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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Sheds Light on Medical Costs

Chapel Hill, NC (Vocus) January 17, 2008

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) is taking some of the mystery out of health care costs.

BCBSNC , the states largest health insurer, is publishing online the average prices it pays statewide for physician office visits, diagnostic procedures and screenings, prescription drugs, and disease treatments. The Health Cost Estimator, now available to members at bcbsnc.com, includes one of the most comprehensive listings of total average costs related to diseases and conditions of any health insurance plan. Along with its effort to promote health cost clarity for its members, BCBSNC supports initiatives to increase the quality, safety and effectiveness of health care.

Our Health Cost Estimator will give our customers a much clearer idea of where their health care dollar goes because the prices we pay translate to the premiums that customers pay, said BCBSNC President and CEO Bob Greczyn. Consumers are paying an increasing share of health care costs, but until now theyve had little way of knowing what medical services actually cost.

The Health Cost Estimator includes:

Operation Freedom Bell Campaign Joins Beth Moore, Ltcol Oliver North And Travis Cottrell To Provide Delivery Of Bibles To U.S. Military Troops

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) September 18, 2008

Indelible Creative Group recently announced two unprecedented projects for this holiday season, Operation Freedom Bell and new Travis Cottrell project, Ring The Bells.

A highlight of the Cottrell project release goes further than the music. Ring the Bells will be a launching point for Operation Freedom Bell, which brings hope, encouragement and Bibles to U.S. Soldiers who are serving overseas.

The purchase of each solid-brass Freedom Bell for only ten dollars provides an American solider with an “American Heroes” New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. When a Freedom Bell is purchased, both the consumer and the solider will also receive video downloads from LtCol Oliver North and Beth Moore, along with a MP3 single from Travis Cottrell. Bells may be purchased and Bibles sent online through http://www.operationfreedombell.org, as well as through select retail and additional ministry outlets. At the Operation Freedom Bell website, there are also forums to hear directly from the soldiers and leave your prayers and thoughts for them as well.

“Often in life we ask ourselves: ‘How can I make a difference?'” Jeff Sheets, president & CEO of Son Companies & E3, a partner in Operation Freedom Bell. “Operation Freedom Bell was founded with the desire to provide a tangible way to keep our American Heroes at the forefront of our hearts and prayers and to be a supply line of the most important gifts we can give, God’s Word. You can make a difference, most importantly in praying for our troops and you can make an eternal impact by giving them God’s Word. In a real sense, participation in Operation Freedom Bell is one of the more tangible ways each of us can make a difference in the lives of men and women serving and protecting around the world.”

Operation Freedom Bell is a movement encouraging prayer and the opportunity to physically place the Word of God into the hands of men and women who need hope in the battlefield and encouragement from those they are serving. Travis Cottrell, Beth Moore, and LtCol Oliver North will lead this initiative, but it will be up to the American people to keep it fueled and keep the bells ringing.

Both the Ring the Bells CD and the Freedom Bell will be available at retail, online, and at Cottrell’s live tour events nationwide on October 7, 2008, through Indelible Creative Group / Word Entertainment. Cottrell will be touring this fall at Beth Moore Living Proof Live, and will be performing in December on Compassion International’s Gloria tour with Cindy Morgan and Shaun Groves.

For more information on Operation Freedom Bell and Travis Cottrell’s new project, please visit:



Beth Moore

Beth Moore was born on an Army base in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the fourth child of a retired Army major and a homemaker. Beth founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994 with the purpose of teaching women how to love and live on God’s Word. Upon completion of a tour of New England this fall, Beth’s Living Proof Live conferences will have taken her to all fifty states since 1994. The events have been attended by more than 658,000 women.

LtCol Oliver North is a Vietnam veteran awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts during his twenty-two years of service as a United States Marine. Later, he was assigned to the National Security Council staff by former President Ronald Reagan, who called North “an American hero.” Today, he is a New York Times best-selling author, syndicated columnist, and host of the award-winning War Stories documentary series on the FOX News Channel. North has four children, eleven grandchildren, and lives with his wife in Virginia.

Indelible Creative Group, E3Resources, makers and distributers of the EvangeCube, Son Companies, and BuzzPlant are the partners.

For more information:

L.A.B Media

Lesley Burbridge-Bates or Lori Lenz

(615) 567.6201

lesley.bates @ labmediaonline.com

lori.lenz @ labmediaonline.com


Snow Stroller a Boon for North American Moms This Winter

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) January 18, 2010

The Snow Stroller is making it easier and more enjoyable for North American moms and dads to take their young children for walks in wintery conditions. Whether its a trip to the corner supermarket or making it to a play date in the park, the Snow Strollers lightweight tube design of parallel horizontal runners cuts easily through soft or impacted snow and takes the frustration out of getting around with snow-bound or frozen traditional stroller wheels or unsafe drag-behind sleds.

Originally invented to combat winter walking conditions in cold European climates, the Snow Stroller is constructed using durable yet lightweight stainless steel tubing to glide like a sled through a variety of snowy and slushy conditions. The rounded tubes distribute weight evenly and flow effortlessly across or through just about any type of terrain, avoiding the aggravation associated with traditional strollers on wheels getting stuck in deep snow. A nylon three-way safety harness keeps the child safe and secure in the Snow Stroller, and the seat reclines to make in-transit napping more comfortable. To keep the child warm and cozy on really cold days, a detachable wraparound boot keeps out wind and weather. An extendable tent provides even more protection from falling or blowing snow.

Parents push the Snow Stroller from behind, like a traditional wheeled stroller, and do not have to compromise on keeping their child in view at all times as they would pulling a traditional snow sled. The Snow Stroller moves from sidewalk to car trunk with a few easy folds while avoiding slush-filled wheels to contend with or clean up. We have the Graduate model and are totally impressed with it, says Kara. It is bright, totally simple to unfold and get ready. The baby loves going for a ride around the block and it works like a charm. Thanks for the winter fun!

Snow Strollers put the enjoyment back into winter walks with a young child, and can be readily purchased online. To view the complete suite of Snow Stroller products and to get more information, visit http://snowstroller.ca. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered, and additional copies of the User Manual can be quickly downloaded from the website.

About Snow Stroller Canada

Snow Stroller is distributed by Snow Stroller Canada, which was founded to provide high-quality products and support services to consumers wanting to make it easier to enjoy activities in winter with their young children. The company offers a selection of product styles to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

For more information about the Snow Stroller, please contact:

Alex Soloviev, Sales Manager

Snow Stroller Canada

13035 Yonge Street, Suite 2332

Richmond Hill, ON


L4E 1A5





SRIS Law Group Open Law Offices in New York City, New York, Charlotte, North Carolina & Orange County, California

Fairfax, VA (PRWEB) May 11, 2010

SRIS Law Group opens law offices in New York City, New York, Charlotte, North Carolina & Orange County, California. Attorneys will handle Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration, Military Law and Traffic Law matters.

The SRIS Law Group represents clients before the State and Federal Courts

The SRIS Law Group, P.C. law firm is a unique legal entity in legal business and customer service with offices in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Maryland, California & Massachusetts.

The SRIS Law Group attorneys are devoted to the highest standards of legal skill and client service, selected with high standards in mind.

The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. primarily handle cases in Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration, Military Law and Traffic Law.

The SRIS Law Group criminal defense attorneys assist client with both simple misdemeanor charges as well as complex felony crimes. Simple misdemeanor offenses include charges such as possession of marijuana, assault & battery, indecent exposure, etc. Also, the criminal defense lawyers of the SRIS Law Group defend clients against serious sex crimes such as possession of child pornography, robbery, rape, burglary, etc.

Divorce & other family law issues can be very emotional for clients. The SRIS Law Group family law attorneys guide family law clients through such difficult family law issues as divorce, child visitation, child support, prenuptial agreements, adoptions, property settlement agreements, protective orders and child custody disputes.

Traffic violations can cause a client to lose their privilege to drive. The SRIS Law Group traffic attorneys defend clients against DUI charges, driving on suspended license, speeding tickets, aggressive driving, reckless driving and other traffic violations.

Immigration law is a very complex area of law that needs an immigration lawyer who can guide a client through its maze of laws. The SRIS Law Group immigration attorneys help clients with family visas, temporary visas, writs of mandamus, writs of coram nobis, etc.

The SRIS Law Group military lawyers are proud of the representation they provide the men and women who serve in the military. The SRIS Law Group military law attorneys help military personnel with military law issues such as UCMJ violations larceny, drug violations, fraternization, AWOL, military separation board hearings, etc.

SRIS, P.C. was founded in 1997 and has grown to include offices in fourteen cities spanning six states and abroad.

What is SRIS, P.C.?

The SRIS Law Group, P.C., is a national law firm that primarily handles criminal, traffic & family law cases. The law firm serves clients with legal matters in six states. Each of the SRIS Law Group attorneys focuses primarily on one area of law, which ensures that the clients are provided with top notch, in-depth knowledge and experience dealing with whatever legal problems they may have.

In addition, the SRIS Law Group lawyers are able to practice law without having to worry about bringing in clients the lawyers focus strictly on doing the best they can in every case. The law firms unique structure also allows the firm to regulate how many cases each attorney takes on at a time, so the attorneys never have so much work that they cant provide excellent customer service to every client, every time.

Expect a High Standard of Legal Service from the SRIS Law Group Skilled Attorneys

At the SRIS Law Group, P.C., the attorneys are chosen carefully, with the clients best interest in mind. The lawyers devote themselves to a high level of client service and the clients important legal matters will be handled by the attorney every time never handed off to an assistant or paralegal. As a rule, the attorneys make a sincere effort to respond to all phone calls within 8 hours, maximum.

To set up an initial consultation with one of the attorneys for legal help in any of the above practice areas, contact the SRIS Law Group, P.C. by e-mail or by phone.

The SRIS Law Group attorneys and staff in Virginia, New York, North Carolina, California, Maryland & Massachusetts speak the following languages in addition to English: Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Cantonese, Mandarin & Malaysian.


Honoring National Missing Childrens Day 28th Year, Wave Technology Group and Child Watch of North America launch free iPhone Photo ID Card App

Chicago, IL/Orlando, FL (PRWEB) May 25, 2011

Wave Technology Group and Child Watch of North America are proud to launch a free iPhone mobile application today, on National Missing Childrens Day. Mayday is a must have family safety application for the iPhone to assist you in the unfortunate event your loved one goes missing. The application provides functionality to enhance family preparedness in the event a family member is displaced.

The Mayday application is distributed free of charge and has an electronic identification card which is displayed on your iPhone along with information about your child or other family member which may be important to emergency management services in the event they are engaged. An additional feature of the Mayday application is that you may email the electronic id with a simple touch of a button and an email address.

Sam Cinquegrani, CEO and founder, Wave Technology Group states: “I am very excited about the opportunity of creating an application that makes children safe and promotes family safety preparedness. Every day more than 2300 people including children go missing. Our goal is to leverage mobile technology to make a difference in this chronic problem and safeguard families susceptible to this unfortunate situation. We are already working on the Android and other smartphone releases of Mayday.”

The Wave Technology Group and Child Watch alliance is a natural fit. Statistics show that once a child has gone missing, it is the first three hours that are the most critical for successful rescue. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has stated that a current photo is the single most important tool in the rescue of a missing child.

The combination of Wave Technology Groups experience building mobile technology applications and Child Watch of North Americas experience in the area of assisting parents with safety preparedness, it is our joint mission to provide technology tools to help families better engage in creating family safety protocols to ensure the safety of their loved ones. With mobile technology making everyone in the family more independent but also connected, it is our belief families creating a Mayday Family Safety Mobile Plan will enhance both guardians and law enforcements ability to deal with missing children or persons in an expedited fashion.

Don Wood, Founder, Child Watch of North America: “For over 19 years we have been assisting parents to protect their children through the distribution of our KIDGUARD Safety Program and provided millions of free print Photo ID cards all across the United States and to over 40 countries around the world. Today we are very proud, through the Mayday Alliance with Wave Technology Group, to offer the smartphone generation photo ID. The staff and management at Wave Technology Group have really understood the importance behind updating photo identification creation and provided the technology and expertise to make this a reality, we cant thank them enough. Now parents can have an electronic photo ID on their iPhone which provides more options in times of emergencies by being able to update identification cards with current photos instantly or email to law enforcement or caregivers as well as to a computer nearby to print for posters during a search. Time is the most crucial resource when a child or person goes missing. Parents are always looking for ways to protect their children. The free Mayday app will be an essential tool in the search and rescue process.”

Mayday is for all family members as mishaps or criminal foul play does not discriminate. Mayday digital Photo IDs can assist families with repeat runaway juveniles, relatives who suffer memory loss from dementia or from other mental disorders/illnesses.

About The Mayday Alliance Founders:

Wave Technology Group: “Setting the motion in mobile life”

Wave Technology Group is a mobile solutions firm focused on transforming life through technology innovations. Wave Technology Group designs, develops and deploys custom software solutions and products for the mobile user community. Wave Technology inherits its capabilities from many years of experience building large complex systems for the enterprise. Wave Technology Group has developed a focus in creating applications that change our lives using the mobile platform as an instrument for change. Wave Technology Group is currently designing and developing systems within the mobile health arena and will be delivering monitoring capabilities to the public, using mass technology and bringing down costly barriers to achieve quality healthcare for all. http://www.wavetechnologygroup.net

Child Watch of North America: Keeping our children safe since 1993

Child Watch of North America is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the prevention and recovery of missing, abused, and exploited children. Since 1993, Child Watch Investigators have assisted in the recovery of over 215 missing children. We work with local and national law enforcement agencies and have been recognized as a critical resource in the recovery effort. Child Watch has always believed that education is an essential element in keeping our children safe. Providing awareness and safety education to children, teens, pre-teens, and parents is the foundation for our goal to prevent abductions and victimization. http://www.childwatch.org

Press Contact for Mayday Alliance Founders:

Wave Technology Group / Child Watch of North America

Jennifer Massing, Massing PR, LLC, +917-293-2405, jenm(at)massingpr(dot)com,



The Harper Agency Goes Above and Beyond Its Communitys North Carolina Business Insurance Needs with Daycare Coverage

Burlington, NC (PRWEB) November 14, 2011

The locally based insurance experts at The Harper Agency know that there is no one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to business insurance in North Carolina. Each company has its own unique insurance needs, especially those that are relied upon to care for their clients children. Many parents spend weeks looking for reputable and qualified daycare centers in which to enroll their kids. As businesses that deal with very sensitive matters like childcare, daycare providers must be prepared to protect their establishment and themselves with proper insurance.

Few local agencies offer North Carolina business insurance that is tailored specifically to the needs of daycare providers, but The Harper Agency is one of them. The agencys team of experts has experience assisting everyone from childcare providers who run small, home-based businesses, to those who manage larger centers.

With daycare insurance, local childcare services can be covered for:

Alienation of Affection Claims
Child Abuse Claims
Contractual Liability
Defense Coverage
Field Trips of Off-Premises Activities
Incidental Malpractice
Non-owned Auto Liability
Transportation Coverage

Daycare providers have unique insurance needs because they are entrusted with the care of their communitys children. The team at The Harper Agency is sensitive to the fact that some local businesses will require a higher level of North Carolina business insurance coverage, which is why it offers policies tailored to the unique needs of companies ranging from those that provide childcare services to religious institutions.

About The Harper Agency:

For over 60 years The Harper Agency has been proudly writing North Carolina insurance policies for its North Carolina neighbors. As a family owned and operated Burlington insurance company, The Harper Agency is focused on providing only top quality service to all of its customers. As a true testament to the agencys commitment to providing superior insurance solutions and service, The Harper Agency is proud of the fact that their first customer in 1949 needed auto insurance for a 1937 Chevy and this same client is still a satisfied customer to this day.


Butterfly Effects Teams with Camp Lejeune Wife to Eliminate Artificial Barrier to Critical Autism Services for North Carolina’s Military Families

Pompano, FL (PRWEB) February 23, 2012

This spring, the North Carolina General Assembly will consider HB487, a bill that expands the definition of who can provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children with autism. Presently, only licensed psychologists are permitted. The problem, which appears to be one of language, might seem like a trivial one, were it not so critical to the lives of the 10,000 children diagnosed with autism in North Carolina, and had the legislation not already been delayed a year, a dangerous waste of time considering how critical is is to provide early intervention to children with autism..

This problem is dangerously acute among military families as their TRICARE insurance requires that ABA is delivered by clinicians certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). As there are no more than 20 licensed NC psychologists certified by the BACB, an artificial barrier to services is keeping the children of military personnel stationed in North Carolina from receiving the only kind of therapy that will allow them to realize lives of achievement and inclusion.

The BACB standard is becoming the accepted norm across the nation, (10,000 certifications have been issued worldwide), which means that military families raising children with autism in other states know that their children can lose access to essential services they are presently receiving if the family is transferred to North Carolina.

Donna Anders is the wife of a United States Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Together with her husband, who is presently deployed, she is raising three sons, one of whom has autism. Autism can present itself in many ways. With Donnas son, there are challenges with self-injury, elopement, non-communication, and PICA, an eating disorder typified by the compulsive eating of non-food items. Sometimes those challenges can be as frightening as they are overwhelming.

During one military move, Donna was unpacking boxes when she looked up and noticed her son was gone. She and her neighbors frantically searched for the boy and contacted military police, who after an hour found him naked in a river that was posted as a ‘Protected American Alligator Area’.

Raising a child with autism requires various kinds of help no matter what the situation. For Marine families who must move from base to base and deal with constant deployments, that need can be especially acute. Finding a child who runs off is important, but just as important is the kind of help that allows a child with autism the opportunity to enjoy a life of realized potential and inclusion. Mrs. Anders is involved with an effort to make sure that Marine families in North Carolina continue to get that kind of help, but she is going to require an assist from North Carolina voters.

Fortunately for the Anders, their son is eligible to receive support from Butterfly Effects, a national provider serving individuals with autism and other chronic challenges. Over the course of the last few years, the intensive behavioral intervention provided by Butterfly Effects has helped their child successfully adapt to the severe difficulties that once required him to be watched 24/7. Today, he is realizing options for inclusion and enrichment that did not seem remotely possible just a few years ago. (Read about this support at http://butterflyeffects.com/services/for-children-with-autism)

That help has also allowed Donna Anders the breathing space she needs to play her good fortune forward. She is standing up to ask that military families stationed at Camp Lejeune, as well as other bases in North Carolina, be allowed access to the same services that her son receives. To this end, she is rallying support for passage of HB487 by the North Carolina General Assembly.

Passage of this important bill will not cost the voters of North Carolina a single dime, yet it has been passed over, delayed, and tabled now for over a year. If enacted, this bill will simply allow military families more ready access to therapeutic support based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

As a therapeutic approach for children with autism, ABA stands alone. It is the only type of treatment that is regarded objectively substantiated as effective by the Association for Science in Autism Treatment. This opinion is shared by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the U.S. Surgeon General, and the FDA.

The U.S. Department of Defense concurs and now funds ABA interventions for children with autism through its TRICARE military insurance. TRICARE requires that these services be delivered by individuals certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, recognized by most states as the official standard-bearer for ABA. To be an approved provider of ABA-based support requires stringent training and testing. A BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) must also hold a relevant masters degree. BCaBAs (assistant analysts) who work with clients under the supervision of BCBAs are required to hold a bachelors degree.

However, current North Carolina regulation requires that licensed psychologists must be the ones who deliver all ABA-based services. And theres the rub.

In recent years, the state law, which supersedes TRICARE regulations, has made it difficult to find qualified psychologists to serve children in the state. According to Charlotte Fudge, Butterfly Effects CEO, The North Carolina rule disqualifies highly competent and certified ABA specialists who are permitted to practice in other states. This leads to delays and delays are never good, as the younger a child receives services, the more positive the outcome. (Learn about ABA at http://butterflyeffects.com/company/aba-supports)

Thanks to the diligence of Butterfly Effects, the waiting list for services, which once stretched 25 families long at Camp Lejeune, has been erased for now, but that offers little assurance to those families whose lives are dependent on ABA services.

ABA therapy has given our son the skills he needs to function and communicate, says Mrs. Anders. Knowing that I had a therapist working with my son and seeing that he was making progress enabled our family to make it through my husbands deployments, says Mrs. Anders. ABA saved my child and the well being of my family. Now she wants to make certain that other families are saved.

On February 27th at 1:00 PM, Donna Anders will speak at the City Hall Military Affairs Meeting in Jacksonville NC on behalf of the legislation. Come May, she joins State Representative Phil Shepard in pushing for the bill before the General Assembly.

Mrs. Anders wants all North Carolina patriots to stand up with her.

She is hoping for good turnouts of support at these meetings and is asking that North Carolina voters contact their legislators by phone or email as a way to support the bill and thank our military families.

To locate addresses and phone numbers for North Carolina legislators, visit http://www.ncleg.net/GIS/representation/Representation.html

Be sure to identify HB487 by number in any written or spoken messages.

ALSO of NOTE for all families raising children with autism: At last count, 29 states now require carriers to provide insurance for autism treatment. North Carolina is not yet one, but it is considering its own insurance reform bill, HB115. Linked with HB478, that bill has met with similar delays and is also scheduled for consideration this spring.

Find out more about TRICARE Autism services for Military families at http://butterflyeffects.com/services/autism-services-for-military-families.

Donna Anders can be reached at donnaanders44(at)gmail(dot)com.


Settling a Divorce in North Carolina? Tips from North Carolina Divorce Attorneys on Insurance Coverage to Ensure Future Happiness

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

Most spouses in North Carolina begin the process of a divorce settlement in the hopes that somewhere down the road they will live a happier life. There is a light at the end of the tunnel (even if it may seem far away), and most are doing everything possible to reach that light, including negotiating for post-divorce support. What happens if, further down that road, one former spouse becomes disabled or passes away, ending the support the other former spouse has been relying on? If the family is not protected by insurance, that road to a happier life could take an unexpected turn for the worse. It is important to negotiate with every aspect of the future in mind, and that includes negotiating for insurance coverage to guarantee coverage should the unexpected happen.

Insurance coverage is an often neglected aspect of life when negotiating during a divorce settlement. Many fail to realize the potential benefits of maintaining insurance coverage post-divorce. There are many types of insurance that can be negotiated for during a divorce settlement, including health insurance, auto insurance, home owners insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance. Of these, health insurance, disability insurance, and life insurance are the most common forms taken into account during a divorce.

North Carolinians will be happy to know that, in most cases, if you have been covered under a former spouses employer-provided health insurance plan, you have the right to continue that coverage for a set period of time for a monthly fee following divorce. This is typically referred to as COBRA. Childrens coverage can also be continued under a qualified medical child support order. However, COBRA can sometimes be expensive. Pay attention to the costs and deadlines associated with COBRA and negotiate wisely to ensure you receive the maximum benefit possible.

Furthermore, depending on the type of life and/or disability insurance your former spouse has, that insurance can be used as a risk management tool and/or a wealth accumulation tool if negotiated for prudently. Both life insurance and disability insurance can be used as a tool to protect any financial obligation your former spouse owes in the event of an unexpected occurrence that would prevent him or her from fulfilling that obligation. This protection could extend to all areas of support, including spousal support, child support, mortgage payments, and many others. To guarantee this protection, negotiate so that you are both the owner and beneficiary of the policies, taking responsibility for paying the premiums to ensure the coverage will be there when it is needed. This means that those premium payments will need to be negotiated for in the support settlement outlined in the Separation Agreement.

Additionally, most permanent life insurance policies can also be used as a wealth accumulation tool during divorce settlement negotiations. Any cash value associated with a permanent life insurance policy or with a business buy/sell agreement that is funded with life and/or disability insurance is fair game when negotiating the divvying up of assets. Be sure to take this potential hidden wealth into consideration and negotiate for terms that put you in control of both the premium payments and the beneficiary designation.

It is best to reevaluate insurance coverage in all areas when going through the process of divorce, taking into account the issues mentioned above. A North Carolina attorney focused on family law issues can help safeguard your future by negotiating for this and other important issues during the divorce settlement.

Miller Bowles Law is a full-service Charlotte Family Law firm located in the historic district of Dilworth in Charlotte, North Carolina. The attorneys at Miller Bowles Law have over 15 years of combined experience in representing clients in Charlotte family law cases and family law cases in surrounding counties including Union, Gaston, Iredell, and beyond. Our mission, simply stated, is to provide the highest-quality legal representation to our clients so that each feels supported and well-prepared to face the family law court system.

Computronics to Follow Successful Listing With Assault on North American Market.

(PRWEB) January 22, 2003

From modest beginnings in 1976 Computronics have grown to become leaders in the development and manufacture of microcomputer-based products for the agricultural, leisure and transport industries. Strong research and development strategies have been the key in providing an ever-expanding range of high quality products.

Computronics believes it is now well positioned and plans to utilise the proceeds of the float to seek new niche markets in the U.S. and to strengthen and expand its European interests. A strong showing on its first day of trading clearly indicates strong confidence in Computronics’ plans for expansion.

“I believe the opportunities are there to gain a strong foothold in the European and U.S. markets” CEO Ole Hansen said prior to departing for Denmark to attend the Agromek Trade Show in Herning. “While I’m there I will be actively seeking new opportunities with our European Branch Manager in line with our marketing plan”.

A success in the European and U.S. markets will put the company in a very strong position as it is already ahead of its revenue compared to this time last year with a current strong second half order book.

Preferred Church Insurers of North Carolina Provides Key Tips About Church Nursery Safety

Winston Salem, NC (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

Preferred Church Insurers of North Carolina, a leading provider of insurance coverage for churches, schools and non-profit organizations across the state, recently offered key information on the importance of safety when it comes to church nursery furnishings and equipment. The insurance company discusses the most widely used types of nursery equipment and some important guidelines to follow that will ensure that current equipment is safe and any new or donated nursery equipment does not have any safety hazards that could jeopardize the safety of children who attend church.

Preferred Church Insurers of North Carolina recommends that changing tables have a protective barrier on all four sides and a safety belt or strap to prevent a baby from falling. In addition, highchairs should have a tray that locks in place and both highchairs and strollers should be equipped with a seatbelt.

Most significantly, children’s ministry leaders should be familiar with the new mandatory standards for cribs and make sure that all cribs comply with the new standards by December 28, 2012, especially churches that operate a daycare facility and are receiving payment for services. These new mandatory standards were aimed to keep children safer in their cribs and prevents deaths resulting from detaching crib drop-sides and faulty or defective hardware.

Located below is a brief overview of recommended safety procedures for common nursery equipment:

Bassinets and cradles

-should have wide base to prevent it from tipping over.

-mattress should fit snuggly in frame

-rocking mechanism should have a locking device

Changing tables

-a protective barrier should be on all four sides

-safety belt or strap to prevent the baby from falling


-By December 28, 2012, child care facilities must use only cribs that comply to these new standards


-should have a wide base for stability

-should be equipped with a strap that is independent of the tray, and the buckle should easily fasten and unfasten

-tray should lock in place


-only use mattresses that have been provided by the manufacturer

-if using a mesh playpen, the mesh is less than