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The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog Launches Investigations Into Auction Rate Securities Damages, Stock Broker Churning & Mutual Fund Negligence

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 2, 2009

For nearly a year Americas Watchdog’s Wall Street Fraud Watchdog has been waging a battle in behalf of cheated and defrauded auction rate securities victims. While there have been some settlements announced, there are still numerous banks, stock brokerage firms, and others who sold auction rate securities to innocent investors that have yet to agree to any refund. Because auction rate securities involved fraud on the part of the biggest sellers the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is also demanding that all auction rate securities investors classified as “institutional investors” be given a refund also.

As the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog has continued its battle for duped auction rate securities investors the group has been deluged with calls from the adult children of US senior citizens who feel like their parent/relative has had their stock account churned by a US stock broker or bank investment advisor. At the same time the group receives daily calls from gigantic losses in 401-K retirement accounts made up of supposedly safe US Mutual Funds. So today the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is launching three different initiatives, focused on Wall Street fraud, stock broker/bank investment advisor abuse or fraud, and US Mutual Fund negligence; as follows:

Auction Rate Securities:

On February 14, 2008, the supposed auction rate securities market collapsed, leaving 145,000 individuals, plus countless institutional customers wondering if they had lost their life savings, or a significant investment. As it turned out, the auction rate securities market was basically a giant Ponzi scheme. It has come to light that the auction rate securities markets were suffering failures, as far back as the summer of 2007. By infusing money into the auctions, US banks and investment bankers made it appear that the auctions were safe, or sound. According to the Wall Street Fraud watchdog, “this is fraud 101, you had intent, the major banks and major investment bankers concealed the truth from both retail & institutional investors, and there needs to be indictments for those involved.” The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is also requesting that the New York, Massachusetts & Missouri State Attorney Generals give investors who purchased auction rate securities through Wells Fargo, Openheimer, E-Trade and Raymond James an update as to the status of possible recoveries, from these banks, or stock brokerage firms. Victims of the auction rate securities who have suffered business losses, legal fees or other costs may be entitled to “consequential damages”, according to FINRA. For more information, auction rate securities victims can call the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog anytime at 866-714-6466 or contact them via their web site at http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.com.

Stock Churning:

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is encouraging the adult children or relatives of all US senior citizens to check their stock brokerage, or bank investment advisory services statements, for suspicious trading activity, or high volumes of stock market trades, that do not make sense. The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is concerned that tens of thousands of US senior citizens had their stock market accounts churned by unscrupulous stock brokers or bank investment advisors in order to get commissions on the trade in 2008. As a result of this, the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog believes that tens of thousands of US senior citizens may have been fleeced out of a large portion of their life savings, or retirement accounts. If an adult child of a US senior citizen believes their parent has been a victim of stock churning on the part of a US stock broker, or bank investment advisor, please call the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog anytime at 866-714-6466, or contact them via their web site at http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.com

US Mutual Fund Negligence:

To say that most US Mutual Funds have been negligent in the handling of US Mutual Funds, is an all time understatement, according to the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog. Millions of US citizens have seen their life saving vaporize in US Mutual Funds, in the last two years. Was it rocket science to know that share prices in US banks, investment bankers, retailers, homebuilders, machinery manufacturers, auto companies, and other sectors would all plummet, as a result the US real estate implosion? According to the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog, “so what did mutual fund managers do? Watch or stand by as the stock went to zero?” According to the group, “There needs to be accountability on the part of US Mutual Fund Managers, and there needs to be class actions, or lawsuits for this extreme negligence.” If you are a victim of a significant Mutual Fund loss please feel free to contact the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog anytime at 866-714-6466 or visit their web site at http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.com.

The Wall Street Fraud Watchdog is all about investor protection and Wall Street integrity. For more information cheated US, or International Investors can contact the Wall Street Fraud Watchdog anytime, at 866-714-6466 or visit their web site at http://WallStreetFraudWatchdog.com.


The Childrens Mutual reveals that just one in five parents has a will

London, UK (PRWEB) January 14, 2010

According to new research by leading Child Trust Fund (CTF) provider The Children’s Mutual, just 18% of parents have written a will, yet many are unaware that should the worst happen and the parents die without having appointed a guardian, the child may not be looked after by their chosen carer and it will be up to the courts to decide where they live. The Children’s Mutual is therefore urging parents to make and keep just one New Year’s Resolution this year – to write a will.

According to research by The Children’s Mutual, the majority of parents who hadn’t written a will said it was because the task was ‘sitting on the to do list’ but wasn’t a priority (35%), 32% said they hadn’t found the time and 27% said they couldn’t afford to write a will. To help address these concerns, The Children’s Mutual has put together a simple Will Writing Checklist (http://www.fbwillsdirect.com/clients/common/iframe/index.php?page=wills_guidance&service=wills&client=thechildrensmutual) which is available on request to assist parents ahead of writing a will and is offering a discounted rate for a standard will of

Engage Mutual Confirms The Myth That Men Are Bigger Whiners When Ill Compared To Women

(PRWEB) June 18, 2010

Men are bigger whingers when ill than women, according to new research.

A new survey supports the myth that men complain more about aches and pains than women.

The results show that while women are more likely to complain about minor ailments on a daily basis, men feel the most sorry for themselves when they are actually ill.

And while men are less likely to suffer from real illnesses five bouts a year compared to seven for women – when they do get poorly, they tend to seek maximum amounts of sympathy.

The Engage Mutual survey of 3,000 people shows nearly half of all men exaggerate their symptoms of illness a common cold becomes flu and a headache turns into a full blown migraine.

According to their partners, more than 57 per cent of men become attention seeking when ill, with 65 per cent constantly moaning and groaning.

When it comes to taking time off, men are the real martyrs, with 76 per cent choosing to take their symptoms to work, rather than recover at home.

Karl Elliott at health cash plan provider, Engage Mutual, said:

Men have had a bad press concerning their tendencies towards man flu, but our findings support the belief that men do moan more and are more likely to exaggerate their symptoms.

They may have fewer bouts of genuine sickness a year, five compared to the seven suffered by women, but when ill, their attention seeking behaviour makes sure their partner knows about it.

But even though men look for maximum sympathy, they tend to struggle on, being less likely to take time off work for an illness.

Minor ailments aside, it is important for men to recognise and act on any genuine health concerns.

Whether taking professional advice, or seeking suitable remedies and treatments to aid recovery, it is important to address any issues in order to maintain good levels of health.

Despite 34 per cent of mens partners rarely believing their claims to illness are genuine, 62 per cent can still be relied upon to serve up some sympathy.

Six in 10 find it awful to see their man poorly, and 49 per cent make the effort to wait on them hand and foot. Two thirds of partners whip out to the pharmacy to stock up on requested remedies whenever their man is ill; 46 per cent run them a bath; and 27 per cent provide breakfast in bed.

On the other side of the gender coin, the survey suggests women tend to be more vocal about their aches and pains on a daily basis.

According to their partners, 45 per cent of women have a low pain threshold, and 36 per cent frequently get woman flu.

But if they do become ill, women can rely on some serious tlc. Twenty nine per cent of their partners stated they had taken time off work to care for their woman when sick and 33 per cent say they would always buy flowers, dvds or magazines to cheer them up.

Womens partners also scored higher on getting up in the night (32 per cent) and making them breakfast in bed (29 per cent) when they were ill.

Karl Elliott concluded:

Women score higher than men on being prepared to dole out the sympathy for an attention seeking partner, regardless of whether they believe they are genuinely ill, or not.

But when it comes to doing the little things that make a partner more comfortable when they are ill, men and women seem to be more evenly matched.

ends -

1 Survey conducted for Engage Mutual by OnePoll in May 2010, surveying 3,000 people across Great Britain.



For further information please contact:

Kathryn McLaughlin

Engage Mutual

Tel: 01423 855245

Mob: 07794 283788



Engage Mutual and Yorkshire Bank Join Forces To Conquer Three Peaks, Three Countries in 24 Hours

(PRWEB) June 24, 2010

Representatives from two well known Yorkshire financial organisations have joined forces to raise money for their nominated charities and complete the rigorous national Three Peaks Challenge.

Staff teams from Yorkshire Bank and Engage Mutual will aim to climb Snowdon in Wales, Scafell Pike in Cumbria and Ben Nevis in Scotland, within a gruelling 24 hours from 8am on 23 June to 8am on 24 June.

Yorkshire Banks climbers will raise funds for its charity partner Help the Hospices, a national charity which supports over 200 hospices across the UK; and Engage Mutual has pledged its fundraising efforts to the Steve Prescott Foundation, which raises money for the Christie Cancer Hospital and Try Assist, the Rugby League Benevolent Fund.

Both teams have been training with a number of endurance walks, tackling some of the highest peaks in the Yorkshire Dales, in preparation for the challenge.

Yorkshire Banks Steve Fletcher, Head of Retail Banking England, stated:

Were raising money for three worthy charities, and that alone will give us the motivation needed to cover the 6,800m up and down the three peaks in 24 hours, as well as the best part of 500 miles by road.

The challenge is sure to test us all to the maximum but with some great teamwork Im sure that the Engage & Yorkshire Bank team will be able to complete the task.

Engage Mutuals Business Development Director, Steve Treasure, added:

The decision to take on the Three Peaks Challenge in partnership with Yorkshire Bank extends our successful working partnership, which has been running for more than three years now.

As a joint team, we are putting 100 per cent into the challenge and are hopeful that our efforts will raise much needed funds for our respective worthy charities.

Eighteen months ago, Yorkshire Bank launched the successful Vision tax exempt savings plan in partnership with Engage Mutual. This built on an existing distribution partnership for the Engage Guaranteed over 50 Life Insurance.

For further information please contact:

Kathryn McLaughlin

Engage Mutual Launch New Health Cash Plan To Give Cash Back On Frequent Health Costs

(PRWEB) July 14, 2010

A new health cash plan, designed to provide cash back on the most frequently claimed health costs, has been launched by Engage Mutual.

The Engage Mutual health cash plan focuses on the benefits people use most – dental, optical and complementary therapy costs – giving 100 per cent cash back up to each benefit level limit.

Wearers of spectacles or contact lenses; those who regularly visit the dentist; or those requiring physiotherapy or any of the other complementary therapies included; can enjoy good levels of cash back on these regular outlays. Plan holders simply keep their receipts, fill in a form and claim back

Wayne Mutual Insurance Company and Identity Theft 911 Team to Combat Identity Theft Around Life Events

Wooster, OH (PRWEB) July 14, 2010

Wayne mutual Insurance Company has partnered with the Scottsdale, Arizona – based Identity Theft 911 to offer policyholders coverage that will reimburse costs required to reclaim their lives in the event of identity theft, especially during major life stages such as military deployment and/or the death of a loved one.

In 2009, more than a quarter of a million Americans filed identity theft complaints with the Federal trade Commission. Ohio ranked 29th nationwide, up from 32nd in 2008, and 66 of every 100,000 state residents reported being victims of the crime, nearly twice the rate reported in 2002.

“Identity theft has become a leading concern for our policyholders, particularly as usage of the internet, credit and debit cards and other technology tools has evolved, ” said Timothy P. Suppes, vice president of operations for Wayne Mutual. “Our partnership with Identity Theft 911 will enable us to offer the peace of mind and world-class service our policyholders require should they become victims of identity theft. Together , we can provide both preventative assistance and identity theft resolution services – two appealing options in today’s computer age.”

The service, known as Identity Theft 911 Life Stages, takes a customized approach toward deterring and resolving identity theft particularly during vulnerable phases of policyholders’ lives. Not only will policyholders be able to recoup costs associated with restoring their good name but will also have on-demand access to their own personal certified fraud specialist to walk them through the process and answer any and all of their questions.

The last thing you need to worry about when faced with the death of a loved one, military deployment, major surgery or the birth of a child is the prospect of you and/or your family’s identities being stolen,” said Matt Cullina, CEO of Identity Theft 911. “Wayne Mutual recognizes the critical need for protecting its customers’ reputations in an era of escalating identity theft. We are pleased to be helping them in this fight.”

As part of the coverage, eligible policyholders have access to the following:

Child Risk Identity Assistance For parents and guardians of minor children, fraud specialists keep watch over minors credit file to ensure against misuse a growing crime that often goes undetected for decades.

Military Identity Assistance For active-duty military personnel, especially when stationed abroad, fraud specialists put pro-active military fraud alerts lasting 12 months on the service members credit file.

Identity Relocation Assistance For policyholders who relocate, fraud specialists help safeguard financial, credit and identity data during moves and ensure uninterrupted access to financial accounts, institutions and any needed documentation.

Proactive Fraud Alerts For policyholders looking to fend off fraudulent creation of new credit accounts, fraud specialists place fraud alerts on files maintained by the three major credit bureaus. Alerts notify potential credit grantors to check with policyholders before extending new credit as well as opt policyholders out of most marketing lists.

Estate Identity Assistance – For surviving spouses, fraud specialists help safeguard the identity of a departed spouse from potential misuse by identity thieves and minimize potential risks to the surviving spouses own identity in the case of joint credit accounts and financial documents.

Disaster Recovery Assistance – For disaster victims, fraud specialists help quickly restore destroyed documentation needed to rebuild their lives as well as ensure uninterrupted access to financial institutions and accounts.

Medical Identity Assistance For victims of medical identity theft, fraud specialists help undo the damage from fraudulently filed insurance claims and/or bogus medical services to the greatest extent possible.

About Wayne Mutual

Wayne Mutual Insurance Company has provided property & casualty insurance to Ohio residents since 1910. Headquartered in Wooster, the company markets its products and services exclusively through a statewide network of more than 100 independent agencies.

About Identity Theft 911

A leader in identity-theft prevention, mitigation and education, serving over 4 million households nationwide, Identity Theft 911 provides enterprise-level fraud solutions for a wide range of organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions, colleges and universities, and many of the nations largest insurance companies and corporate benefits providers.

# # #

Mutual of Enumclaw Renews Identity Management Services to Policyholders through IDentity Theft 911 Partnership

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

IDentity Theft 911, the nations premier consultative provider of identity and data risk management, resolution and education services, and Mutual of Enumclaw, today announced that they will continue a six year partnership to offer identity management services to customers. Mutual of Enumclaw customers enjoy IDentity Theft 911 LifeStages

CORRECTING and REPLACING DC Finance Announces the 2007 Annual Institutional Investors Conference on Global Investment Solutions for the Allocation of Its $200+ Billion under Management: DC Finance is Seeking Keynote Speaking Sponsors from the Following Financial Institutions: Investment Banks, Asset Allocation Firms, VCs, REITs, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Global Investment Firms, Forex Firms, Index Funds and Others Who Offer Global Financial Alternatives and Services

TEL AVIV, Israel (PRWEB) June 28, 2007