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Top 10 Ways to Reduce Water Use and Save Money

Arlington, VA (Vocus) March 14, 2008

This World Water Day, March 22nd, The Nature Conservancy is offering simple tips for saving water and helping to restore rivers and lakes around the world.

“World Water Day was established by the United Nations to help create awareness about water issues such as lack of clean drinking water, droughts and hydropower,” said Brian Richter, co-director of The Nature Conservancy’s global freshwater program. “Today, studies about damaged and threatened freshwater systems are appearing with increasing frequency but there are small and tangible steps that each of us can take to help reduce our impacts.”

Virtually all living things depend upon properly functioning rivers, lakes and wetlands for survival. Freshwater systems provide a wealth of natural services that support strong economies, such as sustaining fisheries, delivering nutrients to floodplains, wetlands and estuaries, moderating floods and droughts, purifying water supplies by absorbing pollutants, decomposing waste, and providing a source of drinking water to billions around the globe.

Although lakes and rivers occupy only 0.8 percent of Earth’s surface, these systems have lost a greater proportion of their species and habitats than land or oceans, and the growing human population is placing ever-greater demands on available freshwater supplies. While many parts of the world look to expand water usage to grow food, generate electricity and support industrial production, over 1 billion people live without access to clean drinking water. It is estimated that every eight seconds, a young child dies from lack of water or a waterborne disease.

In the United States alone, we use anywhere from 80 to 100 gallons of water per person every day, for drinking, cooking, showering, washing clothes and dishes, watering our lawns and flushing toilets. This is the highest personal water consumption rate in the world. Because this water comes from rivers, lakes, reservoirs or wells, the more water we use the larger the impact on the environment.

With a few small, simple changes, you can help reduce your water use, leaving more water in the rivers, lakes and other freshwater sources. These changes will also result in a lower water bill so should benefit your home finances as well:


Earn Money Protecting Children Online with WiHood’s “Virtual Laptop” Service

Oslo, Norway (PRWEB) May 6, 2008

WiHood launches its’ WiHood Affiliate program for parents, web site owners, and child protection agencies that wish to earn additional income by subscribing families to WiHood’s child protection and “virtual laptop” service on a USB bracelet.

With WiHood, parents can protect their children online and earn money by having other families subscribe to WiHood’s child protection and “virtual laptop” service. “Parents, web site owners and organizations can reinforce their commitment to protecting children online and earn additional income, simultaneously, by becoming a WiHood Affiliate!” says Thomas F. Anglero, Chairman and CEO of WiHood AS. “Earning money and protecting your children online is possible with WiHood. You will be the envy of all your friends by introducing their families to WiHood while you earn money.”

WiHood’s “virtual laptop” on a USB bracelet is portable and can be worn on the child’s wrist, folded in a pocket or a school bag. WiHood’s USB bracelet is made of non-toxic silicon so it is safe and kid-tough. WiHood’s bracelet protects children online when the parents are not home or while the child is surfing at home, a friend’s, and at school.

WiHood’s is committed to protecting your children online and helping you to earn additional income. Signup to become a WiHood Affiliate right now!

WiHood’s Affiliate Program http://www.wihood.com/affiliate.php

WiHood is based in Oslo (Norway) and was incorporated in August 2007. WiHood has been honored to be awarded funding from Innovation Norway (a division of the Norwegian government providing funding only to Norway’s most innovative companies). WiHood was founded to bridge the digital-divide while protecting children online using Web 2.0 innovations (Web Services and Cloud Computing Technologies). Additional information can be found at http://www.WiHood.com .


The Zalkin Law Firm’s Response to the Newsday Article that Advocates Protecting Church Money Over Helping Sexual Abuse Victims

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 2, 2009

Irwin M. Zalkin, an attorney helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse across the country, has taken on the editors of Newsday. “The Newsday Editorial of April 24 2009, entitled “Keep the State out of the Church,” calls for the State Legislature to abandon the principle of accountability to survivors of the historical scourge of childhood sexual abuse,” stated Zalkin. As Zalkin explains: “While conceding that the Catholic Church harbored sexual predators, the Newsday editors argue that due to the passage of time survivors of this wrongful conduct should not be provided their day in court. Under the editors’ reasoning, neither judge nor jury should be allowed to weigh the evidence of such wrongful harboring of predators and the damage it caused. Instead, due to the mere fact that one day has followed another, survivors, their families, their employers, and society at large must pay for the cost of the damage. Damage inflicted by religious corporations when they committed wrongful acts in their dealings with pedophiles, ephebophiles, and children.”

The editors’ objection to allowing civil actions for past abuse is grounded in the claim that: “Experience has taught us that memories fade, witnesses die and evidence can’t be found.” In response, Zalkin challenges that assertion: “If the passage of time has so damaged the claims of the survivors that they should be denied a fair and open hearing, then how is it that the editors can so boldly print as fact that Catholic Church harbored sexual predators? It is because sufficient evidence of these crimes still exists.”

Zalkin offers the report of the Suffolk County Supreme Court, Special Grand Jury Report, released in February of 2003, as proof that the evidence of these crimes still exist. “In the Diocese of Rockville Center, average citizens, members of a grand jury, armed with subpoena power were able to uncover substantial evidence, both in the form of documents and percipient witness testimony, of the historical fact of childhood sexual abuse committed by religious leaders in their community,” explains Zalkin. “The grand jury uncovered evidence that the local diocese had protected at least 58 abusive priests. The diocese engaged in aggressive tactics that purported to help victims and their families but that actually used intimidation, claims of confidentiality, hush payments, and other means to cover-up abusive conduct.”

Zalkin asserts that “The citizens of the grand jury could not have been any clearer in their February 03 report stating: ‘The Grand Jury concludes that officials in the Diocese failed in their responsibility to protect children. They ignored credible complaints about the sexually abusive behaviors of priests. They failed to act on obvious warning signs of sexual abuse including instances where they were aware that priests had children in their private rooms in the rectory overnight, that priests were drinking alcohol with underage children and exposing them to pornography. Even where a priest disclosed sexually abusive behavior with children officials failed to act to remove him from ministry,’ and ‘The grand jury concludes that the history of the Diocese of Rockville Centre demonstrates that as an institution they are incapable of properly handling issues relating to the sexual abuse of children by priests.”’

“Should everyone, other than the responsible parties, be left to pay for the damage caused by the manner in which the Diocese failed to supervise the 58 men identified by the Grand Jury?” asks Zalkin in response to the position advanced by the Newsday editors.

The editors conclude their analysis by warning that the Legislature risks permitting a secular legal system to decide what a religious community owes its aggrieved faithful. Zalkin responds to that conclusion by stating that: “The United States Supreme Court teaches that even religious conduct can be regulated for the protection of society. There is no valid argument that the sexual abuse of children is beyond review of civil courts simply because the offending hands and minds are otherwise ordained for the service of God. In crying against civil review of religious entities the editors miss the point that the offending entities have availed themselves of the privileges and benefits of civil incorporation under the laws of the State. Through those incorporations, the entities have chosen to operate under, and be subject to, the civil justice system. Rather than crushing the principle of accountability, the editors should express a bit more faith in the abilities of the members of their readership, local citizens serving as judges and juries, to do what is right in light of available evidence.”

With offices in New York and San Diego, The Zalkin Law Firm is one of the premier sexual abuse and personal injury law firms in the country. The firm’s lawyers have achieved groundbreaking results in numerous high-profile clergy abuse cases across the United States. Mr. Zalkin has negotiated over $ 200 million in settlements in Catholic clergy sex abuse cases.

Mr. Zalkin is available to speak to the media about clergy sexual abuse and the Child Victim’s Act of New York (A2596). Please call Lisa Maynes (212-889-1300) to arrange interviews. To speak to Mr. Zalkin about legal representation, please call The Zalkin Law Firm (212-889-1300).

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InstantAmber Helps Upromise Members Protect Their Children and Save Money for College

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) May 14, 2009

InstantAmber (http://www.instantamber.com) is proud to announce that it has teamed up with Upromise, the largest private source of college funding contributions, to help families save instantly on a child safety service and education. Now, Upromise’s ten million members can access InstantAmber’s service, which offers a $ 9 reward for college when you sign up for Instant Amber’s program through 05/31/09. After the promotional offer ends, Upromise members will receive a $ 4 reward for college!

“Upromise was, is and shall continue to be the easiest and smartest way for parents to save for their children’s college education. InstantAmber and Upromise share a common mission of providing unique and valuable service to parents and their children, and we’re excited to expand the cash back rewards for their members.” Matt Berman, Founder, InstantAmber

“InstantAmber.com is a critical resource to help ensure the safety and protection of children in America and in partnering with Upromise, provides a critical program that Upromise members can take advantage of while at the same time helping families save money for college,” says Tony Buglione, Business Development Manager, Upromise.

InstantAmber is excited to offer Upromise’s members cash for their children’s college savings accounts. InstantAmber is found in two categories: Baby, Kids & Toys: Baby Gear and Services: General services. To locate InstantAmber on Upromise’s website, please visit http://www.shop.upromise.com and search by using the Keyword “InstantAmber” or look in the categories mentioned above.

About Upromise:

Launched in April 2001, today Upromise is a major, private source of college funding contributions in America, with over 10 million members and more than $ 475 million in member rewards. Membership is free and can help families save money for college while making everyday purchases of products and services at more than 21,000 grocery and drug stores, 10,000 gas stations, 8,500 restaurants and over 600 online shopping sites. Upromise participating companies include Bank of America, ExxonMobil Corporation, Bed Bath & Beyond

Save Money on Health Care with 10 Tips from Bills.com

San Mateo, Calif. (Vocus) August 5, 2009

Health care is in the headlines these days as President Obama and Congress attempt to hammer out a way to make health care costs more affordable for Americans, who cite medical bills as one of the leading causes of debt and bankruptcy.

While the politicians debate, Ethan Ewing, president of Bills.com, has put together these 10 ways to save on medical care:


M&S Money launches new flexi cash ISA option

London, UK (PRWEB) February 11, 2010

The Chelsea premiership footballer Michael Essien, represented by London law firm Schillings, has won his libel claim (case #HQ09X02164) against the People newspaper.

Libel (http://www.schillings.co.uk/Legal-services/Legal-terms/Defamation-libel/) proceedings were issued against MGN Limited, the publisher of the People newspaper, following the publication of two articles. The first article, published on 25 May 2008, carried the headline “Chelsea Cheat Michael Essien: I’ll Stand by my Love Child”. This was followed by another article on 3 May 2009 under the headline “Sex Cheat Star Essien Gets Boot”.

The articles claimed that Mr Essien had cheated on his long term partner by having numerous affairs with other women and fathered a child behind his partner’s back. As a result, his partner had called off their wedding. These allegations were found to be false and grossly defamatory towards Mr Essien.

The People has accepted that these allegations are untrue, and has paid Mr Essien substantial damages as well as agreeing to pay his legal costs. The People have also undertaken not to repeat the allegations.

In its apology, the People said: “On 25 May 2008 and 3 May 2009 we reported that Michael Essien had cheated on his long term girlfriend Nadia Buari by having numerous affairs behind her back including one in which he fathered a child. On 3 May we reported that as a result of his behaviour Ms Buari called their wedding off. We now accept that these allegations are untrue. We apologise to Mr Essien for any distress or embarrassment caused.”

A representative of Schillings (http://www.schillings.co.uk/) who represented Michael Essien said: “There has been a lot of inaccurate reporting concerning Michael and he was not prepared to allow this misreporting to continue.”

Schillings also said that, “these allegations were not put to Michael or his representatives prior to publication and had the People done so they would have been informed of their utter falsity.”

Caroline McAteer of The Sports PR Company said on behalf of Michael Essien: “Michael is delighted to have won his case and to have set the record straight. He would have preferred not to take action, but had no alternative in this case. Michael is pleased that this matter has now been resolved.”

Notes to Editors:

Case number HQ09X02164

About Schillings:

Schillings is one of Britain’s top law firms specialising in reputation management for footballers (http://www.schillings.co.uk/Legal-services/Sports/), their clubs and other sports personalities. They also help protect corporate reputations (http://www.schillings.co.uk/Corporate-clients/Reputations/ ), brands, celebrities and high-profile business people. The firm’s track-record in defamation, privacy law (http://www.schillings.co.uk/Legal-services/Legal-terms/Privacy-law/) and copyright cases, as well as commercial dispute resolution is second to none.

Defamation privacy and copyright are at the heart of the firm’s work, prompting The Independent newspaper to call Schillings a “spectacularly efficient media law firm.”

Schillings clients include the recording artist Madonna, supermodel Naomi Campbell, seven times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, Harry Potter author JK Rowling, pharmaceuticals maker GlaxoSmithKline, steel maker Arcelor Mittal, the Harrods Group and the London Stock Exchange.

For further enquiries please:

Christopher Mills

Commercial Director

41 Bedford Square



+44(0)20 7034 9000



Raise Money for Charity – by Parking your Car

(PRWEB) January 9, 2011

The UK’s largest off-airport parking company is donating 50p to the NSPCC every time a Park and Ride booking is made at one of its seven UK car parks in 2011.

The donation doesn’t cost the customer a penny – meaning people can still enjoy giving without leaving themselves short in tough economic times.

Airparks has fully secured car parks at Gatwick, Luton, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff and East Midlands airports.

The NSPCC – the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children – has been working to fight cruelty to children for more than 125 years. The charity helps children who have been abused and works with families who need support. It provides the NSPCC helpline, for adults with concerns about the safety of a child, and ChildLine, where children can get help and advice either on the phone or online.

Airparks brand manager James Thompson said: “We are proud and delighted to be supporting the NSPCC’s important work protecting children.

“This is a first for us – we set ourselves a target of

Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc. Introduces New Camouflage Wristband to Raise Money for our Troops and their Families

Orem, Utah (PRWEB) October 06, 2011

Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc. today announced the new camouflage silicone wristband version 2.0. The new custom-designed camouflage wristbands are designed to bolster support for the men and women of the U.S. military and to raise money to help them and their families during their time of service and sacrifice. Marked with the words FREEDOM * LIBERTY along with a hologram with the American Flag and words “Support our Troops.” The wristbands were created to garner increased support for our troops fighting the war on terror and to serve as a reminder so that we don’t forget those who serve.

Steve Cloward director of marketing and sales said “Too often we forget those who serve and sacrifice so much for us each day. Many of our troops struggle from financial hardships, injuries, PTSD, from being away from loved ones, and many families loose a loved one in service. Bands for Freedom wristbands serve as a reminder of the daily sacrifice our troops and their families make to protect our country and freedom. We must not forget those who serve and sacrifice so much.” Cloward also says “you will feel good about yourself by wearing the new band for freedom wristband, and we guarantee it.”

Bands For Freedom Foundation continues to support the troops by contributing all after-cost revenue from their wristband sales to the Armed Forces Relief Trust (AFRT) and Stars for Stripes Foundation. The Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc. has been one of the AFRTs most ardent contributors, having raised more than $ 250,000 for the organization.

About Bands For Freedom Foundation, Inc.

Created in 2004, Bands For Freedom follows the lead of its predecessor, Freedombands, Inc., and has become an enormously popular supplier of patriotic silicone wristbands. Designed to aid Americans in making a respectful and unified statement in honor of the men and women of the armed forces, Bands For Freedom donates all after-cost proceeds to the Armed Forces Relief Trust.

About The Armed Forces Relief Trust

The Armed Forces Relief Trust is a unique non-profit fund created to collect donations for U.S. troops and their families. The AFRT has a proud history of providing needed funds for men and women of the armed forces and their families and, unlike many other charitable organizations, distributes 100 percent of the money it raises among the five divisions of the military. The AFRT helps soldiers and their families cover basic living expenses such as rent, food, utilities and car repairs, and offers interest-free loans and grants to help with bills while soldiers are away serving their country. Soldiers who must travel back to the United States for a funeral, the birth of a child or other emergencies can turn to the AFRT to access the money they need to travel.

About Stars for Stripes Foundation

Stars For Stripes is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality celebrity entertainment to internationally deployed U.S. military forces. Bringing together professionals from aviation, entertainment and the military, Stars For Stripes is improving the overseas tour experience for performers, sponsors, donors, and most importantly, for the dedicated men and women protecting our national interests.

Media and Fundraising Contact:

Steve Cloward 888-658-6669

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Sensible New Years Resolution? Protect You and Your Family! 5 Money Saving Tips When Purchasing Term Life Insurance

(PRWEB UK) 6 January 2012

UK consumers are coming to terms with the fact that 17% of deaths occur before the age of 65. Despite the harsh economic conditions, many young adults are turning to term life insurance as the affordable way to safeguard their families future. Term life insurance is the cheapest way to ensure the financial impact of an early death to dependents is as small as possible, and can be used to cover mortgage expenses, credit card debts, a childs university education and to compensate for lost income.

Providing free quotes from the top UK insurers, http://www.termlifeinsurancequotes.co.uk/ recommends the following 5 tips to consider when looking for life insurance quotes:

1. Buy young Those who are young and healthy will receive the lowest quotes, so consider buying early to ensure low rates for as long as possible. They are also likely to have a lot pay for, with a new mortgage and with young children.

2. Extras Consider anything else that may need to covered for extras can be added to ensure families can cope in the event of the breadwinner being diagnosed with a critical illness.

3. Type Annual renewable, level term, increasing/decreasing life insurance consumers should research the different types of term life insurance to get the most suitable one and to know exactly when premiums will be reviewed

4. Debts Policies should pay enough to cover any existing debts, such as mortgages and credit cards, and still leave enough to compensate for the loss of income. The policy must be affordable but 6 to 10 times the annual income is recommended

5. Shop around Always compare suppliers to find the most suitable policy, at the best price

About http://www.termlifeinsurancequotes.co.uk/

Termlifeinsurances quote service gives users access to all of the top deals, comparing 100s of policies from the very best insurers to find the best price available. The service is designed to be simple to use, finding the most suitable policy whilst saving both time and money. Each quote is free, non-committal and completely bespoke, tailored to each users individual circumstance and budget, giving piece of mind and protecting families futures.


Accounts Receivable Collection Agency, Rapid Recovery Solutions, Comments On CNN Money Article Revealing Shocking Threats To Collect Debts

Bohemia, N.Y. (PRWEB) February 09, 2013

On February 9, John Monderine, CEO of Rapid Recovery Solution, comments on an article published by CNN Money, which lists some of the recent unprofessional ways collectors are going after debtors.

According to the article published by CNN Money, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act forbids collectors from threatening debtors by using violence, explicit language, continuous calling, inflating a debt and posing as lawyers. The laws also state that a collector cant tell debtors they will arrest them or take money from paychecks unless ordered by a court.

The article lists a plethora of ways debt collectors have illegally tried to satisfy a debt, including threats to take away children, posing as a law firm, promising to hurt pets or even digging up dead bodies.

A collection agency was fined over $ 700,000 last month after one of its collectors attempted to collect outstanding funeral debts, the article said. The collector threatened to dig up the graves of the debtors children and hang them on a tree or leave them outside the debtors door.

John Monderine, CEO of accounts receivable collection agency Rapid Recovery Solution, said harassing and threatening debtors will not speed up the collection process. Insulting them and threatening them is just going to push them away and force them to take legal action against you, he said. While the main objective is to satisfy a debt, collectors need to realize its better to assist the debtor than attack them or back them into a corner. Offer them solutions to how they can pay the debt.

Another recent tactic was threatening to take a debtors kids away by calling Child Protective Services, the article said. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) banned a debt collector from using tactics like threatening to arrest or put a debtor in jail. The article said the collector told consumers that when they go to jail, police or child protective services would take their minor children into government custody.

Monderine said the FTC had every right to take legal actions against those collectors. As collectors, we have legal responsibilities and laws to abide by, he said. No matter how frustrating some debtors might be, we cant make our own exceptions to the laws. Its a violation of debt collection practices, as well as invasion of privacy.

Founded in 2006, Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. is headquartered at the highest point of beautiful Long Island. Rapid Recovery Collection Agency is committed to recovering your funds. We believe that every debtor has the ability to pay if motivated correctly. We DO NOT alienate the debtors; we attempt to align with them and offer a number of ways to resolve not only your debt but also all their debts.