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Lisa Beth Older, a New York City Divorce Lawyer, Offers Important Information on Divorce in New York City or Upstate New York

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 7, 2006

Life started out so great. It felt as though you were locked inside a great big bubble of happiness. You got married to the love of your life and proceeded to have three children. You are young. You were young. Your husband or wife has been taking care of all the bills. Three or four years go by and things are slowing changing. Your husband or wife is not home as much to help you with your household chores or with caravaning the children to their in sundry appointments and birthday parties. You feel isolated and alone. Suddenly you start to see things unraveling. You become unhappy, you start to feel unworthy. You worry because you have no idea what is happening to your life, a life which was once the envy of your single friends.

You wonder… is this the way things are supposed to turn out? Then the arguing begins, sometimes involving verbal abuse or even physical abuse. Sometimes, you just feel isolated and neglected. You have no one to talk to about your changing life. You have asked, but your spouse refuses to see a marital counselor or counsel from your church or synagogue. You can not turn to family, as they are still reminding you of how wonderful your spouse has been, what a wonderful provider he or she is. And then the day comes when your husband or wife tells you that they no longer love you or that they want a divorce or separation.

In New York State, the NYS divorce attorney hears a version of the above fact scenario day in and day out. The above stated fact scenario is more common than you might think. Yet each individual has their own set of circumstances, their own priorities, their own way of looking at things, and things are just not that simple.

You may turn to friends and family and everyone has a different view point on what to do. Stay? Go?

You turn to a therapist to sort out your feelings and invariably you come to terms with the fact that things are going to have to change. Change is a scary thing to confront. The ugly word starts being bantered about. Divorce. Now what.

The first thing you should do is start finding out how to protect the best interests of yourself and your children. If you or your children are being ill treated or abused there are places you can go and things that you can do immediately to stop the abuse.

Call 911. Call child protective services, there is a department in each and every county in New York State. Go to Family Court and get an Order of Protection. Call your family lawyer. Or seek immediate custody of the subject children. At all costs, protect the children from harms way.

And then start worrying about what you must do to begin preparing for divorce. Call a New York City divorce lawyer. If you are in nyc and seek a top nyc divorce lawyer then search the internet and call a few attorneys and find one you are comfortable with. If you are in a smaller town or county you can call your local Bar Association for a referral. But by all means get help. Do not stay in a situation of domestic violence. The NY Family Court has a wonderful history of providing a respite for those in fear of their lives.

And if you feel you just can not go it alone, do not be afraid to seek out professional help from a New York State lawyer. The more experienced ones will know just what to do to protect your legal rights in an efficient way and make you feel comfortable at the same time. Your secrets are safe with a ny divorce lawyer. If the above sounds familiar do not hesitate to act now. Hire a nyc divorce lawyer now.

If you are safe and out of harm’s way, then seek a New York Divorce Lawyer. If you are in New York City, then here is a partial list of some shelters you can go to until you have a chance to see a reputable New York Divorce lawyer or New York Family Law Lawyer.

NYC Women’s Shelter Intakes

Franklin, 1122 Franklin Avenue, Bronx

Jamaica Armory, 93-03 168th St., Jamaica, Queens

Brooklyn Women’s Shelter, 116 Williams Ave., Brooklyn

Resources Equinox Domestic Violence Services

95 Central Avenue

Albany, NY 12206

(518) 434-6135

Cornerstone Manor

45 Carlton Street

Buffalo, New York 14203

(716) 852-0761

Haven House

P.0. Box 451 Ellicott Station

Buffalo, New York 14205

(716) 884-6000

Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence

250 Fulton Ave. Mezz. West

Hempstead, NY 11550

(516) 572-0700

The Salvation Army of the Syracuse Area

677 South Salina Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

(315) 475-1688

Vera House

P. O. Box 365

Syracuse, NY 14309

(315) 468-3260 – 24-hour Crisis

and Support Line

Women In Need

115 West 31st Street

New York, NY 10001

Yonkers MHA (YWCA)

87 South Broadway

Yonkers, NY 10701

(914) 963-2752

National Domestic Violence Hotline for referrals and support: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY: 1-800-787-3224.

New York 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-942-6906 (English) or 1-800-942-6908 (Spanish).

By: Lisa Beth Older

web page: http://www.lawofficesoflisabetholder.com

Warning: The information contained herein is not intended to substitute for legal advice from your own retained lawyer in new york state. this article is merely informational in nature, and is based upon one attorney’s knowledge of the practice of family law, matrimonial law, domestic violence, custody, child support and orders of protection.

Retain counsel before you do anything to affect your marital status and follow the advice of the lawyer you retain, not what is written herein.


Doe Run CEO Emphasizes Important Role Earth Science Plays in Natural Resources Industry

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) August 6, 2007

Science is a discipline key to the success of The Doe Run Company, a global provider of metals and services.

That’s why the company donates its time, dollars and expertise to encourage science education. It’s also why Bruce Neil, president and chief executive officer, recently encouraged educators to inspire their students to embrace lifelong learning.

Neil was speaking July 26 to K-8 educators who traveled from across the state to attend the Missouri Minerals Education Foundation’s eighth annual workshop at Missouri State University in Springfield, Mo. In addition to stressing the importance of earth science, Neil emphasized Doe Run’s commitment to sharing its collective knowledge with teachers and students.

“There’s a need in this country for increased aptitude in the sciences, so I was honored to be invited by the foundation to speak with teachers who are making science come alive for Missouri students,” Neil said. “It’s vital to the future success of Doe Run to support events like this, which serve as valuable resources for educators who are preparing the next generation of scientists and engineers.”

While earth science is essential for understanding how the world works, it’s certainly a subject that needs more attention, he explained to workshop participants.

Among 15-year-old students, the United States ranks 24th in science literacy, and the country ranks 20th in the number of 24-year-olds who earn degrees in natural science or engineering, according to a report published May 22, 2006, by the Congressional Research Service.

Furthermore, No Child Left Behind will expand next year to include science assessments, so teachers and administrators can get the data they need to help students improve science skills and better prepare for college and the work force.

During Neil’s workshop presentation, “Learning for a Lifetime,” he noted how Doe Run delivers information to students and teachers and actively communicates the importance of earth science, including a comprehensive Minerals Education program involving more than two dozen employees, regular educational tours and student-work programs.

“Teachers impart the knowledge and inspiration necessary to drive our future geologists, engineers, environmentalists and marketers,” Neil said. “Providing teachers and their students with hands-on learning experiences supports Doe Run’s commitment to a lifetime of learning and helps ensure a competitive work force.”

The annual Missouri Minerals Education Foundation workshop includes hands-on activities and presenters from the mining industry, government agencies and educational organizations. Hundreds of participating teachers from throughout the state get curriculum ideas for mineral and rock identification, environmental initiatives and everyday uses for minerals. For more information, visit http://www.mmef.org.

In addition to its involvement in the workshop, Doe Run’s Minerals Education Team travels to dozens of Missouri schools each year to lead hands-on experiments and student activities, ranging from creating crystals and identifying minerals to making toothpaste creations and mining chocolate chip cookies. To learn more about Doe Run’s Minerals Education efforts, e-mail mineralseducation@doerun.com.

Based in St. Louis, The Doe Run Company is a privately held natural resources company and the largest integrated lead producer in the Western Hemisphere. Dedicated to environmentally responsible mineral and metal production, Doe Run operates the world’s largest, single-site lead recycling facility, located in Missouri. The Doe Run Company and its subsidiaries deliver products and services necessary to provide power, protection and convenience. Doe Run has operations in Missouri, Washington and Arizona. For more information, visit http://www.doerun.com.


SingleSource Background Screening Corporations CEO Dymer Supports Florida Bill HB 1355 As Important Step To Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Jacksonville Beach, Florida (PRWEB) March 20, 2012

SingleSource Chairman and President Don Dymer applauds Florida Governor Rick Scotts bill (HB 1355) which imposes huge fines on public or private colleges and universities for willfully and knowingly failing to report child abuse. The new bill is in direct response to the cover ups at both Penn State and Syracuse university of child sexual abuse and the failure on the part of those administrators and law enforcement agencies to act upon they received about such abuse.

Dymer focused Floridas attention on child sexual abuse by those entrusted to their care by sponsoring a day long educational conference in Jacksonville in February. Mayor Alvin Brown devoted the entire month of February to Protect the Children. I sincerely hope that the conference and the continuing spotlight on this insidious crime against children will result in more legislation like this. There is still more that can be done and is being done. In New Jersey bills are being discussed to change existing statues of limitations on certain child abuse cases, making justice available to millions of victims.

The Florida Bill addresses a key element addressed in the Protect the Children Conference last month and that is failure to communicate and react. Dymer explains,

According to the Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute, 60% of adult survivors said they told no one about their abuse. More alarming is that according to this same report, when victims do report their abuse just 6% of adults will report it to the police and attempt to act upon the crime.

The bill gets more to the heart of the problem in understanding how complex this issue really is. explains Dymer. It addresses the environment outside of the home in which the sexual abuse occurs. “We need to do more.” Dymer supports the recommendations of the organization, Darkness to Light in the continuing fight against child sexual abuse.

Protect the Children By:

Pay Attention – Too much one-on-one time? Does a child try to avoid certain staffers?

Create a Hiring Policy that includes the Diana Screen

Lifeline Direct Insurance Services Answers The Question: Why Is Term Life Insurance So Important?

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) June 08, 2012

Lifeline Direct Insurance Services , provides clients transparency in their insurance options by finding the appropriate insurance plan for their specific situation at the most competitive prices on the market. Lifeline Direct released a post last week titled Why is Term Life Insurance So Important

Term life insurance a vital option in today’s economy, offering protection at a low rate when it’s needed most. One of the principal reasons to take out a term life insurance plan is to protect yourself when starting a family. One of the biggest potential hardships faced by a young family is the death of one or both of the parents, which can result in serious financial problems. A term life insurance policy, which extends through the formative years of a child’s development, will make sure that the family’s financial needs are met if the worst should happen. stated by Matthew Loughran, from Lifeline Direct Insurance Services

About Lifeline Direct Insurance

Direct Insurance Services was founded to assist clients in finding the right life insurance plan for their specific situation at the most competitive prices on the market. Lifeline Direct Insurance remains diligent in their goal to deconstruct and speed up the process of acquiring insurance for their clients. To obtain more information please contact Lifeline Direct Insurance Services at 877-805-9624 or http://www.lifelinedirectinsurance.com

San Francisco Family Law Attorneys of Heath Newton LLP Offer Important Tips on Grandparents Visitation Rights

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 13, 2012

When it comes to the rights of grandparents to see their grandchildren, San Francisco child custody attorneys of Heath Newton Counselors at Law explain there is still hope for visitation when family complications take a turn for the worst.

In California, its the parents who make the rules and determine who spends time with their children. Parents are entitled to make the lifestyle, general welfare, educational, religious, and medical decisions for their child, and the courts support this right. That usually includes whether or not the children get to see their grandparents.

The term grandparents rights is commonly misused in California, says Robert Kamin, associate attorney of Heath Newton. While California law does recognize that its sometimes in the best interests of grandchildren to have visits with their grandparents, there is no grandparent right to see their grandchildren, per se.

Kamin continues to explain that although these rights may not legally exist, often times grandparents are granted visitation under certain circumstances, even against parental wishes. In cases where the primary guardians have proven to be undesirable or unreliable, the grandparents are sometimes granted certain privileges to ensure the childs wellbeing.

In this scenario, a grandparent must overcome a difficult legal presumption that it is in the childs best interest to visit with the grandparent. In cases where no divorce or similar proceeding is established, a grandparent may not even have standing to petition the court for visitation rights.

In California, once a grandparent is before the court, two important elements will need to be demonstrated: