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Webroot Extends Momentum of Channel Edge Partner Program: Launches System Builder Program to Offer Webroot(R) Security Software Licenses in Bulk; Adds Efficiency and Incentives Through Distribution Partner, Ingram Micro

BOULDER, Colo. (PRWEB) April 18, 2007

MXSweep Launches MXPurifier Email Filtering at InfoSec

London, UK (PRWEB) April 24, 2007

MXSweep, specialists in Hosted Email Protection Services launches its new hosted email filtering solution, MXPurifier, at InfoSec in London tomorrow. MXPurifier is one of the most flexible managed service solutions on the market today, offering extreme ease of use for employees and IT Managers alike. As a vendor independent solution, it combines best-in-class OEM email filtering engines behind a unified front end that boasts unprecedented simplicity for the user. With multiple layers of defence, MXPurifier reacts immediately to new email borne threats.

Also new to MXPurifier is the Policy & Compliance Module, featuring user definable and pre-set dictionaries that allow companies to enforce policies to protect against the use of language that is racist or otherwise offensive. The new filter has been developed in association with Commtouch and the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) to tackle solicited and unsolicited child pornography, clamping down on illegal email content distribution, and protecting companies from the threat of employer liability action.

The MXPurifier solution is further strengthened by MXSweep’s innovative ‘Traffic Arrest’ technology, a highly effective proprietary suite of spam-throttling measures that act as an additional security layer for the customer and stronger deterrent to Spammers. MXPurifier filters use edge based technology which slows down emails from spammers and can reduce the amount of spam by up to 50%. In a typical Directory Harvest Attack spammers automatically ‘guess’ up to 10,000 email addresses every minute, but MXPurifier can slow this down to a maximum of three guesses a minute to defeat the DHA attack.

Anti-spam and virus solutions from MXSweep are already renowned for their ease of use. MXPurifier further builds upon this reputation with new features for even easier administration. Blocked mails can be viewed without the need to click or open the mail, simply move the mouse cursor over the message for instant view. The new automatic refresh of the Admin Interface allows IT managers to view the current status without refreshing the page manually.

Danny Jenkins, MXSweep’s Chief Technology Officer and founder, says “We developed MXPurifier to ensure we remain at the forefront of email protection technology. Our newest solution allows us to offer our customers competitive pricing, and what’s more, being completely vendor independent, we can react quickly to new threats by adding and removing engines at any time. We are looking forward to signing-up further distribution and reseller agreements with channel sales partners at InfoSec.”

West Coast Labs Verdict – “MXSweep offers a multi-layered and easily configurable, hosted approach to spam detection. Using multiple leading technologies from the antispam industry, coupled with an intuitive and informative web based interface, it provides any company with the power to protect its users from spam threats with total confidence.”

For further information or to interview Danny Jenkins during InfoSec contact Danny Jenkins (danny.jenkins(at)mxsweep.com)

For a preview of MXPurifier at InfoSec visit us on stand 212

About MXSweep Based in Dublin, MXSweep was founded in May 2005 and provides a comprehensive suite of hosted email security services including Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Anti-Fraud and Attachment Filtering. The company partners with MailFrontier, McAfee, Commtouch, Kaspersky, Servecentric, and Interxion and sells through Channel partners. MXSweep’s services are designed to meet the requirements of organisations ranging from 5 to 100,000 users. For more details please visit MXSweep Website


The Attorney Store .Com Launches Bailey & Galyen’s Texas Father’s Rights Website

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 27, 2007

The state of Texas has a new voice in father’s rights. The law firm of Bailey & Galyen officially launched their Texas Father’s Rights Website today, a resource for fathers, grandparents and those who want to learn more about the importance of father’s rights. The website http://www.texas-fathers-rights.com was designed by the Web Services Team at TheAttorneyStore.com, a provider of legal information and services to to the legal professionals and public.

An increasing interest in the emerging area of father’s rights has compelled law firms and courts alike to acknowledge the existence and importance of men to protect and assert their rights as fathers. With statistics showing an increase in fathers who are divorced or single, issues such as child support, custody and visitation need to be revisited to reflect the active role that fathers wish to have in their children’s life. Unfortunately, statistics also show that mothers are more favored by the courts, regarding custodial issues, even if less fit than the father. Understanding father’s rights helps both parties come to a resolution in which the best interests of a child can be met, without compromising their relationship with both parents.

In the Texas Father’s Rights website you will find information on divorce, child custody, child support, equitable distribution, father’s rights, grandparents rights, relocation and parental alienation. In addition, the website can help one get in touch with an experienced lawyer, if they wish to seek counsel on any issues regarding father’s rights.

About Bailey & Galyen:

Bailey & Galyen is one of the largest “consumer law” firms in Texas with offices in multiple locations around Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Bedford, Houston, as well as in Florida and Missouri. They are committed to providing counsel that is honorable and caring, from attorneys that are specialized as well as board certified.

Web Site Concepts, Design and Search Marketing Campaigns for Lawyers by The Attorney Store Web Services Team.


Maritime International Ltd. Launches The Legacy Trust, “My Legacy, My Way”; Combining Personal Values with Wealth Distribution

Mahe, Seychelles (PRWEB) October 17, 2007

Maritime International Ltd. (Milonline.com) has designed a new Trust product for those who wish to pass on their values and not just their assets. This trust structure allows clients to specify the distribution of trust assets to children and others, on the basis of meeting specified criteria.

Particularly as the lifespan of the global population continues to increase and many parents are having children much later in life, this new Legacy Trust is designed for clients who wish to provide parental guidance to their children, even after death. Parents can now have the final word, “My Legacy, My Way”.

According to Laura Mouck, Maritime International Ltd’s Director of Wealth Management “Sometimes the free and unfettered acquisition of wealth by children upon the demise of their parents, can have disastrous results. The newspapers are full of such examples.”

Specific incentives, however, can be included in the wealth distribution process, to increase the likelihood of children achieving goals and showing initiative, teaching them that hard work and personal achievement are the standards you want them to have.

The new “My Legacy, My Way” trust structure does not, for example simply provide funds for the children’s education. Instead, on the client’s instructions, it provides distributions depending upon the level of the children’s achievement in higher education, plus other criteria, in order to give them the incentive to excel.

In other cases, a client may wish to encourage hard work and entrepreneurial skills. They could then include an annual distribution from the trust equal to or double that of his or her earned income for the previous year.

If encouraging philanthropy and generosity to others is important to a client, each child could receive an annual distribution equal to or double the charitable contributions reported on their tax returns for the previous year.

Other like provisions can be added to the client’s Letter Of Wishes. It is only limited by the imagination of the individual and how he or she wants their legacy to live on.

Clients might also wish to restrict payments for what might be considered frivolous items; for example expensive sports cars, planes, parties or a ski chalet in the Alps. Laura Mouck, Maritime International Ltd’s Director of Wealth Management advises, “We have found that many clients do not wish their hard earned money frittered away, unnecessarily, in only one generation.”

Malcolm Nickerson, Managing Director of Maritime International Ltd says “It sounds complicated, but it is not. Maritime International Ltd works very closely with clients to advise them on how to structure their Trusts and ensure they understand that they can leave behind a Living Legacy”.

Mr. Nickerson continued, “It is just as crucial for people to determine what to do with their wealth, as it was deciding to save, accumulate and invest it. They can leave a real, lasting and useful legacy to their heirs. The choice is theirs. Even if parents are no longer physically there, they can still help shape the future of their children and instill the values that will ultimately guide them to becoming self sufficient independent individuals who can find their own successful path in life.”

Let your legacy live on. Let your conscience be their guide with a Legacy Trust – “My Legacy, My Way”.

Maritime International Ltd. (http://www.Milonline.com) is a corporate services and financial consulting firm with over 17 years of experience in the business, offering a variety of International Trust products and wealth management solutions.

For further information on the Legacy Trust and other Asset Protection structures offered by Maritime International Ltd., visit:

Legacy Trusts: http://www.milonline.com/trusts/legacy-trust.html

For a guide to setting up Asset Protection and Trust Structures, visit: http://www.milonline.com/trusts/asset-protection-trusts.html


Laura Mouck – Director of Wealth Management

Tel: +65-6-491-5329

Maritime International Ltd.



High Desert Protection Launches New and Improved Online Security Superstore

Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) December 11, 2007

A Squared Enterprises (A2E), LLC today announced that it has consolidated its two successful e-commerce sites – High Desert Protection and High Desert Defense – into a single, comprehensive online security and surveillance superstore. The enhanced High Desert Protection (http://www.highdesertprotection.com) is now open for business, offering the Internet’s only “one stop shop” for corporate protection, home protection, and non-lethal personal defense solutions – with a portfolio of close to 400 products currently available.

“We strive to deliver the broadest range of personal and property safety and security offerings available on the Web,” said Arnie Bosch, President and Co-Founder of A2E. “By bringing the two sites together under one “virtual” roof, we provide our customers with a more convenient experience, allowing shoppers to satisfy any security need – whether it’s personal, for their home, or for their business – in one secure, easy-to-use location.”

High Desert Protection offers one of the largest selections on the Web today, with a variety of personal protection devices like stun guns and tasers, pepper sprays and mace, personal and home alarms, child safety devices, diversion safes, and instructional fighting videos, as well as a wide array of Internet-accessible surveillance systems, motion sensors, and hidden spy cameras for personal, home, office, and other business facilities.

Additionally, more than 40 exciting new solutions have been recently added, such as:

HelpMeSue.com Launches Service Helping Americans Find Attorneys and File Lawsuits

San Francisco (PRWEB) April 14, 2008

Today HelpMeSue.com (http://www.HelpMeSue.com) announced the commercial launch of its new service to quickly connect Americans with legal disputes to concerned citizens and lawyers who can help. Officially launching on April 14th, 2008, HelpMeSue.com is designed to help average Americans test the merits of potential lawsuits easily and anonymously, while driving high-quality leads to partner law firms.

NextAdvisor.com Launches “Equifax Credit Report Guide”

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 2, 2008

NextAdvisor.com, a leading consumer information resource, today launched a free online how-to guide designed to help consumers read, analyze and dispute information on their Equifax credit report. The guide is the second in a series that the company will publish focusing on explaining credit reports offered by the major credit reporting bureaus including Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

The guide is available for free on the NextAdvisor.com Daily blog at: http://www.nextadvisor.com/blog/2008/06/30/how-to-read-analyze-and-dispute-your-equifax-credit-report/

“It’s so important for everyone to understand their credit report and FICO score,” said NextAdvisor.com’s Associate Editor, Caitlin Podiak. “Equifax is unique in that they are the only credit reporting agency that offers a three bureau credit report, a FICO score and a FICO score simulator. Our Equifax credit report guide should help consumers interpret this useful information.”

The guide walks through each section of an Equifax credit report and explains its purpose in clear, straight-forward language. It also educates consumers on how to identify potential errors on their credit report and dispute credit report inaccuracies with Equifax.

NextAdvisor.com has already published an Experian credit report guide and plans on publishing a TransUnion credit report guide later this month.

The company has also published informative user guides focused on child identity theft protection and preventing identity theft on popular social networking sites Facebook and MySpace. Those guides may be found here: http://www.nextadvisor.com/blog/category/nextadvisor-guides/

About NextAdvisor.com:

NextAdvisor.com is the trusted, independent source for comparing the most valuable new services. The company’s mission is to help consumers save money and improve their lives by presenting them with useful comparisons and reviews of service providers along with a clear explanation of each service and how it works.

NextAdvisor.com currently reviews, compares and explains many different types of services including credit report and monitoring, identity theft protection, voice over IP, diet plans, DVD rental and movie download, online education, online tax preparation and online backup. The company’s reviews and comparisons are available for free at nextadvisor.com.


2008 Greenberg Traurig Fellowship Recipient Launches Family Court Appellate Project to Assist Low-Income New Yorkers

New York, NY (Vocus) November 18, 2008

Anya Emerson, a 2008 Equal Justice Works Fellow sponsored by the Greenberg Traurig Fellowship Foundation , has begun a two-year project with the New York Legal Assistance Group that provides appellate representation for low-income New Yorkers and their children on appeals from the New York City Family Courts to the Appellate Division. Emerson, a graduate of Columbia Law School, comes to the fellowship after clerking for Senior Judge Jack B. Weinstein of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

Through such appeals, Emerson aims to establish valuable legal precedent and improve implementation of legislative protections for low-income New Yorkers. Initially, Emerson will gain trial-level experience in the Family and Integrated Domestic Violence Courts. Subsequently she will represent domestic violence victims on appeal, help train other trial and appellate attorneys, and establish an appellate counsel electronic briefbank. Expanding access to appellate attorneys with experience in the area of domestic violence and establishing a culture of appeals in the Family Court is a goal of the fellowship and is consistent with goals of other Greenberg Traurig pro bono projects. Ultimately, Emerson will team up with major law firms in New York City to match pro bono appeals with attorneys.

Her work is made possible by the Greenberg Traurig Fellowship Foundation, which sponsors Equal Justice Works to support legal fellows across the country for the provision of pro bono legal services to community programs. These public interest law fellowships begin each September and run for two years. In addition to supporting them financially, the firm maintains an active relationship with the attorneys and many Greenberg Traurig lawyers perform pro bono work referred through these fellowships. Greenberg Traurig is currently sponsoring 19 fellowships.

Another fellow, Amy Roehl, continues to work with MFY Legal Services, Inc. Her project began when she received the fellowship in 2007. She is focused on bringing greater permanency to the lives of children being raised by their grandparents or other relatives by connecting families that provide kinship care with pro bono private attorneys who represent them in custody, guardianship and adoption matters in all five boroughs of New York City.

“Making an impact in Family Court, and improving the administration of justice for thousands of low-income New Yorkers who rely on this Court for the safety and security of their families are high priorities at our firm,” said Bill Silverman , leader of the Pro Bono Program in Greenberg Traurig’s New York office and a Shareholder in the litigation practice. “Our sustained commitment in the area of pro bono has led to the success of our fellowship program, as well as other endeavors such as our Family Court Legal Services Project.”

The Greenberg Traurig Fellowship Foundation was established in 1999. Since then, Greenberg Traurig has sponsored, in whole or in part, more than 75 fellows who have worked on public interest projects in many of the communities in which the firm practices. Through Equal Justice Works, the Greenberg Traurig Fellowships offer salary and loan repayment assistance, a national training and leadership development program, and other forms of support.

The Family Court Legal Services Project is a separate pro bono program where attorneys from law firms and corporations provide advice and counsel during 30-minute one-on-one sessions to pro se litigants who come to Family Court on matters involving child support, visitation, custody, guardianship and paternity. Greenberg Traurig helped spearhead the New York City Family Court Legal Services Project, which provides low-income litigants in family court with free legal advice. Emerson will also participate in this Project and bring the family law experience she gains at NYLAG to the pro bono attorneys.

NYLAG is a not-for-profit law firm, founded in 1990, which provides free civil legal assistance to New York’s most at-risk, low-income populations. NYLAG focuses on direct legal services, advocacy through impact litigation, community legal education, and volunteer programs for attorneys, law graduates, and students.

About Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Greenberg Traurig, LLP is an international, full-service law firm with more than 1,800 attorneys and governmental affairs professionals in the United States, Europe and Asia. The firm was selected as the 2007 USA Law Firm of the Year by Chambers and Partners.

For additional information, please visit the firm’s Web site at http://www.gtlaw.com.


Joey Kaiser

Greenberg Traurig, LLP

(212) 801-6983

kaiserj @ gtlaw.com

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