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New Baby Name Trends for 2007

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 3, 2007

Babyhold.com has unveiled the latest trend for naming babies. The new trend for naming babies is “unique”! More parents are choosing unusual baby names instead of those that are more traditional and popular. A poll conducted over the past few months shows an overwhelming 63% of more than five thousand U.S. voters preferred to name their baby with a unique name that no one in their area had. The next choice in line was naming a baby after a family member, which received 19% of the votes. Names from the Bible came in third, receiving 10% of the votes. Choosing a popular baby name and naming a child after a famous person ranked in last. What has influenced the rise of the new trend in baby naming? It seems that more and more parents are looking for the most inventive and distinctive name for their new child.

Traditional baby names stemming from religious or cultural origin have been given by parents expressing their pride in their cultural and religious heritage with the desire that their children will continue the noble traditions and way of life that have been upheld by many a generation before them. Popular names have come and gone, but tradition has remained for centuries, defining an ongoing stream of given names in various cultures and peoples. So what is this new desire to stem away from tradition and search for the most exotic name one can find?

Today’s multi-cultural society, fueled by the Internet and access to multiple cultural traditions have made today’s society less traditional. Tradition requires boundaries, and when none are present society becomes less defined and more universal. Perhaps it is a subconscious response to this new society that is sparking a desire to find the most unique baby name. With tradition practiced less and our senses and wonder exposed to such a vast array of different lifestyles and world cultures, it is no wonder that is it such a growing trend to look for the new, the fresh, the most inventive. With the best intentions for their future child and its success in life, parents are looking for the name that will distinguish their child from the crowd and give them an individuality that will follow them throughout their lives.

About Babyhold.com

Babyhold.com is a vast online resource for baby names and pregnancy. With over 20,000 categorized given names, Babyhold.com provides visitors with a searchable database of given names, their meanings and origins. Tools and articles are provided to help in the decision-making process and to serve as an information source for current and past naming trends. Informative articles and a week by week calendar serve as a guide to multiple aspects of pregnancy, pregnancy calendar, planning and postpartum topics. Proud in the service it provides to its visitors, with over 1 million page views per month and a monthly growth rate of 20%, Babyhold.com is constantly expanding to become an even broader source of information on the topics most vital to new families.


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Irving TX has a New Self Defense Products Distributor Carrying Name Brand Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, TASER Electronic Devices and Surveillance Systems

Irving, TX (PRWEB) September 11, 2011

The online world of self defense products is immense. There are hundreds of companies selling self defense products and there are many different types of products to choose from such as; Personal Alarms, TASERS, MACE, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Animal Repellents, Safety Lights, Knives, Metal Detectors, Diversion Safes, Child Safety Products, Instructional Fighting DVDs and much more.

ACS Personal Security handles all of these products and hundreds more. Whether it is something to be used as protection while walking alone at night or to be purchased for a gift,stun guns, pepper spray or TASER products are very much in demand.

ACS will happily answer any questions about a specific product and will give detailed instructions on how to use any of the products they carry.

ACS Personal Security has several of their self defense products available in their office, however, the bulk of the product line is only available on the company website.

There are products like personal alarms, pepper spray, stun guns, and expandable batons for personal protection and can be purchased as separate items or in pre-packaged kits with several different products.

Additionally, ACS carries a full line of surveillance equipment such as hidden cameras, nanny cameras, stand alone DVR’s, dome cameras, bullet cameras, and complete surveillance systems.

Do you really need to bring a pepper spray or stun gun everywhere you go? Probably not, but then again, you can’t predict when you will actually need a self defense tool. ACS owner, Jay Kreps, states, “remember, it’s not IF, but WHEN, a stun gun or pepper spray will help you break free from an attacker”.

Keep in mind, rape, kidnappings, and assaults occur hundreds of times a day – every day, which is especially true if you are a young woman, an elderly person, or a child. There are child kidnappings, rapes and assaults on women of every age, and the perpetrators are just waiting to take advantage of you.

At ACS Personal Security there are many different and unique items, like an expandable stun baton, lipstick pepper spray, or different kinds of everyday items like a door stop alarm or flashlight stun gun. ACS has a 90 day return policy and a warranty for each product carried as well as among the lowest pricing in the industry.

Stun Master Stun Guns are featured at ACS Personal Security as are several TASER products. Females especially like the many different types of pepper spray that is carried such as the LIPSTICK look alike pepper spray, and the CELL PHONE look alike stun gun!

About Advanced Commercial Solutions:

ACS started as a background fingerprinting – notary and drug screening company. While they took appointments in their centrally located office in Irving, TX, they specialized in offering mobile service to people who just didn’t have the time to come in to the office for these services. ACS Fingerprinting developed a large corporate client base and continues to serve the general public in the Dallas – Ft Worth Metro area.

Company owner Jay Kreps, kept looking for another business that would complement the existing fingerprinting, notary, and drug screening services and decided self defense products would be a good match and would be able to co-exist in the same office in Irving.

He researched and found a company that would supply him with name brand self defense products and surveillance equipment, had his websites built, and started his new business selling self defense items. Because of his 25 plus years in law enforcement, he knew the need for safe, quality made self defense products and surveillance products were much needed and in demand by the general public.

Fan us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/ACS-Personal-Security/208827269176495?sk=wall


School Is In Session: Name Bubbles Labels Protect Kids Clothing and Gear from Loss and Theft

Clifton Park, NY (PRWEB) September 19, 2012

Name Bubbles, the award-winning label manufacturer and e-commerce website, today announced their kid-tested and parent-approved kids labels protect kids clothing and gear from loss and theft all year long. Developed by a mom in a local coffee shop in Upstate New York, Name Bubbles Founder and CEO Michelle Brandriss knew that durable kids labels were a time-saver and a unique way for each childs name to stick through from one school year to the next.

“Two years ago, I placed an order with Name Bubbles when my son started Pre-K and I’m finally finishing his pack now. Every single label is still stuck on! Thanks for the great product that really works.”

-Michelle R.

According to Fox Business, The National Retail Federation estimates the average American family will have spent $ 688.62 on back-to-school shopping this year. Name Bubbles labels for kids keep it all coming home – from a baby item headed to daycare to a water bottle headed to school or the sports field. The press-and-stick labels stay put where parents stick them; theyre waterproof, dishwasher, freezer and microwave-safe and stand up to the hottest laundry cycles and dryers. Durable and made to last through temperatures of -60

Phoenix-Based Personal Injury Attorneys Change Name to Alex & Associates

PHOENIX ARIZONA (PRWEB) November 15, 2012

Phoenix-based lawyer Andrew R. Alex proudly announced a change in his law firm name from ALEX & GAXIOLA P.C. to ALEX & ASSOCIATES P.C. effective September 1, 2012.

Alex & Associates Personal Injury trial attorneys have been serving the Phoenix-Scottsdale metropolitan area for over 27 years and have secured over $ 20 million in personal injury settlements from 2008 to present. Although a good settlement is preferable to a lawsuit, as experienced trial attorneys they are not reluctant to bring cases to trial to ensure fair compensation for their clients. Often the difference between a life of charity and a life of financial dignity is the caliber of your attorney.

Alex & Associates are proud to offer enhanced services as they diligently represent their clients. Personal injury practice areas include: tractor trailer [big rig] accidents, auto, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, construction accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, catastrophic injury and wrongful death, pedestrian accidents, defective products, water accidents [e.g., boats, swimming pools], child injuries, head-neck and spinal cord injuries. Alex & Associates also provide representation in the areas of criminal defense, civil, healthcare and business law in the Arizona Administrative, Superior and Appellate courts.

Founding Partner, Andrew R. Alex began practicing law in Phoenix in 1973. Second in his class, Alex received his Juris Doctorate in Law in 1974 from Chicago-Kent College of Law and also a B.S. in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh.

From 1974 -1979 Mr. Alex served as a deputy county attorney for Maricopa County, Arizona prosecuting 55 major felony cases. Mr. Alex was one of the first in Arizona to use a forensic hypnotist to identify a defendant and also initiated DUI and alcohol related prosecution standards prior to the enactment of current Arizona legislation.

Mr. Alex, a member of the State Bar of Arizona, the American Bar Association, the American Trial Lawyers Association and the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association, is actively involved in his community and regularly donates legal services for children, court-protected persons and the financially disadvantaged. Mr. Alex has, also served on local committees to maintain integrity of desert, water quality and environment.

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Alex & Associates Trial Attorneys have been serving the Phoenix-Scottsdale metropolitan area for over 27 years and have secured over $ 20 million in personal injury settlements from 2008 until present. Alex & Associates have several practice areas which include: tractor trailer [big rig] accidents, motorcycle and auto accidents, construction accidents, dog bite/attacks, medical malpractice, catastrophic injury and wrongful death, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, defective products, swimming pool and water accidents [boats, etc. ], child injuries, head-neck and spinal cord injuries, Commercial Vehicle Liability, Cumulative Trauma, Electrical Injury and others. In Addition, they also provide aggressive, results-oriented representation in the areas of criminal defense, civil, health care and business law.

Leading Houston Bankruptcy and Family Law Firm Busby & Lee Announces Name Change to Busby & Contreras

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) September 24, 2007

Houston Bankruptcy and Family Law Firm Busby & Lee, located in the Galleria area, recently announced a name change to Busby & Contreras. Ricardo Contreras, who is now a partner with the firm, shares the firm’s commitment to the community and their legal rights.

“I enjoy working here immensely,” said a smiling Contreras.

“I have a great staff and we all work very well together as a team. I look forward to growing with the firm, especially since we will open a new office soon,” Contreras added.

Contreras is a May 2005 graduate of South Texas College of Law and has been with the firm for nearly five years. During his tenure with the firm, he worked on a variety of cases, ranging from personal injury to criminal cases.

He currently represents clients in the bulk of the firm’s family law cases and heads the Family Law Section. Contreras works with a full support staff and will be the managing partner for the new Busby & Contreras office scheduled to open early next year.

“Rick is a great guy and we are great partners because we share the same goals and we work well together. He is an excellent attorney,” said partner Michael Busby, Jr.

Busby & Contreras is a full-service family law firm, which works on adoptions, Attorney General and child support cases, CPS cases, contempt actions, military divorces, modifications of visitation and custody orders, motions to terminate wage orders, paternity cases and protective/temporary restraining orders. They represent clients in Harris County and throughout the region. To learn more about the firm and its scope of service, visit http://www.busby-lee.com or call (713) 974-1151.


Name Brand Optics, Knives & Multi-Purpose Tools Available at Newly Launched OakPointHuntingKnives-Optics.com

Pasco, Washington (PRWEB) April 02, 2012

Web entrepreneur Gina Matson is pleased to debut her online outdoor supply shop, http://www.OakPointHuntingKnives-Optics.com. Customers are invited to browse the new Internet storefront for deals on name brand optics, knives, and multi-purpose tools.

My whole family loves to spend time outdoors- camping, especially. My husband and two teenage sons just breathe hunting and fishing, said Matson. Knives, optics, and rangefinders are all important tools you need when you spend any significant amount of time outdoors.

Optics is a particular specialty at OakPointHuntingKnives-Optics.com. The coveted Pentax DCF ED 10X50 binoculars are featured. The Pentax DCF combines extra low dispersion glass elements with full reflection and phase coated prisms, hybrid aspherical lens technology and fully multi-coated optics. Bushnell binoculars, Leupold, and Zeiss optics are available, too. Name brand rangefinders, including the worlds first combination laser rangefinder and GPS, the Bushnell 201951, are available through the site.

Name brand knives and multi-purpose tools have a sizeable presence on the website. Outdoorsmen and women can choose from folding, lock back, and fixed blade knives from Buck Knives, Gerber, Kershaw, and Remington. Multi-purpose tools from Leatherman, including the top rated Leatherman Charge TTi with titanium handle and nylon sheath, are offered at affordable rates.

Heres our focus, said Matson, getting straight to the point, I want to offer customers access to quality items and provide excellent customer service, so shoppers can get what they need to be able to spend time outdoors with family and friends.

The family owned and operated business accomplishes these lofty goals by working with well-known manufacturers and suppliers who also have a strong commitment to customer service. Orders are filled and shipped promptly throughout the U.S. Feedback is always welcome and responded to in a timely manner by friendly, knowledgeable staff members.

Visit http://www.HuntingProductsReveiw.com, the sites new blog, for detailed product reviews. The interactive platform covers anything and everything hunting related from safety tips to hunting techniques to planning a successful camping trip and beyond.

About the Company:

OakPointHuntingKnives-Optics.com a division of Windy River Enterprises is owned and operated by Gina Matson.


Gina Matson


(509) 845-4072


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