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Bills.com Offers Tips to Handle Taxes That Can’t be Paid

San Mateo, Calif. (PRWEB) April 18, 2007

As morning dawns on the day after federal tax returns became due, many filers have discovered they owe more taxes than they can pay. Options do exist for these consumers and business, according to Brad Stroh, co-CEO of Bills.com (http://www.bills.com).

Stroh noted that Americans, carrying more debt than ever, are more likely to have tax problems than in the past. In 2005, the IRS recorded nearly 6 million delinquent accounts. The number of levies (a key enforcement tool in which the IRS takes possession of assets to collect on unpaid taxes) was 2.75 million during fiscal year 2005 – a 37 percent increase from 2004 and part of a trend that increases the number every year.

First step: File a return

“Hopefully, everyone has filed their tax return,” Stroh said. “Not filing at all is the single biggest mistake people can make in terms of staying in the good graces of the IRS.”

Not filing a return at all can carry penalties and even result in criminal prosecution by the IRS. In addition, those who qualify for a refund can lose their refund by filing late. On the other hand, sometimes those who file but cannot pay the full amount they owe can qualify for a payment plan. Unpaid amounts due will be charged interest, usually a rate of 4.5 percent per month.

How to handle current tax problems

For individuals with reasonable cause to be unable to pay, the IRS might choose to minimize or eliminate penalties, Stroh explained. “You absolutely must face the situation and discuss your options with the IRS or an advisor.”

It also is possible to negotiate with the IRS to reduce past-due tax penalties and payments. Taxpayers with tax debts under $ 10,000 usually can manage the payment on their own or via an installment plan arranged with the IRS. When individuals cannot pay tax liabilities of $ 10,000 or more, specialists can negotiate directly with the IRS on behalf of these consumers, helping them obtain settlements.

Tax relief specialists usually are attorneys, enrolled agents or certified public accountants with special training and experience. These experts can navigate the intricacies of IRS forms and calculations, help consumers understand the criteria the IRS imposes, and then help them get back into good standing with the IRS.

Depending on the severity of an individual’s situation, two types of IRS settlement are available:

Dallas-Based Refuge House Adopts BlabberMouth PR to Handle Public Relations Campaign

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 12, 2008

BlabberMouth PR, the seriously fun public relations firm best known for delivering 100% senior-level representation, has been chosen by Refuge House, a Dallas-based foster agency, to implement a comprehensive public relations campaign designed to generate visibility and community support for the non-profit’s efforts and expansion plans.

Refuge House takes in children from Child Protective Services and places the kids in foster homes. With locations in Dallas and San Antonio, Refuge House is already serving children in more than 40 Texas counties and has plans to open new locations outside the state later this year.

“When it comes to the delicate issue of children in crisis, we needed a team with experience and compassion,” said Dr. Michele Gorman, founder and CEO of Refuge House. “We turned to BlabberMouth PR because we know our clients will be treated with the utmost respect, our needs will be presented with integrity, and most importantly the stories about our organization will be pitched with sensitivity and thoughtfulness.”

Refuge House is a faith-based organization that accepts private donations and state funding, but seeks to operate on a much more personal level than traditional foster care agencies. Dr. Gorman works personally with the children and families of Refuge House. Dr. Gorman has most recently taken on the case of a terminally ill teenager in the agency’s care.

“When we learned of the incredibly difficult and emotional work the people Refuge House do every day, we were humbled,” said Patti D. Hill, CEO / Founder, BlabberMouth PR. “We know the subject matter won’t always be pretty or fun, but we do know that it will be important and life changing. As we learned more about the operations and goals of Refuge House, we knew it an honor to be called upon to work with them, and an even higher one to be chosen as the agency to tell communities in Texas and around the country about this life-changing agency.”

Erin Steed will steer the public relations campaign for Refuge House.

About BlabberMouth PR

BlabberMouth PR, the seriously fun public relations firm, is celebrated for providing 100% senior-level representation to a range of industries, including advertising, consumer electronics, gaming, health and fitness, interior design, and music and entertainment, among others. Founded in 2001, BlabberMouth PR abandoned the traditional agency model in favor of an innovative version and entrepreneurial processes for developing strategies and campaigns, and implementing tactics to help their clients win in the marketplace. BlabberMouth PR – quirky name, serious public relations. For additional information on BlabberMouth PR and its services, visit http://www.blabbermouthPR.com.

About Refuge House

Refuge House is a private, non-profit foster agency that works with Child Protective Agency to place children ages 0 to 21 in the region’s foster homes. Refuge House offers a complete wrap-around program that helps both the child and the foster-caregivers through the transition of out-of-home placement and visitation. Dr. Michele Gorman created Refuge House, is a foster and adoptive parent and continues to be hands on in its day-to-day operations. Dr. Gorman does everything from executive level strategic planning to taking middle-of-the-night calls from families in crisis. Refuge House serves as a model for other agencies and has aggressive expansion plans nationwide. Refuge House is online at http://www.refugehouse.org