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Family Law Firm Finds Women Are Taking Active Steps To Protect Children, Assets During Divorce

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) May 1, 2006

Nirenstein Ruotolo Group, P.L. C., one of Arizonas most prestigious family law firms, has found that more women are taking necessary steps to protect themselves, their children and their assets in case of divorce.

According to the National Vital Statistics Report issued by the Centers for Disease Control on March 31, 2006, over 18,660 Arizona marriages ended in divorce between January and September 2005, up slightly from previous years. As divorce rates continue to increase, women are becoming more actively involved in educating themselves about divorce and child and spousal support.

Women are more aware of protecting their rights during a divorce, said Alexander D. Nirenstein, NRGs managing member. Our job is to make sure our clients are educated and receive positive results in their cases.

NRG has consistently reached out to assist women in understanding their rights in a divorce. Fred Ruotolo, a founding partner of NRG, participated in the 2006 Arizona Familys Womens Expo. Ruotolo spoke to attending women about a range of topics related to family law and child custody.

The women in attendance at the Womens Expo inquired about an assortment of topics such as child custody, spousal support and property division, said Ruotolo. We were able to provide these women with empowering information, helping them make better decisions for their future and the future of their children.

NRG also hosts Arizonas source for blogging Web site information on family law. Arizona Family Law Blog is the definitive site for up-to-date information on cases that affect family law and divorce, interesting legal news from around the nation and in-depth answers to important family law questions. Visitors to http://www.azfamilylawblog.com can reply to any of the posted topics with questions or comments and receive responses from the lawyers at NRG.

About Nirenstein Ruotolo Group P.L.C.

Founded in 2003 by accomplished family law attorneys, NRG is a boutique family law firm that provides professional representation in Arizona divorce and family law litigation, mediation, appellate review and mental health and elder law services. NRG boasts nine experienced family law attorneys, two litigation analysts, four paralegals, and five support personnel. The firm represents many diverse clients, both in Arizona and nationally, and is one of the most-respected law firms in Arizona practicing divorce and family law exclusively. For additional information, please visit http://www.nrglaw.net.

For more information, contact:

Beth Glick (Crosby-Wright P.R.)(480) 367-1112


California Family Law Firm Discusses the Myths, the Truth and Some Tips About Paying Child Support in California

Whittier, CA (PRWEB) August 24, 2008

California family law firm Schuster Family Law discusses the myths, the truths and the tips about paying child support in California.

The Myths — “When it comes to paying child support, there is seldom agreement,” said Dennis Schuster, founder of Schuster Family Law. “Mothers and fathers will either claim they cannot pay the support ordered by the court or that they cannot live on the support ordered by the court. Paying child support is never an easy aspect of divorce proceedings.”

According to Schuster, this is because people hear so many different stories regarding child support. On one hand, there are the stories how one person paid little or nothing toward child support; on the other hand, there are also stories how another person got a large amount of money for child support.

The Truth — The truth of the matter, says Schuster, is that child support is regulated by a complex formula established by the State of California.

“Support is usually based upon all gross income (including overtime and bonuses) for the past 12 months of both parties, number of children, percentage of time each child is with parent,” said Schuster.

He explained that the court will allow certain hardship deductions, such as an unusual medical expenses; however, the court ordinarily doesn’t take into account a person’s monthly living expenses.

Schuster notes that when it comes to paying child support, there is often not a lot of room for negotiation, so the parties must accept whatever the judge orders.

Some Tips

–Most important, the person who pays must pay.

—If the payer doesn’t pay, the amount owed will accrue 10% interest per year.

—Child support cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

–With the exception of money owed to a County Department of Child Support Services for AFDC, there is no statute of limitations on child support.

–To protect yourself, insist on a wage assignment order attaching your wages. It’s proof you paid.

–When obtaining a child support order, it’s important the amount for each child be clearly indicated, so this amount will be automatically reduced once the child becomes an adult.

About Schuster Family Law

Schuster Family Law is a California family law firm that handles divorce and adoption cases. Schuster is also developing a unique niche in representing parents whose children need special education. For more information, visit: http://www.schusterfamilylaw.com


Mesa / Phoenix Law Firm Emphasizes the Importance of Timely Estate Planning

Mesa/Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 22, 2009

Most people procrastinate estate planning until they near retirement age; however, life always involves the unexpected and failure to create and regularly update an estate plan may result in a loss of a significant portion of an estate to taxes, probate costs and litigation expenses. It can also result in loved ones not getting what they were intended to receive.

“Every adult 18 years of age and older who has a bank account, a home, a retirement account or other assets should review the need for an estate plan with a qualified attorney,” says Michael L. Ferrin, founding partner of the law firm of Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC.

“Estate planning is the accumulation, preservation, and distribution of your assets,” says Ferrin. “A good estate plan should reduce tax liability, protect assets from creditors, promote financial well being and security and leave a legacy for those you love.”

Ferrin, whose expertise includes various types of trusts, wills, powers of attorney and family limited partnerships, explains that the type and complexity of the estate plan may vary greatly depending on factors such as the value of the estate, types of assets held, marital and family issues, age and other factors, but almost every adult needs some level of planning.

“Estate planning can be a complicated and sometimes confusing process,” he adds. “That is why it is so important to have trusted professionals assisting you with this important process.”

Ferrin points out that beneficiaries of a well-prepared estate plan will gain tax savings, convenience and asset protection, but the greatest benefit to a person may be the peace of mind in knowing that her or she has provided for family members and loved ones.

“Don’t put if off,” Ferrin cautions.

“A friend of our law firm who provided technical support services to us over the years would often stick his head in my office and say, ‘I need to come in and see you so you can help me with a trust.’ I would tell him, ‘I would be happy to help you any time you are ready,'” Ferrin relates. “About a year ago he said to me, ‘I am leaving on vacation with my wife, but when I return we are going to come see you for a trust.’ ‘I will look forward to it,’ I replied. Unfortunately, the couple was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver while returning from that vacation. The family was completely unprepared for this event, and the family went through a great deal of expense, stress and turmoil as a result.”

“We, unfortunately, do not usually know when it is our time to go,” he says. “We just know that eventually the time will come, and it is critical that we be prepared when it does. The time to start working on an estate plan is now.”

Ferrin notes that once a person has an estate plan in place it is important to regularly review and update it to make sure it is still applicable.

“If you experience any major life changes – marriage, divorce, and birth of a child or death of a spouse or child – update your estate plan immediately,” he says. “Generally, any change in your personal, family, financial or health situation or a change in the tax laws, could prompt a change in your estate plan. It’s a good idea to review your estate plan every year. Set aside a specific time every year (birthday, anniversary, family gathering) to review it.”

To help with the important task of estate planning, Gibson Ferrin & Riggs offers a free, 30-minute consultation to determine what type of plan is best for individual needs.

In the consultation, attorneys will explain the advantages and disadvantages of different estate planning techniques, what fees are involved in setting up the various types of estate plans and help work out a convenient payment plan if needed.

Call attorney Michael L. Ferrin at 480-633-8100 to schedule a confidential and comprehensive consultation.

The attorneys at Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC concentrate their practice on serving individuals, families and small business owners with business-related issues, family law and estate planning. They can help identify and assess the interests that matter most to their clients and work to preserve, promote and protect them. Visit their website at http://www.gfrlegal.com, visit their blog at http://www.biziboom.com, and download the e-book “Ten Fatal Mistakes that Business Owners Make (And How to Avoid Them)” by founding partner Scott F. Gibson, at http://www.gfrlaw.net/firmpublications.aspx. The firm’s expertise in commercial litigation and business, family and estate law is recognized throughout the Phoenix / Mesa area.

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Adams Law for Men Sets Precedent as the First Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney and Family Law Firm Dedicated to Mens Rights

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) November 17, 2009

Gerald Adams and Associates is the first Fort Lauderdale family law firm dedicated to fighting for Mens Rights in the civil court room. This firm provides all services related to family law including divorce, parenting plans and time-sharing (custody rights), spousal support, asset distribution, paternity, child support, domestic violence and even post- trial- litigation.

Gerald Adams and Associates is determined to break through the politically correct barriers where society and prehistoric family courts have stereotypically favored mothers and wives in domestic violence and family law proceedings. The firms business manager, Ila Bennett explained, Most clients dont even know to look for a mens rights attorney in South Florida, they simply search for a Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney for men or family law firm in Fort Lauderdale. Taboo social issues such as spousal support for the stay- at – home dad and cases where the husband has been emotionally and even physically abused, is societys dirty little secret.

Gerald Adams utilizes his website, http://www.AdamsLaw4Men.com as a vehicle to educate the public about relevant social issues and recent law changes impacting husbands and fathers rights in the state of Florida. AdamsLaw4Men.com offers potential clients a discreet place to research and inquire about how a person can improve their personal legal situation. Ila Bennett commented, One interesting trend that we have noticed is that the preliminary contact made with our law firm is often initiated by a woman on behalf of her current husband, boyfriend or male friend whom she feels is being exploited.

The law firms founder and Mens Rights advocate, Gerald Adams, responded, Most men dont realize they can step forward and renegotiate the terms of their parenting plan, holiday visitation rights, or child support and alimony payments after the original court order has been established. If you feel that your current situation is unfair or that you may be heading toward divorce or paternity proceedings, you should not hesitate to educate yourself and be proactive in establishing and defending your rights by contacting a family law attorney. Advance preparation is imperative for obtaining the best results in family law proceedings. Dont get caught back on your heels.

As a divorcee himself, Gerald Adams utilizes his vast knowledge of mens rights and family law, as well as his own personal experiences, to advise his clients. Gerald divorced with two small children in the 1970s and moved to Washington State to be closer to his ex-wife, her husband and their two children, where he obtained a law degree in Spokane, Washington, at Gonzaga Law School.

While Gerald initially began practicing general law, he noticed a trend of male clients who were denied their basic legal rights as parents, and soon after developed a passion advocating for a familys best interests, where both parents have the opportunity to play an integral role in their childrens lives.

For more information about a Family Law Attorney in Broward County or Mens Rights Attorney in Florida call 954-353-5035 for your free phone consultation or visit http://www.AdamsLaw4Men.com

About Gerald Adams and Associates

Gerald Adams and Associates is a Broward County Family Law Firm that specializes in divorce, paternity, parenting plans and time-sharing (custody rights), child support, spousal support, distribution of marital property, domestic violence and post-judgment-litigation. The firm has offices throughout the state of Florida.


2009 Was a Year of Giving Back, The Harris Law Firm Gets Involved in the Denver Community

Denver, CO (PRWEB) March 17, 2010

The Harris Law Firm’s strong commitment to the community is reflected in the many ways our attorneys and staff donated their time

Colorado Legal Services: CLS provides legal services for low income Coloradans. (coloradolegalservices.org)

The Adoption Exchange: AE connects children in foster homes with permanent and loving families. (adoptex.org)

The Max Fund: This non-profit no-kill animal shelter provides medical care for injured pets with no known owners, and then finds them new homes when they have recovered. (maxfund.org)

Law Line 9: The Denver Bar Association runs this free legal program in conjunction with Channel 9 News. (9news.com)

Mi Casa: The Colorado Lawyers Committee and the Denver Bar Association sponsor Mi Casa’s “Legal Night,” a free opportunity for people to meet with a Colorado family law attorney. (micasadenver.org)

The Horse Protection League: Because HPL’s primary purpose is the prevention of equine abuse, this wonderful organization provides tender loving care for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses. (cohpl.org)

Food Bank of the Rockies: Founded in 1978, FBR supplies food to more than 900 hunger-relief programs. (foodbankrockies.org)

The Denver Rescue Mission: DRM provides shelter, food, clothing, and education to Denver’s homeless. (denverrescuemission.org)

Arapahoe House: The Arapahoe House is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing a continuum of accessible, affordable, and effective services for individuals and families with alcohol, drug or other behavioral health problems. (arapahoehouse.org)

Underwearness: Underwearness is an annual event organized by downtown professions seeking to help disadvantaged children obtain underclothing, one pair at a time! (underwearness.org)

Ronald McDonald House: This organization is a home-away-from-home for families with children undergoing life saving treatments at nearby Children’s Hospitals. (rmhc.com)

About the Harris Law Firm

Established in 1993, The Harris Law Firm is one of Denver’s largest family law firms and employs a team of 12 skilled attorneys. In addition to Colorado divorce and child custody and support issues in Colorado, The Harris Law Firm also handles marital agreements, and issues regarding maintenance, paternity, grandparents’ rights, and step-parent adoptions.

For more information on The Harris Law Firm, including articles written by our family law attorneys, please visit our Web site: Harris Family Law

Heidi Culbertson

Director of Business Development

The Harris Law Firm

(303) 299-9484




Raging Artists Named Public Relations Firm for AmberWatch Foundation

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 24, 2010

Full service Public Relations and Web Marketing firm Raging Artists has been named PR firm of record for non-profit AmberWatch Foundation, the definitive name in preventing crimes against children. The firm’s clientele spans the spectrum, from retail and eCommerce to advertising, film production, entertainment, and non-profits. It recently created SaveTheWhalesNow.com, the site behind Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Brosnan’s controversial “Mr. President” campaign.

The announcement comes as AmberWatch Foundation begins a massive multi-platform campaign launching its AmberWatch Alert System, a free, vetted subscriber service that offers parents a proactive and preemptive “Weapon of Choice” in the protection of their children. Raging Artists is handling PR for the launch, as AWF CEO Keith Jarrett begins a national media tour aimed at cultivating a 10 million+ AmberWatchAlert.org database.

“We’re a progressive public relations firm that embraces the power of the Web,” said Raging Artists CEO Hesh Rephun, who founded the firm in 2006. “We are especially receptive to clients who espouse strong thought leadership and approach brand awareness with bravery and conviction. AmberWatch Foundation fits that bill perfectly.”

That bravery is evident in a powerful PSA that was launched on the Web June 21. The spot features moms across the country literally taking up arms against those who would seek to harm their children. It will be followed by print, TV, and radio components.

We are extremely grateful and appreciative that Hesh and his team at Raging Artists stepped up to put their extraordinary talents behind our cause of keeping kids safe though the AmberWatch Alert System,” said Jarrett. “We look forward to great success.

The ad campaign shows an understanding of the powerful technological tools currently available to brands, Rephun said. “A lot of clients talk about ‘today’s world’ but they don’t avail themselves of current technology. The same applies to public relations firms who talk about SEO but don’t walk the walk or invest in R&D. We now have a team of people working 24/7 to stay ahead of the curve. They’re so committed, it’s scary.”

At present, Raging Artists’ services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation, Online Magazine Development, and Blog Hosting. In addition to SaveTheWhalesNow.com, Raging Artists has developed and marketed online magazines for LA Gear, Moon Media/ADDigital, and others; in addition to its writing staff, the firm also maintains in-house production and photography divisions to create original content for these blogs. In partnership with sneaker marketing consultancy SLAM (Sportie LA Media), Raging Artists just filmed an original Web series for up-and-coming boots and shoes brand BEARPAW, to be launched on its RA-created magazine, BEARPAWstyle.com. “We are not shy about pushing the envelope,” Rephun affirmed. “We ARE Raging Artists. We’re strategic and creative about the art of promotion.”

About AmberWatchFoundation:

AmberWatch Foundation was established in 2004, with the mission to provide educational programs and innovative technologies that proactively and preemptively protect children against abduction, predators and the dangers of the digital world. The AmberWatch Foundation is a 501c3 national not for profit organization, headquartered in Seal Beach, California.


Wisselman, Harounian and Associates, P.C., a Long Island Family Law Firm Announces Four Upcoming Events & Discusses Successful Legal Workshop

Great Neck, NY (PRWEB) July 26, 2010

The Law Firm of Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. conducted their ninth annual legal workshop for approximately 185 mental health professionals addressing WHAT EVERY MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CUSTODY & VISITATION AND IMPORTANT SOCIAL ISSUES AFFECTING CHILDREN. The workshop aims to assist these professionals when counseling patients marital and family law issues. Many mental health professionals come year after year to these presentations and we appreciate their support. We were also pleased to see many new faces this year, as we reached a record high attendance. Each year, attendees have been able to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the mental health professional organizations for their participation. Our workshops are held at the Port Washington Yacht Club.

This years presentation was about the process of reaching a custody and visitation agreement and also addressed the very important issue of bullying in the schools and on the Internet. Also discussed were mediation, litigation and collaborative law, and the pros and cons of each approach. Dealing with custody & visitation issues can be a very difficult process. The importance of good communication during this negotiation is critical, and we addressed how mental health professionals can help their patients deal with these challenges, including:

Managing anger to facilitate reaching agreements
Handling an impasse in negotiating an agreement, and finally
Proceeding with litigation when an agreement cannot be negotiated.

We examined an actual Custody and Visitation Stipulation, and reviewed the components of a comprehensive agreement that protects both the parents and children, starting with a summary of the types of custody (joint vs. sole custody). Special provisions to an agreement were discussed, including spheres of influence and delegation of decision-making responsibilities, religion, corporal punishment, relocation, and how unique circumstances, i.e., drug abuse, and same-sex relationships are dealt with in an agreement.

The important and current topic of bullying in the school and on the Internet was also addressed including its impact on the child and the family, and what legal recourse is available for victims of this abuse.

The workshop presenters were attorneys from our firm: Jerome Wisselman, Jacqueline Harounian, Lloyd Rosen, Eyal Talassazan and Lauren Chartan. We were pleased to have a guest speaker, Betty Gross, from CAPS (Child Abuse Prevention Services) who spoke about school bully prevention programs for children, parents and professionals.

The law firm of Wisselman, Harounian and Associates, P.C. was established in 1976 and is dedicated to serving Long Island, Queens and Metro New York clients and the community on legal matters that arise during the course of raising a family and growing a business. It is the firms goal to develop long-term client relationships, to help protect clients legal interests throughout the many phases of their family lives. This can include handling matrimonial or family law concerns, buying or selling a home, running a business, and estate planning. http://www.lawjaw.com

Those seeking information on matrimonial and divorce issues: The Law Firm of Wisselman, Harounian and Associates, P.C. has scheduled complimentary events to provide information and answer all questions. The events are Separation thru Divorce Legal Clinics, Fathers’ Rights and Divorce, How to Have a Smart Divorce.

Separation thru Divorce Legal Clinic:

TIME: Thursday August 5th & Thursday August 19th at 6:00 7:30 PM (Regularly held on the first and third Thursday of each month).

TOPICS: Designed to provide information and answer legal questions for people contemplating separation and divorce, or for those who have been told their spouse is considering one.

Fathers’ Rights and Divorce:

TIME: Wednesday August 4th at 6:00pm.

TOPICS: To help Dads protect their legal family rights and the right to be with their children. Family law attorney, Lloyd Rosen, will provide information about visitation, support, fighting for custody, modification of child support and responding to reports of domestic violence. All your questions will be addressed.

How to Have a Smart Divorce:

TIME: Wednesday August 11th at 6:00pm.

TOPICS: Presentation by family law attorney, Lloyd Rosen is designed for people in all stages of divorce from not yet separated through those with interest in modifying divorce agreements. Bring your questions for a livelier discussion.

All meetings are held at:

Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C.

1010 Northern Blvd., Suite 300 (just west of Community Drive)

Great Neck, New York 11021

RSVP: call Sharyn at 516-773-8300 or http://www.lawjaw.com


Sharyn OMara, PR Director


New SECSnitch.com SEC Whistleblower Site and Theatre Ads Launched by Law Firm

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 21, 2010

The nationally recognized investor and securities employment law firm of Stuart D. Meissner LLC, located Manhattan, New York, announced today the launching of http://www.SECSnitch.com ], targeting whistleblowers under the new whistleblower provisions within the July 21, 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The Act deputized employees in Wall Street brokerage firms and public companies to be the eyes and ears of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The law awards a whistleblower who provides original information leading to the successful prosecution of the violation of securities laws to recover 10% to 30% of any monetary sanctions exceeding $ 1,000,000 recovered by the SEC or CFTC. In addition, the Act provides legal recourse for employees who are retaliated or discriminated against as a result of whistleblowing under the statute. In addition, if represented by counsel, the law provides for anonymity if the whistleblower so chooses, up until the whistleblower is paid their bounty.

The site is being launched along with the release of Oliver Stones Wall Street Money Never Sleeps starring Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf. Along with the site, a new advertisement will be aired in theatres, targeting securities industry employees. LaBeouf plays the role of Jacob (Jake) Moore and lives in an apartment in Manhattans Chelsea district. The advertisement will be first shown on the films release date, Friday September 24, 2010 in Chelsea, the fictional home of Jake, appearing in Chelsea Cinemas, along with the renowned Ziegfeld Theatre in the Broadway district in Manhattan. The ad will be set to music similar to the theme song from Law and Order. The showing of the http://www.SECSnitch.com advertisement will roll out to other theatres in other areas of New York commencing on October 8, 2010 including the Brooklyn Pavilion Theatre in Park Slope and Great Neck Squire Cinemas.

Stuart Meissner Esq., is a former Assistant Attorney General in NY State Investor Protection and Financial Crimes Section both under Eliot Spitzer and his predecessor. Mr. Meissner was also a prosecutor in the Trial Division of the Manhattan DAs Office under former DA Robert Morgenthau. For the past nine years Mr. Meissner has successfully represented numerous defrauded investors against Wall Street investment banks, Wall Street whistleblowers and individual securities employees, never having lost any in-person FINRA arbitration* to date. In 2006 Meissner represented a senior employee whistleblower from UBS in a FINRA employment claim, resulting in an investigation by former NYS Attorney General Spitzer, reported December 13, 2006 in the Wall Street Journal.

The Meissner firm has already filed five SEC complaints based on the new statute involving Wells Fargo Investments, Banc of America Investment Services, hedge fund Plainfield Asset Management and others. In addition, several other whistleblower claims involving past major investment bank and hedge fund activity are expected to be filed in the coming weeks. The claims focus on activity not only in the United States, but around the world. Most of the claims involve issues arising from 2008 credit crises. One complaint filed by the Meissner firm has already resulted in an investigation by the FBI and United States Attorneys Office as reported by Fortune Magazines September 10, 2010 issue and another complaint has resulted in the launching of a FINRA Enforcement investigation, which often refers their results to the SEC.

Meissner authored a July 27, 2010 Forbes.com article , titled Law Lets Whistle-blowers Get Rich For Doing the Right Thing detailing the implications of new law. Meissner also submitted an August 17th 2010 comment letter to the SEC to assist the SEC in its rule making required in implementing the new statute. Mr. Meissner is also scheduled to meet with Stephen L. Cohen, the Senior Advisor to the SEC Chairman, on September 23, 2010 in Washington DC to provide input on how the regulator may create rules to encourage whistleblowing and the protection of whistleblowers. We want to encourage the future Jakes of Wall Street to come forward and show that the famous movie phrase Greed is Good can be a positive force for Wall Street and not just a negative force, said Meissner, the brain child of the campaign to help the SEC clean up Wall Street.

*Past results do not guarantee future outcomes

See the Advertisement at http://www.SECSnitch.com and For More Information Contact:

Law Offices of Stuart D. Meissner LLC

450 Seventh Ave. Suite 2205

New York, N.Y. 10123


Attorney Advertising

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Attorney Craig H. Blinderman Joins Hollywood Florida Personal Injury Law Firm of Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A.

Hollywood, FL (Vocus/PRWEB) December 22, 2010

As a testament to its deep commitment to helping victims of personal injury throughout Florida, the Hollywood law firm of Rosenberg & Rosenberg welcomes the addition of experienced personal injury litigator Craig H. Blinderman as an Associate Attorney.

Were excited to have Craig join our firm, says Attorney Paul Rosenberg. His experience with personal injury protection in particular will be an asset to our clients and the firm as a whole.

Mr. Blinderman brings 19 years of experience as a trial attorney, including more than 15 years of experience in personal injury protection (PIP) litigation representing both plaintiffs and insurance carriers during his career. He has also been plaintiffs co-counsel on several high-profile class action lawsuits against large corporations such as Wal-Mart, Netflix, Shell Oil and Celebrity Cruises.

Graduating in 1991, Craig T. Blinderman holds a Juris Doctorate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Lansing, Michigan. That same year Mr. Blinderman was admitted to the Florida Bar and gained valuable litigation and trial experience during the next three years while employed at the Broward County State Attorneys Office as an Assistant State Attorney and a lead prosecutor of a felony trial division.

Subsequently, he served as legal counsel to the Broward Sheriffs Office where he proudly assisted with the development of the Florida Law Enforcements LEECH (Law Enforcement to End Child Harm) Program, which is designed to teach school teachers and administrators how to protect students from sexual predators.

From 1996 until his recent move to Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A., Mr. Blinderman handled high-level cases involving both the prosecution and insurance defense of bodily injury claims, personal injury protection (PIP) claims, personal injury pre-litigation, and workers compensation litigation. Mr. Blinderman is also a renowned expert on attorneys fees relating to PIP litigation and regularly testifies before the courts in South Florida on these matters.

Florida is one of several states with mandatory Personal Injury Protection (PIP), or no fault coverage, an extension of car insurance that covers any medical or funeral expenses accrued as a result of the car accident or injury. PIP can sometimes cover lost wages, as well.

About the firm:

Rosenberg & Rosenberg, P.A. is a well-established, full-service, personal injury and workers compensation law firm in Hollywood, Florida, serving the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami area. Our skilled lawyers have the knowledge and experience needed to get the best outcome for Florida injury and accident victims. Contact us toll-free at 1 (888) 748-1715 for a free consultation.


Cory T. Knight (954) 963-0444


Colorado Family Law Firm Gives Back to the Community

Denver, CO (Vocus/PRWEB) February 25, 2011

Rich Harris, the President and Managing Partner of The Harris Law Firm, believes that giving back to our community means we are creating a better place to live. Rich has always encouraged members of the firm to change the world one deed at a time by sharing their resources with those who are less fortunate. Motivated by Richs strong example, and his commitment to making a difference, the Attorneys and staff at The Harris Law Firm spend much of their time participating on non-profit boards, getting involved in community events, volunteering with charitable organizations, offering pro bono services, and raising funds for those in need. The Harris Law Firm believes that communities are made great by those who give.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give

Winston Churchill

The Adoption Exchange – The Adoption Exchange was established in 1983 by concerned social workers and child advocates with the shared belief that every child deserves a stable family and a safe home. AE works tirelessly to connect waiting children with stable, permanent families. – Adoptex.org

Animal Legal Defense Fund – For more than three decades, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has been fighting to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system. Founded in 1979 by attorneys active in shaping the emerging field of animal law, ALDF has blazed the trail for stronger enforcement of anti-cruelty laws and more humane treatment of animals in every corner of American life. – Aldf.org

Arapahoe House – Arapahoe House is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing a continuum of accessible, affordable, and effective services for individuals and families with alcohol, drug or other behavioral health problems. – Arapahoehouse.org

Baby Buds Ministry – Baby Bud’s is a faith-based job training and life skills development program designed for single mothers and women in transition. These women are victims of domestic violence, drug abuse, sexual abuse, poverty, neglect, and coming out of incarceration. The goal of Baby Buds is to work with women in all stages of recovery and tailor a plan for success. – Babybudsministry.org

Breakthrough Kent Denver – Established in 1995, Breakthrough Kent Denver has a dual mission. (1) The organization helps to ensure that underprivileged Denver students graduate from high school and go on to college. (2) Breakthrough Kent Denver trains high school and college students to become urban educators. – Breakthroughdenver.org

Children’s Hospital’s Ronald McDonald House – For the past three decades, Ronald McDonald House