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‘The Diary of a Patient Man, a Father’s Struggle – F4J

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 31, 2007

October 26th 2007 marked the one year anniversary of the release of Bill Stoneking’s book, “The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father’s Struggle” (LuLu Press, Oct. 26, 2006, ISBN: 978-1-4303-0198-1). As the past year has lapsed, exposure to the problems of domestic violence and child abuse that fathers and their children suffer in family court has brought positive response from readers, voters and families affected in Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri that wish to take action as well as significant responses from other jurisdictions across the United States.

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the ongoing problem of child custody interference by mother’s who make unsubstantiated claims of abuse against fathers to interfere with the parent-child relationship, author Bill Stoneking releases a LULU exclusive edition, “The Diary of a Patient Man, A Father’s Struggle F4J

Don’t be a Crash Test Dummy – Safety First on Your Next Car Purchase

(PRWEB) July 12, 2008

The modern UK driving test may be rigorous but it has the worthy aim of making our roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. New cars too are tested for safety, but there is a belief that the minimum safety requirements – as set out in Europe-wide laws – could also be tougher.

Since 1997, the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) has been encouraging carmakers to exceed these basic requirements. The independent body tests popular cars and then allocates star ratings depending on their safety performance. Results are then published to encourage car makers to continually improve car safety, with the ultimate five-star Euro NCAP rating bringing kudos and increased saleability to the deserving recipient.

Cars are awarded stars for their test performance in three areas: adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, and pedestrian safety.

Euro NCAP Winners & Losers

PNC’S Virtual WalletSM Takes Online Banking to the Next Level

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) August 5, 2008

PNC Bank, a member of The PNC Financial Services, Group, Inc. (NYSE: PNC) has introduced Virtual WalletSM as a comprehensive money management and online banking solution for the next generation of banking customers, Generation Y. Virtual Wallet provides on-demand access to manage spending and saving in real time.

“We believe this new solution is the most interactive offering on the market today that will empower tech-savvy, Generation Y consumers with an unprecedented high-def view, and control, of their money,” said Joseph Guyaux, PNC’s president and head of Retail Banking.

The development of Virtual Wallet was based on the money mindset and financial lifestyle of Gen Y, making it easy and visual to help them plan and save. More than 25 Virtual Wallet functions and features are patent pending.

Virtual Wallet Features:

The Italian Job: Confused.com Offers Tips to Manchester United Supporters who are Making the Trip to Rome Next Week

Cardiff (PRWEB) May 22, 2009

Manchester United supporters will have high expectations as they head to Rome to watch their team play Barcelona, in order to retain their title as champions of Europe for the second year running. Yet, supporting a successful football team comes at a high price, and so making sure that the trip is insured from start to finish is an integral part of ensuring a hassle-free holiday.

The cost of success

Breaking the Mold: Anaheim Progresses to the Next Level in Dropout Deterrence with Pearson’s Prevent


Anaheim, CA and San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) November 10, 2009

more than 1 million students a year.

seven thousand students a day.

one child every 26 seconds.

Such grave statistics illustrate the dropout crisis that American educators grapple with today.

Recognizing the difference data can make in protecting students from this alarming trend, Anaheim Union High School implemented Prevent, an early warning dropout prevention software program from the education technology and services company Pearson, that aggregates the most relevant and predictive student information data to pinpoint which students are mostly likely to drop out of school.

During the 2008-2009 school year, Anaheim Union, a large, urban district in Southern California, sought an innovative approach to ensuring its graduation rates did not fall to drastically low levels. In response, Anaheim opted to pilot the data-driven Prevent for its entire 33,077 students, many of whom were already at-risk of dropping out of school.

Now, Anaheim is fully implementing Prevent as an integral piece of the district’s dropout prevention program that includes aggressive accountability measures, such as weekly check-ins with each of the district’s 22 schools.

Anaheim’s Assistant Superintendent Fredrick Navarro said that Prevent takes the guess work out of Anaheim’s dropout prevention efforts, “Student information is right there on my desktop, which gives me the opportunity to review a multi-faceted index and initiate a journey to understand exactly what’s wrong with a kid’s learning trajectory and why they’re suffering. The program provides us with an opportunity to collect our experience, our successes and our failures, know what works and what doesn’t work, even to the point where we can categorize interventions that work best for specific types of students.”

For more than a year, Anaheim’s educators have utilized Prevent’s browser-based, unique early warning system that emphasizes simple, “at-a-glance” reporting, helping all counselors and administrators more quickly identify at-risk students and take action.

Of Prevent’s impact, Navarro said, “Prevent helps schools address problems early; it helps us get to the root of the problem quickly, so we can roll up our sleeves and work with students and families right away. We know that we need to be intervening early and often with our students — with the right interventions — not just making students repeat grade levels, but really intervening and meeting their needs whether they be social, emotional or academic.”

Working with Anaheim, the Prevent team also provided training to help the on-the-ground educators better understand how data and trends can make a difference with students. “My counselors love that Prevent provides them with a quick, easy way to begin a conversation with a student. Sometimes, that first conversation is all we need to change the course of a student’s academic career,” Navarro said.

Successful interventions are growing in importance as nearly one in three ninth graders (26.8 percent) at U.S. public high schools are not graduating in four years, resulting in earnings of up to 80 percent less than their degree-earning peers.

Prevent founder and Director for Student Growth at Pearson, Gary Hensley has worked with Anaheim for three years and understands firsthand the difficult task Navarro and his team faced. “Prevent was born from my own experience as an administrator where I was faced with students’ problems every day and was always trying to get ahead of the curve. One day, I stepped back and analyzed how things could be different, realizing that my fellow educators and I already had all the data we needed. We had all the predictors — attendance, behavior, grades — readily available, but needed the data to be presented in an easily digestible way to pinpoint the students most at risk of failing out. Prevent is the solution to that predicament.”

Speaking to Anaheim’s commitment to dropout prevention, Hensely added, “As an early adopter of Prevent, Anaheim made a huge commitment to its students, promising to do the right thing to help those students be as successful as possible. The district’s focus on data as a solution says that this district is willing to address the dropout issue head on – making large-scale changes that break the mold, break the current way of thinking about how we stop this crisis.”

Moving forward, Navarro believes Prevent can help make a difference for all students. He said, “We know that every child is unique and requires a different path. Having the ability to not only intercede early, but to track the outcomes of the interventions is crucial in helping us to determine the path that we take with every child.”

For more information about Prevent, visit http://education.pearsonassessments.com/prevent or call 800.228.0752, option 5.

About Pearson

Pearson (NYSE:PSO), the global leader in education and education technology, reaches and engages today’s digital natives with effective and personalized learning, as well as dedicated professional development for their teachers. This commitment is demonstrated in the company’s investment in innovative print and digital education materials for preK through college, student information systems and learning management systems, teacher professional development, career certification programs, and testing and assessment products that set the standard for the industry. The company’s respected brands include Scott Foresman, Prentice Hall, Addison Wesley, Benjamin Cummings, PEMSolutions, Stanford 10, SuccessNet, MyLabs, PowerSchool, SuccessMaker, and many others. Pearson’s comprehensive offerings help inform targeted instruction and intervention so that success is within reach of every student at every level of education. Pearson’s commitment to education for all is supported by the global philanthropic initiatives of the Pearson Foundation. Pearson’s other primary businesses include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group. For more information, go to http://www.pearson.com.


Next Big Idea Fest Aims to Spark Interest Among NM Youth in Science, Technology as Future Career Path

Los Alamos, NM (Vocus) July 1, 2010

Los Alamos, New Mexico, has the highest number of people with PhDs per capita in the country, many who are inventors and scientists, which is why its only logical to host the 3rd annual “Next Big Idea festival – a festival of discovery, invention, and innovation – Saturday, July 17, with STEM Student Day on Friday, July 16.

But visitors to the Next Big Idea dont need a PhD to appreciate Alamos unique creative history, especially since the event has the potential to inspire many young New Mexicans to consider a future career in science, technology, engineering, math, and innovation.

The Next Big Idea is not only a great venue for adults interested in new and innovative ideas, but is a great way for young people to get a sense of what scientists and inventors do in a fun, relevant and hands-on way, said Los Alamos MainStreet Manager and organizer, Suzette Fox. Besides scientists and inventors, there will be a Kids Discovery Zone with hands-on science activities; a telekinetic Mind Flex game competition; Giant Volleyball games; the band, Last Call, will be performing and a variety of tasty food will be served from 11 a.m to 3 p.m at Ashley Pond on Saturday.

Study after study has shown that students in the United States lag behind their peers in many other countries when it comes to test scores in science and math. This academic disadvantage means that students turned-adults are less inclined to become engineers, scientists and inventors – something with which other countries have the competitive edge.

Making science and technology more interesting by letting students experiment and experience science in a laboratory rather than a book is the key, according to inventor Bob Hockaday, President of Energy Related Services, who will also lead a workshop at the Festival.

A childs vivid imagination is his or her greatest asset because they can eventually improve on an existing invention or come up with a new one – when you think about, childlike curiosity is at the root of discovery, Hockaday said. I can say from experience, that a child can make daydreams useful and she can make herself smarter just by asking questions and wondering how and why – theres a world of discovery out there; it hasnt all been discovered yet.

Like many inventors who are participating in the Festival, Hockaday has several inventions that are currently being utilized and patents pending on other inventions. Some inventions are even being used to protect the U.S. military including Hockadays safety goggles that prevent fogging and improve air flow to reduce the collection of dust – something that is very useful in sandy environments such as Iraq.

I was a daydreamer as a kid and at the bottom percentile of my class because of my grades, so Im proof that you dont have to be a genius to become an inventor or a scientist, you just have to have the desire to learn more and to want to improve peoples lives with your ideas. Like Einstein said – necessity is the mother of invention. Inventors are ultimately a bunch of dissatisfied people trying to figure out how they can make something better, Hockaday added.

On July 16th, from 9 a.m to 5 p.m., students from grades seven through 12 can learn more about a future in the field of science, technology, engineering or math during the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Student Day. Activities include a full, fun day of meeting scientists and inventors and a free concert in the evening at Ashley Pond. The cost is $ 50 per student. Registration is still open and can be done online at http://www.nextbigideala.com.

Then on Saturday, July 17 young people will feel right at home with a hands-on Discovery Zone at the Festival, featuring interactive innovations and discoveries that they can actually touch, see and experience with all the senses. The Festival is free to the public and takes place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos.

The Next Big Idea is sponsored by Los Alamos Main Street, Los Alamos National Bank, Los Alamos National Securities LLC, Compa Industries Inc, Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation, Innovate-Educate New Mexico and New Mexico Consortium, among others. However, sponsorship is still available. Contact Suzette Fox at (505) 661-4844 for details.

For more information, contact Suzette Fox at (505) 661-4844 or Suzette(at)losalamos(dot)org or visit http://www.nextbigideala.com for complete details. Ashley Pond is located off of NM 502/Trinity Drive. From Albuquerque, take I-25 northbound to the Santa Fe exit to exit 282. From there, merge onto US 285/S St. Francis Dr and continue for 19 miles to NM 502 to Los Alamos.

For general information on Los Alamos, visit fyila.com or http://www.visit.losalamos.com.

About Los Alamos MainStreet

Los Alamos MainStreet is a program of Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation. The goal of Los Alamos MainStreet is the support a vibrant downtown through events, promoions, participation in planning and design projects and business assistance. Other events produced by Los Alamos MainStreet each year include the Fair & Rodeo Parade, Halloweekend and Winterfest. Visit http://lamainstreet.com/ for more.

# # #

International Parental Child Abduction Will Cost American Economy Billions Of Dollars Over Next Decade According To Upcoming Report Issued By The I CARE Foundation

New York & Los Angeles (PRWEB) March 26, 2012

An upcoming I CARE Foundation report focused on determining the estimated cost of international parental child abduction in the United States titled ‘The Financial Cost Of International Parental Child Abduction On The U.S. Economy’ forecasts targeted American citizen parents who have their child internationally abducted by the other parent could surpass billions of dollars over the next decade in their effort to reunite with their children if the growth rate of abduction is not significantly reduced. In addition, according to the study, the overall cost of international abduction for the American taxpayer is considerably high, as the total cost of abduction includes ancillary and supporting costs associated with cross-border child kidnapping. These costs will be a heavy burden to the American taxpayer and involve considerable expenses related to the financial burden placed on the state and federal court systems who have jurisdiction of the legal proceedings, and costs associated with law enforcement intervention, as the illegal detention of a child by one parent by another in violation of a court order is the criminal act of kidnapping according to state and federal laws, including the International Parental Kidnapping Crimes Act. Additionally, the report cites that due to the hard reality that a parent who has their child criminally internationally abducted by the other parent receives minimal government aid, including no financial support for litigation and minimal financial aid in reunification efforts under the United States’ Congress’ annexation of The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, many targeted parents will use the vast majority of their resources chasing the cyclone of international parental child abduction in their attempt to reunite with their criminally abducted child. Inevitably, as the nightmare of abduction moves forward, many targeted parents are unable to work due to their need to put considerable time and effort into navigating the complex legal maze required for them to reunite with their child, that is, assuming they even know where their child is. In addition, the financial burden on the American taxpayers in lieu of thousands of parents each year facing the grave challenges of international abduction is consuming and includes a substantial loss of tax revenues due to a chasing parent’s loss of employment combined with an increased burden of financial responsibility connected to social service aid needed by many targeted parents, who sadly, are at risk of loosing their life savings trying to rescue their child from kidnapping. According to ‘The Financial Cost Of International Parental Child Abduction On The U.S. Economy’, collectively, the ancillary and supporting services costs are forecast to have a significant toll on the economy and will continue to grow. The final report is scheduled to be released by the I CARE Foundation in mid-May, 2012.

According to ‘Chasing The Cyclone’ and ‘The World Turned Upside Down’ author Peter Thomas Senese, a director of the I CARE Foundation and one of the researchers and writers of ‘The Financial Cost Of International Parental Child Abduction On The U.S. Economy”, “The financial burdern on American parents and taxpayers due to a failure to create international child abduction prevention laws and for courts to uphold existing laws that protect children, parents, and our nation are shocking, and will exceed billions of dollars, as is predicted in the upcoming report. One of the many questions that presents itself is why no presidential candidate is addressing the billions of dollars that our society will lose, not to mention a prediction that could see over 100,000 American children internationally kidnapped between the anticipated reported and unreported cases over the next decade? Certainly, the possibility of billions of dollars in losses and 100,000 American children’s lives stolen is something to talk about.”

The most recent statistics of international abduction comes from the 2010 Report on Compliance with the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspect of International Child Abduction prepared by the U.S. Department of States Office of Childrens Issues cites that there were 1,621 reported international parental child abductions originating from the U.S. during 2009. The average growth rate over the past several years is approximately 20% per year.Additionally, the number of unreported cases of international child abduction to contiguous nations is believed to be substantial and is discussed in “Crisis in America: International Parental Child Abduction Today” that is included in the publication “The World Turned Upside Down.” Supporting the concern of the existence of significant unreported cases is the most recent National Incidence Study of Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Thrownaway Children (NISMART-2) study, which reports that of the 203,900 children that are estimated to be parentally abducted annually in the U.S., only 28% (56,500) of these abductions were reported to law enforcement.

Congressman Christopher Smith of New Jersey, the lead sponsor of H.R. 1940 stated in an ‘Amendment In The Notice Of A Substitute to H.R. 1940, “The Department of State’s Office Of Children’s Issues, which serves as the Central Authority of the United States for purposes of the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction reported that from fiscal year 2008 through fiscal year 2010, it received 3,239 new requests for assistance in the return of 4,728 children to the United States from other countries.”

Requests for assistance to the United States Office of Children’s Issues does not include ‘unreported’ cases of international abduction, which according to the previously issued report ‘Crisis In America’ written by Peter Thomas Senese and Florida’s Child Abduction Prevention Act writer Carolyn Ann Vlk, is forecasted to be near equivalent to the ‘reported’ cases of cross-border abduction due in part to immigration migration projections.

Previously, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency stated in their December, 2001 report that, “Left behind parents pay a high price in cases of international abduction. Approximately one-half of the parents surveyed reported on the amount of money they spent for and/on recovering abducted children. These parents spent on average $ 33,500.00 for search and recovery efforts. About one-fourth of these parents spent $ 75,000.00 or more.” The survey’s mean was $ 61, 238.00, and the medium was $ 33,500.00.

Joel S. Walter, a prominent international family law attorney practicing in New York State commented, “The 2001 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency report was published over a decade ago. During this past decade the number of illegal child abductions has grown exponentially. So too have the costs associated with reunification as will be conveyed in the I CARE Foundation’s upcoming report. Combining the direct financial burden placed on targeted parents, we must consider the ancillary costs associated to court proceedings, law enforcement intervention, government administration of these costs, inflation, and the social cost directly related to the loss of taxable income and social service report. The reality is our nation needs to increase both state and federal laws and policies that prevent abduction from occurring, while our courts and the judges that oversee cases of potential abduction need to act with great caution. Undeniably, this is a grave problem. However, it is simply not a problem that parents who are targeted for this crime face. Economically, the abduction of a child is an attack on the American economy, and the financial cost over the next decade is enormous and will run into the billions of dollars. Clearly, at a time that our nation decides who our new government leaders will be, this is an issue that needs to be seriously discussed.”

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, human trafficki

Is UmeNow the Next Evolution? A Safer Facebook, Where Prostitutes and Child Molesters Can’t Hide

Pembroke Pines, Fl (PRWEB) May 17, 2012

Can UmeNow keep its promise to be safer than Facebook? Evelyn Castillo-Bach, the founder and CEO of the new start-up is sure of it.

“UmeNow repels cyber-criminals, prostitutes and child predators. From day one, we designed UmeNow to protect people from the criminal element and creeps that troll public social networks. Our innovative privacy controls and design blocks unwanted people from seeing one’s profile and photos or gaining access to one’s circle of family, friends, and professional contacts. We are the only social network that has banned all tracking and all ads, because it’s used to snoop into people’s lives without their consent. We represent the next evolution,” stated Castillo-Bach, known to her followers as Privacy Mom.

“Prostitutes and drug dealers use Facebook as bases of operation and child molesters have found victims through the site’s chat function,” wrote Chris Morris of CNBC, whose recent report cited that even before Craigslist cracked down on prostitutes advertising their services, tech-savvy hookers had turned to Facebook to attract johns.

Meanwhile, Columbia University professor Sudhir Venkatesh has studied how prostitutes are finding clients. He reports that 83 percent have a Facebook page. He has forecasted that by the end of last year Facebook would have become the leading online recruitment space for prostitutes.

A 2011 study by the Pew Research Center found that Facebook users are more trusting of other people than non-users. “Because people enjoy sharing, it’s critical that companies take their responsibility seriously and provide platforms designed to keep good people in and bad people out. That’s what we do best and better than anyone,” stated Castillo-Bach, who is also an outspoken privacy advocate.

A new AP-CNBC poll released this week found that 59 percent of respondents said that they had little to no trust in Facebook to keep their information private.

“The next evolution is about private social environments where people really come together to share and help each other. Creeps lurking, the nonstop steaming of ads and luring exhibitionists posing for a mass crowd is old school networking. The future is about deep social connections not fake followers and 500 friends one has never met,” stated Castillo-Bach.

Company Information:

UmeNow has banned all tracking and all ads.

Features include:

Multiple Walls for friends, families, colleagues and groups.

Private photo gallery.

Love-n-Likes section where members share with each other without friending.

Blog section that permits posting anonymously, with a real name, or a pseudonym.

Option to share blogs with the whole world or friends only.

Ability to edit or delete anything posted, at anytime.

Simple and clear privacy settings.

When something is deleted, the company deletes it forever.

Zero tolerance for cyberbullying.

Zero tolerance for data mining and data brokers.

Zero tolerance for tracking, face recognition technology, and other spy tools.

UmeNow has a 2-tier membership structure. Anyone may join for free and enjoy many of the site features. Free members and subscribed members receive the same level of privacy protection. Premium level members who subscribe for $ 6.00/ month have access to all site areas.

Evelyn Castillo-Bach is the founder of UmeNow and Collegiate Nation. UmeNow entered into its silent launch in July 2011. Collegiate Nation–also known as GoCNCN.com–is the first and only private network exclusively for college students. Castillo-Bach was interviewed earlier this year by Miami television to address privacy issues impacting college students.

Both UmeNow.com and Collegiate Nation are known for fiercely protecting the privacy rights of its members. All ads, third party apps and games are banned because they are back doors to tracking and extracting private information. Castillo-Bach earned her M.S. in 1993 from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She has traveled extensively in Ethiopia and in the Balkans, accompanying her Danish husband who is a lawyer.

NextVault Raises the Grade at Next Generation Children’s Centers

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 25, 2012

NextVault, Inc., a leading cloud online data backup company, raises the grade of data protection at Next Generation Children’s Centers.

“We are delighted to have Next Generation Children’s Centers join our growing list of customers,” said Kevin B. Harris, President and CEO of NextVault. “As NGCC continues to grow and open new schools, they can remain focused on their core goals of quality childcare and early child education knowing that their systems are well protected by NextVault.”

“NextVault has taken our data protection to the next level”, said Kathleen DelPrete, COO of Next Generation Children’s Centers. “With 10 schools and our corporate headquarters located in various towns throughout Eastern Massachusetts, it was difficult for us to ensure we were properly protecting everyone’s data.

Next Generation Children’s Centers was founded in 1993 by Donna Kelleher and currently has 10 schools located throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

“NextVault provides the ultimate solution that allows us to centrally monitor and manage all of our data backups to ensure they are complete,” DelPrete added. We are well positioned knowing that whether we need a single file or entire system restored, the data is just a mouse click away.”

“It’s extremely rewarding when we can help a thriving organization stay focused on their mission,” Harris added. To know that they don’t have to worry about protecting their data because we are doing it for them means that the next generation of families everywhere get the full attention they need and deserve.”

NextVault was formed in early 2010 by online data backup pioneers Kevin Harris and Bud Stoddard with the goal of delivering Value Based Data Protection to its customers.

About NextVault

NextVault is a leading provider of data backup, recovery, file and email archiving solutions. As an innovative service provider we offer comprehensive and affordable solutions to small, medium, and large sized businesses. Through our network of partners, resellers and data centers, NextVault promises secure online backup and fast access to data in the event of loss or disaster, tailored to the needs of any business in todays uncertain world.

About Next Generation Children’s Centers

Next Generation Children’s Centers is a leading childcare and early childhood education organization with schools throughout Eastern Massachusetts. Founded in 1993, NGCC offers young children a familiar and engaging place to grow and develop. Through a developmentally appropriate curriculum and specially designed classrooms, we instill in your child a love of learning.

Avocent Extends DS Series Platform with Next Generation Software and KVM OVER IP Switching Capabilities

HANNOVER, GERMANY, (PRWEB) March 14, 2002 –

Avocent Corporation (NASDAQ: AVCT), the leading global provider of KVM switching and network connectivity appliances, today announced it will demonstrate its latest release of DSView software, which provides local or remote control of devices connected to any of Avocent’s DS Series appliances. Avocent’s three new DSR KVM (keyboard, video and mouse) switches in its DS Series include DSR1161, DSR2161 and DSR4160. The new DSView software release and these KVM OVER IP switching systems will be demonstrated at CeBIT, Hall 16, Stand B18.

With DSView and the DSR switches, IT administrators can easily troubleshoot, or even reboot a server, from the NOC, from their desk or from any location in the world, using standard TCP/IP connections. DSView includes a wealth of new features, including IP-based session sharing, which allows a single digital channel to be shared by multiple users or used privately by a single user. Other new features include auto video and mouse adjustment capabilities, enhanced keyboard macros for improved administration, and support for Microsoft’s WindowsÒ XP.

Powerful DSView software for secure control of servers and serial devices

The cornerstone of each appliance in the DS Series, DSView is a Windows application that provides ‘click and connect’ control of any server using industry standard TCP/IP (Ethernet) connections and DES encryption. Because DSView offers a familiar user interface, administrators, whether local or remote, can quickly manage multiple servers and serial devices throughout the data center.

The most recent version of DSView software ( includes advanced tools and security features that IT managers have come to expect when managing diverse data center devices and supporting multiple users in various locations.

DSView provides the following features for access and control of data center devices: