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Recent Off The Grid News Article Encourages Parents Fighting To Protect 4th Amendment Rights

Thomson, IL (PRWEB) July 01, 2013

A recent article on Off The Grid News uncovers a new program designed to infringe on childrens fourth Amendment rights. Author D.M. Graham tells of a not-for-profit company called inBloom, inc. Graham sites the company About Us page by stating, inBloom, Inc. is a nonprofit organization working to make personalized learning a reality for every U.S. student by improving the effectiveness, variety and affordability of education technology.

In an article published on Reuters the intention of the program is that, Consolidated records make it easier for teachers to use software that mines data to identify academic weaknesses. Games, videos or lesson plans would then be precisely targeted to engage specific children or promote specific skills. The problem that parents have with the program is the amount of metadata the system is able to collect including pictures.

Graham goes on to say, It shares the metadata of every student, teacher, and school that participates with educational software companies. There are currently 22 companies developing software for inBloom. This number is expected to increase. Metadata for students includes, but is not limited to, their name, age, picture, grades, discipline record, and teacher communications. There is also an option for schools to share that data with anyone else they deem worthy.

The other surprising fact that Graham brings forward is the amount of financial support the project has received from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with additional support from major education corporations like Carnegie and Scholastic. Th author argues that the intense amount of financial support the project is getting from major corporations begs the question of what financial gain will come from this not-for-profit. It also makes the author question whether curriculum is really attempting to individualize the learning platform (as was introduced in the No Child Left Behind act) or to commercialize learning.

Graham tells readers about how she believes that the problem with the inBloom, Inc. service is that it shares the metadata that it pulls from students, teachers, and schools that choose to participate in educational software company. She goes on to make a point of how much the business of information has grown. She goes on to speculate that the abundant support that Bill & Melinda Gates have shown toward the project is partially due to the amount of information the project is able to collect.

To read the full article go tohttp://www.offthegridnews.com/2013/07/01/public-schools-sneaky-little-way-to-get-parents-to-sign-away-their-childs-privacy/.