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Dr. Edward F. Dragan, Writer of Soon to be Published Book, ‘Keeping Kids Safe in School: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know,’ Addresses the Issue of School Bullying

Lambertville, NJ (PRWEB) April 19, 2007

Dr. Edward F. Dragan education expert and founder of Education Management Consulting, LLC recognizes the importance of cooperative efforts to prevent school bullying.

“All children are entitled to courteous and respectful treatment by students and staff at school. Educators have a duty to ensure that students have a safe learning environment,” says education expert and school liability consultant Dr. Dragan.

In American schools, more than 16 percent of students say that they have been bullied by other students during the 2000-2001 school year, according to a survey funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The study appears in the April 25, 2001 Journal of the American Medical Association.

In the U.S. many states are finally recognizing the urgent need to take a firm stand against bullying. In February 2007, the New Jersey Supreme Court unanimously ruled students have the right to attend school without being subjected to repeated taunts from other children. The ruling makes school districts in that state responsible for stopping bias-based harassment. A school district may be found liable if it knew about a “hostile educational environment” and failed to take reasonable action to end it.

Eighteen additional states, Guam, and Puerto Rico have passed anti-bullying laws and require public schools to have an anti-bullying policy in place. These laws generally define harassment and bullying as any conduct toward a student which is based on any actual or perceived trait or characteristic of the student and which creates an objectively hostile school environment. The list includes age, color, creed, national origin, race, religion, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical attributes, physical or mental ability or disability, ancestry, political party preference, political belief, socioeconomic status, or familial status.

According to Dr. Dragan, “The key for the protection of both the victim and the school is that the school takes affirmative action whenever there is an observation or report of bullying.”

“Schools must have clear policies and procedures and train students and staff in the detection, reporting, and prevention of bullying. No amount of laws will stop the practice of bullying. Effectiveness is achieved when students, parents, teachers, and administrators join together to confront bullying and harassment. Each must take responsibility to take part to protect students and to make schools safe.”


Edward F. Dragan, Ed.D. is the founder of Education Management Consulting, LLC, providing consultation and education expert witness services to school administrators and attorneys on education-related issues including school management, safety, bullying, education law suits, and school risk assessments. His book, Keeping Kids Safe in School: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know, is scheduled for publication in 2007.

Contact Information

Edward F. Dragan, Ed.D.

Education Management Consulting, LLC




Keeping Children Safe, Happy and Healthy on TV’s ‘Real Moms’! What Can Britney Spears Do To Prevent Losing Custody of Her Kids?

New York, New York (PRWEB) July 26, 2007

It is an all too common story: innocent children finding themselves in compromising situations and parents not having the proper tools to face these challenges. Celebrity mom, Britney Spears is often criticized for her parental techniques. And though no-one can totally protect their children from every emotional upset, accident or illness, preventative measures can be taken to minimize the kids’ suffering, nonetheless. The award-winning series Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy offers parents insightful solutions in this weeks’ episode with a segment entitled, “How to Keep Kids Healthy” and investigate the “Effects of Divorce on Families” in an upcoming episode.

“Divorce is supposed to be the second worst trauma to a child – second only to the death of a parent”. States Dr Laurie Zelinger, Child Psychologist. This may well be a trauma Britney’s children have to face. LA County Department of Children and Family Services was called to Spears’ house twice recently in a two week period. Although, a stalker was thought to make the calls, it did send an alert to soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Federline. “Kevin is prepared to go the distance in order to do what he feels is necessary to protect and safeguard the children and will not be intimidated or dissuaded from pursuit of those goals,” said Michael Sands, spokesman for Federline’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan.

How to Keep Kids Healthy provides tips and advice on how to help parents take care of their kids’ health and prevent the spreading of germs. Dr. Lillian M. Beard, featured expert and Pediatrician, says there are many things that parents can do in order to keep their kids happy and healthy. Starting with Breastfeeding, keeping newborns away from colds, washing hands for at least 20 seconds and limiting direct contact when older siblings have sniffles and sneezes are all steps towards keeping children healthy.

Real Moms is bridging the gap between the experts’ knowledge and caring for young children in the hope of minimizing the factors that make children suffer unnecessarily.

“Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy” airs Nationally on PBS affiliate stations (check local listings) and in New York on WLIW, Channel 21: Fridays at 2:30 pm EST and Saturdays at 7:00AM EST.

About “Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy”

“Real Moms, Real Stories, Real Savvy” is an award-winning series made for Public Television. The content spans from Pre-Conception to Pre-K for both new and expectant parents with important social, life-style and health and wellness information. The series is supported by a community website at http://www.realsavvymoms.com featuring blogs, forums videos and the highly popular “Ask an Expert” section.

The series is produced by Morphogenix, LLC. ‘An Evolution in Brand Communications’. http://www.mgxmedia.com


Dr. Edward F. Dragan, Author of the Soon to be Released Book, ‘Keeping Kids Safe in School: What Every Parent and Teacher Should Know,’ Comments on Keeping Students Safe

Lambertville, NJ (PRWEB) August 22, 2007

Dr. Edward F. Dragan, author of the soon to be released book, Keeping Kids Safe in School: What Every Parent and Teacher Should Know, comments on keeping our students safe. School safety and liability expert, Dr. Edward F. Dragan states, “Unnecessary risks in schools must be corrected, most importantly to protect the safety of students, faculty and support staff, but also to eliminate costly litigation and settlements. Implementing regular assessments of school safety policies and procedures can greatly reduce risks.”

Dr. Dragan remarks, “All too often we hear after the fact, ‘How did this accident happen?’ or ‘Could the school have prevented it?” “Unfortunately once the accident occurs; it is too late to ask these questions, a school’s risk management plan must be proactive to be effective.”

Our nation’s schools pay millions of dollars annually in damages to school children injured in class, sexually assaulted by teachers, and harassed by fellow students. New Jersey alone faced 381 suits-more than one case a day-representing a potential liability of over 500 million dollars. This total does not include cases filed in administrative court, which typically hear special education issues. Since most cases settle privately, the general public and even some education insiders are not aware of the scope of such liability.

The following three recent instances chronicle occurrences that could have been avoided had the schools developed a risk analysis plan identifying potential safety hazards, emphasizing accountability and establishing procedures for creating and maintaining a hazard free school.

A 1.7 million dollar verdict was awarded to a third-grade student told by her teacher to return a television cart with a television on its top shelf to the library. The cart fell, causing the television to strike the student, whose injury resulted in permanent brain damage. A federal court jury decided the school was partially liable for the accident due to the student’s lack of supervision. This unfortunate incident could have been prevented if teachers and administrators had assessed the risks of allowing young children to move such equipment.

A private settlement was reached in a similar case. A board of education paid $ 850,000 to a five year old student with autism who was seriously injured when a fifty pound television fell and struck him on the head. When evidence of inadequate supervision pointed to the school’s liability the case was settled.

The coach of a girl’s track team and a student who threw his javelin one more time after the coach announced practice was over both shared payment of a $ 300,000 settlement to a student who received permanent nerve damage and facial paralysis when the javelin struck her in the face. The coach was responsible for the students while they were using potentially dangerous equipment.

Most cases of school safety violations could be prevented through practice of proactive risk management. Teachers and administrators must scrutinize their procedures, equipment use and personal practices for ways to ensure the safety of everyone concerned. Schools must follow risk management guidelines to improve overall school safety and to eliminate the high costs of accident related litigation. Although insurance companies usually pay these settlements, schools and taxpayers will ultimately have the burden of higher taxes and insurance premiums.

Dr. Dragan comments, “School administrators must develop a systematic procedure for inspecting school premises and reviewing safety procedures for evidence of potential risks. An inspection log should be established to record potential risks along with the remedial action taken to eliminate the unsafe hazard or procedure.”

In addition, Dr. Dragan suggests the following risk management guidelines to maximize school safety and security. “School administrators should assess potential risk related to all equipment in proximity or accessible to students. A safety handbook that details procedures for supervising students in all school areas should be established.”

“Administrators need to conduct in-service training and review of first-aid practices, crisis response strategies, school evacuation drills, and alternative communication methods to use, if warranted, during potential crises.”

Dr. Dragan also remarks, “Each faculty member must be aware of their specific responsibilities related to safety and should have prioritized action system available to them to effect needed safety corrections in a timely matter. Administrators need to model and emphasize personal accountability and commitment to create and maintain school safety and security procedures.”

“School administrators who demonstrate a proactive commitment to safeguarding the welfare of students, faculty members and support staff will produce safe and secure school campuses and climates which will reduce potential school liability.”


Edward F. Dragan, Ed.D. is the founder of Education Management Consulting, LLC, providing consultation to school administrators and education expert witness services to attorneys on education-related issues including school management, safety, bullying, sexual harassment, child custody, and special education . His book, Keeping Kids Safe in School: What Every Parent and Teacher Should Know, is scheduled for publication in 2008.

Contact Information

Edward F. Dragan, Ed.D.

Education Management Consulting, LLC




Children’s Social Network Provider Slams MySpace’s Efforts On Keeping Children Safe Online

London, UK (PRWEB) February 5, 2009

Intuitive Media, providers of safe social networks for children between the ages of 6 and 14, today slammed reports that MySpace and Facebook have any serious measures to keep children safe online.

In response to MySpace’s reports of purging 90,000 sex offenders from its social network, Robert Hart, CEO of UK-headquartered Intuitive Media said, “That it took them two years to purge known names of sexual offenders listed in the public domain is in itself outrageous, but more worrying is that those websites can simply not protect against the offenders that haven’t been caught yet trying to sexually solicit children whether on or offline. Many social websites make perfect breeding grounds for future offenders.”

He goes on to say, “If you have both children and adults on a networking website it is almost impossible to police their interaction. Almost all online social networks have no ability to authenticate age and rely on an applicant’s honesty. So it’s not possible for them to prevent someone aged 11 posing as 18, or an adult of 35 posing as a 13-year-old. Without identity verification no social network is safe for children.”

Another huge problem, as identified by the recent Internet safety task force created by 49 state attorney generals in the U.S. and similarly by government studies in the UK and Europe, is the threat posed by bullying online amongst children. Again, social networks are unable in most instances to monitor or action such behaviour unless reported. By then the damage is done.

“Parents need to be aware of what their children are doing on line. That is one protection. Schools also need to teach safe internet behaviour. But the real key to safe social networking for children lies with the provider of the service: with age identification and validation of its users along with well-thought out levels of mediation,” says Hart, whose own social networks, with over a million members, have foolproof age verification, child authentication, and both automated and live mediation on the networks.

Hart continues, “We are the only online safe haven for kids up to 14 where they can learn how to behave safely and respectfully online and when they later go off to the adult networks, they are much better equipped to look after themselves.”

Press Contact

T: +44 (0)208 789 3815

About Intuitive Media:


Intuitive Media provides multi-award winning protected social networking and learning spaces for children aged 6 – 14 years who are able to safely engage in real online communities where they can learn, be creative, communicate and collaborate with other children of all backgrounds and cultures and make their voices heard in a protected environment.

Intuitive Media’s safe social learning networks for children and young people include SuperClubsPLUS for primary children, GoldStarCafe for secondary and SchoolNetGlobal, the biggest children’s contributory website on the planet.

The key difference between these and other social networking sites is that Intuitive Media offers children a genuinely protected learning community by way of a foolproof age verification, child authentication (requiring verification from parents and schools), and both automated and live mediation on the networks.


Keeping Children Safe on Halloween Means Increasing Safety Awareness

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) October 31, 2012

Today, October 31, 2012 marks the 2000 year long tradition of Halloween, making it one of the worlds oldest holidays. Home decorations, costumes and candy make this one of the most anticipated days of the year. Miami security company Bryant Security is offering communities of Broward and Miami-Dade extra security services and safety advice for children and parents, free of charge. For their current patrolling neighborhoods, Bryant Security has implemented increased awareness in safety protocol as well as issuing a Halloween safety list, and additional safety patrol units in certain neighborhoods, for the spooky holiday.

Bryant Securitys strategy is to keep communities safe this Halloween season. We encourage fun on Halloween, but want to remind parents to watch over their children, and be present with younger children while trick or treating. Shay Ben-David, President of Bryant Security says. “Staying in groups, and having a chaperone is always advised.” It is also important to only approach well-lit houses that appear to be occupied and celebrating the holiday.

The community looks to us to keep them safe. We are issuing a Halloween safety list to remind children and even drivers how to have a safe Halloween. Rene Zerquera, Operations Manager at Bryant Security mentions. The costumes we choose are also a big part of safety, we encourage the use of make-up instead of masks, and choosing a costume that is easy to see in the evening.

Bryant Security Corporation is releasing the following Halloween safety information:

Tips for Drivers:

-Avoid neighborhood shortcuts

-Watch for children in the street

-Slow down

-Get home safe ( If youre going to drink: Tipsy Tow provides a free tow and ride home. For more information, visit Tipsy Tows website.

Costume Safety

-Choose costumes that are light-colored and more visible to motorists

-Use reflective tape to decorate costumes and candy bags to increase visibility of children to drivers. Reflective tape may be purchased at hardware, bicycle, or sporting goods stores.

-Use make-up rather than a mask; if your childs costume does include a mask, make sure it fits snugly and that the eye holes are large enough to allow full vision.

-Children should wear well-fitting, sturdy shoes

-Costumes should be short enough that a child will not trip and fall

-Choose costume accessories such as swords or knives that are made of soft and flexible material. Play guns should be of bright colors or with an orange tip.

-Costumes should be made of flame-retardant material

-Do not use novelty contacts such as cat eyes or snake eyes

Pedestrian Safety

-Do not enter homes or apartments without adult supervision

-Remind children to walk, not run, and to only cross streets at crosswalks

-Be sure your children are accompanied by a responsible adult who has a flashlight.

Bryant Security wishes your friends and family a safe and spooky Halloween! For more information on the Bryant Security neighborhoods which are patrolled, log on to BryantSecurity.com.

About Bryant Security Corporation

BRYANT SECURITY is one of South Florida’s most established and well diversified security companies. Providing

Keeping Kids Information Safe Online: Tips from the Tween Experts

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

As of July 1, the revised FTC regulations known as COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy and Protection) went into effect. The law was designed to keep kids’ information safe online. But do parents really know what that means and how to do it? KidzVuz’ experts are here to help with tips from the trenches:

1. Don’t Share Personal Information

And that means making sure your kids know what personal information is. Tell your kids never to share their phone number, email, full name, address or school name (even if it’s just a logo on the shirt they’re wearing in a picture) on any site, text, or app — even if they think the site it “safe.”

2. Treat your kid’s smart phone like a computer.

Smart phones are basically mini computers. So whatever safety precautions you take on your child’s computer should apply to his or her phone. (And don’t forget about geo-location – turn it off on your kids’ phone.)

3.Have a Game Plan

Your kids can’t protect themselves from what they don’t know: talk to your kids about what they might see on the internet — and what to do when and if they do see something they shouldn’t., or if someone contacts them in a way that makes them uncomfortable. Having a game plan will make your kids more likely to respond in a healthy way to unsafe situation.

4. Keep up on the latest technology.

You can’t protect your kids from what you don’t know. Your kids should know that you’re aware of the newest sites and apps they’re on, and ready to intervene should something go wrong.

5. Repeat yourself.

Parents need to have the Digital Safety talk with their kids early and often. Tell your kids about what they might see. Remind them about passwords and privacy. Let them know you mean it!

6. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of the sites your child is joining (and your own!). It isn’t fun, we know. But at least the new law has made it mandatory that sites make all that legal mumbo jumbo easier to understand.

7. Opt Out –

Many sites offer “opt out” provisions for being tracked on the web. Sometimes you have to dig tor them, but if you care about behavioral tracking this is key for you and your kids.

8 Set a Google Alert for your kids’ names.

It’s an easy way to keep track of new content being posted or created by or about your child.

About Kidzvuz:

KidzVuz, LLC is a tween focused media and Entertainment Company dedicated to creating safe, creative and empowering outlets for tweens and their parents through interactive media, mobile apps, and live events.

KidzVuz runs the only COPPA compliant website and iOS app that allows tweens to create and share videos about the products and brands they love. KidzVuz is videos by kids for kids.

Founded by Nancy Friedman and Rebecca Levey, KidzVuz has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as a top site for tweens, Teachers First as an educational resource, and was named a best new site of 2011 by Cool Mom Picks. The KidzVuz app was named by EW.com as one of the Top Ten Apps for Kids of 2012. For more information, visit: http://www.kidzvuz.com.

Keeping It Clean: Our Air, Our Health Forum to Address San Antonios Increasing Smog Levels as Growth Pushes Region Toward EPA Non-attainment Status

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) July 09, 2013

Mission Verde Alliance in conjunction with San Antonio Clean Technology Forum will host the Keeping It Clean: Our Air, Our Health forum at Rackspaces global headquarters, where the public will join government, business and health leaders in addressing the challenges of diminished air quality.

San Antonio has long prided itself on being the last major metropolitan area in the United States to meet federal air quality standards, but that status is in jeopardy as ground-level ozone levels increase with a growing population and booming economy. After falling short of federal air quality standard for ozone in August 2012 (and the SA2020 goal for Air Quality), its time for San Antonios leaders to gather and discuss opportunities to engage the pending air quality crisis and potential non-attainment designation while they promote sustainable strategies to grow business through clean technology.

WHO: County Judge Nelson Wolff, Bexar County (Kick-Off Speaker)

Doyle N. Beneby, President and Chief Executive Officer, CPS Energy (Panelist)

Melissa Gray, Director of Sustainability, Rackspace (Introductory Comments)

Elena Craft, Health Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund (Panelist)

Peter Bella, Natural Resources Director, AACOG (Panelist)

Robert Rivard, Director, The Rivard Report (Moderator)

WHEN: Thursday, July 11, 2013, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (CDT) for luncheon panel

(Indoor exhibits on local air quality programs and initiatives, and outdoor exhibits demonstrating various alternative fuel vehicles [CNG, electric, hybrid] will be available from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)

WHERE: Rackspace, 5000 Walzem Road, San Antonio, TX 78218

VISUALS: There will be maps, graphs and other visuals to illustrate the impacts of increased smog levels. The paid event is open to the public, allowing open dialogue among attendees. An informative program booklet on ground-level ozone will be provided to all attendees and media.

DETAILS: The July 11 forum is intended to catalyze community education, informed discussions and aggressive action to counteract the ever-growing ozone problem. For more information, visit http://www.sacleantech.org/events?eventId=690916&EventViewMode=EventDetails.


About San Antonio Clean Technology Forum

The Forum conducts education and information sharing through alliances and partnerships with other entities seeking to support and accelerate initiatives to reduce energy consumption, create financial savings, promote clean technology and improve the environment while advancing economic development of the San Antonio region. In collaboration with partners and alliances, it seeks to contribute knowledge to key policy makers in government, education and industry to facilitate positive change in the South Texas region.

About Mission Verde Alliance

The Alliance serves as a catalyst for the development and use of clean technologies for a sustainable economy for the San Antonio region through advocacy, education and outreach.

Keeping Kids Safe: North Shore-LIJ Trains Nassau Police and Youth Explorers in Car Seat Safety

New Hyde Park, NY (PRWEB) July 24, 2013

The North Shore-LIJ Health System today announced that 16 Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) young adult Explorers were among the latest group of community members taught by North Shore-LIJ Health System instructors to properly install car seats.

Car crashes are the biggest killer of American children up to 12-years-old, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Using the correct car seats and restraints for kids can help save their lives and prevent injuries. The North Shore-LIJ Health Systems child passenger safety instructors have been offering child seat safety classes in the community for the past 15 years and host car-seat inspections on Long Island.

During the three-day car seat safety training, 16 NCPD Explorers, volunteers between the ages of 18 and 21, as well as four NCPD personnel, two Town of Hempstead park rangers, two Brookhaven Safety Town educators and a nurse from Nassau University Medical Center learned about the correct car seats to use for children of various ages, heights and weights, as well as how to properly install the car seats. The training took place at Hassel Auto Body in West Babylon for 30 hours over three days in June with the help of a grant from Safe Kids and the New York State Governors Traffic Safety Commission.

Debora Riccardi, DNP, Steven and Alexandra Cohen Childrens Medical Center director of community outreach, said the key to keeping kids safe in a car is not only instructing parents about the correct seat for their child now, but also how to properly restrain them in the future. Dr. Riccardi presented the training session along with two community health nurse educators — Joann Stiehl, RN, a child passenger safety instructor and special needs technician, and Daina Shaw, RN, a child passenger safety instructor. Additional child passenger safety instructors from Long Island also assisted with the training.

These newly trained people will be going out into their communities and helping to educate people about how to properly restrain and protect their children in a car, Dr. Riccardi said. This will reinforce the training that we already provide and help it to spread further. And in the case of the Nassau County Police Department Explorers, these young people may choose to become police officers in the future, so this training could help families for years to come.

Nassau County Police Officer Dan Johannessen, who leads the Explorers program, said of the car seat training, I strongly believe in the benefits this training has for the community and Im grateful to the North Shore-LIJ Health System and Debora Riccardi for making this possible.

Through a grant from Safe Kids and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Cohen Childrens Medical Center has been offering classes to the community about child seat safety for about 15 years.

There are free car seat evaluation events through the year at North Shore-LIJ facilities and other places in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and the Bronx. Car seat checks will be done at Cohen Childrens Medical Center on Oct. 14 and Nov. 3. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 718-470-3352 or visit http://www.northshorelij.com/ccmcny/ccmcny-for-patients-and-families/ccmcny-cps-installation.

To learn more about Nassau County Law Enforcement Exploring, visit their website at http://www.nclee.org.