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Webloyalty.com Expands to Europe With Signing of First UK Client Interflora

Norwalk, Conn. (PRWEB) June 16, 2007

Webloyalty.com, a leading provider of online marketing services, today announced its expansion into Europe with the signing of its first UK client, Interflora.co.uk, part of FTD Group, Inc., a world leader in flower and gift delivery. The company will support Interflora.co.uk and other clients from its new central London office.

“Partnering with Webloyalty has greatly benefited our Internet business in the UK,” said Michael Barringer, marketing director, Interflora UK. “A high proportion of our customers take advantage of the Shopper Discounts and Rewards offer, and then return to our site for a repeat purchase. Webloyalty has found a compelling model: giving regular online shoppers great value and a new way to earn online cash rebates and providing online retailers with a very welcome source of new revenue. We believe it could be a big hit in the UK.”

Customers shopping online with Interflora have the option to join Webloyalty’s Shopper Discounts and Rewards, a membership reward program that offers online coupons and cash back discounts of up to 40 percent off Web site purchases. Reward program members receive discounts from UK retailers such as Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Asda, Tesco, PC World, Lastminute.com and other popular e-tail sites. New program members also receive a GBP10 cash back voucher towards their next purchase with Interflora.co.uk.

Interflora.co.uk and other clients benefit from Webloyalty providing the potential to increase their e-business revenue. Clients can also benefit from increased site visits as members return to the retailers’ sites to use their cash-back voucher. Additionally, the value offered by Shopper Discounts and Rewards has the potential to enhance the relationship between online retailers and their customers by building positive brand associations. Webloyalty’s highly successful membership-based model for online shopper savings, discounts and insurance benefits brings something new to the fast-growing UK e-commerce market.

New Business Model, New Revenue Opportunities:

A research report compiled by Verdict Research, the leading authority on the UK and European retail markets, states that in 2007 UK e-tail sites have the potential to generate an additional GBP130 million per year, growing to an estimated GBP818 million by 2011, through the introduction of a post- transactional revenue model such as the one offered by Webloyalty.

“With Webloyalty’s UK launch, we’re bringing something new and genuinely valuable to the online high street,” said Martin Child, managing director, Europe, Webloyalty. “Our model will help retailers like Interflora create a secondary revenue stream from their Web sites without having to host or market the platform. At the same time, consumers benefit from significant discounts and rewards. Our Shopper Discounts and Rewards product has been well received, and we’re confident about our growth prospects in the European market.”

Child, a former vice president of sales and marketing at Yahoo!, brings more than 20 years of e-business experience to Webloyalty. The company’s European marketing director, Gill Hynes, also has extensive experience in the UK customer loyalty and relationship marketing industry, having served as marketing manager of Air Miles and head of digital at Carlson Marketing.

About Webloyalty:

Webloyalty.com, a leading provider of technology-based, online marketing services, supplies approximately two million subscribers with discount, protection and online rewards programs, including Reservation Rewards and Shopper Discounts and Rewards. Members benefit from high value subscription services that match their needs and interests. Webloyalty clients — over 140 e-commerce, e-travel and e-subscription businesses — benefit from increased revenue and repeat purchases.

Additional information about Webloyalty, and their reward programs, is available at http://www.webloyalty.com/. For customer service requests or inquires, please contact 1-800-732-7031.

Press Contact:

Beth Kitchener

Webloyalty Corporate Communications

Telephone: 203-846-3300, x. 394


New Child Care Concept Introduces First Completely Eco-Friendly Center

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 12, 2007

After more than a year of research and planning, this week FIO360 (pronounced fee-oh) announces plans to open its first totally eco-friendly child care center in Atlanta by February 2008. The announcement comes amid a flurry of dialogue regarding safe toys, food and environmental settings for children.

FIO360’s concept will present the first Eco Early Care and Learning Boutique in the United States–meeting the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standards for environmentally sustainable construction and providing an entirely eco-friendly operation with organic/locally-grown food, natural/organic personal care products and earth-friendly cleaners throughout the facility. According to the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition, pound for pound, children breathe more air, drink more water, and eat more food than adults. Their bodies are more rapidly growing and developing, so their interactions within their environments have a maximum impact during this critical time.

“The reality is most of today’s American families (67 percent) require child care services and, as a working mom myself, I realized more could be done to provide a more holistic learning and care setting for children,” says Crissy Klaus, Founder & CEO of FIO360. “The word ‘fio’ is a Latin verb that means ‘to become’ and ‘360’ relates to wholeness or coming full circle, so FIO360 will provide an optimum setting for children to become their individual best–intellectually, physically and emotionally.”

FIO360 will also offer a wide array of special amenities for children and families, including an interactive learning museum, on-site massage therapy, heated floors, a no-shoes policy, the first Family Concierge and a 9,600 square-foot rooftop playground, to name a few.

FIO360’s Key Features

In line with its eco-friendly values and family-centric philosophies, FIO360 will enter the Atlanta market offering several unique features, including:

Green Building & Eco-Friendly Child Care Standards: FIO360 is making significant investments to create a green facility that will provide a setting for optimal children’s health, including zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) painted walls; no PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic products; natural and organic toys; all-natural personal care products that exclude harmful chemicals; solar tubes to bring in natural lighting; floors that emit radiant heat; and earth-friendly leaning products that exclude harmful fumes and environmental toxins.

Organic Children’s Meals: All meals prepared in the on-site FIO360 commercial kitchen or purchased from outside vendors will feature locally-grown, organic, natural or hormone-free food, with an emphasis on whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Children’s & Parent’s Massage Therapy: Studies reveal infants who receive massage sleep through the night sooner, longer and have fewer gastric problems. Research also demonstrates that massage in young children helps develop less aggressive behaviors. At FIO360, parents will have the option to register their children for massage by a licensed and trained specialist at no charge. FIO360 will also feature a “Relaxation Station” where parents and staff can unwind and recharge with massage by a certified specialist. Workshops for parents will also be offered to provide additional education about this emerging practice.

Shoeless Environment: To negate the dirt, germs and oils that shoes can track on the floors, FIO360 will provide children and staff with Fio Slippers to wear throughout the facility. Playtime on the floors is a core part of each child’s discovery experience and shoeless settings help keep the floors clean and safe for children to crawl, walk, run and play.

Classroom Technology: The FIO360 classrooms will feature active board technology that will be used for learning and will also stream family photos and video footage so that children can always feel connected. And, parents will have access to password-protected Web cameras to take a sneak peek at their children throughout the day.

Interactive Learning Exhibits: A significant portion of the entrance level–a 900 square-foot space with 18 ft. ceilings–will feature interactive learning exhibits in a children’s museum format. The “Imagination Station” will feature permanent “signature” exhibits as well as portable exhibits that will change to keep the space fresh and exciting.

Rooftop Playground: Today’s best outdoor play spaces for children invite open-ended play and discovery in natural environments. Located on the rooftop, the FIO360 Magical Urban Playscape will present a space for children to play, wonder and create. With a protected rooftop setting (enclosed by an 8-foot fence) that allows children to view the wonder of Atlanta, this playground will feature various age-appropriate play stations and gardens where children can escape to a world of excitement and exploration.

New Pyramid Learning Curriculum: Developed by Dr. Jef Van Kuyk of the Netherlands (one of the world’s most literate countries), this curriculum meets the highest national standards for early care and learning. The program is used to educate children in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, and India and is currently being developed for use in the United States. Teachers are trained and empowered to use a four-step process to take children from basic understanding to more complex problem solving.

Countdown To Opening

The 21,000-plus square foot FIO360 facility will serve 238 children ages 6 weeks to 6 years in its full-time care and learning program. The center will also offer drop-in care for parents who want to enjoy quality time in the city and back-up care for parents when their everyday provider is unavailable.

FIO360 will gradually roll out enrollment openings for full-time care, with plans to reach its full capacity of 238 openings by April 2008.

For more information, visit http://www.fio360.com.


WiHood, World’s First ‘Virtual Laptop’ That Protects Children Online – Anywhere on a USB Bracelet

Oslo, Norway (PRWEB) April 24, 2008

WiHood announces the world’s first “virtual laptop” that protects children online anywhere -anytime with WiHood’s USB bracelet.

WiHood’s bracelets are inserted into any internet connected PC launching the WiHood virtual laptop service that provides each child with their own personal virtual desktop. WiHood’s web filtering service is integrated into the WiHood desktop that provides games and office applications, all while protecting children online.

“WiHood is a portable child friendly service that parents have always wanted for their children”, says Thomas F. Anglero, Founder and CEO of WiHood. “WiHood protects children, saves parents from purchasing a new PC, and kids love that they have their own “virtual laptop” which stores their pictures, music, homework, etc. and can be worn on their wrist!”

(Photo of WiHood’s USB Bracelets)

(WiHood Photos )

WiHood is one of the most important new services for families worldwide. Since its launch on February 1st, WiHood has been aggressively partnering with schools and companies in the US, Scandinavia and Europe to protect children online. Contact Thomas F. Anglero, CEO of WiHood to reserve an interview.

WiHood is based in Oslo (Norway). WiHood was incorporated in August 2007 and has been honored to be awarded funding from Innovation Norway (a division of the Norwegian government providing funding only to Norway’s most innovative companies). WiHood was founded to bridge the digital-divide amongst children while protecting them online using Web 2.0 thinking (web services and cloud computing technologies). Additional information can be found at http://www.WiHood.com .


Don’t be a Crash Test Dummy – Safety First on Your Next Car Purchase

(PRWEB) July 12, 2008

The modern UK driving test may be rigorous but it has the worthy aim of making our roads safer for drivers and pedestrians. New cars too are tested for safety, but there is a belief that the minimum safety requirements – as set out in Europe-wide laws – could also be tougher.

Since 1997, the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) has been encouraging carmakers to exceed these basic requirements. The independent body tests popular cars and then allocates star ratings depending on their safety performance. Results are then published to encourage car makers to continually improve car safety, with the ultimate five-star Euro NCAP rating bringing kudos and increased saleability to the deserving recipient.

Cars are awarded stars for their test performance in three areas: adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, and pedestrian safety.

Euro NCAP Winners & Losers

ReputationShare: The World’s First Cross Internet Reputation Service

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 26, 2009

LOOKBOTHWAYS Inc. a leading provider of online safety services, announces ReputationShare, the first universal reputation service for users of online social environments and e-commerce sites.

ReputationShare uses the power of collective learning to help online sites know the reputation of their customers. Web Sites report good and bad information about users and can use that collective knowledge to choose which users to register and reward, and who to restrict and watch. ReputationShare protects users’ privacy. It never receives or stores any users’ personally identifiable information.

“Frankly, ReputationShare has the potential to change the entire Internet. What’s key here is the ability to respond before problems start, and also to immediately recognize and respect visitors that travel with great reputations.” – David Perry, Video Game Industry Veteran.

Until now, it has been impossible to know if a new user came with an excellent online history, or had a history of spreading abuse on the sites they use. That has changed.

Shared knowledge significantly reduces each company’s cost of vigilance, moderation and administration as they participate in an industry-wide best practice for behavioral moderation.

ReputationShare also provides individual users with the reputation information about potential online contacts, enabling them to decide for themselves if they want to interact with people with poor online reputations, or only with those that have a sterling reputation.

ReputationShare charges no fees for score data. Partners only pay support fees tiered according to traffic volume, making it affordable for all Internet businesses. More information about ReputationShare is available at http://www.reputationshare.com.


ReputationShare is a product of LOOKBOTHWAYS, Inc., founded in 2006 by Linda Criddle, former child safety advisor at Microsoft and internationally known online safety expert. The company offers educational curriculum, an interactive community web site (http://www.ilookbothways.com), books, and consulting in the human factor of online safety.

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New Home Hair Drug Test to Detect for Prescription Drugs & Usage Frequency HairConfirm Is First Test of Its Kind to Report Low/Medium/High Usage

San Diego (Vocus) June 30, 2009

A new home-based hair follicle drug test kit called HairConfirm Prescription can detect drug and prescription use as well as usage frequency for up to 90 days, equipping parents with a valuable new tool for combating substance abuse. Developed by Biotech Company Confirm BioSciences, and now available in the UK, the test overcomes the limitations of two- or three-day saliva or urine screenings that enable users to escape detection by avoiding drug use for a short period. It is also the first home hair test to report the amount of each chemical detected as well as whether the results indicate low, medium or high usage.

I can tell you first hand how easy it is for families to dismiss the visible signs of drug abuse in a loved one, said Leigh Lehmann, a HairConfirm customer who purchased the kit for a family member. But numbers dont lie, and the detailed information provided by this product will help bring people together to deal with it. I wish I had done this years ago!

HairConfirm Prescription is the first of its kind, and tests for 12 different types of illegal and prescription drugs The product measures the molecules embedded inside the hair shaft, eliminating external contamination as a source of a positive result. Since hair growth is fed by the bloodstream, the ingestion of drugs of abuse is revealed by analyzing a lock of hair. HairConfirm test results cannot be altered with shampoos, bleaches or other external chemicals.

The advantages of HairConfirm over urine-based, at-home drug testing kits include:

Georgia’s Attorney General Thurbert Baker Receives First Annual Barack Obama Political Leadership Award From The National Bar Association

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) August 14, 2009

The National Bar Association (NBA) presented Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker with its first annual Barack Obama Political Leadership Award at its 84th annual meeting in San Diego, California on Friday. The award recognizes Baker’s pioneering achievements as a public servant and elected official.

Baker, a Democrat from Stone Mountain, is Georgia’s first African-American Attorney General, having served in the office since 1997. During this time, he has been the only elected African-American Attorney General in the nation. He is also the only African American to be elected by his colleagues to serve as the president of the 102 year old National Association of Attorneys General.

As Attorney General, Baker has successfully managed the state’s legal affairs for more than two decades. He has always made protecting families and children a top priority. He promoted tough new laws against sexual predators who target children via the Internet, and has aggressively worked with local prosecutors and police to bring those who target children online to justice. Baker has also been a leading voice against domestic violence. He fought to make it a crime to commit an act of domestic violence in the presence of a child and he’s worked with local law enforcement to fight family violence.

Prior to his service as Attorney General, Baker served for five terms in the Georgia House of Representatives, including several years as the Floor Leader for then-Governor Zell Miller. As Floor Leader, Baker led the fight to pass some of the most significant legislation in modern Georgia history, including the institution of the state lottery and the lottery-funded HOPE Scholarship program.

He was the lead sponsor of the largest tax cut in Georgia history -the removal of the state sales tax on groceries. He also led the fight to pass tough new laws against drunk driving, strengthening the state’s notoriously weak, outdated drunk driving laws, and helped bring Georgia to the forefront in the battle against DUI.

“I am humbled and honored to be the first person to receive the National Bar Association’s Barack Obama Award. I hope to live up to the honor by continuing to bring people together to solve the tough problems facing Georgia,” said Attorney General Baker.

The National Bar Association (NBA) was founded in 1925, and is the nation’s oldest and largest national association of predominately African-American lawyers and judges. It has 84 affiliate chapters throughout the United States and affiliations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa and the Caribbean. It represents a professional network of over 20,000 lawyers, judges, educators and law students. The objectives of the NBA are “to advance the science of jurisprudence; improve the administration of justice; preserve the independence of the judiciary and to uphold the honor and integrity of the legal profession; to promote professional and social intercourse among the members of the American and the international bars; to promote legislation that will improve the economic condition of all American citizens, regardless of race, sex or creed in their efforts to secure a free and untrammeled use of the franchise guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States; and to protect the civil and political rights of the citizens and residents of the United States.”

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Adams Law for Men Sets Precedent as the First Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney and Family Law Firm Dedicated to Mens Rights

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) November 17, 2009

Gerald Adams and Associates is the first Fort Lauderdale family law firm dedicated to fighting for Mens Rights in the civil court room. This firm provides all services related to family law including divorce, parenting plans and time-sharing (custody rights), spousal support, asset distribution, paternity, child support, domestic violence and even post- trial- litigation.

Gerald Adams and Associates is determined to break through the politically correct barriers where society and prehistoric family courts have stereotypically favored mothers and wives in domestic violence and family law proceedings. The firms business manager, Ila Bennett explained, Most clients dont even know to look for a mens rights attorney in South Florida, they simply search for a Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney for men or family law firm in Fort Lauderdale. Taboo social issues such as spousal support for the stay- at – home dad and cases where the husband has been emotionally and even physically abused, is societys dirty little secret.

Gerald Adams utilizes his website, http://www.AdamsLaw4Men.com as a vehicle to educate the public about relevant social issues and recent law changes impacting husbands and fathers rights in the state of Florida. AdamsLaw4Men.com offers potential clients a discreet place to research and inquire about how a person can improve their personal legal situation. Ila Bennett commented, One interesting trend that we have noticed is that the preliminary contact made with our law firm is often initiated by a woman on behalf of her current husband, boyfriend or male friend whom she feels is being exploited.

The law firms founder and Mens Rights advocate, Gerald Adams, responded, Most men dont realize they can step forward and renegotiate the terms of their parenting plan, holiday visitation rights, or child support and alimony payments after the original court order has been established. If you feel that your current situation is unfair or that you may be heading toward divorce or paternity proceedings, you should not hesitate to educate yourself and be proactive in establishing and defending your rights by contacting a family law attorney. Advance preparation is imperative for obtaining the best results in family law proceedings. Dont get caught back on your heels.

As a divorcee himself, Gerald Adams utilizes his vast knowledge of mens rights and family law, as well as his own personal experiences, to advise his clients. Gerald divorced with two small children in the 1970s and moved to Washington State to be closer to his ex-wife, her husband and their two children, where he obtained a law degree in Spokane, Washington, at Gonzaga Law School.

While Gerald initially began practicing general law, he noticed a trend of male clients who were denied their basic legal rights as parents, and soon after developed a passion advocating for a familys best interests, where both parents have the opportunity to play an integral role in their childrens lives.

For more information about a Family Law Attorney in Broward County or Mens Rights Attorney in Florida call 954-353-5035 for your free phone consultation or visit http://www.AdamsLaw4Men.com

About Gerald Adams and Associates

Gerald Adams and Associates is a Broward County Family Law Firm that specializes in divorce, paternity, parenting plans and time-sharing (custody rights), child support, spousal support, distribution of marital property, domestic violence and post-judgment-litigation. The firm has offices throughout the state of Florida.