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Operation Freedom Bell Campaign Joins Beth Moore, Ltcol Oliver North And Travis Cottrell To Provide Delivery Of Bibles To U.S. Military Troops

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) September 18, 2008

Indelible Creative Group recently announced two unprecedented projects for this holiday season, Operation Freedom Bell and new Travis Cottrell project, Ring The Bells.

A highlight of the Cottrell project release goes further than the music. Ring the Bells will be a launching point for Operation Freedom Bell, which brings hope, encouragement and Bibles to U.S. Soldiers who are serving overseas.

The purchase of each solid-brass Freedom Bell for only ten dollars provides an American solider with an “American Heroes” New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. When a Freedom Bell is purchased, both the consumer and the solider will also receive video downloads from LtCol Oliver North and Beth Moore, along with a MP3 single from Travis Cottrell. Bells may be purchased and Bibles sent online through http://www.operationfreedombell.org, as well as through select retail and additional ministry outlets. At the Operation Freedom Bell website, there are also forums to hear directly from the soldiers and leave your prayers and thoughts for them as well.

“Often in life we ask ourselves: ‘How can I make a difference?'” Jeff Sheets, president & CEO of Son Companies & E3, a partner in Operation Freedom Bell. “Operation Freedom Bell was founded with the desire to provide a tangible way to keep our American Heroes at the forefront of our hearts and prayers and to be a supply line of the most important gifts we can give, God’s Word. You can make a difference, most importantly in praying for our troops and you can make an eternal impact by giving them God’s Word. In a real sense, participation in Operation Freedom Bell is one of the more tangible ways each of us can make a difference in the lives of men and women serving and protecting around the world.”

Operation Freedom Bell is a movement encouraging prayer and the opportunity to physically place the Word of God into the hands of men and women who need hope in the battlefield and encouragement from those they are serving. Travis Cottrell, Beth Moore, and LtCol Oliver North will lead this initiative, but it will be up to the American people to keep it fueled and keep the bells ringing.

Both the Ring the Bells CD and the Freedom Bell will be available at retail, online, and at Cottrell’s live tour events nationwide on October 7, 2008, through Indelible Creative Group / Word Entertainment. Cottrell will be touring this fall at Beth Moore Living Proof Live, and will be performing in December on Compassion International’s Gloria tour with Cindy Morgan and Shaun Groves.

For more information on Operation Freedom Bell and Travis Cottrell’s new project, please visit:



Beth Moore

Beth Moore was born on an Army base in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the fourth child of a retired Army major and a homemaker. Beth founded Living Proof Ministries in 1994 with the purpose of teaching women how to love and live on God’s Word. Upon completion of a tour of New England this fall, Beth’s Living Proof Live conferences will have taken her to all fifty states since 1994. The events have been attended by more than 658,000 women.

LtCol Oliver North is a Vietnam veteran awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts during his twenty-two years of service as a United States Marine. Later, he was assigned to the National Security Council staff by former President Ronald Reagan, who called North “an American hero.” Today, he is a New York Times best-selling author, syndicated columnist, and host of the award-winning War Stories documentary series on the FOX News Channel. North has four children, eleven grandchildren, and lives with his wife in Virginia.

Indelible Creative Group, E3Resources, makers and distributers of the EvangeCube, Son Companies, and BuzzPlant are the partners.

For more information:

L.A.B Media

Lesley Burbridge-Bates or Lori Lenz

(615) 567.6201

lesley.bates @ labmediaonline.com

lori.lenz @ labmediaonline.com


Rights of Guantanamo Detainees and Military Personnel, Immigration Reform, Post-Catastrophe Relief, Among Issues Addressed by ABA Policy-Making Body

Boston (Vocus) February 17, 2009

The American Bar Association House of Delegates today adopted nearly three dozen new measures as ABA policy, including critical proposals affecting the rights of military personnel and Guantanamo detainees, immigration reform and relief after disasters.

To view the actions taken by the House, click here.

Among significant policies passed, the House voted to urge the Obama administration to ensure that any detainees who are expected to be charged with crimes be prosecuted in federal district courts, unless the attorney general certifies they cannot be prosecuted in such courts but can be prosecuted in other regularly constituted courts consistent with due process, the laws of war, the Geneva Conventions and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Delegates also urged that any detainees no longer considered to be enemy combatants be released or resettled, and any currently detained enemy combatants be granted prompt habeas corpus hearings with full due process.

Additionally, the House overwhelmingly opposed the imposition of federal jurisdiction over child custody cases involving members of the military. The House urged that states enact legislation to prohibit denial of custody to a servicemember based solely on absence due to military deployment.

The House also passed a resolution to help ensure access to justice and due process for those charged with civil immigration violations. This act was partly a reaction to a notable immigration enforcement action taken last year when 400 workers at a Postville, Iowa, plant were arrested without due process.

Two separate House resolutions dealt with a change to the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, specifically addressing firm-to-firm lateral hires of lawyers. Prior to House action, a rule prohibited lateral-hire lawyers from representing clients with whom their new firm has a conflict of interest without a waiver from the affected clients. Both proposals set out to ease prohibitions on client representation, and after vigorous debate, the House approved the resolution requiring screening of lawyers to resolve such conflicts.

Other House resolutions included a set of comprehensive measures seeking to reduce harm and litigation after catastrophes. Citing recent disasters such as the California wildfires and flooding in the Midwest, the House adopted these measures, including ones that urge broadening the availability of insurance protection for storm damage, enacting programs to increase the availability of affordable insurance, establishing federal standards for damage-resistant building codes and encouraging capital markets to finance catastrophic risk, among other goals.

In other action, the House voted to urge prompt access to legal counsel for child victims of criminal conduct, encourage legislation enabling permanent legal residents of the United States to sponsor partners of the same sex for permanent residency and to urge the federal government to create an infrastructure in support of adult guardianship. Watch videos of prominent speakers and events at the Midyear Meeting, hear views of members attending and more at the Midyear Meeting Online Web site at http://www.abavideonews.org/ABA548/

With more than 400,000 members, the American Bar Association is the largest voluntary professional membership organization in the world. As the national voice of the legal profession, the ABA works to improve the administration of justice, promotes programs that assist lawyers and judges in their work, accredits law schools, provides continuing legal education, and works to build public understanding around the world of the importance of the rule of law.

Editor’s Note: The recommendations, as acted upon, are available online. Or, for additional information, contact ABA News at 312-988-6171 or 202-662-1090.

This distribution list is a service to the news media from the American Bar Association Division for Media Relations and Communication Services. Your e-mail address will only be used within the ABA and its entities. We do not sell or rent e-mail addresses to anyone outside the ABA. To change your e-mail listing or be removed from our distribution lists, please contact the Media Relations Department at 312/988-6171.

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Confidant Solutions and Our Military Kids Partner to Promote Family Protection While Supporting Military Families

Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) November 3, 2009

Confidant Solutions Inc. and Our Military Kids today announced a joint promotion beginning on Veterans Day, November 11, 2009, and continuing through January 10, 2010. The campaign is aimed at raising funds for grants that will be awarded during the month of April, 2010, in celebration of the Month of the Military Child.

Our Military Kids is a rapidly growing, innovative non-profit that addresses important gaps in support for the children of National Guard, Reserve, and severely injured military personnel. When a military parent is deployed overseas or recovering from severe injury at home, extracurricular activities become all the more important for keeping kids involved and on track. More than 85,000 children are affected by the deployment of a National Guard or Reserve parent and over 60% of these families live further than 25 miles from a military installation. Consequently, the numerous programs and support services provided on bases are not an option for many Guard and Reserve families. Our Military Kids enables Guard and Reserve children to participate in any extracurricular program that they choose, giving children the freedom to pursue their own interests in athletics, academics, or the arts in the community in which they live. Our Military Kids has awarded over 13,000 grants totaling $ 4.8 million and is growing as awareness of its mission spreads.

Confidant Solutions Inc. provides an innovative, secure online technology that protects families by addressing an important gap in family information: that family members frequently do not know the information that would be needed in case of emergency, and have no easy, secure way to share such information. Confidant makes available readily online information such as the location of vital documents, contact details for key people, the institutions where accounts and policies are held, and location of important objects, using an intuitive icon-driven interface with bank-standard security. Confidant is easier than an electronic vault because it does not require uploading or managing electronic documents; users simply enter relevant details such as document location and key contacts, and then share this critical information with designated “confidants” by granting them customized permissions to view selected details. Confidants can be added or deleted, or their access permissions changed, at any time.

Confidant and Our Military Kids have collaborated because of the philosophical alignment of their missions: protecting families by providing innovative solutions to address important gaps. The American public recognizes the need to protect their own families, as well as the special needs of military families who are making sacrifices on behalf of all of us says Confidant founder Samuel Sandy Haviland. We are very pleased to partner with Our Military Kids in promoting a way that families can serve both needs, by donating a portion of their Confidant subscriptions to help fund grants for military children. Mary Carolyn Voght, Director of Special Projects for Our Military Kids, says Its a great way to give back to those who are sacrificing to make our nation a better place for us all.

The larger the number of Confidant subscriptions, the larger the number of grants that will be funded in April to support the children of deployed Guard and Reserve personnel and the children of severely injured service members. Confidant can be found online at http://www.beconfidant.com and users can ensure support of the Our Military Kids grant program by entering the promotional code OMK at the time of their subscriptions.

About Confidant Solutions Inc.

Confidant Solutions Inc. provides secure technology for tracking and sharing vital personal information to protect families with a system that helps ensure access to information by those who would need it. Confidant subscriptions are available online, or can be obtained through various channel partners. Please visit http://www.beconfidant.com for further information about the company and ConfidantTM.

About Our Military Kids

Our Military Kids provides tangible support to children of deployed National Guard and Reserve personnel as well as to children of severely injured service members through grants for enrichment activities and tutoring. Such activities help these children cope with the stress of having a parent in a war zone or recovering from injury at home. Please visit http://www.ourmilitarykids.org for further information.


Mary Carolyn Voght

Our Military Kids

(703) 615-6520

Lisa Head

Confidant Solutions Inc.



Cutting College Costs for Americas Military Families

Ocean City, NJ (PRWEB) May 14, 2010

College Success for Less (http://www.collegesuccessforless.com), a leading company created to save parents of high school students money on their childs college education, today announced that they have partnered with USA Cares (http://usacares.org/), a company providing financial and advocacy assistance to post 9/11 active duty US military service personnel, veterans and their families. College Success for Less is working with USA Cares to offer its educational program to military families for free.

Based in Ocean City, New Jersey, College Success for Less was founded in 2008 by College Professors Bill Quain, Ph.D. and Joseph Corabi Ed.D, and businessman Jack Krutsick. The companys motto is simple: Parents Pay Less While Their Kids Get More Out of College. The company saves the average student between $ 4,000 and $ 20,000 at almost any college over the course of their education.

College Success for Less has a step-by-step program, with a unique, ongoing support system. The program includes a book that provides readers all the background information they need to pay less and get more out of college, including information on tuition discounts, loans, and scholarships. The program also includes a workbook, audio tips and a DVD with video from a live, cost-cutting workshop. Parents also receive access to a members-only website where they can ask questions 24/7. The cost of the program, including the website, workbook, book, and DVD is only $ 99/year.

College Success for Less reached out to USA Cares, wanting to help military families overcome one of their biggest problems paying for college. Through the College Success for Less program, service members and their families receive a free course on cutting costs and saving money on a college education.

We are thrilled to be working with USA Cares. This is the least we can do to say thank you to our troops and their families, said Bill Quain, Ph.D, Founder, College Success for Less. We work hard to help parents cut college costs. After beginning our work with USA Cares, we also expanded our services to include tips for using the GI Bill to offset costs. Our military personnel served our country, now we want to serve them and their families.

Anyone who is serving, has served, or is a direct descendant of someone who served (child, grandchild) and their spouses are eligible for free membership to the program and can e-mail Bill Quain at bill(at)collegesuccessforless(dot)com for information regarding a free password, a digital book, workbook and 24 hours online service.

For more information on College Success for Less, visit http://www.collegesuccessforless.com.

About College Success for Less

College Success for Less is a unique American company dedicated to helping parents pay less, and helping students get more out of college. Saving the average student between $ 4,000 and $ 20,000 at almost any college over the course of their education, College Success for Less has a step-by-step program that provides users all the background information they need to cut costs at college. For more information, visit http://www.collegesuccessforless.com.

About USA Cares

USA Cares exists to help bear the burdens of service by providing post-9/11 military families with financial and advocacy support in their time of need. Assistance is provided to all branches of service, all components, all ranks while protecting the privacy and dignity of those military families and veterans who request our help. Since 2003, USA Cares has responded to over 22,000 requests for assistance with more than $ 7,000,000 in direct support grants.

USA Cares is a Kentucky based 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization founded in 2003 and registered with the IRS.

Contact Information:

Bill Quain

College Success for Less




Lifeline Direct Insurance Services Now Offering Life Insurance for Active Duty Military with No War Zone Exclusion

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 31, 2011

Working in any part of military entails lots of responsibilities. Military men and women adhere to the duty of protecting the country even if it means they might lose their life. Due to the danger and perilous circumstances that military service members face, getting an adequate life insurance policy is a necessity.

The military offers a Service members’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) program, but it is a low cost insurance that covers the basics. SGLI benefits are sometimes not just enough cover the needs of the solder’s loved ones. SGLI only amounts to $ 50,000 up to $ 400,000 in coverage, which is definitely not adequate enough for the needs of soldiers that have families with young children, as well as soldiers who have substantial debts that will need to be paid off if they should die. Many service men and women worry about how their children will be able to afford college if they die. Securing their child’s future is one main reason why many military service members choose to have a supplementary private term life insurance. Many military service members want to supplement with another insurance plan, to ensure that their family will have plenty of money to cover their debts, their funeral expenses, and still have some left over to take care of their family for many years.

A supplementary private term life insurance is also ideal because the plans are affordable and military service members can be confident that their families will be compensated appropriately in case they die. While these men and women are away from their families on active duty, they will have the peace of mind knowing that their insurance coverage will be enough to adequately take care of the needs of their families.

Typically private insurance coverage can equal up to 20X the proposed isureds annual income and the military service member will be able to maintain the insurance even if they retire or leave the military. Lifeline Direct Insurance Services is working with multiple insurance carriers to ensure that the men and women of the armed forces and families alike are protected with generous and affordable term life insurance coverage. To get a term life insurance quote, visit the agency website at http://www.lifelinedirectinsurance.com or call toll free 877-805-9624.


Butterfly Effects Teams with Camp Lejeune Wife to Eliminate Artificial Barrier to Critical Autism Services for North Carolina’s Military Families

Pompano, FL (PRWEB) February 23, 2012

This spring, the North Carolina General Assembly will consider HB487, a bill that expands the definition of who can provide Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children with autism. Presently, only licensed psychologists are permitted. The problem, which appears to be one of language, might seem like a trivial one, were it not so critical to the lives of the 10,000 children diagnosed with autism in North Carolina, and had the legislation not already been delayed a year, a dangerous waste of time considering how critical is is to provide early intervention to children with autism..

This problem is dangerously acute among military families as their TRICARE insurance requires that ABA is delivered by clinicians certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). As there are no more than 20 licensed NC psychologists certified by the BACB, an artificial barrier to services is keeping the children of military personnel stationed in North Carolina from receiving the only kind of therapy that will allow them to realize lives of achievement and inclusion.

The BACB standard is becoming the accepted norm across the nation, (10,000 certifications have been issued worldwide), which means that military families raising children with autism in other states know that their children can lose access to essential services they are presently receiving if the family is transferred to North Carolina.

Donna Anders is the wife of a United States Marine stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Together with her husband, who is presently deployed, she is raising three sons, one of whom has autism. Autism can present itself in many ways. With Donnas son, there are challenges with self-injury, elopement, non-communication, and PICA, an eating disorder typified by the compulsive eating of non-food items. Sometimes those challenges can be as frightening as they are overwhelming.

During one military move, Donna was unpacking boxes when she looked up and noticed her son was gone. She and her neighbors frantically searched for the boy and contacted military police, who after an hour found him naked in a river that was posted as a ‘Protected American Alligator Area’.

Raising a child with autism requires various kinds of help no matter what the situation. For Marine families who must move from base to base and deal with constant deployments, that need can be especially acute. Finding a child who runs off is important, but just as important is the kind of help that allows a child with autism the opportunity to enjoy a life of realized potential and inclusion. Mrs. Anders is involved with an effort to make sure that Marine families in North Carolina continue to get that kind of help, but she is going to require an assist from North Carolina voters.

Fortunately for the Anders, their son is eligible to receive support from Butterfly Effects, a national provider serving individuals with autism and other chronic challenges. Over the course of the last few years, the intensive behavioral intervention provided by Butterfly Effects has helped their child successfully adapt to the severe difficulties that once required him to be watched 24/7. Today, he is realizing options for inclusion and enrichment that did not seem remotely possible just a few years ago. (Read about this support at http://butterflyeffects.com/services/for-children-with-autism)

That help has also allowed Donna Anders the breathing space she needs to play her good fortune forward. She is standing up to ask that military families stationed at Camp Lejeune, as well as other bases in North Carolina, be allowed access to the same services that her son receives. To this end, she is rallying support for passage of HB487 by the North Carolina General Assembly.

Passage of this important bill will not cost the voters of North Carolina a single dime, yet it has been passed over, delayed, and tabled now for over a year. If enacted, this bill will simply allow military families more ready access to therapeutic support based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

As a therapeutic approach for children with autism, ABA stands alone. It is the only type of treatment that is regarded objectively substantiated as effective by the Association for Science in Autism Treatment. This opinion is shared by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the U.S. Surgeon General, and the FDA.

The U.S. Department of Defense concurs and now funds ABA interventions for children with autism through its TRICARE military insurance. TRICARE requires that these services be delivered by individuals certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board, recognized by most states as the official standard-bearer for ABA. To be an approved provider of ABA-based support requires stringent training and testing. A BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) must also hold a relevant masters degree. BCaBAs (assistant analysts) who work with clients under the supervision of BCBAs are required to hold a bachelors degree.

However, current North Carolina regulation requires that licensed psychologists must be the ones who deliver all ABA-based services. And theres the rub.

In recent years, the state law, which supersedes TRICARE regulations, has made it difficult to find qualified psychologists to serve children in the state. According to Charlotte Fudge, Butterfly Effects CEO, The North Carolina rule disqualifies highly competent and certified ABA specialists who are permitted to practice in other states. This leads to delays and delays are never good, as the younger a child receives services, the more positive the outcome. (Learn about ABA at http://butterflyeffects.com/company/aba-supports)

Thanks to the diligence of Butterfly Effects, the waiting list for services, which once stretched 25 families long at Camp Lejeune, has been erased for now, but that offers little assurance to those families whose lives are dependent on ABA services.

ABA therapy has given our son the skills he needs to function and communicate, says Mrs. Anders. Knowing that I had a therapist working with my son and seeing that he was making progress enabled our family to make it through my husbands deployments, says Mrs. Anders. ABA saved my child and the well being of my family. Now she wants to make certain that other families are saved.

On February 27th at 1:00 PM, Donna Anders will speak at the City Hall Military Affairs Meeting in Jacksonville NC on behalf of the legislation. Come May, she joins State Representative Phil Shepard in pushing for the bill before the General Assembly.

Mrs. Anders wants all North Carolina patriots to stand up with her.

She is hoping for good turnouts of support at these meetings and is asking that North Carolina voters contact their legislators by phone or email as a way to support the bill and thank our military families.

To locate addresses and phone numbers for North Carolina legislators, visit http://www.ncleg.net/GIS/representation/Representation.html

Be sure to identify HB487 by number in any written or spoken messages.

ALSO of NOTE for all families raising children with autism: At last count, 29 states now require carriers to provide insurance for autism treatment. North Carolina is not yet one, but it is considering its own insurance reform bill, HB115. Linked with HB478, that bill has met with similar delays and is also scheduled for consideration this spring.

Find out more about TRICARE Autism services for Military families at http://butterflyeffects.com/services/autism-services-for-military-families.

Donna Anders can be reached at donnaanders44(at)gmail(dot)com.


ChildSharing.com Honors Military Families with a Discount Offer on all Online Parenting Classes

Carson City, NV (PRWEB) March 07, 2012

In appreciation of active and retired U.S. military personnels service to our country, ChildSharing.com offers a 50% discount to military personnel (active or retired), their spouses, and civilian military employees. Additionally, online parenting classes offered on federal holidays are free to military personnel.

Military divorce rate has reached its highest level since 1999, with nearly 30,000 marriages terminating in fiscal year 2011, according to a December 2011 Defense Department report. Massive troop withdrawals may ironically be to blame for the rising military divorce rate, along with the wear of repeated deployments that strain relationships and alter behavior. Spouses at home and spouses returning often must deal with each other for the first time in years. Returning veterans are susceptible to the stressors of life. They may have a difficult time working through marital challenges, and separation or divorce are increasingly seen as solutions.

Along with offering a significant discount to military personnel, to help reverse the statistics, ChildSharing.com is working with nonprofit agencies across the country to introduce or enhance online reunification programs. When our courageous men and women in all military branches come back from war, there are limited resources for themselves and their families. There are numerous issues that need to be tended in support programs that are not readily available. ChildSharing.com has had excellent success with online programs helping parents in transition across the country, therefor offering assistance to the military through an online medium, may offer great benefit.

“We are grateful to now have the opportunity to support the brave men and women who serve our country, and were proud of the opportunity to give back to veterans since they have given so much to us, said Lori LaVigne, Education Planner for ChildSharing.com. There is truly no way we can properly thank the members of the U.S. Armed Forces for all that they do to protect and serve our country and maintain our country’s freedom. This program is a small way we are able to show our respect and support to the soldiers that serve and to help their families by making life a bit easier for them.”

Founded in 2008,ChildSharing, Inc. is dedicated to better educating and supporting families. ChildSharing, Inc. works with experts across the country to educate families in transition. For more information on our experts, or for additional questions regarding ChildSharing, Inc., visit ChildSharing.com.

New Book Offers Emotional Boot Camp for Military Moms

Bennett, CO (PRWEB) April 21, 2012

What happens to our natural instinct, as a mother, to protect our child when he or she is ordered to one of the most dangerous places in the world? What gets us through the day? How do we survive? These are the questions Tracie Ciambotti, author of the new book Battles of the Heart: Boot Camp For Military Moms (published by WestBow Press), asked herself when her son, Josh, was sent to Baghdad. Ciambotti sensed that thousands of moms across the country were also asking these same questions, and she felt burdened to help.

Ciambottis son, Josh, enlisted in the U.S. Army two days after he graduated from high school in 2005. Five months later he was on his way to Baghdad and the reality of war began to sink into the depths of Ciambottis heart. She describes this period as an emotional battle.

Its the theme of my book the emotional battle that occurs when your child deploys to a war zone, says Ciambotti. Battles of the Heart is my personal experience of the war that was raging in my mind and heart while my son was fighting the war in Iraq. My son was trained and ready for his war. I, as a parent, had no idea that I was marching into my own battle at home. Part II of my Boot Camp for Military Moms is a training guide to prepare military moms and family members for the emotional challenges of deployments.

The importance of Battles of the Heart, says Ciambotti, is it exposes the burden placed on our military families from multiple deployments and the need for a systematic approach to supporting the parents and extended families of our service members. My personal struggle with the challenges of military life and the lack of support available for the families of our service members inspired me to write Battles of the Heart.

Ciambotti hopes her new work will reach not only military families, but all families.

My hope is for this book to increase awareness to the civilian community of the sacrifices made by military families and promote an understanding that our nations freedom is not free service members and their families pay a very real price for our freedom.

About the Author

Tracie Ciambotti is the co-founder of Military Families Ministry, a non-profit organization that supports service members and their families. Her experiences as the mother of an U.S. Army infantryman over the past six years have afforded her the passion and knowledge to be an advocate for military families. Ciambotti is a Blue Star Mother (Denver chapter) and a contributor to the blog, Off the Base, which focuses on creating civilian awareness of military life. She lives in Bennett, Colorado, with her husband, Jeff.

WestBow Press is a strategic self-publishing alliance of Thomas Nelson, Inc., the worlds largest Christian publisher, and Author Solutions, Inc. (ASI) the world leader in the popular self-publishing industry segment. Through this partnership, authors benefit from the rich publishing heritage of Thomas Nelson and the speed-to-market advantages of the ASI self-publishing model. Titles published through WestBow Press are evaluated for sales potential and considered for publication under the Thomas Nelson imprint. Thomas Nelson, Inc. continues to inspire the world with distribution of products in more than 100 countries worldwide. For more information, or to start publishing today, visit http://www.westbowpress.com or call (866)-928-1240. Follow us @westbowpress on Twitter for the latest news.

A Christian Soldiers Life in the Egyptian Military

Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2012

Diary of a Soldier in the Egyptian Military: A Peek Inside the Egyptian Army (published by WestBow Press) relates author Nubar Aroyans compulsory draft into the Egyptian Army, his unique experiences with circumstances and characters in that institution and finally his perilous escape and safe arrival in America.

Diary of a Soldier in the Egyptian Military is the story of a Christian young mans experiences in the Egyptian military during the trying years between the Six-Day War of 1967 and the Yom Kippur/Ramadan War of 1973. It relates his forced draft, his eventful life in the Army and after more than four years of service with no end in sight, in total desperation, his nail-biting tale of escape from the army and the country and arrival in America.

This book was written to express Aroyans deep gratitude to the Lord for His fatherly care while serving the Egyptian military, which he describes as the toughest trial of my life, and at the end, riding on His wings, his miraculous deliverance from that harsh institution. It is a testimony to Gods invisible but real protection of his trusting child.

Excerpt from the foreword of Diary of a Soldier in the Egyptian Military:

This fascinating memoir narrates the personal odyssey of a young man caught in the throes of wartime service in the Egyptian military. Based on the diary he kept in difficult circumstances, the author opens his soul to the reader while offering insightful commentaries about the personalities and events shaping Egypts conflictual milieu between the 1967 and 1973 wars.

Blue Star Families Releases 2012 Military Family Lifestyle Survey

Washington, DC (PRWEB) May 09, 2012


Blue Star Families, a national non-profit organization supporting military families, today released the results of its 2012 Military Family Lifestyle survey at a joint session of the Senate and House Military Family caucuses. Featuring a panel discussion between military family experts, including Mrs. Deanie Dempsey, the event focused on the issues of top concern to military families. The full survey report is available at http://bluestarfam.org/2012survey.

The survey launch event was held at the Atrium of the United States Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C., and was attended by government, military and community leaders, experts on military and family issues, and military service members and families. Joining Mrs. Dempsey in the panel were Dr. Meg Harrell from Center for New American Security, Rich Morin from Pew Charitable Trusts and Dr. Mary Keller, executive director of Military Child Education Coalition. Senator Richard Burr, Senator Barbara Boxer, Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and Representative Sanford Bishop, the chairs of the Senate and House Military Family Caucuses, gave introductory remarks at the event.

The families of Americas men and women in uniform are the backbone of the United States military, said U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R-NC). They provide the support that our servicemen and women rely upon as they serve in the finest armed forces in the world, and the more information we have about their unique situations, the better equipped we will be to accurately target assistance and support for them. This survey will help us identify and provide the kind of support they need and deserve.

We know that when our brave military men and women put on their uniforms, their entire families join in their service and sacrifice for our country, said U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA). We owe it to our military families to do everything we can to ensure that they are healthy and strong, and that their needs are met. That is why this survey is so critical it gives military families a chance to make their voices heard so as a community we can address their concerns and also celebrate in their many contributions.

Often, when discussing our nations armed forces, we tend to focus primarily on our brave service members who put themselves in harms way to protect the freedoms we cherish, said U.S. Representative Sanford Bishop (D-GA). However, we cannot forget that the families they leave behind sacrifice just as much as our heroes who deploy on missions for our country. These families are impacted in countless ways seen and unseen and we have an obligation to do right by them.