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Florida Attorney General Adds WatchLink to Public Safety Site

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) July 17, 2006

Spatial NetWorks new WatchLink technology is now available free for all residents of Florida. WatchLink provides automatic web based reporting of the FDLE sex offender database for the entire state. Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist provides a link to this valuable service for use by all Florida residents on his consumer web pages under CHILD SAFETY at http://myfloridalegal.com/.

The data is drawn from the FDLE online data site but instead of requiring research to find out offender locations and details the service automatically sends the information to the consumer, requiring a one time selection and registration. Residents can access a pre existing list of public and private schools, daycare and aftercare centers to get custom reports of offenders in the areas where their children attend school and play. Any other home, school, work or play address can be entered as well and a custom report generated. Updates are sent as specified by the user for immediate notification or weekly reporting.

While other web-based services give information about the locations of registered sex offenders, WatchLink shows residents these locations in relation to their home, school, daycare, office or any other place of interest. Pictures, names, aliases, convictions and complete physical descriptions are available in the full report. The report is linked to an easy-to-use interactive map that provides the user entered location and specified surrounding area.

Attorney General Charlie Crist says “Protecting our most vulnerable citizens is the highest priority of our State. By providing parents with another tool to fulfill the responsibility of looking out for children, our neighborhoods are that much safer.

For additional information about WatchLink technology and how it tracks and maps registered sex offenders and sexual predators, please visit http://login.watchlink.us/how-it-works.html. To sign up and start getting your free report now, go to http://login.watchlink.us and enter in your information.


eGuardian CEO Ron Zayas Addresses the National Association of Attorneys General

Ontario, CA (PRWEB) March 18, 2009

Ron Zayas, CEO of eGuardian, addressed the state Attorneys General at the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG), during their annual Spring Meeting in Washington DC.

More than 40 of the nation’s Attorneys General attended the meeting, at which Zayas was asked to speak about the role eGuardian plays in online child protection, age verification and parental permission. eGuardian, designers of the child-safe Internet, is a protection service that protects children on social networking sites and allows parents to be more involved in their children’s online activities.

“The state Attorneys General are on the front line on these issues, and they asked us to attend and help make the case for the importance of keeping kids safe when they are online,” Zayas said.

Following opening remarks from US Attorney General Eric Holder, a panel of state Attorneys General discussed the safety and related legal issues of minors using social networking sites, and how to protect children from sexual predators and inappropriate content.

One meeting session, attended by top legal counsel from Microsoft and representatives from other major Internet-related companies, provided perspectives on recent developments related to the efforts of the Social Networking Multistate Group and the discussion of promising age/identity verification technology.

The event was televised by C-Span, and may be viewed at


eGuardian has been at the forefront of the age verification issue. “What we do initiates from the parent,” said Zayas at the meeting. “eGuardian can be a powerful instrument to curb child predation and cyber-bullying, but the process begins when the parent makes a conscious decision that they want to protect their child. With eGuardian parents play a crucial role in their child’s safety.”

About eGuardian

The eGuardian mission is to protect children online from inappropriate content and solicitation, resulting in safe learning and exploring on the Internet. Through partnerships with prominent web sites eGuardian creates an environment that allows children to learn and communicate without the fear of being solicited by predatory adults or being exposed to adult content. For more information, call 877-348-2731 or visit eGuardian at http://www.eguardian.com


Georgia’s Attorney General Thurbert Baker Receives First Annual Barack Obama Political Leadership Award From The National Bar Association

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 14, 2009

The National Bar Association (NBA) presented Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker with its first annual Barack Obama Political Leadership Award at its 84th annual meeting in San Diego, California on Friday. The award recognizes Baker’s pioneering achievements as a public servant and elected official.

Baker, a Democrat from Stone Mountain, is Georgia’s first African-American Attorney General, having served in the office since 1997. During this time, he has been the only elected African-American Attorney General in the nation. He is also the only African American to be elected by his colleagues to serve as the president of the 102 year old National Association of Attorneys General.

As Attorney General, Baker has successfully managed the state’s legal affairs for more than two decades. He has always made protecting families and children a top priority. He promoted tough new laws against sexual predators who target children via the Internet, and has aggressively worked with local prosecutors and police to bring those who target children online to justice. Baker has also been a leading voice against domestic violence. He fought to make it a crime to commit an act of domestic violence in the presence of a child and he’s worked with local law enforcement to fight family violence.

Prior to his service as Attorney General, Baker served for five terms in the Georgia House of Representatives, including several years as the Floor Leader for then-Governor Zell Miller. As Floor Leader, Baker led the fight to pass some of the most significant legislation in modern Georgia history, including the institution of the state lottery and the lottery-funded HOPE Scholarship program.

He was the lead sponsor of the largest tax cut in Georgia history -the removal of the state sales tax on groceries. He also led the fight to pass tough new laws against drunk driving, strengthening the state’s notoriously weak, outdated drunk driving laws, and helped bring Georgia to the forefront in the battle against DUI.

“I am humbled and honored to be the first person to receive the National Bar Association’s Barack Obama Award. I hope to live up to the honor by continuing to bring people together to solve the tough problems facing Georgia,” said Attorney General Baker.

The National Bar Association (NBA) was founded in 1925, and is the nation’s oldest and largest national association of predominately African-American lawyers and judges. It has 84 affiliate chapters throughout the United States and affiliations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa and the Caribbean. It represents a professional network of over 20,000 lawyers, judges, educators and law students. The objectives of the NBA are “to advance the science of jurisprudence; improve the administration of justice; preserve the independence of the judiciary and to uphold the honor and integrity of the legal profession; to promote professional and social intercourse among the members of the American and the international bars; to promote legislation that will improve the economic condition of all American citizens, regardless of race, sex or creed in their efforts to secure a free and untrammeled use of the franchise guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States; and to protect the civil and political rights of the citizens and residents of the United States.”

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Allegheny General Hospital Child Psychologist to Provide Testimony at Senate Hearing on Protecting Children from Abuse and Neglect

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) December 12, 2011

Anthony Mannarino, Ph.D., an internationally recognized child psychologist and Director of the Center for Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents at Allegheny General Hospital (AGH) in Pittsburgh has been invited to provide written testimony that will be presented at a hearing tomorrow before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Children and Families. The hearing, scheduled for 10:15 am in Washington, will focus on how well federal laws (most specifically: reporting requirements) are working to protect children from abuse.

Organized by U.S. Senators, Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.), Chairwoman of the Subcommittee on Children and Families, Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Ranking Member of the Subcommittee and Bob Casey (D-Pa.), the hearing will examine existing gaps in the legal system and consider proposals to improve reporting requirements.

According to Senator Mikulskis press announcement, the hearing follows troubling allegations of child sexual abuse at Pennsylvania State University and the failure to report the alleged crimes to law-enforcement authorities. Currently, only 18 states require all adults to report suspected child abuse.

Dr. Mannarino is a leading authority on childhood trauma and abuse who has provided clinical services to traumatized children and their families for more than 25 years. He is the past president of the American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children and was named to the American Psychological Associations Presidential Task Force on Child and Adolescent Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in 2008.

Under Dr. Mannarinos direction, the AGH Center for Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents is a program that helps children and families cope with traumatic events, such as child abuse, community or domestic violence, terrorism, war and natural disasters. The centers team of psychiatrists and psychologists have played critical roles is assisting disaster relief efforts around the country, including September 11, Hurricane Katrina and the crash of USAir Flight 427, among other events.

Dr. Mannarino and his colleagues have also been principle investigators for numerous federally funded studies examining the impact and treatment of child sexual abuse.

Together with Judith Cohen, MD, a child psychiatrist at AGH, Dr. Mannarino is credited with developing trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) an innovative and effective treatment for traumatized children that has become a standard of care for children across the United States and in several countries around the world. They are also co-authors of the book Treating Trauma and Traumatic Grief in Children and Adolescents, which provides an overview of the TF-CBT approach and how the model can be adapted to treat children of different ages and cultural backgrounds.

Editors Note: A copy of Dr. Mannarinos Senate testimony will be available upon request on Tuesday, December 13 at 10:15 am.