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Hip Hop artist FACE THA MUSIC was a guest on the Hot 97 show Street Soldiershosted by Lisa Evers

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) July 6, 2010

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 6, 2010 — Hip Hop artist FACE THA MUSIC was a guest on the Hot 97 show Street Soldiershosted by Lisa Evers on June 20, 2010, at 9am. Airing on Fathers Day, the shows topic was about how fathers need to take responsibility for raising their child, the importance of their role as a father as it relates to the impact it has on their childs life and New York City programs available to single fathers and mothers that protect the best interest of their child.

Other guests on the show included Frances Pardus-AbbadessaDeputy Commissioner of the New York City Human Resources Administration, Israel Rosario, Jr.Executive Director of Parent Resources of the New York City Human Resources Administration and Dr. Jeff Gardere of VH1s Dad Camp TV show.

FACE THA MUSIC brought up the perspective of a single father who takes the responsibility to help raise his daughter with her mother. In fact, he put aside his career in the music industry for 6 years because he believed it was important to focus on that bond with her and did not want the demands of his music career interfering with his role as a father.

I never regretted leaving the music industry to help raise my daughter, says FACE THA MUSIC. I have the best of both worlds now because she loves music and will very often come to my recording sessions. I am including her in what I love to do; we even did a song together called Dear Amya.

The full episode can be listened to by visiting http://www.hot97.com/streetsoldiers/ and clicking on the June 20, 2010 podcast. Lisa Evers of Street Soldiers opens the mics every Sunday from 9am to 10am for a roundtable dialogue about the most critical and hottest issues affecting the hip hop community. Using street contacts and sources, she gets guests and listeners to tackle a wide variety of topics ranging from police brutality, drug abuse and safe sex to gang violence and racial profiling. The show tackles the most important issues facing the community as it happens.

Street Soldiers producer, Tone Capone, chose FACE THA MUSIC for this particular episode because he has demonstrated good values, giving up what he loves so that he can help raise his daughter. Thats what its all about.

The New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) have two initiatives underway: NYC DADSan ongoing program that hosts an informational website with opportunities for fathers to engage with their children at little or no cost, and the Man Up to Child Support radio campaign which reaches out to parents to educate them on child support and other services to assist families.

The HRA believes that fulfilling the emotional and financial responsibility to their children is one of the most effective ways children stay out of poverty. Dads who pay child support tend to also be more involved with their children, and involvement leads to children less likely to use drugs, engage in criminal activity and be suspended from or drop out of school.

Dr. Jeff Garderes Dad Camp airing on VH1 works with fathers who do not take responsibility for raising their kids, aka deadbeat dads, attempting to change their behavior by making them understand the importance a father has in a childs life.

Face Tha Musics new singleMy Favorite Songis now being circulated to the music industry with rave reviews and will soon be released to the public. One well known DJ said the song will rock the club and another said this could be my favorite song. A music video of My Favorite Song will be released August, 2010.

You can learn more about FACE THA MUSIC, and hear 14 tracks by going to his website, http://www.facethamusic.com and visiting him on http://www.myspace.com/facethamusic and http://www.twitter.com/facethamusic.


NAPW Sacramento Local Chapter Hosted a Successful Networking Meeting this April with Guest Speaker, Elisa Taylor

Garden City, NY (PRWEB) May 19, 2011

The Sacramento Chapter has two meetings, a lunch and a dinner meeting, each month in order to accommodate the busy schedules of the members. While both meetings have the same agenda and speaker, often several people came both times. Obviously they enjoy the speakers and the atmosphere of the group enough to attend twice! For the sake of simplicity, both meetings have been folded into one in these minutes.

Sharon Darrow, Sacramento Chapter President, opened the meetings by welcoming everyone, then briefly speaking about the NAPW. She spoke about the upcoming convention, which will take place on April 29th in New York City. Sharon also reminded everyone that their introduction is filmed to assist in accurate minutes and, with their permission only, are also posted on the new NAPW Sacramento Chapter Facebook page.

Marissa Eldreth is the CEO of BizWiz Consulting & Marketing Solutions and owner of the new magazine, “City Connect International”. The magazine tries to promote the unity of different nationalities and cultures. The magazine’s first event will be on June 18th, and everyone is invited to participate. Marissa’s company markets multiple products and helps businesses structure their company and market their products. Her latest project is a company from the Philippines that makes custom furniture. In keeping with her non-profit work, she has asked them to contribute a portion of their profits to a group that helps protect the watersheds in the Philippines.

Diana Borroel is a financial adviser with the Principal Financial Group. Financial advisers are prohibited from promoting their businesses through social media, so we are unable to show her in the video presentations. Dianna has 23 years experience in the financial services business, helping people set their goals and reach their dreams. She uses a four-step process: set goals, prioritize goals, implement the plan, and then monitor the plan.

Terry Burke Maxwell now owns a publishing company, after a career in education, publishing and computers. She sells several of her own workbooks, primarily on math and computers, for children and adults. Adults need to be involved in their children’s education, and these workbooks are designed to facilitate that. They are also useful for adult education. Terry is now publishing and editing other authors under a new imprint called Earth Patch Press.

Daphne Hewitt, a guest for the first time, is an independent consultant and area manager for Arbonne International, which is a health and wellness company offering natural, botanical based products for the skin, aromatherapy, nutrition, and weight loss.

Carol Siegner, with Ships and Trips Travel, is a travel agent specializing in Europe, especially riverboat cruises. She has been in the business for six years, booking families, corporate, and groups of all kinds.

Sharon Darrow, owner of Travel ID Cards, creates plastic ID cards, with or without photos, for your organization, company, sports team or family group. She says they now also do luggage tags to make your baggage identification and retrieval a snap on your next trip. Their newest items are the “Fun Cards”, which are unique creations that make great gifts — “Worlds Greatest [Fill-In-The-Blank]” for example, with pictures and personalized text front and back. She then reminded everyone of her core products for travelers, the KidsTravelCard, TeenTravelCard, AdultInfoCard, and PetTravelCard.

Sara Lopezis is the owner of SGL Enterprises. It is her holding company for marketing Amway Global. The Amway business is about providing consumers with the flexibility of online shopping for everything including personal care, home care, health and wellness, and practically anything else. She was very pleased to say that the vitamin and supplement line, Nutrilite, had just celebrated their 75th anniversary and was the very first company to come out with an organic vitamin/mineral supplement. In addition to the exclusive products, there are over 600 online partner affiliates, which enables the consumer to save money. Sara reminded everyone that her business is a great way to develop residual income for the future.

Elizabeth Rosen, a guest attendee, has a business called Pet Your Dog, which offers both services and products for your pets. Her services are designed for those with busy schedules. She is the one to call for dog walking, pet sitting in her home, and training.

Andrea Newhouse is the Director of Aquatic Services at Easter Seals in Sacramento. They have a warm water therapy pool available to anybody with a doctor’s prescription. The pool temperature is 92 degrees, and it is open all year round.

Linda Melodyis is with Pre-Paid Legal Services. She said that many people don’t think they need an attorney, don’t know an attorney, and can’t imagine why they would want one. But in this day and age there are many scenarios where having access to one would be helpful, even if just to have one to call and ask questions. Linda brought a brochure with “101 reasons not to be without your life-events legal plan”, including things like child support enforcement, advice on a divorce, buying or selling a car or home, and liability questions regarding a business startup. Knowing you can call an expert in your field is a great source of peace of mind!

Alicia O’Hara, attending for her first time as a guest, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Certified Behavioral Therapist. She has been in practice for three years, and describes what she does as “giving people their power back”! She helps people work directly with their subconscious minds to get past the obstacles and blocks that are in their way so they can reach their goals. She also gives people tools to empower themselves, so they can make the changes and improvements that they need. She works out of the Healing Alternative Meditation Center, offering programs, workshops, and individual sessions. Some of the things she helps people with are stress, pain management, age regression therapies, fears and phobias.

Autumn DeCosta is an empowerment coach, which can mean different things to different people. She uses different methods focusing on self-awareness and reconnecting with oneself. One of the programs she offers is called “Imagine a Woman”. She and Alicia will be offering a program together on April 23rd at the Healing Alternative Meditation Center, called “The Journey Home”, to help women reconnect with themselves and honor the woman within.

June Azevedo, of Azevedo Print & Design, started out with an enthusiastic endorsement of the benefits of hypnotherapy in her life. She says that her job is to make the printed items you work with reflect the beauty of yourself. She is pleased to have done that with several of our members, and is ready to help anyone else that might need assistance.

Susan Harkeis is both a mobile notary and a CPA. She is glad to help anyone with tax questions, tax issues, letters from the IRS that you don’t understand and the person who prepared your taxes has skipped town or is no longer in business! Susan invited anyone to contact her if they need help.

Ester Gordillo, attending as a guest, is an international trade consultant at the Center for International Trade Development. She assists both importers and exporters navigate the process, including such things as finding suppliers, finding buyers, dealing with customs, working with customs brokers, and understanding the import/export process. Ester’s consulting services at the Center are free, but there are also paid workshops available as well.

The Chapter’s April speaker was Elisa Taylor, a Travel Agent specializing in family travel. She truly demonstrated her specialization through her assistant, 5 month old Samuel, who stole everyone’s heart! Her company is World Less Traveled, and she prov

Terrance C. Heath of Heath Newton LLP was a Guest on the Wealth Psychology Show

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 10, 2013

Heath Newton LLP family law attorney Terrance C. Heath was a recent guest on the Wealth Psychology Show with Emily Bouchard and Dr. Jamie Trager-Muney, Ph.D. The show is aired online on the Sylvia Global Media Network every Tuesday from 8-9 a.m. and focuses on redefining wealth and maximizing money potential for women.

Heath joined the show to discuss the emotional side of domestic partnerships. Heath explained the differences between a registered domestic partnership and a marriage. He answered questions about entering into a registered domestic partnership and whether or not there will be marriage equality in California and throughout the United States. Heaths experiences as a family lawyer allowed him to give advice to family and divorce attorneys as to what advice they can possibly offer to a couple thinking of marrying or registering.

For the audience, Heath wanted to make sure they received resources that could make a difference for them and support them in taking actions with the person they love.

Heath is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Boston College Law School and established his private practice in 2002. In January 2010, he founded Heath-Newton LLP, a family-law firm located in San Francisco. He is managing partner of the six-lawyer firm. His firm is unique among law practices in that it is established on an articulated set of core values and a strong business plan.

About the Company:

At Heath-Newton LLP, they specialize in family law, asset protection and estate planning services. Based in San Francisco, their boutique firm has earned a reputation for managing their clients cases well, reaching successful resolutions, and minimizing costs and disruption to their clients lives.

They have handled a long list of family law cases, including a broad range of issues facing new families (such as domestic partnerships, premarital agreements, adoption and more), as well as divorce mediation, asset division, child custody and child and spouse support. They also have extensive experience in estate planning, wills, probate, mediation, living wills and trusts.

Collectively, their attorneys have thousands of hours of experience, allowing them to be both efficient and effective. They are guided by a practical approach that emphasizes avoiding litigation to minimize costs and disruption; however, they can and will be fierce litigators when all other strategies have proven ineffective. For more information on their divorce lawyers, please visit their website at http://www.heathnewton.com. To discuss a situation with one of their attorneys, please call them at (415) 398-1290.

Robinson & Associates Rolls Out Valet Parking Guest Service Training to Help Casinos Put Their Best Foot Forward

(PRWEB) September 26, 2003

Robinson & Associates Rolls Out Valet Parking Guest Service

Training to Help Casinos Put Their Best Foot Forward

For Immediate Release

Sept. 29, 2003

Contact: Tom Ellis

Ellis Communications, Inc.

Phone (417) 881-5635

E-Mail tellis@casinocustomerservice.com

In a move to help casinos provide quality service the moment their guests arrive, Phoenix, Ariz.-based Robinson & Associates, Inc., is now offering service training for valet parking employees. Valet consulting is being offered in addition to the company’s existing service training for all other employees throughout the property.

“Mystery shopping we have done at a number of casinos shows that many properties need to do a better job of taking care of guests who use the valet service,” says Baird, president of Robinson & Associates, a guest service consulting firm for the gaming industry. “For many guests, their first impression of a casino occurs when they drive up for valet service. That’s when casinos need to put their best foot forward and it’s not always happening.”

Robinson & Associates will help valet employees learn the importance of quick and efficient service, proper attire, smiling, a warm greeting, using the guest’s name and making compliments about a guest’s vehicle. They also will gain insight into the importance of the last impression they make as guests leave the property.

The company will show valet staff members how to make such a positive impression that guests have a good feeling about the casino before they even enter, Baird says.

“Valet service affects how a person feels when they walk in the door,” Baird says. “If a casino wants its guests to step inside smiling, valet service can make a huge contribution to that goal. Valets are the ambassadors of the casino at all times.”

Robinson & Associates has contracted with Jason McNair of Agoura Hills, Calif., to provide the valet training. McNair has extensive experience in the valet field. He has been a valet supervisor for American Valet Company, working at upscale night clubs, restaurants and shopping centers. He has been a valet supervisor for C.P.S. Parking/Black Tie Valet, working at high-end restaurants, shopping centers and hotels and serving as a valet for Microsoft Corp. parties and company events. McNair also has provided valet and guest services at Hyatt Westlake Plaza in Westlake, Calif., the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., W Hotel in Seattle and Westwood, Calif., and at The Grove, an upscale shopping center in Los Angeles.

“If valet employees don’t provide exceptional service to each and every guest, they could, in fact, be driving customers away,” Baird says. “Investing some time and training in the valet department can pay huge dividends.”

Owned by Lydia and Martin Baird, Robinson & Associates, Inc., is a guest service consulting firm that provides specialty guest service training, management skills training, presentation skills training, team building programs and employee incentive and recognition programs for the gaming industry. Martin is author of “Gaming Guest Service from A to Z,” a book that uses the alphabet to help gaming executives, managers and employees understand the importance of outstanding guest service and how to provide it.

The Bairds have a Web site, http://www.casinocustomerservice.com, that’s devoted to helping casinos improve their guest service so they can compete and increase revenues. Robinson & Associates may be reached by contacting Lydia at 480-991-6421 or at lbaird@casinocustomerservice.com. Robinson & Associates is a member of the Casino Management Association and an associate member of the National Indian Gaming Association.