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Gurus of Natural Glamour Share Secrets to Elegant Green Holidays

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) November 26, 2008

Green lifestyle gurus and co-founders of Eden Home, Rachael Sparwasser and Alexandra Smith, reveal five simple tips for a more elegant, eco-friendly holiday season. Eden Home, an online emporium, is a destination resource for organic, natural, and eco-friendly home furnishings and lifestyle products.

According to these two green lifestyle gurus, it is possible to have a holiday season filled with “the gleeful moments and good old-fashioned traditions that families thrive on,” said Sparwasser, “while still being mindful of the earth in the process.”

1) Carefully select a shipping sleigh

While the carbon hoof print of Santa and his reindeer can’t be beat, a hybrid shipping truck isn’t too shabby a second. Hybrid shipping trucks, such as those used by FedEx, improve fuel economy by 42 percent, reduce greenhouse emissions by approximately 30 percent, and cut particulate pollution by 96 percent. Shoppers can also inquire about a postal service’s shipping policy to make more informed decisions.

2) Shop stores that offer green shipping policies

Many shoppers unknowingly increase the risk of global warming because they don’t know which shops practice green shipping and which don’t, Smith says. That can change this year, courtesy of the green group Climate Counts. Climate Counts has put together a shopping guide of companies committed to reducing global warming. “With popular stores like Canon, Nike, and Unilever, all practicing green shipping,” said Sparwasser, “you don’t have to compromise on style and you can still buy socially-conscious holiday gifts. It’s a win-win situation.”

For cell savvy shoppers, the pocket-sized “Holiday Shipping Guide” can be downloaded from ClimateCounts.org. This tool lets shoppers get a quick view of a store’s shipping policies before purchasing anything.

3) A TreeHugger’s guide to more eco-friendly evergreens

When it comes to Christmas trees, there are several options for those looking to “green” their holiday evergreen. “We wouldn’t ever advocate getting rid of something as special as a Christmas tree,” said Smith, “but there are eco-friendly twists to make this tradition less harmful. Decorate a tree in your yard, decorate a potted fig tree, or buy a Christmas tree and then plant it in your yard when the season ends (make sure to buy one with roots intact). These are all great ways to experience the joy of Christmas decorating with your family while reducing waste and environmental impact.” She adds that choosing biodegradable substances like popcorn and cranberry strings are another way to engage in eco-friendly festooning.

4) Don’t just recycleprecycle!

Precycling is an approach that minimizes the impact of a purchased gift before buying it. One main method of precyling is to wrap gifts in reusable materials, minimizing packing and wrapping debris. By using old newspapers or popped popcorn as packing materials, gift-givers can avoid environmentally-unfriendly Styrofoam packing peanuts. In the same vein, Smith adds, “Rather than wrapping gifts with traditional wrapping paper and bows, opt for more eco-friendly, creative options like old maps, scarves, sheet music, and neckties for ribbons. The effect will make a statement, be unique, and eco-friendlythey may not even want to unwrap it!”

5) Fill Santa’s workshop with wooden toys, not plastic toys

“Wooden toys are the wave of the future,” said Sparwasser. “They allow for all the playful whimsy a child needs to feel joy, without any of the harmful environmental impacts of plastic toys.” According to MarketWatch if every child under the age of 6 received a quality wooden toy in place of a plastic one, 17 million tons of plastic land-fill would be avoided for every year the toy was used. For shoppers looking to pamper their kids and protect the planet this year, eco-friendly wooden toys are an increasingly viable option.

Sparwasser and Smith are quick to add that the most important and eco-friendly way to celebrate the holidays is to remember that it’s the spirit of the season that counts. By taking time to gift, wrap and ship thoughtfully, merry-makers will show care for both loved ones and the planet.

To learn more, please visit http://www.EdenHome.com.

About Eden Home

Eden Home, the leader in natural luxury, offers the most comprehensive selection of organic products for the home, women and children. Eden Home’s healthy choices range from organic clothes for baby to luxurious organic bed and bath linens; and from natural cookware to organic skincare. If it’s organic and stylish, you’ll find it at Eden Home. Our customers can rest assured that we monitor the quality of our products to ensure that they are of the highest purity. Eden Homenaturally stylish.

Eden Home Media Contact:

Gayle Duncan

Executive Options MarCom



Vanessa Williams Urges Parents and Teens to Give Each Other the Ultimate Holiday Gift an “Allstate Parent-Teen Driving Contract” : “Ugly Betty” Star and Her Teenage Son Sign a Driving Contract, Launching Allstate’s National Home for the Holidays Teen Safe Driving Campaign

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (PRWEB) December 2, 2008

They’re giving each other a conversation and a promise. And best of all, it’s free.

With Devin on the verge of getting his learner’s permit, Ms. Williams and her son are signing an Allstate Parent-Teen Driving Contract before he gets behind the wheel. Based on conversations they had at home, their contract lays out expectations for smart driving decisions, and consequences if those expectations are not met.

It’s a conversation Ms. Williams and Allstate hope all parents and their teens have this holiday season.

“As a mother of two older daughters, I’ve given them the car keys and worried whether they would make it home safe. The fact is that our teens are more likely to die in a car crash than from anything else, so having the safe driving talk with your teen is just as important as talking about drugs and sex,” Williams said. “As the holidays arrive, parents and teens should use the Allstate Parent-Teen Driving Contract as way to begin a conversation that can be a gift of life.”

Vanessa and Devin signed their contract in New York City today, publicly launching Allstate’s national Home for the Holidays teen safe driving campaign.

Through its national Parent-Teen Driving Contract Sign Up Drive, Allstate encourages parents and teens to begin a conversation with their teens about safe driving by completing the interactive contract online at http://www.allstate.com/teen. By completing and signing a contract, parents can help ensure their teens return home safely for the holidays and every day.

With car crashes the leading cause of death for American teens, it’s a vital conversation for parents and teens especially this time of year. Teens have an increased chance of getting into an accident around the holidays. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, last December alone, nearly 400 teens died in car crashes across the United States. Many of these crashes could have been avoided with a simple conversation at home.

“By putting the contract in as many parent’s hands as possible, we hope to inspire them to give their teen the most important gift of all the safe driving talk,” said Vicky Dinges, Assistant Vice President of Public Social Responsibility for Allstate. “Signing the Allstate Parent-Teen Driving Contract is the first step to making a commitment between parents and teens that they aren’t going to let themselves become a statistic.”

As part of the campaign, Allstate is also conducting contract signings with other prominent parents and their teens in cities across the country, hoping that more parents and teens heed this important call. This is part of Allstate’s tradition of public advocacy aimed at reducing the number of teens killed on America’s roads each year.

“As a company dedicated to reinventing protection and retirement for American families, doing whatever we can to avert the tragedy of losing a child is something we must take on,” Dinges said.

After 3 p.m. ET, media may download broadcast-quality event video, interviews and still pictures at http://www.thenewsmarket.com/allstate. Consumers may watch event videos at http://www.youtube.com/allstate.

About Allstate

The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL) is the nation’s largest publicly held personal lines insurer. Widely known through the “You’re In Good Hands With Allstate

Allstate Insurance Company Holiday Teen Driving Hotspots Study Reveals Areas with Highest Rates of Deadly Teen Crashes from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day : Study part of Home for the Holidays teen safe driving campaign to urge parents and teens to have a conversation about smart driving during the holiday season and sign Allstate’s Parent-Teen Driving Contract

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (PRWEB) December 3, 2008

The Allstate Holiday Teen Driving Hotspots Study found that the 10 deadliest hotspots for fatal teen crashes among the nation’s 50 largest metro areas (a central city and its surrounding counties) from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day are:

Keep Your Kids Safe at Home During the Holidays

Irving, TX (Vocus) November 22, 2010

Latest advances in home security give parents an edge when kids are alone

Parents go through the same basic to-do list each holiday season: Turkey? Check. Presents? Yep. Decorations? All set.

Kids have an entirely different to-do list that consists of just one item – school? Not this week.

During the holiday season, many schools across the nation close their doors for all or most of the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. So parents who work add an additional item to their checklist – safety. Left alone during holiday breaks until their parents get home, latchkey kids need to be provided with a safe, secure environment.

Thats no small task. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, in more than 15.2 million households with children under the age of 18, both mom and dad work outside the home. And with the lure of expensive gifts stashed away in closets or under Christmas trees, this time of year offers extra incentives for thieves to break into homes.

For children who are home alone, an effective, monitored security system provides a greater level of comfort for the parents, and a greater sense of protection for the children, said Dom DAscoli, president of the Electronic Security Association (http://www.ESAweb.org). Based in Irving, Texas, ESA provides information, training and advocacy for more than 2,500 member companies who employ more than 500,000 industry professionals.

Traditionally, the idea of keeping kids safe has centered on the well-known model of a standard security system: control panel, keypad, door and window sensors, an audible alarm, and centralized offsite monitoring. But state-of-the-art home security solutions are now going far beyond the basics.

Marshall Marinace, owner and president of Marshall Alarm Systems in Yorktown, N.Y., is a 37-year veteran of the security industry, as well as a vice president on the ESA Board of Directors. He says it is now common for parents to be able to interact with a security system, even when they arent home, rather than simply react if something goes wrong.

There are so many possibilities because of technology developed in the past few years, Marinace said. The equipment is more advanced, but it also costs much less and its easier to install and maintain.

The most basic level of interactivity is a text message or e-mail sent to the parent via mobile phone or computer when a child arrives home safely, or leaves home again later in the afternoon. This not only eliminates the need for phone calls, he said, but also saves time during a busy workday.

Further, that notification can be linked to a live video feed via the web or as a video clip attachment that can be triggered by specific actions inside or outside the home.

Video is the hottest thing right now, Marinace said. People are asking for a series of cameras that can provide video through the Internet, and also store it on a digital recording device inside the house for later review. In fact, he said, some devices can store six months of video or more in a searchable archive.

Video is an excellent way to monitor whats going on at home, although the hidden nanny-cam has become less popular, with more emphasis on open placement of cameras in strategic areas. Ralph Sevinor, president of Wayne Alarm Systems in Lynn, Mass., who has spent more than 30 years in the security industry, says privacy issues have become important.

The development of video technology is opening up new ground so quickly its difficult to keep up with both legally and ethically, he said. The issue is the perception of privacy, and whether people are aware they are being viewed. So as a company, we wont place hidden cameras, and we discourage homeowners from doing that.

Taking privacy issues into consideration, cameras are generally placed openly both inside and outside the house. Not only does this give parents the ability to monitor when their child comes and goes, but they can also track activities such as homework, watching TV or playing video games, and see visitors when they arrive and leave.

Additionally, security access codes have become more sophisticated. Instead of a traditional single-code system, for example, customized codes can monitor or restrict access to specific areas or items within the home.

Using a partitioning technique, Marinace said, a child or a caregiver can be given a security code that limits accessibility to sensitive areas such as master bedrooms, medicine cabinets or gun storage. If the need arises to enter those areas, he said, a parent can either provide the appropriate code, or remotely provide access to the area via the Internet.

In fact, the combination of video monitoring and remote interaction is the cornerstone for any effective security system. This allows parents to take a hands-on approach to security without even being at home.

People want to have checks and balances, and verification that everything is being taken care of, said Bob Tucker, a spokesperson for ADT Security Services, which has 350 sales and service locations in North America. So instead of finding out about events after theyve happened, homeowners want to be able to remotely interact with their systems.

Tucker said the next level of interaction goes beyond simply controlling a security system. The latest technology on the market provides centralized wireless control of a wide array of household functions – not just sophisticated monitoring of security and video, but also control of temperature, lighting, appliances and entertainment components. Recurring events can be automated, such as timing for lights or appliances, and alerts can be provided for any crisis events inside the home, including water leaks, fire, or carbon monoxide emissions.

Parents can control these systems remotely via computer or mobile device. Inside the house, the system is controlled from a portable touchscreen panel anywhere inside the home, as well as through wireless devices.

Its more than about being able to control whats going on when your children are home alone, or when no one is home at all, he said. Ultimately, its a lifestyle management concept where you have control over your environment from inside the home, whether its monitoring video or getting the latest weather report.

In the end, though, for parents of latchkey kids, only one thing matters.

You want to make sure that the ones you care about are safe, Tucker said. Its all about peace of mind.


Formerly the NBFAA, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) is the largest and longest established trade association representing the electronic life safety and security industry. Member companies install, integrate and monitor intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance and electronic access control systems for commercial, residential, industrial and governmental clients. In cooperation with an alliance of chapter associations, ESA provides technical and management training, government advocacy and delivers information, advice, tools, and services that members use to grow their businesses and prosper. ESA may be reached at (888) 447-1689 or on the Web at http://www.ESAweb.org.


Nature-inspired family holidays in Thailand at Faasai Resort and Spa

Chanthaburi, Thailand (PRWEB) March 27, 2012

The small family-owned resort is at Kung Wiman a small coastal haven in Chanthaburi near a fishing village and sandy and rocky beach. It is set back about 300 meters from the beach, has views of hills and forest and in a quiet area dotted with orchards and rubber trees and shrimp farms. The owners are a Thai-New Zealand couple Surin Laopha and Bronwen Evans, who wanted to offer guests a relaxed and affordable experience of nature in one of the most beautiful parts of Southeast Asia.

Bronwen says most local people still live off the land and sea and so, despite being only a three hour drive from the metropolis of Bangkok, it is still quiet and friendly and unspoiled by tourism. She says the foreign guests who stay at the resort are made to feel very welcome by staff and local people and the area is packed with interest, especially for active families who love nature.

The resort is a nature-lovers paradise and very safe and comfortable for children. There are many nearby attractions including rock pools by the sea, a boardwalk through the mangroves, visits to an outdoor fish nursery where children can feed turtles and leopard sharks and a monkey cave with a spectacular walk through the bush and past giant Buddhist statues.

Bronwen adds however that that the highlight for many children is a visit to the resorts own organic farm called White Water Lake which has fresh water springs and a small lake where they can feed the fish and also meet their cows.

We have three cows, including one calf, and they love fruit, especially bananas. They are very tame and will eat out of our hands.

Bronwen says some children also like to go kayaking around the lake and she invites guests to learn about Thai herbs and spices and pick tropical fruit such as papayas and bananas which are growing at the farm and in the resort gardens. During the rainy season Faasai Resort and Spa also grows its own organic rice and guests are invited to help to make scarecrows or harvest the rice.

Faasai Resort and Spa, a four-star eco-resort on the Southeast Coast of Thailand has twice won best Small Hotel in the Thailand Green Awards and is committed to providing green travel experiences for responsible travelers.

About Faasai Resort and Spa

Faasai Resort and Spa is a 14 room eco-resort at Kung Wiman, Chanthaburi, Thailand about 200 kilometres southeast of Bangkok. The resort is nestled into a forest covered hill amidst tropical gardens. It overlooks the mangrove-fringed Kung Kraben Bay and is a ten minute walk from Kung Wiman beach.

Awards won by Faasai Resort and Spa

Best Small Hotel Thailand Green Awards 2011

Green award and special award for cultivation and use of herbs and spices from the Governor of Chanthaburi 2011

Outstanding service to the environment and nature in the Eastern region Thailand Boutique Awards 2010

Best Small Hotel Thailand Green Awards 2009.

Runner-up in the budget category in the 2008 Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards.

FirefighterReady.com Offers Christmas Discounts for the Holidays

Toronto, Canada (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Firefighter Ready is one of North America’s leading firefighter test preparation programs and during the holidays is offering customers lower prices.

Firefighter candidates who need to write their written firefighter exam can now get the practice they need to pass their test. Candidates in almost all states and provinces in North America need to take written aptitude tests, such as the CPS test.

Firefighter Ready has the practice tests and quizzes candidates need to help prepare for the test. Individuals can take practice quizzes to understand their strengths, and understand the areas on the exam they need to practice. Practice tests can be taken an unlimited number of times.

Membership gives users one year access. Holiday discounts with coupon code XMAS10 lowers this price to $ 29.

The program includes: