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Now Kid Safe Place Now Offering Unique and Powerful Browsers Free and With a Guarantee

Littleton, CO (PRWEB) April 7, 2007 –

Kid Safe Place is offering four kid-safe web browsers created by Childrens Educational Network of San Diego, California, with a free demo and 100% money back guarantee.

Protecting children while they explore the Internet has become a major issue with law enforcement, including the FBI, which has even distributed a publication that helps inform parents about web safety.

These kinds of [Internet] cases truly represent the most abhorrent crimes we see, said Jana Monroe, FBI Assistant Director, Cyber Division. We will continue to work aggressively to prosecute those who engage in the exploitation of our children.

Now, with Kid Safe Place, parents can work just as aggressively to protect children.

There are four new browsers, Santa Surfer, Noahs Net, MindStein Travels and the brand new Son of the Mask from the new movie. Santa Surfer is a Holiday themed browser. Noahs Net is a Christian themed educational browser and MindStein Travels features Professor MindStein, an educational cartoon character. The kid-safe browsers allow children to safely discover the possibilities of the Internet, expanding their horizons and exposing them to different cultures and ways of life. The browsers are controlled by parents, allowing them to assemble a safe, secure and educational Internet experience for their children.

The suite of applications offered by Kid Safe Place includes child-safe web browsers, talking email, talking chat, and, in the future, talking instant messaging. Parents can program and edit an


Irvine, CA (PRWEB) September 3, 2009

ProtectMyID.com, the multilayered identity theft detection, protection and fraud resolution product, today launched new enhancements, making it one of the industry’s most comprehensive consumer identity theft protection products. ProtectMyID.com, a part of Experian, one of the most trusted brands in identity protection, was designed to help consumers prevent the damages caused by identity theft. Premiering next week, an integrated marketing campaign kicks off with broadcast ads that depict real-life identity theft situations and demonstrate how ProtectMyID.com is able to protect and support its members.

Product enhancements now available at ProtectMyID.com include:

Active Internet scans that search for key indications of potential fraudulent use of debit, credit card and Social Security numbers
Notification alerts that inform members when a change of address action is initiated so members can verify that the change was legitimate or determine if it came from an unauthorized source
Members can now choose to receive notification alerts via email, text message or U.S. mail

Core features of ProtectMyID.com include:

Daily monitoring of its members’ credit reports at all three credit bureaus, with alerts as key changes are detected.
Access to experienced, U.S. Fraud Resolution Agents providing members with invaluable personal assistance in resolving identity theft issues as well as help in the event of a lost or stolen wallet.
As members, parents can extend identity theft protection to their children through ChildSecureSM (patent pending) for an additional fee. ProtectMyID.com provides the only monthly monitoring of your children’s credit information.
ProtectMyID.com’s Guarantee will reimburse for up to $ 1 million in related losses and expenses in the event the product fails and may also reimburse for stolen funds from unauthorized ATM, debit and credit card transactions for which the member may be personally liable. The Product Guarantee is subject to limitations, see our website for details.

“Identity theft continues to be a problem, and simply checking your credit report once a year isn’t enough to protect yourself against the financial loss and emotional strain that accompanies this crime,” said Jennifer Leuer, general manager of ProtectMyID.com. “While no one can ever entirely prevent identity theft, they can take steps to educate and protect themselves and get dedicated help if a theft occurs.”

Consumers engage frequently in potentially risky behaviors without thinking about the dangers involved. Everyday tasks can expose identities to theft, such as applying for bank loans; shopping on nonsecure Web sites; giving credit card numbers over cell phones in public places; and posting personal information, like birth dates, on social networking sites. Many consumers aren’t aware that these seemingly harmless activities can be all an identity thief needs to wreak serious financial and personal havoc.

“If you suspect you have exposed some of your personal information to a scam artist, a good line of defense is to actively monitor your credit report,” said Linda Foley, founder of the Identity Theft Resource Center. “If you monitor your credit or subscribe to a daily identity monitoring service, like ProtectMyID.com, you can quickly discover changes to your personal information that may indicate identity theft.”


Boo! New Jersey Cosmetic Dentist Offering Cash for Candy This Halloween and Giving Back to Our Soldiers Oversees

Spring Lake, NJ (Vocus) October 28, 2009

One cosmetic dentist in Monmouth County, New Jersey is helping kids protect their teeth and giving back to U.S. soldiers oversees this Halloween. Dr. Peter Ciampi and Spring Lake Dental Care are participating in the Halloween Candy Buy Back program, an event growing in popularity across the country. For $ 1 per pound, Dr. Ciampi will pay trick-or-treaters to take this years candy haul off their hands then ship the treasure trove of sweets over to our men and women fighting in foreign lands. Kids are also encouraged to bring cards, drawings, and letters to the troops theyd like to send along with the candy.

Every year, kids across the globe consume about 2 percent more sugar than the last. With about 50 million tons of sugar being consumed annually, extra attention needs to be paid to make sure children are taking care of their teeth and gums to maintain oral health and prevent current and future dental problems. Moderating, or even staying away from candy altogether, can not only protect your child from broken teeth or damaged braces, it can also lessen the risk of developing weight problems or hyperactivity issues. And with the Halloween Candy Buy Back program, Dr. Peter Ciampi says children can get cash, protect their teeth, and contribute to a worthy cause all at the same time.

On Monday November 2nd from 3-6 pm, and Tuesday, November 3rd from 2-5pm, parents and their children can drop by Dr. Ciampis practice offering family and cosmetic dentistry in New Jersey. Candy will be weighed and Dr. Ciampi will pay $ 1 for every pound of sweets. After the candy is bought, Spring Lake Dental Care will ship the haul over to our soldiers fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anyone can participate in the Halloween Candy Buy Back program, not just patients at Spring Lake Dental Care. Dr. Ciampi says the program covers so many worthy causes protecting young teeth and gums, giving something to our fighting men and women, and providing incentives for kids to stay away from too much sugar he looks forward to making Halloween Buyback an annual event.

And that may be enough to keep the little trick-or-treaters smiling for years to come.

About Peter Ciampi, DDS, MAGD and Spring Lake Dental Care

Spring Lake Dental Care in Monmouth County offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic and general dental procedures, including tooth-colored fillings, periodontal (gum) care, dental implants, Invisalign

Lifeline Direct Insurance Services Now Offering Life Insurance for Active Duty Military with No War Zone Exclusion

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 31, 2011

Working in any part of military entails lots of responsibilities. Military men and women adhere to the duty of protecting the country even if it means they might lose their life. Due to the danger and perilous circumstances that military service members face, getting an adequate life insurance policy is a necessity.

The military offers a Service members’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) program, but it is a low cost insurance that covers the basics. SGLI benefits are sometimes not just enough cover the needs of the solder’s loved ones. SGLI only amounts to $ 50,000 up to $ 400,000 in coverage, which is definitely not adequate enough for the needs of soldiers that have families with young children, as well as soldiers who have substantial debts that will need to be paid off if they should die. Many service men and women worry about how their children will be able to afford college if they die. Securing their child’s future is one main reason why many military service members choose to have a supplementary private term life insurance. Many military service members want to supplement with another insurance plan, to ensure that their family will have plenty of money to cover their debts, their funeral expenses, and still have some left over to take care of their family for many years.

A supplementary private term life insurance is also ideal because the plans are affordable and military service members can be confident that their families will be compensated appropriately in case they die. While these men and women are away from their families on active duty, they will have the peace of mind knowing that their insurance coverage will be enough to adequately take care of the needs of their families.

Typically private insurance coverage can equal up to 20X the proposed isureds annual income and the military service member will be able to maintain the insurance even if they retire or leave the military. Lifeline Direct Insurance Services is working with multiple insurance carriers to ensure that the men and women of the armed forces and families alike are protected with generous and affordable term life insurance coverage. To get a term life insurance quote, visit the agency website at http://www.lifelinedirectinsurance.com or call toll free 877-805-9624.


New Parental Control Software Care4teen Aims to Help Parents Protect Their Children Online by Offering a Resource in the Battle Against Cyberbullying

(PRWEB) September 22, 2011

As society becomes more technologically inclined, teenagers and children are going online in droves. The opportunities for them to research, learn and interact with each other are virtually limitless. Unfortunately, the Internet is not benign. Inappropriate websites, shady characters and cyberbullies lurk among every corner. This poses a conundrum for parents who want to allow their children to be connected while still staying safe. Fortunately, there are new tools on the market which grant parents the access needed to help their children stay safe. One such tool is Care4Teen. This intuitive parental monitoring software offers parents the ability to monitor activities, proactively block websites and stay involved in online communications.

Here are just a few brief benefits of Care4Teen.com:

Remote access. This means that parents never have to be out of touch with their child’s activities online. They simply login to their account from any computer or device with internet access and are taken to the page which displays all of their child’s activities, as further outlined below.

Intuitive parental-group blocking of websites. Care4Teen.com relies on a parent-controlled database for the blocking of inappropriate websites. The database lists over 3 million websites and the parents collectively determine whether or not a site is acceptable.

Complete parental control. Although Care4Teen acts intuitively with the blocking of sites, the parents retain complete control of their child’s online activity. They can choose to block certain sites which are white listed or allow sites which are black listed. Additionally, they can choose to have the program run with restricted or unlimited access, depending on who is using the computer at any time.

In-depth tracking and monitoring. The Care4Teen system includes many layers of built-in tracking and monitoring features. In addition to the intuitive blocking of websites, the program also records each URL visited, the length of time on each site, 10 second video clips captured every 2 minutes and random screen shots.

There is currently NO-CHARGE for this service. Care4Teen is currently in a beta phase; as such, it is currently free to download the software. Families who sign up during the beta phase will be granfathered-in after the site transitions to a paid-for model.

When it comes to cyberbullying, it is often said how the parents had no idea their child was being bullied online or doing the bullying. This web 2.0 epidemic has hurt countless children and the tragic stories are heart breaking. According to a 2007 study published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, About one third (32%) of all teenagers who use the internet say they have been targets of a range of annoying and potentially menacing online activities such as receiving threatening messages; having their private emails or text messages forwarded without consent; having an embarrassing picture posted without permission; or having rumors about them spread online. Care4Teen.com offers parents just the tools needed to stay alert and on top of any bullying issues before they escalate.

About Care4Teen:

Care4Teen.com launched in 2011. It was developed by Intelligent Control Internet Access Ltd., a small but professional team who are, first and foremost, dedicated parents. Their goal with Care4Teen was to create a resource that would tackle the growing problem of internet safety for children head on. The Care4Teen team knows what parents are looking for in an online solution because they are parents themselves and they believe that the internet can be made safe for kids when we all work together.


A New Program Offering an Alternative to Drunk Driving, Will Be Designated Driver, Inc. Examines Terrorism Vs. Drinking and Driving

Waldorf, MD (PRWEB) November 23, 2011

Headline Source: Terrorism Vs. Drinking and Driving

The Holiday Season is upon us, and as merry and jolly as one may feel, is any community truly safe? According to data from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Agency, the number of deaths from drunk driving crashes during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday are significantly higher than those during the rest of the year. (Peters, Mary. E., U.S. Transportation Secretary) (1105 Media, Inc. Retrieved on November 22, 2011) The new program plans to spread the news on this important data, among many other initiatives.

Why then, wouldn’t any organization protect their valuable resources (key executives, board members, advisory staff, employees and top sales staff) by supporting a Designated Driver program? Would an employee membership as an employee benefit be of value to both the organization and the employee?

Why wouldn’t the news media find a rapidly growing, National, non-profit, designated driver program to be of importance enough to broadcast?

Why wouldn’t any national bar/restaurant (family-owned or chain) find this service as an important ASSET to limiting liability?

Why wouldn’t every parent, regardless of child age, find the gift of a Safe Ride Home to be a valuable Holiday gift? A parent may consider engaging their young children in a Santa exchange of Safe Ride gift certificates, allowing the child to [give] the gift for the Holiday. Children should be aware of the dangers of alcohol-impaired driving so as to increase parental values and teach their children well. As it relates to this news release, the cohesiveness of the war on terrorism vs. that of drunk driving could virally change safety for future generations.

Executives, constituents, and support groups, have broadcast this program from the highest towers in all four regions of the US. The truth is, the organization [should] be receiving support from peers, businesses, restaurants, insurance agents/firms, and the media from across the United States, to include Federal and State Governments. As stated in a prior news article, the Program was modeled after NHTSA’s State Grants Safety initiatives.

“Many non-profit organizations have an uphill battle as they compete with other non-profit organizations for sponsorships and grants, the Will Be D.D. Program is no different.” ~ Seanna Smallwood, President, Will Be Designated Driver, Inc.

Like anything [new], valuable services such as, insurance, legal, accounting, marketing support, and even the Internet in the 90’s, consumers need to see the value of the features and benefits prior to supporting the product/service or charity.

Like a Life Insurance policy, does one want to experience the death of a loved-one prior to its purchase? DUI/DWI charges and sanctions can ruin lives. Programs like Will Be D.D. are faced with necessary expenses to ensure public awareness and effective presentation of the facts, potential disasters, and new consumer options. These tasks must be paid for possibly prior to realizing the benefits.

Should any organization actively participate in philanthropy and investments please have the grant-maker contact Seanna Smallwood, President, for more information on the program’s grant model.

One may also show support in the program by sending this news release to a decision-maker in an organization of choice, an endorsement of support. The program offers excellent marketing support in giving thanks to Sponsors at any level.

“We are very proud to share that since Program launch, June, 2011, Will Be D.D. Program drivers have successfully removed 362 alcohol impaired drivers from the roadways.” ~ Jim Will, Vice President, Will Be Designated Driver, Inc.

With that said, the Holidays are here and it goes without saying that it takes great people to support Life-Saving programs like that of Will Be D.D.

Please give today, even if its just $ 10 … If every person that reads this press release gives $ 10 or even $ 20, it could potentially provide the program with multi-year sustainability. Wouldn’t that be a true blessing for every community this Holiday Season?

America’s hard-earned money goes to fund expenses for the Designated Driver Program such as, promotional expenses (spreading the word with T-Shirts, Key Chains, Alcohol-Breathalizers, Billoard ads, etc), gas, personnel wages, rent, vehicle insurance coverage, utilities, internet, website maintenance and development, the development of the Smart Phone app (which is almost done!) And several other necessary expenses.

Please support the Will Be DD Program by making your generous donation.

For more information or to request a program budget, contact:

Seanna Smallwood, President

Will Be Designated Driver, Inc.

Dispatch: 877 736 3490

Cell: 301 399 3764


The Chartered Law Offices of Troum & Wallsh are Offering Initial Consultations for Individuals Seeking Divorce in Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) December 29, 2011

The family law attorneys at the Chartered Law Offices of Troum & Wallsh have extensive experience representing individuals in a number of family law matters, including dissolution of marriage.

According to the Orlando divorce lawyers at the firm, dissolution of marriage often requires a lot of paperwork that must be filed within a timely manner. The paperwork details the provisions involving matters such as property distribution, child custody, child support, spousal support and more.

Because these documents are binding and affect the future of the divorcing spouses as well as their children, it is important that each party completely understands and agrees with all the terms. If you are going through a divorce, the attorneys at the Chartered Law Offices of Troum & Wallsh can explain the process, draft the necessary documents, and clarify all the terms so you know exactly what to expect.

There are several issues that need to be resolved during a divorce. And, whether you are handling your divorce through mediation or family court, an experienced divorce attorney can make sure that your best interests are protected and can help you reach a resolution that you feel comfortable with.

If you are going through a divorce, or are considering divorce, you should speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible to make sure you handle the process appropriately. The Orlando divorce lawyers at the Chartered Law Offices of Troum & Wallsh recognize the difficulty of these situations and will do whatever it takes to get you through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

About The Chartered Law Offices of Troum & Wallsh

The Chartered Law Offices of Troum & Wallsh represent clients throughout the state of Florida in a number of family law matters. The firm prides itself on being responsive to its clients and has earned a reputation for providing dedicated legal services from the initial consultation through to conclusion. The firm offers initial consultations for people in Orlando that are seeking divorce.

To schedule an initial consultation with an Orlando divorce lawyer, please call 1-866-433-1087.


The Memories Place Now Offering Custom Photo Blankets

Conway, SC (PRWEB) February 14, 2012

The Memories Place, a company that offers the best in personalized prints and more, will now offer customers picture blankets and photo throws at affordable prices.

The company, which provides easy online shopping on its website, is offering woven, fleece and knit photo blankets, perfect for any occasion. A truly unique gift for parents, family members, friends or other loved ones, a personalized photo throw from The Memories Place is a great way to preserve truly special moments or photographs for years to come.

“Whether you would like to provide your parents with a photo blanket featuring their kids or want to preserve a special memory like your child’s first steps, personalized picture blankets are a great idea,” said John Lercari, owner of The Memories Place. “We are happy to provide these blankets to our customers, and hope that we are helping to create a great gift for someone truly special.”

The Memories Place photo blankets can be purchased for any number of occasions, including holidays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations, sports team celebrations and more. Customers have been known to even include photos of their favorite pets, and collage picture blankets are also available.

In addition, the company delivers a wide range of other quality products, including canvas prints, pillows and totes, personalized gifts and blankets for military, sports, babies, pets and more. It is committed to outstanding customer service, with a goal of providing each customer with the best online shopping experience possible.

“At The Memories Place, we don’t believe that you should have to sacrifice customer service just because you’re shopping online,” said Lercari. “Our goal is to make every interaction we have with you a positive one.”

The ordering process at The Memories Place is quick, easy and secure, backed by its GeoTrust-protected shopping cart system. All major credit cards are accepted, as well as PayPal, and it is a ShopWiki-approved online store. To learn more, visit http://www.thememoriesplace.com.


Inversoft Strengthens CleanSpeak KidSafety Offering with Expert Moderation Services

Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 25, 2012

Inversoft’s Online Child Safety Practice announced today the immediate availability of expert moderation and consulting services to complement its market-leading CleanSpeak software tools. The combined offering named CleanSpeak KidSafety allows clients to safeguard their kid, tween and teen audiences with the industry’s only fully-integrated online safety solution designed specifically to protect children.

“The experience gained from working with many of the world’s most prominent kids-oriented online games, virtual worlds and social networks over the past four years has provided a strong foundation on which to build the CleanSpeak KidSafety offering,” said Brian Pontarelli, Inversoft CEO and parent of two. “Our unique combination of industry knowledge, powerful technology, and the highest quality child-specific moderation services allows our clients to focus on growing and engaging their audience, knowing that we will keep them safe.”

Inversoft’s KidSafety moderation team is entirely US-based, specifically trained to moderate younger audiences and has experience working on some of the industry’s highest volume and most successful kid-focused online properties. The KidSafety consulting services leverage four years of real-world client experience to provide advice and guidance around COPPA and regulatory compliance; moderation workflow and process optimization; and filtering technology integration, configuration and tuning. All services are individually tailored to each client’s specific needs and moderator-staffing levels can be quickly scaled up or down to meet changing audience requirements.

“We believe that our focus on providing high quality services exclusively to the children’s market makes the KidSafety offering compelling on its own,” continued Pontarelli, “but the true advantage here is realized through the use of our CleanSpeak software. The improvements in moderator efficiency and effectiveness with CleanSpeak are often as substantial as 400%-500%, which allows us to offer the entire suite of services at monthly rates that are very competitive with those of non-specialized providers.”

For more information about CleanSpeak KidSafety, and to schedule an online demonstration of the full end-to-end solution, please visit http://www.inversoft.com/kidsafety.


Inversoft, http://www.inversoft.com, makers of CleanSpeak profanity filtering and moderation software, is a Denver, Colorado technology and professional services company that helps clients manage all sources of user-generated content. Widely deployed among gaming, financial services, kids & teens, entertainment, online publishing, and agency clients since 2008, CleanSpeak remains the industry standard for enterprise-scale content filtering and continues to set the market benchmarks for accuracy, performance, security and customization.

Phoenix Bankruptcy Law Firm Now Offering Free Initial Consultations

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) June 08, 2012

With the increased need for consumer bankruptcy representation in greater Phoenix and throughout Arizona, the Pew Law Center has extended its free bankruptcy initial consultation service to residents needing protection from creditors. Those who take advantage of the centers free confidential sessions will meet individually with a bankruptcy attorney to discuss the availability of debt relief through Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 filings. Each individual learns what legal options are available by meeting privately with a knowledgeable bankruptcy lawyer, one who fully comprehends the persons financial circumstances and knows precisely how the existing bankruptcy laws will apply.

If you can appreciate how deeply people suffer under unmanageable debt, then you understand how vital it is for them to get some free reliable legal guidance, said the law firms founder, Lawrence D Pew. So many of the people we help arrive at our doors feeling defeated and hopeless, continued Mr. Pew, giving them that free initial meeting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is invaluable to them. Without it, they dont know where to begin setting things right.

By meeting with someone who has the answers to their legal questions, residents learn where to begin and what bankruptcy will and will not do for them. Some Arizona parents, for example, are under the mistaken belief that the court will eliminate their child support obligations through bankruptcy. Not so, says Mr. Pew, child support is not dischargeable in bankruptcy. If the person was planning to file for bankruptcy on his or her own, then that important legal detail would be something to know before filing, not after.

Most people are so overwhelmed with their financial plight, according to the Mesa law firms founder, theyre afraid to spend money on anything let alone an attorney, even if they desperately need to know how bankruptcy can help them get out of debt. To give those individuals a much-needed break, the Pew Law Center has decided to continue offering free initial consultations on bankruptcy until further notice.

For additional information about how the Pew Law Centers free initial consultations help eliminate debt, contact http://www.PewLaw.com or call 480-745-1770.

Lawrence ‘D’ Pew is an experienced tax, bankruptcy, and transactional attorney, and founder and managing attorney of the Pew Law Center, PLLC, a leading Arizona tax and bankruptcy law firm focused exclusively on debt relief. With offices in Mesa, the law firm serves Arizona residents in the greater Phoenix area, including Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, and Chandler. A client-oriented law firm with a mission to always exceed client expectations, the Pew Law Center has helped over 2,000 people file for bankruptcy and eliminate over $ 100 million in debt.