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Parental Summer Session Tips That Equips Parents With The Tools To Confront The Alarming Statistics Regarding Children Being Confronted Daily With Decisions About Negative Behavior And Drug Use Whlie On Summer Break

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) July 4, 2008

The term “an elephant in the room” refers to a situation where an issue or truth is being ignored or unaddressed. Fortunately, Donovan Davis is equipping families with the tools to address the elephant in the room. Donovan believes that it starts with respecting our children.

The truth is when kids have idle time and make the leap from elementary school to junior high, their exposure to negative behavior and drugs increases dramatically. Recent studies reveal that 1 in 13 sixth graders have smoked marijuana. The figure jumps to an even more alarming 1 in 5 by the seventh grade. This is an increase of nearly 300 percent.elf esteem is crucial to there social development.

While many parents have had “the talk” with their teenagers, others have yet to discuss the dangers of drugs with their teens. As a parent, you do make a difference in your child’s decision about the right choices throughout the teenage years and their self esteem is crucial to there social development. For the summer parents, your children may be confronted daily with decisions about negative behavior or drug use.

Let’s look at the definition of self esteem: it is the ability to feel good about ourselves whether or not we are always. Successful it is a feeling of satisfaction we experience after our needs are met. We as parents can help build our children’s self-esteem by telling them positive things about themselves. Additionally, we must praise them for good decisions, small deeds and great initiatives.

Since most teenagers have a strong desire to conform to their peer groups, parents are encouraged to help build their self esteem and to control the friends that surround them. If the adolescent is hanging out with a group of teens that are involved in sports, and then meets someone who is into drugs, his opinion of that teen will most likely be “he is stupid.” Why?

Partly because he will embrace the opinion of the teens closest to him. The problem is that the reverse is also true. What then does this mean for parents of idle teens?

I provide Life Coaching services, and I work with families daily to address their adolescent decision making process. During my time as a teacher and administrator I have learned different strategies on how to build self esteem in individuals. I also have listed the different strategies for parents on how to build self esteem in their children in my book “The Blueprint of Parenting”. As a teacher I enjoyed teaching our future, but I quickly realized that most teachers have no idea the warning signs of possible illicit drug exposure. I made sure I listed different drug diagnosis in my book “The Blueprint of a Successful Classroom”, for teachers to be able to recognize the symptoms of drug use and other mental health disorders within the classroom.

Every parent has great expectations for there children and it is the goal of all parents to raise wonderful children. In my book “The Blueprint to and through College”, I give positive advise for high school seniors and college freshmen on vital decisions that they must make for a successful future. In the world we live in, we must protect our children from negative influences that could alter their future and affect their possibility of success. Illicit drugs affect all of us and in my book “The Blueprint of Recovery”, I site the stories of addicts and there journey through addiction.

Lastly, parents must acknowledge their child’s potential. If a parent does not speak of the child’s unlimited possibilities, their child may become susceptible to negative peer feedback. Henceforth, sending them into an unsuspecting path of poor decisions and negative consequences. As parents, it is our responsibility to assist our children in feeling good about themselves.

Donovan Davis is the founder of askdonovandavis.com, a Social Service Agency, dedicated to raise humanity’s awareness, acceptance and understanding of our changing world through his books series entitled “Blueprint”. Donovan Davis can be reached at 888.264.6168 or via email donovan@askdonovandavis.com.


CA Releases Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 : New Feature-Rich Suite Includes Enhanced Malware Protection, Easy-to-Use Parental Control, Robust Customer Support and Reduced User Interruptions Backed by Internet Protection Plan with Coverage up to $10,000

ISLANDIA, N.Y. (PRWEB) November 24, 2008

In addition to the enhanced security features, the suite is now more user-friendly through its inclusion of an Intuitive Help Desk for at-your-fingertips customer support, a simple interface that lets users quickly set preferences or check program status, and a gaming/movie mode to reduce interruptions. With tailored security options for wireless connectivity, CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 uses WiFi HotSpot detection technology to alert users when they enter a new network outside of the established home network.

According to the 2008 CA Internet Threat Outlook Report, online attacks will be dominated by smarter malware and bots targeting Web users ranging from gamers and social network users to the elderly and unsuspecting parents.

“Families should feel safe and secure when they are online,” said Brian Grayek, vice president of product management for CA. “However, there are more online threats than ever before. While it’s important for parents to practice general PC safety practices like not placing a PC in a child’s room and monitoring social networking profiles, parental control software provides an added layer of protection and additional peace of mind. Our parental controls are designed to be ‘child-proof’ and prevent even computer-savvy children from uninstalling or disabling the products. In addition to offensive website filtering and blocking, parents can also use the software to set time limits on when children can use the PC and receive daily reports on web activity.”

Grayek continued, “Historically, high-performance users, like gamers, turn off security features because it either slows down their PCs or they get pop-ups that interfere with their experience. This is a huge risk to their PC security. We’ve focused on developing a product that runs quietly in the background for uninterrupted gaming and movie watching, while keeping the PC secure.”

Also new to CA’s Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 are the following features:

Supports the Domain Key Internet Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) industry-standard email security protocols by scanning email and thwarting phishing attempts via Email Inspector. Continuous Upgrades automatically detect new updates and provide alerts when new features are available. Silent Protection automatically analyzes program behavior to determine whether it is safe, and allows or denies access. All CA security products are designed to use system resources efficiently and facilitate fast installation, quick scans and superior usability. They are also protected by the CA Security Advisor Team, a global team of malware experts and engineers that work round-the-clock to detect and prevent online threats.

Customers receive daily protection updates, upgrades to the latest product features and 24 X 7 online technical support at no additional charge with their subscription.

Supported operating systems include Windows

Congress Seeks Advanced Parental Controls for TV — Parents Flood FCC with Requests for Foul Language Filtering Technology

Rogers, Ark. (PRWEB) April 22, 2009

Is foul language filtering the next parental control for TV? An FCC request for comments on new advanced parental controls prompted nearly 10,000 comments specifically requesting the foul language filtering technology from TVGuardian. This advanced technology had been offered for free to leading cable and satellite providers but was rejected, leading the company to now turn to Washington.

“Studies show more people are bothered by foul language on TV than by sex, nudity, violence or depictions of drug use,” said Britt Bennett, President of TVGuardian LLC. “So here we have one of the biggest problems on TVand a tool to fix thatyet the media industry won’t help offer that tool to parents–even if we offer it to them for free! So we’re glad Congress and the FCC are finally looking into helping families have access to this.”

The FCC’s Notice of Inquiry came after Congress, through the Child Safe Viewing Act, directed the FCC to look for “advanced blocking technologies,” including those that “can filter language based upon information in closed captioning.” TVGuardian is the only patented technology allowing viewers to automatically filter out offensive words on TV and replace them with more appropriate substitutes.

“When it comes to parental controls, viewers want more than just locking and blocking,” explained Bennett. “Parents want to be able to watch TV programs and movies; they just want to be able to do so without subjecting their children to offensive and inappropriate language. Seventy percent are bothered by it. They want to be able to protect the innocence of their children. Who could argue with that?”

The TVGuardian technology has been licensed into over 12 million DVD players but has had a harder time making inroads in cable and satellite.

How would TVGuardian fare on pay-TV? Bennett says cable and satellite providers could implement the technology without significant challenges: “TVGuardian is a ready-to-go software solution that uses the existing close captioning required by law. Cable and Satellite companies could quickly download the software into boxes already in homes.”

As for the impact on revenues, an independent study commissioned by TVGuardian revealed that, given the choice to watch TV without obscene language, pay-TV viewers would ultimately spend more on premium channels and pay-per-view programming. According to the survey, those who are offended by foul language on TV would be 50% more likely to subscribe to premium channels, and 40% more likely to purchase pay-per-view programming.

New York Medical Malpractice Lawyer Warns School Nurses to Beware of Legal Consequences for Vaccinating Students Without Parental Consent

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 23, 2009

The legal terms assault and battery pop up in city tabloids and cops and robbers TV programs all the time. But lately these familiar phrases could just as easily apply to the actions of some New York City elementary schools, and their school nurses, in the wake of the current swine flu pandemic sweeping the country, according to Richard Gurfein, a New York medical malpractice attorney and senior partner in the New York personal injury law firm of Gurfein Douglas, LLP.

Despite claims, Gurfein said, by city health officials stressing the safety of the H1N1 vaccine, and the rapidly growing spread of the disease in city schools (hospitalizations for H1N1 have tripled in New York State in the past three weeks) the law requires parental consent before a school is permitted to give the swine flu vaccine to a student.

According to recent media reports, school nurses mistakenly gave the swine flu vaccine to two students whose parents didnt sign up for it, including a Brooklyn girl with epilepsy who wound up in the hospital after getting the shot.

Any unlawful touching, Gurfein explained, or unauthorized administration of medical care not in an emergency situation is a battery, a legal term for an assault. A school district cannot unilaterally administer vaccinations without parental consent, in writing.

Gurfein explained that on the issue of liability, it wouldnt matter if the child got sick or not from the vaccination.

If there is a battery, Gurfein said (medicine given to a child without an emergency situation, or parental consent), by law the child is entitled to compensatory damages.

The measure of damages is another issue, he added. If there was no ill effect from the vaccination, the damages would be relatively small. If the child became ill, the amount of the damages would go up considerably. Sadly, if the child dies, that wrongful death case would have almost no value because of existing arcane laws in New York State that place little monetary value on the life of a child.

Gurfein said there are exceptions as to when schools are allowed to intervene. For example, in the event of an emergency, schools would be able to render medical care to the student since they are acting in loco parentis while a child is in their care.

But no court, he said, would ever accept the argument that vaccination without consent is an emergency, since the simple alternative is to refuse the child access to the school if parents dont comply with the schools wishes regarding vaccination.

Vaccinating a child without parental consent, Gurfein explained, is a tort that has a one-year statute of limitations. But because the school is part of the City, a parent only has 90 days from the time of the battery to file a Notice of Claim. He said, ninety days does not mean three months. It means ninety days.

Since a battery falls under the category of an intentional tort, Gurfein explained, it also cannot be insured against by the school, or the school nurse. In these situations, the nurse who gave the child the shot, and the school district as her employer assuming the nurse was acting within the course and scope of his or her employment would have to pay any judgment.

Gurfein advises parents to remember that municipalities and their school districts are heavily protected against lawsuits. He instructs parents of children who have been victims of a battery to contact a New York personal injury lawyer who is familiar with both negligence and medical malpractice claims.

Since a school, Gurfein said, is a department, or arm, of a municipality, a lawsuit must be commenced within a year and ninety days from the time of the battery, after having filed a timely Notice of Claim.

Such a lawsuit, he added, typically takes longer to pursue than an average auto case because the City of New York has so many lawsuits it just doesnt have the manpower to process all of them. As with any other personal injury claim, the damages would be determined by a jury. All costs to litigate the case are advanced by the lawyer, not the client. The lawyer only gets those costs reimbursed, and compensated for his, or her, services, if he or she wins the case.


uKnow.com Launches Parental Intelligence System that Enables Parents to Understand and Supervise Their Kids Digital World

Washington DC (PRWEB) June 21, 2011

uKnow.com, a provider of parental intelligence systems, today launched uKnowKids, a powerful new service to help parents protect their kids against online predators, sexting, and cyberbullying while also supervising their childrens digital privacy and reputation. uKnowKids is the first service to do more than simply show parents the messages their kids are sending and receiving; instead the service takes the vast amount of social data available online about a child and on the mobile phone, and translates it so a parent can quickly and easily understand it and if needed act on it.

uKnowKids was developed in response to a real-life Internet predator incident that occurred with a co-founders child. The young teen accepted a friend request on the Internet from someone he did not know: a friend of a friend. Unfortunately, this friend turned out to be a child predator that had previously targeted and victimized a number of other kids he had met online. Thankfully, the childs father discovered the ploy and worked with the police to intervene before the child was physically harmed. Fifty-one percent of teens say they have given out personal information online to someone they don’t know in the offline world, according to a 2010 Harris Interactive/McAfee survey.

The digital world creates new parenting challenges for mom and dad. My son made the mistake of communicating with someone that wanted to cause him harm. Fortunately, our child did not get hurt, but it was a real wake-up call, said Tim Woda, co-founder of uKnow.com. Being aware is not the same as being engaged. Todays digital kids are online earlier, more often, and from more places than ever before. The tools of childhood have changed and so the tools of parenthood need to evolve as well so that parents can more easily do what they do best – educate, engage with, and protect their children.”

In today’s digital world, kids can access social networking websites from a wide array of devices including mobile phones, gaming devices, music players, and mobile and personal computers. uKnowKids helps parents keep track and make sense of what’s going on with the childs social networks and digital devices. The service automatically generates a daily activity report for parents that can be accessed via e-mail or an online dashboard and that summarizes online postings, messages, phone calls, e-mails, pictures and videos including a timeline of when the activities occurred. This enables parents to understand not only what the child is doing, but when. Parents are immediately notified when the service detects potentially risky behavior or contacts such as possible sexual content, threatening language or other suspicious activity, while also translating text lingo unknown to parents. For example, a text message including “A/S/L? means that someone is asking for “Age, Sex and Location”. uKnowKids also alerts the parents of any significant change in online behavior and provides charts, graphs, etc., so parents can truly understand the situation. The solution also includes a geo-location family map so that parents have the peace of mind knowing that their kids are where they should be at any time during the day.

Other companies merely repackage data and messages, thereby forcing parents to manually sort through information sent and received in order to understand what is going on. Unfortunately, this is time-consuming, intrusive, and difficult to understand, especially with new lingo being used every day. uKnowKids is a powerful parenting tool that aggregates all your childs online accounts and provides an actionable summary that empowers parents, said Steve Woda, co-founder and CEO, uKnow.com. Our service was developed with the CEO of the house in mind keeping it top-level but informative. If a parent needs to dig into the details, they can do that; however, our goal is to enable parents to have their kids back without the need to constantly look over their shoulder.

uKnowKids is currently available on a subscriber basis for $ 9.95 per month for one child and $ 19.95 per month for an unlimited number of children. uKnow.com also supports third-party distribution channels and is already distributed by several white-label partners.

About uKnow.com

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Arlington, Va., uKnow.com powers the world’s leading Parental Intelligence Systems including uKnowKids.com, KidSafe.me, and SafeCyberKids.com, among others.

uKnow.com helps parents protect their kids from child predators, sexting, and cyberbullying with a special focus on the social networks and mobile phone. uKnow.com provides parents with a bird’s eye view of what is going on in their child’s digital world so that they can keep their finger on the pulse, and when necessary, take action to protect the safety and privacy of their kids. You can find uKnow.com on twitter, on Facebook, or follow our blog.


iYogi Reveals the Top 5 Complaints While Setting-up Internet Parental Controls

New York (PRWEB) June 21, 2011

iYogi, the provider of on-demand remote tech support services, released a report on ‘Top 5 Consumer Complaints’ related to Internet Parental Controls. Computers are a part of most homes today with adults and children using the Internet for entertainment, communication and accessing information. However, while the Internet has eased our lives in many ways, there is always the risk of extreme dependency and misuse of the vast information that the technology provides. Added to these, access to inappropriate content and the risk of becoming targets of cyber-stalkers are among the many risks that can pose serious threats to children. This is why it is necessary to have some control over access to the Internet in homes with children.

Internet parental control is a feature that restricts children’s access to the web, number of hours they can spend on the computer and games or applications they can run. This latest iYogi reviews report on ‘Top 5 Consumer Complaints’ addresses the most common issues that users face in implementing Internet parental control, based on the feedback from iYogi’s large subscriber base. iYogi continuously monitors and publishes the most common complaints to help people solve their day-to-day problems related to technology.

iYogi reviews the top 5 complaints related to Internet Parental Controls:

New Parental Control Software Care4teen Aims to Help Parents Protect Their Children Online by Offering a Resource in the Battle Against Cyberbullying

(PRWEB) September 22, 2011

As society becomes more technologically inclined, teenagers and children are going online in droves. The opportunities for them to research, learn and interact with each other are virtually limitless. Unfortunately, the Internet is not benign. Inappropriate websites, shady characters and cyberbullies lurk among every corner. This poses a conundrum for parents who want to allow their children to be connected while still staying safe. Fortunately, there are new tools on the market which grant parents the access needed to help their children stay safe. One such tool is Care4Teen. This intuitive parental monitoring software offers parents the ability to monitor activities, proactively block websites and stay involved in online communications.

Here are just a few brief benefits of Care4Teen.com:

Remote access. This means that parents never have to be out of touch with their child’s activities online. They simply login to their account from any computer or device with internet access and are taken to the page which displays all of their child’s activities, as further outlined below.

Intuitive parental-group blocking of websites. Care4Teen.com relies on a parent-controlled database for the blocking of inappropriate websites. The database lists over 3 million websites and the parents collectively determine whether or not a site is acceptable.

Complete parental control. Although Care4Teen acts intuitively with the blocking of sites, the parents retain complete control of their child’s online activity. They can choose to block certain sites which are white listed or allow sites which are black listed. Additionally, they can choose to have the program run with restricted or unlimited access, depending on who is using the computer at any time.

In-depth tracking and monitoring. The Care4Teen system includes many layers of built-in tracking and monitoring features. In addition to the intuitive blocking of websites, the program also records each URL visited, the length of time on each site, 10 second video clips captured every 2 minutes and random screen shots.

There is currently NO-CHARGE for this service. Care4Teen is currently in a beta phase; as such, it is currently free to download the software. Families who sign up during the beta phase will be granfathered-in after the site transitions to a paid-for model.

When it comes to cyberbullying, it is often said how the parents had no idea their child was being bullied online or doing the bullying. This web 2.0 epidemic has hurt countless children and the tragic stories are heart breaking. According to a 2007 study published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, About one third (32%) of all teenagers who use the internet say they have been targets of a range of annoying and potentially menacing online activities such as receiving threatening messages; having their private emails or text messages forwarded without consent; having an embarrassing picture posted without permission; or having rumors about them spread online. Care4Teen.com offers parents just the tools needed to stay alert and on top of any bullying issues before they escalate.

About Care4Teen:

Care4Teen.com launched in 2011. It was developed by Intelligent Control Internet Access Ltd., a small but professional team who are, first and foremost, dedicated parents. Their goal with Care4Teen was to create a resource that would tackle the growing problem of internet safety for children head on. The Care4Teen team knows what parents are looking for in an online solution because they are parents themselves and they believe that the internet can be made safe for kids when we all work together.


uKnow.com Offers Free Parental Intelligence Service To Ensure Every Parent Can Keep Their Kids Safe From Cyber Bullying And Other Digital Dangers

Washington D.C. (PRWEB) October 05, 2011

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and uKnow.com is doing its part by offering parents access to a free version of their industry-leading parental intelligence system. uKnowKids Essential is a powerful new service to help parents protect their kids against online predators, sexting, and cyberbullying while also supervising their children’s digital privacy and reputation. uKnowKids Essential is the foundation of the uKnowKids platform, which includes uKnowKids Premier and uKnowKids Premier+. Parents can access the free service at http://www.uknow.com.

uKnowKids Essential provides parents with all the major tools needed to effectively supervise their childrens digital world. Features of the free product include:

New Laws Demand More Parental Involvement to End Cyberbullying

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 12, 2011

October has been named National Anti-Bullying Month by several Internet safety organizations. Much of the focus is on the new form of aggression, cyberbullying, and ways to prevent digital abuse. Pandora Corp. co-founder James Leasure says parents can help prevent bullying on the Internet by monitoring the online activity of their children, not only as a way to protect them, but also to make sure they are not a part of the problem.

Now more than ever, parents absolutely must be aware of what their child is doing online and what is happening in their digital lives, he says. Just as much as parents should be concerned when their child is a victim, they should take steps to make certain their child is not an aggressor.

According to WiredSafety.com, at least 36 of the suicides committed by young people in the past four years have been officially linked to cyberbullying. Several of those cases have made major headlines, including Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, who took his own life last September.

Several states, including New Jersey, have either updated existing laws or passed new legislation to help deal with the cyberbullying problem in the year since Clementis tragedy. But the most recent bullycide case of 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer from New York has prompted state Senator Jeffrey Klein to propose legislation that would put cyberbullying into the category of third-degree stalking, a class A misdemeanor, and make cases of bullycide (suicide resulting from cyberbullying) a class C felony, considered second-degree manslaughter.

We completely understand and applaud the drive to create laws that will make it easier to prosecute cyberbullies and levy heavier punishments, says Leasure. But we feel politicians and community leaders should put more pressure on parents to stop the cyberbullying before it begins.

Pandora Corp. is the maker of PC Pandora computer monitoring software. Like DVR for the TV, PC Pandora records everything and anything on a PC, allowing parents to see everything their child is doing both off and online. Parents can see screenshots of all activity, plus text-based logs of all instant messenger conversations, social network chats and posts, websites visited, Internet search queries, programs used, keystrokes and much more. Whatever a child does on the computer, good or bad, PC Pandora will show their parents everything.

According to Leasure, PC Pandora can help end the cyberbullying epidemic by showing parents exactly what their kids are doing online, and how they are interacting with others. If a child is being bullied, the parents will have records and information they can use to help put an end to the situation before it gets worse. But the program will also work on the flip-side, when a parent has a bully in their house.

Cyberbullying starts with anonymity on the Internet, but it succeeds through the ability to operate secretly in the home, he explains. Cyberbullying is not going to go away until the parents of the bullies know what their kids are doing online and step in to stop the aggressive behavior.

Leasure says that with legislators, law enforcement and schools pushing no tolerance policies, something your child may think is just a joke can turn into an incident that could remain with them for years.

Parents need to be proactive about cyberbullying and make sure their child is not a bully, he states. For every child that is bullied online, there is a tormentor, or group of tormentors, hiding behind closed doors. The best way for parents to help end cyberbullying now is by monitoring their childs internet activity and online interactions as a means to protect them and keep them out of cyberbullyings path of destruction.

For more information on how you can stop cyberbullying, visit PC Pandora online at http://pcpandora.com and like the PC Pandora Facebook page.

About PC Pandora: Pandora Corporation was formed with one goal to help our customers monitor, control and protect their families and themselves online. First released in mid 2005, PC Pandora monitoring software has been constantly upgraded to industry-leading specifications and has received accolades from users, reviewers and even school districts and law enforcement agencies, who use the program to help in the day-to-day supervision of the children and citizens they are charged with protecting. The company website devotes space to helping parents by providing them with 18 Tips to Safe Surfing and Pandoras Blog, where current news in the world of online safety is discussed regularly. In addition, the Pandora Corp. has made the PD Pandora Internet Safety Symposium available to schools and law enforcement as a free resource for spreading internet safety awareness to parents. Over the past few years, PC Pandora has vaulted into a leadership position for parental control software by boasting a combination of features that are unparalleled in the monitoring industry. In 2010, Version 6.0 was released, again widening the spectrum of coverage and protection offered by the program. Concurrently released with 6.0, the web-based PC Pandora LIVE! service affords parents the ability to keep their kids safe from anywhere at anytime. PC Pandora computer monitoring software is also now available through the Pandora Corp. store at Amazon.com and on Facebook.