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MyBlueStarFlag.com Gives Away Custom Embroidered Blue Star Flags

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) June 28, 2010

MyBlueStarFlag.com announced that it is giving away five custom embroidered Blue Star Flags in honor of all of the military service men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting our freedom. The flags are handcrafted by veteran and expert quilt maker, Dave England. Each month, from now until October, one winner will be selected to receive a custom flag. Anyone can enter to win by visiting, http://www.mybluestarflag.com/custom-blue-star-flag-giveaway-contest.

Program HR 3648 Answers “Seven Red Flags” Blog and Corrects Misinformation About Program HR 3648 and it’s Free Foreclosure Avoidance Help for Homeowners

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) May 04, 2011

Program HR 3648 announces its official response to the Seven Red Flags Blog. Jeremy Bowman, Co-Founder and President of Program HR 3648 states, Sometimes, in order to protect the thousands of homeowners and real estate agents and brokers we serve, it becomes necessary to provide an official response to gross misinformation that has been publicly posted by those who appear to have hidden agendas as well as an apparently reckless disregard for the truth.

Program HR 3648 is pleased to announce that within the last year, it has quadrupled their agent and broker partners, released Version 2.0 system updates and improvements, which have dramatically impacted the way agents and brokers are working short sales all over the country. Program HR 3648 has also assisted agents and brokers in helping over 3,400 homeowners avoid public foreclosure, and in the process helped its agent and broker partners secure over $ 35,000,000 in real estate commissions.

Members of Program HR 3648 do not pay a monthly fee. Members are provided exclusive leads of homeowners who are most likely behind on their mortgage; over eighty-five percent of the homeowners provided will ultimately have to short sale their home in order to avoid a public foreclosure. There is no contract for agents and brokers; the Terms and Conditions is month to month. There is no telemarketing involved with the Program.

Additionally, Program HR 3648 not only meets appropriate licensing requirements where needed, but it also complies with the Federal S.A.F.E. Act and meets the new MARS guidelines for disclosure issued by the Federal Trade Commission.

Woods Davis, Vice President of Marketing, adds, We greatly value informed feedback about ways we can improve and better serve our homeowners and partners. On the other hand, deceit that is publically posted and irresponsibly veiled as credible, if left unanswered, can potentially undermine the honest work of the thousands of Certified Program HR 3648 Specialists throughout the country who are providing free help to homeowners in desperate need.

It is Program HR 3648s hope that this press release helps provide clarification to homeowners and real estate professionals throughout the country who are seeking legitimate and credible help or services from Program HR 3648.

Bowman is grateful to all the hard working and honest agents and brokers who are spending their time helping people who need it. He states, We are very grateful to all the Certified Program HR 3648 Specialists and for all the good they are doing by offering free help to homeowners while theyre going through one of the most difficult times in their lives. Program HR 3648 currently has CPSs serving homeowners in almost every major county in the country. Every CPS is a licensed real estate agent or broker.

You can listen to many of the grateful homeowners who have been interviewed about their experiences with Program HR 3648 and their CPS by going to the Homeowner Interviews section of Programhr3648.org.

If you feel you need further clarification on Program HR 3648 or its services, you can go to http://www.programhr3648.org or call Program HR 3648 at 1-800-915-1988. To read comments about Program HR 3648 from agents who are actually part of the Program HR 3648 community, including the #2 Coldwell Banker Agent worldwide, Jay Kinder, go to the Program HR 3648 Members Feedback area of the site. You can also review actual homeowner, agent, and broker comments by visiting Program HR 3648s official Facebook page – Program HR 3648 Official Facebook Page


Cindy Thompson

Administrative Director





FlagandBanner.com: Hurricane Flags and Advice on Hurricane Safety

Little Rock, Arkansas (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

Flag and Banner.com, a leading retail supplier of American flags and patriotic items, recently announced that hurricane flags are making a comeback after nearly two decades on the sidelines.

Kerry McCoy, owner of Flag and Banner, said that What may seem like a step back in technology is really just one more way to protect the public. After the Katrina disaster and after Sandy last October, we all want to feel safer and to have all possible warning tools available.

During the past thirty-nine years, McCoy said, the length of time that I have been in the flag business, I have seen occasional purchases of U.S. Storm Signal flags, consisting of one or both of the red Gale Storm Pennant and the red and black squared Hurricane Storm Flag. But ever since Katrina, they are making a huge comeback because they really are needed.

In 1989, after 100 years of use, the Coast Guard found Storm Signal flags to be an inferior warning device compared to other technological devices such as television and radio. But today, with more storms and with what seem to be increasingly stronger storms, the Coast Guard is trying everything they can to protect coastal resident and visitors, and that includes bringing back the Hurricane flag.

While the flags reach is limited, when storms approach the surge is sometimes so powerful other means of communication can be lost. So I believe we can expect to see more of the red and black squared flags flying along the coast for residents, boaters and tourists to observe, Kerry said.

If you live in or plan to visit a coastal area during hurricane season which is June 1st and ends November 30th you may want to not only watch for these red and black warning flags but also prepare a basic emergency supply kit. An emergency supply kit infographic is available for free download from FlagandBanner.com.

The National Weather Service recommends the following: