founder and Dean of the School of Religion and Dean of Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary, to an address by world-renowned evangelist Luis Palau, to Falwells charge to the graduates and the speech delivered by former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Romney was introduced by Liberty alumnus Mark DeMoss (84), a friend of Romneys who founded the DeMoss Group, a national public relations firm, and whose father was one of Falwell, Sr.s closest friends and confidants.

Romney paid tribute to Falwell, Sr., many times in his 20-minute speech, recalling having met him in his Boston home seven months before he died. Romney called it a great life honor to speak at Libertys Commencement.

Your generosity of spirit humbles me, the welcoming spirit of Liberty is a tribute to the gracious Christian example of your founder, he said. In his 73 years of life, Dr. Falwell left a big mark. The calling Jerry answered was not an easy one. Today we remember him as a courageous and big-hearted minister of the Gospel, who never feared an argument and never hated an adversary. Jerry deserves the tribute he would have treasured most: as a cheerful, confident Champion for Christ.

Romney said the most confident step Falwell, Sr. ever took was to open the doors of this school 41 years ago.

He believed that Liberty might become one of the most respected Christian universities anywhere on the earth and so it is today, Romney said. He believed even when the first graduating class consisted of only 13 students that year after year young Christians would be drawn to such a university in ever great numbers here you are. Today, thanks to what you have gained here, you leave Liberty with conviction and confidence as your armor. You know what you believe, you know who you are and you know whom you will you serve. Not all colleges instill that kind of confidence.

Romney spoke briefly about his own convictions, receiving a standing ovation when he stated marriage was a relationship between one man and one woman.

He also spoke about the protection of religious freedom, the first freedom in our Constitution and putting that faith into service.

Whether the cause is justice for the persecuted, compassion for the needy and the sick, or mercy for the child waiting to be born, there is no greater force for good in the nation than Christian conscience in action, he said.

Service and moral convictions is where people of different faiths, like yours and mine can meet in “common purpose,” he said.

Romney graduated from Brigham Young University in 1971, and continued on to earn dual degrees from Harvard Law and Harvard Business School. A businessman and career consultant, he co-founded and later served as CEO for the investment firm, Bain Capital.

During a significant time in his career, Romney was asked to take over the managing role of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, which was on the verge of collapse. Under his leadership, the budget was salvaged, the publics confidence was restored, and Salt Lake City staged one of the most successful games ever held on U.S. soil.

Romney married his childhood friend, Ann, in 1969. They have five sons and 18 grandchildren.

Commencement 2012 notables:

During his welcome speech, as he traditionally does, Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr., shared a few words highlighting some notable graduates in this years class.

This years oldest graduate, at 77, is Dolores Darrell and Libertys youngest is Gabrielle Turnquest, age 17.

Falwell gave special recognition to those graduates who completed their degree through Liberty University Online, many of whom could not have obtained a college degree without it.

As part of Libertys Christian mission we have sought to make Christian education affordable and accessible for as many individuals as possible, Falwell said. Liberty University Online has achieved that objective like nothing else could.

Katherine McInnis began her college journey in 1977 but had to drop out because of financial challenges. She enrolled in Liberty Online as a mother and grandmother and today, on her 53rd birthday, graduated Summa Cum Laude.

In 1998, graduate Katheryn Armstrong broke her back while taking classes at Liberty. She enrolled in Liberty online to finish her degree, and thanks to a miraculous new surgical technique, walked across the stage at graduation, after years of being confined to a wheelchair.

Falwell was reminded of Libertys humble beginnings from Mark Rhoades, Jr., who attended Liberty in 1974 when classes were held at the old Thomas Road Baptist Church site and the land on which Williams Stadium now rests was home to a dairy barn.

Rhoades also had to leave Liberty after only one year and later returned to obtain his B.S. in 2010, and this year received his M.A in Human Services.

Falwell, citing Libertys family-friendly atmosphere, said that three sisters Hannah Ellenburg, Catherine Comfort and Emily Ellenburg graduated together today and their fourth sister, Sarah Ellenburg, is a freshman. Resident student Katie Raybould told Falwell at last weeks senior picnic that three members of her immediate family would graduate together today.

Mike Morrison and his sister, Danielle, graduated today. Mike, a member of the Flames hockey team, will play pro hockey in New Zealand this summer.

Falwell somberly honored Ron King who was awarded his doctorate in ministry